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if i missed you, would you hold it against me

Summary: With Soryu and MC’s passing, it now fell onto Eisuke to be Ryusei’s legal guardian. Why Soryu and MC would think naming Eisuke, of all people, as legal guardian in their will was beyond him.

              You’re the only one we can trust, Soryu had told him. But that didn’t mean Eisuke was ready to be a father.

              Hell, he wasn’t ready for anything that came since that day.

              He wasn’t ready to be a father.

              He wasn’t ready to lose his best friend.

              He wasn’t ready to lose her.

Genre: Angst, Hurt and Comfort

Pairing: One-sided Eisuke/MC, MC/Soryu

a/n: I haven’t written a proper fic in so long lmao. this idea just popped in m head one day, and since then, i couldn’t stop thinking about it lmfao. 

@2bedroom-baddestbidderlove i hope you like it!! @maidofstars @bolt8826 @tsundere-eevee @alolan-lillie @themysticaldaydreamer here’s a fic after so long lol

               Dinner was a solemnly silent affair.

              In the stillness of the dining room, the only sound that could be heard was the clang of Eisuke’s utensils on his plate. Across him sat little Ryusei, who only stared at his untouched food with empty eyes.

              “… You’re not hungry?” Eisuke asked slowly.

              The boy shook his head without looking up from his plate.

              Eisuke sighed in defeat, putting his utensils down. “Do you want to go to bed already?”

Ryusei nodded in assent. Gingerly, the boy pushed back his chair and gave a little bow, leaving Eisuke alone with his thoughts.

              “I suppose it’s not going to be easy, huh?” he said to no one in particular.

              And it won’t ever be easy again. Not with them gone.

              Just three days ago, Eisuke was staring into Soryu’s and MC’s coffins. Both of them looked deceptively peaceful, as if they were only asleep—that anytime, they’d wake up from their long nap and mess around in the penthouse like always.

              But Eisuke knew better.

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+mobile masterlist

summary: a round of rough sex with luke in an l.a. party is a good way to end the night.

word count: 2,125

warnings: deals w cheating and also SMUT nasty rough smut with dom!luke because i cant imagine him being vanilla + wall fucking and mirror fucking + choking… lol and i might’ve said ‘cock’ a little too much? … anyways

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word count: 1793

summary: Luke is touching you in a restaurant then y’all have sex lol 

A/N: THIS IS MY SMUT OR WHATEVER SO IF IT’S BAD I APOLOGIZE BUT I THINK IT’S ALRIGHT TO BE HONEST. Also if people like me and want to make requests for blurbs or fluff whatever you wanna see go right ahead I have ideas I’m kinda lazy though that’s why this one took so long but yeah! So if you want to give feedback and stuff go for it no pressure at all.

disclaimer: i’m focusing my writing for black girls/women of color so if that offends you then don’t read this please i make it pretty obvious that the reader is black. anyone can read this though i’m in no way trying to offend anyone! 

“Y/N, we’re going to be late because of you, again!” You ignored Luke as you strapped up your black heels. The bedroom door opened as Luke glared at you annoyed. Although you’re sure he appreciated how the red mini dress hugged your curves. You glared over, admiring how the black button up he decided to wear tonight was only halfway fixed.

“Did I ever tell you how amazing you look in that color?” Luke murmured, nibbling on his slightly chapped lip. “Only every time I wear red,” you chuckled back, looking in the mirror one last time, making sure your coils were just the way I liked.  As you strolled over to him, he intertwined his fingers with yours as the two of you left the apartment and got into the Uber he called.

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lunarwolfspn  asked:

Could you do a Gaston x reader where he survives and people are rude to him but the reader gives him a chance and they fall for each other. The reader only give him a chance bc she felt bad for the way he was being treated. Thank you.

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: end me, because I’ve officially fallen in love with gaston x reader and I can’t stop myself. I LOVE WRITING STUFF WITH HIM SO MUCH FUCK. anyways, thank you so much for this request love. I really hope you enjoy it!!! (also, I need this movie to come out on dvd so I can have more gifs of gaston lol. in the meantime, have other luke evans gifs BC WHY NOT OMG I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH)


“Get out of this village, you scum!” he was thrown into the mud on the ground, several men and women standing around him with angry glares on their faces.

He had never been treated this way, so he didn’t know how to act.

Should he fight them?

But then again, he was one, they were many. He doubted anyone would stand by his side if he did indeed fight. Even LeFou had parted from him. He was on his own now and he couldn’t fight an entire village like that, so fighting back wasn’t an option.

Should he insult them?

And then what? What good what that do him?

They would never forgive him for what he did and insults wouldn’t change that fact.

So instead of doing any of those things, he held his – probably broken – ribs and started walking.

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devilangel657  asked:

Luke, Leia and Han find a recording of the Jedi council during the clone wars talking about how happy they don't procreate bc can u imagine anakins children? Just goes into descriptions of things he did and then suggesting padme as the wife and despair of their children together. Basically luke and Leia described earlier than they were born. Also sad scene with council teasing obi wan about being the uncle. And him either being honored/scared.

LOL so the Council tapes themselves shit-talking Anakin? Sounds about right. You just know Yoda’s on there being like “I swear to God, I’m going on record RIGHT DAMN NOW that if Skywalker ever had a kid, I WOULD DIE ON PURPOSE before I get stuck training that one.” 

I also sort of like this idea because it sets up the possibility of Luke, going off on one of his billion Jedi Knowledge Quests, and finding the full collection of the Temple’s archive of recordings. At first he’s like, “Yes! Finally! Something to help me learn the Important Secrets of the Force!” only to discover that the Jedi Order COMMITTED EVERYTHING TO FILM and most of it is just an absolute slog to get through: horrible, boring meetings. Budget reviews. Robe fittings. Every single person’s Knighting ceremony. Gossip about people who have been dead for decades or even centuries. The lunch menu for every single goddamn day. 

I feel shadowhunters should have a chill episode. Like nothing is happening and nobody is worrying about the main plot. Even an episode where they are just hunting demons. Because I feel the problem of shadowhunters is that it tends to rush too much on the plot and does not give the characters time to breath. It is a good show with amazing characters, but it need to slow down. We are in season 2A and Valentines plot is already over. Like literally 3 of the 4book done in 1 season and half. I feel like the 2B.1 episode should be all the characters having their little moments on their own with their little struggles such as:
*Jace struggling to tell Clary about the fake sibling thing
*Clary and Simon having their “honey moon moment” but with Clary showing some sign that she is not 100% happy with Simon this way. And Simon worrying about his family and like I want to know what happen with his mother??
*Izzy recovering from the withdrawal and at the same time having a sibling mission moment with Alec
*And before the mission Alec waking up from Magnus’ bed in just his sweat pants with Magnus besides him still sleeping, answering Izzy’s call about new mission and that he is spending too much time at Magnus’ loft (ok this is just me wanting something malec domestic lol)
*Magnus talking with Catarina about the future of Madzie then also fixing some problems with a client to show his “other job”
*Luke and Maia having a moment. Like them talking about everything and realizing the way they associate was not the correct one. So they become partners (like Alaric was to Luke) and do stuff with the pack cause…I need to see Luke more involved with the other wolves cause he is the Alpha…right?
Like it is just an episode of just them. Forget the plot…forget the end of the world…just them

I’ve literally just read another meta (of course it was in the defense of R/ylo) about how Kylo is jealous of Finn “being with his woman). I’m not going to go into how racist/anti-black the idea of a white man beating/killing a black man for being with his “white” woman is. Just know it’s incredibly racist/anti-black and it gets me fuming.

I’m just going to prove how Kylo’s anger towards Finn is not because of his relationship with Rey. Kylo is angry because Finn has managed to thwart every single attempt he has made to get the map to Luke. Kylo is angry because he could sense Finn’s conflicting thoughts in the beginning but he chose not to take action. He didn’t stop Finn when he had the chance.

I see so many misinterpretations of the scene where Kylo is walking after Rey and Finn. After killing Han, Kylo looks up and sees not only Rey but Finn with her as well. Remember how pissed he was to find out Rey had escaped? Now imagine how furious he is to see that it was Finn who helped her escape.

Finn is the man who:

  • defected from the First Order and helped Poe escape. Because of this, Kylo lost his lead to the map to Skywalker. Strike 1
  • After helping Poe escape, the First Order attack Jakku in an attempt to get the droid back. Finn also helps the droid escape Jakku. Strike 2
  • Rey manages to get out of her cell and then Finn shows up to rescue her. After killing Han, Kylo sees him next to Rey cementing the idea that Finn is the one who helped Rey escape, costing him another lead to where Skywalker is. That’s Strike 3.

Literally Finn spoiled any plans that Kylo made to find Luke and at the time Kylo sees Finn is next to Rey he’s absolutely fed up with the “traitorous” ex-Stormtrooper. (Kylo calling anyone a traitor is quite ironic in my opinion lol). Kylo doesn’t come after Finn and Rey hoping to kill Finn for (being with his woman). He follows after them to kill Finn for ruining everything he had going. The scene of him walking after them literally shows that it’s Finn he’s after. The camera cuts to Kylo looking up, then cuts to a close-up of Finn, then cuts back to Kylo looking angry and starts to pursue. The movie is literally telling us that Kylo is only interested in Finn in this scene and the events that led up to this moment prove that it’s not because Kylo is jealous of Finn standing next to Rey.

uniform kink, Finn/Poe

I wrote this a while ago for a uniform kink prompt so figured I should put it somewhere! TBH I wanted to see if it was possible to write something sexy about Poe’s ugly orange flight suit, lol. which I definitely don’t have a weird fondness for, definitely not, also not Luke’s either

Poe was sweaty, like he always was when he hopped out of Black One’s cockpit, his hair messy and damp and curling. He’d gotten rid of the white vest and was absently unzipping the flight suit while he stood in front of an open drawer, looking for something clean.

The orange really should have been appalling, Finn knew. The whole thing should have been appalling. No one should look good in something so bulky and… and… bright.

But whenever Finn saw Poe in his flight suit it reminded him of the first time, looking across the tarmac and seeing him crouched down by BB-8, like a half-remembered dream Finn had never thought could be real. It reminded him of the look on Poe’s face, relief and awe and joy, like Finn meant something to him, and it reminded him of how solid and warm Poe had felt in Finn’s arms.

The suit should have been hideous, really, but when Poe wore it he looked like he should be front and center on recruitment posters.

Finn moved behind Poe and wrapped his arms around him, sliding his hands into the open front of the flight suit, rubbing up his chest, and pressing his nose to the back of Poe’s neck where he could breathe in the smell of his hair and his skin.

Poe sighed softly. “I can shower.”

Finn tightened his grip. “You can shower later.”

“Yeah,” Poe said, shuddering when Finn moved one hand lower. “Yeah, I can shower later.”

  • maia: so...
  • simon: anyways clary is my best friend and we've known luke forever and she's with jace and it's weird but i'm ok. I sleep in a canoe that isn't made of memory foam but I do like it tho memory's some good shit. you like it? no? o ok you don't wanna discuss beds, Me neither. nervous? i'm always nervous lol. um also I sank to an all time low recently [by betraying my bf who kicked me out after] but like...don't ask about it [him] and yeah that's about it
  • maia: [i want this one]

anonymous asked:

uhhhhhh is the Dany/Luke friendship like Matt/Foggy ? I've never cared much abt Dany but apparently they are like besties and ppl ship them? help me out pls I understand nothing


The backstory of how they became friends isn’t super complicated (they both had solo comics and the sales were slipping so Marvel decided to pair them to see if they sold better that way; in the story, Luke gets blackmailed into attacking Misty (Danny’s girlfriend) but everything works out in the end). Basically they met and were instantly BFF and business partners (as Heroes for Hire).

Danny is only 19 when they meet and fresh from K’un Lun and doesn’t know anything and is basically Luke’s adorable little confused friend. Luke is street-smart and socially conscious and angry and Danny adores him. They are not afraid to say they love each other:

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one week [calum hood]

au: in which an idiot’s last wish is to resolve a forgotten love triangle.

a/n: should i do a part two to blonde bastard or not my inbox is dry asf.. [request for part two! idk if i want to continue this or not. ive written quite a few versions of this, and it takes a couple of chapters to unfold the calumxy/n romance. also all of my shit flops lol]

also this is dedicated to @candouredcalum ily

Once upon a time, there was an idiot.

This idiot had sparking blue eyes that captured the sky in them and a fluff of blonde hair that was lifted up in a quiff. His smile never failed to show and a thousand angels sang whenever he spoke; his name was Luke Hemmings. If you looked deeper than just looks, he was pretty much the plainest, stupidest boy you could meet.

Unfortunately, many did.

He had lists of friends in his small city, so please explain why it had to be someone named Pink Leather?

He’d always liked her personality. Luke, although, did not like how her uncombed ombré hair flowed from her neck down and her eyes were bursting out with color, but nevertheless found her extremely odd and quite rude at times. “Hey Luke,” Pink turned to him as he passed by. Edward sat on the ground as he spotted cards on the bench that were to be read.

“Pink,” he acknowledged. They weren’t exactly very close friends, they never had things to speak about.

“Wanna get your week read out?” Pink Leather asked brightly, a smile popping on her dark colored lips. Holding up a bunch of cards, she continued, “Sit down, don’t be a buzzkill.” He obliged. Everyone in the universe knew how hard she punched if she didn’t get her way.

Laying out five random cards on the park bench painted green on their backside, she turns one over. “Ah,” she brushed her hair out of her face and grinned, “The Fool! This card indicates that—”

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The Mortal Instruments is like Star Wars:

The Saga and Drama of one particular family that fucks things up and the sole female member of it trying to fix it and be reasonable with everybody until you step on her toe and she has to fight as well.

Plus there is also a possibility that there is always one male descendant, who is bound to fuck things up … 

shadowhunters ep 14 recap
  • gonna start off by applauding magnus and alec for keeping so professional during their meeting like they know what they’re doing thanks

clary: how can i help u alec?

alec: fuck off

I”M DEAD (that’s canon)

  • jimon is this episode was a blessing
    • “..almost tore simon’s pretty face off” 
    • “you think i’m pretty?”
    • mr. vice president
  • all i could think about during the clace kiss was “this means nothing” like damn jace hear that often?
    • besides we all know the kiss jace most desires is one from simon
  • also the queen is like a fucking 6th grader haha they teased us for so long with sarah hyland 
    • i bet she was just in the background for a second and we all missed her lmao
  • could of had more of magnus
  • hey luke piece of advice if there’s a cell phone ringing in a dumpster don’t answer it
    • suprised luke didn’t just kill valentine lol 
  • raphael talking about how abusive r*zzy is is giving me LIFE
    • like r*zzy shippers can fuck out of this fandom thanks

jace: i wanna talk about what happened

clary: fuck off

  • clizzy ugh u guys know im the #1 clizzy stan if these two don’t kiss at all im gonna sue
    • so we know it was him who called luke
    • also correct me if i’m wrong but that is valentine he has tied up in his closet 

in conclusion, i loved this episode 

Thoughts during Riverdale episode 9

• Damn it, all this talk of maple syrup is making me crave pancakes.
• Why is most of the Blossom family red heads? It’s either a disturbing case of inbreeding, or they all have a weird obsession with the colour red.
• Damn it Alice, why’d you have to barge in while Bughead was making out?!
• At least Alice seems to approve of Jughead.
• “Maybe, maybe not. But it will make me feel better” this is my new favourite Alice Cooper quote.
• Yes, Hermione. You have made a mess of things.
• I kinda felt sorry for Cheryl when she left the music room after Archie rejected her. Is that weird?
• I love that during Ethel’s poem everyone seems at least a little interested and was paying attention, except Jughead who’s just leaning back lazily and eating chips.
• Yes, more Kevin! He needs way more screen time in my opinion.
• So Penelope Blossom is a cougar now. She just gets creepier and creepier every episode.
• I love that Archie and Betty are so friendly after everything that’s happened. I friendship-ship barchie, if that makes sense.
• Archie and Veronica giving each other nicknames is adorable.
• That’s all Cheryl had to do? Hit the tree with a hammer? Archie’s right, you can do it in your sleep.
• I can never take the show seriously whenever someone says ‘Archibald’ XD
• For some reason I loved seeing Archie stand up for Cheryl.
• Wow, Fred is not a happy camper.
• Poor Alice. She’s trying to act like she doesn’t care that Polly’s with the Blossoms, but deep down she probably feels betrayed and hurt.
• A couple that interrogates Cheryl together stays together.
• The way that Jughead looks so proud of Betty while she’s interrogating Cheryl is so cute.
• So Grandma Blossom was right about Polly having twins.
• I wonder if Cheryl knew Jughead was a hobo when she called him one.
• Lol Cheryl said Luke Perry looked ‘dilfy’
• “The ice-woman cometh” is my favourite sarcastic Jughead quote from this episode.
• That was a petty move Hal. Firing Alice just because she kicked you out.
• Woah, Dark Alice. Kinda like Dark Betty during episode 3.
• Also, I agree with Alice. Hal is a bastard.
• That motivational speech Jughead gave Betty just gave me so many feels.
• That Bughead hug was also adorable.
• Poor Ronnie!
• I love the beronica friendship. They’ve literally only known each other for a few weeks, and already Betty’s comforting Ronnie in the bathroom during a mental breakdown.
• I knew it! I knew Polly couldn’t be stupid enough to choose the Blossoms over the Coopers!
• Wow, Mrs. Muggs was so salty when she found out who Veronica’s father was!
• But I agree. Hiram should be punished for the lives he destroys.
• That kiss was seriously so awkward though.
• I don’t blame Archie for wanting to leave.
• Is it bad that I’m kinda glad that Val broke up with Archie because I lowkey ship Archieronnie?
• Poor Hermione.
• I love that Betty and Jughead were instantly on the same page when Archie told them about what he heard.
• Polly’s definitely in danger right now, guys.