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Anonymous said: JESUS, I was just concerned considering I pay over 800 a month for a shared apartment with three other people. Not including utilities? If you need 3200 to just move from wa? I wasn’t sure how you would even survive down here…. But lucky you if you can just stay somewhere for free I guess??? Just good luck if that arrangement ever falls Through cause then your stuck thousands of miles away.

hmm, alright, let’s take this in parts

you’re aware that one of the numbers you quoted is 4 times the other one, yes? do you drop that much in one go? what percentage of your monthly income is just that rent payment? how long would it take you to save that money, in increments, without missing your other bill payments or letting your current quality of life suffer? what part of ‘as soon as possible’ is difficult?

did you know that the seattle area is in the midst of a housing crisis, and that it’s actually cheaper to live many places in socal than it is up here? or that i didn’t say how much i already pay in rent, and didn’t ask for help with that?

how ‘bout that i’m not going to be staying in california for free? huh! weird.

i’m not even gonna touch that last part, but given what i’ve dealt with in my life up to this point, i wouldn’t trust someone to have my back like that unless i knew they’d be able to handle it.

masterkosa: You’ve had two years to make money what did you do? Definitely not worked… Because two years are enough to save money if you had a job and some useful education…

lmao oh okay

yes, i definitely don’t kick my own ass at a full-time job on a day-to-day basis. i for sure don’t handle all my own bills and day-to-day stuff.

but i’m sure if i asked for help with student loans, you’d just be on me about that too, right?

your little “i have multiple disabilities cured by weed and beer and pizza!” post making fun of me was especially gross, by the way. i’m sure you’re lots of fun at parties.

I wanna see a situation where a rival clan (yes another one!) pops up and Clarke and Bellamy are negotiating peace with their really hot female queen and then the queen is like alright fine arranged marriage to bring peace to our people and Clarke is all like fuck okay I guess anything for my people and the Queen is like nah I want him *points to bellamy* and Clarke is like what fuck you he’s mine and everyone is like what and Clarke is like mine…co-leader

I was highly recommended by many of you to read Six of Crows and its continuation, Crooked Kingdom. I was later informed it was a spin off of another series, which has 3 books. Then I was made aware that there’s another 5 stories in between of those 3. So I asked for one book recommendation and ended up having to read 8 books before that one and another one after. 10 books. Alright, then. 

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I have a few for the WIP meme. You are not getting off easy, my friend... hmm. Tea, warmth, hurt, love, ease, kill, and... worry. OH and Jen-Ai... because I like them.

You always bring out the best in me and my fics, my friend :D. Such good words! Thank you! And perfect timing, I was just about to turn my computer off.

*Cracks knuckles* Alright, let’s see:


“He feels…very strongly,” Obi-Wan said, gazing into his tea mug. “He always has.” ( Though I Never Dared Dream )


As if summoned by his thoughts, the chime to the door of Obi-Wan’s quarters sounded, and Obi-Wan felt the familiar warmth of Qui-Gon’s Force signature on the other side of the dura-steel. ( Though I Never Dared Dream )

Eventually, the teasing faded away, and a comfortable silence fell over the bedroom. Tahl’s breathing began to even and slow, and soon Qui-Gon too, with the fingers running through his hair, the warmth at his side, and the steady beat of Micah’s heart under his ear, felt sleep slip over him. ( The Lighter Path )


His voice had risen to a shout, sudden as a clap of thunder, and he grabbed at the front of Qui-Gon’s robe, anger and hurt flaring out around him like a storm. ( Though I Never Dared Dream )

Concern was bubbling anew in his chest at the thought of his Padawan being hurt, which was probably why he had not noticed the approach of other beings. ( The One That Got Away )

Micah spluttered in mock outrage, “Rude! Is this the thanks I get, for all the work I just did? I’m hurt. Insulted. Unfor―“ ( The Lighter Path )


Without looking down, Obi-Wan tangled their fingers together and squeezed gratefully, sending a soft wave of love and gratitude to his former Padawan across their old training bond. ( Though I Never Dared Dream )

“Is that not a form of love?” When Obi-Wan did not reply, Qui-Gon continued, “And what about compassion? For the people we help, for our fellow Jedi? Is that not love as well?” ( The One That Got Away )

Xanatos has arrived not long after they had reached Feemor’s quarters. The Knight had burst in with his usual storm of energy, half throwing himself upon his predecessor, lamenting loudly that clearly Feemor did not love him anymore, as he’s been home for two full days and not even stopped to say hello to him. ( The Lighter Path )

Once the door was safely closed behind them Xanatos wrapped his arms around Rex’s neck, clinging tight and burying his face against his lover’s neck. ( The One That Got Away - future, unnumbered chapter )


Obi-Wan found he couldn’t help but be a little impressed by just how cold the man’s voice was, even as he sounded perfectly centered and at ease. ( Though I Never Dared Dream )

Unease rippled through Mace’s fellow Councillors, and the Korun Master exchanged a glance with Yoda. ( The Lighter Path )


“Get myself killed,” Qui-Gon murmured back, closing his eyes. “Feemor, I’m so sorry. I didn’t even―” ( Though I Never Dared Dream )

Anakin shot his former Master a half-hearted glare. “You make it sound like I killed someone for them. It’s hardly my fault if someone just leaves a couple speeders laying around.” ( The One That Got Away )


Looking up at Qui-Gon, he found the older man smiling at him, but there was worry in his eyes. ( Though I Never Dared Dream )

“It was just wandering thoughts,” he murmured. “Nothing to worry about.” ( The One Who Got Away )

“Come on,” Obi-Wan finally said. He reached out, catching Garen’s hand and squeezing. “We need to go. Standing here worrying won’t help anyone.” ( The Lighter Path )


Obi-Wan heaved a sigh and leaned back in his chair, massaging at his forehead with the heels of his palms, trying to sooth the persistent headache. He knew, distantly, he ought to mention them to the healers, that Jen-Ai would skin him for failing to mention something so reoccurring, but they born of stress, mental and physical. ( Though I Never Dared Dream )

Random starters: Fainting/unconscious edition
  • "Wake up... please wake up..."
  • "Hey, are you okay? You seem a bit faint..."
  • "N-no no! Stay with me now!"
  • "Keep breathing, you'll be fine."
  • "Oh! You're awake! You've been out for so long-!"
  • "I found you unconscious back there. What happened?"
  • "Hey, are you alright over there?!"
  • "We found you in a horrid state.. but we patched you up as best we could!"
  • "Don't try to move. Just get some rest, okay?"
  • "Oh, I guess you weren't dead after all."
  • "Hey! This one finally woke up! Get me a doctor!"
  • "Shh... take it easy, there's no rush. You were passed out for a long time, you see."
  • "Ow.. my aching-"
  • "Ugh... where...?"
  • "Help me.. someone..."
  • "I can't hold on... fading away.."
  • "What happened? Where is this-!"
  • "Gah! S-stay away from m-me! I don't know who you are!"
  • "Did.. did you save me back there? Thanks.. I guess."
  • "I was passed out for that long?!"
  • "Help me up.. please help me up..."
  • "What happened to me anyways? I feel so lightheaded..."
  • "Am I in a hospital? I wasn't here before.."
  • "Where is everyone? How long was I gone?!"

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Why does Mads have a damaged eye in so many movies lmao

I mean, I can only think of three off the top of my head, and for someone with 48 IMDb acting credits that’s not actually that many all things considered. :P But I suppose there’s also the Death Stranding eye goo… and his character in Adam’s Apples does get shot in the eye… 

Okay so five. Five instances of weird eye things going on. That probably is more than usual. Which leads me to conclude that Mads is clearly Odin in the flesh and the universe is really desperate for us to catch on.

  • Tina: And how was your day?
  • You: Alright, I guess, but did you hear about what happened to the neighbor’s dog?
  • Newt, in another room, distressed: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NEIGHBOR'S DOG?!

But the world has changed, the future is uncertain.
And in the opinion of this humble reposter,
before things get better,
              they’re going to get a lot worse.

Missed it by that much

Half-orc: Okay, let’s decide sleeping arrangements.

Innkeeper (DM): I can give ye two double rooms.

Dwarf: Alright, then, I’ll take one.

Elf (female character and player): I’ll take the other.

Half-orc (OOC): Hmmm…I have lots of reason to not trust the dwarf…so I guess I’ll sleep with her.

DM: *a twinkle appears in his eyes and a shit-eating grin appears on his face*

Half-orc (OOC): Wait, no, I mean–!

DM: Both of you, roll a d20.

Elf: 15

Half-orc: 13

Elf: I guess we’re having separate beds, then.

Innkeeper (DM): Ye tried, laddie.

I think it’s so funny how every endorsement I see of Clinton HAS to be framed as like “Is she perfect? No, but she’s better than Trump.” The problem I have with this isn’t that it’s keeping politicians accountable, it’s that this accountability is only ever applied to Clinton and its done in such a way that make it seem like she’s somehow uniquely problematic. No one, not a single god damn person reblogs pictures, news stories, or quotes from President Obama and says “Damn, I really don’t like how he bombed the shit out of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East or how he ramped up deportation raids and ruined the lives of tens of thousands of peaceful undocument immigrants living here in the United States, but like he’s alright I guess.” No, instead every single post I see about Obama is about how much we’re gonna miss him and I don’t disagree, I think he was a great President, I just think it’s amazing how the callous or problematic decisions he made as Commander and Chief don’t ever taint his public image, at least not the image that his base has of him. Yet we hold Clinton to a completely different standard, the handful of problematic decisions she has made during her 30 year career define her in a way I haven’t seen before, to the point that the only “acceptable” way to support her is to speak about it in a tacit or even hesitant tone, like “yeah, I know she’s a corrupt bitch, but I’ll still vote for her I guess.” The notion that she is somehow more problematic than any other candidate who’s been elected prior to her is patently false, being a world leader is a implicitly dirty job, it just so happens that we’ve come to expect men to do these dirty jobs so we reserve our judgement. I mean, people aren’t even allowed to celebrate the fact she’s the first female candidate for president because it’s apparently “white feminism” to take note of the accomplishments of women in our country if they also aren’t literally perfect feminist icons. It’s not just enough to be exceptional as a woman to be celebrated, you have to be perfect. Also, if a single god damn person brings up another candidate in this race and tells me how their record is spotless I swear to god I’ll lose my mind because the reason for that is that no other candidate in this race has a mother fucking record of having any sort of governmental leadership position. Its not that they are somehow magically more pure than Clinton, it’s that they never got promoted to a position that would actually force them to make difficult decisions of national importance. It’s easy to keep your hands clean when you’re an irrelevant congressmen from butt fuck nowhere or simply have exempted yourself from the political process altogether until magically deciding now that you deserve to be President. 

Remedy (11)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, angst, fluffy, smutty, surgery, a very protective Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.


I needed a surgeon. So I chose the most obvious one! One time appearance ;)

Originally posted by hoechlins

“I’m sorry, sir”

“No-..” I huff out a laugh. “Sweetheart, don’t call me sir. You know this. Just tell me what’s bothering you, please?”

She looks at me and tries a smile, but it vanishes the moment it appears. “I don’t know, Bucky. I’m tired, I guess”

Okay, that’s something.

“d’You wanna take a nap then, doll?” I wrap my arms around her tighter, prompting a content sigh from her.

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Alright last post about Logan i swear to god

Alright so I really appreciate Laura speaking Spanish.

Because I thought they were gonna play up some weird doe eyed white girl with a precious voice and face tropes.

But they didn’t.

She was hard as nails plus she had a Spanish accent!

Which made perfect sense for her character, PLUS it makes racists upset since they love their white bread monolingual little girls.

It reminds you that her mother was a Spanish woman AND that line about how the racist white doctors assumed all the Spanish medical workers were stupid?

Well guess who broke the kids out?

And good on Logan for having a lot of kids of color as the children experimented on.

If the government was gonna create disposable weapons out of people…it would definitely be out of people of color.

Onehitting the encounter

So, I was playing a Savage Worlds homebrew campaign, where I was a military scientist who volunteered to go on an expedition to an island frozen back in the Dark ages. My scientist was actually a Weird Scientist with a staff that could shoot lasers and a pet “murder weapon” as I liked to call it. I was riding down the road on a caravan with 2 NPC soldiers, when a group of Dire wolves and a giant centipede charged from the trees.

DM: Alright, your turn, (me).

Me: I want to put on my brass knuckles and punch one of the wolves, then fire my pet murder weapon at the centipede.

DM: Roll.

I had a D4 in strength, so I was relying on my wild die. I roll, and immediately Ace my strength die. I roll again, and Ace a second time. After about four more of these, the DM told me to start rolling for my murder weapon.

You have three guesses as to what happens next.

DM, after hysterical laughter on seeing the results: You One-Punch this wolf-like creature into the other one, shattering both of their necks on impact, sending them flying through a few trees. Then you turn, pointing at the giant centipede, and your laser dog (another name for my murder weapon) fires a beam from its mouth. The centipede is hit dead on, incinerating half of its body while melting the rest in a massive fireball as you turn, sliding some sunglasses on as you walk away without looking back.

My scientist character promptly sat back in his hammock, falling asleep almost instantly, while the rest of the caravan guards and the two military officers stared in shock and awe at the melting remains of the centipede.

alright, i guess my time has come

Hello, my name is Andrea and I am mexican. 

Lately, there has been some drama in the SW/RO fandom concerning diego’s heritage/skin tone and whatever, all initiated by tumblr user @hijadepavlov and some post of hers that i cannot link for some reason (?) that states diego luna is white. 

Before i start with my argument, i wanna thank all the people who refrained from commeting because they weren’t mexican/latinx or something like that. you did the correct thing. 

(please, take in mind that im talking exclusively about mexico. i have no idea what the situation is in other countries) 

the things @hijadepavlov addresses in her post are, unfortunately, accurate. Diego does represent a tiny, privileged portion of the population here in this country. he most likely did benefit from his skin color to break into the film industry and it is not fair that people with darker skin cannot obtain the same opportunities, and yes we should be critical of it. 

Now, with that being said, i want to point out this: being lightskinned does not make Diego any less mexican. he was born and raised in this beautiful country, in a middle class family– which means that he had the same experiences as the other 60% of the population. he knows the national anthem, he knows who benito juarez is, he knows that polanco is very nice while iztapalapa isn’t. he is mexican. 

This is even more important considering that the U.S just chose a president that literally fucking targets us, MEXICANS (not argentinians, not colombians, not anyone else) as drug dealers, rapists and criminals – and no, this isn’t just about pride and the fact that someone insulted us. Mexico’s economy heavily relies on the US and to have a president that is publicly against us HAS HAD A HEAVY IMPACT ON MEXICO’S ECONOMY. THIS COUNTRY MAY ENTER RECESSION THIS YEAR. PEOPLE WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS. PEOPLE WILL SUFFER. THIS IS SERIOUS. 

So to have Diego Luna, a man whose nationality and accent has been degraded and stepped on, play the role of a hero in a Star Wars movie is fucking huge. It tells people “Hey, that stupid cheeto we chose for president was wrong about mexicans! they can be nice and talented!” and it, quite literally, gives us hope that maybe this year won’t be so bad, after all. 

People here in mexico love him (hell, i saw one of my classmates describe him as God Himself) and we are incredibly proud of him. we look at the movie and feel represented. we feel delighted at the thought of a paisano making it big out there. Mexico is proud to have Diego Luna.

And because i feel like i did this a little too mexico-centric (i have never in my life used such a combination of words lmao) i want to tell this to everyone out there: it’s okay to love diego luna even if his skin color doesn’t match yours. it’s okay to relate to him even if your nationality doesn’t’s okay to feel represented by him. mexico is in a hard position right now, and to have you guys support an actor from here is literally a blessing. it makes me so happy to see so many different people (whether they’re other latinos,  black people, white people or asian people) to love so dearly a person from here it’s really… undescribable. thank you so much. 

Now @hijadepavlov it’s okay you want to call out colorism in the film industry, however it is definitely not your place to state whether someone is or not mexican or latinx enough. 

thank you very much, hope yall have a good day.

Natural Death 3

Our groups’ Oread gets annoyed at an NPC Elf who was offering to buy most of our party for the night and flirting relentlessly otherwise. We all turn to leave, the Oread uses Treacherous Earth to destroy the Elf’s tent as he walks back to it.
Elf: How dare you!
DM: Roll for initiative, guys.
Literally the entire party save for the Oread chooses not to get involved
The Elf gets the first strike, dealing about 2 damage
Oread: I turn and break his spear in half.
DM: Alright, roll strength for that.
Oread: *rolls a natural 20*
DM: You grab the spear and strike downwards with your other hand with so much force that a sinkhole opens under the Elf.

The party members who can throw light down the hole to se the tangled remains of the Elf.

Me: Well I guess he got one hole filled tonight…
DM: Well murder hobos it is then!
Antipaladin: Hey, we were leaving!
Me: Yeah, murder hoBO. Singular.