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Inktober Day 4

I’m a bit late to inktober (might do day 1-3 later but idk if I will be doing all the prompts though trust me that they will be Overwatch-based). So here is some Widowtracer. 

I’ll probably do actual coloring and shading another time.

Okay guys hear me out.

A soulmate AU where you have a black stain where your soulmate is supposed to touch you for the first time and it turns to millions of colors once they do.

Like, so many people with their right palms all black, waiting for that one handshake.

People who have black knuckles who are scared for years that they end up punching their soulmate or something and end up coming home with their knuckles turned all shades of red and blue and purple without them noticing because sometimes your hands just brush together.

Someone having a very visible black palm on their cheek that they try to cover up because people will just know they will be slapped one day.


consider the possibilities.

i watch this play out like a bad movie, this biting and bleeding and starting over, this ruining of something so close to beautiful. it has been four years since the first fist and the boys you kiss are all still made of fire. it has been four years of you burning and me just standing to the side. your love wears itself in shades of please don’t hurt me and all i have done is cross my fingers that this one won’t. i’m sick of standing by as you stand still as he stands so tall above you. so here is a poem for all the times that you didn’t fight back and i didn’t fight for you. in this version of the story, girl is just as much monster as he is. in this version, she bites back. her teeth are sharper than his ever were.
—  biting back // sarah kate o.
Blind By Your Side/ Part 2

Cross blushed a dark shade of purple. His head was filled with happiness and confusion. Through all the time he’s spent with the bad sanses, he never thought Nightmare of all people, would be the one to offer to take care of him.

When Ink told him of his condition, he was so sure Nightmare would just throw him out like a piece of garbage, but now… He was really surprised.

“R-really?” Cross stuttered

“…Yeah… Why? Is there a problem with me taking care of you?” Nightmare asked.

“N-no! Not at all! I’m just surprised. I thought you would be the first one to state that you wouldn’t help me with anything.” Nightmare was a little hurt, but just pushed the feeling away.

“Well, as the leader of the Evil Sans Club, you guys are all my responsability. And well, you hurt yourself during a mission, so it is obvious that I should be responsible for taking care of you.”

“O-oh. Right…” Cross said, his voice dying slowly. He shook his head, pushing some thoughts away. He was having a bad day already, and he didn’t want his boss to end up the same as him for feeling negativity on his aura. “Well I should go see the others… And tell them about my condition.”

“Right…” Nightmare let go of his hand and got up from the bed, walking in front of Cross so he could help him get up.

“Come on, I’ll take you there.” he said, taking his hand again and pulling him off the bed.


“So… You’re blind.” stated Killer.

“Yeah. I can’t see anything but darkness.” Cross said trying to keep his voice as normal as he could, even though the subject of ‘being blind’ was still making him uncomfortable.

“So… What do we do?” Horror asked.

“You keep living your pathetic lives and let me take care of this situation.” Nightmare stated. His voice was brute as always, but it kinda sounded like he was being a little protective. “But enough of this conversation. We should start planning where to trap my brother and his stupid friends. And let’s try not to choose any random and dangerous AUs from now on. If I catch you guys doing this again, you’ll all be punished.” Nightmare took a deep breath. “We’ll go to a pacifist Dancetale.” he said glaring at the others over his shoulder. “I don’t think I need to explain why.” the others avoided looking at Nightmare’s or Cross’ direction. “We’ll be going tomorrow. Right now, I want you all to go to your rooms and stay there for the rest of the night.” he commanded. Killer, Horror and Dust got up from their seats and dashed of through the hallways, leaving Cross and Nightmare alone.

“You didn’t need to be so rude with them you know.” Cross said.

“You do know that it’s their fault you are like this now, right? It’s not like they can undo this mess and redeem themselves now.” he replied. Cross remained silent. “Anyway, you too should head to your room. It’s late already.”


Cross walked slowly through the hallways, trying to be as silent as he could, since everyone was asleep.

“Remind me again why are you trying to walk through the castle, in the middle of the night, alone, and without any kind of help.” Said Chara, popping beside Cross.

“I just want to get a glass of water.”

“I thought Nightmare was supposed to take care of you.” Cross blushed a little.

“Well… He said that, but I don’t wants to bother him right now. I don’t know what time is it, but I think it would be 3 in the morning.”

“How do you know that if you can’t see the clock, you idiot?”

“It gets really cold here at 3 A.M.” He replied

“I don’t care. Just go get your stupid water so I can get back to my beauty sleep.”

Cross rolled his eyes under the blindfold and kept walking. After some time, he found the kitchen and began searching for a glass. He was almost reaching for the cupboard.

“Cross.” He froze. “What are you doing here?” Nightmare stood there with his arms crossed, waiting for a response. Cross slowly lowered his arm and turned at Nightmare’s direction.

“Sorry… I didn’t want to bother you just for a glass of water…” He said, looking a little down. Nightmare sighed and started walking closer to Cross.

“I’ll let this one slide because it’s only the first day. But don’t do this again ok? You could really hurt yourself.”

“Ok…” Cross replied. He suddenly gasped when he felt Nightmare picking him up bridal style.

“N-Nightmare?” He called, his cheeks burning purple again.

“It’ll take forever if you go walking to your room. It’s already 3:40 A.M.”

“Oh! Ok…” He muttered.


Soon, they reached Cross’ room. Nightmare laid Cross down on his bed gently and slowly pushed him a little to the side. Cross was trying to get to a comfortable position when he felt someone lay down by his side.


“What? I just don’t want to wake up and find you dead on the hallway.” Cross sighed closing his eyes with a sad look on his face. “… You can wake me up if you need anything.”

“Ok.” Cross said, soon falling asleep.

Nightmare sighed and looked at the window. Something felt odd, and it wasn’t because he haven’t been able to sleep worrying about Cross. He was feeling weird, like his chest was getting warm or something. It was… Weird.

He shook his head and forced his eye shut, trying to force himself asleep and stop thinking about that feeling.

He was the lord of negative feelings after all.

It’s not like that strange feeling could actually be anything positive.

… Right?


Nightmare/ @jokublog

Cross/ @jakei95

Killer/ @rahafwabas

Horror/ @sour-apple-studios

Dust/ @ask-dusttale



Finally managed to continue this story

It makes me so happy that you guys enjoyed the first part

It means a lot, really. <3

See Ya~

The Way My #TeamPetty Is Set Up... :Hopes, Dreams and Shade for Penessa and Fauxlake in 605

A/N: This post is dedicated to #TeamPetty. You know who you are. Also= Peter + Vanessa (h/t @jarmstrong05)

It’s time for one of my favourite pastimes: shading Jake  and Fauxlake (past works cited at the end).  A few stills from #Scandal’s next episode, “They All Bow Down” (605), have emerged:

There are more, but you can find them yourself. The  photos have some in the fandom all aflutter with fantastical assumptions, about which I feel shady enough to address:

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Also how on earth does The Enterprise D work with just one counselor on board?  A few seasons ago, Troi was being psychically manipulated (again) and Crusher was all “if you were anyone else I’d tell you to go talk to the ship’s counselor, but too bad you’re the only one we’ve got!”  Like - there are 1000 people on board.  If you go with the “one in four people have a mental illness,” that gives her 250 patients.  If you expand that to include the fact that people are dying all over the place in the Federation and huge life-changing traumatic events happen all the time, I’m assuming everyone should get at least a monthly mental health checkup.

And what if Troi’s style of therapy really just doesn’t gel with someone?  I know she’s awesome and the best (and I’ve had a crush on her since I was 5 years old so no tea no shade no pink lemonade here) and all that, but therapy is so personal!  She HAS to just not work for some people.

I’m halfway through season 6 of my big ST:TNG rewatch, and I’m obsessing about hairstyles, outfits (WHY are jumpsuits the clothing of the future?  Do these futuristic jumpsuits have some sort of magical futuristic way to go potty easily?  Because everytime I see a jumpsuit I have to imagine the awkward potty time that person has and that can make my brain a quite uncomfortable place), and mental health.

Keith-Week Prompt 1: Galaxy Garrison

okay I give up on this one I’m gonna revisit this after a LONG break

I imagine that towards the end of his stay in the Galaxy Garrison, he became so absorbed in looking for Shiro that that’s all he spent his time on, neglecting all his school lessons (lookit them textbooks back there)

not to be that wonder girls stan but they honestly have the most genuine friendship i’ve seen in almost all of kpop. yeeun, lim, yubin and sunmi still dorm together, sohee visits them all the time (to do puzzles haha), sunmi returned to the group even though she was successful as a soloist, they still have a group chat with sunye and are close with hyuna, like not trying to #shade anybody else but i just love their friendship and their support for one another

I like to imagine how the other vorta we see would interact with Weyoun. Kilana is the sensible one, Borath is the sort of mentor-type, Yelgrun is so over all of this, and Keevan is always lowkey rude to Weyoun literally all the time.

I also love the shades of color of vorta skin seems to be in the light purple to plum and almost peach/pink range? It’s so cute. It’s like they’re little grapes or fruit or something.XD

  • My number one pet peeve is when someone looks down on fanfiction just because the only thing you probably have to compare to it is 50 shades of grey. Like get the fuck out my face with all that. I have read amazing fanfics. Ones that have touched my fucking soul. Ones that have made me sob in the middle of the night & laugh so hard i couldn't breathe. Not all fanfic is good. That's for sure. & fuck knows most of them are incomplete. But when you find a good one. Like a really fucking good one, that shit will fucking resonate with you for a long time.

3 days of UTAU30Challenge

Aroku Senna (センアアロク) (I spent way less time on this one)

Pumpkin Cream

Gekiyaku (ゲキヤク)

Arrangement (4/5)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

It was one thing to have everyone thinking she was Obi’s lover when there was no foundation for the belief. It was another thing entirely when the memory of their kiss was playing nonstop in her mind, when it was all she could think of every time she closed her eyes. It made her self-conscious when Megumi asked her to show her the gardens.

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For all my ladies and gents who may struggle with self-image: I challenge you to wear your flyest outfit….Ya know that one that makes you feel super cute/handsome and take a selfie. It doesn’t matter what it is…Sexy dress or cool T and blue jeans. You don’t even have to post it. Just as long as you feel awesome today, that’s all that matters!

Post-titans headcanon that Hange is in awe of all the colours in the natural world but Levi keeps referring to all of them as some kind of prime colour like any shade of yellow is just ‘pale green’ or ‘very pale green’ or ‘green after a few drinks’, and Hange gets so frustrated and by the end of the fourth day beyond the walls she’s just flailing at flowers like explain this one short-ass, it’s the orange-est orange I’ve ever seen and he looks her dead in the eyes and says ‘sun red’ and for the first time Hange is rendered truly speechless and 1000% done by Levi and tbh this is so beautiful in my mind. 

Ok u guys joked me into watching kylo begging rey to strike him harder, but can we discuss the entirety of his extra lines in the game?
What he tells to Finn is all horrible.

He wants so much to enjoy himself harming finn is just pointing out even further the sadistic undertones he had within he fight in the movie.

He’s horrible.

The entire lightsaber bit is hilarious tho:

lego throws some real shade at TFA

What he tells to Rey is just:

uhm Kylo you’re the enemy here…..

It’s much more evident how much he’s trying to drag her to him and the darkside

And Rey’s immediate shutdown to all of Kylo’s offerings is great:

Rey shouts (and horrified No,s) more than one time after each of his offerings.

And of course the entire striking me down scene


ok typical darkside stuff

Kylo you’re a lil too excited about rey beating you up now


Ok it’s interesting to point out that, Kylo is really talkative. Finn and Rey barely said anything and in previous missions and such, characters did talk to each other and all and interacted but her its almost all Kylo talking except when Rey is shutting him down.

One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that many frogs will change their skin color depending on their mood.  A lot of frogs that are base green will be bright green when they are happy and a muddy brown when they are not.  A lot of the time, you’ll walk into a chain pet store and see muddy brown frog all huddled in corners of their cages because they’re not getting individual care or are just terrified of the large predators all around them.

One time, I walked into a local pet store to go see what frogs they had in, and their White’s Tree Frog case had two.  One of them was huddled in the top right back corner, smooshing his face against the glass and a shade of really intensely pissed off dark brown.  The other was sitting on a leaf of one of the plastic plants in the enclosure, and was a very bright green as he sat on that leaf, which was slowly rotating under his weight.

Anyways, my point is that Steven is an adorable potato friend and I love him.

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Match up please!. I'm 5'1'' tall. I have long wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes, with a small freckle underneath my left eye. I'm a little shy at first but once I'm comfortable, I can be quite sociable. I'm also an artist and have mild autism. I've been home schooled for a long term before I went to college. I love animals but I have a big fondness for cats and hedgehogs. My fave colour is blue, love all shades of it. Fave flower is roses and I've done some volunteer work before. I love hugs~


*drum roll please* 


  • loves your freckles 
  • loves looking at all your artwork 

  • gets you roses all the time 

You and Shiemi realized you both had a lot in common - so she’d invite you over to keep her company whenever her mom would go out and ya’ll would just hang out in the store together quietly but happily. One day Yukio came to get some supplies and was surprised to see someone else there with Shiemi. Ya’ll three all chatted fro a bit and he thought you were the sweetest thing. You and Shiemi became closer friends so ya’ll hung out more and more often. And more and more often Yukio would come to pick up this or that and would chat with ya’ll three. Eventually Shiemi suggested that ya’ll all go out together and Yukio let it slip to Rin and so Rin invited himself to go too. Ya’ll went to Mepphyland and rode the rides and ate cotton candy and caramel apples and funnel cake and had a wonderful time together. And as it so turns out - you sat next to Yukio on every ride and Shiemi sat with Rin. And eventually you and Yukio were walking alone - trailing behind Rin and Shiemi. He pulled you to the side, to somewhere alone between two rides, and couldn’t figure out how to say what he wanted to say. So you gently leaned up and softly pressed your lips against his. 

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Reading that billboard article broke my heart for the second time since C's exit. But saying they are not talking is more convincing to story so far than saying "yeah..We low key chat all the time!" People should stop jumping to conclusions. C is neither playing victim nor she is shading anyone! She is just sharing her side of the story. Maybe the girls will talk about it in the future. But does that make one right and another wrong? I don't think so! It is all about individual ambitions.