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Tom Holland got the loudest screams at D23 so he must be Marvel's biggest star now
It was actually ... kind of scary.
By Josh Dickey

To celebrate the event, MCU mastermind Kevin Feige began introducing the cast, and brought out just about everyone. One by one they came: Thanos (Josh Brolin), Dave Bautista (Drax), Paul Bettany (Vision), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) … pretty much the whole crew except Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Captain America (Chris Evans).

Benedict Cumberbatch showed, and got a pretty loud roar, no surprise there.

Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) came toward the end, and holy air horns, Batman! Who knew people like ol’ Bucky that much? It was some serious skull-splitting stuff, easily the biggest scream of the weekend …

… until Spider-Man arrived.

Now, I realize that Tom Holland just opened Spider-Man: Homecoming, he’s the shiny new object in the MCU. People want to give him a warm welcome.

But I am telling you folks, this was not your average whoop of celebrity exultation. This was Beatlemania.

My colleagues and I ducked down and covered our ears until it was over (and it wasn’t over soon enough). It was the sound of thousands of people, most of them with youthful, high-pitched voices, utterly losing control. Not just screaming. Losing. Control.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ton Holland, the 21-year-old song-and-dance-man from Kinston upon Thames, U.K., all 5-foot-8 of him, is the most popular actor that Marvel has at the moment. My newly inflamed tinnitus and I are living, ringing proof.

When Fandoms Are @ War
  • Fandoms: We must fight to prove our fandom is the best!
  • Me: YEAH!!! Who are we beating first?
  • Fandoms: *name an other fandom*
  • Me: Oh erm... It's a bit awkward I mean I'm also in this one so.... Yeah maybe not...
  • Fandoms: *makes a list of 385939243819 other fandoms to destroy*
  • Me: Okay so I checked the list and... Err I think we could destroy this one... Oh wait no nevermind I'm in this one too... So... Er yeah... Fancy a drink?

I call this, “all the knights are a lil bit in love with merlin part 6″ aka that time Lancelot was thinking about protecting merlin (not arthur for gwen because why would he have sacrificed himself if that were the case? merlin was going to take arthur’s place therefore arthur would have been fine and dandy so he did it to save merlin)

More all the knights are lil bit in love with merlin

Marvel Debuts the First 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer at D23: Spider Senses, Thanos and Chris Evans With a Beard

Not to slight Comic-Con’s infamous Hall H, but D23, Disney’s fan expo, was the place to be for any card-carrying Marvel fan. One week ahead of Marvel Studio’s SDCC takeover, head honcho Kevin Feige took the stage during Walt Disney Studios’ live-action panel to unveil the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.

MORE: Inside Marvel Studios: Secrets About ‘Black Panther,’ 'Captain Marvel,’ 'Thor: Ragnarok’ & More!

“Almost every single hero that we’ve ever introduced is going to be in that film. Why you ask? Because of one person.” Feige told the crowd, signaling the entrance of Josh Brolin, who plays the Avengers’ ultimate big bad, Thanos.

As for the heroes who will take the Mad Titan? Feige introduced them one by one: Paul Bettany (Vision), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Pom Klementieff (Mantis), Karen Gillan (Nebula) and Dave Bautista (Drax). Is that enough to take down Thanos?

“Drax ain’t sh*t,” Brolin taunted.

Next came Don Cheadle (War Machine), Sebastian Stan (Winter Solider), Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange). “The only thing that could make me geek out even more is if Spider-Man swung in here,” Feige said. Enter Tom Holland, followed by “king” Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther).

“I’m feeling pretty cocky,” Brolin said.

“We also have a Hulk,” Feige replied.

Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner) and his “friend from work” Chris Hemsworth (Thor) arrived, at which point Feige teased, “I guess it’s worth bringing out the man who started it all.” At which point Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) took the stage, along with one half of the Russo Brothers, who are directing Infinity War.

Joe Russo announced they are currently halfway wrapped on the movie, which hits theaters on May 4, 2018, marking the 10-year anniversary of Iron Man. He then sneakily debuted the Infinity War trailer exclusively for D23. It’s nearly impossible to describe everything in the footage, but here are some quick notes to tide you over until the trailer is available for all:

It begins with Mantis declaring, “We are arriving.” Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) replies, “All right, Guardians, don’t forget this might be dangerous. So, let’s put on our mean faces.” At which point an unconscious Thor crashes into the windshield of their spaceship, is taken inside and woken up by Mantis. “Who the hell are you guys?” he asks.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Scarlet Witch uses her powers near an exploded-out bus. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) wields the Tesseract. Spider-Man’s arm hairs tingle, signaling an introduction to Spidey senses. “Death follows him like a shadow,” someone warns. Another voice says, “He’s coming to us.”

“Fun really isn’t something one considers with balancing the universe,” Brolin said in voice over as a shot appears of Gamora (Zoe Saldana) amid indistinct destruction. “But this does put a smile on my face.” Then, from the blackness, a badass Thanos steps out in his armor.

Then the shots get quicker: Thanos is fighting the Guardians with an assist from Strange. Peter Parker fights in the Iron Spider suit from the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Black Panther unsheathes his claws. There’s a look between Scarlet Witch and the Vision. Captain America (Chris Evans) steps out from the shadows with a beard. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) is blonde. The Hulk Buster. “Tony, I’m fine,” a clearly injured Peter Parker says. “I’m sorry.”

The teaser ends with Thanos decking Iron Man using the Infinity Gauntlet, noticeably missing at least two gems. Still, he uses the glove to make a planet explode, if I’m not mistaken, and make fire rain from the skies. As the screen faded to black, the crowd stood to give a standing ovation and I couldn’t help but scream, “HOLY SH*T!”

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alone-protects-bee  asked:

Hi ;D I'm looking for some good fanfics where Merlin is seriously injured. For instance, he gets blind or losing his memory and Arthur is doing whatever he can to help him, to comfort him in any possible way. Merthur's required. Will you help? <3

Whuuu Patri~ this is a tough one :D I know that there is a work from the current reverse bang that includes exactly what you described. As soon it gets released I will send it to you ❤ so for now, I haven’t read a lot of fics with this topic yet but there are two I would gladly recommend you!

Saving Merlin by @arthur-the-cute/WordsAreTrulyBeautiful
I have no idea how often I read this one. I’ve lost count. It’s such a lovely fanfiction I would always recommend *throws kudos at the author*

Summary: A prompt given to me via my ask box on Tumblr: Season one, The Poisoned Chalice. Arthur is in the room when he thinks Merlin has died and instead of Gwen kissing Merlin, Arthur does. Challenge accepted. (Words: 22794)

Every Inch of Stone by significantowl
This is probably not what you asked for but I would like every Merlin fan to read this one. It’s a Brolin fanfiction in which Bradley is worried about Colin (while they are filming in Pierrefonds) and tries to help him as good as he can. Ohh it’s just brilliant!
Summary: Inspired by the video diaries from the first series. Pierrefonds is full of history, and history is full of very strange things. Trust the very strange Colin Morgan to get thoroughly mixed up in them - and bring Bradley right along with him. (Words: 25168)

I hope you like them just as much as I do ❤
Colin Morgan & Bradley James | The Spider Incident
"And once again, the balance is restored to nature." :) A clip from Colin and Bradley's Video Diaries (Merlin, Series 1). Visit for...

Colin & Bradley Week 2017

Day 1: Favorite Colin/Bradley behind the scenes (interviews, events, stories from the set, etc)

One of my all time favorite brolin moments tbh … seeing them make each other laugh is the best 


Your name: submit What is this?

“I loved your first date story! Would you mind if I sent in a request? Could you do something involving Chris and Sebastian in a love triangle? Maybe you’ve been dating Chris for some time now, but you have started to develop feelings for Sebastian? You are torn between 2 great guys and don’t know what to do. Thanks!”

Summary: After a month apart you finally join your boyfriend Chris on the set of Avengers: Infinity War, only to find yourself being picked up by Sebastian, the man you were crushing on.

Word count: 2299

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader x Chris Evans

Genre: Romance, kind of angst maybe? Some humour

Warnings: Kind of fluffy?

Author’s Note: This ended up a lot longer than what I planned but I wanted to get it right. If people like it enough I might do a part 2 of this one. And hey look, I even made a graphic for it! Yay! Also to the anon who requested this, I really, really hope you like this, it kind of deviated a bit.

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menareratss  asked:

Goonies or E.T

ahh shit. That’s super hard. But I’ll go with Goonies because I get a bit more nostalgia watching that one..still get it watching E.T though. PLUS Josh Brolin wears shorts over top of sweatpants :)
Josh Brolin Describes 'Mind-Blowing' New 'Avengers: Infinity War' Footage

Josh Brolin is now one of the biggest comic book movie actors in the business, thanks to his roles as X-Men’s Cable in Deadpool 2 and the the cosmic conqueror Thanos The Mad Titan in Avengers: Infinity War.

In a recent interview with EW, Brolin talked about his experience filming Avengers: Infinity War, which is now in production on its second half, with the first half having filmed earlier this year.

According to Brolin:

“I love doing Avengers, it’s maybe the most fun I’ve ever had. I just saw a little snippet of it, and it was amazing. The cutting-edge technology of what they’re doing — what I’ve seen is absolutely mind-blowing. When I saw it on screen, it was me, but also not like me. It’s really strange.”

He went on to add that the Infinity War footage that was screened at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 (read our breakdown of that footage HERE) was not as good as the more polished version he’s recently seen: “Not even close. What they saw is not even close.”

That’s a promising boast, as the Avengers 3 footage fans saw at SDCC was left quite a big impression. If the finished version is truly as great as Brolin claims, than viewers could truly be in for the most epic and exciting superhero movie experience yet!

Me: Hey, what is your otp?
X: Eh, you know, the blonde one with the hot one with blue eyes.

External image

Well, of course,. It’s my otp too…

External image

External image

External image

(ok, Spock hasn’t got blue eyes but whatever xD)

(My mind goes away …)

Me: Well, you know…

External image
Me too!

Merthur Party 2013, Day 7: The Golden Age

Dedicated to my lovely Team Red!

Arthur and Merlin’s life together after Arthur’s return: traveling all around the world, sharing laughs, secrets and memories. Discovering the world and discovering each other.

We laugh until we think we’ll die

Barefoot on a summer night

Nothin’ new is sweeter than with you

And in the streets you run afree

Like it’s only you and me

Home is wherever I’m with you

Modern Merthur? It’s basically Brolin.