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“I always told myself that when I reached a certain point in life, I’d get a dog. I thought maybe when I get my own home. Or when I’m more settled. But that point never seemed to come. So I decided to go ahead and adopt. The majority of the dogs at the pound were pit bulls. I originally wanted a younger dog, but this one had a red card on her cage, which meant that she was going to be euthanized. She was emaciated and had kennel cough. But when I reached out my hand, she licked it. I named her ‘Adidas’ because I wanted a running partner. But that dream ended pretty early. All she wants to do is hug and kiss and lay on you. She doesn’t care who you are. If she senses that you’re the least bit receptive to her, she’s coming right toward you. Just a few minutes ago she jumped into somebody’s wheelchair. It’s made me more of a people person. I’m always having to explain to people why she’s trying to kiss them.”


i made another one because reason

How To: Bless an Object

Here are multiple methods of blessings objects, feel free to add your own, and I’ll credit you! 

#1: Simply Meditate: 

The method I favour is to infuse the object with my personal energy whilst meditating. You infuse it with love, with the intentions you have if it and so on. I hold the object in my hands of between my legs as I meditate and focus it there. 

#2: Smoke: 

Simply pass the objects through the smoke of an incense for a few minutes. Look into each properties of incenses to better use them. Practical for paper or parchment. 

#3: Anointment: 

Anoint the object with either a mix of essential oils (or one single one), a herbal brew (either a tea made for those purposes or a mixture made for that.). You can do so by making a specific symbol while doing it, like drawing a pentagram with the oil.

#4: Burial: 

I’ve done it twice and it’s a powerful but lengthy process. Bury the object in a place that means a lot to you, I prefer doing it under a tree, and ask the earth to bless it. I left it six months, but do as you feel. You may draw a symbol on the earth where you buried it. 

#5: The Moon:

On a full moon, ask the moon to bless the object and leave it on the window sill, under the moonlight. 

#6: Music:

Use a singing bowl, or bells or instruments to really soak your object with the blessing. Or sing yourself, words of blessings or just humming. High notes heal and bring about a higher vibration. 

#7: Crystals:

Make a grid of crystals around the object and the the crystals bless it. Most commonly used would be crystal quartz.

#8: A Spell
There is an infinity of blessing spells out there. Find the one that suits you best. 

But most importantly, while doing any of these or you own techniques, remember to:
State your intent. Your words are a vibration that will begin to bless the object before you even start anything.
b) Get yourself in a calm state of mind. I don’t see the point of having a big get up for a simple spell (big rituals, yes, but one spell, no.), so without necessarily casting a circle, lighting 20 candles and and surrounding yourself with salt, just meditate a bit, calm your mind. Because you will also be blessing it with your own energy, even if you ask for the help of a deity.
c) Use your own energy. That’s your most powerful tool. More than anything else. You are the most powerful tool in witchcraft.

Feel free to share your experiences with me by tagging me or adding to this post! 

Joker Imagine - ignorant

Anonymous said:Could you do a imagine where the joker hasn’t been paying a lot of attention to you and someone guy becomes obsessed with you making joker get jealous and overprotective

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Your P.O.V.

 J was sitting in his office with Frost and a new businessman I hadn’t seen before. They were planning something that I wasn’t allowed to know anything about which sucked because I was bored. He had been literally ignoring me for the past few days and I hated it. So since it was night I got dressed in a short sexy dress, I made myself pretty and left the penthouse with my favourite golden heels that matched the black dress. J could stay in alone since he obviously managed well without me.

It took a couple minutes the reach a club that was packed with people. I was allowed to the VIP area since I was J’s girl and that made me happy. I managed to take one drink until I noticed that some guy was watching me. First I thought he was just checking me out, but he was literally just staring at me. The guy had black clothes and sunglasses on. I could only see his mouth and his brown hair.

Well I could protect myself so I didn’t think too much about it. Some girls were dancing on the dance floor and I just randomly joined them, hoping that they wouldn’t run off. I felt free and I really swung my hips along the loud the music, feeling so happy for a change. The girls were blinded by the lights and alcohol so they accepted me into their little group and we were dancing like wild animals.

But then the stalker came closer. He took photos of me and made me a little uncomfortable .What the fuck was wrong with that guy

‘’Come on girl! You should step up!’’ One of the girls I danced with poked my back and nodded at the small stage where we had dance offs. It was empty and the lights shone on it. Yes! So I chirped happily and climbed on the stage, feeling dozens of eyes on me. Another girl with a red dress climbed to the stage and we stepped into the transparent booth to dance. She’ll regret this so much.

                             A few days later I was just casually making something to eat in the penthouse. Ever since I saw this guy at the club, he had been following me around Gotham. Next time I’d kill him. The worst thing was that J had been so busy with his criminal job that he kept ignoring me. He hadn’t even had sex for two weeks which was strange. So I hadn’t bothered him by telling him about the stalker. It’s like the guy was obsessed with me. He always took photos and the next second he was gone. It really started to creep me out.

What if he was watching me right now?

The doorbell rang and I sighed. I left the bread on the table and hurried to go and check who dared to come up to the penthouse. As I opened the door, I saw no one there. Instead I saw a box of the ground. It was blue. I checked the hallway and even the elevator until I grabbed it and took it inside. I looked at the small box curiously as I headed back to the kitchen. It gave me a bad feeling in my gut. 

I placed it on the kitchen island and opened it carefully. I saw polaroid photos and a letter. I picked one up and felt disgusted when I saw what the photos were.

They were all of me.

I gulped as I looked through the photos that had been taken secretly. One had even been taken of me in a public bathroom where I added more lipstick on. My hands started trembling and I didn’t even dare to open the letter. I had to tell J. Hopefully he wouldn’t find me lame, but I was scared.

Nervously I knocked on his brown office door and waited until someone opened it. Frost stood in front of me and I just walked in without asking. J gave me an angry glare and his businessmen shut up. ‘’Y/N what’s so important that you have to interrupt this?’’ He sighed and leaned his head in his hand tiredly. His fingers were in his green hair and I knew he was pissed.

‘’There’s something you should see’’I  tried to tell him as calmly as I could. ‘’Yeah yeah..I’ll be there later’’ He muttered  and tried to get back to the meeting. His ignorance was kinda pissing me off now. ‘’No. You’re coming now’’ I growled and kept a straight face. His icy eyes looked at me angrily and he hated that I talked to him like this in front of those guys.

He stood up and walked to me with a dark look. ‘’I’ll be there soon’’ He excused himself and yanked me out of his office. I mumbled in pain but he forced me to follow him to the hall. ‘’What the fuck was that?’’ He whisper-yelled in my face with hatred in his eyes. My body started to tremble because I had been holding so many things in. ‘’Someone’s stalking me J..He follows me everywhere and now I got a box of photos of me and a letter’’ I spilled it out with a small voice.The anger faded from his eyes and I could see that he grew a little worried.

‘’How long has this been going on?’’ He asked me and then followed me to the kitchen. ‘’I don’t know..a few days’’ I let him know and then let him take a look at the box. He opened the letter and I waited anxiously as he read it. His grip on the paper got tighter and he clenched his jaw, letting me know it made him angry again.

‘’Who the fuck is this guy?’’ He growled and threw the letter on the floor. I shrugged nervously because I didn’t know. ‘’You’re mine..Damn Y/N. Did you read that?’’ He asked me and pointed at the white letter. ‘’No..’’ I whispered and suddenly felt a tear stinging my eyes. I couldn’t let them fall now.

‘’Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’’ He questioned me while looking through the photos. His irises were large and he was breathing raspily. He was obviously holding himself back from going out and shooting whoever he saw. ‘’I thought you wouldn’t care’’ I admitted quietly and rubbed my knee nervously. J turned to look at me silently. I wasn’t sure what he was thinking.

‘’Well of course I care..’’ He started, but I cut him off. ‘’No. You’ve been ignoring me for the past two weeks J! This stalker has given me more attention than you’’ I spat a little angrily and stood up. His red lips parted and he seemed surprised at my outburst. ‘’Hey that’s not cool doll. You know you’re my girl, right?’’ He groaned and then walked closer to me. He seemed jealous. I just crossed my arms and bit my cheek so I would shut up.

‘’I won’t let that idiot hurt you. We’ll find out who it is and kill him, okay?’’ He tried to make a deal. Our eyes met and something about him made my heart swell. ‘’Fine’’ I sighed and then hugged him. J wasn’t usually the type of guy to hug, but he hugged me back. His scent made me feel home and safe. His arms held me so tightly, yet gently that I was allowed to relax a bit. ‘’I won’t let anyone hurt my princess’’ 


Little One

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Word count: 2114

Imagine: being Damon and Stefan’s little sister and having to tell them you are dating Kol Mikaelson.

Being a Salvatore had its perks and, mostly, it was great to have caring and loving siblings. Of course, as you were the younger one and a girl, Damon and Stefan felt like you were, somehow, weaker than them and needed their full protection on every decision you made. Those kind of thoughts annoyed you deeply and it was exactly what drove you to run away from them, disappearing for a few decades. It was for your own sake and you did not regret it for one minute.

“So, mind to tell us where the heck were you last night?” Damon asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Out with a friend.”

“Y/N, you know it’s dangerous out there, especially with the Originals in town.” Stefan reasoned with you.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine and I’m surely not scared of them.”

Your brothers did not know, but you had met the Mikaelsons years ago and grew very close to them, especially to the younger one: Kol Mikaelson. You and him dated for awhile, enjoying the pleasures of being wild vampires in the twist of the millennium. It was a brief relationship, though. He disappeared without any explanation and left you heartbroken.

“You should.”

“Don’t worry about me, sweethearts.” You laughed. “Now I’ll go upstairs and shower. Do not disturb me, okay?”

“When did you become so bossy?”

“My brother taught me so when I was little girl.” You yelled, in the way to your room, hearing Stefan laugh downstairs.

Soon enough you arrived your destination, rushing to open the curtains and admire the gorgeous day outside. Bright sun, white clouds, the whole scene got you wishing to put on a bikini and go swimming. But, as you were at Mystic Falls, that would not be possible. A sigh came out of your lips as the realisation you missed your travels hit you. Shaking your head, you undressed quickly, leaving a small pile of clothes on the floor.

At the bathroom, you put together a great shower.

“Damn it, Damon.” You rolled your eyes, noticing one of your bath salts was gone.

Having no other choice, you shrugged and entered the tub. The water was so warm and cosy it made you close your eyes, smiling. After the long night you had, that was exactly what you needed to unwind.

The minute you closed your eyes, you could not help but think about Kol. It was funny how you thought you would never see him again and, somehow, he was undaggered by Niklaus the same time you got back to Mystic Falls. Sure it could not be a coincidence.

[Over 100 years ago]

“So, Mary, are you sure this party is safe?”

“Yes! I’ve told you that a million times. One of my friends, Elijah, invited me over, I asked if you could come and he said yes.”

“Why do I feel you’re not telling me everything?”

“Come on, Y/N! Let’s go! You get to meet pretty guys and drink fresh blood, that ought be good.”

You bit your lower lip, analysing the situation and finally agreeing to go, nodding your head slightly. Mary smiled and let out a girlish shout, which made you giggle.

“By the way, you look stunning in that dress.”

“Don’t make me blush or I might regret going to this party thing.”

Mary only rolled her eyes, the smirk never leaving her lips, and grabbed your hand, pulling you inside the vehicle. For your best friend, life was an endless festivity, you just had to jump in it and enjoy. As for that evening, you decided to go along with her beliefs.

{later that night}

“This is such a bore, Mary. You never told me it was going to be ball.”

The family who owned that place was, surely, very rich. The room had a very unique decoration, featuring light coloured walls, expensive furniture and a bunch of things you did not care to pay attention to. Actually, the only thing that caught your eye was a very handsome guy, who insisted on flirt with you through looks. However, he did not dare to come around and talk to you.

“Look, stay just a little bit longer and then you’re free to go, all right?”

“Okay.” You nodded. “I’ll go outside, to catch some air. It won’t take long.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll see you later.”

You went up, searching for some sort of balcony. Although it was a clear night with a bright moon shining, the wind kept howling. These kind of moments reminded you so much of your brothers, how they would tuck you in bed and sing a lullaby, so you would sleep peacefully. Especially Damon. You and him were immensely close siblings.

“Well, what are you doing all by yourself here, love?”

“I guess this is not my kind of party, so I sneaked out.” You answered the stranger, without looking at him.

“I saw you with Mary. Are you friends with her?”

“Yeah, she has been my friend for a few years now.” You replied, staring firmly at the moon. “How do you know her?”

“She’s sort of a family friend.”

“Elijah is a relative of yours?”

“My brother.”

You glanced over your shoulder, curious of what that man would look like. For your surprise, you recognised the devilish smirk and the eyes filled with mischief. He walked towards you slowly, letting you assume he was a huge teaser. His warm touch got your shoulders and you could not help but shudder under it.

“I believe I haven’t gotten your name.”

“Kol Mikaelson, at your service.” He kissed your hand, as a way to display courtesy. “Yours is?”

“Y/N Salvatore.”

“Now what do you say we ditch this party and go out to have some fun?”

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“Who is the chosen one”
sculpted & painted by Alfonso Giraldes Banshee.
The project was made with Diego Esteban and a collaboration with Fausto G. for the World Expo 2011 in switzerland.
Size 75 mm
Source Putty and paint.

I can’t find words to desrcibe it. Really. I wil just stare at these pictures and meditate a few minutes…

One of my cutest memories from KCON was when Hoshi went up to introduce himself and he yelled “what time is it now” and we all wanted to be really supportive of him but none of us knew the exact answer, like some people shouted “10:10” and some people shouted it in Korean and I’m pretty sure a few people said “10 hour 10 minute” so it just was an incomprehensible garble but it was super cute that he wanted to interact with the international fans just as much

Sitting next to J-Hope on a flight-

AGAIN, so sorry this one took so long! But anyway, here it is!😇


Your dad had always taught you to arrive early for your flight. ‘Always get to the airport 3 hours before your flight, you never know what delays you might face!’ His words tumbled round in your head as you made your way to your seat on the plane. You were one of the first passengers onboard, as always.

After a few moments of rummaging around in your bag you pulled out your phone and ear phones before settling down and staring out of your window. A few minutes later you were startled as you felt a weight drop into the seat beside you. ‘Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you!’ The male voice said as you pulled an earphone out and turned round to put a face to the voice.

You simply blinked when you saw the person who had taken the seat beside you. 'So it looks like you’re stuck with me for company on this 11 hour flight… I’m Hobi!’

You nodded at him and cleared your throat. 'Oh I know who you are…’ You replied, 'I’m Y/N.’ He smiled at your words.

'Don’t worry I’m not going to scream and fangirl…’ You joked, looking past him and observing the rest of the Bangtan Boys sitting in the seats in front of and behind you.

Hobi relaxed back into his seat. 'I don’t mind you fangirling as long as you only fangirl over me and not the others.’ He smiled before leaning his head back.

You let out a laugh before placing your earphone back in, 'I’ll bare that in mind…’ you replied before turning your head back to the window and watching as the plane took off.

Half an hour had passed before Hobi spoke to you again. You had just pulled out some papers for work that you had to look over. 'Ooo that looks boring!’ You looked to your right to see his head hovering by your shoulder.

'Yeah well the life of a teacher isn’t exactly exciting when compared to a globe-trotting KPop star…’ You replied with a smile on your face.

Hobi was completely right, marking students work was boring, but you loved being a teacher and it had to be done. 'Oh so you’re a teacher? You must have a really big brain in there…’

You looked up from your papers to see him smiling at you. 'Yeah, I teach English in a few schools in Gangnam…’ You replied.

'Oh so are you returning to Korea after some time at home?’ He asked, seeming genuinely interested.

'Yeah, the school has a 4 week break so I figured I’d come home for 3…’ You replied.

Hobi watched as you started to mark your students work, leaving comments for improvement in Hangul. He leaned over your shoulder again, 'Wow… you know Hangul too, you really do have a big brain in there!’ You couldn’t help but smile at how friendly and complimentary he was.

Later into the flight you had started to doze off when you felt one of your ear phones being pulled out of your ear. You forced your eyes open and saw Hobi had placed it into his own ear. 'Good song choice…’

You realised you were listening to one of Bangtan’s songs. 'Yeah, I heard the boys behind the song are supposed to be nice as well…’ You replied with a sleepy smile on your face.

Hobi chuckled to himself at your response for a few moments before another head popped up from the seat in front. 'He’s not bothering you is he? Just tell me and I’ll make him leave you alone?’

You immediately recognised Jin. He gestured towards the earphones you were now sharing, 'Seriously you took her earphones?’

You laughed at Jin’s judging expression. 'No don’t worry he’s not bothering me!’ You replied with a smile.

Jin narrowed his eyes and shot Hobi a look. 'Hmm… okay, but I’ve got my eyes on you… I don’t know who’s idea it was to let him sit alone next to a girl…’ Jin sat back down and you struggled to hold in your laughter, so 'Eomma Jin’ strikes again.

Hobi noticed your giggling and poked you in your side. 'Are you laughing at me being told off by him?!’ He asked while continuing to poke you.

'It’s cute really it is…’ You laughed swatting his hands away.

Hobi managed to change the conversation by looking at his watch. 'Well it’s been a whole 8 hours and you’ve managed to keep your fangirling to a minimum!’

You rolled your eyes at his statement. 'Yeah well it would be a different story if I’d been sat next to… oh let’s say Namjoon.’ You joked smiling at Hobi.

He threw his head back at your words, 'Ouuuuuuch my heart!’ He groaned loudly.

Jin’s head popped back up over the seats again, 'Will you be quiet the whole plane can hear you? Is he bothering you? If he’s bothering you Namjoon will swap seats with him?’

You decided to continue humouring Hobi. 'Ooo! Namjoon? Yes please!’ You replied with a huge grin on your face.

'She’s joking Jin, she’s fine!’ Hobi replied pushing his head down while shaking his head at you.

You and Hobi continued to entertain each other for the rest of the flight and before you knew it you were back in Seoul. After the plane landed you began to gather your things together to leave the plane. Hobi was already up and stood beside his mates when you went to leave the plane.

You thought you’d caught your bag on an arm rest or something when you felt yourself tugged back. 'Hey wait a sec Y/N!’ You quickly realised you weren’t caught on anything, someone had grabbed your bag and pulled you back. Hobi was standing with an arm hooked through the strap of your bag.

'Wait before you go… Y/N would you like to maybe meet up when you’re settled back in? Maybe for dinner or something?’

You were completely shocked by his request, 'what like a date?’ You replied trying not to seem awkward.

'Only if you want it to be a date too?’ Hobi replied with smile. 'Sure of course, I’d love too,’

Hobi appeared to let out a little sigh of relief. 'Oh here…’ You said before handing him one of your business cards with your name and number on. 'And thanks for keeping me company today…’ You said before going to leave the plane.

'No, thank you for agreeing to keep me company again!’ He called after you as he saw you disappear through the aircraft doors.

All you wanted to do on your flight back to Seoul was to get ahead on your marking, but somehow you’d ended up getting yourself a date with Bangtan’s very own J-Hope…


Or: why I appreciate the newbies on Arrow

*Note: This is a bit of a ramble, but I get very little time on SM lately and have been wanting to put this out for a while. So between tasks I had a few minutes, so here it is.

I was having a discussion with @ireland1733 the other day about (what else?) Arrow. One of the things that came up with her, and I continually see with other fans online, is the marginalization of OTA and the strong push for new characters.

Now I have made no secret of the fact that I love Arrow for Oliver, Diggle, & Felicity. And I have such a soft spot for my fellow STEM geek. LOVING Dark!Felicity so far!

Part 1: A LOT of what I see on the show I have to suspend disbelief because it’s a show inspired by / based on COMIC BOOKS. Not a whole ton of reality is expected. But Arrow is different. Despite some questionable choices made last year that included magic, Arrow has managed to stay well-grounded in their storytelling. But these three are always around. WILL NO ONE EVER PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER? (see Professor McGonagall above)

Part 2: I am not a “and they lived happily-ever-after” girl. I want to see some of the “happily ever after”. If season 3 had been the last season, I’d have been PISSED.

So…onward to season 4 and the sweet wonderfulness of newly discovered bliss.

But as I’ve said before, I still wasn’t satisfied. The domestic life was not fulfilling for Felicity (no more slow cookers), and Oliver was still running - this time from the Green Arrow side of himself. So… they blew it up. IN THE WORST WAY  - but that’s another story.

Fast forward to now. We’re rebuilding (the angst is REAL folks) and it both hurts and feels good at the same time (it’s GOOD angst). Olicity has been shaken to it’s core, but the rebuild has started and the RECONCILIATION IS COMING - I’M SURE OF IT.

Now - to my point. Oliver, Diggle & Felicity are the heart, soul and core of Arrow. But let’s be real. Or as real as we can be. One day (maybe we’ll see it, maybe we won’t) there will be Olicity babies (y’all can debate how many @jbuffyangel - I’m content with one). And maybe another Digglette (I don’t know, maybe a girl this time? I mean, again, I mean - UGH Arrowverse :() But babies take time. Effort. Single-minded focus. Did I say they take time? How are these two beautiful families going to be able to enjoy the lives that they’ve wished for if they never get a break?


So I like the introduction of new characters. Do I miss Thea? ABSOLUTELY (and I’m hoping both that there’s a good explanation for her absence and that she gives EWR her comeuppance). I miss Roy.  But the new BC? Mr. Terrific? Wild Dog? I’m giving them a chance. Because of them, in time, OTA can be sitting on a beach somewhere toasting their friendship and good fortune, watching their children splash around in the surf, knowing Star City is in good hands.

Over the last few weeks a growing number of people have started wondering, “Is it possible the United States is heading for a new civil war?” Granted, most of those people are writers for sites like Russia Today or the Huffington Post, and thus slightly less credible than a handful of Bazooka Joe gum wrapper comics. But Donald Trump has made a few tinpot dictator-ish statements recently. And we did just see an anti-government militia get off scot-free for occupying a federal building and pooping just, everywhere

Every time I wanted to dismiss those headlines I thought about my visit to Ukraine last year, to cover their ongoing civil war. The most common sentence I heard was, “It’s like a bad dream.” Up to the minute the shooting started, almost no one thought civil war was a serious possibility.

So instead of waking up one day and screaming, “Holy shit, I can’t believe I didn’t take this possibility seriously,” I decided to take the possibility seriously. I talked to David Kilcullen, former Chief Strategist in the State Department’s Office of the Coordinator of Counterterrorism. He helped plan the successful “surge” in Iraq, and he’s seen a lot of civil wars in his time. He didn’t consider a new U.S. civil war likely … but he was also pretty damn far from ruling it out: “I think what we’re seeing now is, what I would describe as a proto-insurgency situation … the ingredients are out there, if somebody knew what they were doing, [they could] pull together an effective movement.”

So in the unlikely (but possible) event the U.S. broke out in a new civil war, what would it look like? I rounded up every civilian and military expert I could find and asked them that question.

6 Reasons Why A New Civil War Is Possible And Terrifying

Schedule (Elorcan)

So I’m actual trash for @meabhd and her fanarts for SJM’s works, and when she revealed her latest one of Elorcan I just couldn’t help myself. Part 2 of this fic is also due and it will be absolute unadulterated SIN


He knew she was watching him. She always made excuses to be outside when he went through his daily exercises and the primal part of him snarled in satisfaction as her eyes lingered when he got rid of his shirt. It had turned into a routine of sorts, him coming outside after breakfast every morning to exercise, and Elide coming a few minutes later with a book in hand claiming, the weather to be marvelous…and then promptly never actually reading as she ogled him over the top of the paperback.

Lorcan didn’t mind if she was the one ogling him, he remembered how uncomfortable it had felt when they traveled with Molly and her troupe, performing each night and having women salivate all over the grassy plain and the men eyeing him with envy for his physique. He never brought it up though, he had picked up some observational skills from Elide over the years and knew that she was oblivious to him being privy on her little secret.

After all, he always needed (or pretended to) a bath afterwards, and quite often she joined him in the large tub in their bathing chambers, the sounds she made would leave him wistful and glancing at her all day.

“You’re distracted today,” She broke his reverie of thought with a smile.

He raised his eyebrows at her, “And you’re holding your book upside-down.” he grinned roguishly as her cheeks turned a bashful shade of pink.

She stood up from her place on the grass, upside-down book discarded and he followed suit, following her as she lead the way up to their room in the castle they owned together in Perranth, not saying a word the entire time. He wondered what was happening in that clever mind of hers.

When they finally reached the chambers they shared together, he grabbed ahold of her wrist and turned her around to face him. Her cheeks still hadn’t returned to their normal color by then and he stroked a finger down one of them. “I don’t mind you staring sweetheart,” He chuckled as her blush deepened and she refused to meet his eyes. “I’m all yours.” She cocked her head, finally meeting his eyes.

“Good.” Was all she murmured as those vixen eyes of hers studied his chest, putting a hand over his heart, feeling the traitorous beat beneath. He laid a hand over hers and they stayed like that for a moment, her beautiful pale palm on his life’s blood, pumping tirelessly everyday just for his Elide.

Simultaneously they reached for each other, he tilted his head downwards and she leaned up so their lips could meet, she knocked him out every damn time and his head spun with the taste of her as she opened her mouth for him to explore. His free hand reached up to cradle her neck and her arm wrapped around his waist. Together their tongues moved in a dance no one could hope to choreograph as she let out a small moan in his mouth. Such a difference between them, he thought as he tilted down further to give her more, but it didn’t matter, they had perfected their embraces and positions in bed to accommodate and he didn’t want Elide any different that she was.

As they broke apart, he let his gaze travel brazenly across her body and he felt, rather than saw, the slight shiver she gave when his eyes finally settled on her generous breasts.

She tilted his head so he met her eyes, and was satisfied to find her pupils dilated with want, he could scent her, already wet for him and those breasts heaved as she took in panting breaths. He already knew what she was going to say before the word passed her swollen lips.

“Bathtub.” She said with determination, he answered by picking her up and her legs automatically wrapped around his waist. It seemed that they would still be on schedule today.

Tasting and Enjoying

Scenario: Zico and you are stuck in a limbo of sexual frustration, feelings, and friendship.
A/N: This was honestly just a reason to write out one of the two smuts I had planned for Zico. I’m not 100% okay with this, but as per usual, I’ve done all I can with it and hopefully it’s at least halfway decent.
Genre: Zico x Reader
Words: 3897
Warnings: Smut. Shameless smut made to go with a story, because I’m a horrible person. Also, some suggestive gif use.

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners.

The deafening sound of the rain hitting the roof of the car was all you could hear for the past few minutes. The air thick with tension and unspoken words that laid heavy with pride. The dangerous game you’d both been playing finally coming to an explosive end neither of you saw coming.

You both made a silent choice to never speak about what you were because, frankly, neither of you knew. You enjoyed each other’s company without the restraint or thought of time. It didn’t matter what you did or where you went, so long as the two of you were together; it made sense.

It wasn’t until a night after an underground show when you’d both had just a little too much to drink, that things changed.

You couldn’t remember what the two of you had found so funny. The alcohol clouding up your thoughts and left your body warm beside his. The both of you stepping into the elevator mumbling incoherent words through giggles while he tried to remember his favorite part of the show. His words coming out jumbled and slurred.

The elevator doors closed around you and gave a jolt that sent your unsteady legs fumbling. Zico moved to steady you; pulling you closer to him. You’d looked up at him with a smile still spread on your lips. Ready to thank him for the assist when everything stopped.

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solangelo and #60? your writing is so good omg im jealous ❤️❤️❤️

Aaaaah! Thank you! I’m so sorry this took forever, I’ve had a crazy week this week and I haven’t had anytime to write! But, here it is!

Prompt: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

Nico’s lungs filled with the choking scent of cigarettes and alcohol as he made his way to the bar. The pounding beat of a techno song reverberated through the oppressive crush of hot, sweaty bodies and into Nico’s skull. He finally reached the other end of the room, where a long,  forlorn-looking counter sat entertaining its few occupants.

Nico took a seat on one of the neglected barstools and asked the young woman behind the counter for a glass of water. She returned less than a minute later and handed him a glass, which he thanked her for before swiveling around to observe the activity at the opposite side of the space.

Drunken laughter mingled with the rumbling bass of the music. The crowd swayed and knocked against each other in a sort of joyful, haphazard dance. Slithering tendrils of purple-gray smoke rose from the assembly, while empty beer bottles rolled underfoot.

“I’ve not seen you here before,” an unfamiliar voice said. Nico whipped around to locate the source, and found himself face to face with a man who couldn’t have been much older than him.

He had golden hair that curled slightly and round blue eyes that glimmered with amusement. Freckles dusted the angular plains of his face, and a thin, white scar cut across his pointed chin. “You don’t come around here a lot, do you?” he asked. His voice was warm and mellifluous, almost musical.

“No, I’m not really one to frequent bars and clubs much,” Nico replied.

The boy raised an eyebrow, “Then what brought you here? Rough week?”

“No,” Nico replied, shaking his head. “More like my friend’s birthday.” He jutted his chin in the direction of the crowd, where Percy, Leo, and Jason were busy toppling over each other as they tried to keep up with the speeding rhythm of the song.

“Ah,” the boy replied.

Nico sipped his water and faced him, “So, what’s your name?”

“Will Solace,” the boy–Will–answered.

“And how’d you end up in this place?” Nico inquired.

“I’m a med student and finals are coming up, that’s all you need to know,” Will said. Nico chuckled and rested his elbow on the bar. There was something captivating about the way the light danced on Will’s sculpted features that left Nico unable to tear his eyes from him.

“How about I buy you a drink. Cheers to finals?” Nico offered.

A smirk flickered across Will’s lips. “You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

“S-so what if I am?” Nico stuttered, his cheeks coloring.

Will leaned forward. The glimmer in his blue eyes seemed more pronounced now. “Well, then I’d consider myself pretty damn lucky.”

Nico’s blush deepened, and his heart hammered in his chest. He opened his mouth to respond, but his voice died in his throat.

Suddenly, Will averted his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. “Shit, did I go too far?”

“No, no. You just caught me off guard that’s all,” Nico replied.

Will’s face relaxed into an easy smile, “What, you aren’t used to being flirted with?”

“People tend to avoid me,” Nico answered, shaking his head.

“You’re kidding me!” Will exclaimed. “With a face like yours I’d think you’d be fighting men and women off with a stick!”

Nico laughed. “No, they don’t seem to notice my natural charm,” he joked. 

“Well, their loss, then,” Will answered. He yawned and stretched his arms. 

“Tired, Solace?” Nico asked. 

“Yeah,” Will answered. “This place is exhausting.”

“Then go home,” Nico said. 

Will suddenly perked up at Nico’s words. “Oh, hell no,” Will replied. “Not without getting your number first!” He drew his phone from his pocket and held it out to Nico. 

“You want my number?” Nico asked in surprise. 

“Of course I want your number,” Will countered. 

Finally, Nico took the phone from Will and punched in his number before returning it. 

“I’m expecting a text from you sometime tonight, doctor’s orders.” Will said in a playful tone.

Nico rolled his eyes, “Whatever you say Will.”

He grinned, “Good night, Nico.” 

Nico smiled in return, “Good night, Will.”

With one last wave, Will turned and disappeared into the haze of smoke and bodies on the other side of the room, leaving Nico’s heart pounding louder than the beat of the music. 

Thankful (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “sweet, i have a request. you’re at ethan’s home, in jersey, celebrating thanksgiving. his little cousins invite you to play, and you accept. a few minutes later, you catch ethan staring at you, talking to lisa, or sean, about how much he loves you, and stuff. he has a soft spot for you, and seeing how caring you were with the kids, was like too much. awh, i can’t.”
Word Count: 1,092
Warnings: None.
A/N: This just made me feel a lot of things. Hope you like it xx

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Another year together, and another Thanksgiving spent together. Ethan would never get tired of seeing you getting along so well with his family, especially with Lisa and Cam.

You had arrived in New Jersey the day before, settling in and relaxing the whole day. During the night, Ethan had taken you out for pancakes, claiming that you didn’t live life if you didn’t taste these particular pancakes from his favorite diner. It had been fun and you ate so much pancake that you had felt nauseous and tired when you got home. You didn’t regret a thing though, because Ethan spent his time rubbing your tummy as he spooned you until you fell asleep. So why would you complain about that?

The day of Thanksgiving was chaotic to say the least. Ethan’s family came from different states to spend it eating Lisa’s delicious food. So the majority of the relatives settled down in front of the television, watching some football game that bored you out of your mind.

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     As I opened my eyes, my first thought of the day was, it’s time. It took me a few minutes to remember what that meant. While I brushed my teeth, I was filled with excitement, dread, and preemptive disappointment as I thought of what I had to do. 

     I made sure there was no one else in my apartment, then went to work. Using chocolate syrup I stole from a butcher, I drew a hexagram on the ceiling of my bathroom. Then I set an antique phonograph to play whale songs in reverse. 

     One last step. I lit a single black candle before shutting the bathroom door, leaving it unlocked in case I had to make a quick escape. I turned off the lights, so the only thing I could see was my face in the mirror, illuminated by the unnaturally bright little flame. My heart was beating in rhythm to the cetacean chorus as I chanted:

     “Itsagifnotagif, itsagifnotagif, @itsagifnotagif!”

Just Breathe [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader has an anxiety attack and Lin is there to comfort her.

Word Count: 517

Warnings: anxiety tw (?)

A/N: this is a short one, something i needed to hear/read from someone, actually this is a really personal fic that felt necessary for myself. i know many of you also suffer from anxiety and writing this made me feel better, even though it was only for a few minutes; i hope it makes you feel a bit better too. Love y’all, guys.

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The air seemed non-existant. The tears started rolling down your face, and you didn’t know why… You weren’t exactly surprised though. You had anxiety since you were a teenager, but it has improved so much, specially since you started dating Lin.

You had a few nights here and there, where the attack would come out of nowhere. Combined with your messed up sleep patterns, anxiety could be a real bitch, but this was the first time it was happening with Lin sleeping right next to you.

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