this one doesn't stop at 10

Friendly reminder that once I lost 10 followers in one day because of my anti-sj stance

Friendly reminder that one of my idols unfollowed me because I reblogged something from proudblackconservative

Friendly reminder that literally my best friend unfollowed me because she didn’t like my posts

anonymous asked:

I decided to type out the track list for you just so you have a better idea what you're looking for/what it has (it might take a few messages - sorry) Disc One: 1. Welcome To The Get Down 2. Rule The World 3. Cadillac - Miguel 4. Losing Your Mind 5. You Can't Hide From Yourself 6. Black Man in a White World 7. Shaolin's Theme/Pray 8. Ball of Confusion 9. Think 10. Do the Bus Stop/Sugar 11. Telepathy 12. Bad Girls 13. Quite Like This 14. Hum Along and Dance (JM)15. Hum Along and Dance (Jackson 5)

Disc Two: 1. The Assembly Line 2. Devil’s Gun 3. Wild in the Streets 4. Que Lio 5. Just You, Not Now 6. This Ain’t No Fairy Tale 7. Be That As It May 8. Grace of God 9. Get Down Brother VS. Notorious 3 10. Kipling Theme 11. I’ll Be There 12. Set Me Free 13. Up the Ladder 14. Zeke’s Poem

oh my god? why in the hell did they cut four songs for the itunes/spotify version of the album??? and especially i’ll be there and grace of god. why would they do t his to us

If my coworkers could stop making fun of me for not going out for lunch every day, that would be great...

Literally everyday.

“Do you want to go to _______? Oh no…of course you packed your lunch AGAIN!”

Like???? One of you is a salaried employee (making a shitload more than me, an intern) and the other one of you is an intern, but has a spouse with a full time income.

So excuse me for
1) not wanting to drop $10-$15 every fucking day on one meal and
2) not wanting to go to a restaurant every. single. day.

I will never be that person. I will never go out for lunch consistently, even when I can actually afford it. I don’t understand it. It’s unnecessary and ridiculous. You save SO MUCH MONEY by bringing your lunch to work and it’s always likely going to be healthier, too.