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I really hate when someone thinks there’s a “wrong answer” to someone’s favorite JoJo (or opinion in general). Like, who the fuck cares if their favorite JoJo is Giorno or Jonathan? There’s no wrong answer to that question. Someone actually asked me one time who my favorite JoJo was, and she said something about there being a “wrong answer”. So I answered “Jolyne. But I love Josuke, Johnny, and Jotaro, too” And she was like “wanna know what the ‘wrong choice’ is?” and I just replied “let me fucking guess. Giorno?” And the worst part about that was, she told me she didn’t even read part 5/or she wasn’t there yet or some shit. Nah, bitch. Don’t make someone feel like shit because of their favorite JoJo. I mean, Joseph is my least favorite. Doesn’t mean I dislike him. I still reblog pics of him and like his character and laugh at his stupidity sometimes. Hell, he was my first JoJo crush. And the majority will say Joseph is the best JoJo ever. And while I don’t agree with it, that’s their opinion. Just like I dislike Funny Valentine and think he’s the worst villain, majority will say he’s the best villain. Because we all have opinions. And there can never be a wrong choice or answer on someone’s goddamn opinion. Thanks.

i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it