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Anon said: Headcanons for kageyama, lev, tsukishima and kuroo with a female childhood friend who they gradually fall in love with? (how did they fall in love, how did they act after, getting jealous over her other guy friends etc) omg i’m in LOVE with your blog ; - ;

This is just *clenches fist* so pure! Also after Kageyama’s everyone else’s are under the cut, this post got super long super quick

Kageyama Tobio

  • Became friends in middle school, like when Tobio was a small little blueberry
  • They share food and Kageyama always bought her a milk as well
  • Would try and get her to do some volleyball things but she wasn’t very good at it and the ball kept hitting her face 
  • Kageyama explained to her that Oikawa almost hit him and she got so mad and also started to cry
  • When Kageyama became the setter she was super proud of him but then when she slowly started to see his inner ‘king’ come out she was getting worried about the team
  • Put Kags in his place after he kept yelling at his teammates to do better and go faster and to push themselves harder during games and practices
  • She grabbed his jersey and pushed him against a wall and started to yell about how he needed to stop being so hard on his teammates and that he was the reason that they lost
  • That’s the moment he realized that he was in love with her
    • He cried when she yelled at him and that made her feel really bad and she had to try and calm him down afterward
  • She made him apologize to the team and everyone was so shocked
  • Her first choice was Aoba Johsai but she didn’t get in so she went to Karasuno because she knew that Kageyama was going there
  • They were in the same class and Kageyama’s feeling only grew for her 
  • Would blush like crazy, because she looked so damn cute in the girls uniform 
  • They would eat lunch together and a lot of people came up to them and asked if they were dating
  • Kageyama would get so flustered and she would just say that they weren’t and would attempt to try and calm kags down afterward
  • He would get jealous when she would talk to Hinata and how much he made her laugh and smile, but he would lay off because he knew it wasn’t good to get jealous
  • Confessed to her after she got dumped by some guy in there class, he didn’t mean to confess it just slipped out
    • ‘I don’t understand why you were with him anyway, couldn’t you tell that I was in love with you, I could be so much better for you than he ever was!’

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anonymous asked:

Whats the problem with the Overwatch fandom and interacial relationships?

the way this fandom treats lot of interracial ships that involve the white characters are just bad. like really bad. awful in fact.

like of course there’s exceptions like any ship that involves zarya and rein. but then there’s characters like mercy, 76 and junkrat where every person of color their paired with is treated like shit (their most infamous ships being pharmercy, reaper76 and junkhog)

its odd because these technically AREN’T bad characters. and in fact the last relationships i listed off were seriously perfect if the fandom wasnt full of self-entitled racists.

pharmercy has cute interactions, reaper76 had the potential to be lovers to enemies to lovers trope, and junkhog is already implied to be romantic with junkrat obsessively wanting to make roadhog happy.

like for starters, lets look at pharmercy. where people BUTCHER pharah’s character for the sake of making mercy the “smol dainty femme”. pharah is no longer passionate and a goofball, she’s now stoic and mean. she likes getting stepped on and treated like an animal. mercy becomes every white sapphics creepy self insert, by making her way more emotional and fleshed out despite having incredibly little character to her. 

and the shippers are also just toxic. like unbelievably toxic. they threatened to doxx my mutual and leak her info simply because she criticized it and said ______ ship was better. they’re also massive hypocrites, criticizing gency shippers for treating genji poorly and then proceed to treat pharah like shit.

there’s reaper76 where once again the fandom ignores canon because they cannot handle having a soft latino man in the relationship. whether its overwatch gabe, blackwatch gabe or reaper gabe, the shippers give him the exact same personality. 

mean, angry, silent and intimidating. 

76 is just a soft smol gay bean with a lot of emotional complexities (noticing a pattern yet) and who loves to step on gabe and treat him like a slave but its okay bc gabe loves it.

junkhog shippers aren’t really as bad but they treat roadhog like an accessory rather than a person. they also looooove to scrutinize him for hating robots and subject him to really ugly jokes like how he’d be a trump supporter.

and of course guess who’s the one who gets all the emotional scenes and who plays the shoulder to cry on.

its repetitive, its racist, its dull, its annoying. and yet the fandom hasnt gotten sick of it yet… somehow. in fact even if people change up their relationships with only people color, the result always ends up the same.

i feel like the biggest reason why rein, torb and zarya havent been treated to this sort of glorification is because fans cant project on them. and tracer is just….. well she’s tracer

The Gang - Christmas HCS


  •  soda tries desperately to bake but literALLY EVERYOne is interrupting him poor baby
  • darry organizes everything
  • like he has a fucking schedule of christmasy things they all have to do
  • everyone either steals or makes something for one another; two-bit gets johnny a leather jacket
  • jOHNNY FREAKS BUt keeps it cool in front of the guys
  • only pony knows how much he loves it
  • they have an unnecessarily violent snowball fight
  • two-bit and steve end up battling on the roof
  • soda wears an ugly ass sweater
  • so does pony
  • dally gets really flustered when johnny gives him his gift (a dog tag with the name dallas on it that johnny made himself)
  • he wears it everyday forth, but hides it under his shirt
  • darry is so so so happy that everyone is together and safe again
  • like that’s all he wants, and christmas is the perfect time for everyone just to be chill and nice
  • they all go to the town center and admire the lights
  • two-bit tries to steal some and gets electrocuted
  • when they all go to sleep it’s so quiet and it starts to snow and it’s just so nice yes
PJO Winter Headcanons
  • Percy probably starts decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving
  • During December the whole apartment smells like cookies
  • Sally bakes them for the kids at camp who don’t have any where to go over the holidays
  • Percy wears a different sweater everyday
  • His favorite pair of socks are these bright blue fuzzy socks that warm your feet up with ten seconds of putting them on
  • When his little sister is older they spend days cutting out paper snowflakes and put them EVERYWHERE
  • On the walls, in the windows, on the cabinets, EVERYWHERE
  • Annabeth makes popcorn balls all the time
  • And she loves watching old Christmas movies
  • Her favorite sweater is bright red with a little stripe of reindeer
  • She’s the best at building snow forts
  • She also takes building snowmen very seriously
  • Each one has to be perfect
  • She also really likes building gingerbread people and houses
  • Percy usually picks off most of the candy after a few days
  • Annabeth eats some too
  • In the end they usually end up unsure what to do with the actual gingerbread since neither of them really likes it
  • At Camp there’s usually a gingerbread house contest held by the Athena cabin
  • And the Aphrodite cabin usually holds an ugly sweater contest
  • They also place mistletoe all around camp
  • The Apollo cabin can usually be found playing different holiday songs

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The voice inside your head

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.306

Warnings: self-loathing, much self-loathing, fluff, italics are the voice in the reader’s mind

A/N: This is a request of the lovely @melconnor2007. Thank you for the request and I really hope you like it. And everyone who is suffering from self-loathing: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! AND WORTHY OF EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD! LOVE YOU!

Hi could I make a request, with Bucky and reader, where reader really likes Bucky, but she’s really self loathing, and doesn’t think she’s good enough for him, and tony throws one of his party’s, she’s gets dressed up, but she’s Bucky with another girl, and leaves the party, but what she doesn’t know is Bucky likes her and wasn’t even listening to the girl, he sees her run and goes after her and confesses and it’s all really fluffy ending

Hate. Disgust. Low self-esteem. Self-loathing. Ugly. Worthless…

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If anyone is at all interested by the crap that this trashy artist continuously makes, please let me know Q-Q because I need motivation to finish this. I always feel really, really bad because of how long I take on each piece and yet often ending up with unsatisfactory results, and the struggle of this one might literally kill me, about seventy percent of the time was spent on redrawing because I could not stand the sight of the great ugliness that is my skill level product OTZ. (Also I truly need to stop now because it has literally hurt my wrist and I need a break)

Title: Hum of our swords(rough version)

The hilt is shown in the corner is one of the intended sword in the title, it bears a significance to France’s national symbols which I will explain if I ever finish this. The same goes for Arthur(completely out of frame here and it’s mostly from his perspective). The broadsword will not end up the option here, most likely, due to the necessity of showing the pommel and the lower grip along with both characters swinging one-handed.

Almost forgot: Happy Easter! (Gosh how did I do that, and it’s right on the day too)

“Tes excuses ne changent rien. Ça n'a pas d'importance ce que tu voulais faire.”


i just wrote this whole thing and then it wouldn’t post and i lost it ugh

Originally posted by 0ncelovestwice

  • i have a really vivid idea of what chaeyoung as a girlfriend would be like idk if that’s just me
  • listen….. son chaeyoung…….
  • she seems like the soft movie scene aesthetic kinda gf
  • like imagine it’s 11 am on a sunday morning and you’re in the kitchen playing day6 on her phone making blueberry pancakes and dancin around a little
  • and then you wrap your arms around her and give her a soft kiss and then you both giggle about nothing and just keep having fun
  • except guess what
  • you probably imagined that in a pretty clean kitchen didn’t you
  • bitch no you wish
  • the sink is full of dirty dishes there’s crap all over the counter and the kitchen table and you know what you’re not even going to eat those at the kitchen table are you
  • no you’re gonna eat them on the couch and chaeyoung’s gonna forget to take her plate and silverware to the sink when she’s done and you’re gonna be like
  • “chaeyoung you didn’t take your plate to the sink”
  • and then you’re gonna be reminded of all those damn dishes that you should probably clean more often
  • hm what else will there be
  • defending carol
  • you would always wanna have movie marathons but you would only end up watching two movies max
  • that doesn’t mean you don’t bingewatch tv shows though
  • the goal is to finish netflix
  • she likes to lie her head in your lap and frankly it’s really cute
  • you’d probably have really unattractive pictures of each other
  • not like you take pictures of one another without the other knowing
  • sometimes you’ll just be messaging each other and at one point you take this really ugly picture of yourself and send it without saying anything
  • and she would just send one back and it would go on like that
  • i feel like her type of spontaneous romantic gesture would be along the lines of surprising you by cleaning the dishes or doing your laundry or something
  • and i don’t mean that as a roast
  • fuck do my dishes
  • if someone just did a chore i resent for me out of nowhere i’d be so happy
  • but that’s not to say it would necessarily happen often, just whenever she might think to do it to make you happy
  • let’s be realistic it’s not gonna happen often that either of you does the dishes without confronting the other about it
  • girlfriend!chaeyoung in general would just be really cool
  • you probably wouldn’t start dating because you were looking to date someone it just kinda occurred to you at one point you both liked each other and wanted to be together
  • which is nice, because that’s what you got into the relationship for… each other.

anonymous asked:

Ok I really need a One Punch Man blog to help me clear things up a bit. I tried to get into it but there seem to be obstacles... First I watched the Anime. Only 1 season?? Where are the others? Then I wanted to read the manga but the manga is drawn really weird and ugly but I see all those awesome manga screenshots on tumblr so... where to I read the OPM manga? And where does the anime end in the manga? But most importantly... where can I read it in good quality? Pls help me!

  1. There’s only one season out. They’ve announced a second season but there’s no air date yet. (source)
  2. Original by ONE-sensei here (this is probably what you’ve seen)
  3. Redrawn by Yusuke Murata here
  4. Season 1 ended around chapter 30+ in the manga.
  5. Please support the author by buying the manga when you get the chance to! ^^

- Senka

anonymous asked:

Do you have like a list of miscellaneous Gladion headcanons that you may have thought of. Literally can be like any little random facts. :)


  • Lillie starts calling him Glads because the gang started calling him Glads after the Lusamine incident.
  • Gladion retaliates by calling him Lils but it’s more cute than anything.
  • Gladion doesn’t like to have Lillie around when he’s battling because he doesn’t want to be savage in front of his sister.
  • Probably because he used to treat her like she was a Princess and he was her Knight and he still has the tendency to think that way with Lillie.
  • Gladion will open doors and pull out chairs for Lillie without thinking about it.
  • He’s actually the most gentleman-like in the entire series probably.
  • He’s also supER TICKLISH.
  • Like, do not randomly jab this boy he will jump up and screech.
  • And sometimes he will also hiccup if he gets tickled. It’s adorable.
  • Gladion’s hand was actually hurt by Null, which is why it keeps shaking the way it does.
  • Gladion was a big fan of Green Oak, probably.
  • When he was a kid, he asked his mom if they could locate Darkrai for him so he can befriend it.
  • He initially wanted to inherit Aether because he wanted to befriend Darkrai.
  • Gladion has tried to cut off his ahoge but as a kid he couldn’t reach it.
  • Probably ended up cutting his bangs instead to make it look like his ahoge was a natural part of his hair. That’s why his hair was all choppy RIP little Gladion.
  • Had to be homeschooled after the choppy hair incident.
  • Has called Wicke “mom” at least once.
  • Has pretended to be Santa or the Tooth Fairy for Lillie when they were little.
  • Lillie actually had no idea how to braid so Gladion used to do her hair for her.
  • An expert Bag Carrier.
  • Gladion actually knows a lot about fashion because of his mom and Lillie.
  • Mohn tried to teach him how to garden once. It didn’t end well. Gladion cannot grow plants.
  • He stuck to Pokémon raising because Pokémon just always naturally gravitate to him.
  • He’s never really had friends so Pokémon really end up wanting to be his friend.
  • His Pokémon are very confused why he doesn’t have friends since he’s so nice and loyal and smart.
  • His Pokémon try to give him gifts on Father’s Day.
  • Gladion’s odd jobs only give him enough money for the motel but not for new clothes.
  • Even after he becomes President, he sleeps in one of the smaller rooms and wears the same clothes out of habit.
  • Sometimes, Lillie sends him ugly sweaters from Kanto/Jhoto as gag gifts and he wears them when he’s going to sleep.
  • He totally has a pair of Buneary slippers too.
  • Next time he mails Lillie, he sends her a matching pair.
Women Kakashi could’ve ended up with...

…but he didn’t. 

So, it’s a known fact by now that, the one and only, that never will be another, Mr. Hatake Kakashi ends up all alone, romantically speaking, of course. Now, one would say that he’s too hot good to end up with someone but it can’t be denied that he kind of deserved someone to share his existence with considering how much suffering he endured. Wouldn’t it have been nice if he just had gotten that special somebody? 

On a more serious note though, taking into account that he’s probably one of the best developped character in the entire show, it sure would’ve been extremely hard to pair him up with a random person since, during the entire series, he didn’t show a single sign of interest in basically anyone. So there was no starting point for romance to begin with. Although I’m more than sure that this wasn’t too hard to get over since Kishi had no problem in making characters I don’t even remember I’ve seen talking to each other at least a single freaking time hook up, have children and live happily ever after. 

I’m not saying I wanted Kakashi to experience that kind of cruel pairing but Ii thought I’d just point out that there were some women Kakashi could have ended up with but he didn’t. Should I use a “fortunately” or an “unfortunately”? Well, I think that’s up to you.

Anyways, here we go with some crack possible “couples”.

Anko Mitarashi

Candidate no. 1, AM (no, I’m not talking anout Arctic Monkeys) a.k.a. that one freaky lady who, we all probably thought at some point, would eventually end up with the formerly freind killer. Seriously now, I’ve alwyas thought, as a child that these two would get together and show inform Naruto where babies come from (he learnt by now tho, I mean, Boruto, what’s good?). And by the way, no, that’s not a picture of Anko showing Kakashi what she’s about to do to his toy him.

Was our impression ever justified though? I mean, is Anko the type of girl Kakashi needs (does he still?) or more importantly, is she the type of person he would fall for? There’s of course that belief that opposites attract. They’re polar opposites, that’s for sure, you get your typical introvert meet the classical extrovert, and that’s just one single aspect in a vast ocean of other reasons that make them so different. And even if they got together, would it work? Personally, I doubt. Kakashi always struck me as that type of guy who likes mysterious lady-like women …who don’t tell what they’re up to nor have a really big mouth, like really big. Anko is the female Naruto, in my eyes. Does Kakashi care for Naruto? Obviously, a big undenaiable yes. But I just can’t see him in a serious relationship with someone just like Naruto. Opposites might attract but I doubt one could live with his polar opposite …unless they fight hardly for it. But hey, that’s just my very personal opinion. I still ship them sometimes tho.

But what if they actually ended up together? Should I even mention hot sex? O.K. then, hot sex and ugly arguments. I can picture Anko getting nervous all of a sudden and eventually throw some things at the annoyingly calm Kakashi who just can’t stop thinking: “Gurl, calm down already, just calm down.” Those thoughts would only be replaced later by “I should’ve banged Shizune when I had the chance. Just look at her now, young looking and fresh and still hot as fuck. I should’ve known.” And that brings us to…


Candidate no. 2, the lady known mononymously as Shizune. That one girl who got paired up with pairable Kakashi after most of us eventually realized that his relationship with Anko was most probably never gonna happen. Or was it because Kishi forgot about a certain girl named Anko? Whatever the reason, the inevitable happened, KakaShizu saw the light of the day in the so well-known Fanfictionland.

I can actually picture these two together. I’ve got this feeling that laidback Kakashi likes to be dominated. And that’s not a problem for “I like to be in charge and tease people” Shizune. Though, might she be a little too much controlling for the overly relaxed and detached Kakashi: “How many times do I have to tell you? In the morning, we only do it from behind. No. Fucking. 69. You better get it right before I decide that you won’t get the pussy for the next two weeks.” Arguments would just leave Kakashi cold: “I’mma let her have her say. Besides, I can chidori her anytime.”

It’s not hard to imagine how they could’ve hooked up. One day, sexually frustrated Hokage who’s in desperately in need of sex wakes up and goes to work where he meets his available assistant who’s randomly wearing a nice tight dress and nice high heeled shoes. Add one nice room and you get them banging on one nice desk. More than once. And that’s what you call one nice relationship starting point. 

You didn’t like the scenario? No problem, let’s move forward to…

Mei Terumī

Candidate no. 3, the hottest Kage, literally. Out of all the Kages, she’s also the most desperate to get married in need of a man to, you know, satisfy her fill her life with love and joy. Would they match, tho? Well, it’s hard to tell since her character did not recived enough development. She does seem to be a genuinely caring person who’s not too obvious about random things …except when it comes to her obsession  profound desire to get married, of course. 

I do suspect her of being the dominant type but as I’ve already stated, I don’t think Kakashi would actually mind it. The only differenace, when comapring Mei with Shizune, is that Mei would domiante her man but she’d do it subtly and wouldn’t be obvious about it so not evrybody would know. But that’s just a supposition of mine. 

On the other hand, an union between the two Kages might be beneficial just like it also might be not. When they’re all honey, the two villages are on good terms, when they’re in a fight …well, let’s just say that each would mind their own village (and maybe not talk to each other?). 

Though they’d constantly keep the world wondering which Kage’s on top.


Since we were talking about Kages. And since Tsunade’s forever young, there’s no way of her ending up with a man of her age or near her age (though I don’t think there’s at least one living 100 years aged man in the Narutoverse, but still). In her early prehistoric days, she adored Dan, she got Jiraiya forever turned on, she fucked Oro so there she is wondering: “Why wouldn’t I get involved with a young man, the hottest of his generation? He also happens to be the next Hokage so …why not?” It that way, Tsunade would never leave the Hoake’s office, ya know…

Seriously now, just imagine the shock if this actually happened tho.

Rin Nohara

Since in Narutoverse, when a character dies it actually means that they’re patiently waiting to be revived, what if plot twisting master Kishi had brought Rin to life? Well, to be honest, I honestly doubt that Kakashi would’ve banged his best firend’s childhood crush whose death caused so many problems. I think the entire Naruto fandom is aware of this fact. Right?


One filler character becoming cannon and end up with Hatake Kakashi. A character with an impressively developped character. Can it be sadder?


If Chōji can end up with Karui, than Kakashi can definitely get one hot blue eyed, blonde haired, big boobed random girl. Period. 

Anyways, if Kakashi ended up with someone I strongly think that the perfect choice would’ve been a brand new girl cleverly created with a well handled backstory and a perfectly defined personality. A girl who would actually make Kakashi fall for her. 

This Is Why I Have Trust Issues (Pietro x Reader) Part 1

Summary: After not having seen the inhabitants of the tower for a while, Y/N reluctantly agrees to go to a party there on the basis that her ex, Pietro, is going out of town on a mission. Unfortunately, things don’t go exactly as planned.

Chapter List


Part One

You felt your mobile phone buzz, and put your mug on a nearby table. Fishing it out of your pocket, you glanced at the caller-ID before answering, but not recognising the number.

“Hello?” you asked, slightly nervous.

“Y/N, hi!” you heard a familiar voice on the other side.

“Steve! Oh my god! It’s been so long, how are you?” you asked, a huge grin forming on your face.

“All good here, can’t complain. Just a few broken ribs and noses, is all.” You chuckled.

“That’s what you get for being Captain America,” you sang mockingly, and he laughed.

“Listen, Y/N, I’m a bit pressed for time right now, so I’ll cut to the chase. Are you free on the 17th?” You got up from your chair.

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Under The Mistletoe

A/N:  Fic two of December Fic Fest. This is just too good and cute to pass up honestly, and as soon as I read, I was inspired and could picture it in my head. This Christmas writing is so much and I honestly adore it, it’s really brought me out of my writing slump. So thanks to all my sweet followers for sending Christmas/winter prompts! <3
Des: The Christmas booze has you feeling a little adventerous, so you decide to surprise Underfell Sans under the mistletoe with a little kiss. Sans doesn’t it take it lightly, though, and decides to embarrass you even further in front of the entire Christmas party. (Romantic Raeder Insert) ‘If light drinking makes you uncomfortable, then this might not be for you.’

You swirled the Champaigne in your glass, looking out onto the Christmas party. Papyrus had gotten this grand idea of throwing a huge holiday party in their two-story home, inviting nearly everyone in the Underground. It wasn’t bad, just a little overwhelming.

It also sucked when hardly any of the guests would even glance at you. Mettaton was too busy singing karoke, the microphone passing between his four arms. He was singing a rather erotic version of Santa Baby that made you cringe.

You had tried to joke around with Undyne, but she almost punched you in the face for touching her red armor. Alphys was no fun either; she was too mesmerized by Undyne, and continued following her around, her swirled glasses slipping off her nose on occasions. 

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turquoiseey  asked:

This one might be a bit longer sorry for that, but i am really interested how would Muu, Yunan and Ugo react if they would get to know their crush as a really beautiful lady but by night she would become really ugly basically like beauty'n'the beast like but it is entirely her and so she tries to hide that side but they end up finding out about it. Would they lose interest? Would they mind?


> Muu is surprised but more concerned about his crush’s feelings. He might have noticed her because of her looks, but certainly fell in love with this girl because of the way she acted and behaved around him and others. Her appearance changing doesn’t change her personality, which is all that matters to him in the end


> Oh, he would have seen through this charade long before. No curse and no magic can hide from him very long and all that matters for Yunan is the person inside. The magi is not one to go for looks but for someone honest and kind, a person he’d like to spend some more years of his life with and when she happens to be this person, her appearance will not change his feelings


> He too, is surprised about the sudden change. But instead of being concerned with her turning ‘ugly’, Ugo much more wants to know how this change happens, going as far as asking for her permission to examine her. He’donly reacte to her feeling uncomfortable once he snaps out of it, shyly taking her hand to promise her that he still thinks of her as the most wonderful person in his life

anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your artstyle and how expressive your characters are. Do you have any advice on how to practice expressions and cartoon faces? Thanks for reading.

Hey thanks dude! Drawing expressions is prolly my favourite thing ever haha; the way I really learned to draw them was to copy other artist`s drawings. It really helped to see how they approached things. If youre looking for tutorials, Tracy Butler probably has one of the best expression tutorials around; I would definitely recommend it. Finally dont worry about making your characters look ugly!! Id totally go more in-depth but I would prolly end up having to make a tutorial or something haha

DR:AE Kill List Reactions [Complete Translation]

All 14 kill list reactions will be placed under this readmore.

Special thanks goes to Telisle for providing me with screenshots of the conversations.

Please notify me and provide proper credit if you wish to use this script for any personal projects.

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One Piece Tokyo haul~

So I’ve been in Tokyo for 3 weeks and just got back home yesterday. I’ve managed to buy way too much One Piece merch (again), but still thought it might be fun to share some of my finds. :) I’m sorry about the quality of the photots, they’re taken with my phone.

I bought a whoopin’ 33 volumes of One Piece in japanese, because I like to read the original words. I’m still missing about 30+ books, but I’m getting closer to the whole collection. I also bought the two latest volumes of course.

Then I bought the 7th Color Walk (the stickers on top of the Color Walk are sketches from Movie Gold and I got them with a magazine), 2 One Piece logs and two issues of Shonen Jump, one which has chapter 839 in it aka. Sanji’s stroy breaking my heart.

And as you might be able to see in the picture I also bought a lot of some dounjishi. (17 for ZoSan and 7 for SaNami) ^__^

And since I went to two mugiwara stores of course I got some small tidbits and merch there too. And I spent way too much on their gachapon. (I haven’t included all of it, because it’s mostly just small keycahins ans pins and such.) I also bought a few T-shirts but they are in the laundry, so no pictures. :P Also, I couldn’t help myself with the Sanji socks…. So ugly, yet adorable.

Then they had these nice canvas pictures of a few cover pages that I really like. I got one for Sanji, one for Nami and one of my favorite pictures of Zoro and Sanji. :)

I also bought a few figurines… I have too many already, especially of Sanji, but I just can’t help myself~

Movie Gold Sanji is just too cool not to have. And he’s got a really nice face despite being quite small. The chibi Sanji is really cute and it’s probably gonna end up on my desk. Then I finally found a figure of Usopp that I really like! I’m trying to collect at least one figure of each strawhat, but so far I only have Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji and now finally Usopp. (My sister has a really nice Robin though.) I found some nice ones of Brook as well, but I simply didn’t have enough space left at that point… ^^’‘’ And now on to my babies~

I bought a new pair of Sanji and Nami that I think match really well. I’m really sorry about the bad quality. They are both quite big and has some really nice details. Luckily they were cheap too, less than 2000 yen each. :)

And then… I bought one that was brand new. A figure I’ve had my eyes on since I first saw it. It was sold out in the regular Mugiwara store, but by some miracle they actually had it in One Piece Tokyo Tower! So I bought it and even though it’s super fanservice-y I love it!

Look at him (even though he’s kinda blurry)! Just look at the details, look at his shoes! I am so happy I was able to find him! Now I just need to clean up my room and find space for all my new figures I bought ones not from One Piece too, and has a lot since before, so it might actually be a challange. ^^’‘

So that was my haul. ^__^ I had a great time in Tokyo, and I’ll definitely post a few more things about my visit to One Piece Tokyo Tower once I get the photos in the computer.

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it’s not like my usual content. :)

I'll Protect You

Request: Hi! Um, could you possibly write a one shot, where the reader gets a pixie cut, and is really excited about it, but then after a couple of days starts thinking she is ugly because of it? With both Winchesters? Thank you!<3

Request: Ok i got a good one.. So teen fic where y/n’s dad is teaching y/n to get out of a grave just in case she ever gets buried alive and dean sam john bobby and y/n’s young brother has to watch. Plus the dads only abusive to the y/n. Bobby and y/n’s dad end up getting in a fight. Y/n is the same age as dean ( deans really protective over her) the dad is really obsessive crazy hunter. Sorry if really detailed i thought someone should write this i hope you do :)

Warning: Abusive Home

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Marshmallow - tomco

Notes: I am following Yam’s advice and posting this here. Will there ever be a continuation? Can a mirror call a phone? DOES SHOVING COUNT AS DANCING I need to know. I don’t know, sounded like a good idea at the time. It’s unbetaed, mistakes are my responsibility.


               “YOU CHOPPED OFF MY HAND!”

               Marco hisses and  holds his phone carefully, not really against his ear. It’s 3 am and he’s not sure why anything is happening, but Tom’s on the phone and he’s been yelling for almost fifteen minutes and Marco isn’t even sure of what he’s saying anymore, just that he remembers that Marco chopped off his hand. And now Tom’s pissed. Marco doesn’t know why.

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New Year, New Beginnings

“You’re at sort of a crossroads now. Things are going to change,” my mom assured me over the phone. I was bawling. You know, the ugly crying that makes your face puffy and your eyes bloodshot and your sinuses full of snot. I cry once or twice a year, and rarely do I ever have one of these ugly cries. 

I had just hung up with Dr. S, my mentor whose job I took over in 2015. It was a really awkward conversation in which I just blurted out, “I don’t really know how to get into this, but I need you to know that I’m really not happy here.” I told her I was very grateful for the opportunity to take over for her and for everything she had done for me, but this job is killing me and I need to leave. We ended up having a lengthy conversation where I outlined all the reasons why I could not stay. 

The next day I talked my other partner. He seemed angry, though he wasn’t entirely surprised. I wondered: if neither of them was surprised that I was unhappy, why had neither of them addressed it with me before? Why had neither of them asked me how I was doing or asked what could be done to make the job better? 

Both of them were understanding, but they were both patronizing in their responses to me. I think they both think that I’m still in the naive pre-med mindset and that I don’t realize that this job is hard. They both even implied that my loneliness here was entirely my fault and that I wasn’t participating in community events (you know, because going to funerals, visitations, local restaurants, church services, civic club meetings, festivals, and freaking pig shows don’t count as participating in community events). I was also told, “don’t think any other job is going to be any easier,” and “family doctors don’t make much money anywhere in this country,” as if working 60 hours a week with no support for a bottom 5% salary is the norm… It has also been suggested that my goal of practicing full spectrum family medicine (which I did in residency) is really unrealistic.

“You need to focus on you now. Don’t worry about them. Find a job you love and move as soon as you can. I don’t like seeing you like this.” I know my depression and dissatisfaction over the last year have really worried my mom. I think my ugly cry that day was really the release of a great burden. I already feel more free knowing that I have more options than staying here. 

I came here believing God put me here for a reason. I still believe that. I have come to realize that God’s reasons aren’t always to make us happy in the short term. But by bringing me here, he has certainly taught me to depend on him more in my loneliness and sadness, and he is continually teaching me to work on my boundaries. I think this experience is going to make me a better doctor and stronger person in the long run, even if it was a miserable desert of a year. 

“Behold, I am doing a new thing;
   now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
   and rivers in the desert.”

Isaiah 43:19