this one is just all shades all the time

Is anyone else just kinda dissapointed with the FR Creepypasta thread? Everything just got really shitty after they reached the 100 page mark and everything is so… bland now. It’s nearly the same stories over and over again. Dragon turns out to be evil and kills you, Naomi shit, shade stuff, I could really go on. The only recent one that’s actually KINDA decent is a story about a dragon whose actually a doll but even then it’s… kinda boring.

For fuck’s sake, back when the thread was really kicking off, we actually had good shit. It wasn’t just “Oh no, something seems off about this dragon! Now u r ded lolololol”, no, believe me, there were actually OTHER EMOTIONS in stories. Doubt, paranoia that actually made you paranoid, sympathy, it was all there.

But nooo! Some time later and now all I get in my alerts is your everyday story! User buys dragon, dragon is bad, user dies. It’s that plot but with different versions! I remember a story a while ago about this Imperial that became real but so did this beast creature and the user lived everyday and fear, and hot damn was that a good story! Is it a little predictable? Yes. Was it still a good story that actually had some kind of depth to it? Hell yes.

Thanks for listening to me rant about how dissapointing the FR Creepypasta thread.

this took me 6 hours to do im dying squirtle

anyway; poster-ish thingy for TAAO, one of my favorite comic series at the moment!

Okay guys hear me out.

A soulmate AU where you have a black stain where your soulmate is supposed to touch you for the first time and it turns to millions of colors once they do.

Like, so many people with their right palms all black, waiting for that one handshake.

People who have black knuckles who are scared for years that they end up punching their soulmate or something and end up coming home with their knuckles turned all shades of red and blue and purple without them noticing because sometimes your hands just brush together.

Someone having a very visible black palm on their cheek that they try to cover up because people will just know they will be slapped one day.


consider the possibilities.

No Matter What

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

 Pairing: Stiles x Reader


 A/N: I’m actually kind of proud of this 🙈 Let me know what you think! 

A huge thank you, to my favorite co-pilot Em @fillthevoid-stilinski, for editing again 💖 

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So I’m no expert or professional, but I will say I know a thing or two about makeup and I’d like to share some of my personal products I swear by.

•Kat Von D tattoo liner
-This liner really lives up to its name. The brush tip makes it REALLY easy to do precise winged liner and it doesn’t smear, smudge, transfer, or fade. AND it’s waterproof.
•Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade
-I like the ABH brow wiz, but i wanted a product I wouldn’t go through within a month and have to constantly repurchase. I gave the dipbrow a go and I’m never turning back. I’ve had mine for 8 months and I STILL have a lot left, it’s easier to work with, and it’s cheaper than the brow wiz.
•The Balm Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipsticks
-These bad boys are the perfect kind of matte and they stay on all day and don’t budge. Seriously my favorite liquid lippies ever.
•Too Faced Born This Way foundation
-I’ve repurchased this multiple times because I’m hooked on it. I have combination skin and it’s medium-full coverage lasts all day and it’s just always been the perfect match for my skin- plus it comes in 18 different shades!
•Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray
-Everyone hypes this one up, but it’s worth it. It makes my makeup a lot less cakier and of course makes it last longer. I can’t get enough of it.

Feel free to add more! 😘💋

The Ice in Your Irises

❤ Soulmate Drabble (13/13) ❤

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Member: S.Coups
Genre: ???
Word Count: 488

When you change your hair color, your soulmate’s eyes change to that color. 

Your friends often joked that your soulmate must have been an idol. There was no other explanation for your eyes. Most of your friends had dark eyes, a couple of them with light golden eyes, and one with rusty ginger irises. They all stayed constant and never changed. You were the crazy exception. You used to have black eyes, but in your teenage years they started changing. They turned bright red, making you look like a vampire. Just as soon as you got used to that, they went back to black. Then they turned so pale they were almost white, making you look like a zombie. Throughout your years they’d been white with a purple ring in the middle, navy blue, a million shades of brown, and even at one point a soft pink.

Honestly, you believed that your soulmate could have been an idol. Why else would he dye his hair all the time? But then again, maybe he was just a punk kid with a tumblr blog and a sarcastic attitude. You couldn’t deny, sometimes (okay, every day…all the time) you scrolled through social media looking at pictures of idols, hoping to see one that matched your eyes. A few did sort of match, but you realized that it was probably in vain, since most of them had pretty nondescript eye colors, which made it hard to see if they held the color of your hair in their eyes. That’s when you made the decision to dye your hair an icy blue-grey. It was time to know. Except… that very same day your eyes darkened to black.

“Shit!” you cursed aloud to nobody in particular. This made things a lot more complicated. There were so many people with black hair. It was useless. What if your soulmate wasn’t even an idol and your real soulmate was somewhere out there, waiting to meet you, but you were too busy staying inside on your phone to actually go find them?

You tossed yourself onto your bed and put your hands over your face, trying to block out the world. You were getting too stressed out about this. It’d happen when it was supposed to happen and you just needed to let it go.

At that very moment, though, your phone buzzed next to you. Your friend had sent you an article about seventeen, and you assumed it was just some rumor about their possible May comeback. You clicked on the link, and once it loaded your heart dropped to your stomach.

“Seventeen’s Leader S.Coups Stuns Carats With New Look!” the headline read. Beneath it was a picture of him with freshly dyed black hair… and piercingly icy eyes. The exact shade of your hair. The comments on the article were filled with girls fawning over his “colored contacts.” Well, there was one mystery solved. The next problem was figuring out how to actually get to him.

- Marcy

Tether: Arrow 5x16 Review (Checkmate)

I had two wishes for tonight’s episode.  First, that Oliver and Snoozan break up because, as you all know, I’m super done with her.  Second, that Prometheus not suck because, as you all know, I’ve been super unimpressed so far. @fanmommer​ can confirm these wishes.

Alright, so I didn’t get wish #1 (just a matter of time kids), but Oliver delivered fantastic Snoozan shade,  so I am satisfied. Wish #2 came true however.  The Big Bad does not suck. He’s awesome. 

That and a subtle, but meaningful Olicity scene means I am one happy camper.

Let’s dig in…

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I’ve been at this for a year and a half. I don’t think my roommate came back from that drinking binge all those months ago, or if he has, I sure as hell didn’t notice. Either way, I don’t think they’d want to, given all the paper I have tacked about.

I came here to study biology, biology of all things! What foolishness I partook in, thinking that I would be content with all of that. The paints and brushes and pencils and ink and paper all disagree. All that time I spent putting my efforts into a “respectable” field just to satisfy my family. Too late I found myself in the dark halls, pencil and paper in hand as I tried in vain to put what I saw onto paper, instead of what was there. Too long, I found myself watching as the crows flew overhead in the evenings (I swear, they really are nice, even if Matilda Oh-So-Pretty-Bitch doesn’t think so. Damn chem majors.). Too long, I found myself looking for the shadows, backing off before I breached any sort of respectful distance.

The walls are covered in paper. Everyone else I bring over thinks that they’re blank, but I know better. I left them all outside my windows at night. If I am feeling up to it, I’ll turn down the music (one can only listen to Powerslave and Kill ‘em All so many times in a week) and extend an extra something out the door as do all the others, and clean up the salt a little. I don’t think everyone who wants my art lives in the dorm, or at the University at all, but I don’t care. I get my practice, they get their art, and I stay in their good graces.

I don’t see things the same. Color moves, shades and shapes shift and change when I look at them. One girl looked at me with eyes that were too unusual, fingers just slightly longer than they should have been. I mentioned this to a patron and I haven’t seen her since.

Sometimes I’ll leave whatever I’ve drawn out near the back of that 24-hour diner, and when I get back to the room, there will be an extra set of paints waiting, a few mason jars for mixing, and I know how to use it all.

I never touched paints before I got to Elsewhere.

All things considered, I think I’m going to have to switch majors.


AU where bitty is on the lacrosse team and manages to keep the lax bros out of smh’s hair long enough that the boys start to get suspicious

word count: 2252

edit: part 2 here

Bitty has never been the biggest fan of confrontation. On the contrary, he spends a great deal of time avoiding most conflict these days. Even on the field, confrontation is Bitty’s mortal enemy, a fact proven by the way he freezes up and nearly passes out every time someone threatens to check him.

There is one place Bitty accepts (if not exactly welcomes) confrontation, though, and that’s in the safety of the lax house. Or, more often, the safety of the front lawn of the lax house when the pesky hockey team across the street starts trouble. Realistically, he knows his own team contributes to some of the bickering and fighting that goes on on that lawn, but more often than not it’s the hockey team who barges over uninvited to complain about this or that.

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So You Want To Write Fanfic

here are 10 quick tips for making that good fic, or at least making your fic look good

  1. Tag and Bag: if your fanfic needs tags make them good, make them accurate, and don’t talk in them. You want to make it as easy as possible to attract readers. Tags on fanfic are for sorting not communicating, and you have an entire fic’s worth of author’s notes for that
  2. Bait, Hook, and Reel: your summary and title is what sells a reader after they’ve finished tag sorting. The part of the spear that you sharpen is the tip the rest just has to hold together long enough to follow through
  3. Apologize for NOTHING: all creators are self-conscious, we all feel shades of anxiety and embarrassment about our work. But if you don’t think your work is good why should anyone else read it? Everyone starts somewhere
  4. Bad Epithet, No Biscuit: kill this idea. Whether calling a boy with dark hair “the raven” or a character’s blue eyes ‘cerulean orbs’ don’t. Just don’t. Use names and pronouns because they are easier for readers to follow
  5. An Ounce of Prevention: DO SOME RESEARCH! Every time you get something wrong in your story you lose at least one reader who knows better. You don't need to be an expert, you just need to know enough to bluff your way through
  6. Grammar U: grammar is about communication; where you put your comma to splice your run-on sentence is not nearly as important as framing dialogue correctly. It’s a readability issue. Grammar serves you and the reader not the other way around
  7. Cliché This: know 'em, avoid 'em or spin 'em around until they’re flipped and fresh. Check TVtropes for specifics on your fandom
  8. A Chuckle Darkly: think about the phrases you write. Does it make sense or just sound cool? It’s not a zero-sum game, but making sense is always the more important thing
  9. Floridly Prosaic Mosaics of Prose: writing prettily is not a substitute for story. It’s easy to write florid prose you can tell by how everyone does it. But only a few do it well enough to merit the distraction from reading a story
  10. Pay It Forward: you like good fic? You want more good fic? Then be a good e-citizen; leave kudos and comments, be constructive, contribute meaningfully and critically to your fandom, and above all have fun! Also you should probably reblog this

For the Love Is prompt from @loveinpanem  This story contains spoilers for my current WIP Where We Can Be Safe, so if you’re following that story on AO3 or FFN, please don’t give anything away!  :)  

Rated T, with references to breastfeeding, baby wearing, and cosleeping.


I can’t remember the last time I took a shower, or changed my clothes, or brushed my hair, or even slept longer than thirty minutes at a time.  Sage is five weeks old now, and since Peeta’s been in training and meetings for over fourteen hours a day lately, prepping for the final push into the Capitol in less than a week, I’ve been letting him sleep as much as possible at night while I take care of Sage.  But right now I’m so utterly exhausted I feel like I’m going to snap if I don’t get some sleep soon.  

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You Two Are Adorable

“There you are,” Jack smiles as Joe shuffles in, “How was your nap?”

“Shit.” The older man mumbles, his hands buried deep into the pocket of the hoodie he has on. “When did you all get here?”

“About an hour ago,” Conor replies, glancing up from his phone as Joe walks over to Jack, “Surprised you didn’t hear with how noisy those two were,” He gestures towards Caspar and Oli, who were currently fighting over the controller.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Joe shakes his head, allowing Jack to pull him down onto his lap, quickly tucking his head against the younger man’s chest, “Maybe I actually did get some sleep.”

“Still not feeling good?” Josh asks him, stretched out on part of the couch.

“No, and I’m really over it,” Joe sighs, relaxing against his boyfriends body as Jack runs his fingers up and down his spine absentmindedly, his focus mostly on the computer placed beside him, a video half edited.

“This is why you need to take better care of yourself!” Caspar scolds, suddenly joining the conversation.

Jack snorts lightly, his eyes still on the computer screen, “I tell him that almost daily. You’d think he would listen by now…”

“Shut up, I’m sick.” Joe groans, tugging the hood over his head as he closes his eyes.

“Wait…” Conor trails off, a knowing smile on his lips, “Isn’t that Jack’s?”

“Is what?” Oli looks over at their ill friend, grinning as Joe’s cheeks tinge red.

“That is!” Josh laughs, “That’s Jack’s jumper!”

Glancing down at the man on his lap, Jack smiles softly when he realizes that Joe is indeed wearing one of his hoodies.

“Piss off.” Joe mumbles, his eyes still closed as he turns his face further into Jack’s chest.

“You two are adorable,” Caspar coos, “Wearing each other’s clothes.”

“I buy comfy clothes,” Jack shrugs, closing his laptop, having given up on trying to work, not with the warm body resting against him.

“Does he just wear your stuff when he’s not feeling well?” Conor asks, a teasing glint in his eyes, “Or does he mix up your guys clothes all the time and accidentally leave in one of your shirts?”

He is right here, you know.” Joe snaps weakly, his eyes reopening, “And can hear you.”

“You have to answer, Jack, we need to know.” Josh ignores Joe, staring over at the younger Maynard.

“I never thought they’d be one of those couples,” Oli comments to Caspar, who nods in agreement.

“I hate you all.” Joe states simply, his cheeks deepening in their shade of red, but he makes no move from Jack’s lap.

“They really are quite cute, aren’t they?” Conor sighs dramatically, “Taking care of each other when they’re ill, wearing each other’s clothes…”

“You guys are really mature,” Jack rolls his eyes.

“I wonder if they realize they’re doing all this adorable shit too,” Caspar wonders to the others, also ignoring Jack, “Or do they just do it without thinking?”

“Can we get new friends?” Joe asks his boyfriend, tilting his head back to look up at him.

“As soon as you’re better.” Jack nods.

“What do we do in the mean time?”

“We could kick them out…”


“Or we could just ignore them.” Jack finishes, lifting his other hand to brush Joe’s hair under the hood, adjusting it slightly.

“Come on!” Conor bursts out, “How can we not tease you two about shit like that!?”

“I don’t think we can ignore them,” Joe sighs, resting his head back against Jack, “They like to make themselves known.”

“I know, babe,” Jack drops a kiss on the top of Joe’s head as he wraps his arms around the smaller body, “But do your best.”

“Seriously?” Josh deadpans as Jack looks over at him, “You expect us to just brush that stuff off?”

“Can you at least stop teasing while I’m sick?” Joe tries, his eyes falling close once more, the warmth from Jack lulling him to sleep.

“But you two are exceptionally adorable when one of you is sick…” Caspar points out.

“Some friends you all are,” Jack laughs lightly, glancing down at Joe, smiling when he notices his boyfriend has already drifted off, “And can you be quiet? He’s sleeping.”

“Can we tease him when he wakes up?” Conor asks, causing Jack to roll his eyes at his brother’s behaviour.

“We’re taking that as a yes.” Josh tells him, but still, the boys do quiet down a bit, even turning the volume down for their game.

They weren’t horrible friends after all.

adsom headcanon (kind of a spoiler for acol):

-kell and lila end up having a son and it’s not exactly planned bc lila didn’t want kids but they end up rolling with it

-his name is holland barron and it was a hard fought battle that kell eventually won at much risk to his own life and lila only managed to semi agree and had to settle for his middle name being barron (and she would have gotten her way but she felt slightly guilty bc…u kno)

-holland has heterochromia and one eye is brown and the other is green (bc it is okay)

-he can also wield fire but it’s his only element

-rhy and alucard basically adopt holland as well and rhy decides that holland should be his heir bc “he just oozes charm like me” and no one can say anything against it bc technically he is royal since kell is a prince

-so holland basically has three dads and a badass mom

-fun fact: rhy calls holland holly berry bc he can (and he gets away with it. alucard tries and kell almost punches him while rhy claims that no one else can call holland that cause it’s his special nickname)

-whenever holland makes friends everyone is semi wary but he’s so damn charming that they forget that he’s their crown prince and they just wanna be his friend

-but forever in the bg his parents are all ready to fight™ if anything happens to their son

-rhy is fricken king he has a crap ton of power ready at any time and he could talk someone into totally destroying themselves with just his words no need for magic

-this is the only time kell and alucard would ever 100% agree on something (because even on rhy they only agree sometimes) but both of them are so ready to fight for holland they would honestly wreak havoc

-unfortunately for these three they won’t ever get to do anything bc not only has lila made sure her boy can take care of himself, but she’s even scarier than the three put together and if someone was stupid enough to try and cross rhy and kell and alucard…well they have lila bard to deal with

-holland also travels a lot with lila and kell and sees a lot of the world and rhy makes sure he does bc he doesn’t want holland to stay cooped up all of his life

-unfortunately for kell, holland absolutely loves to sail and alucard is more than happy to teach him some ways

-kell is jealous and tells alucard to stop filling his son’s mind with pirate fantasies and lila comes and smacks kell and tells him to let their son learn

-sometimes holland has fears that he can’t live up to be the great prince/king that rhy is and his fear runs deeper than his parents know because he’s been surrounded by greatness but he’s not sure he can do it and he’s afraid he’s going to do things wrong

-rhy is the one who actually finds out about this and sits down and talks with holland about how he felt having no magic and how he felt he wasn’t good enough and they both sit down and talk for a long time

-holland’s fears aren’t totally gone but they’re better and then later he gets to hear the story of how holland (antari) saved them and how he’s one of the reasons why they survived and holland then feels better about himself bc his namesake fucked up a lot but in the end he was the reason why they’re all there

-basically holland has an incredibly loving family lmao

sai-shou  asked:

I would also like to be shown how to draw bo ob s th a nks

AYYYY LEssons with Blu!


the base is important, due to what body youll give your character. big, curvy, thin, its very important.


oh boy was I surprised to see MMM size I feel bad for any women with that. god bless ur back.

ok so theres A cup, B cup, C, D, DD, F, E, G,,

and based on pictures heres what I got??

this would be A and B, they are a bit smaller then the rest. Bs are a bit bigger, but my mother said they would be more in a small category.


C, D, and E are closer to another, being more rounder and more to hold (in a bra, as my grandmother says.) C is smaller then E and D, E is next, then D. (reminder this is by refrence myself and my opinions I promise I love all boobs plz don’t hate me girls)

the bigger!

this contains DD, F and G. not much to say, also excuse little mess ups I’m a bit tired I sorry cejkbck


don’t mind my sloppy crappy nip

ok so nipples don’t face forward on boobs right on the front. theyre more on the side!


good lord these are common in early concepts in developing art, and uh, in hentai.


oh boyy,,

boobs are cool and all but sometimes people take them too far, exaggerate them and such. and anti gravity ones. also nipples.

especially nipples, girls have bumps on the nipple, but it isn’t a ant hill lmao. just a tiny bumb.

anther thing when in early development, is this on clothing.

ok so with this, it all comes down to body structure, some times you need to shade under the boobs to show where the boobs land, though on other clothing I suggest reference on  outfit!  


maybe a darker tone, not really dark, but when outlining to show cleave age use shading.

ahhh that’s all I could think of when it came to this! *sweats*

I hepe it helps I’m a bad teacher omg

here ya go!

BTS reacting to their s/o comes home totally drunk for the first time and she/he denies it

It wasn't´t easy to write this reaction, because I tried to imagine different scenarios for each member. I hope I was successful and you  like it. Enjoy reading ! :)

And y’all…alcohol is dangerous and you can have fun without drinking.


You were at a party. You had fun with you friends. And you dunk alcohol. Maybe to much but you didn’t cared since you never did. You had forgot how late it was and you couldn’t find your smartphone. But that didn’t inhibit you from having fun. But then a car stopped in front of your friend house and Jin got out of it. He looked badly angry and that is rare for him. He grabbed your arm and dragged you outside. When you both stood in front of the house he asked with strict voice why you didn’t answered his calls. Instead of answering his questions, you barfed in front of his feed. He brought you to his car and got you into it. When you both arrived at home he cleaned you up and ensured that you drunk a lot of water. He doesn’t let you sleep in this situation. Only when you sobered up he tucked you to bed. He assured you that you wouldn’t drink alcohol again in your life. You tried to protest and say that you weren’t drunk today but he ignored your complaints. 

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You entered your home. There were no Suga roundly. You stumbled upstairs. Still no Suga. You searched through a drawer for medicine against your terribly headache. Still no Suga. You felt really bed and tired. But where was Suga? Actually he must be home. Maybe he went to the others or had something else to do. It was so dark that you couldn’t saw anything when arrived in your bedroom.  But then you saw that Suga was there and slept deeply. You went to bathroom but you were so noisy that Suga woke up. He asked what you were doing but you couldn´t answer anything, you stooped over the sink because you had to vomit. Suga cleaned you up and tucked you to bed. You were still awake so he asked if that is the first time you got drunk but you only denied the fact. You just drunk two glasses alcohol, thatwas impossible. He only laughed about  this and brushed your forehead with his lips. Then you drited into a peaceful sleep. In the next morning he made some jokes about your state yesterday. For him it wasn't´t a problem that you were drunk but for you it was really embarrassing. 

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The first thing he asked you when you met this evening were if you ware drunk. Certainly you denied. He just laughed about your behavior. He didn’t knew this side of you before. He understood that you wanted to have fun and that this was part of it. He gave you a cuddle and than he made sure that you could sleep all the night. In the next morning (you had a terribly headache) his face were the first thing you saw. You would get out of the bed but he hold you tight. After that a long exhortation about how dangerous it could be when you drunk to much by him followed. You said that you had understood his worries but actually you didn’t took him serious. 

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Hoseok was sitting in the big convenient armchair when you came home. You thought that he had fallen asleep while he was waiting for you So you tried to be very quite. But that wasn’t easy in your condition. Just after you made one step he asked you with strong voice where you’ve  been. You tried to answer him but everything you said sounded like the prattling from a baby. He was definitely shocked and asked how much alcohol you had drunk. You answered something what sounds with lots of imagination like a nothing. But he didn’ listened to you, he stood up and walked to the kitchen. After a few seconds he came back with a big glass full of water. He made sure that you drank all of it and then he dragged you to the bathroom. When you both were freshly showered he put you in bed. But he couldn’t sleep himself because he were overly worried about you. 

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You both were holding hands while walking along a street. You had nothing better to do so you both decided to buy some alcohol and have a cozy evening. You bought a six pack and sat down on a bench near a lake. It was a beautiful mood and you both began to talk about everything what crossed your mind. You forgot the time and when Jimin only bibbed one bear you already drunk three. And the fact that you dont’t have a high tolerance for alcohol doesn’t helped you to remain a level-head. After one more swallow you couldn’t control what you said and did. Jimin were surprised about your behavior but you tickled him. You both had fun. After one more hour he said that you were to drunk to walk home and he would call a taxi. But you only denied his statement and began to run home. He followed you with a confused smile on his face. 

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When you two leaved a birthday party of a friend Taehyung almost noticed that you were a little bit drunk. But he also drunk alcohol so he didn’t worried about this. You both started to sing on your way home. It was a night full of fun but abruptly you felt really bad. You stopped walking because your head would spin. He asked if you were ok but you weren’t able to answer. He looked into you eyes and ascertained that you were more drunk as he thought. The rest of the way you frequently said that you weren’t drunk and he laughed all the time. When you both arrived at home the first thing he did wasn’t bring you some water but he get some bear for himself. The rest of this night you two were sitting in your living room and talking about old memories. 

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After you were out with your friends that evening, you felt really happy and looked forward to see Jungkook later. When you arrived at home you noticed that he weren’t there so you decided to wait for him. While waiting you drunk one or two more bears then you had already drunk with your friends. After two hours Jungkook entered your home. You sat in the living room and smiled a little bit confused. He thought nothing about it and bended forward to kiss you. But he smelled the alcohol in your breath. You began to laugh and said that he must not worry and you drunk just one glass. But he already know that you were totally drunk. He was a little bit unable to cope with you when you were in this condition. You giggled all the time and behaved like a little kid. But at the end he was successful to put you into bed. He were just confused about the situation but he also smiled at the thought of teasing you with you little “moment of madness”.

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Sry for all language mistakes. 



There was a post once with the hc of Jack having a tooth gap before the promotion and have I mentioned that I love it?

But then I started thinking about how Gabe would react when he suddenly lost it. So have this drabble. 

Gabriel exhaled as he stepped off the ship, taking in the view of the new HQ. He hardly recognized it, if he was honest. The size of it had doubled. The trees and flowers outside made it feel more like a resort and less military. In fact he’d almost swore a few of these people were touring the place rather than working there.

The most glaring difference, however, had to be the statue.

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Blind By Your Side/ Part 2

Cross blushed a dark shade of purple. His head was filled with happiness and confusion. Through all the time he’s spent with the bad sanses, he never thought Nightmare of all people, would be the one to offer to take care of him.

When Ink told him of his condition, he was so sure Nightmare would just throw him out like a piece of garbage, but now… He was really surprised.

“R-really?” Cross stuttered

“…Yeah… Why? Is there a problem with me taking care of you?” Nightmare asked.

“N-no! Not at all! I’m just surprised. I thought you would be the first one to state that you wouldn’t help me with anything.” Nightmare was a little hurt, but just pushed the feeling away.

“Well, as the leader of the Evil Sans Club, you guys are all my responsability. And well, you hurt yourself during a mission, so it is obvious that I should be responsible for taking care of you.”

“O-oh. Right…” Cross said, his voice dying slowly. He shook his head, pushing some thoughts away. He was having a bad day already, and he didn’t want his boss to end up the same as him for feeling negativity on his aura. “Well I should go see the others… And tell them about my condition.”

“Right…” Nightmare let go of his hand and got up from the bed, walking in front of Cross so he could help him get up.

“Come on, I’ll take you there.” he said, taking his hand again and pulling him off the bed.


“So… You’re blind.” stated Killer.

“Yeah. I can’t see anything but darkness.” Cross said trying to keep his voice as normal as he could, even though the subject of ‘being blind’ was still making him uncomfortable.

“So… What do we do?” Horror asked.

“You keep living your pathetic lives and let me take care of this situation.” Nightmare stated. His voice was brute as always, but it kinda sounded like he was being a little protective. “But enough of this conversation. We should start planning where to trap my brother and his stupid friends. And let’s try not to choose any random and dangerous AUs from now on. If I catch you guys doing this again, you’ll all be punished.” Nightmare took a deep breath. “We’ll go to a pacifist Dancetale.” he said glaring at the others over his shoulder. “I don’t think I need to explain why.” the others avoided looking at Nightmare’s or Cross’ direction. “We’ll be going tomorrow. Right now, I want you all to go to your rooms and stay there for the rest of the night.” he commanded. Killer, Horror and Dust got up from their seats and dashed of through the hallways, leaving Cross and Nightmare alone.

“You didn’t need to be so rude with them you know.” Cross said.

“You do know that it’s their fault you are like this now, right? It’s not like they can undo this mess and redeem themselves now.” he replied. Cross remained silent. “Anyway, you too should head to your room. It’s late already.”


Cross walked slowly through the hallways, trying to be as silent as he could, since everyone was asleep.

“Remind me again why are you trying to walk through the castle, in the middle of the night, alone, and without any kind of help.” Said Chara, popping beside Cross.

“I just want to get a glass of water.”

“I thought Nightmare was supposed to take care of you.” Cross blushed a little.

“Well… He said that, but I don’t wants to bother him right now. I don’t know what time is it, but I think it would be 3 in the morning.”

“How do you know that if you can’t see the clock, you idiot?”

“It gets really cold here at 3 A.M.” He replied

“I don’t care. Just go get your stupid water so I can get back to my beauty sleep.”

Cross rolled his eyes under the blindfold and kept walking. After some time, he found the kitchen and began searching for a glass. He was almost reaching for the cupboard.

“Cross.” He froze. “What are you doing here?” Nightmare stood there with his arms crossed, waiting for a response. Cross slowly lowered his arm and turned at Nightmare’s direction.

“Sorry… I didn’t want to bother you just for a glass of water…” He said, looking a little down. Nightmare sighed and started walking closer to Cross.

“I’ll let this one slide because it’s only the first day. But don’t do this again ok? You could really hurt yourself.”

“Ok…” Cross replied. He suddenly gasped when he felt Nightmare picking him up bridal style.

“N-Nightmare?” He called, his cheeks burning purple again.

“It’ll take forever if you go walking to your room. It’s already 3:40 A.M.”

“Oh! Ok…” He muttered.


Soon, they reached Cross’ room. Nightmare laid Cross down on his bed gently and slowly pushed him a little to the side. Cross was trying to get to a comfortable position when he felt someone lay down by his side.


“What? I just don’t want to wake up and find you dead on the hallway.” Cross sighed closing his eyes with a sad look on his face. “… You can wake me up if you need anything.”

“Ok.” Cross said, soon falling asleep.

Nightmare sighed and looked at the window. Something felt odd, and it wasn’t because he haven’t been able to sleep worrying about Cross. He was feeling weird, like his chest was getting warm or something. It was… Weird.

He shook his head and forced his eye shut, trying to force himself asleep and stop thinking about that feeling.

He was the lord of negative feelings after all.

It’s not like that strange feeling could actually be anything positive.

… Right?


Nightmare/ @jokublog

Cross/ @jakei95

Killer/ @rahafwabas

Horror/ @sour-apple-studios

Dust/ @ask-dusttale



Finally managed to continue this story

It makes me so happy that you guys enjoyed the first part

It means a lot, really. <3

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Black And Blue

Originally posted by earthquackles

Characters- Priestly x Reader, Trucker, Piper, Jen, Tish

Warnings- mild language

Word Count- 864

Summary- You can’t help your feelings for your friend, but maybe some jerk will give you a push in the right direction?

A/N- What can I say? I’m in a Priestly mood. Requested by @jotink78: “How drunk were you last night? / Well, I still have my pants on, so not that drunk? / Those aren’t your pants.” In this one, Priestly and Tish never get together but Pries still hits Tadd and tells Tish that she deserves better.

You and the crew watch as he stumbles in way past his shift time, sunglasses on and feet shuffling over the old linoleum floors. His hair barely resembles a mohawk anymore, squished and dented despite the copious amount of product you knew he liked to apply. Piper tries desperately to hide her laugh behind her sketchbook, and all Trucker can do is let his mouth crinkle at the corners as he continues his crossword puzzle.

“Everybody relax!” he shouts, face scrunching at his own volume. “Ugh. I’m here.”

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demimink  asked:

can you give a run down on skintones?


In painting skin tones, a lot of the time I see people choose colors that are over-saturated or unbalanced. There isn’t really an exact art to this that I can explain—you just need to get a feel for what saturation balance you need for that particular skintone. Here are some examples of what I usually pick.

As you can see, I used different base colors (orange, reddish, yellow) for the skin shades in all three examples. The reason for this is because all skin tones have a different base color besides just Light, Medium, and dark. Some people divide them into categories of “warm” and “cool.” Pantone has some really good examples and references for this.


Another big part about drawing and painting skin tones that a lot of people forget is how skin thickness affects color variation. The presence of bone, blood, and muscle underneath the skin affects its colors. This is especially noticeable on the face.

The colors here are a little exaggerated to show my point, but with a little adjusting and blending…

Voila! Subtle, but more realistic.


Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and as our body’s first line of defense against the outside world, it’ll be covered with tiny details and imperfections. Things like sunburns, tans, freckles, scars, and facial hair all add character to your subject matter. Here are some examples!

TANS: Everyone tans differently, depending on your ethnicity and skin tone. Fair skinned folks tend to burn more than tan, which means you’ll need a more startling, eye-catching red. If you have a skin type that tends to tan more, the color will be more brown than red. For black skin tones, the tan is less red. (And while we’re on the subject: black people DO tan, so it’s important for you to put on sunscreen and be careful in the sun, too.)

Those are the areas that the sun tends to hit the most—and things like goggles, hats, and masks can change the shape of that area.

FRECKLES AND MOLES: Freckles are also products of the sun. Some people have freckles that stay year-round, while others have freckles that fade in the winter and return in the summer. Moles are skin cells that grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. When exposed to the sun, they tend to darken. (Another note on skin health: if you have any oddly-shaped/colored moles, moles that have changed color, size, or shape, or anything of the sort, please check with your doctor!)

Freckles like to cluster around each other, sort of like stars, and they vary greatly in size. You can have a few freckles in one place, or a lot of freckles in multiple places. Most commonly freckled areas are your face, shoulders and neck, back, and forearms. 

FACIAL HAIR: Facial hair also affects the colors of the face. For simplicity’s sake we’ll be using black hair, as it is the most noticeable. Facial hair usually grows in these areas, and can make the skin look blueish/grayish because of the darker hairs beneath the skin. If your hair is red, this also very noticeable. 


There you go! That’s about all I can think of at the moment for skin tones. As always, references and practice are your best friend (and so is this neat little trick that pheberoni has.) Good luck with your arting!