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Miraculous Christmas Scenario 2
(which also works for their anniversary)

  • Adrien decides to give Tikki a gift
  • He asks Plagg what he can give her, “like, what does she eat?”
  • and the little snarker tells Adrien to choose his battles because he can’t possibly bake chocolate chip cookies as well as Tikki’s chosen can
  • And Adrien blinks and says “well, if it’s cookies, Tom & Sabine’s makes really good ones–”
  • “NOPE kid, think of something else.”
  • Adrien busts out the kitty eyes at his own cat kwami and goes, “Please Plagg? Help me out?”
  • It’s super effective!
  • So Plagg tells Adrien that Tikki gets cold in the winter (borrowing the whole ladybug tendencies thing by @kryallaorchid and the rest of the fandom)
  • *Lightbulb moment!* Adrien’s in the fashion industry, so maybe he can give something clothes-related AHA he can knit Tikki a little blanket pouch she can snuggle in
  • So Adrien asks Nathalie for where to buy The Best Yarn In The World™
  • Nathalie only raises an eyebrow but Adrien blurts out that he has a knitting project you know just to try it out hahaha
  • The fandom usually imagines Marinette teaching Adrien BUT
  • (and then of course he gives the little pouch thing to Ladybug and blushingly stammers that “um…I’m not very good–” but she tackles him because he’s so thoughtful and aaaaaaaah)
  • (Also: Tikki loves her little pouch)
Okay but imagine this

-Chat Noir and Marinette become friends (idk how- they just start hanging out)
-Chat Noir regularly visits Mari
-One day after an akuma fight, Chat decides to visit Mari but she’s not there so he goes into her room to wait for her
-Cue Lady Bug swinging in through Marinette’s trapdoor
-She sees Chat and is internally screaming cause W H A T
-Meanwhile Chat, the oblivious kitty as ever is like, “Woah Lady Bug, you know Marinette, too? Want to wait on her with me??”
-Lady Bug @ Lady Bug: G E T O U T
-I just think it would be hilarious

hc: when yuri first got his cat

you know those videos of little kids getting new pets and they just break down in sobs because they’re so happy? imagine yuri’s grandpa surprising yuri with a kitten out of the blue. baby yuri comes home from skating practice one day, just a normal day, and his grandpa is smiling like ‘i got you something today, yuratchka! it’s in your room!’ and yuri’s like aw cool is it sweets is it a toy what is it??? and he goes into his bedroom and there’s just this tiny little creature beeping away in its crate and yuri just. breaks. he drops everything and /cries/ looking at this itty bitty kitty because no way is this what his grandpa got for him no way is this /his/ kitten. his grandpa comes in smiling and just letting yuri cry ‘do you want to hold her, yura? she’s your kitten, you can hold her if you want’ and yuri nods and makes this high-pitched whining noises. he opens the cage and puts the kitten in yuri’s arms and this precious boy holds this little fuzzball like she’s the most precious things in the entire world sobbing because she’s /his/ now and he gets to keep her and take care of her and play with her and love her. grandpa just lets him cry and reassures him that yes this is yura’s kitten and he can keep her forever. and that’s the cat he has in the show’s time.

i had that image and i just had to type it because it’s /so cute/.

I Don’t Have Time For Halloween Fics This Year, So Have Some Costume Headcanons;

Aang - Aang expresses his inner villain and dresses as Voldemort.

Katara - She’s either a kitty or a witch. And she adds her own Water Tribe touch.

Toph - Creepy lolita or some creepy version of a fairy tail character like Red Riding Hood.

Sokka - He either goes back to being Wang Fire or goes for the food related costumes like dressing as a taco.

Azula - I can see Azula dressing up as one of the fire signs. And she goes all out with face paint and everything. That or she takes the less serious route and dresses as a skimpy version of Zuko for the lols.

Mai - Doesn’t get a costume at first because she couldn’t be bothered but then Azula makes her dress as the Mother of Faces, because irony. 

Ty Lee - Cheerleader. Sounds simple but she adds her own little Ty Lee circus quirks and it’s almost as elaborate as Azula’s.

Zuko - He is the comic book nerd who dresses up as one of his favorite superheros, adding a cybergoth touch. That or he tries to get vengeance on Azula by dressing as a skimpy version of her. Either way around they go at it in the costume contest.

Iroh - No one knows what Iroh dressed as but many are fairly certian that he’s either the one in the cute panda suit or the badass headless horseman.

June - We all know she has a Shirshu fursona.

Ozai - He’s a vampire because he’s not very creative.

Lo and Li - Fred And Gorge Weasley. Or they are the two with the scariest demon costumes.

Suki - The moon. Because nothing is scarier than the ex-girlfriend.

Yue - Skips the other phases of the moon to become full.

Ursa - Dresses as Noriko and pisses everyone off because the costume is both witty and typical at the same time. 

Tom-Tom - His parents dressed him up as a cute little pumpkin but the minute they looked away he became the blue spirit. 

Cabagge Man - Dresses up in a tux, Halloween is the one time that he can pretend to be a successful cabbage merchant.


I just thought of something that could seem, pretty weird in the Pokémon universe.

So the fire starter, Litten, IS obviously a cat. So naturally, IT would probably act like one too, curling up next to you while you sleep for the night. Like a cute little kitty!

But that habit would probably transfer over into its evolutions too, as it goes on. It would still seem okay when Litten evolves into Torrocat, it would just be a slightly more mature kitty! You would probably just have to watch out for the little Fire bulb on its neck.

But when it gets to Incineroar… it would get kinda awkward. Incineroar probably wouldn’t even be able to sit on the bed without breaking it, let alone lay next to its trainer. It would be pretty awkward, to say the least.

(But I personally wouldn’t get that in the way of my kitty cuddles! If a cat wants a hug, ILL GOVE IT A DAMN HUG EVEN IF IT STANDS ON TWO FEET!!)



  • King of the South/Panther King
  • Lazy asshole but very protective of his people




  • Momoi stays at his side 24/7 tbh

  • His s/o keeps him in check and isn’t afraid to kick his ass if he goes overboard with something 

  • Really sneaky, and very strong, but isn’t the best with keeping his attention in one area

  • Kingdom colors: Black, Scarlet, Grey, Maroon.


  • King of the West/Fox King
  • He’s so cheerful and kind to all of his people!!
  • Kasamatsu/Moriyama holds down the fort when Kise is out or patrolling the city.
  • Kasamatsu is literally the only oNE WHO CAN KICK HIS ASS WHILE HE’S ON HIS THRONE
  • Kise found a little fox baby outside of the kingdom and took care of it, and now it’s fully grown and very loyal to him.
  • Sneakier than Aomine, but just as vicious towards his enemies
  • His partner is spoiled mercilessly by Kise, but the love and affection is returned greatly, and people are so happy to see someone who genuinely loves their king.
  • Kingdom colors: Gold, Deep Blue, White, Black.


  • King of the East/Eagle King
  • People are kinda afraid to talk to him because of his cold demeanor but in reality he wants more people to talk to him.. n-not like he’ll admit it though.. nanodayo.
  • Even the little kids of the kingdom say “nanodayo” on a regular basis because of him
  • Takao personally loves riding the eagles.
  • Miyaji or Otsubo usually hold down the fort while Midorima is out.
  • He’s not the best with telling his partner that he loves them, but he makes sure they know by small gestures, and light kisses whenever he can.
  • Kingdom colors: Orange, Beige, White, Silver


  • King of the North/Bear King
  • The children and older people in the kingdom literally love him because no matter how lazy he may seem, he helps out people without giving it much thought.

  • Himuro is usually the one to keep him in check, and of course there are some people who wonder why he isn’t the one that’s king. But he brushes it off and continues to help his purple giant friend <3


  • Surprisingly, it was Okamura who set up Murasakibara and his future s/o.

  • Because it’s colder where his kingdom is, he enjoys cuddling with his partner and staying in bed a lot.

  • Usually keeps his hair in a ponytail when he’s handling work, or in meetings.

  • Very protective of the weak and those who find it hard to protect themselves.

  • Kingdom colors: Lavender, White, Silver, Deep Violet


  • King of the Land Underground/Wolf King
  • His kingdom isn’t actually underground, it’s just the land with the darkest overcast, though it can be hella bright where his kingdom is!
  • His people are so gentle and happy, and they’re quick to help defend their king, because they know how good of a person he is.
  • Hyuuga keeps everyone in order, Izuki is the party starter, and Kiyoshi just sits back and watches the others with the biggest smile. He also gives Kuroko amazing advice when needed.
  • Kagami is usually the one to patrol the town when Kuroko is busy, and it usually results in him doing little mundane jobs for the people in the kingdom and being paid with food and small goods.
  • Though he is tiny, he has huge wolves for pets, and some guard the gates outside of the kingdom
  • He’s so sweet and loving, he can literally make his partner blush at his smiles, no matter how small they are.
  • Loves his s/o so much, and vows to protect them. He also gives the best hugs okay
  • Kingdom colors: Black, White, Mahogany, Grey


  • King of the Land Aboveground/Lion King [hAHAHAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE]
  • The brightest kingdom.. like seriously please wear sunglasses if your eyes are sensitive to light bruh.

  • Of course he has lions, who would want a lion ?

  • Feared and Respected by his people, but he means no harm to them, it’s just his aura and his manner of speaking.

  • Mibuchi is his right hand man, okay. They actually make a lot of the decisions when it comes to their economy and treating the people of their town. They also handle foreign affairs with Mayuzumi.

  • Hayama and Nebuya keep the people alive with their antics and their playfulness, it’s amazing.

  • He treats his s/o like the royalty they are, and spoils them without a second thought. The love is returned in abundance, and he can let down his walls around his partner and happily be in their arms.

  • Kingdom colors: Pastel Blue, White, Gold, Teal.

anonymous asked:

((Favorite episode from the 2015 show?? Also,have you read the 1960's manga chapters?)

{Ahhh, I gotta catch up with the 1960′s manga! TwT I’ve only read bits and pieces which is far from being enough… So yeah, I gotta catch up è^é And that also goes for the current manga by the way TwT

Hmh… Regarding my favorite episode from the 2015 show, it’s hard to pick just one. If I had to pick a top 3 among skits though… I do think it’d be “ESP Kitty”, “Jyushimatsu Falls In Love” and “Choromatsu Rising”. And… Well, you know what, as much as I fucking cried the most crocodile tears to episode 9, because “Jyushimatsu Falls In Love” is SO FREAKING POWERFUL, and as much as “Choromatsu Rising” is the most beautiful calling-people-out-on-their-bullshit thing I’ve seen in a LONG while… I think right now I wanna give extra credit to episode 5 after all actually. Why?

1-Jun Fukuyama as Ichimatsu. He’s my favorite performance in the whole show which is saying a lot, because they’re all gods really. 2-Chibita starting to be a real pal to Karamatsu. Blessed be Chibita. 3-The fact that I laughed my ass off like a hyena during “The Karamatsu Incident”, that I actually cried out of sheer emotion during “ESP Kitty”, and that when Karamatsu came back at the end of the ep I HAD totally forgotten about him and completely fallen for the whole episode’s devices. I’m so sorry, Karamatsu. That was the first time the anime got me good and it sure wouldn’t be the last.)

“We are giving the boys of One Direction all the credit."

Leann Huff of Elsie says a British boy band came to the rescue when the family cat went missing.

The family’s beloved Maya, a 10-year-old declawed cat, went outside on Friday, July 15. Though she usually is an indoor pet, she goes out briefly from time to time and runs back in when the door is open.

But when Huff began looking for her a short time later, Maya was nowhere to be found. The family lives in the country along a dirt road with cornfields bordering two sides of their property.

A full-blown feline search was launched by Leann, her husband, David, and two of her four children, Janie, 19, and Jon, 22.

“We logged mile after mile back and forth through rows and rows of corn, soybeans, tree lines, and weeds calling ‘kitty, kitty, kitty,’” Huff wrote to me.

By Monday night, after four days of searching, the family was getting discouraged. Huff said they put out fliers but with no luck. They feared a fox or coyote might have killed their cat.

As a last-ditch effort, Janie came up with the idea of blasting her 90-song collection by One Direction, a London band that’s had hits such as “Perfect,” “Drag,” and “Live While We’re Young.” That’s usually the music she listens to in her room where the cat sleeps.

The family hooked up Janie’s iPod to a speaker and blasted it out over the cornfields Monday night and went to bed.

On Tuesday morning, the fifth day after she went missing, Maya was outside when Huff rose around 5:45 a.m.

“She was thirsty, hungry, and exhausted but otherwise unharmed,” Huff said.

The family theorizes that Maya got lost in the big cornfields and the steady flow of music allowed her to follow it back home.

“We are giving the boys of One Direction all the credit,” Huff said.


So last night I was with @azure-mirror making her watch Miraculous Ladybug with me, and we got to the Dessinateur episode (the one with the drawing kid, idk what people call it anymore) and something occurred to us during the scene in the library. 

So here we see tiny precious child Adrien in the library, completely hidden from everyone while the attack on Chloe is happening. 

Adrien goes to transform into Chat Noir, as per the usual.

Bam, sexy kitty cat. Okay, no big, right? Normal. 

NO. NO, OKAY. I don’t know if it was something in the translation that made the English words come out weird, or what, but when Marinette goes to transform (without having seen Chat Noir yet, mind you), she says to Tikki:

(Not the best screenshot I could’ve gotten of her. Meh). 

“Our turn?!?!?!?!?!?!” Um, hi, no. What? 

Idk it could be just a simple translation error, but my brain, which is always on the alert for conspiracy theories (thanks, Gravity Falls), doesn’t think that it’s just a coincidence (again, provided it isn’t merely a translation mishap)

TITLE: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

AUTHOR: Jenny Han

RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

SUMMARY: Lara Jean keeps her love letters in a hatbox her mother gave her. They aren’t letters that anyone wrote for her, these are one’s she’s written. One for every boy she’s ever loved - five in all. When she writes she can pour her heart and soul and say all the things she would never say in real life, because her letters are for her eyes only. Until the day her secret letters are mailed, and suddenly Lara Jean’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control.

REVIEW: This type of book is the reason why I Love Books So Much! We meet many endearing characters. The Song girls, sweet Lara Jean, with her sisters, little Kitty and older protective sister Margot. We meet boy next door Josh, whom everyone loves (including me). Last but not least, we meet Peter, the handsome jock who comes back into Lara Jean’s life unexpectedly.

Lara Jean reminds me of myself when I was in high school in so many ways. Always focused on school work, yet always daydreaming of love. I loved the way this book is written, reading through it was a breeze as well as enjoyable. I wasn’t too crazy about Peter when we first meet him, Josh on the other hand was so sweet from the beginning. I was always secretly rooting for him.. (but I knew logically because of his history with Margot, it would never happen with Lara Jean). It’s a novel about love, family and friendship. Lara Jean was on a journey to finding herself, and figuring out her feelings for that someone special. This is such a wonderful read and I recommend it to all who love a good romantic novel. ♥EG