this one is better full size!


SHRUGS INTO THE VOID… idk man when i actually get the official off-vocal im covering this song in full but for now take this TV sized one that i found on youtube (with a video!) i think i did ok for not doing more than one take for each vocal track lmfao


Tumblr Dashboard Image Display Sizes (Updated March 20, 2016):

  • Photo Post: 540 by 810 pixels for dashboard view. Use 1280 by 1920 pixels for high-res version (except for superwide panoramas).
  • “Tall” Photo Post: Tumblr takes a 300-by-810-pixel version of your image then stretches it by 80% using HTML height and width attributes to make it 540 by 1458 pixels. Image quality may be diminished. Aim for uploading at least 710-by-1920-pixel images in case Tumblr switches to a better image size on the Dashboard. (It’s happened before.)
  • Photoset: 540-pixel width for one image in a photoset row. 268-pixel width for two images in a photoset row. For three images in a photoset row, Tumblr displays 177 pixels on the left and right images and 178 pixels for the middle. Gutters are 4 pixels.
  • Audio Post: 169 by 169 pixels for album art.
  • Link Post: 540 pixels wide for the image grabbed by Tumblr from the web link (if available).
  • Text Post: As of March 30, 2015, inline images can appear full-width (540 pixels wide). Any inline images that are 300 pixels wide or larger will display as full-width.
  • Avatar: 64-by-64-pixel icon next to posts.
Spooky Horoscopes 🎃 🍁 👻

(and other bad advice)

aries: light candles. burn bridges and pumpkin scented candles with the same match. burn all the rotten residue. enjoy life without the hecklers.

taurus:  when you trick-or-treat, they will say you are too old. you have always been too old. you are old as the earth and it creaks in your bones

gemini: bitter black brew. it is the deadliest poison. drink, drink until you’re sick, until your eyes are sunken in your skull. add sugar and cream first. 

cancer: you can’t keep yourself in the same closet as your skeletons. unless you are a skeleton. if so, sort the bones. find a better place to bury them. 

leo: jump in a pile of leaves. take a moment to sink under the pile, in peace. sink, sink deeper and darker. let the ground take you. make friends there. 

virgo: what’s better than an over-sized sweater? bury yourself in knit cable sweaters. keep knitting. build yourself a cave of comfort. don’t build a way out.

libra: double-cross the monster under your bed. buy bunk beds. tuck them in at night. everything’s a monster with bags under its eyes.

scorpio: bite your tongue. drink the blood. go see a doctor. tear the stitches out and redo them yourself. what, weren’t you going to do that anyway?

sagittarius: you can’t apologize for the beast the full moon made of you. but the one you became during the crescent moon did some fucked up shit bro.

capricorn: take down your hair, take off your glasses, shed your skin, go deep into the woods, lurk in the dark. it’s time there was a monster to fear.

aquarius: cold, cold hands. blue and veined. kiss mysterious girls and average men in doorways. what happens to them after is not of your concern.

pisces:  some flowers only bloom in the winter. wreath yourself in frost, breathe mist into the air. they never told you ghosts haunt themselves first.


*Slinks in* *Drops this* *Slinks out*

SO like, in my heart Harry is Ernest’s fave and he was absolutely obsessed with his hair and loved that they matched. SO he’s devastated when H cuts his. Think that clip from 1dday where the kid said he didn’t like harry’s clothes and he poorly pretended to laugh it off while obviously being deeply insulted. That sh*t is my jam. 



(full-size the pics they’re much better)

anonymous asked:

isnt aizawa only drawn like that because hes supposed to be buff like all might?

I don’t think so, no but, allow me to explain why!

Firstly, I’m going to use this art drawn by Horikoshi here:

I want to thank @ukitakejuushiro for this post  because they made a very good point here. Aizawa, is holding Bakugou down with literally one arm and absolutely no strain, while Bakugou himself is struggling to get Aizawa’s grip off of him. That’s not the only thing I want to point out here though. 

Notice where Bakugou’s left hand stops against Aizawa’s forearm. 

That’s a thick ass arm, my dude. Bakugou can’t even wrap his hand around Aizawa’s wrist fully. I know Aizawa looks skinny because he wears a baggy ass black suit as his hero attire and they made him appear like a twig in the anime, but legit this man is beefy. Horikoshi basically confirmed this for us every single time he’s ever drawn Aizawa in fitted clothing. 

Aizawa is a broad guy. He is thick. He isn’t a a twig like his loose-fitted black suit would have you believe. 

Look at that fucking neck and those shoulders! Also note how wide his waist is and how thick his wrists are. 

This is a reasonably buff dude. Which shouldn’t be all that shocking considering he can run across power-lines like it’s the easiest thing in the world to do and also dead lift a soaking wet Deku with one hand like it’s nothing. He has the physical prowess of a gymnast combined with a mixed martial arts fighter.

This isn’t my only point though. Look at All Might:

All Might is a god damn mountain. He’s ENORMOUS. But Aizawa in the hero swap:

He is nowhere near as huge. He’s not even close to All Might’s size here. He’s the exact body type you’d expect from someone who is as physically inclined as he actually happens to be. Also notice that his neck and shoulders aren’t any wider than they’re normally drawn WITHOUT HIS CAPTURE WEAPON ON. That’s another thing you have to take into consideration here. His hero outfit does literally nothing in terms of granting people a nice view, ya feel me? It’s baggy af and his bondage scarf usually covers his shoulders and entire neck. So what we see here is all just for more defined because he’s in a skintight body suit instead of a loose tracksuit with miles of metal woven cloth wrapped around his neck and shoulders. 

The last thing I want to add is this:

For every other character Horikoshi has done a costume/quirk swap for, no one’s body type changed. Not one. I get All Might can go back and forth between buff and slim, but I feel like if Horikoshi drew Aizawa to be buff for the sake of portraying All Might, he would have given Aizawa the full All Might, mountain sized body. Not just a beefed up version of himself. Especially since he hasn’t done that for any other character. I mean, Bakugou is Nomu in the very same art but he is no taller, and no buffer than his usual body type. He’s just shirtless.

So I believe that is actually Aizawa’s true, canon body. You just get a much better view of it because the All Might suit is like a second skin :D 

Do you think Jungkook’s jeans breathe a sigh of relief when he takes them off at the end of a long performance? Like, “Oh Praise Be To God! Those thighs are finally gone. I can breathe! My nerves have been stretched and frayed like the very fibres of my being. When will he read my memo about going a size up?”

And his white shirts must have meetings like, “Whose turn is it today? Gary? Is it you? Or is it me? Who is on for White Shirt Duty? Does anyone here remember who is meant to be doing the Wednesday White Shirt Shift?”

Taehyung’s clothes would eye-roll at them like, “Oh, you guys think you’ve got problems? Look how……OH MY GOD CAROL! RUN! He’s coming at us with scissors again!!!!”

Meanwhile, the rest of Tae’s wardrobe would be like, “Francesco and I are from the Milano Gucci store, we’re OG. I heard there are some sandals here from the New York branch. No offence but they can’t sit with us if they’re from the 2014 S/S collection. They’re not vintage, darling. They’re just tragic.”

Down the corridor, Yoongi’s clothes would have their own meeting like, “Look, I know it’s summer but we’re all just going to have to deal with the heat and fade okay? He’s bought us the special fabric softener for black clothes so it’ll be okay you guys. We can do this! Courage for our human!”

All of Jin’s clothes are like, “Wheeeeeeeeeee! We love Jin! We look so pretty! Oh dammit, Steve! Everybody stop! Red Steve just jumped into the laundry and now we’re all pink……..oh well. Wheeeeeeee!”

I know for sure that somewhere in the back of Namjoon’s closet all his shirts are sitting in a circle like, “I clothe him. Yes. We all clothe him. We are nothing but a social construct. But he gives us purpose! This symbiotic relationship is the true essence of being. Hey, where’s Cornelius? Did he get lost again? He’s not still in Japan is he? Because Namjoon lost his passport in Germany.”

Jimin’s sweaters are probably the sweetest kids at the laundromat. “Guys, remember what our human said. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. If you run into one of Jungkook’s punk ass t-shirts, bite the shit out of it and don’t leave any evidence behind.”

Hobi’s clothes have the best life for sure. “Our human is better than your human. That punk ass kid Jungkook got soy sauce all over me but our human gave me a nice pre-wash-soak. Then I got the gentle spin cycle, Huggy Bear fabric softener and full sunlight so I’m looking and feeling fresh again. Our human should run for president.”

anonymous asked:

headcanon that eddie steals all of richie's big hoodies and the losers club starts to notice.. <3

• the first time Eddie wears one of Richie’s sweatshirts it isn’t because he stole it. They were all hanging out and it got colder than Eddie had expected and the nerd didn’t even bring a jacket. He didn’t want to say anything but Richie noticed his shivering so he took of his sweatshirt and shoved it into his chest

• Richie is basically a human heater so he doesn’t miss the sweatshirt and he loves how cute Eddie looks with the sleeves rolled up

• Eddie loves the warmth and how it smells like Richie

• cue Eddie stealing Richie’s sweaters constantly. Every time he goes home from a sleepover he has a new one to add to his collection, they’re practically a staple of his wardrobe now

• at first some of the losers think he’s just buying sweatshirts that are way too big for him but then more questions start to arise

• Bill is pretty sure that he’s seen Richie wear that one before and he feels a bit hurt because he remembered the one time he tried to borrow it Richie refused because he said it was his favorite, but when Bill sees the look that Richie has when Eddie shows up to school in it he forgives the heart-eyed trashmouth

• Ben didn’t really think that Eddie was a huge AC/DC fan and when he asked Eddie about the sweatshirt with the bands logo on it in the library while they studied with the other losers his embarrassed face confirmed his suspicions. “I like some of their songs.” He mumbled with red cheeks. It wasn’t a lie, he loved the ones that Richie put on the mixtapes he made for him.

• One day Eddie did wear a sweatshirt that looked more like his size but Stan knew better. He recognized the sweatshirt as one that Richie had worn one fall almost every day when they were younger before Richie had hit his growth spurt

• “Is that Richie’s sweatshirt?” Mike was a lot more blunt about it. He had asked while they were waiting for the others to grab snacks as they found seats in the theater. Eddie blushed and nodded as they sat down, saving the last seat in the row for Richie.

• Beverly had found the full drawer of Richie’s sweatshirts in Eddie’s dresser during a group study session. “Richie do you even have any sweatshirts left at your house?” Richie didn’t even look up from his comic book to comment. “Why would I need to, I get dressed here most of the time.” Eddies face was the reddest it had ever been.


You want dinosaurs? Here you go, here’s their T-Rex collection. Some of these are casts prepared off of original skeletons, but these are some of the best T-Rexes in the world. When you look at the closely zoomed skulls, the yellow or lighter material is plaster to hold the skull in place, the dark brown on those is real bone. The full sized one isn’t quite as big as sue, but still is monstrous. Again, found in Montana - currently nicknamed Montana’s T-Rex.

See the series of skulls in a row in 2 shots? A lot of the work at this museum is currently aimed at understanding how these organisms grew. Some of the techniques include putting skeletons in order, as seen here. In the T-rex section, using both real fossils and casts, they have a mockup of the T-Rex growth sequence in the skulls. It’s really better than it looks - a half dozen T-Rex skulls in line.


closer and separated versions of my Karolina Dean  Avengers Academy rank progression designs! the other one was uploaded pretty hastily and it was sort of hard to see everything

@invadernav @avengersacademy-supportgroup

There is no such thing as too big an aquarium.

You cannot give a fish too much space to move or too much volume. As I’ve discussed before in talking about minimum tank size, the tiny tanks we keep them in are nothing compared to the native bodies of water they originate from. No tank you can provide them is that big, so no tank you provide them can possibly be too big.

I see this argued the most with domestic betta fish, and to be honest, it frustrates me. Many will claim that their fish is an exception, that they struggle to move and access the surface, so they *need* a smaller tank. Issues with breeding and buying fish that can’t even swim aside, this is just addressing the issue from the wrong angle.

If you have a betta fish that has such extreme finnage that it struggles to get to the surface, your first response should not be “Let’s downsize.”

A standard 2.5g is only 3in shorter than a 5.5g.
A 5.5g is only 2in shorter than a 10g.
10g and 15g have the exact same height.

So when you go one tank size smaller in downgrading, you are only losing a little bit of height, but a lot of volume and footprint.

Instead, if your fish is struggling to reach the surface, you would actually be better getting a tank or other suitable container (i.e. a sterilite bin) with a larger footprint and running it with a lower water level. This way your fish still has the volume and room to move and explore when they want to, but they don’t have to struggle to reach the surface.

Additionally, with fish like these, you should have your tank stuffed full of plants and decorations to rest on. They can be live or fake, it doesn’t matter. But the tank should be packed. Really, this is what all betta fish should have as it most closely matches their natural environment. They don’t get stressed by “too much space,” they get stressed by too much OPEN space. If your betta tank isn’t stuffed full, it should be. If your fish struggles to swim, this really ought to be your first response. If this isn’t enough, then you can move on to what I described above - lower water level, more volume.

The idea that a fish, especially when ONLY applied to bettas, can have “too much” space is absolutely a myth. If you think you need to downsize, you’re responding incorrectly to the problem. Your fish still needs room to move and an enriching environment to interact with. Sure, if they really can’t move that well, they might not interact with every part of it every day. But that doesn’t mean you should deprive them of the option.

Please give your fish space.


Illustrations for A Home for Fire: Part One - Ember, by @xthecherryx

A legend is what has brought Sabo, Robin and Koala to a long lost city hidden deep within the jungle. What will Sabo find, though, when he sneaks into the city’s temple? Because every tale holds a shred of truth - and sometimes that truth turns life upside down.

To see the full illustrations, please check out A Home for Fire on AO3!  Or see below links–due to size and length, I’ve posted the full illustrations on this blog in batches:

[ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

I have had the most fun ever collaborating with J on this project for the last eight months for the One Piece Big Bang event.  Thank you to Bea for hosting this; I couldn’t have known that participating would lead to all of this!!  It was an adventure and a learning experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborating partner than J!

We pulled all the stops to make A Home for Fire what it is, so we invite you to give this Part I a read!  J’s writing is simply masterful, and there are so many scenes that make my heart swell–so many more scenes I wanted to illustrate!  It’s just too cinematic not to!  

| Of Lemongrass & French Vanilla | Chen X Reader AU | Oneshot |


Kim Jongdae X Reader

Genre: Fluff, Action, Thriller, Mystery

Warnings: Violence, Language, Attempted Murder, Mysterious/Protective/Sexy Kim Jongdae

Word Count: 7,938

Synopsis: “His brothers had told him that finding your mate was like finding a scent that sends you into a state of pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Personally, he had hoped that for him, that scent was of lemongrass and french vanilla.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAUNA (@exosmutxoxo) I hope this story finds you well, and that you are surviving college! Sending you all my love and hope that your birthday was everything you hoped it would be~ It’s a slow burn, but I promise the story comes together in the end ;)

Damn it,” You hissed.

The clerk lady on the other side of the desk pressed her lips into a thin line. “I’m very sorry ma’am, but there was, in fact, a mix up with your luggage. We’ll do everything we can to locate which flight it’s with and return it to you as soon as we’re able.”

You tapped your foot on the ground in frustration. After sending the airport employee one last pleading glance, you hesitantly scooted out of line, allowing the mass of people behind you to try and resolve their own dilemmas.

Well, You stuck your hands into your pockets angrily, biting your lip with fervor. There’s nothing to be done about it now. At least I’ve still got my carry-on.

It was raining outside of the airport. Of course it was raining. After staying huddled underneath the awning for twenty minutes, you were finally able to hail a cab. You quickly flung yourself into the backseat, your damp hair clinging to your face.

“Where to, miss?” The driver asked.

“Oh, right,” You were a discombobulated mess, still disgruntled from getting the news that your luggage had been lost. You rummaged through your small carry-on backpack, pulling out a heap of crumpled, wet papers. After finding the one you’d been looking for, you squinted to make out the smeared ink. “Let’s see… 223 Cedarwood Plaza.”

The driver nodded to himself, redirecting his attention to the road and pulling out of the valet lot.

“Heading to Cedarwood University then, I presume?”

“Yes sir,” You struggled to get out of your wet jacket, cramped in the backseat. “Just got back from vacation. This’ll be my second year here.”

Wah,” The cab driver let out a huff in surprise. “That there is one of the most expensive private institutions in the country. Way up in the mountains, too.”

“It is. I like it though.” You hummed. “This year I was able to find a roommate online and share her apartment rent, so I won’t have to live on-campus.”

“Sounds like a good deal,” The driver took the exit off the main road, taking the one the lead upwards into the mountains, and away from the big city. “‘Hope it goes well for ya.”

“Thank you.” You nodded briskly in gratitude.

The ten minutes that remained on the trip up the mountain were spent in silence. It seemed as though everywhere you looked, there were seas of pine trees as far as the eye could see. You pulled your phone from your jacket pocket, wiping the excess water off the touchscreen. You unlocked it, immediately tapping the screen to check your messages.

Yoori (Future Roommate)

0 New Messages

18 Unread Messages

You bit the inside of your cheek.

She hasn’t responded to any of my texts since yesterday…

Keep reading

Dad!Might & Fem!Deku headcanons
  • The first time he saw Deku’s hero outfit he threw a blanket (most likely Aizawa’s) at her and death glared all the boys in the group.
  • He is always like a hawk watching over for Deku. Aizawa thinks it’s creepy and that he’s going to get himself arrested.
  • He is a little old fashioned. He has this urge to keep Deku’s virtue intact until she is 29 and gets married.
  • He thinks no one is good enough to marry her.
  • He supports Bakugou to be a great hero. Still he threatens him when no one is watching.
  • Every time Deku is alone with a boy, or a group of boys he appears out of the blue, smiling and with a hand on her shoulder. 
  • The guys in U.A. High think he is scary.
  • He is always sending threateningly glances at Kacchan and Todoroki.
  • He redesigned Deku’s outfit.
  • He cried when she didn’t like it.
  • Deku still wears it, because All Might made it for her.
  • Aizawa is sick-tired of All Might always asking him to go easy on his little girl. 
  • Deku is happy to invite All Might over for dinner. So is her mum.
  • He doesn’t even need an invitation now.
  • Deku almost kills herself when she accidentally called All Might dad instead of Teacher in front of everybody.
  • All Might was fully blessed by it for a whole month.
  • Aizawa needed a lot of will power to not choke the man to death because he was tired of it.
  • Somewhere in that time, All Might started to check adoption requirements.
  • Todoroki is still scared for life due to All Might’s threats. Every time he talks to the green-haired girl, he is at least 1 feet away from her.
  • Kacchan can’t care less.. He knows he has the power to make the Symbol of peace mad and he likes it.
  • When Deku confessed to All Might she likes someone he cried for an entire week.
  • This time, Aizawa kicked him…. He needs his sleep.
  • All Might thought about converting Deku into christianity…. and make her take the purity vows.
  • Deku, politely, refused the offer.
  • He always spies on missions and practice to make sure his girl is alright.
  • One time, Deku knitted him a sweater for Christmas. He doesn’t take it off and shows it even in summer. 
  • All Might taught Deku how to make Western food, he even wears an apron Deku gave to him.
  • Deku taught him how to bake in return. These two love to make food and eat it together.
  • He pushes Deku ‘till her limits, because he knows she can do better. But if someone else tries to do so he gets mad.
  • He photobombs all the group’s photos … only when Deku is placed between boys or one of then has their masculine (full of boy cooties) hands on her (waist, shoulder).
  • When Deku is feeling down, he cosplays as Magical girls to make her feel better.
  • He drops chocolate bars every now and then for Deku to find when she is in that time of the month.
  • Deku suffers of awful-strong cramps and tends to be moody and copy Kaccha’s behavior.
  • All Might bought her a hand-size dog. Beside it is cute, he read in a gossip magazine that the heat the dogs have helps to calm the cramps if placed in the stomach.
  • Deku smiled, not knowing how to tell her favorite hero that he shouldn’t believe everything that those magazines say.

A couple of illustrations for @dubsdeedubs‘s fic, A Thousand Natural Shocks, a fic that started out as a different take on @notllorstel‘s Neverhuman AU, but went off in its own direction (it’s not “never-human”, for one thing); for that reason, I totally used notllorstel’s design for Six-Sights Stan, here.  Also written/plotted before the finale, so it goes in a different direction.  (But there is also now an AU that does this AU’s version of Weirdmageddon, “A Diverging in the Wood”.)

(Please click to see these at full size, where they look a lot better.)

I was going to post quotes for these moments, but really, it’s better not to take those parts out of context.  While I hate to have spoiled the fic in any way, if you haven’t read it and this makes you want to go read it, I’ll consider it a job well done.  (Then you can also read @trustme-im-a-pirate‘s Shermaine Pines AU, which dovetails with this one.)

Thanks for everything, Dubs; and happy belated birthday. ;-)


Quick and easy guide to silk layering.

A few things worth noting:

The top image is a reference to show what each set of silks looks like on it’s own.

The golden tail bangle is broken because it’s not semitransparent. It’s opaque, and won’t show what’s beneath it unlike all the other things.

Because of how I made these (where each full set is a layer), where the wing silks overlap the sash is a little funky. For best results when dressing a real dragon layer both colors of one piece over both colors of the other piece for better looking layering.

Colors may vary a bit from breed to breed. 

These images are full size. Open them in a new tab/window for best viewing.

you gotta figure the fake ah crew is used to a certain amount of luxury, given their wealth: king-sized beds and entire apartments to themselves (or at least their own bathroom if they have a roommate), so i kind of like to think about how things would go if the whole crew ended up in a small safehouse after a heist

like maybe it’s geoff jack ryan michael gavin jeremy lindsay mica trevor matt ray etc etc in one tiny-ass home

and things very, very quickly devolve into anarchy.

  • there’s an all-out brawl for who should get the two full-sized beds, another for who gets the couches, another still for who gets the air mattresses vs. who sleeps on the floor.
  • the second day ryan bursts from the bathroom armed with a pistol and snarls, “whoever used up all the hot water better start praying to their deity of choice”
  • everyone’s in the kitchen in the mornings trying to make their own breakfast
  • everything gets burned 
  • jeremy holds up a grenade and demands to know who ate all his energy bars, those had his name on them
  • mica wants to know who the fuck used the last of the toothpaste, are you guys animals
  • where did all the coffee go. do you want trevor to die.
  • linday is going to kill everyone in this house and then herself.
  • save ray from the horror of having to navigate back-to-back showers in the morning for two hours, fuck you, he’s gonna just get in there with somebody else
  • matt would rather take his chances with the cops, ryan has watched seven straight episodes of Cupcake Wars and refuses to hand over the remote and he thinks his eyes are bleeding

after the heat dies down and they can go home, they’re at each other’s throats and don’t talk to each other for nearly a month. they would not make good roommates, okay, it goes down as the incident that almost took out the fake ah crew

Bundle of Joy - Part One

Originally posted by yourlipbalm

Fandom: Marvel 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Single Parent!Reader 

Summery: While out for a morning run Bucky comes across the Reader who’s having trouble calming their baby girl and he comes to their rescue. 

Warnings: Attempted fluff and baby.

If there was one thing everyone knew about your baby girl it was that she wasn’t a baby to be put down, not even for a moment, not even when she was fast asleep. It’s not like anyone really wanted to put her down, though. There was no bonnier babe when she was being held. She’d gargle, smile and play the perfect ‘bundle of joy’ when in someone’s- anyone’s - arms. However, once that skin to skin warmth and subtle movement was gone she’d let out a horrific wail that made the neighbours come running - surely with a scream like that something had to be wrong. 

 It was rare when she’d start crying against your chest, wrapped up in the sling you had bought online merely two months after her birth, but there she was waving her tiny fists as you tried to soothe her on the park bench. She squirmed around in your arms like some large chubby eel as huge tears pooled in her eyes and rolled down her rosy cheeks.

“Hey,” You cooed, letting her take hold of your index finger. “Hey, it’s okay, baby. You’re okay.“ 

 Her large eyes opened at your calming voice, frantically looking up at your face as she continued her screeching. Leaning down you planted a kiss on her forehead and another on each of her cheeks, but nothing you did seemed to calm her. 

 "You’re okay.” You tried again.

Gritting your teeth, you looked out across the river as you rocked her in your arms, hoping that her tantrum would end soon so you could walk home without her carrying on in your arms. Perhaps when she was finished screaming she’d be tired enough to sleep and give you back the few hours of sleep she had robbed you of last night. You were sure you looked tired; with zombie-like reaction time and large raccoon-like bags under your slightly bloodshot eyes.

 "Hey, you alright?“ 

Jumping slightly, you turned around to face the man who had addressed you.

He saw the shock register on your face before you could hide it.

“Uh - yeah.” You said quickly, glancing down at you daughter in the hope that the presence of a good looking stranger would calm her. A small smile played on this strangers lips as you twisted around in you seat to properly face him, taking in his full appearance. He had long brown hair, which was thick and lustrous and gathered in an untidy bun, strands of it falling out and framing his perfectly chiseled jaw. His face was strong and defined, featured from granite. He also had dark brows, which were angled upwards in a kind, concerned expression. 

The stranger moved around the bench to stand in front of you, giving you a better view of his muscular body, which seemed to have been forced into a white tank (that must have been at least one size too small) and casual sweatpants. As your eyes gave him a once over, you couldn’t help but linger over his left arm. Where a usual arm of flesh and bone would normally be, there was instead a bionic arm that looked like it had come straight out of one of the sci fi films you had on your shelf back home.

“I’m Bucky,” He said, stepping forward and offering you his right hand to shake. “Bucky Barnes.“ 

Without moving from your seat, you rested your screaming babe in the nook of your left arm, gently releasing your finger from her grip and taking hold of Bucky’s outstretched hand, giving it a firm shake. 


 Bucky flashed you a dazzling smile before his eyes dropped down to your daughter. 

“Hello sweetness.” He hummed. 

 She still hadn’t stopped crying, but her red face didn’t seem to put Bucky off at all. Quite the opposite, it seemed. The perfectly sculpted man before you moved to your side and waved at her, the metal of his arm reflecting the light of the sun and capturing your daughters attention and putting a sudden stop to her crying.

 "Can I?“ 

In complete shock at her sudden change of mood, you happy nodded in agreement and gently scooped her up and into Bucky’s arms as he took the seat next to you. She looked even smaller than she already was in his embrace. Her golden cheek was pressed up against his chest and her eyes followed the glint of his bionic arm, her hands reaching out from under her blanket to touch it.

Bucky gasped, a look for pure bliss coming across his face. “Hello, little one.” He said, his voice barely above a whisper. “Aren’t you a doll.“ 

You weren’t listening to what he was saying - far to busy admiring the way the two of them were looking at one another. Bucky, with his eyes wide and his arms held securely around your child as if she could break as easily as a bubble, and your babe, completely mystified and as quiet as a mouse. 

"She likes you.” You smiled, meeting Bucky’s gaze as he looked over at you, his own smile widening. He looked as if he was about ready to cry. 

“I think she likes my arm more.” He laughed. At his words, your daughter looked up at his face and giggled. The sound was like bells compared to the nonstop wails from earlier. You and Bucky awed at the sight of her toothless grin and the way she gazed up at him with her big eyes as she squirmed around in his arms as to get even closer to him than she already was. 

 "I’m sure you have places to be, little one.“ Bucky cooed, tapping her on the nose. "I’d better leave you and your mommy to get on with your day." 

Still grinning from ear to ear, Bucky held your daughter out to you.

"Oh!” You exclaimed, breaking out of your little trance and taking her back from him. 

 Once she was happily wrapped up in the sling across your chest, you and Bucky both got up from the park bench and awkwardly exchanged goodbyes. 

“D - do you often walk around here?” Asked Bucky. “I’d love to bump into you again." 

You smiled up at him and felt your heart flutter.

"Yeah, actually.” You said, your hand reaching up to gingerly massage your shoulder. “See you around?" 

Bucky smiled shyly. "See you around.”

And with that he was off, jogging down the sidewalk and out of sight. Your entire body tingled as you watched him leave, and a deep blush coated your cheeks. 

Here’s hoping you’d see him again.

Part Two

Foraging time budgets: obligatory in for survival the wild, but why enrichment is critical in captive management situations.

One of the things worth noting, as I’m watching the second episode of BBC’s Wild Alaska (Summer) is simply how much time some of the animals spend foraging. The episode opens with grizzly bears foraging for clams on the beach while waiting for better prey to arrive - and a full sized female, it says, needs to find a couple of hundred clams a day. If it takes a minute or two to dig out each clam, get it out of the shell, eat it  and then find the next one - let’s say a total of 3 minutes per clam as a rough estimate - and say a female needs 200 clams a day, you’re looking at least 600 minutes a day (10 hours) spent doing nothing but foraging! That’s a huge amount of effort and time invested just to break even on caloric expenditure. 

I want to point this out because when we’re thinking about animals in captivity, this is why enrichment becomes so important - a bear in a zoo doesn’t have to spend half of the day foraging just to try to get enough food because we provide it all for them, but that means that suddenly they’ve got a huge amount of time “left over” in their activity budget compared to a wild bear. Enrichment and unique feeding strategies help encourage natural foraging behavior and keep animals occupied and engaged for much longer than just feeding them out of a bowl every morning. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that enrichment doesn’t need to and probably shouldn’t try to make up for a whole day’s worth of behavior. Animals are opportunistic, and even in the wild will happily scale back their activity level when resources are plentiful. If a wild bear has a field day and can get away with only foraging for clams, say, eight hours a day, they’re not going to continue being active for the extra two - there’s no point in expending the extra energy. This is something that, for captive animals, often looks to guests like the animals “have nothing to do” when in reality it’s more of a luxury than they’d ever be afforded in the wild. The trick for a good enrichment protocol, then, is to find a balance of keeping the animals occupied and engaged and fulfilled without trying to replicate the natural cycle of constantly obligatory caloric intake. 

magic of the night | myg

summary: there is a witch you go to for spells and potions whenever human nature is not enough for things to go your way, and he loves you more than anyone else ever will.
{witch!au, halloween!au}
pairing: yoongi x female reader
word count: 5k
genre: horror, angst
warnings: ft. obsessive characters and actions
a/n: this is my contribution to the wonderful stories no one dares to tell collab i’m doing with some other very lovely writers!!! i was given yoongi, and witch yoongi is just smth i can’t resist ;-;

People always say never to make deals with the devil, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make deals with witches. Witches who are more than willing to strike up a bargain with you so that the both of you get what you want.

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