this one is ;-;

me, waking up in a cold sweat at 2am: i need to make a screenshot gay

or in which lance is the best Sharpshooter and his boyfriend is rightfully absolutely smitten

but the fact that robert always is the one to give aaron forehead kisses makes me so emotional because that small gesture proves how much he wants to protect him

for me, a forehead kiss is the embodiment of ‘I’ll keep you safe and I’ll take care of you because we’re in this together" and it makes me so emotional

who would have EVER thought that robert sugden from 2014 who denied his sexuality and wanted to act as if there was nothing going on between him and aaron would give aaron the softest of kisses the forehead kiss to show him how loved and protected he is


A rare Paul Poiret ensemble for his famous One Thousand and Second Night party, 10th January 1914

Fuchsia velvet harem pants with attached nude organza bodice richly overlaid with bands of Russian silver bobbin lace, with pearl beaded ankle bands; worn under a cloth of silver tunic with long trained hem, raised fuchsia velvet botehs embroidered in silver thread and seed pearls to the chest closure, entirely edged in large pearl beads; the elaborate conical cloth of gold headdress adorned with emerald and sapphire ‘jewelled’ medallions, with wing-shaped wired silver lace side panels and earring-like pearl droplets to each side, topped by ostrich plumes

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