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Yoooo so i finally decided to make a follow forever after hitting 20k followers which i think is insane like how can that many people go to my blog and be like….. sure ill follow like ???? its insane really. Ive only been a kpop blog for a little over a year and ive met soooo many wonderful people and get to see qualityyyy 👌👌content everyday and thats thanks to the wonderful people i follow. i also wanna thank everyone that follows me especially and reblogs my crap gifs and art, the fact that you think its decent enough to put on your blog blows my mind. thank you for sticking with me all this time and i hope i get the chance to talk to even more people in the future. i dont wanna make this too long, mainly bc i suck at writing this kinda stuff sooo itll start to get really lame so i just wanna give one final thank you to everyone :)))

shoutout to my homies who i enjoy roasting on the daily, y’all know whats up (if you hover over your url i have a message for your wack asses): @apgujeon @mintsugakookies @jiminrolls @jminies @jeony @bangtoori @gotjimin @deviltae @kimseoksjin @thesixthmonth @yvngie @mindeer

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tessie-  asked:

hey mate! could you recommend me some good 5sos blogs to follow? I've got that fun new 5sos sideblog but nothing to post ayyyy


So I dunno who you follow yet, if anyone, so I’m just gonna list a bunch of good 5sos ones that I enjoy so yeah. Some of them are just like gallary blogs and stuff. Also a lot of them might be Michael themed. SORRY 
(they’re just going to be alphabetical because that’s how I’m looking through my following hahaha. also lowkey terrified of tagging the ones who don’t know I exist but oh well. suck it up myrena)
(also just gonna put this under a read more because why not)

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Homies I’m not gonna lie to you I liv LIVE for artist “disclosure ” and “drags” ..why because artist get away to much shit and I say that as speaking as one. Artist are allow or by the general public to be fetishy gross racist and generally nasty in their art and it’s excused because they Need the “fredom to create” nah fuck that them out like you would any other fuckin person. Especially popular artist.

That’s why I’m so here for like rcdart"s dragging and I was here for doxy’s dragging. .because enough is enough. Hold artist accountable like you would any one else. We need it . One cause it’s the right thing to do two it makes us better . I remeber raspbeary a lonng time ago talking bout how shit like Escher girls made him a better artist and gain his current style . Because no body had really bothered challenging artist in such a concrete way before he just did the same sterotypes he was opened his eyes. It’s the same thing here.

Don’t be afraid to call out artist we art ppl too.

signs in sports anime
  • aries: wants to fight everyone. is usually the guy that the rest of the team needs to hold back bc they have no chill
  • taurus: senpai material who everyone secretly has a crush on (very beautiful)
  • gemini: comedic relief who gets hit in the face by the ball too many times
  • cancer: actual angel who probably finds cats they see on the street and smuggle them into class
  • leo: thoroughly convinced that they're the best, and probably very interested in the homosexual agenda
  • virgo: the bitchy one who always has something bitchy to say. probably doesn't care about u
  • libra: the mom friend that desperately tries to keep everything chill
  • scorpio: quiet at first but then you discover that they won't hesitate to kill a man if needed
  • sagittarius: very excited ball of sunshine and often hurts themself by accident in the process
  • capricorn: the serious one who everyone thinks is cool but is actually the biggest nerd in existence. probably lives off memes.
  • aquarius: the bro friend. the homie. successfully mastered the art of swag. will beat ur ass if u talk shit about them
  • pisces: the one that tries to act tough and has piercings and acts like a punk but is actually the biggest crybaby ever
  • me: yaaaas bitch
  • me: mE AS HELL
  • me: fUcK ME UP
  • me: oh. powder white. i see. :/
Holding men to their own expectations..

If my vagina supposed to taste like peaches🍑&🍦cream your cum better taste like a strawberry🍓🍌 banana smoothie…

If we dating multiple ppl don’t be mad when other ppl hit my line😎

If you ‘single so you can do what you want’ dont ever forget while you doing you Ima do me..💃💅

If Im 'supposed’ to shave then so are you😌

If you think its cool to fuck one of my friends while we’re dating but not yet in a relationship don’t be mad when I put it on your homie 💁

Ain’t none of that being sad over a dude who aint acting right too many fish in the sea & I got me a brand new fishing pole

Slight switchtone from the norm with these Ramadan posts,

But I had to pop by and visit during the midst of today’s homeless project…
To see the new piece by @elseed in East LDN

Missed you by a few days homie,
But in sha Allāh we meet one day,

From your fellow Brother, Artist, Bboy…


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One of my study partners came up with this for our cardio exam. Since it was about 20% valvular disease, it saved my ass. 

As a brief explanation, A = Aortic valve, P = Pulmonary valve, M = Mitral valve, T = tricuspid valve. It pairs up if a murmur is systolic or diastolic and associated with stenosis or regurgitation of a particular valve.

Happens to work out that Aortic & Pulmonary stenosis are both Systolic Ejection murmurs, Mitral & Tricuspid Regurgitation are both Holosystolic murmurs and both Mitral & Tricuspid Stenosis both can occur as a result of Rheumatic Fever. 

There’s obviously way more to know for each of these conditions, but for someone who was mixing them up as bad as I was this turned out to be immensely helpful. Happy Studying!

The signs as friends

Aries: The loud one with lots of jokes and amazing remarks/comebacks and always has flawless eyebrows (this is simply a fact)

Taurus:  A little bit stand offish at the beginning, but the best friend anyone could have. (shoulder to cry on, kind, cuddle homie)

Gemini: The gossiper who’s nice one moment but rude the next. But still a cool friend, knows how to have a interesting conversation

Cancer: The shy moody one that always knows how to cheer everyone up, kinda just follows the flock 

Leo: The crazy one that always has the attention, but has a BIG  generous heart, loves to brag… a lot.

Virgo: The crazy one that looks like a sweetheart but is actually wild and crazy when you really get to know them. Always smiling and can’t stay mad for a long time.

Libra: The kind/quiet one that’s funny and always bringing back inside jokes and good memories, keeps shit balanced so no one murders anyone.

Scorpio: The intense one that is funny and makes dirty/crazy jokes and who everybody loves…. but loves to tease.

Sagittarius: Always ready to help you when you need it, and will get you drunk if you’re sad about something so it is always fun to be with them. Also they are very trustworthy you can always rely on them.

Aquarius: The one who gives long meaningful advice and gives you a new perspective on things.

Capricorn: The smart one that is hard to read in the beginning, can turn a frown upside down (can’t stay mad at them) the friend who likes to agree to disagree.

Pisces: Everyone loves them, the one that  always cheer you up on your dreams and gives you good advice that they wouldn’t listen to themselves.

Ransom and Holster seem like the kind of bros who would end up getting Mostly Platonic Bro Married. Like after college they keep living together because rent isn’t cheap and they’ve already been roommates for so long they might as well keep it up and sometimes they’ll bring over girls but neither of them is looking for anything serious that would mess with their sweet setup. So they continue like that for a while until one of them (probably Holster) gets hurt doing something stupid and then when Ransom tries to visit him in the hospital the front desk person is like 

“Sorry, family only.”

and Ransom’s like “Come on, he’s my bro, I gotta see him”

and the front desk person looks all suspicious like “You’re his brother?”

“No, he’s my bro, my homie. He’s my roommate, I have to see he’s okay”

and then the person’s like “Sorry, you’ll have to come back during visiting hours”

so Ransom goes home and waits and tries not to think about how weird the apartment is without Holster there and the next day as soon as visiting hours start he bursts into Holster’s room like

“Bro, we’ve got to get married.”

and Holster’s on some hella pain meds so he’s a little confused and just goes “What?”

but Ransom is super serious about this so he goes over and takes Holster’s hand (in the most Platonic Bro™ way possible) and says “I couldn’t visit you, bro. I was worried. We have to get married so this doesn’t happen again. Plus I think there are like tax breaks and it might make our rent cheaper? I did some research.”

and Holster just stares at him for a minute or so and then says “Yeah man, let’s get married.”

And that’s how they wind up happily Platonic Bro Married and they remain that way until they’re cute old men with like 50 grand-neices and nephews who absolutely love them, the end.

“since when did you want things to start getting kinky?” jack asks with a cocky smirk on his face as you tape his wrists together with black duct tape.

“since a few months ago,” you tell him, “but i figured why not now?” you look up from your tape job at jack, sitting in a straddled position on the fancy hotel bed. you’re visiting new york with jack and you decided that, since you and jack have been dating for ten months, it’s about time for him to know one of your biggest fantasies: having him tied to the bed and under your complete control. jack starts gnawing at the tape.

“what are you doing?” you ask him.

“trying to get this tape off,” he mumbles as he keeps attempting at getting the strong, black tape off of his wrists. you jerk his wrists away and pull them above his head. this takes him by surprise but he’s not complaining. in fact, he’s getting hard being in this state of helplessness. you begin to connect his trapped wrists to the bar attached to the headboard above him. he just watches you with his bottom lip between his teeth. he releases a groan as he looks a little farther down to see your boobs pushed up with the help of nude bra covered in white lace. you look down at him when you’ve finished and stay in his lap, directly on top of his crotch. you are getting soaked through your panties just watching him whine, struggling to be set free.

“is it tight?” you ask while batting your eyelashes. he furrows his eyebrows together and nods his head. “good. less chance of you getting out. now, you can’t be loud. the walls are really thin and we can’t get in trouble. do you promise to be good and stay quiet for me, baby?”

“can’t make any promises,” he rasps, constantly scanning down your half-naked body. he bites his lip and moans out quietly. you frown as you stand to your feet. jack follows you. you bend over and begin to surf through your suitcase, giving jack a perfect view of your ass.

“what are you doing?”

“since i can’t trust you to be quiet,” you say, “i’m going to have to make you be quiet.” you grab a pair of new panties that you just got from victoria’s secret today on your little shopping spree while jack was in meetings for the new album all day. you slowly walk back over to him and straddle his tanned, toned torso. jack stares at the panties in your hand.

“w-what are those for?” he stammers. you smirk.

“open your mouth.” jack’s eyes widen.

“holy shit,” he breathes. “that’s fucking hot, babe.” you bite your lip.

“open your mouth for me, baby boy,” you command seductively. jack whimpers and opens his mouth wide. you stuff the panties in his mouth, some of the material not being able to fit all the way in. he whines through the gag and gives you pleading yet lustful eyes. “keep making that sound.” jack moans through his gag, the sweet sound going straight to your soaking wet core. you smirk at jack, undoing your bra and slipping it off, tossing it to the floor.

“i am going to have so much fun having you under my mercy all night.”


Prompt 38

Person A is smol and surprisingly strong and can always carry their tol Person B (much to everyone’s surprise).

I, Rich Homie Quan, Have Promised My Friends, Family and Foes One Thing: I Will Never Stop Going In. I’d Ask If Any Of You Here Could Stand Here And Question Whether Or Not I Ever Stopped Going In, But We All Know The Answer; I Went In, I Stayed In, And I’m Going In even Further
what the signs would do if their loved one was hurt/threatened

aries: full mother bird mode. someone is going to get cut, stabbed, or possibly hospitalized. mauled just enough for them to learn a lesson.
taurus: they get in a debate and argue back and forth with whoever is placing the person they care about in harm’s way. they’re great in arguments thanks to their resilience, so the person ends up giving up.
gemini: they’d back them up like any tru homie 10/10. nothing too extreme because they don’t want anyone getting hurt, but it’s not cool to mess w people.
cancer: you wouldn’t expect it from cancer, but they go on full on, almost as dangerous as aries when upset. not only will they get physical if necessary, they also know a lot of cards they could pull to make you look like a terrible person. bye-bye social status.
leo: DO NOT MESS WITH THEIR FRIENDS. probably one of the deadliest people to mess with alongside aries and scorpio. they’ll destroy from the inside out or the outside in–any way they can, they’ll make it happen.
virgo: they care for their friends, but the last thing they want is trouble. they’ll try to find a way to negotiate things out, and will probably succeed.
libra: they know everyone and have ties everywhere. there’s no one to run when libra is around. libra knows all. libra sees all. libra hears all.
scorpio: lmao grave should be dug and headstone rightfully purchased and carved into bc dead for sure
sagittarius: they’ll try not to upset even the person harming their friend. they’ll just protect, protect, protect. maybe that will require some contact with the person, or even physical violence. whatever needs to happen, will.
capricorn: they’ll snake their way into destroying the person socially. they’re not social butterflies, but they’re good with words and spreading their words around like wildfire. their friends are carefully selected and must be handled with great care because of that.
aquarius: their friend will be protected in the end, but the “villain” will still leave with their limbs intact. their dignity, not so much. aquarius will probably mess with them playfully, but it will do the trick.
pisces: they don’t want to pick sides. don’t make them. this is too stressful. their friend is their friend and they want to protect them, but the bully is big and scary and what if they come after them next?! this is too much. too dangerous. they’re just one person. they can’t take the pressure.