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A, L,U, T,G

A:  Ships that you currently like a lot. (RP Related) 


Morgan x Ella @magicandheart

Morgan x Adalene @unyieldingvalxr

Yggdrasil x Ella 


Yggdrasil x Alessandra @thewitchhunteralessandra

Morgan x Scathach @dunsgathaich

Yggdrasil x Sharrkan @sword-of-saiqa


Morgan x Mio @cherrise

Yggdrasil x Jake @piecesofacrow

Yggdrasil x Ignis @countignis

L:   Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves.

Van: “Flynn Scifo, you’re a bone head, but at least you have a good heart.”

U:   Three favorite characters from three different fandoms, and why they’re your favorites.

Raven/Captain Schwann: What can I say I’m a sucker for male characters with a difficult backstory and terrible upbringing to the point in time of a game. Also long range weapons are my jam. That old man has my sympathy and support, because of how he was created and controlled for the sake of an plot. Not cool and certainly not deserved. He’s the character you wanted to hate and feel like he deserved scorn, but nope couldn’t it. 

Wave: Okay so this guy from Akame ga Kill had to be one of the purest ones from the entire series. His entire purpose was to being justice and this is what he truly believed was happening during his time on the Esdeath team. However something got in the way of his brand of justice. It was love and he proved his love in a well developed form in comparison to what the manga had done. He played a strong role for not only himself, but also for his lover. He was the simple character of the manga in my opinion and he grew into something much more. ((Personally I would love a prequel story all about him than a sequel baiting about Akame)) 

Minori Kushieda: Alright she’s on this list just because of her sole role as the MVP character of the series. In comparison of real life how many girls do you know who would put on such a strong face, to help her “competition” after falling in love with the same person. That took some strength in the end, which I think about a lot. You know in reality there would be passive aggressiveness to obnoxious hate levels, but she wasn’t like that. No, but she was hurt and even so she continued to move forward. Yeah she was the comedy relief character, but there was so much more to her man. ((Almost the Sunohara of this story… can’t fully commit to saying Tomoyo)) 

T:    Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?

Van: I don’t care about this question. -shrugs- 

G:    Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?

Van: Hell yeah I have OTPs… Do I remember the first one? Probably not. The oldest one that I can remember is 

Tenchi Masaki x Ryoko Habuki 


—Te quiero más o menos. —¿Más o menos? —Sí, más conmigo y menos sin mi.


camisado // panic! at the disco

GIRLS ON MY MIND | explicitly gay songs & cover songs all about girls and lady loving

beatrice eli - girls hayley kiyoko - girls like girlsaisha and the astronauts - cynthia ✧  the preatures - is this how you feel?lowell - cloud 69 ✧ go sailor - ray of sunshineau revoir simone - crazy lauren aquilina -sex charli xcx - rollercoaster  indigo girls - she’s saving mekaki king - i think she knows (love stoned) ✧ lowell - lgbt ✧ the ditty bops - there’s a girl ✧ the butchies - your love linying - i need my girl ✧  b. steady - cartoon girlsky ferreira & ariel pink - my molly lucy spraggan - ‘91vienna teng - recessional dani shayone the soundsdiana angel haze - candlxs ella eyre - funk my life up anya marina whatever you like ✧ kate nash - sister glam - party (xxo)the magnetic fields - acoustic guitar frankie cosmosi admit girleliot sumner - even though you’re with another girl ✧ chlöe howl - señorita  ✧ st. vincent - chloe in the afternoonjulia nunes - maybe i will feist - nothin’ in the world can stop me worryin’ bout that girllights - my boots patti smith gloria nicole reynolds - wonderin soko - you have a power on me her electric fur - girls/girls/boys kate nash - i want a boyfriend silvana imam - framsäte bältet avalvvays - archie, marry me kaitlyn alexanderfair lovethe internet - dontcha ✧ indigo girls - share the moonrachel sermanni -marshmallow unicornelektra - i don’t do boys la femme - oh baby doll megan and liz - talk dirty blondie - sunday girlkina grannis - rude the blow - come on petuniamary lambert- jessie’s girltaylor swift riptide joan jett & the blackhearts - crimson and cloverbeatrice eli - i love you missy higgins - secret anna mcluckie - electric feel lana del rey - blue velvet emma taylorthe girl jenny owen youngs - fuck was ichristine lam - girl almighty ✧ davina leone - steal my girl la roux - the feeling uh huh her - explode lesbians on ecstasy - sisters in the strugglecoeur de pirate - wicked gamesbat for lashes - laura tegan and sara - how come you don’t want me nowmaddie and julia - everybody talks gossip - where the girls aresophie b hawkins - damn, i wish i was your loveryelle - les femmesliving in redrun to you the watson twins - just like heavenamplify dot - love alonegabrielle aplin -best song ever- never wanna knowjen foster - i didn’t just kiss heralice goldorbiter the donnas - drive my car  ✧ shura - touch ally rhodes - don’t tell emlily sevin - jenny la chansons - sex and candykesha - past livesthe b-52’s - juliet of the spiritssarah bettens - come over here ✧ neon jungle - take me to church brandi carlile - the story dev - take her from you ✧ kreayshawn - summertime asobi seksu - goodbye vienna teng - homecoming laura marling - undine misty miller - taxicab donna lynn - i’d much rather be with the girlsmarie key - uopnåelig pia mia - hold on, we’re going homejen fostershe eisley - golly sandra ✧ anna calvi - suzanne and i the softies - it’s loveanna garcia - #isawLAtiontegan and saranow i’m all messed upicona pop - girlfriend sixpence none the richer - there she goes ✧ gabrielle aplin - teenage dirtbagla roux - paradise is younaughty boy & tanika - get lucky ✧ typhene barrow - no diggity alanis morissette  - will you be my girlfriendkirsty maccoll - a new englandtracy chapman - baby can i hold yougrace petrie - i do not have the power to cause a floodangel haze - same love ✧ mary lambert - she keeps me warm lesley gore - sunshine, lollipops & rainbows

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The Guardian Angel in The Six Thatchers: How one quote and The Doctor further support my Unreliable Narrator Meta in BBC Sherlock

Yesterday I wrote a theory explaining how the timeline since Sherlock was shot in the middle of His Last Vow and up through the end of The Six Thatchers has been Sherlock recounting events to Ella as he understood them to happen, even going so far as to place himself into moments and memories he has no actual part of, thus proving to be an unreliable narrator. Check out this theory if you haven’t yet and let me know what you think – if you try reading the rest of this before you read my original meta then you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about. 

It’s a pretty deep, involved theory that would be very complicated to pull off, however, something struck me this morning that furthers this imagery and meta.

Benedict Cumberbatch told the BBC in a recent interview that Sherlock is like a “Guardian Angel” in regards to baby Watson this series/episode. This symbolism doesn’t match Sherlock and the baby in The Six Thatchers, because Sherlock doesn’t spend very much time with her. This reference matters more to John, as if he’s been a guardian angel to him – very often placed behind John in the camera shots, like a silent guardian. You with me so far? Great. 

If it is to be believed that Sherlock has inserted himself into scenes he has no part of, then Sherlock being behind John is simply Sherlock placing himself into the narrative where he belongs – in the back as the protector. 

Here’s an example: Sherlock tells the story as if he and John went to Morocco to fetch Mary, but it is absolutely possible this unreliable narrator didn’t go with John, but tells the story as if he did. That’s why he’s sitting in the back of the room as John and Mary have a serious talk – he should not be there. That’s because he wasn’t there. That’s the Guardian Angel’s spot, the back of the room, a silent sentinel. This is why we also see Sherlock flip a table to protect John Watson without any regard for himself getting in the line of fire – that’s Sherlock’s job. He wasn’t in any danger of getting hurt. He wasn’t there.

This is also why Sherlock sits behind John in the cab as Mary gives birth. Why would Sherlock be the one back there and not the actual doctor? Because Sherlock wasn’t there at all. This is just how he assumed things would go if he had been there. The real scene was John driving, Mary in the back, screaming for him to pull over and help. Sherlock was there in spirit.

This is also why Sherlock is behind John on the airplane back from Morocco. He is the guardian. He’s not actually there. 

Take a look at this image:

Almost seems eerily similar to this, doesn’t it?

Angels that can manipulate time and space in the blink of an eye? This is exactly Sherlock’s role in The Six Thatchers as an unreliable narrator. 

Now I don’t watch a lot of Doctor Who, but I think this writer is repeating himself….

Welcome to Hell. 

Thanks to @impatient14 and @waitingforgarridebs for being incredibly helpful, as always.

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sherlock @ ella: this… is not really my style. i’m a sociopath without emotions and everything but… one time john crafted a balloon with his face on it and i kept it and it sits in his chair all the time and sometimes i give it a soft goodnight kiss. do you think it’s safe to say i’m in love with john

what is consistency I recently completed my first pacifist playthrough of UNDERTALE and I’m really looking forward to trying out some other routes. In my anticipation for killing everyone and everything in my path, I sketchdumped some Chara’s. Looking forward to finally meeting them =)

it’s a bit hard to see, but in the open locket there’s a photo of Asriel inside ;v;

I recommend clicking and then opening it in a new tab to see it clearer bc tumblr makes it look too small and blech


In case you need another reason to love the Lucifer cast, I present you The best, funniest, beautiful and iconic things from their Instagram.

woso *gays*

DISCLAIMER:I do not know any of these people, I do not claim to know these people, therefor none of this is factual information (except of course the McLeods who claim their love for one another on the daily) please don’t attack me if you don’t like someone I put on here:) If there is somebody missing or somebody that is a big no no to be on here message me and I will kindly fix it:-)

Erin McLeod(CANWNT/FC Rosengard) & Ella Masar McLeod(FC Rosengard)


-aka mcmasar

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comics, shading, and oil painting is hard

based off this from KC Green

AM - Arctic Monkeys

Escorpio // Do I Wanna Know?

No sé si vos sentís lo mismo que yo

Sagitario // R U Mine?

Gran huida, perdí la noción del tiempo y el espacio

Aries // One For the Road

No tengas ese sentimiento de hundimiento, no te derrumbes

Libra // Arabella

Es una exploración que ella ha hecho del espacio exterior

Tauro // I Want It All

Fe ciega, angustia, juegos mentales, errores

Leo // No.1 Party Anthem

No es como si me estuviera enamorando, solo quiero que me hagas ningún bien

Acuario // Mad Sounds

Te sentás y tratás algunas veces, pero simplemente no podés descubrir que fue mal

Virgo // Fireside

Yo solo no puedo controlarme para pasar el día sin pensar en vos

Capricornio // Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

Necesito compañía, bueno, estás esta noche? 

Géminis // Snap Out Of It

Voy a estar aquí para siempre esperando pacientemente por vos

Piscis // Knee Socks

Sabés quien está llamando aún cuando el número está bloqueado

Cáncer // I Wanna Be Yours

Los secretos que guardé en mi corazón son más difíciles de esconder de lo que pensé

Puedes ser feo pero si eres honesto, educado, sincero e inteligente vas a continuar siendo feo porque una cosa no tiene que ver con la otra.
—  El Poeta Perdido

@emasar3: One of the perks of having her as my better half 😉 This is only her 3rd session back and you can see her frustration with not being able 2 do everything yet. However, for me, I can’t help and smile seeing her have “enough” at the end 👊🏼#welcomingherback #8month #lovelovelove

let me tell you why i’m absolutely in love with hamilton: an american musical.

the show’s diversity, for one, is an incredible and crucial aspect of its success. never before has a broadway production given so many traditionally white roles to people of color. hamilton provides POC actors with opportunities so fantastic that many would fight for, and that’s just a really really neat concept to me.

very few shows (or movies, or books, or tv programmes, for that matter) convey their protagonists as deeply flawed, or their antagonists as hidden “good guys”. well, actually, many do, but not in the way hamilton does. alex cheated on his wife, he’s arrogant, he somehow always beats burr. burr does everything he does for theodosia, he just wants to win for once, he’s one of the most intelligent men of his time. in hamilton, there really are no good guys or bad guys. everyone’s just a person, with positive and negative qualities, and i find that really touching.

hamilton’s music is unlike the music of any show in history. it’s a hip-hop musical about the founding of a nation, for goodness’ sake! hamilton is a story told through song. there’s not a full moment onstage without music, and each song beautifully and brilliantly flows into the next. the show contains some of the most meaningful raps of all time, and they’re all about the founding fathers. dwell on that for a moment.

that’s my final point. being the brilliant hip-hop history phenomenon it is, hamilton has educated millions, including myself, about their past. before this year, i never thought i could be so obsessed with american history. hamilton has inspired me to do my own research and learn more about all aspects of our history, rather than focusing on the victories and the people who lived through the end. be honest, before listening to the soundtrack, how much did you know about john laurens? hercules mulligan? aaron burr, even? if you’re anything like me, chances are you’d never heard the names. these are the people you don’t hear about in the lectures.

so i’d just like to thank @linmanuel and anyone and everyone who has ever been involved with or changed by hamilton. thank you for teaching us.