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niles the butler + one scene per episode [78/145]:

The Bird’s Nest

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Listen I love Henrik but I really cringed when he said "You know I like gay people!" to Morten and also when he said "Me and Tarjei are comfortable with our sexualities and we know there is nothing gay between us so it wasn't awkward". Bby please don't talk

god i know… also, such a shame there is nothing gay…. imagine not being gay. i wouldn’t wish that upon anyone 

23/7/17: I’ve not felt this alone in a very long time…Oh the joys of years of self inflicted isolation.

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Is it weird that if i find out a girl is straight, basically any romantic or sexual attraction just disappears? Like idk, am I the only one? I just can't imagine trying to make a girl not straight...

not at all lol

its just a feeling of like. “lol its not happening.” and your mind just sort of. gives up on the idea

happy birthday?

Happy birthday -

even though you’ll never read this,

the plans made

stick like thorns in my mind

and draw out anguish at

their sore recollection.


Today we could have been


Instead, we are not,

so whilst to me

this is a normal day now,

for you may it be a

happy birthday.

nico-fucker asked:btw, why do you ship graylu? what exactly made you ship it? ;-; (tbh i don’t ship them romantically but i see a lot of chemistry between them)

(Note - the italicized sentences are important, please pay attention to them)

Let me tell you one thing at first, I tend to ship based on what I feel, doesn’t matter if the pairing is canon or not. If a pairing has good potential in my eyes, I am shipping it. And I am gonna either sink with it, or drown emerge victorious with it. That’s how I roll.

why I ship it? GrayLu can be interpreted as a platonic relationship. It’s neither a crack pairing, nor a canon one. It’s somewhere in the middle, in it’s very own special category. It has had its moment; some obvious, others demanding more attentiveness. How to put it… I love how unexplored the bond is, yet always sweet, pure, and natural at the same time? Like, sure their bond isn’t always the one emphasized. but when it does get some focus, it’s always something refreshing, and beautiful. The little moments they do get are subtle yet precious. I’ve never ever cringed at their moments, that’s a beautiful plus for me. The might not be real, but their interactions are.

When did I start shipping it? Gray and Lucy have been my favorites from the start, both of them are levelheaded and rational (and I like these kind of characters)  My eyes were always on two of them, so I’ve observed their relationship from the very start. How it developed etc. I’ve been shipping them for eternity in a way. Throughout the story, I’ve noted this little on-going attraction between them (but more from Gray’s side) that’s really sweet.  It means a lot to me. really.

Now the question is, how is GrayLu realistic? To be honest, I want to write an entire essay over it but as I fear it will get a little out of hand, so I’ll show you by an example instead. It’s going to be a little long, but please bear with me. I wanna share with everyone how much this relationship has grown over the few course of years, they’ve spent together based on my observation.

First let me discuss a few things, as these are gonna get relevant later.

As we came to know later in Oracion Seis arc; (According to Gemini) Gray thought’s about Lucy included the line that,”she’s pretty damn cute.” According to the anime, he might have had a slight interest in her as well. Now where did that interest came from? It didn’t magically pop out of nowhere, there were signs.There had been signs like him trying to impress her, trying to console her when she’s been depressed. There was a time (waaay back in the story) when Gray first showed her his magic and she commented it’s beautiful, but it doesn’t suit him.

See how he isn’t bothered by it. but when she tells him how everyone in Fairy Tail is crazy, he is bothered; he quickly says I’m normal! Now, I don’t see him the type who wouldn’t want to be grouped with his guild buddies just because he didn’t want to seem like a weirdo (I don’t see him as that sort of person)  Now, he might have had other aims (note - this is just my take on this scene) So what if he didn’t want to look bad in her book… Lucy is pretty cute, he even admitted it later. No one would want to look bad in front of such a cute girl, so did Gray. That’s how I read the situation now, after being a part of this fandom for a long time and analyzing this pairing from different angles.

On a side-note, he was right. He’s pretty normal as long as you ignore his exhibitionism.

Let’s move on to the real thing. Let’s go back to Galuna Island Arc, shall we?

So Lucy observes Gray throughout the Galuna Arc. She notices him getting weak on his legs and she notices. She even asks if he is alright. Probably that sparked an interest, because… near the end of the arc, we see Gray and Lucy flirting each other very casually. For now, let’s observe this moment… carefully.

On one look, it may seem that Lucy is worried about Gray’s injury, but one can say that it wasn’t her biggest priority. She already knows Gray is strong. Then what is it she’s after? Yes, She might have been trying to earn some points over him (look at the way she’s bending towards him, look at that exposed chest. She’s clearly trying to flirt) And I am fine with it, it’s good. They haven’t known each other for that long. The level of worry isn’t exaggerated, it’s subtle and realistic.

Then we see Gray flirting back. He says something thoughtful (but it’s clear that he’s trying to act cool at the same time) Later, When Natsu disturbs the sweet moment, he literally says that Natsu is getting in his way while he’s trying to say something cool– mean’s something, right? Sure, it doesn’t mean he loves her, but at least it says that he’s interested.

Now on Lucy’s side; we know that she had this obsession over trying to act seductive way in the beginning of the story, something she rarely succeeded at– often getting told that she’s not sexy enough. And here we see Lucy wink at him, and the flirting officially gets real– her arm is underneath her chest, she’s obviously trying to act mischievous. The interesting thing is, she actually succeeds in this particular attempt. Gray forbidding Natsu and him blushing while doing so means it did have some affect on Gray.

What I love about this particular scene is, how natural it is. Gray acts like a typical young adult and tries to win over the heart of a new-cutie-in-the-town– Something which could actually happen in real life… or at least I think so.


I am gonna skip everything and move on straight to Avatar Arc, time to discuss a parallel to the above mentioned scene.

A long time has passed. So much stuff has happened. Everyone has grown up a little, gone through various things, and have grown stronger. Of-course, Lucy has grown up, too. E.g. she isn’t trying to act seductive anymore. She knows her real charm lies in her natural cuteness, not in her ero ero-ness (i.e. seductiveness) Hence, why we rarely see her trying to charm others anymore.

So everyone has separated after the disbandment of the guild. Lucy is in pain. She has been among the most emotionally damaged– if not the most, as we see her desperately try to keep in touch with everyone. Then Natsu comes back, and she is relieved, she has found a hope. When they come to know about Gray’s whereabouts, she is definitely worried as he is among her close friends. she is still in a fear (what if everyone has changed, and don’t feel like coming back to guild anymore) but is excited nonetheless.

The reality is shocking. They find out that Gray has joined a dark guild, and he has completely changed. Things get worse, when he says that his former relationship with Lucy, and with everyone in the guild is a phony one. Now this is one of the key spots. Lucy is hurt– no, she’s furious.

Being told such cruel stuff (when her feelings for everyone including Gray have been as genuine as they can get) she weeps bitterly and goes as far as slapping Gray to bring his real self back. Note - this is the Lucy who is against violence, she slaps him- this sweet and kind lady does it. That speaks volumes on how much she cares.

We see Gray turn a little regretful, he wants to say sorry right away; but as it’s part of a plan (he’s just acting) so he has no choice but to go with it.

As soon as things settle down, Gray apologizes to Lucy, and he does it earnestly. There’s nothing fake about it, they have come in terms with each other. Lucy smiles, and forgives him; even says that she’s sorry for hitting him. It’s all so pure, and lovable.

That’s not the end, as we see a second scene involving mutual flirting, but this time, both of them are being honest to themselves. Gray says that being hit by a maid is a little… too much for him… And then he says he thinks of them as friends, hinting it’s an undeniable fact. It’s important. Gray’s acting natural, Lucy’s acting natural. Everything’s natural.

See? She didn’t try to press her chest together, she didn’t wink at him. She didn’t demand for attention either.  She’s just genuinely happy to hear his remark, she acts so pure and it’s genuinely cute. Now that’s what I call development.

“That’s great to hear…” she says. And he does this tiny blush-y thing, and it’s perfect. So simple yet freaking adorable.

My point? Growth. Both of them have changed. Their relationship has changed. Sure, there have been times when they haven’t talked like they used to, but it doesn’t mean at all that their relationship has gotten weaker or anything. in-fact, it’s only gotten stronger.

“In the past, back when they first flirted, both of them hid things from each other. They had just met, they were still young, and automatically, there bond was not that strong yet. They said one thing (showing worry) but actually craved for something more (trying to impress the other one. trying to act attractive) They acted like a typical 17-18 year old person does. As time went on and on, and as they traveled together, talked with each other, laughed cried; they automatically begin to care about each other. It just happened.

Now look at them laughing, look at them acting embarrassed. No fake-ness, no ulterior motives, no nothing. Now, both of them are adults. They are not teenagers anymore. They show what they feel. They are honest to each other and it’s freaking adorable. This moment turned their bond so strong that it’s unshakable.”

And that marks the end of the actual post.

Some conclusions

* Their bond is based on mutual care, and trust which never needed any sort of explanation, love-bites or chocolate. The actions were always more than enough.

* The subtle moments are beautiful; but as they are subtle, one might fail to catch them on their first watch (saying by experience)

*They both react similarly, which means they both adapt similarly to situations.

* Utter trust isn’t enough to keep a bond strong. Most bonds involve doubts, misunderstandings, and such doubts can only be cured by by discussing your problems with each other - that’s how it goes in real life. Same’s the case for this pair. It was never “if it’s you, I trust you no matter what.” for them. It is, “I trust you, but please never stop being you. I want you to stay the way you are forever.” and I think it’s both important and beautiful.

Some subjective opinons

* Their bond is among the most realistic bonds in Fairy Tail. it’s well-written, but is mysterious enough, which leaves lots of room for imagination. e.g. What happened after ——– *insert your favorite GrayLu scene*

*Please just give them the “most naturally developed FT relatonship award”  please.


Combine it with my biased-ness (which I tend to have for my favorite characters and pairings) and bingo; you have got my favorite pair.

I suck at explaining stuff, but still I hope that I was able to answer your question. Sorry it got a little too long, and thanks for the ask!