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One last question and then I'll stop... I promise... maybe..: If you'll be ending it soon... Do you have an idea about another fic or will you take a break? ... also will we get more JT/Nino X Alya?

more JadeReporter to come I promise, can’t leave that as a loose end. As of now I dont have any fic ideas, well I have a few but they involve Jade Turtle or alternate guardian ideas and i dont want to over saturate on that. Right now I want to focus on finishing my three ongoing fics

feel free to keep asking homie im sure everyone was wondering this

Smile, Doll Face Pt. 2

Part 1

Word Count: 1.7k

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warning: Smut

Hey peeps! So, here’s part two. Sorry for the wait and for the lack of quality in this one. I’m not very good at writing part 2′s to stories. But anyway, I hope you guys don’t hate it too much. 

P.S. I really can’t do a part 3 if anyone wants it. Sorry, homies.

As your loud yawn echoes through the parking lot, you try to rub the tiredness from your eyes. You’re exhausted. Even though you have a nice stack of cash now, you’re still working at the news station. You haven’t been out in the field much since the robbery, which is mostly due to your boss. He can be a nice guy when he wants to be. Recently, all you’ve been doing is organization in the storage rooms and cleaning at the end of the day. Now that you think about, you’re not sure if he’s trying to be nice or if he’s just having you clean so he doesn’t have to hire a janitor. Right now, you’re betting on the latter. But still, you can’t really blame him. Even with the simple tasks he gives you, productivity has gone down. Way down. You try to work hard, you really do, but your mind always finds its way back to the robbery. Back to The Clown Prince. Sometimes you look over your shoulder, expecting him to be there with a wild grin plastered on his face and your camera clutched in his hand.

You huff and get into your car, plopping into the drivers seat and tossing your bag to the side.

You freeze when you notice an envelope taped to the steering wheel. You click on the light and lock the doors out of instinct.

“What is…” your voice trails off when you see the cursive handwriting on the back.

♡ Doll Face♡

Your lips curl up into a grin and you rip the envelope open, shaking out its contents.

You swear loudly when you see the pictures fall out. The pictures he took. You flip through them, your breathing a little bit heavier with each one.

He wrote on the photos with red sharpie. Each one said something different.

“What a pretty little slut”

“Daddy’s good little girl”

“Kitten loved playtime, didn’t she?”

The last picture was of you covered in his cum with your tongue out.

Daddy’s coming for you, Doll Face. You’re never leaving my sight again.
                                             ~See you soon~

After staring for a few more minutes, you put the pictures back in the envelope and stuff it into your bag.

You start the car and pull out of the parking lot. You try to ignore the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you head home.

A soft sigh escapes your lips as you walk into your apartment. You kick the door shut and make your way to the kitchen. You smile as you rummage through the fridge. You have to admit, it’s nice to finally have money. You get to eat actual food, instead of instant noodles and TV dinners.

“I was wondering when you’d come home.”

You shriek and jump, slamming your head into the fridge with a thud.

“Fucking shit!” You exclaim, turning around and rubbing the top of your head.

Your breath catches in your throat when you see him.

The Joker is in your kitchen.

The Joker is in your fucking kitchen!

It all feels so…surreal.

Then you realize how fucking stupid you look. Staring at him, completely dumbfounded.

He said he was coming to get you.

Whether you totally believed it at the time is a different story. But that shit doesn’t matter because he’s actually here.

“I didn’t think you would…wait…how the fuck did you get in here?”

Before he can answer, you cut him off.

“That’s a stupid question. You’re a criminal. Obviously you have your ways. How long have you been in here? I mean, you had enough time to put the pictures in my car-”


“-and to come back here but my job is over an hour away so you must’ve been here-”

“Kitten!” He growls, shutting you up.

He stalks closer to you and you look towards the floor.

“I uh, I talk a lot…when I’m nervous. Sorry,” you mumble.

“Look at me,” he instructs, tilting your chin up.

You bat your eyelashes at him and study his face, your eyes filled with curiosity.

“I don’t know your name, doll.”

You giggle. “That’s a lie.”

He grips your chin tighter but you keep your eyes on him.

“You’re telling me you hung around in my apartment and didn’t look through my mail?” You quip with a smirk.

He grins and releases your chin.

“You’re a smart one, Y/N.”

“So, uhm, Joker-”

“J,” he corrects.

“Right, J. What exactly did you mean by the whole, ‘you’re never leaving my sight again’ thing?”

“I take it back. Not as smart as I thought,” he says.

“I just…find it hard to believe that you want me.”

“What’s so hard to believe? I told you I take what I want. If I didn’t want you, you’d already be dead,” he states.

Was that supposed to make you feel better?

You can’t do this, can you? You have a job and a life.

A shitty job and a boring life. A miserable life that you’ve always wanted to be rid of. You can totally do this! It’s not like you have much of a choice anyway.

“So,” you say, locking your arms around his shoulders.

“Where are we going?”

J smiles madly with an insane look in his eyes and pulls you closer by your hips.

“Before we go anywhere, Daddy’s gonna take care of you.”

He tosses you over his shoulder and carries you towards the bedroom, slapping your ass before throwing you down on to the bed.

He’s on top of you in an instant, biting at the exposed flesh on your neck and running his hands down your sides.

You eagerly pull his shirt off, tossing it across the room. You gasp when you feel a sharp pinch on your stomach. You look down to see his knife ripping up through your shirt…and your bra.

“Oh, not again! That was my favorite bra,” you whine with a pout.

“I’ll buy you more, princess,” he says, yanking down your pants.

He crawls back up to you capturing your lips roughly, sliding his tongue into your mouth. His cock presses against your pussy and you moan, lifting your hips up into him. He shoves your hips down and you can feel him smirking. His hand travels down your stomach, dipping between your legs. His hand moves against you and you arch into his touch. He sucks your nipple into his mouth, giving you a small bite. You whimper and push your hips up again, only for him to slam them back down into the mattress. His hand flies around your throat, gripping it tightly.

“Behave, kitten,” he growls.

“Please,” You say breathlessly.

“Please what?”

You swallow hard. “Please, daddy. I need you,”

“Fine,” he says, releasing your neck and rolling on to his back.

“Why don’t you take a seat on Daddy’s face, princess.”

You don’t hesitate to kick off your panties and straddle his head, giving him perfect access to your dripping mound.

He teasingly flicks his tongue against your clit before delving in. You shudder and grip tightly on to his hair. You’ve been thinking about this for weeks, and now it’s finally happening! All that pent up sexual frustration will finally be released.

You roll your hips, slowly grinding your clit against his tongue, occasionally hitting the cold metal of his teeth. His fingers dig into your hips, keeping you still while his tongue does all the work, lapping at your heat and playing with your wetness. His cock hardens more with every moan and squeak that escapes your lips.

You taste better than he imagined and boy, did he imagine. The late nights spent with only the pictures he took and his right hand to keep him company.

No, you weren’t the only one waiting for this.

He hooks an arm around your waist and pulls you further down on his mouth. He can’t get enough of your flavor.

His tongue flicks and swirls faster against you, your legs clench tighter around his head and you make a strangled noise.

“I’m so close,” you whimper.

He starts sucking on your sensitive bud and you cry out, tossing your head back.

The familiar tingling pools in your lower abdomen and you know you won’t last much longer.

Your hands bury into his hair and you grind your hips again, ignoring the sting from his grip.

“Fuck, daddy!” You scream out.

His eyes lock hungrily onto yours when you reach your orgasm, pleasure rippling throughout your body.

He presses a gentle kiss to your clit before sliding out from under you. You collapse forward onto the bed with a content sigh.

“We’re not done yet, kitten.”

You gasp when you feel his cock push inside you. He holds your hips down into the mattress and pulls out slowly just to slam back inside you again.

“You’re so tight,” he groans, thrusting faster.

You bury your face into the pillow, muffling your moans as he pounds into you. Yanking you up by your hair, he wraps his hand around your neck and growls in your ear.
His hot breath tickles your skin, sending shivers down your body, despite the sweat covering you.

He squeezes tighter and you claw at his hands but he slams into you harder. Your vision goes fuzzy and your ears ring but he’s not letting up. You can see him out of the corner of your eye, glaring at you with a snarl.

Fucking hell, he’s strong!

You suck in a huge breath when he let’s go, but you’re face down on the mattress again with him right on top of you.

It’s getting too intense and you bite down on the pillow, digging your nails into the sheets.

Your walls spasm around him and he smirks, reaching around to rub your clit

“Come on, kitten. Cum for daddy,”

That’s all it takes to push you over the edge.

You quiver and mumble incoherently as you ride out an electrifying orgasm.

His thrusts are sloppy and hard, his breath is hot on your neck and he tangles his fingers in your hair.

He slams into you violently, shooting his cum inside you.

“You’re so good, kitten,” he whispers, burying his face in your hair.

That’s it. There’s no turning back now.

This is the beginning of your new life.

And you will always belong to The Clown Prince.

Whether you like it or not.

That whole thing with Mark’s friends and Yugyeom and BamBam is seriously out-of-control. Sure, lots of kids underage drink, but when you’re famous, you’re not just a random kid. If Yugyeom didn’t know he was underage, no one stopped him.  Not even Mark! As for BamBam saying the ‘N’-word, IGOT7’s need to stop defending him and actually educate him on the meaning of the word. Why didn’t Mark tell his friends to stop telling BamBam it meant ‘dude/homie/bro’? We shall never know…

Can you imagine what its like. You just wake up from your nap, right. Go to the park to meet up with your boy Squirtle and your girl Clefairy. All the sudden you see little homie Clefairy get scooped up. You and Squirtle aint having it so you run after this sky creature. Squirtle is popping off, yelling “Ay, the only thing youre catching are these hands”. I start believing him, till he eats these magical berries and bam hes gone too. Now the creature is coming after me and ugh.. I dodge that throw. He throws 2 more and they curved harder then the time I DMed Mew. He throws an excellent one but i just slap it at the last second. I can see the frustration, he throw a great ball and misses. So I bounce out of there like an Abra. Survived to be free another day.

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FRIDAY, AUGUST 26th, 2016

It’s Friday!  Here’s your weekly #waybadpizzaslicebeerbong!  This one comes from the homie @screedler over in Portland!  Craig’s a killer artist and skateboarder, so consider giving him a follow if you haven’t already.  Just cuz you like THIS page, doesn’t mean you can’t like successful and talented artists who DON’T suck at skateboarding TOO, y’know.

Prompts #95 #122 & #127

Prompts-“It makes me feel badass.”
“I really love you babe, I really do, but I love that ______ a little more.” and “Why do you keep stealing my shirts babe?”
Bruce Wayne
homie dude bro this is so cute

“Why do you keep stealing my shirt babe?” You jumped at Bruce’s hard voice when he questioned you randomly.

“It’s really soft and it makes me feel badass,” you said as you tucked the front of the shirt into your pants, leaving the rest to basically swallow you.

“It makes you feel badass?” He mocked you to himself.

He watched you pair the old shirt with a pair of boyfriend cut jeans and a flannel with a smile on his face. You always knew how to dress.

“I kind of need it,” His voice was low as he came up behind you an rested his chin on your shoulder.

“Sounds like a you problem babe.” Bruce busted out laughing at your comment and you giggled at the man. His eyes crinkled and he threw his head back when he truly laughed. You loved it.

“You’re so cute when you laugh,” You cupped his face with your hands and pressed on his cheeks, making his mouth look like a fish’s.

“Thabnks,” Another giggle.

“Okayb but wreally,” He grabbed your hands from his face and brought them down. “ I need that shirt.”




“I love you.”

“I love you too babe, I really do, but I love this shirt a little more.” Bruce pretended to gasp and he brought his hand to his chest in mock hurt.

“How rude,” He smiled down at you and bent down to give you a quick kiss on the nose.

“But for real, your not getting the shirt back.” You said as you walked away and out of the room before he could say anything.

“But I need it,”

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homie some fluffy hc about warren on his wedding day would make my life please and thx fam!


  • He is cool and collected
    • I lied, he is not. He looks like he’s chill at first glance but he can’t fucking sit still for a second. His wings are fluttering behind him and he keeps fiddling with the buttons on his shirt and he almost pulls one of them out when Scott, Kurt and Peter come bursting in telling him to get to the alter.
  • He might be itching to see you a little too much 
    • He tried to sneak off and visit you but Hank caught him before he could get that far
    • Warren is dying because he hasn’t seen you in almost two days and you are just so close.
  • Warren is looking his best today
    • He cleaned his feathers thoroughly, hair slicked back and a very fancy suit on, something he never thought he’d wear again after leaving the hellhole that was living with his parents
  • He almost dies when he sees you
    • You hadn’t let him see the dress and when you walked through the doors, he was sure that you were the angel in the room. You were glowing with happiness and he just couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

I got hate for the first time on one of my fics (kakasaku) and I’m finding it hilarious. Because first off they probably spent at least ten to twenty minutes reading it. It was apparently not their ship (shocking) even though their ship wasn’t even tagged. Why the fuck you waste your time reading something you won’t even enjoy? And then they talk like they’re fucking twelve years old and high off of like a juice box or something. And I “should have been aborted and kill myself”. Oh and I’m also a “virgin with no friends”. Hahaha oh angsty anons are the best. S/O to the other anon who tore them down in the review section. You da bomb.

I rebelled against all friendly advice to not walk back home from work tonight. passed a closing convenience store and a man standing outside of it blowing smoke to keep it from his lungs. we made eye contact as I passed and I nodded. between my work and my house is what white people call the ghetto…cause it ain’t the ghetto at all, but you know. haha. i kept walking and dude tapped my shoulder so I turned and pulled a headphone out and said wassup. he told me “man I saw a white boy walkin down the street with a red baseball cap I was pleasantly surprised to see the other side of this, I was ready to get you,” and laughed and asked me what I was listening to. I told him “the one and only man of the wolrd frankie ocean,” to which he responded with a smile and hugged me and said “that’s the man! you have a good night homie!”

I’ve made some blunders in the few months I’ve accepted myself as a chick that is in fact pretty gay:

This cute cute cute out lesbian complimented me (You look really great today, J, like really good, those pants fit so well on you) , and then legit suggested we play footsie later on when I bumped her foot. I did not realize that she was in fact, Being Gay, until so much later and the other queer friend I made was like “yeah dude she really was.”  Like this girl was wholesale checking my booty out and I just…ate my taco and talked about work.

And then, yesterday: This chick who came round the bookstore asking about book recs had said she’d come back the next day (yesterday) and get an opinion from me specifically ( i didn’t believe her), and she literally did come back to my bookstore yesterday to talk to me and buy a book off my register. Like she didn’t buy shit else. She came and stood to the side till I noticed her and was like “told you I’d be back,” and wouldn’t stop smiling and then I recc’d Wide Sargasso Sea to her cus she was reading Jane Eyre. But then this old white woman kept trying to tell me Wide Sargasso Sea wasn’t what I was saying it was and I’m like Brenda I need you to buy your keychain and vacate.

Now, she could have just been being nice and interested in books but…i just feel it. I’ve never been -nicely- flirted with before, like it’s all been lewd straight male shit and just…

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Boku No Hero Academia 104 Review

Alright homies; I saw some pretty good response to the review I posted last week, so I figured I’d do another one after reading today’s release.

Last week I had a strong negative opinion of this whole exam scenario, but this week I ended up softening a bit; this chapter slows down a little bit in premise in order to open up the action, introduce some new faces/antagonists, and generally give people time to show off.

I liked this, mostly because speed of a story is something absolutely crucial to manga/comics. Narrative decompression is a real danger sometimes, where you’re saying or doing so much in an issue that you risk moving things along too fast or confusing the reader. 

Shounen manga in general (likely due to its formatting in larger magazines instead of individual issues) seems to be much more inclined to have less stuff happen in chapters. This isn’t a bad thing, mostly because they understand that you need to have certain events have a consistent weight while other “big” moments will feel better when they’re set up properly. The “big” moment can fall flat without a necessary amount of context and narrative timing.

For the most part, that’s how I felt at the end of the last chapter; having this exam just start without logical setup to it felt rushed and I wasn’t a fan. This time we get to slow things down event-wise (count the actual events in this issue, and there’s not that many), and build pressure towards the next big twist or blockbuster (presumably the end of this test).

Stuff I liked:

Let’s GO. Giving more room to side characters to see how much they’ve grown is an awesome thing, especially when a criticism of the last issue was that we’d have trouble keeping the ensemble cast together from a narrative perspective. 

As I mentioned, a lot of the cast only gets shown in small bits and pieces, but Jirou’s have always shown a lot about who she is; her insecurity about her femininity as well as her home life are established in single panels or few pages. Despite only getting to show off one attack, we can see she’s calm under pressure, confident, and aggressive enough to take what we thought was a utility/passive quirk and turn it into something offensive.

Thinking back, this chapter does a good job of pulling some 1-A students into showing they are competent in a combat scenario: Ashido’s acid as a defense tool and Sero batting away balls with his tape in the background show that they can think on their feet. I’m fine with knowing that certain characters are going to be featured more prominently than others, but I don’t want the secondary ones to be just there.

The same kind of thing happens here. It’s really easy to let Deku fall back into the “flailing and incompetent” stereotype, or have him be shaken up by the whole All Might/All For One debacle, but thankfully we’re seeing otherwise. If a story is like a sailboat, these kinds of panels are small, precise course adjustments; Deku gets to change from being the “shounen protag” and show what makes him unique from others.

This exposition is awesome because it’s the author reminding us that the protagonists aren’t supposed to be the “chosen ones”. Especially with so many people in a class, you either have to break the “prodigies” away from the rest, which weakens the concept, or remind people that the students are vulnerable, can/will fail, and people will be better.

So, I just had a thought.

Boku No Hero Academia translates to “My Hero Academia.” While Deku is the main character, the title doesn’t refer to him doing anything besides recounting or showing us how his school (and “education”) went. Interpreting that literally would mean that failure and learning are part of that story. The story has to remain about the experience of schooling, and not break off.

Contrast this to Harry Potter, where the title structure allows the story to be a bit more fluid and doesn’t confine it to a setting. If MHA pulls a HP and has a “dropping out to hunt the big bad” scenario, it can still claim what happens is a metaphorical “education,” but then I think the series loses a bit of its charm.

What I didn’t like

This guy’s intro was hella-underwhelming to me, and I’m not really feeling his whole reveal of power (both his quirk and his stature). Am I supposed to think he’s evil? Is his costume supposed to make me think of a villain? It’s a weird presentation issue that is kind of convoluted by everyone here wanting to be heroes.

The concept of the book gets strange when you try to introduce “soft villains;” they can’t be evil, because people who were would use these wind powers to punch holes in people and wouldn’t be attending a hero school. However, you have to make them threatening enough to produce a reason for readers to want to see them get beat, or the characters to overcome them.

Getting into Haikyuu!!, a sports manga, made me realize that it’s possible to have opponents (and threatening ones) without writing villains; you just have to show them being vulnerable to the same mistakes the main characters are. Because we see so little of other students, we don’t see much of the hardship, development or problems that keep them from being one-dimensional.

I’m really pessimistic we’ll see these guys after this arc; if that’s the case, how can they present a big enough threat for readers to get invested? If we wanted a premise where the entire class faces a unified threat, why not just have them take an exam on their own? Why involve so many other parties and have their unified front be the “good guys” in this case? The whole “100 pass” situation makes so much less sense than a “here’s some challenges to undertake to simulate hero stuff; losing doesn’t mean you fail, but know that you’re going to be individually evaluated and judged.”

I love Ochako’s character, but the panel on the left feels so weird. It’s her only line in the chapter, and the rest of her appearances are posing in group shots. The closeup/detail/emotion makes me feel like this should be more important, but there’s nothing allowing us to tie it back to her current state of mind or the romance narrative from before. It’s not like she’s reaching to save him with her quirk, or panicking, or doing anything.

She might as well have said “Oh crap, you fell!”

It’s just kind of… there. With 20 pages, I feel like stories need to have an economy of space, and that’s almost a quarter of a page devoted to one character emoting with little context.

Indifference/other notes

This has got to be a reference to some X-Men comic, because I’m getting serious Kitty Pryde vibes from this costume and pose. As per usual, Kōhei Horikoshi panders to the male audience with some pretty impractical cleavage; her spine looks compressed in order to accommodate the pose.

Liked this issue; hoping to see more from other Class 1-A students in the next chapter, but it could be another “showing stuff off” because we need to establish opponents’ powers and eliminate more mooks to imply danger and tension. If we’re lucky and Horikoshi has some balls, we might even see some character eliminations eventually.

See you next time!

I’m so fucking weird I swear I am……story time!!!

In high school my best friend had the biggest crush on this one dude……keep in mind homie is MY type….like long hair, tattoos, and he was tall. Ok whatever blah blah blah total package.

Ok ok ok now homie would always talk to me and hug me when we passed by each other in the hallway or whatever so today out of the blue he added me on snapchat and he started messaging me and he was like “What’s up, you disappeared after we graduated, you so pretty to me….what you and your best friend been up to blah blah blah”

Keep in mind messages coming back to back I didn’t even have time to respond but when I did re-read over them again please…..somebody PLEASE tell me why my dumb ass blocked homie!!!

I hit the block button so quick and I didn’t even respond to him( Now I see why my ass will forever be single) 😂😂😂😂😂😂



I’m so proud of this one.

This video goes into detail about everything I’ve done to lose 67.6 pounds in 4 months.

I know a couple of my Tumblr homies were interested to know what I’ve done and I appreciate you guys waiting for my thoughtful response.

I hope you all enjoy! I really poured my heart into this one. <3

Links mentioned in video:


30 Days Of Yoga Playlist:


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how do you remember so much about skateboarding!! you're like a walking museum

lmao this is totally one of the homies taking the piss 😂 believe me, there are plenty of times i wish i could reallocate some of my mental capacity from skating to something more useful 😆 i guess skating is the perfect thing for me to remember bc my memory’s v visual 🙏🏼