this one goes out to youngjae

jacksons speech tonight really goes to show you that these boys see everything that is said online. the fact that he knows igot7s get shit about being got7 stans hurts my soul. cause that means he sees all these fl*p7 comments and even after that he’s more concerned about our feelings like what even?? i have never and will never be embarrassed of got7. like idc what anyone says my boys slay point. blank. period.


Hello, my darling anons!

I know I literally requested these asks in my tags, BUT THANK YOU FOR OBLIGING ME SO BEAUTIFULLY. I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to talking about 2jae’s Extremely Close Interview because I haven’t had much time to keep up with GOT7 lately, and I know that the wonderful @huggableyoungjae already talked about it so beautifully, but I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS MOMENT AS WELL BECAUSE:

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GOT7 as People in your Neighborhood

JB: The old man who yells whenever you step on his grass. Wears perfume from 1942. Has a watchdog sign but no dog.

Mark: The quiet kid who just moved. Rather be anywhere than around people. Comes late to the BBQ. Always leaves first.

Jackson: The weird homeschooled kid. Never in the house. Always trading Pokemon cards. The police get noise complaints about him daily.

Junior: The nosy lady who always calls your mom to tell on you. Is a pro with binoculars. Makes great cookies.

Youngjae: The Dog person. Has 5 dogs that he dresses like babies. Has a Tree house. Uses it as a Doggy Hotel.

BamBam: The kid from the rich family. Already has 2 cars. Never wears the same outfit twice. Gives out money on Halloween.

Yugyeom: That one little kid who never goes away. Thinks he’s grown. Swears he has a girlfriend in another city. Never had a girlfriend.

Office Workers!Got7

Youngjae: Works at the front desk. The one that everyone goes out of their way to talk to. Has never dealt with a rude client.

Bambam: The guy who is seemingly on his phone all day yet still manages to finish his assignments on time.

Jaebum: Serious/Professional during work hours. Wild at office parties and takes his shoes off once public hours are over.

Jinyoung: Likeable personality, but that one manager that constantly wants updates 87 times a day.

Yugyeom: The hard worker who checks his phone once and gets caught. #judged

Jackson: Break room guy. For some reason he’s always in the break room filling up his water bottle and talking to people from other departments.

Mark: Requested a corner cubicle. *was assigned to a spot in the direct center of the office* Does his 8 hours and leaves.

Secret (Youngjae)

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Word Count:750

Summary: I’m so happy you’ve opened up requests!!! When you get the chance can you write a youngjae angst where you’re jaebums little sister and act like you guys don’t get along but one day the act you guys are putting on goes too far.

A/n:Our request is always open! Back with a real fanfic, hope you enjoy reading it~Joy

You and Youngjae could never tell anyone about your relationship, due to your brother, Jaebum, you had to keep it a secret. So to keep people from finding out you two decided distance was the best to keep them from knowing, always throwing insults at each other so no one would know, even if they weren’t true, they still hurt.

Sitting at the practice room, you were listening to music while reading, just trying to pass time till your brother and his group was done practising so you could go out and eat with them. “Wow what are you reading? You little nerd” Jackson teased as he grabbed the book out of your hands.

“Jackson, give it back” You whine, as he raises the book high to the point where you have to jump to try to receive it. Youngjae and Jaebum were just joking around, when Mark suddenly made a joke towards Jackson and you.

“Just date already” Mark laughed, as the rest of the boys started to burst out of laughter, all except Youngjae, he hated how he had to keep your relationship a secret, he hated how he had to act distant whenever Jaebum and the boys were around. He hated how he had to make rude remarks to you to keep the boys from wondering if you guys were a thing, he hated how the boys flirted with.

“I’ll kill him if he tries to date her, Y/n is my sister and I don’t want any of you talking to her in a romantic manner.” Jaebum says, as Jackson returns the book to you, and all the boys go silent.

“We should go eat?” You suggested, as everyone nodded. Everyone took their coats and started to leave the practice room one by one, except for Youngjae.

“Y/n?” He asked, as you turned back to look at him “You don’t like Jackson right?” He asked.

“Youngjae, I like you not him” You smiled, as he smiled brightly, embracing you into a hug. “I wish we could tell Jaebum that we are dating” You said softly, as he gave you a kiss on the forehead.

“He would kill me, but one day we will” Youngjae smiled at you, when you two walked out, the boys were all curious on why you were in the practice room together alone.

“What were you guys doing? Kissing?” Mark teases, as you two scoff.

“I went to go get my book” You explained.

“As if, like I would ever kiss her” Youngjae scoffed, you knew he was joking but a part of you was hurt.

“Whatever let’s just go eat” Yugyeom said, as you all headed to the restaurant.

“So Y/n any cute boys you like?” Junior asked, as Jaebum choked on his water.

“You better not” Jaebum said, as he took another bite out of the burger.

“I do he’s very cute, and funny” You say, as they all gag.

“Looks like Y/n is in love” Bambam jokes, as he starts to make kissing noises.

“Too bad no one will ever like her back though” Youngjae says, as he takes another bite of his fry.

“Shut up” You say back, a little hurt.

For the past week, Youngjae was being super rude to you, mentioning things that shouldn’t have been mentioned, overall you felt like it wasn’t working out and you were hurt trying to do this, if this was how Youngjae would pretend to treat you than you would rather not date him at all.

“I got to go” You said, as you looked at your watch.

“What? Going out to meet a boy? Or maybe you’re meeting two” Youngjae asked, as everyone grew silent.

“Youngjae did you just accuse my sister of being a slut?” Jaebum asked, as you clenched your fist.

“You said it not me” Youngjae laughs, but no one laughs with him.

“That was really rude” Jackson says, as everyone nods.

“It’s rude but the truth” Youngjae says, giving you a playful wink.

“Youngjae I’m done.” You say.

“What? What are you done with? Sleeping with fifteen guys?” Youngjae laughs, as Jaebum grits his teeth.

“Youngjae I’m warning you” Jaebum warns, as everyone tenses up.

“I’m done with us, I done with pretending that we’re not dating, I’m done with you, I don’t want to date you anymore”  You say, as everyone’s eyes widen.

“You’ve been dating y/n?” Jaebum asks, as Youngjae starts to look down not meeting his best friend’s eyes. “How could you not tell me? We’re best friends.”

“I thought you would hate me” Youngjae confesses.

“Well it doesn’t matter cause we’re done” You say, as you slam the door shut.

If Got7 were in a horror movie
  • Youngjae: “Hello my name is Youngjae” *gets stabbed. Ambushed by killer. First to die.
  • JB: Everyone thinks he's the killer. Trips or drops his car keys while he runs away from the killer.
  • Yugyeom: Last one to die. Thinks he's being pranked on hidden camera, finds the killer instead of the camera.
  • Jackson: The Sherlock Holmes of the bunch. Tries to find out who the killer is. Hides under the bed.
  • Junior: Somehow makes it out alive. Framed for killing his members. Goes insane.
  • Mark: Everyone thought he died in the beginning. Probably the killer. Pets Coco as his laugh echoes at the end.
  • Bambam: On a cruise, sipping some expensive drink. Probably dabbing. First one to bump when the killings begin.
R1: When got7 find porn on the computer

JB: watching it coolly and confidently. slams the laptop shut when one of the other members walks in

Mark: gets really red and laughs nervously. closes it and goes to take a cold shower

Jackson: flips and freaks out. decides to watch further but passes out halfway

Junior: freaks out and yells at the guys for being irresponsible. begins talking about all their faults and weaknesses. destroys the computer.

Youngjae: turns red. throws his hat and everything he gets his hands on at the computer. shouts and yells.

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Bambam: goes pale, freezes and can’t speak. silently watches, traumatised.

Yugyeom: springs away from the computer and runs to mark, complaining, screaming and crying.