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When technically you’re the chill friend but your best friend for whatever reason refuses to accept the happiness he deserves smh

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So I was chatting with @renach4n​​ and unearthed something very fascinating about Yuuri and Victor’s dynamic. This one line here applies to absolutely everything they have ever said to each other. EVERYTHING. And even more so than you might think. Let’s take a look.

Pre-post edit: RIP me, I got that won’t-allow-you-to-save tumblr bug right when I was about to click post and lost a massive chunk of this when I attempted to back it up, so I apologize if some sections (namely the airport and proposal scenes) seem lacklustre. Their re-write was mostly fuelled on salty tears. Hopefully I still got my point across well enough!

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¿Quién es Sombra? A character analysis (Overwatch)

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So I’ve been watching the reveal of Sombra over and over again (as ya do), and I couldn’t help but notice some details that say a lot about her personality, worldview, and just how fucked up of a character she is. In the brief time we’ve seen her, Blizzard has already developed her into one of the most fleshed-out characters in all of Overwatch. Piecing together details from her short and her backstory video, we can begin to get a fairly clear picture of how she thinks. And needless to say, it’s very interesting, fucked up, and in a way, kind of tragic.

More below the cut. It’s a really long post, so be warned.

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“Welcome to R-Pod, son. The R stands for REVOLUTION.”
“Call me ‘son’ one more time and it’ll stand for RRT.”

Right, so, I have an explanation for this: I was watching 60 Days In and all of a sudden I saw a guy who looked a lot like Lafayette, then 2 minutes later my sister points out a guy with a dark curly ponytail and says “that guy’s got John Laurens’ hair!”
And so, the Revolutionary Pod AU was born.

Here’s the synopsis:

Mulligan(30) is first to arrive, he’s stand-offish and kinda scary looking so most of the inmates steer clear of him. Then Lafayette(22) comes along and he barely speaks English, so he avoids pretty much everybody at first. There’s a mix-up with the lunch trays one day and one of the other inmates accuses Laf (who can’t sufficiently defend himself with words), Mulligan notices and comes to his defense, getting the inmate to drop it and walk away. The two wind up bonding and become bunkmates. A few weeks later, Laurens(23) gets moved to R-Pod due to a fight breaking out between him and another inmate(coughleecough) in his last pod. He shows up battered, bruised, and in a REALLY bad mood, so nobody else approaches him. Mulligan and Laf are like “challenge accepted” and invite him to bunk with them. They’re surprised to see how much of a nice guy he actually is. Turns out, he’s a top-of-the-class law student from a wealthy family with a love of alcohol and a reckless streak(a combo which landed him here in the first place).The three of them form their own little gang and call themselves the Revolutionary Squad.
Then one day, Alexander(19) shows up and immediately becomes a subject of interest in the pod. He stands out terribly because of his expansive vocabulary and mouths-off to several other inmates on his first day in, one of them takes it as an invitation to fight. Alex is like “come at me, bro”, but thankfully the Rev. Squad come to the rescue and get the other guy to back-off. They recruit him into the group and offer him the last available bunk.

If you’ve got any ideas to help me flesh-out the au, I’d love to hear ‘em!

And now, a bonus cinnamon roll Laurens showing off his sketchbook:

please ignore the complete lack of consistency or anatomy thx

So I saw Ghostbusters for the second time yesterday, and during the movie it occurred to me that while yes, Kevin’s supposed to be the male equivalent of the dim yet beautiful women secretaries in numerous movies, he’s actually given a lot more respect than those women were. 

First of all, he isn’t a romantic trophy for anyone at the end. Even Erin, who has a crush on him, doesn’t get together with him at the end. The Ghostbusters happy ending is that they save the city and get to keep doing their job. Kevin’s happy ending is that he continues to work at a job he loves, as a member of the Ghostbuster team.

Second, Kevin isn’t hired on his looks. It’s clear Erin has a moment where she wants to hire him for that, but in the end she says that they should hire the best qualified candidate. Abby is the one who says they need to give Kevin a try, because he is the only candidate they have.

Third, Kevin is actually truly important to the Ghostbusters. This is especially true to Abby and Patty (who show throughout the movie that they are not attracted to Kevin at all). Abby gets visibly upset when Kevin is possessed, telling Rowan “Not Kevin!” and Patty gets furious when Rowan leaves Kevin’s body, causing him to nearly plummet to his death. “Nobody hurts Kevin man! NOBODY!” Kevin isn’t just a guy they keep around because he’s a pretty face, he’s an important person to them. (Heck, they even let him continue to work at the Ghostbusters organization at the end even though they probably could get another - more competent - secretary.)

I mean, I’m not saying Kevin’s a revelation of a character or anything, but he is actually given more respect than the women he’s based on.  

Who wants to talk about polymachina soulmate marks? I’m a sucker for fics with soulmate marks, especially ones where people get more than one, and like there’s so many ways to spin in like, does the symbol represent the person? Is it their name? Is it the first thing they say to them? 

All the options are great, okay. I’ve seen the first two a bunch and I love them, but let me submit for consideration:

  • Vax with a big ‘NO’ on his back, just over his heart (it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s one of the first things to come out of his sister’s mouth)
  • Vex with ‘Mine’ written in the same spot in the same deep navy blue color (no one’s surprised, twins are often platonic soulmates, and it’s clear Vex and Vax are two halves of a whole)
  • But they have other words too
  • There’s a rich purple ‘well hello to you too’ running down Vax’s side (and somehow when Gilmore says it, it sounds exactly the way he always thought it would)
  • What makes less sense is the great gray handprint on his lower back and the magenta music notes curling around his arm
  • (It makes sense when Grog introduces himself with a smack to the chest that knocks Vax off his feet and Scanlan does so with a wordless melody)
  • The ‘oh, um, hi’ on the inside of his his left arm makes perfect sense when he meets Keyleth (what’s weird is the matching words they both share on the inside of the right that they don’t recognize until they meet Kashaw)
  • Vex and Vax share the same golden word running down their spine and Pike has their greetings wrapped around her wrists
  • Grog’s not sure what to make of his until he meets Pike. Goliath’s typically have imprints of hands, not words (she first reads out her own words that stretch across Grog’s shoulders almost like wings)
  • She laughs gently as she reads out ‘well aren’t you a big fella’ and ‘please don’t step on me’ 
  • He tries to sound out her words when Pike lets him see them. He does alright with the big ‘I’m so sorry’ on her shoulder (the ‘hello gorgeous’ on her right leg gives him a bit more trouble)
  • Sometimes he wishes his were words too, but that fades when he finds just where his hand fits (on Vax’s back, Vex’s waist, Keyleth’s shoulder, Percy’s leg, Scanlan’s ass) 
  • Pike’s always liked the big gray hand that covers one of her own, it’s her favorite (the neat scrawl in celestial on the side of her neck is a close second)
  • It’s a shock to Percy that he seems to be covered in words, a ‘hey there handsome’ across his lower back and a matching ‘are you alright, darling’ over his chest, and a long rambling string of words in red that covers most of his back 
  • He’s never sure just when the words on his back turned gray, but he notices when the matching red on Keyleth’s arm fades just the same
  • Keyleth loves her words, they’re a rainbow on her skin (the deep gray handprint and dark brown words on her right arm give her pause, but she comes to love them just the same)
  • Her fingers like to trace the golden greeting on her clavicle and the ‘you poor dear’ on the back of her hand in vibrant teal
  • She used to love the bright, almost glittering ramble that ran down her arms (it feels like a part of her rips away when the letters fade and grow dull)
  • But it hurts less after a while, the words become a sad memory, but at least she always has a piece of him on her skin. If she closes her eyes, she can almost hear the wind whisper the words to her

I just really like these kinds of aus, might do more like this later. But I would also love to see what other people prefer in terms of what the marks are. I’ve seen a bunch of fics with this au and they’ve all been amazing, and I think there’s always room for more!

Youth | Pt. 2

I hope you’re enjoying this so far :) I want you to connect with some of the other members, so there isn’t a lot of Yoongi in this chapter, sorry! Next chapter shall have plenty of Yoongi x Reader :) - Hana

Focus: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Genre: Fluff, Angst, College!au, Gang!au

Summary: A gang of delinquents go to your university. After your first encounter, things have been a crazy ride.

Warnings: Light alcohol and drug mentions, swearing.

A/N: Also there are no love triangles in this, so ya’ll can relax in case you get the wrong idea hahahahah

TrailerPt. 1

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ok even though nobody asked I’m still gonna say why I think Jyn is Asian because it’s important to me. When I first heard of the character, before I knew anything about the film, I was so excited because Jyn sounds just like a traditional Chinese surname, Jin, which is also one of my names. I hoped I could relate to her more than Leia, a morally clear princess as in actual space royalty, destined to be a hero. Jyn was supposed to be a person raised from the ground up whose path was divided between submission and a tough fight against oppression.

After I saw the film, this became even more important to me. I loved all the diverse male leads, but it really let me down as a woman. I couldn’t relate to a white actress from Britain, a country that colonized and oppressed half the world, telling us a story about parents sacrificing themselves to a corrupt organisation in hopes of a better future for their child. Not to go too into it, but china sucked while my parents were growing up, and it still sucks pretty badly. It’s even worse in other Asian colonized nations, which is why Jyn could be from any of them as well. Jyn’s story is not a white story. Her story could have been so much richer if played by an actress of Asian descent.

Possible plot lines for Dragon Age 4

A Second Qunari War: It’s been hinted since Origins. Sten’s straight-up statement that one day the Qunari would invade Thedas again. The Arishok’s dying promise that one day the Qunari would return. Iron Bull’s 100% confidence that one day his people would attempt to conquer Thedas. We all know that the Qunari want to conquer all of Thedas and are more than capable of doing so, especially after centuries of isolation in which to plan.

The Tevinter Slave Rebellions: Dorian made it quite clear that he wants The Imperium to change. When he first moved into Haven he stated that he, to a degree, condoned slavery but a lot happened after that. His opinion must have changed, his must want to change his homeland in more ways than just the politics. And then there’s Fenris. His time with Hawke changed him. He’s grown. He’s the kind of person who wants to bring about change. The type who’d start a rebellion.

Grey Warden Civil War: According to the epilogue of Inquisition, the southern Wardens have broken off relations with Weisshaupt and there are rumours of a civil war brewing between the Wardens.

The Ancient Magisters: Coypheus was one, The Architect perhaps a second. Surely there must be more.

A Double Blight: There are two Old Gods still alive: Razikel and Lucasen. That means two more possible Blights. Coincidentally, there’s been rumours ever since DA2 of a Blight in The Anderfels. Three or four Wardens managed to stop the Fifth Blight and there are over a thousand Wardens in The Anderfels. So what could be the problem? Well, like I said, two Old Gods remain. What’s to say both can’t rise as Archdemons at the same time?

The Return of the Elven Gods: Mythal lives, Flemeth as her host. Fen'Harel has been alive this whole time. This all points to something much larger than just an old witch and an elven Somniari causing trouble. ‘Our gods saw him as a brother, and they trusted him when he said that they must keep to the heavens while he arranged a truce’. Fen'Harel allegedly sealed the elven gods in 'the heavens’. Last time I looked, the heavens were a little… worse for wear. So Corypheus says The Maker doesn’t live inside The Black City? Well someone has to and if me and my friends were banished to 'the heavens’, we’d move into the nice big castle there for us. The Inquisitor can patch up the hole in the sky all they like but I’m sure there’s still room to squeeze through.

Dragon Apocalypse: According to Yavana, the dragons have a queen. That implies some form of organisation. Centuries ago dragons were hunted nearly to extinction, then one appears out of the blue during the Fereldan Rebellion, and now suddenly there are thousands of High Dragons scattered all across Thedas? A little too rapid an expansion for me to believe it was entirely natural. Besides, what better finale storyline for a game called Dragon Age?


So why isn’t 1-2 Switch a WarioWare game? ⊟

It looks like one. You do simple, quick actions in a variety of minigames. It could easily have been WarioWare Conned or something. But – and to be clear, this is all speculation, since I didn’t interview anyone or anything like that – I think 1-2 Switch is its own thing because Nintendo is once again aiming out into the Blue Ocean.

“WarioWare” carries just a bit of baggage – first, you have to be familiar with Mario, then know that there’s this asshole version of him, then understand that greedy asshole Mario started a game company, therefore the games are short. Okay, got it, grandpa?

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Hello to everyone who is reading this,

I understand that a lot of you have continued to wait for me to write, and I’m sincerely sorry to everyone who sent in requests - I still have 30 requests to finish, and there’s probably 2 out of them drafted.

I am going to clear out my inbox because you don’t deserve to wait for requests that were meant to be done last year, so if you are one of the ones who requested, you have the right to be angry at me.

In all honesty however… I have started to lose my love for writing and working on this blog. 

I never thought that this blog would start to grow, especially when I first created it back in July, a couple of weeks after Mystic Messenger was released.

But then, time passed and suddenly I found myself starting to continuously stress out. I edited my writing a lot more, checking constantly to the point where if there was one mistake - I would delete everything and start over.

The ideas that I used to have when writing or doing requests went blank, and I would sit at my table for an hour to try to write something, anything. My negativity was reaching it’s maximum, and I believed that I wasn’t good enough to write.

That was when I decided to distance myself from writing and working on the blog. I stopped playing Mystic Messenger and distanced myself from the fandom, because every time I thought about it - I thought back to the blog, and all the requests that I couldn’t write.

I feel really guilty for it, and I don’t know if I can make it up to everyone. I can’t find the love I had to write right now, and it’s killing me on the inside.

So I… am going to be M.I.A. for a while, a month to say the least, because I don’t want to start to hate writing, or Mystic Messenger.

Please understand that it’s for the best, because I would rather go on hiatus once again and write later, than to go on hiatus forever - because at one point, I really, truly wanted to out of the guilt.

Thank you to everyone who read up to this point.

- Admin Trin.

“Can I request headcanons on how the guys propose to their s/o?” - Anon

This one is an ask from the old blog, so if your ask is in the current inbox, please be patient as we’re trying to clear out the old one first!!!

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Mother Russia? More like Mother Hen, Amirite?

[Headcannon that one of the first things Bucky remembers in his recovery is taking care of others. He probably adopts Jane Foster. Clint Barton probably constantly finds himself receiving first aid from the Winter Soldier. Sam bundled up in a lot of jackets, scarves, and gloves on missions in cold places because Bucky’s worried.]

The Asset is restless.

He has been out of cryogenic stasis for three months, two weeks, and seven days. His new handler—old mission (incomplete), Man on The Bridge, Stevie—has not given him a mission. The Asset waits and trains. He maintains optimum functionality.

The inhabitants of the tower steer clear of him. The Asset is not negatively affected by this and so does not rectify it.

One day a woman knocks on the apartment door. 1.6 meters tall, approximately 55 kilograms, Caucasian, brunette, brown eyes. Anxious. It recognizes her as Doctor Jane Foster, the astrophysicist, high profile target.

Not a threat.

“Hey,” she says, addressing the Asset directly, “is Steve here?”

The Asset shakes his head, negative. Dr. Foster sighs.

“Damn. Alright, look.” He is. “I have to get to work—I am so close to a break-through—but my assistant, Darcy, is sick. She’s my friend and I really don’t want to leave her alone. She’s showing symptoms of a cold and I would really appreciate it if someone could take care of her. Could you check on her for me?”

The Asset tilts his head, considering. He has no mission. Dr. Foster has presented him with one. The handler is not here to say otherwise.

“Mission accepted.”

The doctor gives him a weird look.

“O-okay…thanks.” She leaves.

The Asset makes his way to Darcy Lewis’s apartment via the vents. He has determined that this is the most efficient and effective way of reaching his mission objective.

He drops into his mission’s living quarters and locates Darcy on the couch wrapped in a large comforter.

“WHAT THE SHIT.” She yells. Hoarsely. The Asset narrows his eyes. Her throat must be raw, most likely from coughing.

Darcy Lewis narrows her eyes right back at him. She sniffles. Fifteen seconds pass in silence.

“Can I help you?” Darcy snaps. The Asset shakes his head.

“Okay,” she says. Silence falls again.

The Asset has completed his mission. He has checked in on Darcy Lewis. He should return and make a mission report.

He does not.

Darcy Lewis takes a breath to say something else and immediately begins to cough. At the end of her coughing fit she groans, grasping her cranium with one hand.

“Ugh, my head.”

“You need proper care and rest,” the Asset says, moving towards her.

“Uh, wha—whoa! Dude!” Darcy grabs onto his shoulders as he picks her up, carrying her like a child through her apartment. He knows where her quarters are. He did reconnaissance on all the tower residents when he was first acquired by his new handler.

He lays Darcy Lewis in her bed and tucks her in. This was not part of mission parameters. He is deviating from the mission.

Darcy’s wide, fevered eyes look back at him from the bed. Her reactions are sluggish and clumsy. He furrows his brow. Reaching out with his left hand and placing it on her forehead.


“You have a fever of 38.3 degrees Celsius. You will remain in bed.”


The Asset has a strange sense of familiarity with this situation. He has done this before, he thinks. He does not feel as if he is deviating from his mission but rather…resuming his mission?

“Look, cyberbro. I appreciate the concern,” Darcy Lewis says, attempting to sit up, “but I have wo—,”

“You will remain in bed,” the Asset repeats firmly. He gives her a menacing look. She stares at him a moment before reclining again.

“You know what? I think I’ll just stay in bed.” She says. He nods approvingly.

When she begins to cough again the Asset goes looking for medicine. He makes sure she takes it even when she makes a face at it. It reminds him of someone else. It reminds him of—

(“Drink the damn medicine, Steve.”

“Ah, come on, Buck. It’s not that bad,” Steve makes a face.

“No, but knowing you it’ll probably get worse. Now, drink the damn medicine, ya dumb punk.”

“Yeah, yeah ya jerk.”)

She falls asleep soon after this. He monitors her temperature and her breathing. When she wakes up she will need fluids and nutrients. He places an unopened water bottle on her bedside table and moves into her kitchen to make soup. He thinks that cooking was probably not part of the skill set his previous handlers taught him but he knows it anyway.

When she wakes he places the soup in front of her and makes sure she eats as much of it as she’s able. He watches her drink most of the water bottle. When she’s finished he makes her take more medicine. He goes to clear the soup bowl as she’s falling asleep. Before he can get too far he feels a tug on his shirt. He turns to find her smiling at him.

“Thanks,” she slurs as her eyes slip shut.

(Steve grabs his wrist before he can move too far away from their rickety, second-hand bed.

“Thanks, Buck,” he says smiling, “really. Don’t know what I’d do without you.”)

A sense of pride fills him. Satisfaction at a mission well done. But more than that there is a sense of warmth…almost—but not quite—foreign. The feeling is positive. The Asset will continue to be in contact with and care for Darcy Lewis.

A few days later when Sam gets the same bug, he screams as Bucky drops into his room from the ceiling.

Let’s face it, I’m bound to write this sooner or later….

BNHA Boys when you’re addicted to Mystic Messengers

Midoriya, the poor boy, at first thinks you’re cheating for real and his insecurity bumps up a few notches as he tries to not complain about it, lest you find him more unreliable and plain compared to the fictional Korean boys you’re seeing. You’ll have to be the one who realizes this (and if not, prepare to be lectured by his loyal friends) and console the poor boy, gives him lots of reassurance and kisses, so he will go back to the normal, precious Izuku.

Bakugou is disinterested at first but when you start to gush about how cute Yoosung is and how attractive Zen’s voice is, he flips out and ‘accidentally’ destroys your phone. He’s made it clear that so long you’re in relationship with him, you’re not allowed to look at anyone else, not even fictional boys. Dork keeps his I-am-calm front when you confront him however, and denies the notion that he was being jealous. He was most definitely not. He was and it’s your fault.

Todoroki thinks it’s an amusing game and just kind of watches you play quietly. This boy even listens to you as you ramble on how cool Jimin is (he does feel this weird constricting feeling whenever you do, but you look so happy and he likes seeing you happy so he says nothing). He doesn’t really mind, afterall those guys are fictional and you had said you’d pick him over them. Shouto trusts you. It’s when you start getting up on 3am to go to chatroom, loses sleeping hours over the game, and starts spending money irresponsibly for hourglasses and calling card to the point that you starve in result, that he decides you need to stop.

Kaminari literally sits down beside you and gives you advice on which replies to choose from. (It’s a personal hc of mine that he’s quite a gamer and he probably plays galge at a point in time.) He’s got the walkthrough of the game and would probably continue to persuade you to choose the amusing replies (like those ones that breaks the fourth wall), just for fun. He does get a little jealous whenever you talk about your favorite boy, and he would probably retaliate by getting into a galge and starts to fanboy about his bae in front of you. Whelp.

Kirishima doesn’t like it and tries to get you out of your fangirling state as soon as Day 1 starts. If it doesn’t work, he continues to point out the fault of the characters and hopes that you open your eyes, drop the game, and focus back on him, the REAL boyfriend. In the end he tells you outright that he doesn’t like the thought of you getting closer with an AI designed to woo you. Either you manage to convince him that you’re playing it just for fun, or you should just delete the app and cut the boy some slack.

Shinsou observes you quietly as you play the game, but he’s actually deeply hurt by how absorbed you are in the game. He doesn’t mind the actual content of the game, actually. He’s even impressed at your dedication to keep coming to the chatroom on time. It’s just that, as your boyfriend, it hurts to see that you’d rather play it than spending your time with him. Seeing how excited you are to receive messages and calls and such, he amplifies the frequency of his texts and goes full mile on 'have you eaten?’ and 'good night’ type of texts.

anonymous asked:

Where in the anime was there more fan service than in the manga? I'm referring to one of the recent questions. I've watched the anime and read some of the manga but I didn't see a major difference. Perhaps it was subtle and I didn't notice it.

I guess I should first say I’m not entirely sure what counts as fanservice in an anime (vs. a stylistic change), and when I thought about this later, I realized I just mostly never got over how Yosano’s ability was introduced in the anime vs the manga. >.>

Because of her tone and apparent need to take off her shirt, some anime-only fans were led to assume she was sleeping with the ADA to heal them and it wasn’t really cleared up until episodes later. I also felt the anime played up the Tanizaki’s relationship more, but I  haven’t re-read a lot of the early chapters recently, so I could be downplaying what was in the manga in my memories. ^^;; And there was the need to have everyone (but especially Atsushi) end up in that ass-up pose consistently – which I suppose might not count as fanservice, but still seemed like a surprising trend to introduce that helped change the tone of the anime from the manga (for better or worse - obviously it’s subjective).

anonymous asked:

sorry i just. don't get it. how is it that when link chose the 14th over allen is ok and link is seen as someone who's suffering and going through amazing character development, but when cross does the same he's some irredeemable piece of abusive shit who never loved allen and only used him for his own selfish purposes? they're basically doing the same thing but the fandom's reaction wildly differs between the two :U

This is one I actually feel is justified, so let me explain~

Link is twenty. A lot of people didn’t realize this at first, I think - since in the early days of popular pieshipping some people were screaming ‘pedophilia!’ - but it’s much more common knowledge now. And because he’s young, it’s understood that he makes mistakes. Also because he’s young (and because Cross is a secretive ass) he’s been much more outwardly clear about his internal conflict, as opposed to Cross, who doesn’t tell anyone shit, including the readers. Finally, being the same age as Allen, he was never actually accountable for Allen’s wellbeing; that’s a task that he, to a certain degree, took upon himself, but it was never his responsibility.

Cross is at least fifty, so he’s had time to grow into himself, and he was, as Allen’s guardian, personally responsible for his wellbeing. Thus his betrayal of Allen is far worse than Link’s, who has no obligation to Allen save what he took simply because he liked him. He’s also far more private about his feelings, so unless you’re looking for it, you won’t see the hints that he cares for Allen; his conflict isn’t shoved in your face the same ways Link’s has been. Finally, unlike with Link, we don’t know precisely why Cross made the choices he has; Hoshino has been very vague about it so far, and so we can’t properly judge the ‘purity’ of his motives. Link, on the other hand, quite clearly has made the choices he has because of how important Leverrier is to him.

Now, I’m not saying that I agree with the ‘abusive piece of shit’ characterization of Cross - I assume you know that, since you came here with this - but Cross definitely did fuck up infinitely more than Link did.

I just watched the whole season of degrassi next class and I’m so happy about how it all went!

I still don’t quite forgive Miles for the cheating on Tristan but I guess Lola was just his hope and I’m happy he made it clear he loved Tristan and wants to be with him! We have to give him some rest though he’s been through a lot and I’m happy how it turned out! It was far better than I expected!

The rest of the story lines were amazing as well! I mean the Maya depression one, really mindblowing! Great job of the writers and of course Olivia! Because honestly that must’ve been though to play! But she did great!

That ending though :O Not really over it!

Also Zoe, she was incredible this season, even though I just hoped seeing her by Tristans side a little more (on-screen) and maybe even her telling him about the girl she’s in love with!

The casting was incredible and this is I think the first season from Degrassi where I watched all the storylines! I have to admit that I’m still not a big fan of Lola but her handling the abortion the way she did, that was really brave. I just hope she will move on from Miles and find someone who suits her perfectly, because I think that is what she needs and deserves. 

And Esme and Zig, well I thought they would be a Toxic couple but I mean it could’ve been worse and I mean they seem to get along and match, and I just hope neither of them screws up (but this is degrassi so they probably will :) )

So this were just my thoughts, I had to write them down because honestly I’m so happy season 3 turned out better than I thought! I had really low expectation to be honest!

I missed Tristan being him though, I mean Lyle was also so amazing to watch and seeing his role being really small and difficult (because it must’ve been frustrating to act such a scene) I hope to see more of him in the next season and his relationship develop.


“Due” vs. “Do” Dates

I figured I would share this quick idea I came up with. This semester I have a lot of regularly due assignments. At first, it was super overwhelming. I felt like I wasn’t capable of getting everything done since it was always all due on Wednesday (as shown above). It caused me a lot of anxiety. So to mend this problem, I made this little chart that shows due dates at the top, and “do” dates at the bottom. Turns out, I have plenty of time to get it all done if I schedule it right! Simply scheduling it out made me feel so much more secure.

I made mine as a quick table in Word and printed it out to place in the clear front pocket of my notes binder, along with some guidelines on how to organize myself for each class. It’s color-coded by class. You could make something fancier, if you like. If you have one, put it in your bullet journal!

Having this table just gives me one less thing to think about each week, because I already know when I need to get things done. That means less time spent scheduling, more time spent doing! Other assignments are added into my weekly planner as they come up.

Dear Outsiders Fandom,

I am writing an Outsiders musical.

No, seriously.

Really, I am.

Some of the songs so far are:

Opening number (doesn’t have a name yet) 

The Nightly Double

Dallas Winston

Things Are Rough All Over

Crashing Down

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Soda’s Letter

Things Are Rough All Over {reprise}

Stay Gold

Dally’s Death (I don’t have a better name yet)

Stay Gold {reprise}

Closing Number (again, I don’t have a name yet)

Also, songs about certain characters that I don’t know where they will go yet. 

And those are just the one’s I have a clear idea of. There’s a whole lot more coming. Think the kind of musical that’s told like two-thirds through singing. 

So, anyway, I’ll hopefully be able to record some of the songs and put them on here as audio posts. 

Thank you for your time :)


First-time Musical Writer