this one is for my love

Today is Samuel Thomas Wilson’s birthday.

It’s also Bisexuality Day.

Now, I’m not saying those two facts are connected, all I’m saying is the sky was the colors of the bi flag in that scene with Sam running, and that within the first 2 minutes of the movie he had already flirted with both Steve and Natasha.

Happy bisexualityrthday Sam <3


b99 week // day 4
favorite peraltiago moment moments: all the “i love you’s”  

It’s all right now.

Shout-out for the real MVP of V’s route

I decided to draw her with pink carnations because the meaning resonates (imo) so much with how her character was presented!

According to a Christian legend, carnations first appeared on Earth as Jesus carried the Cross. The Virgin Mary shed tears at Jesus’ plight, and carnations sprang up from where her tears fell. Thus the pink carnation became the symbol of a mother’s undying love. (x)

a concept: eddie wearing richie’s clothes for any reason but he’s too small and richie’s so tall to the point that the clothes practically swallow him and it’s so damn adorable to the point that richie can’t help but smile every time his boyfriend wears his clothes. but eddie is always grumbling while richie fawns over him until he scrunches his nose up whenever he gets cute little Eskimo kisses


im thinking about my friends kind semi old self insert au for one of his fandoms and these were our ocs (mine are the microphone dude and the one with the bug hairpin)

A Day with the Septic Egos 2
  • [Everyone is standing around the broken monitor]
  • Jack: So. who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
  • Marvin: ...I did. I broke it.
  • Jack: No. No you didn't. Anti?
  • Anti: Don’t look at me. Look at Chase.
  • Chase: What?! I didn’t break it.
  • Anti: Huh, that's weird. How’d you even know it was broken?
  • Chase: Because it is sitting right in front of us and it's broken.
  • Anti: Suspicious...
  • Chase: No it’s not!
  • Dr. Schneep: If it matters, probably not, but Jackaboy was the last one to-
  • Jackaboy: *gasp* LIAR! I DON’T BREAK COMPUTERS-
  • Dr. Schneep: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the desk earlier?
  • Jackaboy: I use the computer to search up crime! Everyone knows that Schneep!
  • Marvin: Ok, lets not fight. I broke it. Let me use my magic on it Jack.
  • Jack: No! WHO BROKE IT!?
  • Chase: *whispers* Jack… Angus has been awfully quiet-
  • Angus: REALLY?!
  • [Egos start arguing]
  • [Meanwhile, Jack with Wiishu in another room]
  • Jack: I broke it. When I was doing the outro, I punched the monitor too hard. I predict ten minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick… Good. It was getting a little quiet around here.

Finally got the monk pet, Ban-fu!  This whole time I thought I had to be exalted with Legionfall to get it… didn’t realize it only had to be revered lol so I could have gotten this weeks sooner, but my monk items are complete!  Time to work on the other paladin mount colors now and get my priest mount.