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Hihi! Thank you again! Do you have any fluff with Keith and Shiro from Duality? I love their friendship/bro-ship in that story (and all your stories, really). Thank you!!!

[I’m writing Dualityverse fluff ficlets! (Because the latest chapters have been pure angst.)] [Read them all here.]

This one got a little out of hand because Keith and Shiro. Don’t expect all of these to be so long. XD

(Set vaguely after chapter 5 of Someplace Like Home.)

Shiro found Keith on the training deck.

This was not, in and of itself, a surprise. Keith didn’t exactly live on the training deck, but he came closer than any of the other paladins. Keith claimed it was stress relief, Allura suspected it was a habit left over from a childhood shaped by the rigors of the Galra army, Lance called it an unhealthy level of pent-up purple-furred fury, and Shiro? Shiro thought Keith just found it easier to deal with the clear-cut win-conditions of the castle’s gladiator than the rockier terrain of social interaction.

So Shiro wasn’t surprised to find Keith already warming up against a level two gladiator when he arrived for their daily spar.

He was surprised to find Matt there with Keith, sitting against the wall with Pidge’s laptop balanced on his knees.

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One thing that  upsets me about Maul’s presence in Rebels, and why I will continue to call his end lazy writing for a very complex character is because him wanting to kill Obi-Wan makes no sense. Maul wanting to find Obi-Wan and kill him after all these years makes no sense. AND I know people are like “it makes total sense” but it doesn’t, and here is why. Maul already killed Satine, the one thing he believed Obi-Wan cherished more than his whole life. He had in a sense already won, because from what he knew he broke Obi-Wan.  Maul had gotten his vengeance on Obi-Wan, and now focused on other things.

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All hail protag-chan

After all that discussion about the definition of bad writing and characters, I feel like talking about a well-written heroine (who is not acknowledged as so by many) to point out what those badly-written otome are missing. It’s the nameless heroine from Amnesia, who I believe is portrayed in a perfectly realistic way despite so many people bitching about how bland she is. She starts off really silent and timid, but it makes complete sense considering she has no memories of her life up to that point whatsoever. With the progress of the game we find more clues about what sort of person she was and what sort of environment she lived in, and by the time she regains her memories she becomes much more lively. I bet most people who complain she has no personality didn’t bother to complete any routes or were too busy staring at the bishies to notice the things we discover about her.

In Shin’s route we realize that she has a temper, and is single minded about whatever she sets her sights on (she also dominates Shin in most social interactions).

In Ikki’s route we realize that she is smart and cunning enough to infiltrate a cult-like fanclub, and also very brave and compassionate for doing so since Ikki wasn’t even her boyfriend at that point and she had no reason to go that far. We also note that she openly disliked Ikki when she was under the impression he was a womanizer, that’s something I really admired about her.

In Toma’s route we realize that she has an almost unhealthy capacity of forgiveness, and can almost match Toma in being obsessed with someone (of course, unlike Toma she doesn’t direct that energy in a negative direction).

In Kent’s route we realize that she can be a bit of busybody who proactively chases Kent and makes him open up to her. She was the farthest thing from passive like some people claim. 

Ukyo’s route actually felt more focused on avoiding the death flags and learning about Ukyo than the heroine, but towards the end we see how determined and fearless she can be to save the one she loves <3

TL;DR Lovely protag-chan is so good please notice her goodness

This Whole Chen thing got me thinking...

You know what breaks my heart? All these girls Jongdae has dated have been the ones to expose him. It’s like wow you have possibly one of the world’s most amazing guys on your arm and you choose to expose him. For what? It’s like people aren’t focusing on the big picture that Jongdae wants love and these girls want fame. It’s like he is ending up with girls that only care about his status and not his heart. Like, he truly deserves more than that. I just hope he finds someone that loves him for him. Out of all the members in EXO he seems to always end up exposed by the person. That person is gross and doesn’t deserve him at all. 

The Static Speaks My Name and why it's important for Youtube

So since the video went up over an hour ago I’m seeing SO many comments and stories from people and a lot of compassion and banding together as a community and I’m so happy about it. It really reinforces what I always say about you all and you bring great joy into my life.

I played the game at first because it intrigued me by its description and I’m really happy that I DID play it because I got so say important things at the end that are always bottled up inside my head and if that message can help even one person smile then I have done good today and I am happy. 

It bugs me that people only expect one type of thing out of me in that they always expect me to scream and yell and shout at games with lots of funny edits. Part of that is my fault for losing touch with calmer games and focusing on the higher energy playthroughs. I really like playing slower paced thinking games though because I’m much more than just shouting and yelling. 

A healthy community and channel is one that is diverse and has a lot of varying styles. I went from a 12 minute super yelling I Am Bread video to and 20 minute unedited slower paced game about suicide and that’s the kind of thing a channel needs to stay relevant for a long time. I could easily crank out Happy Wheels everyday but the channel would die in no time. Not only that but I can’t connect with people when I play those games, they’re fun for the laughs and giggles and cheering people up fast but they’re very impersonal and are hard to connect or relate too if they’re done too long.

The Static Speaks My Name video will likely get a lot of dislikes because it’s not what people have come to expect but I don’t really care. It was worth doing and it was a powerful experience and I’m going to try my best to keep bringing games like that to the channel more instead of being known as just “the Irish guy who screams a lot" 

Jealous Pricks

Title: Jealous Pricks

Word Count: 1,828

Warnings: angst, hate on social media, swearing.

Summary: The Reader has been really upset with the amount she’s received on social media with her relationship with Jensen. Therefore, Jensen tries everything that he possibly can to make her happy.

Pair: [Jensen x Reader]

Original Request: Ok. Can I request a oneshot where the reader is dating Jensen and she’s upset by the hate she gets from the fandom and he comforts her and hugs her when she cries? Kinda cliché, I know. But I love your writing style and wanna see what you come up with!

Author’s Note: So, I’m sure a lot of people react to cyber bullying differently, but I wanted to be able to use how I sometimes would deal with hate on social media, as well as I think I would have reacted in this kind of situation.

Please, please, please request things!

              You stared blankly at the brightened screen in front of you, the beam from your laptop the only source of light in your darkened bedroom. You wrapped the comforter of your bed tightly around your frame, sniffling quietly at the flooding comments of your Tumblr ask. You had known that having a relationship with Jensen that there will surely be hate sent to you through social media, but you never believed that it would affect you this greatly.

              The words inflicted your wellbeing more than you could have ever thought possible. You always told yourself you could just brush it off your shoulders as if it was simply specks of dirt. But the dirt seemed to embed into flesh, boring into your pores until it was a part of your body. Each hateful remark felt like it was etched across your body, everyone reading it as if it was a persuasive essay; persuasive in the sense to make everyone hate you. To make everyone loathe you. To make even yourself hate you.

              Jensen knew of the social media issue, telling you that they were simply jealous and you had no reason to be upset over it. None of the words they wrote were true. They were, and you quote, “Jealous pricks. They have nothing on you, sweetheart.”

              At first, you had believed him, when the remarks were just rude remarks of your appearance; but then the tides shifted, and they began to bring your family and friends into the matter. The snide insults and demands began to affect your daily life. You found yourself checking social media more and more, even though Jensen had told you to stay away at all costs. You wanted to, you truly did, but the knowledge of people saying rude things about your loved ones made you infuriated. You desired nothing more than to fight back, but you knew it would just cause a bigger implosion of conflict in the end, and Jensen assured you that it was not worth getting worked up over it.

              While you were supposed to be getting ready to leave for another convention, you instead focused all your attention on all aspects of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. You found yourself searching your name through the tags, as if you were addicted to the knowledge of what people were saying online about you. No matter how hard you tried to focus yourself on other things online, you always found yourself on hateful accounts and tags. No matter how hard you tried to draw yourself away from that kind of environment, you always found yourself back.

              “Y/N? Hey, you ready?” You heard Jensen’s voice echo throughout the hallway of your shared home. You flicked your eyes onto the doorway right when he turned the doorknob, pushing the door opened. Jensen sighed quietly at the sight of your composure, a frown embedding into his features as he shuffled over to his side of the bed. He set his weight down onto the mattress, scooting himself closer to you. Jensen reached a hand out, cautiously closing the laptop and setting it to the side. He studied you intently, his frown seeming to deepen as he watched your features remain the same, empty expression.

              Jensen didn’t bother asking what was troubling you, he already knew. A string of air fell passed his lips, his arm draping across your shoulders and reeling you closer to his chest. You would normally say your behavior was normal and that nothing was wrong, you were simply lost in thought. But you knew that Jensen was smart enough not to believe your overused excuse, therefore, you allowed your body to melt into his frame.

              The pads of his fingers began to draw small, geometric shapes onto the upper part of your arm in hopes of comforting you, his chin resting on top of your head. He despised seeing you like this, knowing that there really wasn’t much for him to do. He had mentioned the amount of hate at conventions before, but his attempts seemed to make the attacks worse. People began to claim that you had been demanding him to tell off the fans for hating on you. It was somehow always your fault. You were always the villain in the story.

              “C’mon, babe,” he mumbled into your hair, puckering his lips to kiss the crown of your head. “We don’t want to miss our flight.”

              Though your expression remained emotionless, you slowly nodded your head. Jensen dipped his head down to be at eyelevel with you, a sorrowful smile playing on his lips. He leaned in and pressed a sloppy kiss to your lips, pulling back only seconds after. He scooted himself off the bed, reaching his hand out towards you. You peered up, locking eyes with his momentarily before looking at his hand. You softly smiled at him, accepting his gesture by resting the palm of your hand into his. Jensen clutched his hand over yours, aiding you off the bed.

              Your bare feet brushed up against the carpeting as you stood, your eyes slowly trailing up to lock with Jensen’s. He smiled sadly at you, dipping his head down to press a gentle kiss to your forehead.


              You arrived at the convention only just in time for Jensen’s panel to start. You stood backstage alongside Genevieve, who was scheduled for a panel with Jared later in the day.

              You watched Jensen interact with the audience on stage; normally his comfortableness nowadays at panels made you extremely joyful, but today you seemed lost in thought. Some of the messages still ached in the back of your mind, no matter how hard you had pushed it down, it always seemed to resurface.

              You felt an elbow nudge into your side, your eyes blinking a few times to refocus. You turned your head, locking eyes with a smiling Genevieve. Her smile was wide and eyes sparkling, a glint of secrecy reflecting in her irises.

              “Soooooo,” she whispered, stretching out the word for effect. “Jensen told me this morning.”

              You released a breathy laugh from your chest, your head bowing and chin resting on your collarbone. “Did he now?” you inquired, picking your head back up.

              “Yes. Yes, he did.” Genevieve bit her bottom lip, her knees bouncing up and down slightly. “I’m so excited for you guys!”

              You smiled softly, nodding curtly at her once. “Thank you.”

              Genevieve frowned slightly at you, her head cocking to the side. “C’mon, Y/N! I was expecting hugs and cheerfulness! Honey, you’re having a baby. Get excited!”

              “No, no, I am excited… I am… it’s just…” you trailed off, sighing quietly. “Somehow, someone found out that I was pregnant… and we’ve only told close friends and family, and they anonymously messaged me on Tumblr saying how terrible of a mother I’m going to be… how fucked the child is to have a mother like me… how…” You couldn’t finish the statement before a small sob erupted passed your lips, causing a few faces to look your way. You covered your hand over your mouth, squeezing your eyes shut in hopes of suppressing your threatening tears.

              “Oh, Y/N,” Genevieve, whispered, a frown embedding into her expression. She sidestepped to be in front of you, grasping her hands on top of your shoulders. “That’s not true. Whatsoever. You understand me?”

              “What if-”

              “No. You’re going to be an amazing mother. You and Jensen are going to have a baby, Y/N… don’t let some jealous jerk rain over that. This is exciting!”

              “I-I know,” you murmured, clearing your throat quietly. A small tear trickled down your cheek, Genevieve, immediately wiping it away with the pad of her thumb.

              “So don’t let a douchebag on the internet ruin that for you guys. Jensen is honestly so excited… when he told me, he was smiling like an idiot. You should be, too!”

              You nodded in agreement, sniffling quietly. “I know. I know.”

              Genevieve opened her mouth to speak, but you were tapped on the shoulder. Both of you turned to see one of the security guards, him asking that you come on stage, for Jensen had requested you. You furrowed your eyebrows at him, but complied with his request. You bid Genevieve a quick goodbye before pointing to your face, a silent question of whether or not your makeup looked okay. Genevieve gave you a thumbs-up, a small smile on her lips as she waved bye to you.

              The security guard ushered you on stage with his hand resting on the small of your back. You glanced around at the crowd before directing your attention onto Jensen, his smile seeming to grow wider at the sight of you. The crowd cheered at your presence, you waving nervously at them.

              The guard bid Jensen a small nod before leaving the stage.

              “What’s this about?” you inquired in a low voice.

              “I thought we should tell them together,” he replied back in a low whisper.

              Before you were able to speak, he turned back to the crowd, his hand reaching blindly for yours. You intertwined your fingers with his, your thumb slowly massaging small circles into his skin.

              “Everyone,” Jensen began into the microphone, the room falling silent in anticipation on what he was going to say. He peered down at, his smile never phasing. “We’re having a baby.” His eyes never left yours. The corners of your lips twitched into a soft smile, the crowd cheering at the news.


              You later found yourself back on social media, to your dismay. With the news spreading throughout the fandom of your pregnancy, you feared that the rest of the fans would react the same way a few others had. But to your surprise, you received countless supportive messages of the pregnancy, as well as your relationship with Jensen. You smiled widely down at your phone screen as tapped away on the keyboard to try to reply to as many messages as you possibly could.

              “Well, someone looks happy,” Jensen commented, stepping through the doorway of the bathroom and into the bedroom of your hotel room, a towel wrapped around his muscular form due to him just getting out of the shower.

              “Well, that’s because I am,” you replied, sitting up from your previous position, plopping your hands into your lap.

              “Good. I like it when you’re happy.” Jensen traipsed over towards you, pressing a soft kiss to your temple. “And, Y/N? I don’t want you to be upset about what the douchebags on social media say anymore, okay? I know it gets to you… I saw the messages. It breaks my heart to have to read them… especially seeing how they affect you so greatly. But-” Jensen sat on the edge of the bed, reaching into your lap to clutch onto your hands. “They have nothing on us, darlin’.”

              “Damn right, they don’t,” you agreed, leaning over to press a sloppy kiss onto his lips.

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can I getta order of TP link headcanons por favor?

twi doesn’t talk much (if he can get away with answering with a nod or shake of the head or general expression then fuck yes that’s exactly what he’ll do), but when he does it’s with a reasonably heavy country boy accent that isn’t overly grating thanks to his particularly soft voice, but is notable nonetheless. he’s the type of guy who’ll say words like ‘ruckus’ or ‘mosey’ or ‘critters’ without the blink of an eye, and actually has quite the potty mouth when he’s particularly frustrated (though when he does swear, it’s usually under his breath). his favorite word is ‘rapscallions’ after picking it up in castle town, although he’s only actually said it himself once or twice. he doesn’t tend to raise his voice unless in battle. he doesn’t baby talk animals since he finds it kinda disrespectful to them (especially after tp starts), but he’ll greet them like a friend and call them things like ‘buddy’ or ‘pal’. he struggles with rolling his r’s and can end up stumbling over words if he’s forced to talk for long periods of time. he really doesn’t like public speaking??? he’s alright talking to one or two people but any more than that - especially when their attention is focused directly on him - can make him self conscious and balky. he’d much rather leave that sorta stuff to midna or zelda, thank.

and damn right did midna mock him for his accent the first couple times she heard it. 


Stephen Tonti: ADHD as a Difference in Cognition, Not a Disorder

I watched several TED talks on ADHD today and I particularly like this one because it does more to highlight the abilities of people with ADHD. It made me think more about how my skills make me better at interdisciplinary work than work that focuses on only one field of study. Because I can’t seem to focus on one academic field. And that’s why I started college as a biochemistry major pre-MD/PhD and have now ended up a Chemistry and Physics double major who really wants to explore computing, math, graphic design, business, education, and many other things.

One thing I really struggle with about this ADHD debate, though, is this pull between society being the problem and us being the problem. It’s tempting to blame society. And I certainly believe that at least part of the problem has to do with the particular organization of society and how we treat people. Though, at the same time, I can’t help but think that changing the rules for kids with ADHD is somewhat… unfair? Like a crutch? That we run the risk of cradling kids in too much of a safe space to where they can’t cope when that safe space no longer exists.

This other talk I watched was given by a mother whose child has ADHD. Her son never handed in journal assignments for his writing class because the topics didn’t interest him, despite being ranked in the top 10% in his state writing assessment. She suggested that, if only the teacher let her son write about dinosaurs, which he was obsessed with, he would never stop! Which is great. But in the “real world,” you can’t just bail on things because they’re boring. You might hate doing your taxes, but you still have to get them done.

I can’t say I know what the solution is. But celebrating reasons why ADHD doesn’t suck, why people with ADHD are valuable, and creating opportunities for kids with ADHD to discover what they’re good at and to succeed, is a start.

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alignment assessment for hermione granger?

Oh man, whenever I talk alignment about Hermione I always make somebody angry.  Which is a shame, because I feel like Hermione is such a great example of why “Lawful Good” doesn’t mean “stick in the mud who hates fun.”  I’ll also say that alignment shouldn’t be some static, stagnant, permanent thing.  It helps give people a place to start from when thinking about character motivations, but isn’t the be-all and end-all of decision-making tools. Hermione shows character growth and change, just like a good character concept, and doesn’t get locked in to one alignment too hard.  But Lawful Good is what she usually comes back around to.

I strongly believe she shows up to Hogwarts as Lawful Neutral, but makes it to Lawful Good by the end of the book.  She alienates people and has a hard time making friends because she is so focused on following the rules and being the perfect student.  But her friendship and adventure with Ron & Harry gets her to see that there are more important things than sticking to the rules, which means she is an LG that views “Good” as more important the The Rules.  She’s sits in the “Lawful Good” for a while, constantly frustrated by Harry’s risk-taking and Ron’s ambivalence.  But she doesn’t stay there.  

I’d say Prisoner of Azkaban is when she moves the furthest away from LG, when she breaks the rules the most out of her own motivations, rather than just by hanging out with Ron & Harry.  The Time-Turner, Buckbeak, and giving Draco a good punch in the nose are all actions she takes independently of the other two, and breaking the rules.

Either from Harry & Ron’s influence, or from self-motivated growth, she does become more comfortable with breaking the rules, coming to a head in Order of the Phoenix, where she encourages Harry to lead them in a revolt against Umbridge’s rules and help them prepare for the coming battle.  This is one of those areas that I think folks can read either as Chaotic Good or Lawful Good, as she is rebelling against an unjust Law.

I do think it’s interesting though that, even as she plays the rebel in “Order of the Phoenix,” she is constantly concerned for Dumbledore’s well-being and status as headmaster.  While she is rebelling against one regime, she is focused on restoring another.  To me, that pushes her more towards LG than CG.

I also think it’s interesting that, after the end of the story, (if we are to take Rowling’s thoughts as an accurate description of the character’s motivations), she returns to Hogwarts to attain her NEWTS, and then goes on to work for the Ministry of Magic, ending up a high-ranking official in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.  While the trauma and circumstance of the Second Wizarding War may have put her in some situations that required a more flexible appreciation of “the rules,” after that happens, she returns to fighting for an establishment of Justice, to ensure it remains Just.

Hermione Granger is, not always, but consistently, Lawful Good.

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Here's another Deancas question and all the subtext you've talked about: Do you think their story could be resolved with them riding off into the sunset as "hunting partners"? Similar to Charlie and Dorothy? Or do you think the smart money is on an explicitly romantic resolution?

(afterthought) Although a romantic smoochy resolution would be a win, I’m honestly not sure if a “heterosexual life partners” resolution would be a loss. We’d still have the profound bond and we’ll always have fanfiction. Anyway, that aside, I quite adore all your thinky thoughts. <3

I think there’s maybe a 30% chance of that happening, where all the subtext remains subtext but they are still endgame.  After the last two episodes of season 9, thought, that percent might have gone down substantially, given how close to text it already is on Cas’ side of things.  There’s a lot of buildup around the two of them that wouldn’t make a ton of sense if it was going to stay subtext- but then again, we don’t have any way of knowing that they’re not going to keep it subtextual, since all we’re using to look at it is subtext to begin with.

It might end up being somewhere between the two, where some people could still argue against them being a romantic couple but it’s pretty clear to people who aren’t idiots- maybe a shot focusing on their hands, and then one of them grabs the other and it’s all cute, but not necessarily and undeniably romantic.  I would probably be a lot more okay with something like that than just a subtextual “hunting partners” thing.

See, the thing is, a purely subtextual resolution kind of is a loss in my eyes, because it means that TPTB didn’t have the guts to follow through, and it’s a complete and utter failure in terms of representation.  As far as the story goes, I could be perfectly happy with it ending that way, but as a bisexual I would feel extremely cheated out of one of the most influential pieces of queer text in my life.  The problem is that without textual acknowledgement of Dean/Cas (or even just bi!Dean), the rest of the world can go along happily believing that Dean is Perfectly Straight.  They won’t be confronted with the fact that their favorite character is queer, and that maybe that means that queer people are real people, that maybe it’s not something to be afraid of.  And people in this community will be disappointed because it’s yet another case of a queer storyline being relegated to the subtext, since apparently we don’t deserve to have our stories told like “normal” people’s.

I can’t overstate how important representation is, and as much as it could be satisfying within the story for Dean and Cas to remain subtextual, that doesn’t count as representation.  We’d still have the profound bond and we’d still have fanfiction, but that’s all that we would have.  We wouldn’t have the acknowledgement that we aren’t crazy, that our sexuality doesn’t have to define the kind of person you are, that our stories are worth telling too.  We wouldn’t have the satisfaction of watching people who may have been blindly homophobic realize that maybe it’s not a terrible thing after all; we wouldn’t see people who watch the show and realize that maybe if Dean Winchester can be queer, that it’s alright if they’re queer as well.  And honestly, in my book that’s a hell of a lot more important than the profound bond.

Taste the Multiverse 8: Multicolored Legends cont.

Two days late edition! (Thursdays have become a bad time, sorry guys)

Blue/Green: Experiment Kraj

Boy, have I been wanting to talk to you all about Experiment Kraj! In the Original Ravnica plotline, Momir Vig had created what are known as cytoplasts. These were bluish-green blobs use for storing genetic information, and you can see them on basically any card with the Graft mechanic. These were offered to Ravnican citizens as a form of bio-improvement. When Vig activated Kraj, all those cytoplasts (+1/+1 counters!!!) became the Ooze Mutant’s body. The reason he copies the abilities of creatures with +1/+1 counters is because he has access to all the genetic info stored in the cytoplasts! How cool is that?

Esper: Oloro, Ageless Ascetic

Oloro is able to manipulate life itself. He’s found the secret to immortality and he’s sharing it with you. How you managed to earn his almost-impossible-to-garner-trust is beyond me, but you did it. Oloro has also learned to manipulate the forces of death, and will drive your opponents a few steps closer to their end every turn he sticks around (and you pay the 1). In his age, allegedly older than time itself, he’s picked up some vast knowledge, and will share some with you for a mana price. I can’t think of a more powerful ally, and apparently neither could the people who run the French ban list.

Bant: Jenara, Asura of War

What you need to know about Jenara can be gleaned from her flavor text. She’s not about healing, or prayers and hymns. Jenara is fueled by righteous conviction (white mana), only focused on destroying evil. Jenara does one thing and one thing only, and that’s combat.

Join me Tuesday as I finish up the Shard legends!

Hibike! Euphonium 2 Episode 3

It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for: Asuka’s confession of why Nozomi can’t return to the band. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but throughout the entire episode, I found myself thinking, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner; Asuka’s doing this for Mizore? And, yes, there’s probably those of you who are wondering why Asuka actually cares about Mizore’s well-being when, as we’ve seen in Season 1 time and time again, she’s not super big on other people. Ironically, after we saw last week’s episode constantly skipping around Asuka without giving her that much screen time, we see that this is what this week’s episode is doing again–but with Mizore. In this episode, I’ll be discussing the second-years’ conflict and the trouble with Asuka once again, but with a side of Kumiko-Reina-Taki drama. For those fans who just want everyone to be happy, it’s going to be a little hard to swallow.

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okay so i know we’re all in different places regarding how much trek we watched (which is cool, like you dont even have to watch all of it). but in case you want my non-spoiler opinion, every single series is worth watching.

my order of ULTIMATE LOVE to love (because i literally love them all):

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IMO “reactionary” is, as put succinctly here, often understood in a way that lets other non-reactionary racist/colonialist ideas and projects off the hook. Under this understanding of history, there has been the class war in the form of first aristocratic and now capitalist domination, and now we are faced with the nascent beginnings of The Revolution which has already begun to push us into a new and higher form of life, supposedly without domination. Against that force pushes The Reaction (hence reactionaries) which wants us to undo those changes and go back to probably ultimately aristocratic domination, but capitalist domination might stick around in some form too.

I think this is reflective of a flawed Enlightenment conception of history as a) coming in tidy, orderly stages, b) Europe being the center of everything, and c) history being framed around the experiences of White people, especially colonizer classes of White people without labeling them/us as colonizers.

If we view “reactionary” as a meaningful group of diverse adherents to various ideologies, I think it’s worth looking at how they can be fitted together. I’d argue that today, in which fascism is widely held at arms length even by people who quite easily embrace what most people see as synonyms (”national socialism” but also “extreme nationalism”/”hypernationalism”), in many parts of the world, “reactionary” politics have mutated into an at times unrecognizable form.

The supposed fall of fascism in WWII I think can be historically credited with a variety of noticeable changes - the solidification of “normative” relations at the UN (replacing the ineffective League of Nations and before that largely unorganized international relations), a commitment to at least lip service towards anti-colonialism and anti-racism (made visible in the wave of independence movements and movements like the Civil Rights Movement after WWII), and ultimately the appearance of a patchwork of anti-heterocispatriarchal liberation movements in numerous social spaces.

It’s easy in light of all that to think of a state-centered fascism as having retreated into a backwoods libertarianism that calls for withdrawal from the “occupying” UN, a return to colonialism and White supremacy within privatized spaces seized from an at least nominally anti-colonial and anti-racist state, and one preoccupied with its ability to maintain heterocispatriarchal “traditions” within those same privatized spheres. That lends credibility to a Revolution-Reaction view of history, doesn’t it, with them shrinking back as Revolutionary Progress moves forward, further solidifying its hold over international and state institutions.

It’s a flawed way of thinking still, however, as meeting spaces like the UN simply centralize and institutionalize those same oppressive and imperialist dynamics. It weeds out or at least discourages overt versions of them (like the US invasion of Iraq in 2003), but it doesn’t actually oppose them. It messily interprets the words of its agreements, justifying interventions it wants and illegitimizing them elsewhere. Perhaps one of the most terrifying examples of this is its (quite justified) censure of Kony after initially promising Ugandan activists that it would censure him as well as president for life Museveni on counts of ethnic cleansing and torture. The selectivity reveals that what the UN now does is not prevent the wide swathe of state-sanctioned violence and imperialism it was designed supposed to, but to generally prevent the loudest examples (ie: honest to god empires) or upstarts (the Konys of the world), leaving behind a class of potentially colonialist, imperialist, capitalist states too entrenched and too careful to get caught.

I think I can just throw out headlines practically - the water crisis in Flint, the continuation of US policy towards reservations and reparations even among Democrats and other “left” parties, homonationalism - to note that policies and ideologies that would be difficult to connect to “reactionary” politics in the same way as libertarianism, ones that even frame themselves in contrast to “reactionary” politics and libertarianism, continue the global patterns of colonialism, racism, and heterocispatriarchy. Maybe those can still be characterized as “progress” and the infinite series of steps to Heaven on Earth straight out of the Enlightenment and taken up as a symbol by everyone from Marx to Theodore Roosevelt, but it’s one that doesn’t seem like a meaningful opposite to “reactionary” politics when it comes to a lot of the fundamental issues at stake - who lives, who dies, who rules themselves, who rules over others.

In the end, The Revolution (as articulated by many, I wouldn’t say all actually) and The Reaction seem often to be more similar than most want to admit. Labeling one set of ideas about how society can and will progress “bad” and “backwards” doesn’t change the fact that both sets of politics want to radically upend things, often in ways cut from the same clothe of colonial knowledge. For people who have pretty unimpressive ideas about their Revolution, focusing on the Reaction, and really intently labeling it as movement backwards is a useful tactic to gloss over the ways that you’re not changing things much either.

Having typed this all up, honestly what I’m reminded of more than anything else are the Effective Altruists, people who think they’ll end poverty by just being rational for once about philanthropy and related forms of assistance. That whole mindset is based on a kind of reading of everyone else in bad faith - of them not “being rational” about these things, about them not wanting to “change the world” “for the better”. Those are all platitudes, ones that I think virtually everyone shares pretty much around the world. The actual meaningful questions I think are about what is “rational” what is “change” and what is “better”. Building up a philosophy, an ideology, an identity even that even just sometimes avoids answering those questions because you’re the one who just Is Rational, will Change the World, and want things to be Better, and justifying it by viewing another factions changes as just being Irrational, and about Going Backwards, and making things Worse is kind of, well, pointless I think.

I have to go to work, which I’m running late to now (Thanks Discourse), but someone else elaborate on this as you want.

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i've noticed that a lot of entps are cultured, or enjoy being cultured. a lot of them have refined taste in food, music, and just being well rounded in all cultural aspects. even clothes and style, not to an overbearing degree like SJs or even SPs, but they always seem pretty comfortable talking about food and art and stuff. this seem to be entps curiosity of the world and learning about culture and cross-culture stuff.

Yes, this is definitely true. Just our interest in observing the outer world and analyzing it explains it. We just want to pick up as much as possible to understand as much as possible. But another fuel for this could be the fact that we have issues with sticking to one thing and even focusing. And so we may go to one idea or one culture and learn enough (which is more than other people are interested, though we won’t be experts in the end), and once we’ve figured it out and characterized it, we move on to something else new and different to figure out and characterize. ENTPs often like a ton of different types of music, might know pieces of different languages or do accents, they might dress one way one day and mix it up another because there’s no such thing as having one style when you can just wear it all– and it’s very casual. Not like, HEY, LOOK AT THIS THING THAT I KNOW TODAY. 

But yes, ENTPs learn early that nothing is weird, and so it’s all fair game. They’ll try it all, and hold onto the things that they like the most (which is sad because I forget everything else). They’re very open minded to other cultures, and I think it’s definitely one of our plus sides.