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This is why Franky, and Franky alone, is the ‘father’ of the Straw Hat Pirates.

When he was only a small child, he was abandoned on the Grand Line by his parents for being a 'nuisance’. Franky knows what it’s like to be abandoned. Not orphaned–his parents are very likely still out there somewhere–but abandoned, not because his parents died, but because they freaking didn’t want him. Franky knows all too well the loneliness that results, of being small and scared in the big wide world, with no one to turn to.

But he also knows what it’s like to be accepted, to be taken in by someone who became more like 'family’ than those he was actually related to. He knows what it’s like to be given a new sense of hope, to be given direction, to discover that he is not a nuisance at all, that he is actually worth something.

But then he knows what it’s like to lose that all over again, and by actions he perceives as his own fault, just as he viewed the abandonment by his blood father as his own fault. Losing Tom totally shattered him, so much so that he was willing to forego his lifelong dream of creating ships, the thing that basically defined who he was.

But one thing remained. Foremost to being a shipwright, he wanted to be like Tom. Franky wants to be the father-figure to others that Tom was to him. He wants others to know that they are not hopeless. That they are not a 'nuisance’, that they actually deserve to take up space in the world.

So when he returns to Water 7, he gathers up all the misfits and outcasts, all the 'nuisances’, and gives them a family. He gives them a home, and a purpose to live, so much so that they want the same for him. They want him to revive his dream of being the shipwright aboard the dreamship.

And once he does this, he is every bit the father figure he wanted to be. In Dressrosa, when Luffy hears about Ace’s fruit, Franky is the voice of reason. To Usopp, who’s come from a similar-yet-different situation of parental abandonment, he is the first present father figure in that kid’s life, and helps guide him in their similar areas of interest, in which he is more experienced. He knows when to be serious and when to be silly and can switch between the two without a moments warning, entertaining them with his inventions, not because it makes him happy, but because it makes them happy, and that’s what makes him happy.

Because he doesn’t want others to feel the loneliness he felt as a child. He doesn’t want others to feel as though they’re a waste of space or a nuisance. Because he has lived and breathed with a fully human body and with a cyborg one and knows regardless that just existing is never a crime, and while he’s around, no one is going to feel unwanted or worthless.

While he’s around, no one is going to feel fatherless.

5 Times the Dupain-Chengs Didn't Understand Their Daughter (+1 Time It All Made Sense)

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Sabine knew her daughter’s creative habits like the back of her own hand. Marinette easily got lost in the planning (taking after Sabine herself) and instantly lost track of time in the actual work (like her father, down to the way they stuck out their tongues in focus).

So one day after school started, she was surprised when Marinette came down to breakfast while unraveling the scarf she had been working on so intently just the previous day.

“I want to get this right, it’s a present for Adrien’s birthday and I want to make sure he’ll love it.” The girl said distractedly, continuing to dismantle the scarf. Her hot drink sat ignored beside her, already growing cold.

“Adrien? The new boy who is Chloé’s friend? I thought you said he’s a bully just like her.” Sabine turned from the stove to face her daughter, curious.

Marinette’s eyes widened, completely taken aback. “No, no! Well, at first I thought he was.” She fingered the rows of scarf left intact. “But he apologized, and he’s actually a much better person than I thought. So I want to make him something nice.”

“Good, I hope that means you can make peace with Chloé someday.”

Sabine had already turned back to check the eggs in the pan, but she knew her daughter was rolling her eyes.

This must have been an amazing boy to have quickly fixed such a negative first impression on Marinette.

When Marinette proudly showed off her finished work a couple days later, Sabine couldn’t help but notice that this scarf wasn’t the same one from before.

The original white scarf laid finished on the back of Marinette’s desk chair, every knit as perfect and in order as could be. In the trash bin by the desk, there were a couple false starts of scarves that were snipped and discarded. The instruction book still laid open on her desk.

The scarf that Marinette had wrapped up as a present was a bright blue that matched her own eyes.

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Mission Mistletoe

 Prompt: The whole team is tired of you and Peter not confessing your feelings so tony takes the matter into his own hands.

a/n: yes I know I’m late in the Christmas fics but better late than sorry right? merry Christmas and happy holidays love you<3

warning: kissing 

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 There are only 3 days till Christmas and all of the avengers were spread across the couches in the tv room. Watching Christmas movies since Stevie and Bucky missed a couple good ones.

Everyone in the tower was all in the holiday spirit. Especially Tony. He loved throwing parties and never missed an occasion to party. He didn't need to have the reason or know the holiday to throw a party. But this year he didn't want to throw one. He thought it would be nice if we just spent the holiday in peace. 

So here you are cuddling with Peter and sipping hot cocoa. Since Bucky and Sam were being babies and wanted a blanket each,  you had to share with Peter. Which you didn't mind at all.

 It would be a lie if you said that you didn’t have a slight crush on Peter. Okay, maybe slight isn’t the right word its more of a huge crush on him. 

“what do we watch next?” sam asked as he walked to the kitchen. “how about the grinch?” you suggested “yeah that’s a classic” Peter said smiling at you. 

“why did you call us here Tony?” Steve asked as the walked in the meeting room.

“yeah, and why isn't Y/n and Peter here? Shouldn't they be here too?” Clint asked getting a nod from Natasha who was sitting next to Sam and in front of him.

“ okay okay one question at a time,” Tony said as he plopped a blueberry in his mouth “ this meeting is actually about them" 

"what do you mean” Steve asked confused “ well didn't you guys ever notice the way they look at each other and how in love they are?” everyone nodded “ so what?” Steve said and Tony sighed “ so we have to get them together because it’s really annoyingly cute,” Tony said gagging in the end.

“what would like us to do?” Loki asked, “ thought you would never ask,” Tony said his grin getting wider. 

“mama bird come in mama bird,” said Tony into his walkie-talkie.  "Mama bird here over,“ Clint said hiding in the vents. 

"Will you idiots stop with these stupid code names and start!"Loki whispered/screamed. 

"calm down reindeer we need to know if the coast is clear” Loki rolled his eyes at Tony. 

“Ok, Doritos is the coast clear?” Clint asked, “who is Doritos?"Steve asked, "is that a reference?”

“Argg its gonna be a long night,” Loki said rubbing his temple. 

“ok everyone listens up it is the last time I'm gonna say it”. Tony said in the walkie talkie.

“we each have a bag full of mistletoes and we have to hang them all over the building. We have to put them everywhere, we have to make sure that Y/n and Peter walk under one and kiss." 

"this better work Stark” Sam commented as he placed the mistletoes.

“Why is there so many mistletoes in here?” you asked as you walked in the kitchen, luckily you didn’t walk into one with someone. 

“To get in the holiday spirit that’s all,” Tony said sipping his coffee. 

The kitchen was quite a bit too quiet well for the avengers at lease. Until you heard someone arguing. You and Natasha looked at each other with a raised eyebrows and looked at Tony who simply shrugged in response. 

The three of you went to the living room where you saw Clint and Loki under a MISLETOE. 

You couldn’t help but laugh at the situation since you knew that Clint isn’t very fond of Loki after the incident that happened in New York. Even if Loki had changed his ways Clint didn’t care, Loki was staying in the avenger’s tower because Thor had invited him to spend the holiday here.

You and Natasha looked at each other and burst of laughter. Tony had a hard time controlling it as well he had to cover his laughter in coughs since Loki and Clint glared at him the first time.

“what’s all the ruckus about? some people want to sleep” sam walked out with a very sleepy peter. who looked really cute with his bed hair and a sleepy smile. “Shit,” you thought “ it’s not the time to get distracted by Peter’s cuteness”

“oooh,” sam said with a huge grin on his face “ Loki the god of mischief has to kiss Legolas,” he said amused.

“I will not kiss this pathetic mortal” Loki hissed. “ same here and who you calling pathetic?” Clint walked in front of Loki chest raised. 

A loud booming voice was heard when turned you saw Thor get out of the elevator “ what is the problem fellow companions?” thor said frowning. He was a big puppy in a god’s body. 

“Loki and Clint walked under a mistletoe together and according to the ritual they have to kiss, ” Peter said matter of factly “but they don’t want to”. Thor laughed as he understood the situation and told Loki to just over with it. Loki and Clint kissed well it was more of a peck “ I  gotta wash my mouth with bleach now” Clint said walking away. 

During the day everyone was kissing everyone. After Loki and Clint, Steve and Tony had to kiss, then sam and bucky and then Natasha and Y/n. 

It was funny, but a bit annoying that you never got to do it Peter with you, you knew that he liked you but he never admitted it. 

You were on your way to your room when you bumped into Peter himself. You looked at him and smiled. 

Just when you about to leave someone called you “ Where do you think you’re going young lady” a voice came from behind you. It’s was Tony. 

“uhh, hi Tony,” you said “oh cut the slack Y/n, You know you and Peter are standing under a mistletoe” he pointed above both of your head. 

You looked at Peter he was beet red and you bet you were too, “ what are you waiting for” Tony asked with a raised eyebrow. 

You turned towards Peter as if you asked him if it was ok for you to kiss him. He looked at you asking for permission as well.

You smiled and leaned in, so did Peter. 

His lips were soft and the kiss was sweet but it still gave you butterflies. You didn’t want to stop but you had to just as you were about to pull away  Peter pulled you by the waist and kissed you again but more passionately this time, and you wrapped your hands around his neck. 

You broke the kiss when you remembered that Tony was still there. You looked at Peter still blushing not knowing what to say. “Y-y/n would you go out with me?” Peter asked, you pecked his lips and said yes(obviously).

“finally” Tony yelled “ It’s a Christmas miracle" 

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Yo Mai was the worst in the comics because she literally did help her dad. She hid his attempts, that's aiding and abetting a criminal. She was aware that her dad was going to try to kill zuko and his family again after she watched him try the first time. Then she guilt tripped Zuko into apologizing for it? That's literal gas lighting. Plus she never acted like she was wrong or sorry at all? She didn't care what happened to key lo either? This is all canon too. You don't even gotta twist it

{{ Oh I know it’s all canon, I’ve read the comic books all up to the recent one, I know that Mai hid what her father was doing from Zuko, and she did use Kei Lo to get Intel on her father. It’s PAINFULLY obvious that Mai doesn’t know how to have a functioning relationship. Everything she ever did was for her benefit and her’s alone. 

She cared little for Kei Lo’s feelings, even AFTER he shared a secret with her that he didn’t share with anyone. She was playing a part that she felt was necessary to get the information she needed in order to help SAVE Zuko and his family from the FIRST attack. She was trying to save him because she didn’t WANT Zuko dead. 

Mai isn’t as cut and dry as everyone is making her out to be. She’s not some horrid bitch that is so evil and doesn’t deserve to be loved. I mean sure, she’s mentally and emotionally abusing Zuko, and that’s HORRIBLE. He deserves better and shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about it. Still, the way Mai is acting is a LEARNED thing and not something that she just does because she’s deep rootedly selfish and self centered. 

Mai is emotionally stunted, from an early age she was molded to be the perfect daughter for a man in the political career. More akin to a child needs to be seen, not heard. Made to be presented as the perfect example of a child of the Fire Nation. The perfect daughter for a diplomat of the Fire Nation. She was always told that her fathers career was important and that was the ONLY thing that mattered. No one ever talked to her about her feelings, asked her what was wrong, or even to ‘open up’ because to fly off the handle was unladylike and would set a bad example for their family. 

She was never too exceptionally close to her parents, and since she’d been told not to explain or talk about her feelings she simply learned to bottle them up. The Fire Nation, that I’ve noticed, was always about appearance, and how they looked to everyone else, so they needed to be the pinnacle of perfection to the outside world. Mai is a result of that, not saying her parents didn’t love her, but they focused more on the politics and getting ahead. Not realizing they were damaging their daughter. 

She grew into an emotionless, easily swayed teenager whom held no opinion one way or the other. Not caring about anything is how she dealt with not feeling cared about or loved. If she didn’t feel anything, she couldn’t be hurt or disappointed anymore. (Which would explain her clear detachment from the whole fiasco with Tom Tom and trading Bumi for her brother. She was QUICK to leave her parents because it got her out of the shadow for awhile. 

Though even as you watch her, she holds no clear respect or care for authority. Simply following orders because it’s ‘something to do’. Though underneath all that, is a screaming girl crying for help…but because of the way she was raised, she never let it out. Being an only child for 15 years essentially didn’t help things. As such she got everything she ever wanted, and as long as she listened and was well behaved she would never hear no. 

So when things start not going the way she wants them too, ESPECIALLY from someone whom she’s showing a small amount of affection toward (I.E. Zuko) She becomes angry and enraged at the fact. Not caring about the reason or circumstance about why it happened, just the fact it wasn’t what SHE wanted and what SHE expected, it upset her and so YES Zuko was the bad guy. 

She was hurt, and she was angry at him for it because it went against EVERYTHING she was taught and believed. It’s like her world was tossed upside down on her before being left in the dark again. Especially when, in the beginning, she does try to help soothe Zuko’s anger by trying to distract him, if she had truly not cared at the time she wouldn’t have even bothered to try. 

She doesn’t know how to handle someone with Zuko’s temperament because she hadn’t dealt with someone like him for a long time. She WAS trying though, but, again, because she doesn’t talk about feelings…she shuts other people talking about it because ‘if it was all right for me, it’s all right for them’. It’s what was FAIR in her mind, is it right? No, but because she was raised to speak when spoken too, it kind of rubbed off on her personality. 

Mai isn’t heartless, and she’s not a robot. She can get hurt, and she does get angry but she is EXTREMELY flawed as an individual. And COMPLETELY wrong for Zuko. 

They butt heads WAY too much because their on two separate wavelengths. 

So when it came the time to chose between taking her father in, someone who’s her FAMILY and RAISED her, as well as CLOTHED her and kept her fed and nurtured her from an infant, (whom I believe also manipulates her emotionally and mentally) OR the man whom she has nothing in common with, argues with all the time and has an on again, off again relationship? It’s not hard to see WHICH of the two she would choose. 

I mean, I would have chosen MY father. 

So hiding her father from Zuko, and not revealing the fact that he was trying to kill was made out of loyalty to her father and her family (Because we all not how important loyalty is to them). She regrets it and in turn ends up going with him in order to stop whom ever is doing this once and for all. 

And of course, the classing gas lighting she does is something that she’s USE to doing. She has NEVER done ANYTHING wrong and was ALWAYS having the best interest for her people at heart. Zuko was the one whom was wrong, and hurting people. Why didn’t HE understand what it was like not turning in her father. I mean…Zuko did the same thing. I mean it too Zuko YEARS before he realized that his father was in the wrong. So of COURSE Mai was going to throw it in his face. 

Does it make it right? No.

Should she have apologized? Absolutely. 

Was she wrong? Yes. 

But she was molded to be that way from birth. I mean, look at Azula. She was in the same boat as Mai, kept her emotions in check, she rarely EVER reacted out of anger and kept her cool in any and all situations. Until her father turned her back on her and she had nothing left to fall on. 

Mai is the result of poor parenting, where politics too precedent over her own happiness and well being. It created a desperate, greedy and lonely child whom will do anything to keep from seeing that anything she does is wrong because she NEVER does anything wrong. She was raised not to. So it is, and always WILL be everyone else that takes the fall and will be to blame…believe me. I know, I live with someone who does that to me all the time so I know what gas lighting looks like. 

Being a victim of it, I can understand WHY Zuko apologizes to her, because he loves and cares about her. He feels bad he ever made her feel that way. I struggled with it for years….and I still am so I know how harmful it can be…but until Mai realizes that she’s hurting people and grows out of this mindset…I don’t think she’ll ever stop doing it. }} 

Famous Love/Part 4

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You slowly opened your eyes, smelling that wonderful smell while being wrapped by the sheets. You turned lazily, imagining you’d feel Jensen’s body by your side, but were disappointed to see nothing there.

You frowned, sitting on the bed and finding his room completely dark aside from the light that came through the open door, and all your clothes scattered around the floor from the mess you’d made the previous night.

You grinned, getting up and combing your hair into a messy bun before putting Jensen’s shirt on.

 "J?“ You asked, walking through the long corridor, and hearing his voice from afar saying "I’m here”. You supposed it was coming from the kitchen.

 "Morning. “You said hugging him from behind while he was focused making pancakes.

 "Morning beautiful.” He said turning around to give you a lingering chaste kiss, soon getting back to the pancakes. You sat on the table and smiled, seeing as Jensen was cooking your breakfast wearing only his black boxers.

 After your first date, as he had promised, Jensen called whenever there was a breech in your schedules, and you would go somewhere, even if it was just to the ice cream parlor and you only had thirty minutes. But always in small, discreet places, where the fans wouldn’t find you. You agreed since the start not to announce the relationship, at lest for now. You didn’t know exactly what you two were, but of course there was an unspoken agreement of fidelity. But one thing, you knew for sure.

 You were completely crazy for Jensen Ackles.

 The first time you slept together was around your fourth date, when he cooked a romantic dinner in his house, and it was… The best orgasm you had ever had. This was the fifth night you were spending together, and today would be a very special day.

 "This one is for the lady" He said putting a pancake in your plate. “And this is for the Tramp” He said throwing one in his making you laugh and roll your eyes.

 "Ready for today?“ He asked and you pouted while eating the delicious pancakes.

"What?” He looked almost disappointed to see your face. “I though you were excited”

 "I am, but… I’m nervous" You said the last word in a whisper not daring to look at his face, but you knew he had a taunting expression.

 "(Y/N) if you are like this to meet them, imagine when you meet my parents….“ You looked surprised at him to hear this words. He really was thinking about introducing you to his parents? He really wanted to reach this level of relationship with you? Your heart skipped a beat, just like it did whenever you were with him, and he looked away blushing. "But yeah… they’re gonna love you, believe me”

 "Don’t you think that a 3 year old’s birthday party is too intimate for me to go?“ You asked starting to freak out, and he rolled his eyes smiling.

 "I told you a million times that it was Gen and Jared who invited you. And everybody wants to meet you. We’re together for… what? Two and a half months and they don’t know you yet. -He guaranteed you and you returned a small smile to him. The truth was that you were dying to finally meet the Supernatural cast, but nervous, just like any other fan.

 "Okay then…What do you prefer? The green dress or the floral one?”


 You were almost in Padalecki’s house and the nervousness refused to go away. Jensen was with one of his hands resting on your tight caressing it with his thumb and trying to make you at ease, but it wasn’t working.

 Oh, and you picked the floral dress.

 "You know what?“ Jensen said making you look at him. "I know why you’re so nervous.”

 "Oh, you do?“ You asked with a smile knowing that nothing good would come from that. "And why is it?”

 "You’re not nervous because they are my friends. You’re nervous because you’re such a fangirl.“ He told you with a smirk and you tried to hide the truth.

 "Shut up, of course not.” You answered looking to the other side making him laugh.


 "Shut up Jensen”

 "Shut up Jensen" He said trying to imitate your voice and you rolled your eyes, crossing your arms just when he parked in front of the house.

 "Ah, now you’re angry?“ He said with a playful smile and you snorted.

 "C'mon (Y/N) I know that you are Supernatural’s number one fan.” He said getting closer and you shivered when his hot breath reached your neck and his hand tightened on your thigh. “And that’s why…” He said kissing your shoulder covered just by the thin strap of the dress and of the bra. “You never..” He said kissing the curve of your neck. “Resist” He said finally, lightly biting the lobe of your ear and making a shiver run through your body. This man… damn.

 He laughed opening the door and you gasped. Did he really stop in that moment? He stopped by your open window laughing at your face and giving you a chaste kiss.

 "C'mon we need to go in. I promise to give you a reward later" He said smiling and you left the car shaking your head in denial but letting a small smile appear. He locked the car, holding the hand that was not carrying Tom’s present, and Jensen pressed the doorbell.

 “Jensen and (Y/N)! I’m so glad you’re here!” Genevieve said smiling when she opened the door, giving you and Jensen a hug. She was the only one you had met before, and like the last time, she was lovely. “Tom!” She shouted. “Look who’s arrived!” Suddenly a little boy came out from nowhere and jumped in Jensen’s lap.

 “Uncle Jensen!” He screamed and Jensen laughed spinning him around.

 “Congrats little guy, look the big present we got you.” He said putting Tom on the floor and Jensen pointed to the present in your hand. You bent down to be in his height.

 “This is aunt (Y/N) Tom, she is uncle Jensen’s girlfriend.” Genevieve said and Tom smiled getting the present and giving you a shy hug. He thanked you and started running again. You stood up again feeling your cheeks burn, and you saw Jensen’s cheeks were also turning red with Genevieve’s words.

 “C’mon, everybody’s in the Garden.” She said and guided you through the giant and beautiful house into the garden, where there were a lot of tables with guests.

 “Jensen!” Someone screamed and you saw Jared with his Young son, Shep, in his arms. Your fan heart jumped when he came to talk to you. He hugged you and Jensen a little clumsily because of his little one.

 “And you’re the famous (Y/N).” He said and you smiled embarrassed. “ I’ve heard a lot about you in the last months, i’m so glad to finally meet you.”

 “Oh, you have?” You said smiling looking at Jensen, who blushed. “I hope you’ve heard just good things, and it’s a pleasure to meet you too. You and this pretty little boy.” You said holding Shep’s little hand who laughed, and everybody laughed along. With Jared, you went to say “Hello” to everybody. You met Gen and Jared’s family, except for some brother that couldn’t go. You met Felicia, the redhead that played Charlie in the series, Misha and his family, Mark and his girlfriend, and Rob and Richard, who played Chuck and Gabriel.  

 You met some intimate friends of Gen and Jared, and three of them had children in the same age as Tom.

 You sat in a table with the Supernatural cast, all of them were so funny.

 “But (Y/N), explain something to me.” Mark said and everybody started to pay attention. “Why isn’t your accent strong?” He asked and everybody laughed, including you.

 “I was about to ask the same thing! But I was waiting for the right moment.” Jared said and you laughed.  

 “I was born in America, but when I was ten I moved to England. I ended up learning to speak with the British accent, but when I come here, I barely use it. The only place I really use it in the series.” You explained and everybody made a sonorous “Ahh”. Everyone used to ask you this, including Jensen.

 The day went by faster than you imagined it would. Everybody was - or seemed to be - really happy to met you, and the ones who didn’t know how you and Jensen met were really curious to hear the story. Now, in the end of the party, it was just you and the families left. Jensen was playing in the trampoline with Jared, Tom and Shep, and you and Gen were just observing the scene.

 “You know (Y/N)…” She started. “I know Jensen very well and I can tell that he likes you.” She said and you blushed, looking at him and sighing.

 “I like him a lot Gen. I really do.” You said and se smiled.  

 “One day you will be married to him.”

 “I hope so.”


 "These heels are killing me.” you said tiredly and he laughed. You agreed to stop by your apartment after the party to take some clothes so you could go to Jensen’s place. You entered your building’s lobby and the doorman called you.

 "Miss (Y/N), someone left you these flowers.” you raised your brow in confusion and looked at Jensen, who shrugged as if he didn’t know anything. You took the flowers with a thank you and you entered the elevator.

 “Who do you think they’re from?” you asked looking for some sort of card and he hugged you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder, and you shivered when he started scratching his thin beard on your neck. When you finally found something, it was a little white card with only one letter written on it.


 You looked at him over your shoulder with surprise, and he smiled in embarrassment.

 “I know we’re together, but I wanted to make it official.” he answered with a shrug, still a bit embarrassed, and you smiled unable to contain your anxiety while opening the little card where it was written ‘will you be my girlfriend?’

 You laughed, turning around with a huge grin.

 “Will you be my girlfriend, (Y/N)?” he asked, and you pulled him for a chaste kiss, hugging him tight.

 “Of course I do, J.” you said and he smiled too, deepening the kiss.

 You were dating Jensen Ackles.


“(Y/N) come to beeed.” Jensen pouted while you took off your makeup in his bathroom.

 “I’m almost done.” you laughed, throwing the stained tissue on the trash can. You washed your face and jumped in his bed, making him laugh.

 “(Y/N) I… We need to talk.” Jensen said a bit serious, and you raised an eyebrow.

 “It’s been like two hours since we started dating and you already want to breakup?” you said playfully, a bit scared to see his serious face as he laughed, making you calm down a bit. You were lying facing each other, and he pulled you closer by the waist.

 “Absolutely not, miss (Y/N), it’s not gonna be that easy to get rid of me.” he gave you a chaste kiss that you unintentionally deepened, and next thing that happened you were laying on top of him. He sat on the bed with you on his lap and backed away a little. “I did promise I was going to recompense you, didn’t I?” he said, kissing your neck. “But I really wanted to say something serious now.

 “Hmm… I’m sorry?” you said with a hint of doubt on your tone and he looked up, shaking his head with a smile. But when he looked back at you, he was serious again.

 “Even though we’ve just made it official, the rumours of us being together have been all around for so long that now that I can finally call you my girlfriend…” he started with a smile and you did the same, not believing that was actually happening, “I want to tell everyone that we’re together.” he said and your eyes widened slightly.

“You want to tell the fans?”

“You don’t?” he asked a bit scared that you’d hate the idea.

 “I do! I really do!” you said while kissing him, and he smiled, relieved. “What were you thinking about? A tweet? An interview?”

 “A picture or a video…” he said with a shrug. “You decide.”

 “Let’s take a picture and post it on twitter.” you said excitedly and he agreed with a smile. He grabbed his computer and took about 40 pictures of the both of you, laughing and doing silly faces to the camera. In the end you chose one in which you were about to kiss him while he looked at you with a cute face.

 “You’re sure you wanna do this right?” he asked, ready to post the picture with the caption: ‘Fun night with my girl after Tom’s B-day’.

 You nodded, biting your lower lip. He breathed in deep and posted it. He turned to you with a smile, giving you a long kiss.

 “Can I say just one more thing to you?” he asked, interrupting the kiss while you caressed his nape and you nodded. He breathed deeply again, giving you a chaste kiss. “I think I love you.”

 You smiled, feeling your heart skip a beat.

 “In that case, I think I love you too.” you said, and you both smiled before kissing each other once more. Though this time, non of you interrupted the kiss.

Brown Eyes: Tom Holland x WOC

Requested: This is inspired by the song ‘Brown Eyes’ by Beyonce Destiny’s Child. I actually love this song now so thanks to the anon that requested it! Just lots of fluff and you can click here if you want to listen to listen to it. Reader recalls the first time her and Tom meet. 

This is a lot longer than I thought…sorryyyyy!

You and Tom were celebrating your 4th year anniversary at a beautiful and quiet restaurant. You looked up and saw him string loving at you, “What?”

“Nothing just thinking of how lucky I am.” You blushed and shook your head. “I can’t believe it’s been four years.” You sighed and grabbed his hand. 

“I truthfully didn’t think you could put up with me for this long.” he said laughing. “I didn’t think so either but hey, look at us.”

He laughed and rubbed his thumb on your hand, “Remember when we met?”

“Oh no, please don’t-”

You smiled and started recalling how you looked up and saw a pair of beautiful brown eyes staring at you. 

You were waiting for you brother in to pick out a watch, “Why are we even in here?”

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I'm Fine

Pairing: Syndisparklez

Warnings: I am an inexperienced writer trying to write. Other than that, it is very safe.

Summary: Jordan got stabbed but didn’t want to bother anyone, so he decides to get a whole cake instead. Based off a prompt by @jordansgreenshorts. Enjoy.

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i was sat on a bench at lunch with Teresa just general talking 

“i wish tom wasn't helping newt so much” she sighs

“why” i ask

“because i hardly ever get to spend a full night with him, its always sorry honey i have to go help newt” she answers sighing

“what's he helping newt with” i ask

“uh, he wont say” she replys unconvincingly 

“i don't know what's up with newt, he’s always been my best friend but now he’s acting really strange around me” i say

“really why do you think that is” she asks

“i don't know, i hope he’s not gonna stop talking to me altogether if he did that would kill me, i mean in a small way i do  love the guy” i say

Teresa then spits her drink from her mouth “WHAT” she says

“you know i like newt, Teresa” i reply sternly

“yeah but i didn't think you would say you love him” he replys laughing 

“i do al right i just don't like how he’s acting now he’s always acting like one of the other guys like minho or zart i like them guys as friends but i like newt how he is” i explain 

“interesting” she says quietly more to herself

“so what's Tommy helping newt with” i ask

“i told you he wont say” he said again still unconvincingly

“Teresa you cant fool me you know and i know you know so just tell me” i say

“no i promised i wouldn't say a word to you” she says

“ah but the girl code says other wise you know i like newt so tell me your information” i inform her

“true but you know i got it on with Winston once so no info for you” she says quietly 

“what do i have to say to make you tell me” i ask sighing 

“tell me if you couldn't get it on with newt who would you” she asks

“fine, Arthur” i reply

“seriously” she asks

“yes now tell me, what's going on” i ask

“ newts been having help from the guys to get him out the friend zone with you they have been trying to help him not doing to well but from what ive heard apparently newts going it alone now” he explains

“oh my god” i say “that's so sweet”

“but don't make it obvious you know i wasn't meant to say anything” she says

i nod and then continue to eat my food till it starts raining everyone runs inside but me i just stand under some tree’s looking at the rain i like rain i always have.


i was stood in the deadheads thinking of my next plan its hard to think of a plan on my own till i see its about to rain and quickly a plan forms in my head i quickly run to a bush i know in the deadheads where roses grow i can see one a perfect white rose with no thorns i quickly pick it and walk back towards the glade where i see y/n stood just under the tree’s looking out at the rain i put the rose behind my back and stand beside her “hi love” i say

“hi newt” she giggles 

“you seem happy” i say

“i like the rain is all” she replys still giggling a bit 

“look i uh, i wanted to say sorry for being all strange lately and stuff i was not myself and i know i did some stuff i wouldn't normally have done and i uh i know that it didn't make it all that easy on you so im sorry” i say handing her the rose she takes it and smiles but still looks at the rain till she turns

“apology accepted newt” she say tapping my nose with the rose before she hugs me tightly resting her head on my chest so i wrap my arms around her tightly and rest my head on top of her’s as we both watch the rain for a second i look at her eyes she’s no longer watching the rain she’s watching Tommy and Teresa on the other side of the glade there cuddling and kissing under the roof of the kitchen she looks so happy but yet so sad at the same time “you want a life like that don't you” i ask her 

“yeah” she sighs “but i cant have one” she sighs

“of course you can” i tell her “you just have to find a good man”

“one like you” she says

“yeah one like - one like me ?” i say suddenly realising half way thought saying it what she said

“yeah one like you newt, your the best man there is” she says happily 

“thanks, your the best girl there is”i tell her 

“you know something right” she asks

“know what” i ask

“Teresa told me about the last few weeks, im a bit surprised i didn't work it out for myself to be honest” she says OH GOD i the pull out of our cuddle

“well, i -uh , uh, i uh well” i stutter confused on what to say till she steps forward and kissed me on the lips not even for a full second i don't do anything but laugh 

“so how do you feel about me” i ask

“i love you newt” she says

“i love you too” i reply 

we both stand for a moment unsure of what to do now till we both close the distance between us so we are back to cuddling again till she picks up her head and we kiss as soon as we pull away she fluffs my hair making me smile more before we meet and connect our lips again for a while turning it into snogging.


i was stood a moment with tom under the kitchen roof  i glance over at y/n and newt on the other side of the glade i see them both say something to each other then they both stand there smiling till they meet in a tight cuddle and then kiss i quickly hit tom as he was looking in another direction and point to newt and y/n “oh my god” he says “He did it” 

“get in y/n” i shout to her making newt and y/n stop snogging 

“SHUT UP” she shouts back 



i was stood under the homestead waiting for the rain to stop i glance around the glade not much going on till i hear some one shout but i don't hear what after a little while i get board and move to the other end of the homestead and i can see just on the edge of the deadheads newt and y/n snogging i quickly run over to them never mind the rain “well what's going on here” i ask

“oh shuck off minho” newt reply only just pulling away from y/n then immediately retuning to kissing her the second he was finished talking

“well you two seem busy shall i come back latter” i ask

“MINHO SHUCK OFF” y/n says only just pulling away from newt then retuning the instant she was done

i then walk away and stand with zart and chuck 

“hallelujah” we all say in sync


as soon as we both pull away of our own accord 

“i love you” he says

“i love you too” i reply before we meet and kiss by now the rain has stopped and we both walk out into the glade hand in hand everyone looks at us smugly they all cheer at us making me and newt laugh 

“KISS HER” a few shout at us so newt wraps his arms around me and kisses me i even let my foot pop i bet we look like something out a bad movie

“HALLELUJAH” they all shout at us

“hallelujah” newt whispers to me

“hallelujah” i reply as we meet and kiss again.

Too Tired to Cry, Too Emotional to Sleep

Uh. Whelp. This piece turned out a little longer than I expected…. Ahaha… If you are on mobile, I apologize. It’s long. But I’m excited for you to read it, I’m really happy how it turned out. I tried my hand at some Syndisparklez and I’m quite  glad I did. Without further ado, enjoy! :) 

Jordan is abducted by Mianite, and Tom rescues him and nurses him back to health. 

WARNINGS: Torture, gore

Word Count: 4012


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The Stable Girl, Chapter 1

TITLE: The Stable Girl
AUTHOR: fanficshiddles
GENRE: Romance, Adventure
FIC SUMMARY: Loki finally meets the new stable hand, Evelyn. They have a lot in common, though Evelyn is hiding a few secrets. Will they fall in love and get a happy ending?
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None for this chapter. 

Evelyn’s POV

I hadn’t been on Asgard long. I used to stay on Midgard, but now I had a new life here on Asgard. I was the stable hand. I looked after 9 horses at the moment that were stabled in the royal stables. I loved my job. 

The only thing I did not like, was I had to attend some celebrations in the royal palace. I was not really a people person. At all. I was much better with animals. 

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Coriolanus + Meeting Tom (Round 2)

Hi guys !

First I wanted to thank you for all the kind wishes and messages you left on my last post, you’re wonderful, thank you very, very much again !

Then, I thought I could tell you about my last evening, hope you’re alright with that ? (As usual I’m really sorry about all the mistakes I’m about to make guys… Really sorry… I’m French x))

Coriolanus :

(So just to remind you : I bought a standing ticket for Coriolanus yesterday’s morning.)

I arrived at the theatre around 7p.m and they were letting people in so I showed my ticket and took place upstairs, behind the the 2nd row :

The theatre is pretty small, and even if I hadn’t the best view ever, it’s was good enough for me, because you know I was so happy to be there ! One day ago I was worried about how to get a ticket, (thanks again to all of you who helped me about this btw) and the day after I luckily got one ! Anyway as I told you in my previous post, I tried to ‘prepare’ for the play by reading it. Sadly I didn’t read all of it before I saw it, but the few I read did help me to understand better what they were saying. Yes, I’m French, and honestly I didn’t understand everything they said, but I did understand the play anyway and it didn’t prevent me from enjoying it. 

So then the play began… and what can I say ? I can’t possibly summarise it, because to me you have to see it, to live it with the actors, it’s the main aim of a play, isn’t it ? At this point I have to say that I feel so sorry for all of you who are not/will not be able to see it. I truly am. There are plenty of you who deserve to see it, and I feel bad about that…

But what I can tell you about it, is that even if (let’s face it) I mostly went to see it because of Tom, it wasn’t all about him, I mean he sure does a really breath taking performance, but they all do. And it reminded me why I love going to theatre. The last play I saw (around 2 or 3 years ago) was an adaption of La Cantatrice Chauve by Eugène Ionesco performing in Paris. I loved it. As I loved Coriolanus. Because to me it allows you live it with the actors.

About Tom, well what can I say ? I’m not an expert you know… but I’m just in awe. He was wonderful as usual, but it so much better to see him performing live, just in front of you. He’s breath taking, wonderful, touching, vibrant, amazing… just perfect. And I have to say I don’t understand how so many people only reduce him to Loki. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this character is a gift for him, he’s so complex, interesting and human in so many ways, and I know, we all do, that Tom himself has always said he loved playing him. But there are so many other things he’s done a part from Loki which are as good as what he did for that character. Unrelated. Midnight in Paris. War Horse. The Deep Blue Sea. The Hollow Crown. (I’m still fucking waiting for Only Lovers Left Alive which, I know it, is going to be mind blowing) And I’m sure the adaptions he has performed in theatre before Coriolanus, like The Changelling, Cymbeline, Othello, Ivanov or The Kingdom of Earth were as good as everything else even if I couldn’t see them. And Coriolanus is one of them too. You can tell by seeing him (and all the others too) he put all his soul in it (as usual). And it’s even more exciting and moving when you know how much he loves doing Shakespeare.

Also, I don’t know for the others, but what blew my mind during the play, is the acting job itself. I mean, it’s really when you see them performing live, in front of you, that you start to understand how difficult it is to do this job. Of course it’s not the most difficult job ever, but I have to say, I wonder how they do it, how they manage to remember all their text (even if Tom’s explained it), and how do they manage to give their emotions to characters ? That really blows my mind, and fascinates me because I know I probably couldn’t do that.

But anyway, I’m not going to say much more about  the play itself because I can’t possibly say it all… it’s really well done, original and very rich… and also because it’s like 2h30 long x)

I just wish I could see it again, but from a better place, sitting just in front of them…  I think I’ll probably try to get a other ticket.

Meeting Tom (Round 2)

Round 1

So after the play (and the standing ovation ;)) I went out to queue with the others to see if I could talk to Tom… I wasn’t sure I would be able to because I heard that few days ago he didn’t show up. But I decided to try anyway, it was 10.22 p.m and I decided to wait an 1 hour, and if he didn’t show up by that time I would go back to the Youth Hostel I’m staying. After some minutes, his bodyguard came to us and made us stand back and put on the very left of the pavement, so I thought it was a good start. There were like 20 people before me, and around 80 (or more) behind me.

He did show up around 10.55 p.m. So there he was again only few meters away from me, in his black jacket, black cardigan with a black shirt. I could see him and was already shavering x) I still don’t understand how people manage to talk to him like he is some kind of friend, I would love to do that too, but everytime I just…. can’t x) (the fact that I’m a really shy person probably doesn’t help). His bodyguard previously told us 'no photographs, only autographs’ so I prepared my book (the one he had already signed) while I could see him taking a little time wich each person to talk and sign their programme.

My turn came. I can’t possibly explain how I felt x) It was like I wanted to talk to him, have a little chat about the play, saying how much I loved it (you know at this moment, you try to prepare sentences in your head), and at the same time, I was afraid to talk to him because I already knew I would make a fool of myself… So I couldn’t even move forward because you know… it’s like Thomas William Perfect Hiddleston waiting for me to say something or give him something to sign. He looked at me and say 'Hey’, I replied a shy 'Hi’. I showed him my book, and his previous autograph, he said 'We’ve already done it’, and then I turned over the page saying 'Could you write your favourite line…’ - actually I wanted him to write his favourite line ever, from everything he has done but it didn’t come out- so he instantly said 'from this play ?’ and I said 'Yes’.

You deserve to have a temple built you

While he was writing it, I said a little 'The play was amazing’, he answered 'Thank you’, then I added 'You were all great’ (I think he didn’t hear that last part). Then he gave me my book back saying to the others, behind me, that he was really sorry but he had to go. Even tough, the girl behind me manage to talk to him a bit, and then he said that sadly he was sorry but he had to go. We all said goodbye and he went back inside.

I felt so lucky I was the last one he signed something for ! I still can’t realise I did meet him yesterday… it’s so strange and unbelievable… everything went so quickly…

This time he wasn’t wearing sunglasses, but I barely looked at him in the eyes… I know I’m a total fuckin’ idiot, but I couldn’t, I feel bad because it’s not polite, and because I wanted to, but once again I was really starstruck meeting him and it all went so quickly… I deeply regret it.

But you know : one does not simply look at Thomas William Perfect Hiddleston in the eyes… x)

Edit (28/04/14): I was thinking about the eye contact yesterday’s night, and actually I noticed I don’t look at people in the eyes in general when I’ m talking in English, so I suppose it wasn’t just the fact I was starstruck meeting him. Because you know, since I’m not fluent in English and it’s not my native language I need to think about what I’m saying, to focus on words to make an intelligible sentence and I can’t look at people in the eyes because their eyes or their expressions on their faces distract me. When I’m speaking in French, I don’t have this problem because obviously words and sentences come naturally. (I know nobody’s gonna read that edit but I just wanted to add it anyway)

Deleted scenes from the Thor script #89
  • Loki: Argh! It's a vampire!!
  • Thor: I don't see what all the fuss is about. Vampires only attack virgins!
  • Everyone:
  • *(Awkward pause)*
  • Fandral: Yeah, uh... It's not *myself* I'm worried about, Thor. It's Loki and Volstagg I'm worried about.
  • Loki: Me, a virgin? Ha! Just try telling that to some of the foxy chicks who owe me favours!
  • Volstagg: Well if Loki's not a virgin, then I'm not either!
  • Thor: Well, we'll find out shortly, 'cause the vampire's gonna know, and if anyone gets attacked, then we'll know they're a sissy virgin!
  • Loki: Gods, I hope snogging with that horse counts.
  • Volstagg: He's gonna get us and turn us into vampires! And we'll all be dead and yet still alive! Like angry Republicans!
  • Fandral: There's only one way out of this. We've all got to lose our virginity. Now!
  • Thor: But how, Fandral?
  • Everyone:
  • Thor: Oh, no.
The Magic of Bowie's Passing & 11 Things You Didn't Know by Lucy Arnell

Icon; leader; gender barrier defier; genius; artist; clever; dazzling; master of reinvention; wizard. If you said any of these in regard to David Bowie, you’d be correct. The man defied what it meant to be a musician, and paved a path for thousands to come. He gave otherwise odd people confidence and a voice; two incomparable gifts. His contributions not only to the art of music itself, but to the souls of humanity, are why we mourn him. 

Although a sad mark in history, it is also one of intrigue. Of all the personalities David Bowie can be characterized by, by far the most consistent and well known is his gender fluidity. His effeminate outfits, stage designs, photos, expressions, words, songs, personalities, and notions added up to a man who tried to show the world that humans don’t belong in boxes. Human is not one or the other - human is fluid, and should be able to express himself as so. He didn’t just preach that, he lived it. 

The same tragic day of Bowie’s passing is also the birthday of a woman - a Suffragist named Alice Paul, the leader of and brains behind the success of the 19th amendment in 1920. The bill provided women the right to vote, and Alice took equality even a step further when she successfully included Women in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 bill, legally protecting the group from discrimination. It is ironic to me that on the same day as the passing of arguably the most gender fluid artist of our time, this woman, the original Suffragette, was born in 1885. You know she’s got ‘Suffragette City’ on repeat. As sadness comes, let’s remember that there’s a bigger picture; a larger scheme, and magic can always be found. That’s what Bowie would have wanted us to see. 


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anonymous asked:

I know it was a long shot but I'm sad today that Tom didn't get an Oscar nod for ISTL. His performance was tremendous. Not his fault the film itself wasn't as well received as one might hope. Do you think he's secretly sad or disappointed? He put his heart and soul into that role! For what it's worth, I thought he was much better than some actors currently nominated.

Hi, Little Gray Face!

It is sad.  It is sad because it illustrates so perfectly that these types of awards are all about politics and bias.  It’s a game.  

Yes, he is tremendous in it.  I put his transformation into Hank right up there with any of the greatest ever captured on film.  Period.  

Yes, he did put his heart and soul into it.  As far as whether or not he is sad/disappointed about not being nominated…

Obviously, I love the film.  A lot.  Keeping that in mind, I do think that this particular role got into his bones in a way that none other has and the massively scathing reviews must have been extremely painful.  I can’t list all of them here, but there have been specific comments he’s made that prompt me to make that claim.  The one that really stands out to me is the interview he did for Business Insider

BI: That said, are you disappointed in how “I Saw the Light” was received? It was hyped as an Oscar-caliber performance for you, and the movie turned out to be the worst-reviewed of your career.

Hiddleston: The difference between me and you and whoever watches that film is that film took me six months to make. I took six months of my life and I thought about nothing else every day for six months, and for anyone in the audience, it’s two hours of screen time. As Mike Nichols used to say, “You can make the best film in the entire world and people will still say afterward, ‘Is there anywhere that’s open for a drink?’” It’s part of the rhythm of their day. So of course I put so much into it and it would be lovely to think more people have seen it than I believe they have. The people I’ve spoken to about the movie have at least caught the passion for which it was made and then of course there are other people who I don’t know personally who have found fault or flaws in it, but I can’t be the judge. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As an actor, you just have to put your best foot forward every time. Do you know what I mean?

[The interview ends, and as Hiddleston walks to the door of his hotel room, he brings up the reaction to “I Saw the Light” again.]

Hiddleston: You know, it’s a funny thing, I’ve been hearing that people are positive toward how I did in “The Night Manager,” and I didn’t do more or less with that than for “I Saw the Light.” As an actor, you can never tell. It’s really anyone’s guess how people will react.

Gosh, just reading that again makes my heart hurt.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for him.  He was terrific as Jonathan Pine.  He just won the Golden Globe.  Well deserved.  The fact that he isn’t nominated for Hank?  Ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if you think ISTL is the worst thing ever made.  His performance is stunning.  It is an absolute tranformation. It is beyond what many popular actors could ever reach.  Many of them simply play the same character over and over, a character that doesn’t require any kind of signif -.  


I’m going to interrupt myself here.  I’m getting worked up so I’m going to end this. 

Hugs, Little Gray Face.  I’m going to play Jambalaya and make myself feel better.  ♥

Snuggle Bug | Tom Holland

Requested by @th3littlemermaid14:Hi hi hi!! I just saw your post in the tom holland tag!! Could I get a fluffy, angsty one! I don’t care what it is exactly about but I would just like it with Tom Holland! Thank You!!!

A/N: Here you go lovely, one Tom Holland fluff and angst right here. Sorry it took so long, school kills you kids.

Originally posted by iwannaseeitall

CRISTINA YANG SAID, ‘If you want crappy things to stop happening to you, then stop accepting crap and demand something more.’ I believe that she is right, in order for things to stop we must open our mouths. Say something. Demand something more. The advice that I preach to people is the one that I cannot take.

I kept sitting here, silent—still in the same position I was in at the start of the interview, leaning on the table and insuring a safe distance from Tom who was beside me laughing at something Tony had said. Usually I would be the one making the jokes with my twisted sense of humor and clumsiness—not today though, today was different.

He was trying to stop looking at me—I was too but whenever he turned to look at the interviewer or Zendaya I would admire the way his charismatic personality helped him throughout the whole day. How he looks happy and warm.

“Uh oh Y/N is quiet, why is she quiet?” Laura rested her head on top of mine knowing the damn reason why I was so small today. The cast laughed it off as I rolled my eyes and begun to smile so big that it looked as if I got botox by the way I was forcing it.

Dammit dammit don’t look at him.

“My nose is stuffed up and my throat hurts like a bitch.”

“Cuddlecakes just needs her space.” The affectionate name that Tom had given me way back into month two of filming had made my head snap in his direction with a distasteful look on my face. People tell me that I wear my emotion on my face and do a crap job of hiding it half of the time.

The interviewer was amused by now as he was getting to know us more than we usually let out. “Cuddlecakes? Y/N do you have a fetish for cuddles?”

It was a very weird question, and my eyes got wide at the word fetish which is a bit too much but whatever to please the viewers. “I’m not a hugger, don’t come to me wanting a hug at a certain time—”

“Between the hours of 12 am and 8 pm. I swear that four hour window of opportunity is the best. We were at Barnes and Noble looking for some books she was tired, looked flat out drunk and she just leaned her head on my shoulder and cuddled into me.“

Yes I damn well remember that time. Funny thing is that I didn’t have the feelings I have for him now. Things between were platonic, sane, and the only thing I wanted from him was friendship.

Now I want more, commitment, love, to hold my hand whenever we go to these conventions. To tell people that we’re together—but how the hell can I do that when he can’t make up his mind? It is evident that him and I have a lot of tension, a lot of sexual tension that is making it hard for me to do my job.

“I cuddle with anyone when I’m tired, sorry to say it Tom but you aren’t special. Sebastian Stan has won my heart.” You can’t make something sound less offense unless you don’t really mean it. I meant what I said, that he isn’t special at least not to me anymore, and wanted to make it known that I was hurt by what happened last night. 

A series of ‘oh's’ went around my head as Tom had held his chest, acting as if he was merely hurt. I knew it hurt him, and it fucking felt good to be doing damage to him. I had no morals right now when it came to him, so let the games begin.

There was silence between Tom and I as the interviewer went on to his next question which was pointed towards me. 

“So while filming the crew had an idea for your outfit that you didn’t like, tell us about that.”

I chuckled to myself in a mocking manner, anyone who was there remembers the day I was about to burn the whole studio down. “I’m one of the leads, I’m a superhero and his love interest and I just did not appreciate them trying to make my girl wear some tight, revealing clothing.“ Call me old fashioned but I don’t want my boobs bouncing around hurting my soul as I try to fight in heels.

“So like something Black Widowish—”

“Mixed with a stripper.” Jacob added, as I grinned and gave him a thumbs up.

The interviews were over with for the day and I had packed up majority of the things fans have given me, while the rest were going to be sent to me. I always forgot how sweet my fans were until I got to comic con and saw how they were in my corner heavily. I like to tell them everything and in return they tell me everything so you can imagine how much it hurts to keep my lips shut about Tom.

I needed some time alone, so when we were packing the things into the van to go back to the hotel I broke away from them and went on the other side of the street and sat on one of the benches that were there. I crossed my legs while I leaned against the back closing my eyes and letting the warm breeze hit my skin.

Tom hates warm breezes and says that breezes exist to cool you down not make you hotter, and I said that a warm breeze is a good breeze. Not too hot, not too cold.

I need someone like that right now in my life. Someone to bring warmth to my cold chest that I’ve been trying to get rid of. “Is it just too fucking much?” it occurred to me that I was talking to no one, but I guess that was the fun part—talking to the wind, having the courage to speak what’s on your mind.

“I mean what the hell do you want to do Tom? Keep me waiting? Do you want me to beg you—because I won't—I don’t beg women, and I certainly do not beg men.”

Okay you look crazy.

None of them came after me which is good considering that I needed space from them to collect my thoughts and not go bat shit crazy on the way home due to the mixed signals I’m getting from Tom. A body was next to me as I could feel that there was something blocking the wind from the left.

Tom and I sat in silence for what feels like an eternity but was really a couple of awkward seconds passing. My hood went over my head, and my hands sat in the pockets as I became ready to be an adult and face my problems head on. “I’m not staying here for long.”

There are words in my head that are waiting to be molded into the perfect sentence to tell him, yet when he’s right in front of me my tongue ties and my insides turn into mush.

“I came here to talk to you I think that’s the best thing to do.“

I nodded.

“I didn't—I didn’t mean to make you feel this way Y/N I swear.“

“I’m not waiting on you Tom, I swear to God because they’re better looking guys out there who want me—”

“I know I heard. I just want you to know that I really like you too and I would love to take you out uh on a date?”

With cheeks heated and a grin on my face I teased him. “Asking me or telling me?”

“I-um-uh- I’m taking you on a date tomorrow—”

“Oh tomorrow’s not good.”

“You’re making this so difficult.”

“You made it difficult too, I’ll say yes, if you tell me why you told me no last night. By the way has anyone ever told you that you are a confusing guy?”

He laughs and my cheat swells with happiness. “I said no because I was scared, I just got out of a relationship and I have the amazing chance to go out with Y/N L/N. One of the best in the business.”

I know that when I date anyone who are either a struggling actor or a nonentity that my status can be a bit intimidating to them. There is always the fear of me out shinning them or me leaving them for someone else like some cold hearted bitch and that isn’t the case. If anything I’m the one scared of that happening.

My hands found their way to Tom’s, sliding into his hands as I made no eye contact with him. “I know you still love her so I’m not going to force you to delete her out your life.“ I sucked up all the air I could and then let it out. If he left me for her then I would understand, you can never forget your first love.

“You know what’s funny?“

“What?” I asked him.

“I was reading my horoscope like you told me to do and it talked about being reacquainted with an old friend.”

“Oh yeah,” I let go of his hand at the same time in which he took it back and squeezed it. “And that old friend is me? How does it feel to be going on a date with one of the best in the business?”

“We’ll see.” The two of us smiled at one another not wanting to move from our spots but rather wanting to stay here for maybe an hour more and talk some more. When I spoke to Tom I was uncensored. My laughter was forced, and more importantly my feelings for him were being returned.

With that being said I had one question for him, “if I’m your cuddlecakes, then can you be my snuggle bug?” The nickname sounded stupid but it fit him more than cuddlecakes suited me. His arm went around me and I rested my head on him as we watched all our friends get into the van without us.

“Of course, but I think they’re ready to leave—”

“No they know what they’re doing, giving us some space. You know that this lady once said that if you want crappy things to stop happening to you then you have to stop accepting crap and start demanding more. I followed her advice, and it definitely made my life a lot less crappier.“

Tom and I said nothing more after that. He just grabbed my face and kissed me as softly as he could and for the first time in my life, I believe in my romantic horoscope for the year.

Good things are coming your way (your star sign) child in the department of love, you just have to embrace it.

And The Winner Is...

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Molly, and I be holding it.”


“John, may I borrow your phone?”

Sherlock outstretched his hand, not removing his eyes from the laptop perched across his lap. John folded his newspaper and sighed, mumbling about using his own phone. Sherlock narrowed his eyes and tapped away hurriedly. John returned to his chair and rolled his eyes at an advertisement, shaking his head.

“Typical. They’re having a sexiest woman competition now. Mary mentioned it but…you know. I still cannot believe you won the male category!”

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gonarutome  asked:

Hello) Give some facts about Morikawa Toshiyuki, please. I'am his fan, but I know a little about him I will be very glad, if you give some facts about him) I really like your blog, your blog is AWESOME! I will be waiting for your reply, and Good luck

Hello~ First of all, thank you for liking my blog haha I’ll try my best to keep it interesting to all Morikawa fans (?) :P

What can I say of Morikawa that hasn’t been said in this awesome post by my friend paranoid-rhythm ? LOOK HERE  (PS u should also follow her she is cool and is his fan too, also u should follow theori-theori and her awesome seiyuu facts blog seiyuuslittleforest

 Well he is a 48 year old seiyuu but he is a kid at heart :P 

  • He is best friends with Hiyama Noboyuki with who he hosts a very fun seiyuu event called “Omaera no tame daro”, in which they….basically do dorky stuff with a lot of crossdress and seiyuu guests XD
  • He is a big Gun’s n roses fan, seriously the amount of photographs u can find of him wearing different gun’s n roses tshirts is ridiculous
  • As an Axl Rose fan, he named his beloved golden labrador pet dog Axl, full name, Axl William Morikawa XD
  • Axl kun was a very beloved dog, he still is, when Morikawa started his own agency he named it after his late pet ;A; “Axl One”

Look at his agency logo I mean…

  • As Carli said, Tom Cruise himself decided for Morikawa to be his official japanese dubber, as his fan, Morikawa was thrilled, here is a photo with him
  • He sometimes too introduces himself as Tom Cruise as he did in his acceptance speech of the latest seiyuu awards >_>

He also dubs Adam Sandler, Ewan McGregor, Owen Wilson, Keanu Reeves, Mark Walberg, Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Martin Freeman (check out the BBC Sherlock Holmes series) Jude Law, Paul Walker, sometimes Brad Pitt and a big etcetera.

  • He is also very loved by warner lol, they asked him specifically to voice Bilbo Baggings in the hobbit saga and let me tell you, his acting in those movies is impressive, also check out the lego movie is fun XD
  • He also has roles in a lot of american tv series, such as glee, drop dead diva, game of thrones, ncis los angeles
  • Aside of that….he has a very active participation in videogames such as his very famous character….Sephiroth of the Final Fantasy saga, Leon from Resident Evil, and a really long list of etceteras.
  • In conclusion, he rawks XD speaking of rock…he also has a musical career
  • When he was younger he had a solo career with 3 albums I totally recommend, hahaha the music is on synch with his personality, I think XD he also sings in 2HEARTS alongside Fumihiko Tachiki and guess who else? XD e-Zuka from GRANRODEO (totally recomend their music)
  • And his rock band (which style is inspired by of course, Gun’s n roses and Mötley crue) Balck Velvet is also pretty cool here aaaaaaand the bandmembers are called JUST who also were part of “Saiga Mitsuki Feat.JUST” who is just as cool here
  • That being said….Saiga Mitsuki is Morikawa’s numer one fan XD she is a member of his official fanclub and let me tell you a few things:
  • they were co cast in the kyo kara maou anime, Saiga has said she accepted the role of Wolfram when she knew Morikawa was going to be in the cast
  • She bought an alarm clock with Morikawa’s character
  • She sometimes calls him oniichan (cause morikawa’s character was his older brother on that series)
  • She once ordered a black velvet cd online cause she was sad she couldnt go buy it herself the day of its release
  • she owns a lot of his dramas, his date cds included
  • she is also a haru wo daiteita fan XDDD
  • In the marine super wave, where both Morikawa’s and Saiga’s bands played, she always stated to be upset she couldn’t go with a black velvet tshirt (when she cleary had her own merch made for her lololol) 

Anyway I can go on and on with these, but this is a small part, I can only say it’s very fun and entertaining to be a fan of this amazing actor that never grew up XDDDDD if u have any more questions u can always ask me hahaha u should check out all his stuff (Specially BL since there are a wide range of different characters he plays) and his events, which are super fun, and tv show, happy bo lucky XDDD lol. Have fun~

anonymous asked:

Molly, Mycroft, Anthea and Molly's bodyguard (and fake fiancé) play poker every Friday night. They place bets, (like how long will it take everyone else to figure out Tom's gay and is actually Molly's body guard.) Most of the time Molly wins-and it's usually half of everyone's pay checks she gets. By the time Mary figured out that Tom was gay (but didn't figure out he was a bodyguard) Molly was a millionaire-close to billionaire from all the poker nights.

Nice headcanon! I’ve continued from here to involve Sherlock. Slight tweaks on the amounts of her winnings. Go Molly!

Pocket Aces

“Hello dear brother,” Mycroft sauntered slowly into Molly’s flat. “What a surprise to see you here. So good of you to answer the door. And, in nothing but a tea towel no less.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes and spat out a witty insult. He’d never be able to live it down. He closed the door behind his older brother keeping the floral tea towel securely over his nethers.

"Molly!” Sherlock grudgingly called out.

“I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything?” Mycroft arched an eyebrow as his lips curled into a smile.

Sherlock pursed his lips and inhaled deeply through his nose. He couldn’t remember a time he’d ever lost this badly at a game that was all but made for him to win. He could read players like a book. It was child’s play. A dull afternoon at his favorite bolt hole with his favorite pathologist had needed a little livening up. He’d dazzle Molly with his skills at reading players and bluffing. But, he had taught his pupil too well.

“Mycroft,” Molly stepped out from the bathroom in the hallway. “You’re early! Tea?”

“Please,” he bent down and lightly pecked both Molly’s cheeks earning a soft growl from his brother. “Did you bake?”

“But, of course!” Molly winked. “Your favorites.”

Mycroft happily bounded towards the cookie jars on the counter where he knew he’d find some tasty things to nibble on.

“You were expecting him?” Sherlock scowled.

“Uh-huh,” Molly nodded as she put the kettle on the stove.

“Let me guess,” Mycroft popped a bite-sized cookie into his mouth. “You had a friendly wager over a game of cards.”

He glanced at the coffee table which was strewn with cards. He let out a hearty chuckle as Sherlock flushed with embarrassment. The redness bloomed down his bare chest to his navel.

“What do they call it?” He exaggeratedly tapped his chin. “Ah, yes. ‘Strip poker’.”

Molly giggled as Sherlock rolled his eyes again at his brother’s thinly veiled attempts to bait him.

“She lied.” The consulting detective tried to cross his arms but realized he wouldn’t be able to hold his towel properly if he did. “She has played the game before.”

“I didn’t lie!” Molly feigned hurt. “You simply said, ‘It’s not terribly complicated. I think you’ll be able to catch on’.”

“And, you suggested the stakes?” Mycroft’s eyes twinkled at Molly with mischief.

Molly smirked and shrugged her shoulders, “I may have made a suggestion or two.”

“For the last time,” Sherlock ground his teeth. “May I, at least, have my coat so that I can go home with a little dignity?”

“You bet the Belstaff?” Mycroft was shocked.

“He really shouldn’t have gone ‘all-in’,” Molly tutted as she retrieved the teapot.

“And pray tell, what were the hands?”

“He went in heavy with pocket aces and pushed all-in on the turn.” Before Sherlock could answer, Molly jumped in surprising him even more than he’d already been.“I had a full house. Eights full of Queens.”

“Your favorite hand, my dear.” Mycroft clapped. “Well done!”

Sherlock’s jaw-dropped, but he couldn’t have predicted the shock that was to come.

“Before I forget- which I often do,” Mycroft pulled out an envelope from his inside jacket pocket. “The swiss account details. Everything is in order.”

“Thank you!” Molly beamed and placed a kiss on Mycroft’s cheek.

“What is going on?” Sherlock demanded. “In one afternoon, I have been hustled and stripped. Am I to believe you two are laundering money to international untraceable accounts as well?!”

“Don’t be silly, Sherlock.” Mycroft sipped his tea. “It’s only a few million pounds.”

Sherlock growled and launched himself at his brother. He grabbed his collar and shook him.

“What have you gotten Molly mixed up in!?”

“Sherlock!” Molly grabbed his arm. “Stop that!”

Mycroft peeled Sherlock’s hand off him and dusted off his collar.

“Her winnings,” he smiled proudly. “They’re her winnings from our weekly poker games though we are on a break for now. She cleared everyone out. I took the liberty of opening an investment account for her.”

“Who else?” Sherlock asked intrigued.

“Anthea, Tom, a few of my other staff. One or two of my employers on occasion. She’s really the best poker player I’ve ever encountered. MI6 could benefit from a person with skills such as hers.”

Sherlock couldn’t believe his ears. He turned and eyed Molly, his sweet, yet spitfired pathologist who was biting her thumb to keep from giggling. He had underestimated her once again. She had bested him and he’d no idea how far the deception ran until now. She’d strung him along and divested every single piece of clothing on his back while making him think it was sheer beginner’s luck.

And, it was the sexiest thing anyone had ever done in his presence. Hands down.

“And that,” Mycroft saw the looks being shared by the only other people in the room. “Is my cue to leave post haste. See you soon, Molly. Sherlock.”

The door clicking shut went unnoticed by both Molly and Sherlock. And, the tea towel lay discarded on the floor where he had dropped it just before he scooped her up and took her to the bedroom to illustrate just how impressed he really was.

Perfect Nightmare (Chapter 1)

TITLE: Perfect Nightmare


AUTHOR: leavetherestunspoken


GENRE: Drama, dark, romance

FIC SUMMARY: Iona moves to London and falls in love with a handsome man called Loki. But she soon finds out he’s not everything he seems to be.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None for now, but future chapters will become dark. 


She wasn’t sure how things ended up this way.

Never in her life did she think she’d be forced into love.

Never did she know she’d encounter The God Of Mischief.

It was her perfect nightmare.


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Perfect Nightmare (Chapter 2)

TITLE: Perfect Nightmare


AUTHOR: leavetherestunspoken


GENRE: Drama, dark, romance

FIC SUMMARY: Iona moves to London and falls in love with a handsome man called Loki. But she soon finds out he’s not everything he seems to be.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None for now, but future chapters will become dark. 



Iona screamed out as she couldn’t see a thing. To Loki’s surprise, and delight, she turned around and grabbed onto him. Her arms tightly around his waist as she buried her face into his chest.

‘It’s alright, darling. Just a power failure or something.’ He smirked as he put his arms around the terrified girl.

'I’m scared. I hate the dark. I hate small spaces as it is.’ Loki could hear the distress and nervousness in her voice. He almost started to feel bad for causing the lift to stop with his magic. But then, the feeling of her soft bare skin under his hands made him think again.

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