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Every time I think about Shanks I lose my shit. Dude’s only got one arm, no devil fruit powers, and impressive as shit Haki. He’s not a carrier of the Will of D and he’s the only one of the Yonko who’s just “normal.” As far as we know no one on his crew has any Devil Fruit powers either. He stopped Akainu’s fist with one hand on his sword.

Shanks showed up 15 minutes late to the war with Starbucks and was like “children behave” and they fucking did.

And this is just what we’ve seen of him. We’ve barely seen what Shanks can do. 

Lady Sybil Vimes (née Ramkin) Duchess of Ankh

If you don’t think Lady Sybil is absolutely wonderful and perfect then I don’t even know what to say to you

  • Lady Sybil who breeds swamp dragons in her spare time
  • Lady Sybil who once faced down a dragon the size of a street by scolding it firmly
  • Lady Sybil who sang part of a dwarf opera from memory in order to diffuse a sticky political situation
  • Lady Sybil who, when kidnapped by werewolves, escaped out of the window and belted one of them around the head with a log…while pregnant
  • Lady Sybil who darns her husbands socks personally, despite the fact that she is rich enough to buy a new pair every day for the rest of their lives if need be
  • Lady Sybil, founder of The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons AND The Lady Sybil Free Hospital, one of the few hospitals where people actually come out alive
  • Lady Sybil who has friends and connections around the world and is on a first name basis with Lord Vetinari
  • Lady Sybil who is one of the kindest, most compassionate, most open-minded characters in the Discworld series, who is endlessly patient and reasonable, who shows tremendous courage in the face of danger, who treats everyone she meets as a equal despite her privileged upbringing and who never compromises her principles or deserts those in need
  • Lady Sybil <3

*shows up a year late
Did some mention Klance Tangled AU??
@thekoreanpineapple created this amazing au and here is my contribution.
I made Pascal a red cat cuz ahem its Red!!
And I gave Keith’s hair that black part because Haggar accidentally gave him emo bangs while she was trying to steal his hair…

i forgot how much people really don’t care about the fact that mcu whitewashed the maximoff twins and made them nazis, whitewashed the ancient one, didn’t include one of the founding members of the avengers who was the only actual woman on the team and killed her in less than ten minutes, makes clint not deaf for no reason, i couLD Go on


Step aside or experience serious pain!


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 33/?


jasper jordan appreciation week » day 2 - favourite quote
˪ 2x06 - jasper’s first attempt at holding a motivational speech

Rewatched Princess Mononoke and

1-What an amazing, entrancing movie

2-good God/gods/kami I forgot how fine as FUCK Ashitaka is (or maybe 12 year old me didn’t know how to process the desire to be held by a male character’s demon arm and blocked it out)

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Just look at that hot ass arrow grab! What else that demon arm do?

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Also idk what this garment is that covers his entire arms but not that BODY (maybe it’s under his outer garments normally?) Looks impractical, also looks HOT

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Hold me. Hold me with your demon arms. (Also I’m definitely into fingerless gloves and these sleeve things have a similar vibe)

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Bro is also a prince if you’re into that but not a useless fancy one, a badass warrior who’s at one with the Forrest and just wants to restore peace and balance.

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Yeah he might have a blight (or whatever) spreading all over his body but if you don’t know it’s a demonic curse he looks like a hot stripey tiger man or something. (Don’t judge me… or do. I am without shame.)

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Anyway, homeboy is my new fictional husband. Now time to return to homework.


“I have brought peace, freedom, justice and security to my new Empire!”

Jedi Master Suyin Beifong and Darth Kuvira, because this parallel was just too strong to resist….. I love Kuvira and the Beifong clan so much (and also the Kuvira vs Suyin duel is one of my most favourite duels in all of Avatar/LOK. Metalbending skills for real!)

Things I love

•Bahorel who is a total badass in a leather jacket covered in scars, bruises, and tattoos ready to fight anyone and everyone, who chain smokes and does illegal things either because they’re necessary or just because
•Bahorel who dresses very bright and #aesthetic, who loves makeup and fashion and is an open loving dude with a big belly laugh that gives everyone bear hugs and loves to bake, is friends with everyone and can never be bored
•Bahorel who is Both of these people because it’s possible to be both and is even more exciting and well rounded than having one or the other

Stiles and Scott’s reaction when they see how good you are at lacrosse.

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