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We’ve been having a lot of fun with the spoilers Marc gave for 5x20 (one more to go), so I wanted to give away something specific to the blog. The amazing Erin from Fangirl Problems Inc created this beautiful necklace. 

Olicity + John Diggle (OTA) = Something to Live For. I thought with the episode spoilers we’ve been receiving it’d be a perfect gift for 5x20. Thank you so much Erin! Seriously her stuff is spectacular. Check out her store. 


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Pulse Part 3

Part 2

Genre: Fluff, angst
Words: 2,203
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Stalking
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

“-A fiancée?” Natasha interrupted for clarification.

You nodded, taking a rather large sip of the red wine in your hand. “Why does this kind of shit always happen to me? I swear, God is out to get me.”

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic.” Natasha laughed. "You’re his soulmate, you’ll win him over.”

Sighing, you poured more of the alcohol into your glass. “I’m not so sure, Nat. You should have seen her, she looks like the love child of Megan Fox and Anne Hathaway. So not fair.”

“But you have one thing she doesn’t.” She teased.

“What?” You asked bitterly. “A stalker?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of your hearts beating in-sync, but that one is true, too.”

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Okay, so I have a lot of feelings about this, so I’m going to share. 

I love a lot of moments in the new Beauty and the Beast, and there are so many lines that I greatly enjoyed, whether they be lifted from the original film or added to the new script. However, there’s one in particular that stuck out to me, and while it seems like a minor and insignificant moment, I have to admit it’s my absolute favorite line in the whole film. Which one am I talking about?

“I’m sorry I ever called your father a thief.”

This just resonated with me so much, and it was the moment where I truly understood that this version of the Beast had changed. It gave his choice to free Belle and let her go save her father more depth than in the cartoon. (As wonderful and moving as that original moment is!)

See, the thing is that a lot of the Beast’s problems come from his inability to look past outward appearances, and he bases his entire opinion of a person on how their first impression seems to him. The obvious point here is when the Enchantress punishes him for not allowing a poor, ugly old lady to sleep in his castle, but we see this pattern repeated when the Beast imprisons Maurice for taking a rose, believing Maurice deserves to be punished for being a “thief.” He feels disdain towards Maurice and even Belle at first, even going so far as to say, “She’s the daughter of a common thief. What kind of person do you think that makes her?” In the Beast’s eyes, Belle is not worthy of his respect, because he thinks that common thieves are common thieves, and nothing more. 

However, you see his opinion towards Belle start to change when she helps him back inside after he’s mauled by wolves, when he was probably expecting her to just run off and leave him to be eaten alive. They connect, they grow closer, all of that loveliness we expect from this story. He starts to see Belle as a normal person, with her own thoughts and feelings and loved ones, and as a result, he too begins to change thanks to her influence. He realizes the error of his ways, which is what the Enchantress wanted.

But the thing that makes the Beast truly feel remorse and understand the issues with his behavior? Learning about Belle’s parents. Suddenly, once he sees what happened to Belle’s mother and learns what Maurice did to protect his daughter, he realizes that Maurice is not a bad person by any means, and is much more than just a “common thief.” Something as minor as taking a rose as a gift for your daughter seems so insignificant next to what this small family has been through. Maurice just wanted to make his daughter happy, and Belle’s devotion to her father by taking his place in a life sentence makes perfect sense. The Beast realizes that these people are humans who truly love and care for one another, who would do anything to keep each other safe and happy. What’s more, the reason Belle is in this situation in the first place is because the Beast decided to punish Maurice just for loving his daughter. 

So…the Beast says sorry. Sorry for not looking past the fact that Maurice was plucking a rose from his garden. Sorry for jumping to conclusions. Sorry for being the awful monster he was before. The Beast knows how wrong he was.

I think this is exactly what’s on his mind when the Beast chooses to let Belle go. His own wants and needs need to be pushed aside for Belle’s own wellbeing; this isn’t Belle’s issue. Belle wasn’t the one who placed them all under a curse, so why should she be kept from her father in order to break a spell? As mentioned earlier, Belle’s only here in the first place because of her father. The Beast understands how much Belle loves Maurice and how much Maurice loves Belle, and with his newfound ability to see the thief more deeply, he lets Belle go. He doesn’t want Maurice to be put in harm’s way thanks to his own terrible actions, and it’s not just a desire to make Belle happy that factors into his decision, but also concern and remorse for Maurice, the “common thief” he initially despised just for existing. 

In essence: The Beast doesn’t just change in this version thanks to a woman’s love, but also thanks to a newfound compassion for those he initially writes off. Now, he’ll be sure to think twice before turning a poor person away into the bitter cold. Now, he’ll learn more about a man’s character before giving him a life sentence for taking a rose. Now, he can see the world as more than just props under the mercy of his own selfish opinions. Being introduced to Belle opens the Beast up to a whole new reality that helps him overcome the error of his ways, and Maurice is a huge catalyst in this realization. 

“...would...but...” -(으)련마는

More advanced grammar! This form actually gave me a lot of problems, especially its usage with past tense, but with some quiet thinking time and some help from some friends, I figured it out. I hope that reading this helps you as much as actually thinking about and writing it helped me!

This one is a pretty old form and it is also fairly literary as well, so you might hear it spoken by older people but you’ll probably be okay if you can just recognize and understand it when it pops up even if it doesn’t really come to mind for personal usage.


This grammar is similar to some that I already covered. Expressing a supposition or expectation in the antecedent (preceding) clause that is then offset by an opposite situation or condition in the following clause, this grammar carries a feeling of hoping for one thing but getting something else instead. In this way, it’s similar to -겠건마는/건만 for advanced grammar, -(으)ㄹ 텐데 for intermediate, and -겠지만 for a rough beginner-level equivalent. You can think of it as “but” in the context of an expectation and the reality when that expectation is not fulfilled. An important facet of this grammar is also that you not only point out that something other than the expected occurred but also express some sort of regret or feeling of dissatisfaction. To emphasize that expectation/reality divide in English we could, depending on the situation, translate it roughly as “It would be nice if… but…” or “One would think that… but…” A bit more simply, just “would… but…” will suffice in general!


This grammar can be used with action verbs, descriptive verbs, and nouns in the past and present tenses. In all cases, it can be shortened to -(으)련만.

Action verbs:

  • PAST: -았/었으련마는
    • 우리가 파티에 도착했을 때 음식이 조금만이라도 남았으면 친구들과 같이 먹었으련마는 사람들이 이미 다 먹어버렸었어요. (When we arrived at the party if there had been even a little food left we would have eaten with our friends, but they had already eaten it all.)
    • 용기를 좀 더 냈었더라면 고백했으련마는 너무 소심해서 하지 못했어요. (If I had had a bit more courage I would have confessed, but I was too timid so I couldn’t do it.)
  • PRESENT: -(으)련마는
    • 돈이 좀 더 많으면 여행 가련만 어차피 돈이 없어서 그런 생각을 안 하는 게 나아요. (If I had a bit more money I would go on a trip, but I don’t have the money anyway so not thinking about it is better.)
    • 보통 그런 간단한 문제를 쉽게 풀련만 왠지 오늘은 잘 안 풀여요. (Normally I would easily solve that kind of simple problem, but for some reason today I can’t do it.)

Descriptive verbs:

  • PAST: -았/었으련마는
    • 담배를 피우지 않았더라면 예뻤으련마는 오랫동안 담배를 피워서 얼굴이 실제 나이에 비해 더 늙어보였어요. (If she had not smoked she would have been pretty, but since she smoked for a long time, her face looked older than her true age.)
    • 내 남동생이 좀 더 일찍 일어났더라면 공항에 가기 전에 아침을 먹을 시간이 충분했으련만 너무 늦게 일어나서 밥 먹기는커녕 물을 마실 시간도 없었어요. (If my brother had gotten up a little earlier there would have been enough time to eat breakfast before going to the airport, but since he got up too late there wasn’t even time to drink water, never mind eating a meal.) 
  • PRESENT: -(으)련마는
    •   1등 당첨이 되면 좋으련만 매번 아무 상도 못 받아요. (It would be nice if I won the grand prize in the lottery, but I never get anything.)
    • 운동을 좀 했으면 건강하련만 그는 너무 오랫동안 운동을 안 해서 건강이 나빠지고 있어요. (If he exercised a bit he would be healthy, but he hasn’t exercised in a long time so his health is deteriorating.)


  • PAST: -이었/였으련마는
    • 원래 계획한 대로 기차로 갔으면 통근 시간이 한 시간이었으련만 차로 가서 거의 두 시간이 걸렸어요. (If I had gone by train as originally planned my commute would have been one hour, but since I went by car it took almost two hours.)
    • 좀 더 빨리 백화점에서 도착했으면 그 상품이 무료였으련만 이벤트 마감 시간 5분 뒤에 도착해서 할인을 조금밖에 못 받았어요. (If I had arrived at the department store a bit more quickly that product would have been free, but since I arrived five minutes past the event cutoff time, I only got a small discount.)
  • PRESENT: -이련마는
    • 제 친구들 중에서 유빈이는 가장 외향적인 사람이련만 요즘 무슨 일이 일어났는지 갑자기 소심해졌어요. (Yubin would usually be the most extroverted person among all of my friends, but lately it seems something happened and she’s suddenly become more timid.)
    • 저 카페는 미나 씨가 제일 좋아하는 곳이련만 요즘 돈이 없어서 못 가고 있어요. (That cafe is [would be] Mina’s favorite place, but lately she has no money so she can’t go.)

BONUS: This form can also be used to end a sentence! When used in this way, it sounds like a wistful exclamation.

  • 1등 당첨이 되면 좋으련만…! (If only I got the lottery grand prize…!)

As always, thank you for reading! Happy studying, everyone <3

James- William Nylander

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

Ok anon, I don’t know if this is angsty enough for you, so if it isn’t let me know! There’s drama too! So sit back and enjoy!

Warning: Drama, angst, cussing

Anon Request: Could you eventually do a really angsty imagine of William Nylander being jealous of you hanging out with a guyfriend?💙


              “Babe. Babe. Babeeeeeeeeee.” You poked Willy’s cheek, attempting to wake him up.

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toasted-pearls  asked:

Hi Kat!! 😊 Apologies if you've answered this already, but what is your favorite Amethyst quote? 💎

Man every time she talks I feel blessed so this is gonna be hard!!

Let me see.. 

  • “Pearl! You just gave her some Shakesperian spiel about light, then got her number like it was nothing?! Pearl, you’re a total rockstar!”
  • “Whoa! You truthed him so hard, he died!”
  • “Rose said… I’m perfect… the way I am!”
  • “Hah…I know what’s wrong with me. I’m not supposed to be small. And everyone’s always acting like there’s no problem. You can be anything you want to be. No! I can’t. Huh…I can’t even be the one thing I’m supposed to be you know?”
  • “Humans should just stop wearing clothes… be a lot funnier.”
  • “Hey, uh, this is Amethyst, I don’t appreciate being called a clod, you clod…”
  • “Homegirl knows we’re gonna beat her into a green pancake.”
  • “Let’s ambush them!”
  • “Per, I'mma be really real with you for a sec. This whole time we’ve been here, you’ve just been focusing on what you can’t do. Of course you’re not having any fun. You think that all you are is who you could be, but we don’t hang out with you because of who you could be. We like you.”
  • “Are you trying to kill him faster?”
  • “I got hit by a airplane!”
  • “Yeah! Let’s mash it up! Bigger, badder, better! Ahahahaha!”
  • “Shut down by the G-squad!”
  • “WHOA, MAMA!”
  • “I never asked to be made!”
  • “Yo, Steman! My seams straight?”
  • “Man, you’ve changed! You look terrible!”
  • “Wait, can Steven fly? Yeah, I think I remember that. No no, I’m thinking of Lapis. Hey, Steven! How did you learn how to fly?”
  • “No! I get mad at myself! That’s, ugh, the thing I do. I get mad at myself and then it makes me suck at everything I do even more.”

Normani Kordei

Dancing In Perfect Harmony

By Deborah Wagner

When Normani Kordei agreed to join the twenty fourth season of ABC’s hit television show Dancing with the Stars, she hadn’t realized what a life changing experience it would be. Since 2012, Kordei has been best known as one of the five original members of the popular girl group Fifth Harmony.

Through the DWTS experience, Kordei has learned that it was a little difficult at first being in the spotlight without her “sisters” – as she lovingly calls her group-mates Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke and Dinah Jane. (Former group member Camila Cabello left last year to pursue a solo career.) However, it has also turned into a fulfilling personal growth experience. During this period, Kordei has found out how strong she really is, and that she can succeed at anything she puts her mind to.  

Blossoming in front of the millions of DWTS viewers every week, twenty-year old Kordei has grown into a confident young woman right before our eyes. She has proven to herself – and tens of millions of viewers and fans – that she is in this competition to win the coveted mirror ball trophy, like Laurie Hernandez, Nyle DeMarco and Bindi Irwin had before her.

With dance moves that are now up to par with the professionals, Kordei’s hard work is paying off as she continues to nail her dance moves and receive rave reviews from the judges – including Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inana, Julianne Hough and Bruno Yonioli. Her partner and teacher Val Chmerkovskiy has helped her master the art of telling stories rhythmically through her movements. With the help of his exceptional choreography, the two have earned a spot at the top of the leaderboard for many weeks during the season.

Now, with the final two weeks of Dancing with the Stars here, Kordei is bittersweetly working hard to perfect her final dances. During these long and tiring days, this hard-working New Orleans-born and Texas-raised go getter continues to strive for excellence in these last performances. During a break in her busy practice schedule, Kordei took a half hour to chill and chat with us.

For the last five years, you have been accustomed to shining with four – now three – partners in Fifth Harmony. On DWTS though, it’s just you (and Val, of course) out there. How different does it feel to have the spotlight on you?

It’s honestly a bit of an adjustment having the whole spotlight solely on me. Kind of entering a world of my own, outside of Fifth Harmony. It’s also been refreshing, too. We’ve been together for the last four or five years. We do have an amazing time, the four girls now, coming from different walks of life making one common goal happen. But, I feel that we only showcase pieces of who we are as humans and individuals. Ally, Dinah, Lauren and myself, we make up what Fifth Harmony now is, but we still have dreams outside of the group. I’ve always loved to dance, which I hardly got to do while in Fifth Harmony. It’s just really cool, because I proved to myself that, “Yeah girl, you still got it.”

My passion is still there for dance. People are getting the opportunity to get to know me. I’ve also really surprised myself during the process. I think that Val has done an incredible job, not just as a choreographer and a teacher, but as a friend. Helping me grow and pulling things out of me that I didn’t even know were there. I’m just super happy. It’s like a family there at Dancing with the Stars.

Your Fifth Harmony sisters have shown you so much love during this experience. What has the support from them, your family and your fans meant to you?

Oh, man. The support of my family and friends and the girls means the absolute world to me. I don’t know if you saw the week – I think it was week four – where the girls actually came on and the sang “Impossible,” which is the first song that we ever performed as a group in the X-Factor days after meeting each other. We had to sing that song. It was pretty symbolic after singing it then and it now; everything that had happened in between made it mean even more. They’re always texting me after every show. Lauren told me she sat up crying after my contemporary dance this week. But, they’re super supportive and it means the world. I support them. We are sisters at the end of the day. That’s what we are supposed to do.

As far as my family and friends, they are over the moon. They love to see me happy. [It is] almost a breakthrough, just me recognizing my strengths. They always tell me it’s okay to give myself a pat on the back sometimes. My grandmother’s favorite show is Dancing with the Stars, so she is out there every week. They’re all cheering me on. That’s priceless for me!

You’ve already connected with millions through your singing. Now you’re receiving such praise and high scores (including two perfect ones) for your dance. Did you ever think you would be able to connect so completely through dance?

I felt it in my heart that was my way of communicating and speaking to people. Dance was actually my first passion, even before I started singing. I was dancing for as long as I can remember. It’s like a trance that I go in. It’s like an out of body experience, with me completely being immersed in the music. It’s really about storytelling. I’m really feeling it. It’s freedom of expression. I have been having the best time on Dancing with the Stars. I love all the different genres. Even though I came from a dance background, I’ve never done any ballroom dancing. So, it’s always a lot of work. I always feel it when I’m on the stage, every Monday.

Your dance this week was both beautiful, yet painful all at the same time. It gave me chills. It’s getting people talking about the problem of cyber-bullying. First I want to say, I am sorry that you had to go through that. No one ever should. Secondly, as a Mom of two kids who have also experienced bullying, what would you say to others who are trying to escape the painful experience of bullying and cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is a very devastating thing to have to go through for anyone, whether you are an adult of a child. That’s the thing with social media, it can be powerful and positive but at the same time, it can really tear people apart. It sucks because it’s the face and the force of this generation. We use it so heavily and depend on it like it’s second nature. It’s like all we know. But I think that cyber bullying is only a piece of the conversation that Val and I were discussing through our performance and our dance. With cyber bullying, I talked about it because I’ve been through it. [However, the dance was] for anybody that’s going through adversity and who feels lonely or helpless and feels the world is caving in. In society, we pick on each other and we create these barriers.

We are all on this Earth for a reason. We have a purpose. I think about how much better we could be if we were all united and had more love for one another. If we had sympathy. If we had open hearts and open minds, instead of being so closed minded. At the end of the day, everyone seeks acceptance. Anyone listening and going through cyber bullying or bullying in any way, I think you really just need to dig deep to find your freedom, because nobody else is going to give it to you. It’s something that you have to accept and take within yourself. Naturally, whenever the rest of the world doesn’t accept you, it’s all about self-acceptance. What you think about yourself looking in the mirror. Thinking I’m happy with he or she. I know what I have to offer. That’s what matters.

Throughout the seasons of Dancing with the Stars, you can always tell if there is a real connection between the star and their dancing partner. Your connection with Val seems like such a strong bond, built with admiration and respect. What has it been like to go through this experience with him?

Going through this experience with Val, first and foremost let me say, I remember the first day walking into the room and learning the choreography and being super timid. I’m a totally different person than when I walked in. I really have him to thank for that. He has changed me in the best way possible. I’m forever grateful. He is my friend, my teacher, my choreographer. He’s like my brother.

It also helps that I generally do look up to him. Not just as a dancer but as a person. He teaches me constantly, every day. We talk about things that are going on in the world and about things like family and everything. He is a hard worker and an amazing human being. He never fails to stop and serve other people as well. He’s always taking the time to think about how he can help kids recognize that their dreams also matter. It doesn’t matter where they come from. It’s about what they have in their heart and their determination. He’s really good at instilling great values and making you a believer. He really makes me feel like I can do anything.

It sounds like they picked the perfect partner for you, then.

Yeah, I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I don’t know if I’d get the same experience, or grow the same way, if it hadn’t been for him. I genuinely love him. Even after the show is over, he’ll play a significant role. I am really blessed that he’s part of my world and I am now part of his.

As rewarding as this experience has been, it must be exhausting touring with Fifth Harmony and practicing with Val for the live shows. How are you taking care of yourself while this time?

Well, it has definitely been a lot. It’s crazy to even sit here and think about traveling back and forth from Asia to LA for the first three weeks of the show. It was definitely a challenge and took a toll on my body, obviously. I got injured about two or three weeks ago when I did my salsa number – “When I Grow Up.” That was the first week that we started to do lifts and flips and tricks. I hadn’t danced in five years, maybe even longer, so my body was not used to it anymore.

On top on flying and the lack of sleep, I had a really severe pulled muscle strain in my back and my hip. There were two different muscle strains. One wasn’t affected by the other, but they just so happened that I had two at the same time. I felt like it slowed me in a way. You guys might not have seen it, but for me it was really frustrating. I was like, “Why can’t I get this?” or “Why do we have to change this lift?” It would have looked so good, but physically I could not do it. We’ve definitely had an emotional rollercoaster throughout this journey, but I think it’s shaped us and is part of our story. Part of the reason I’ve worked so hard. In those times where it’s like you can’t overthink this, we have to just do it. We’d be performing in Asia on the carpet, in the lobby, in front of people, anywhere we could for days before the performance, in the airport. It’s all pieces of our journey and of our story.

Would you recommend this experience of DWTS to one of your 5H partners?

Heck to the yes! (laughs) I’d recommend this experience to anybody! It’s amazing. I can’t really put it into words. I’m sad that it’s coming to an end, we are in our last weeks. I was really emotional yesterday. I was sitting down thinking about it. I’m just super grateful looking in the faces of every single person that makes up what Dancing with the Stars is.

It’s the reason that we can put these incredible shows on Monday night – down to hair, down to makeup, down to wardrobe. It really is fancy. There’s just a fulfillment that you get, going out there, on that stage and on that ballroom with your partner, every single Monday. Knowing that your inspiring someone, it’s a special feeling. It’s electrifying. I can’t even explain it or completely put it into words.  

Once Dancing with the Stars season is over, do you plan on going back into the studio with Fifth Harmony? We know your 5H fans would love to hear some new music.

Oh, I never left the studio. I was actually in the studio last night. Yeah, we started recording before I even started Dancing with the Stars. We are still in the studio now. It never stops for me. It wasn’t like I do one thing and then start another after. It’s all in one. (laughs) So, yeah, we have new music coming out really soon.

I’m sure you have built relationships with the other contestants on the show. Do you think you will be keeping in touch after this is over?

Oh my God, yes! 110%! Like I said before, even the first day we all met at GMA, everyone came in super humble, smiles all across the room. I remember having a conversation with David [Ross]. He’s just the sweetest, sweetest guy. Talking to Bonner [Bolton] because we’re both from Texas. Hearing his story, I was just completely moved and inspired and also captivated by his southern hospitality and charm. (laughs)

Me and Simone [Biles] are really, really close and have become the best of friends on the show. She makes me laugh a lot. I think we are so different but we are alike at the same time. We kind of balance each other out, which makes this experience even more fun. Then Rashad [Jennings], he’s like a big brother. I love him too. He told me after my contemporary piece that he really connected with it on a personal level and that I could come to him for anything if I wanted to vent.

Who on the DWTS cast is the biggest practical joker or always cracks everyone up?

I don’t know. Val always makes me laugh, personally. He’s actually a very funny human being. I feel like he’s the glue that holds everything together, in a way. There are so many different elements, but I do really appreciate that he has this way of reeling people in. It’s really comfortable and safe. Feeling like it’s a safe environment for them to be all that they are. And he is really, really funny. He’s always has me cracking up.

Also Simone. She’s always has me cracking up. Just little things she says. Sometimes I’m like, “Girl, how did you come up with that?” (laughs) “How did you come up with that?”

You are only 20 and have already accomplished so much with an award-winning music career and now this wonderful experience on DWTS. What else would you like to do in the future?

Coming off of this experience – really exploring myself on Dancing with the Stars – I feel has really opened many doors for me. Widened the range of expectations that I have for myself. There is a lot I now would love to do and know now I am capable of doing. I’d love to act and get into film. I really do enjoy stepping into another character every single week on Dancing with the Stars. I’d love to do that as a career choice.

Just something that I love. I am all about the arts, so I’ll continue to do my music obviously. I’m very into fashion. I’d love to have my own fashion line and my own empire. Yeah, I just want there to be nothing that I can’t do. I want to at least touch on many things, because you never know, that might be what I decide to do for the rest of my life. I don’t know, wherever life takes me, wherever God takes me. But I really want to cross over to acting, because I find that mesmerizing. I can really lose myself in it.

We did pick one fan question to ask. Amira Parker would like to know what your favorite 5H song is to perform in concert?

My favorite Fifth Harmony song to perform right now – because it can change since we have new music coming out – I have like five favorites right now. Let’s see… probably “Boss.” Yeah, every time I hear the “da-na-na-na,” the crowd for some reason always goes crazy on that song. It gets me super hyped. There’s never been a crowd that hasn’t had a great response to that song. I think it’s just the energy of it. It’ personally one of my favs, the choreography and that was kind of the beginning of the new Fifth Harmony. I don’t know if you guys saw a change, but from “Miss Moving On” to “Boss,” there was a switch. That was the moment where we actually started to grow up and grow into our womanhood. So, I love “Boss.”

For our final question, do you have a message for your fans?

To my fans, I love you guys incredibly. I can never thank you enough for how much you fulfill me and everything you’ve done in order to make me feel supported and confident within myself. You guys lift me up anytime I’m down. I would definitely say that all of my success, and our success, is because of you guys. I love you. Make sure you learn to love yourselves.

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Taken (Part Eight)

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Summary: When Sam, the reader’s fiancee, is kidnapped with no explanation, the reader uses the help of Dean to find her lost love.  However, many unforeseen things happen on the journey to find Sam. How will Dean and the reader deal with developing feelings for one another?
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,800
Tags: canon-level gore/violence, situational angst, eventual Dean x Reader
A/N: It’s almost heeeeere!



Dean was gone by the time you woke up.  After blindly reaching a hand out to feel an empty warm spot on the mattress beside you, you opened your eyes.  It took a second to adjust to the bright light peaking through the window and you sat up, blinking.

Dean stood over the other bed, getting ready for the day.  This process consisted of stripping and cleaning all of his weapons before carefully putting them back together.  He was nearly finished, now working on his favorite pistol.

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We had a bouncer at the hotel last night because there was a theme night with live music and we expected a lot of guests throughout the night. I’ll call him A, and for context y'all gotta know he’s Romanian (our island gets a lot of Romanian immigrants, another context bit).
Now, A spoke a bit quietly but he seemed to me like a nice enough guy. I was running between collecting empty glasses and selling tickets while my fellow servers were busy at the bar. Because the tickets were being sold by the entrance, this meant A and I were in each other’s orbit and we got to interact quite a few times during the night. I gotta say I got kind of protective when I saw guests disrespecting him. He spoke quietly and didn’t really say much overall, I don’t think he was too confident with what probably is his second or third language. Once I had to explain in simpler terms what one particularly rude customer who’d just scowled me wanted (she rudely insisted he reapply the stamp on her hand because it wasn’t completely clear, even though he was the only one who would need to check it). He looked confused, so to get the situation over with I just told him “just put a new stamp on her hand”. Afterwards she told him “I hope I won’t have to see you any more tonight”. Ugh

Anyway, before that this already drunk customer comes in, slurring and creating problems right off the bat. I dislike him already when I realise how drunk he is (the music hadn’t even started) but what REALLY makes me hate his guts is what he says while he’s in the queue buying a ticket. He looks at me and goes “a Romanian in charge of the hotel? No, no, that doesn’t work. You can’t trust them. Romanians don’t take care of anything.” I’m shocked listening to him but just give him this dead smile and go “( : they work really hard”. I have a lot of Romanian friends so that just adds to the fuel and this guy is basically dead to me within a few seconds of interaction. I was pissed for like the next hour and it seemed like he was just working really hard to remind me of it, because just as I’d forgotten about it I would see him again, and at one point he got all up in A’s face and started spouting crap to him. A was a lot calmer than I would be and just diffused the situation without a problem. I know we can’t argue with the customers, but I really wish we had a zero-tolerance rule for racism and xenophobia and that he’d been kicked out the moment he disrespected our bouncer. A couple times I just gave A this “wtf” look whenever customers were being weird and he’d give this defeated shrug as if to say there’s not much to do about it. Those interactions made me feel a bit better about the situation, I wanted him to at least know I completely disagreed with the assholes mistreating him.

Square Up... *****

Originally posted by apgujeon

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader.
Genre: Angst/Fluff
W.C: 1,981

“ come, just follow me, I’ll escort you out to the van” The bodyguard told us.

    We just came from Korean to Las Vegas for the billboard awards that was two days away. And the airport was packed. There was some fangirls on the airplane with us but there was nothing we could do. Plus they were pretty nice and respected our privacy, You even made a conversation with them.

    It hasn’t been easy since the day you and tae had announced your relationship status. Specially for you. You have been getting a lot of hate, obviously, but you could handle it. You don’t let It get to you, your dad has always raised you that way. “ don’t listen to the people with hatred in the hearts, just smile and walk away, wish them the best” he’d say. “ but if they lay a hand on you, you protect yourself and finish what they started” at that you giggled.

   You weren’t big either, you were a small 5'2 thang. The guys are always asking how Tae doesn’t crush you. But something big you had… was your mouth. You always spoke what you thought. But still you were the nicest, sweetest, and sexiest person alive. That’s what Taehyung always tells you. Tae intertwined your hands and started walking to the van, all the girls started screaming and came closer and where the hell are most of the bodyguards ?!

  We were out by the doors and that’s when you saw her, there was this specific girl who was a Taehyung to die fangirl. You always see her tweets and pictures saying how she’s going to beat your ass up if she ever sees your or how you’re not match for tae. Of course, you ignore her. Babe tells you to ignore her also, and you do. There hasn’t been one time where you let other people bring you down. Not until now.

  “ oh great, look, I didn’t know they had a bitch in the band ” you heard her say. ’Stupid bitch, just ignore her’, you told yourself. You guys kept walking to the van, the girls coming so close that they could almost touch you, & of course, the fucking cyber bully was to your left. She saw how tightly you had your hand wrapped around tae’s and huffed in anger. “ hi oppa! Remember me ??? It’s your number one loyal fan !!” She cried. You rolled your eyes at how ironic that sounded.

  Since tae was on your right, she suddenly made a move to grab you saying “ move !”. 

 " don’t touch me ! “ you glared at her, letting taehyung’s hand go. Some girls ‘ooooh'ed and some laughed saying ’ oh shit’. She looked at you shocked, and frozen. You kept walking feeling tae’s hand on the small of your back. ” you’re okay babe ? “ he whispered, knowing how you can get. You nodded, keeping your mouth shut, trying to not make a scene.

  ” we’re almost there don't–" you didn’t hear the rest as you felt a hand push you, almost making you fall to the ground. Taehyung was about to grab you but you turned around and saw the girl grinning, when she saw your angry expression her eyes widened. You couldn’t hear anything else as you grabbed the girl by her hair and punching her square in the face. You didn’t care anymore, she had gone to far.

  “ I told you not to fucking touch me !” You yelled tackling her to the ground and she screeched trying to move away from your punches.

 " get off of me your ugly cunt !“ She yelled at your.

 Other girls screamed, recording while saying ’ WORLD STAAARRR!

You suddenly felt two arms wrapped around your waist pulling you away from the girl, and some security guards came to take her away, ” Keep fucking threatening me bitch ! I fucking dare you ! “ you yelled at her. 

 Taehyung pulled you against his chest, his hands holding your wrist and whispered harshly into your ear ” y/n that’s enough !“ Taehyung kept you on your back to his chest, walking faster to the van, almost lifting you off your feet.

  You huffed as he let you go to enter the van, sitting all the way to the at the end. All the guys got in filling the van, Jimin looked at your concerned ” y/n are you alright ? “ The guys looked at you for an answer but out of the corner of your eye you saw taehyung just keep his eyes somewhere else, clenching his jaw. He was mad. ” yeah I’m fine “ you answered crossing your leg, looking out the window.

  You had to right to punch the chick, it wasn’t your fault. But deep down you felt a pang of hurt that tae was mad at you. ” okay “ Jimin mumbled. 

You turned your head to the window, looking at the trees and buildings go by. ” y/n, manager wants to talk to you as soon as we get to the hotel “ namjoon turned back to look at your from the passenger seats, you nodded and felt teahyung sigh murmuring a line of ” shouldn’t have done that “. You turned to look out the window again, worry seeping on your face as you felt your bottom lip quiver. ’ not here ’ you told yourself and bit your bottom lip.

  ” I think it was pretty badass, good job “ you heard suga whisper lowly to your ear from the back seat. You smiled a little at that. You get to the hotel and see the manager waiting for all of you at the front. You all get off,you grab your handbag and make your way to him. He looks at you and brings you inside, you look back at taehyung, you make eye contact for a second before he looks away. You sign as you follow their manager to the cushions at the lobby, you look at him and he takes off his glasses.

 ” are you alright ? “ he asks you.

” yes “

 ” look, I know it wasn’t your fault y/n, but you do understand that you can’t be pulling out those kinds of actions out here, there’s going to be news everywhere and it’s not going to be pretty, I just want you and the guys to be careful thats all but this is a warning. Just ignore them and everything will be alright okay ? You didn’t only worry me or the crew out there but you worried taehyung too, a lot. “ he put his hand on your shoulder, you looked at him and you nodded. 

 ” I understand “ you said.

 ” okay Kid, now go and get settled in, get some rest, I’ll see you tomorrow “ he added, you nodded again and went to jimin who waited for his room card. 

” is everything alright ? He’s not going to make you go back home is he ? “ he asked, Jimin has always been the one you talk to about your problems, he’s your shoulders at times.

 ” no, he just gave me a warning and to be careful, you know “ you shrugged. 

” yeah, but I can’t lie, it’s good to defend yourself at times, you punched her right on her face y/n !! “ he laughed, you laughed a little pushing his shoulder lightly, ” stop it “.

 ” y/n “ you heard tae mumble. You looked at him and made your way over to him & he grabbed your bag off your shoulder ” I can tak–"

 " no, come on" he cut you off. You sighed as you guys made your way over to the elevator, you just wanted to sleep that’s all. But you knew you had to talk about the situation with tae. You wanted to know why he was not on your side of the problem. You made your way your your room, opening the door. You made your way to the bedroom and started to take off your shoes. Tae entered the room and put your bags on the bed, maybe we can talk about it now.

 " tae…“ you started but he cut you off yet again. 

Shaking his head he replied that he’s going to take a quick shower. He was avoiding you. You felt another pang of hurt in your chest as you heard a knock on the door. You made your way to the door and opened it revealing a guy with your suitcases, you thanked him and gave him a tip before you took your bags to the room and you quickly changed to an oversized shirt, taking off your braw leaving you in socks and panties and the shirt for the night. 

 You turned off the lights and made your way under the covers not even waiting for taehyung. You faced the wall windows hugging the covers to your body. Maybe it was your fault. Maybe taehyung was tired of your attitude and realized that it would be better if he cut things off. But you didn’t want to loose him. Everything was so difficult when he ignored you like this. You didn’t know you were crying until you felt tears stream at the side of your face. You just wanted tae with you, why did you always make things go wrong ???

  You heard the bathroom door open and you instantly shut up not wanting him to hear your cries. You heard his steps and muffles of him changing to his sleepwear. He probably thought you were already passed out since you didn’t move. Meanwhile you felt your throat tightening as you tried to stay quiet and not sob your heart out. You felt the bed dip because of tae and he sighed loudly before everything got quiet.

  You mentally cursed as a little whimper escaped your lips. Suddenly, you felt a hand on your waist making its way to be wrapped around your stomach, that’s when you couldn’t hold it anymore. You sobbed into the pillow, no caring if you were loud. 

 Taehyung pulled you to his body immediately, kissing your ear and neck repeatedly. ” baby.. “ he whined, holding you tighter. ” Don’t cry please..“ 

 You continued sobbing, struggling to catch your breath. Tae moved to look at your face, wiping your tears off your face. ” I-I’m sorry, I- “ you struggled, ” they don’t like me tae, I try but they don’t like me “ you whimpered, your voice broken. 

 ” there’s always going to be those kind of people baby, I would do anything to make the world perfect for you but I can’t, you scared me out there, I thought I was goi–" 

“ maybe we should break up ” you said without thinking.

 " maybe it would be better for your career , you won’t have to worry about them and me, mayb–" 

“ what ?, no no, don’t you dare say that again. ” his eyes watered at the thought, “ I’m not leaving you ever, and you’re not leaving me. I love you okay, please don’t say that ” he said grabbing your face to make you look at him. 

You nodded slowly, more tears coming out. “ you wouldn’t talk to me, you were mad at me and it hurt me ” you sobbed.

 " baby “ he sighed landing his head on your forehead. ” I’m sorry I was just– they got me mad okay, I was so pissed that she touched my girl, I should’ve said something the moment you told her to not touch you. I-I’m sorry “ 

You nodded and grabbed his face ” I love you “ he mumbled, you were about to say it back but he put his lips on yours giving you countless kisses, and all over your face. ” so much “ he whispered kissing you back on your mouth.

  You giggled and pulled away ” I love you more “. 

Taehyung pulled you to lay on top of him and kissed your head. 

There was a quiet moment before- ” want me to eat you out ? “ 

You laughed and hit his arm ” taeeeee"

 He giggled and hugged you tighter.

 "…… on second thought “ you whispered and look up at him crashing your lips together.

This was actually not supposed to be fanart, but since I am osomatsu san trash to the finest, I gave up and drew Totty… ; u ; 

Edit: changed his hair a little

anonymous asked:

hi so I was wondering if you could tell me the best way to start off writing fics on tumblr? It feels like I'm asking a stupid question but there's just so many blogs on tumblr and I always feel so silly when I post, and end up taking them down, partly because of the fact that having it sit there gets me anxious and partly because I feel like my writing is... crap. Yeah. Help?

I get this question a lot and I never know what good advice to give because I don’t think there’s something you have to do if you want to post your stories online. If you love writing and you want to share your stories with people, you should post them. Don’t doubt yourself and your writing! 

  • Notes - Don’t worry about notes at all, especially if you’re just starting out. Notes don’t guarantee quality at all. I’ve read great fics with a lot less notes than they deserve, and I’ve read fics I didn’t really like that got a lot of notes. I know it sucks to post something you’ve worked hard on and not get any feedback on it, but everyone started out that way. It’s a lot easier to start if you already have some followers, or if you’re friends with someone who has a lot of followers, or if someone shouts you out. If not, you will have to start from scratch, but if you like writing, you should focus on that and not the notes. I think I’ve said this before, but when I first started writing Sin City, nobody was reading it. I liked the story that I had in my head and I wanted to write it down, even if there were only a couple of people that gave some sort of feedback on it. You just need to keep posting if you like what you’re posting, and try not to worry about the notes too much. A lack of notes doesn’t mean your stories aren’t good! Maybe people still didn’t get a chance to find out about your blog. Also, there’s a lot of people who follow you and read your stories but never give any type of feedback, and I know for a fact there are people who don’t follow you, but read your fics anyway. And when I first got into BTS, I’d read fics even though I didn’t have a Tumblr, so I couldn’t like or reblog anything. Just keep posting your stories and try not to worry about the notes too much.
  • Tagging - It’s really important to properly tag your stuff. If you’re a fic writer, there’s no need for you to tag a Jungkook story with “Yoongi smut” or “Jimin gif”. Personally, when I’m looking for something specific, I hate seeing stuff that doesn’t belong in that tag because it makes it so much harder for me to find what I’m looking for, and I’m definitely not going to click on a Jungkook smut story if I’m out there looking for a specific Jimin gif. The first five tags are the ones that show up in the search, so those are the most important ones. Tag the genre and the members that are involved. 
  • Networks - I don’t know when exactly, but I joined @kwritersnet and it’s  a great network for sharing your stories with people, but also for finding new stories. Since the tags are full of things that don’t belong there, I never go through them. When I look for new stuff to read, I usually scroll through the network tag and I find something new every time. I suggest you try joining that network or a similar one - it’s a good way to meet new people and share your stories with them.
  • Asking other writers to read your stories - I see that a lot of people do this, and I’m conflicted about it. I’ve never felt confident enough to send a story of mine to someone and ask them to read it, but a lot of people have sent me their stories and I didn’t have a problem with that. The thing is, the busier you get, the less time you have for writing, let alone reading. So sometimes, writers won’t really have the time to read your story and you’ll put them in an uncomfortable position if you ask them to read something of yours when they don’t have any free time. I feel horrible when I have to turn people down, especially if I know they read my stories, but I have so many things to do that I can’t even keep up with the fics I’m already reading.
  • Feedback - This might be just me, but I feel like a lot of people on this site expect feedback even though they never actually give it. I’ve had a lot of people message me for the first time saying they love my stories and asking for me to reblog their story or read it or give feedback, which I have no problem with, but I’ve never even seen their urls before which means they never gave any type of feedback to me, whether it be likes, reblogs, asks, messages. I’m not saying you have to give feedback, but if you’re claiming you love someone’s work, why aren’t you giving them any kind of feedback, but expect them to give you some? I feel like some of these messages are just generic messages that get sent to a lot of writers at the same time, and I don’t like being treated like one out of 50 options. Besides, if you’re a writer, you know how much feedback means, even if it’s constructive criticism. If you interact with other writers, you have a better chance of them noticing your stories and checking them out. I’m saying this because I know @noona-la-la-la, for example, found my blog because I reblogged a story of hers and gave feedback in the tags. I found a lot writers that way too since I always check the tags on my stories. 
  • If you follow me, you can always send me a link to your story and I’ll add it to my stories to read post :)

Good luck !! :)


Save me… part 1

You were late for work. You parked your car at the parking lot and you ran towards the door. When you entered the restaurant you saw it was full of people. You walked towards the bar and settle your stuff on one of the corners. Jenna, who at moment was having a longer shift because of you, gave you a look of tiredness. 

You walked towards her. “I’m sorry Jenny.”

“No problem,” She says giving you the orders of the tables. “Good luck, it’s packed.”

You gave her a small smile and you began right away, making your way to the kitchen to get the orders in that Jenny gave you and take the orders out who were already ready. 

John was as normal in the kitchen. “Hi Y/N.” He says to you with a smile on his face. 
“Hi John,” You said to him laying the new orders down for him. You walked to the other side of the kitchen. You got the order that was ready and you entered the restaurant floor again.  You look at the paper to see which table you had to bring the food. 

You walked towards the table. There were two men sitting at the table. The men were very different from each other. the way they clothed each other but also how they moved and talked to each other. 

You came closer to the table one of the men saw you and they both eminently stopped talking to each other. They looked towards you. 

“Here you go…” You said reaching the table. “The cheeseburger.” You look towards the guy with green eyes,  light freckles on his face and short-cropped hair that is dark blonde. He had this big smile on his face. I put the cheeseburger in front of him. “and a chicken salad.” You said last looking towards the other guy. He was taller than the other men and has light green-brown eyes and long brown hair. 

Putting the food in front of him you noticed a few books on the table. All the titles had something to do with vampires. That’s weird you thought to yourself. 

“Thank you.” the man with long brown hair says looking towards you. You gave him a little smile and you walked away from the table. 

The rest of you shift was going as planned running from the kitchen to the tables and back. After 4 hours your were happy it was over and the restaurant was getting empty. The two man you served at the begin of your shift were still there. They were both drinking a beer and one of them was still eating his 3rd pie. They were talking and looking through a few papers and the books you saw on the table at the begin of your shift. 

You watched them carefully when cleaning a few tables. John comes towards you with a burger and a few fries. “Here you go.” He says to you.  And puts the plate in front of you at the table. Sandra who was standing behind the bar walks towards the two of you and sits down at the table.

“OW fries.” She says taking one of the fries of the plate. 

After the three of you have eaten. You were ready to close the restaurant. You looked towards the table and the two men were still sitting there. 

John looks at you and you know exactly that he was waiting for you to go up to them and ask nicely to leave. You walked towards the table of the two men. They both stopped talking and looked towards you. 

“I’m sorry to inform you but were closing.” You said to both of the men.

The man with short dark blond hair looks you in the eyes for the first time and gives you a smile.

“Hi..” he says giving you a wink. 

“Hi,” You said giving him a smile. “We’re closing, but you guys can come back tomorrow.”  

“I’m sorry.” The man with longer hair says. “We will just pack everything and  leave.”

“Thank you.” You gave him a smile and you walked away from the table.

In just a few minutes the men were walking through the door. You were also living after them a few seconds later, you said your goodbyes and you walked outside. 

In the parking lot, you saw both of the man sitting in a black impala. 

You walk towards your car and made your way out of the parking lot. On to the highway, you look in the review mirror when you see a black shadow in your back seat and before you could react everything went black. 

A Cornucopia of Conundrums

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11. Part 12. Part 13. Part 14. Part 15. Part 16.

Summary: “So what you’re saying is; you had a one-night stand with some yakuza lordling and now you’re pregnant with his baby?” SasuSaku. AU.


Hate has caused a lot of problems, but has not solved one yet. ~ Maya Angelou


Yamanaka Ino was a small woman with a formidable personality. Her eyes were as sharp as a serrated knife as she gave him an angry once over. Sasuke knew it was pure, unadulterated spunk that made her take a step closer and glare him in the eyes with a hawkish severity. He was almost amused.

“Don’t laugh at me,” she told him darkly.

“I’m not,” he assured her.

“I can see it in your eyes. You’re laughing at me.”

Maybe he had been. But that wasn’t why he was here. Her undignified appraisal aside, he was there to lay the foundation of a bridge – one he hoped Sakura would help him build. He didn’t know what the endgame was, but he desperately wanted to start the beginning. He stood at the threshold of her home; he could tell she would never willingly let him in again. He didn’t want to force her. In fact, he wanted her to be on his side, but that path was so twisted and turned that he didn’t know how to take the first step.

“Why are you here?” she asked.

Where’s Sakura, he heard in those words.

And that was all he needed to hear.


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A new beginning... (1/11...ish)

hey there everyone! it feels like years since I’ve posted a fic, and it feels weird to publish this. For the past 8 months or so I haven’t posted any new fic or updated my WIP Sparks, and I feel really bad but I’ve just really haven’t felt inspired even though I really wanted to write, added to the fact that my current and new (well it’s been 8 months it’s not totally new but who cares) job that takes most of my time and energy. 

I’ve been wanting to get back to writing but since i have zero inspiration, my dear friend @phiralovesloki gave me some good advice to help me get back into it, which led me to try and rewrite an old story of mine. I decided to rewrite one of the first fics I’ve written three years ago (the writing was aaaaaawful, seriously it’s dreadful). I’m improving the story and I’ll probably end up changing a few (a lot?) of things, and let me reassure you, my writing got a lot better since! I still hope you’ll enjoy it. Now I’ll shut up and let you read it.

Thanks to @ultraluckycatnd for editing the story! 

Summary: Financial problems leads Emma and her brother David to seek a roommate, which leads Killian to occupy their spare bedroom. 

Rating: M for some swearing, and eventually smmmmmut.

AO3  |

The evening had been busy and hectic, which made Emma appreciate the soft gust of wind as she walked out of the dinner. Monday nights at Granny’s were usually calm, which gave her some time to study in between clients. Maybe it was the nice warm weather that spring brought after a very cold winter that made people want to go out and have a meal outside of their houses. She was grateful for the tips; she usually didn’t make much on Monday’s, but the downside was that she was starting her week exhausted.

Emma debated with herself for a moment, pondering on whether she hailed for a cab or if she took the bus back to her apartment. Walking was out of the question, because her feet were killing her. The cab was quite tempting since she would be home in no time, but it meant spending some of the extra money she made tonight. With the financial strain that her and her brother had been going through, spending that extra money wouldn’t be wise. Emma sighed as she tried to muster some of the energy she had left and did the wise thing as she walked towards the bus stop. Hopefully, she wouldn’t have to wait too long for the bus to arrive.

After what felt like hours (it was really fifteen minutes, but her tired state was playing tricks on her mind), Emma finally arrived at her apartment complex and slowly climbed the stairs up to her floor. Once she entered her apartment, she dropped her bag as she freed her feet from the pressure of her shoes and walked directly to the living room. She fell next to her brother on the couch and sighed with relief as she let her aching muscles finally relax. Her head slowly rolled to the side when David groaned as he closed his laptop, and she noticed that he looked tense.

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Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

TITLE: butterfly

MEMBER: kim taehyung x reader

GENRE: fluff, angst, romance

WORDS: 13 327

WARNING: profanity, mentions of sex

AUTHOR: thelillzmonster

SUMMARY: taehyung and you were really close friends before. but something happened. you had no clue what it was, but suddenly he stopped talking to you completely, stopped looking at you at all and basically ignored your existence overall. and no matter how much time went by, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. but then, something changed…

ENJOY     ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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can you do more jealous!daryl? it's my fav trope! i love your fics sm

Jealous Daryl is my fav too. And thank you lovely, enjoy! 

That ‘king’ was really beginning to get under his skin, like nails down a chalk board kind of way. 

Daryl had gone back to The Kingdom to tie up arrangements for the war, to make sure everything and everyone was set to go. 

He could have done this in just the one day (if he was being honest with himself) but instead he’d stayed three days, giving him the time to visit a particular silver haired friend. 

He knew Ezekiel was fond of her, hell Richard made that clear, but he was coming to realize the extent of that fondness the more time he spent around the man. 

On the first day of his visit he’d walked over to find two of his knights saddling up their horses, baskets of food attached to the sides. 

“Make sure the fair maiden takes these, she’ll persist but I know she’ll eventually cave,” he heard Ezekiel say making him roll his eyes with annoyance. 

“She don’t need no damn food,” he muttered as an opening welcome to get Ezekiel’s attention.

“Welcome friend,” Ezekiel greeted before explaining, “and I’m just assuring she’ll never have a need for any.” 

“Yeah well she can take care of herself,” he muttered, “don’t need no king to help her.”

“My intentions are all good dear friend,” the king told Daryl, an almost challenging look on his face.

Daryl shrugged it off with a grunt wanting to move on to more pressing matters, the tension quickly forgotten. 

Carol was mentioned by Ezekiel much more than he was comfortable with that day, even going as far as asking the nature of the relationship between himself and Carol.

“None of ya damn business that’s what it is,” Daryl growled in response, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck raise in defence.  

The king seemed to decipher his answer for a moment before nodding, a satisfied smile coming across his mouth, “forgive me, I don’t mean to pry, I still have lots to learn about that intriguing yet elusive woman.”

“Yeah well why don’t ya focus on the problem at hand first ‘fore ya go round chasin’ tail ya ain’t ever gonna catch,” he snapped.

His words were far more direct than he was used to leaving him wondering where that outburst had come from.

“I see Carol is a particularly sensitive subject,” Ezekiel replied calmly, “one I shall be sure to avoid for the rest of your stay, I don’t wish to quarrel.”

Daryl gave an abrupt nod and turned on his heel, saying in few words that he’d see him again tomorrow.  

The next day came around and Daryl mentioned to Ezekiel that he’d be going to visit Carol that evening and so wouldn’t be around to discuss matters of the upcoming war.  

Ezekiel nodded in what Daryl thought was understanding, he didn’t question his motives any further, good. However apparently he was wrong. He approached her house later that day he saw the very same man stood on her porch, an extravagant bunch of flowers in his hand. 

Mother fucker,” Daryl growled under his breath, sticking to the tree line to remain hidden. 

From where he was crouched he saw Carol with an unamused expression on her face, her hip tilted as he hand came out to rest on it. 

He was too far to hear the nature of the conversation but there was enough body language that he got the idea. 

Carol took the flowers eventually, impatiently waving one hand at him to follow her in, the door shutting behind him.

Daryl could feel the white burning anger building up in him, that fucker knew he was coming to see Carol and he had the nerve to ruin that. The fact that Carol invited him in made him all the more angry, he never thought she’d be the type to fall for cheesy words and a bunch of fucking flowers. He stood up from where he was crouched, pacing back and forth as his eyes burned holes through the door. He had half a mind to go up and rip the door off the hinges, but he was too scared at what he’d find. Ezekiel wasn’t subtle with his advances, quite the opposite in fact. Maybe she liked that, being courted by a gentleman, hell Daryl weren’t no gentleman, couldn’t be even if he tried. She deserved a gentleman sure, but shit if he wasn’t happy about it. That king knew exactly what he was doing, he was slyer than she knew. 

Daryl jumped back down in the foliage as the door swung open again, Ezekiel stepping out, saying something to her before picking her hand up in his, leaving a second to long kiss there. 

Carol’s expression was hard to read from this distance, had she liked that? 

His mind was in overdrive by the time Ezekiel was finally out of sight and her door was closed once again. His feet dragged him straight to her porch before he’d even thought about it. His hand coming down to bang on her door, his aggression making the door rattle on his hinges.

“Christ Ezekiel you trying to break the door do-” the sentence died on her lips as she was faced with someone that was not Ezekiel.

“Yeah I’m sorry ya king went back off to his kingdom, ya stuck with the peasant,” he muttered sarcastically, not exactly the greeting he was going for after not seeing her for weeks.

Carol frowned for a moment, thrilled to see him but thrown by his anger, “Daryl you’re not- I mean- what are you doing here?”

“Oh so he’s allowed to grace you with his presence no questions asked but I gotta get a the third degree, jesus give me a fuckin’ break,” he grumbled bitterly brushing past her into the warmth of her home.

“Well hell-fucking-o to you too,” she said sharply, closing the the door behind him.

Daryl sighed, he knew he was being a dick but fuck he couldn’t help it. 

“Sorry,” he mumbled half-heatedly.

“What’s up your ass?” she asked bluntly, putting a kettle over the fire to heat them a drink.

“Nothin’, it’s…” he trailed off as he scanned the room. There was very little difference to last time only the bouquet of flowers Ezekiel had brought her was now arranged in a vase on her table. God that wasn’t helping, “fuck.”

“What?” Carol questioned, putting her hands on her hips, glaring at him accusingly.

That glare got under his skin like nothing else, fuelling the already roaring fire.

“Just didn’t realise you’d cozied up the ol’ king since my last visit,” his voice almost sounding like Merle’s as he let his accent flow through,

“Cozied up?” Carol was confused to all hell right now, her eyes flickering to the flowers that Daryl had previously noticed, “cause of the flowers? Seriously? Daryl.”

“Well ya don’t give a girl flowers cause ya want her to be ya friend,” he growled, a deep rumble coming from within his chest, “and I sure as hell don’t let any of my friends kiss my hand goodbye,” he continued pointing at her accusingly.

A smirk was on Carol’s face now as her eyes swept over his angry form.

“The hell ya smilin’ bout?” he snapped, his arm dropping back to his side.

“You’re jealous,” Carol said simply, still smiling in amusement.

“Wha-” he was thrown off by her accusation, “I ain’t jealous of some pompous king.”

“But you are,” Carol said her usual teasing coming out to taunt him, she took a step toward him before speaking again. “You may not be jealous of the ‘pompous king’ as a person but you’re certainly jealous that he’s awfully friendly with me.”

“The hell ya mean awfully friendly?” he asked before he could stop himself. Shit. “I ain’t jealous,” he reiterated. 

Her head tilted to the side, raising an unconvinced brow at him. 

“If you say so.”

“I ain’t.” 

“Keep telling yourself that.”

“Whad’ ya mean by awfully friendly?” he couldn’t help himself.

Carol shot him a grin, closing the last of the space between them, her hands coming out to smooth the collar of his shirt down as she talks, her eyes focused on the stitching. “I mean he comes, tries to buy me over with food, flowers, wine, books, anything he thinks I’ll like. I tell him thank you, he insists on kissing me on the hand, I send him away, there’s no feelings of reciprocation if that’s what you’re worried about.”

She dares a glance up at him, gauging his reaction before making any further moves.

“He knew I was comin’ tonight, did it to piss me off,” he grunted, his voice soft now.

“Clearly it worked,” she spoke, “you ready to admit you were jealous yet?”

He shifted on his feet, her touch burning and soothing him all at the same time as her hands ran the expanse of his shoulders.

“I might’ve been, a bit,” he admitted, his voice barely about a hoarse whisper, “just don’t want ya gettin’ hurt.”

“Don’t lie,” Carol warned lightly, her hands sliding down his arms, stopping at his wrists,  “that may have been part of it, but it wasn’t the only reason. I’m not asking you to bare all to me but don’t down play what’s really going on here.” 

He looked at her with a heated gaze, fuck she was beautiful. And yet, he still couldn’t find the words he wanted to tell her, this slow burn, it would continue at the same agonising pace till he grew some balls. 

She went to drop his wrists as he failed to give her a response, his hands jumping out quickly to lace her fingers with his own, his thumb grazing the length of hers back and forth. 

Right now this is all he had, and god he hoped it was enough, he had a war to fight, he wasn’t going to leave her here with unfulfilled promises and words that didn’t mean a damn thing if he wasn’t able to act on them. 

A whisper of a smile tugged at her mouth, taking all he had to offer, it was enough, it was always enough. 

“You’re cute when you’re jealous Dixon,” she teased, feeling his finger draw circles against the back of her hand.

“Stop,” he muttered, a soft snort escaping him.

Completely outflanked my a-hole coworker.

(warning: long story)

So this just happened about six months ago.

I got a job in a different department than the one I started in. great job really, I really like my manager and my supervisor but my co-worker in this department is a bit weird.

She’s a neat freak and you can’t set or leave ANYTHING on her desk without permission. You can’t touch her chair because she has back problems. She slaves all over her job and whines constantly about how much work she has.

I started my role and floundered a bit. I didn’t really get training and it was a struggle for a while but I slowly got the hang of things and got pretty good at what I do.

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