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Could you consider taking a look at some of the Crock Pot recipes from Don't Starve? Some of them are kinda plain, but there are a couple of fun ones like Dragonpies, Fresh Fruit Crepes, Pierogis, Spicy Chili, Sweet Potato Soufflé, the list goes on. I think you'd find some pretty cool ideas for future recipes ;)

I just checked them out and YEAH! Thanks for the tip, there are definitely some cool looking dishes here. Maybe I’d even consider streaming it now that it’s multiplayer.

A r c h e r

Sasha the Huntress

i haven’t seen anyone talk about this yet so i’d just like to remind you all of that one moment during the stream where dan was yelling at phil about the potatoes and phil started to laugh until he physically couldn’t breathe and had to stop playing for a moment then leaned over to him and said “dan.. dan! you’re too much” rather fondly and it just.. made me tear up man it was so pure