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Warm As Wool

Prompt: 13 & 22

“You can borrow mine.”
“You’re warm.”

A/n: I’ve never tried writing for Jonathan or any Stranger Things character before so I’m open to any criticism or feedback you have!

Being good friends with the friendly neighborhood outcast was always an interesting time, even if you weren’t particularly well known in the student body either. Most of that being thanks to the fact that you spent almost all of your free time in the library, and when you weren’t there you could most likely be found at home, painting or tending to your plants.

But it wasn’t that people didn’t like you either, they just didn’t particularly know you very well, but the ones that did were incredibly fond of you. One of them being Steve Harrington. He was the closest you could call a friend among his own group, he was one of the few who didn’t constantly ask you for with history or english homework or if you knew the best possible way to grow roses for an upcoming anniversary.

That being said, Steve still wasn’t your only close friend, the other Jonathan Byers, the infamous outcast mentioned earlier. You’d had known him for over two years and in that time you two got to know and understand one another. He preferred to observe people from angle that was less warped by personal perspective, thus why he was constantly taking pictures, they only showed the truth about people.

And your reasons were a little less poetic. You just would rather spend your time with your books and plants as opposed to the usual pleasantries that was expected of the average teenager. The two of you had a mutual understanding of one another, and thus a friendship was formed.

Though as time passed, the lines  began to blur between companionship and deeper affection for Jonathan, though it wasn’t really a surprise for him. He’d never had someone in his life who understood him so well, apart from his brother but even then there were some things that made it seem you were the only one whom he could talk to of.

However, his shy and more reserved nature made it more of a problem to confront his feelings for you, so he instead preferred to admire from afar and keep it to himself until he had more confirmation about how you felt him.

And while he knew he was more obvious in his fondness for you, as his mother so kindly pointed out one day after you had left his house one day when you had come over as always until your parents would return from work.

“So have you told her yet?” Joyce asked him as she leaned against the kitchen counter.

Jonathan looked from the small pile of polaroids that he had in front of him. “I don’t know what you mean?”

Joyce held back the laugh and strolled over to the dining table and plucking one of the photos from it’s spot before Jonathan could move it away from her. She flipped it over and with a triumphant smiled she showed the photo to him, a candid of you pouring over a History textbook while your reading glasses slowly descended down the bridge of your nose.

“Are you sure about that?” Joyce mused.

Jonathan quickly felt the heat crawl up the back of his neck and it slowly made it’s way to his cheeks as he quickly took the photo from his mother and hiding it away from her. “It was a nice angle.” He mumbled quietly.

Enjoying the newfound embarrassment she was bringing to him. Joyce’s eyes swept across the other photo’s he was trying to hide with his arms. “Really? Is that why you took six of them?” She said with a profound amount of amusement in her tone, only meaning to tease him.

“Please don’t say anything?” He asked helplessly.

Joyce shook her head and crossed her heart. “Not a word.”


“Oh damn.” You said as you scavenged through your bag for your scarf, letting out an annoyed sigh once you realized it wasn’t there. “So much for that.”

“Here.” Jonathan said, taking off his own jacket and placing it on you. “You can borrow mine, I’m not that cold anyways.”

You laughed after he put it on. “No kidding, this is like an oven here.” You said looking over at him with a grin. “You know you’re pretty warm.”

Jonathan smiled and looked down at the gravel. “Yeah, Will tells me the same thing every time I let him wear it too.”

“How is he anyways? Still holding up fine?” You asked him curiously. You had only met Will a few times, anytime you were over at the Byers he was at the Wheeler’s. And during the whole ordeal whenever he was missing you were out of town, and you only received minimal details of what had happened. That being said you were extremely fond of the kid and he looked up to you because of your mutual love for science and art.

Jonathan looked sideways for a second, seeing the genuine look on your face made him feel all warm in his chest. “He’s doing fine, thanks.” He told you, looking up at meeting your eyes for a second before he looked shyly back at the ground. “You know I’ve been meaning to-”


Steve’s voice came calling from the front of the school doors and both you and Jonathan turned to find him coming out of the library doors and jogging up to where you were.

He pulled a bundle of bright red fabric from behind his back and shot you a wide smile. “You almost forgot this.” He said, handing it out for you.

“Oh thank you! I was just gonna get it from the lost and found tomorrow.” You told him, wrapping the scarf around your hands.

Steve shot you a wink and saluted. “Not a problem, I’m always here to help a damsel in distress.”

The two of you shared a laugh before you waved him off, turning to find Jonathan looking pointedly at the ground. “I didn’t know you were with Steve.”

You sighed, knowing the history the two of them had. “He wanted a little extra help with the English assignment and I offered him some help.”


You played with the ends of your scarf for a few seconds before walking up to him and wrapping it around his neck. “Don’t be cross with me, he’s just a friend.”

Jonathan’s eyes fixated themselves on the sudden color around his neck and he smiled. “I’m not mad.” He assured.

“Good! Now come on, I wanna go say hello to your mom.”

“Fine, I’m keeping the scarf though, I think the color suits me better.”

“Only if I can keep the jacket.”


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Came out as bi to my BF a few weeks ago. He was taken back&acted really moody towards me, but today before work he hugged me from behind&said "I'm sorry for being a dick these past few weeks. I didn't know to respond&the way I've been acting is definitely not the right way. I'm happy you shared more about you with me. You're full of surprises, one of the many things I love about you. I want you to know that I love you then, now and always. I just hope you can forgive me." I cried from happiness.

Oh my goodness, this is so pure and wonderful news! I’m so happy for you that your boyfriend turned out to be supportive. This is a great example that sometimes it takes time for people to process the news!

Congratulations ♥️

- Mod Elena 🌻

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Hi Butterfly :) Sorry if this is a bother to you, but since you've been recommending great fics lately, I thought I might ask too. Is there a good story out there about Rhaella and Elia last days together in KL? Perhaps my headcanon is completely false, but I could imagine Rhaella feeling sorry for Elia. Even if things didn't turn out okay for her, she's still the one who got away from Aerys while Elia had to stay under his thumb. I'd be super interested in a fic exploring that tbh

I actually do know of one, and it’s amazing. It’s by @poorshadowspaintedqueens, lareinenore @ AO3, called The Death of Kings. Rhaella isn’t a POV in it, IIRC, but she is a major character in Elia’s chapters. Note triggers, of course, for Aerys and the Sack, and other things. Also, @joannalannister might be able to recommend something for you? She collects such fics for her @pre-gameofthrones blog, and she has a special interest in the Dead Ladies Club. Hope that helps!

A close friend of mine from italy made me this Nigel Plushie! ! ! ! ! AA AA AA AAA A I’m (still) screaming, it looks so good
Second Chances

James Potter was having a horrible horrible night. He hated these stuffy Pure Blood parties. He hated the patronizing way the older wizards spoke to him, as if being a professional Quidditch player were just a passing hobby - a rebellious phase, if you will - and that any day now he’d come to his sense and go into the ministry just as his father had done. Never mind that he was one of the top Chasers in the league, or that he was on record time and time again saying that No, he was not going to be an auror so please stop asking. 

As if dealing with his parents’ deaths hadn’t been enough, it stoked the fire more. If one more distant aunt came up to him and told him that it was time to stop all this nonsense now that he had inherited the Potter fortune he was going to scream.

Downing his third glass of champagne he skirted the edges of the party, looking for a way out. Sirius - his one lifeline at functions like this - had abandoned him to go snog the coat check women, so he had to brave the crowds on his own. He wouldn’t have even come to the stupid event if it hadn’t been for the team’s sponsors. 

It was as he was nearing the doors to the garden that someone snagged him by the sleeve reeling him back in. Plastering a fake smile on his face, he turned around. A petite witch stood before him, looking up gleefully, her dark hair just brushing the shoulders of her lavender dress robes. “James Potter?” She asked, eyes sliding over him. “That’s you, right? Chaser for the Montrose Magpies?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” The witch was pretty, he had to hand her that. Her face was round, and her eyes were green. Not strikingly green - not the way they would’ve been if she was, say, ginger - but pretty all the same. 

She held out a hand for him to shake. “I’m Vanessa Litfield, part time reporter for The Daily Prophet.”

He shook her hand, but said “I’m not doing interviews tonight, sorry.”

“A bit conceited, are we?” She laughed, shaking her head. “I didn't approach you for an interview, Mr. Potter. You just seemed lonely and in need of quality conversation.”

“And you figured you could provide me with that conversation?”

“Well, I am known for being good with my words.” she winked. 

“We’ll see then.” He nabbed two champagne flutes off a passing tray, handing one to her. “Show me what you’ve got.”

Vanessa, it turned out, took that to heart and babbled on for a good hour. James didn’t mind it, though, because it kept other potential conversation partners at bay. He could endure a pretty girl's incessant chatting no problem. In fact, he was coming to find that he quite liked talking with her. She didn’t seem to take anything too seriously, which he found refreshing. 

“Can I see you again, Mr. Potter?” she asked as the party dwindled down. 

He shrugged, pretending to think on it. 

“Are you going to leave a girl hanging?” she laughed, nudging his shoulder. “I need a response quick, my roommate is making her way over to fetch me.”

He decided that he wouldn’t mind spending more time with her. Maybe he’d enjoy it. He’d been in a bit of a dry spell recently, anyway. “I suppose so,” He joked. “Well, alright. Owl me and we’ll set something up.”

“That’s romantic,” she rolled her eyes. “I can see why you’re swarmed with women.”

He opened his mouth to reply - with what, he wasn’t sure, not after he caught sight of the women approaching them. No, it couldn't be, he thought. But it was. 

The willowy red-head reached out, tapping Vanessa on her shoulder. James, too busy taking in the sight of her, missed their exchange. She stood just as she had five years previously at Hogwarts - just as sure, just as beautiful, her hair just as red. Her eyes just as green. Her freckles had faded out for the most part, and her face more angular. She wore a set of deep purple robes, just the right color to offset her pale skin. 

“Are you ready?” she asked Vanessa, her voice just as musical as it had been the last time they spoke. Vanessa looked from the girl beside her, to James, and finally the red-head did as well. Her expression mirrored his, he was almost certain. The surprise, the confusion. It was all there, scrawled across her beautiful features. He was always able to read her so easily, five years didn’t erase that.

He wanted to speak, to greet her, to at least say something. But instead, he just gawked. How could he not?

“Do you two know each other?” Vanessa asked, looking between the two. 

It was her who recovered first, naturally. She shook her head, laughing it off. “Nah, he just looks familiar, is all.”

“Well, he’s a famous chaser. You’ve probably seen him in the Prophet.”

“A famous chaser, huh?” She looked him over in that knowing way that made his insides twist up in knots. “Seems fitting.”

Recovering at last, James extended his hand. “James Potter,” he said. As if she didn’t already know that. As if he didn’t feel kicked in the gut the moment she feigned ignorance. 

"Nice to meet you,” she took his hand, and he saw the slight color stain her cheeks. He felt the heat of her skin radiating through him. “I’m Lily Evans.”

“She works at the Prophet with me.” Vanessa explained. “She’s one of our best columnists.” But James already knew that. He read everything she wrote. 

Lily tugged on her friend’s arm, pulling her towards the door. “We really need to be going, Nessa.”

“All right, don’t get your knickers in a twist.” She let Lily pull her away, only pausing to call over her shoulder. “I’ll owl you for that date, Mr. Potter!”

James only nodded in reply, as he watched Lily Evans walk away from him for the second time.

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Can I request scenario where IwaizumixOikawaxKageyamaxfemale!so decided to visit the beach where their female so who usually dress modestly decided to wear a bikini (she actually just want to make sure she at least look good enough to be the boys girlfriend) but it turn out she attract too many attention from other beachgoers which she didn't even notice ?

Heyo~ Of course! Sorry for the long wait! Btw this poly is slowly becoming one of my top favs lmao Thanks for Requesting -Admin Satori <3

Iwaizumi/Oikawa/Kageyama/FemaleS/O: A Day at the Beach!

“Do we really need to bring both the inflatable volleyball AND an actual volleyball?” You asked as you finished laying down the large towels on the hot sand, immediately sitting down under the umbrella Kageyama had put up just a few minutes ago. You crossed your legs in front of you, pulling the large tshirt over your knees and resting you chin on them while you watched Kageyama go rifling through the bags you’d packed for the beach volleyball.

Kageyama let out a small noise of excitement when he finally pulled it out from underneath all the other items you’d thought to bring, “Of course…. What if Iwaizumi-san wants to throw the actual volleyball at Oikawa-san?” Kageyama asked offhandedly as he took a seat next to you, putting the little nozzle of the inflatable volleyball in between his lips and blowing.

You couldn’t help but laugh at how red his face was getting and how flat the volleyball still was, “Tobio, you need to bite down on it and then blow.” You pointed out, laughing some more when he then turned his back to you so you didn’t see his embarrassed blush.

“Yaho~! Don’t start the party without us~!” “You’re being too loud, shittykawa.”

Looking away from Kageyama’s back, you smiled widely and waved at them, “Hey Hajime, Tooru!” You greeted as they set their own stuff down.

Oikawa pouted, “Why do you always greet Iwa-chan before me, ____-chan?” He whined, ducking just in time as Iwaizumi went to slap the back of his head, “So mean~!” He smiled at Iwaizumi before taking the, now inflated, volleyball from Kageyama and walking backwards, “Come on! Let’s go scout out a net!”

Kageyama sat there dumbfounded for a few seconds before frowning, “Oikawa-san! You need to close the nozzle!” He yelled as he quickly, and in jerky movements, got up to his feet and took off after his former senpai.

You stood up and shooed Iwaizumi to go after them, “Please make sure they don’t kill themselves or each other.” You smiled, and he couldn’t help but lean down and press a kiss to your forehead before taking off at a leisurely jog after the other two. You let out a sigh as you watched your three boyfriends make their way towards an empty beach volleyball net, “Well…. Now or never, I guess…” You whispered to yourself before tugging your large shirt over your head and folding it neatly into one of the bags. Being the girlfriend of three amazing, equal parts super hot and adorable, boyfriends had always made you want to dress modestly so that you didn’t draw attention away from them; they deserved all the attention, as far as you were concerned. But recently, you’ve had a surge of confidence spring up in your heart, and you decided you wanted to be noticed just as much as they were; You were part of this relationship, too, weren’t you?

So you’d gone out with Yachi and Shimizu for a swim suit that would both flatter your form as well as blow the minds of your boyfriends. What you’d come out of the store with would surely give them all nosebleeds. Taking a deep breath, you looked down at your body, feeling your cheeks warm a bit at how different this attire was from what you normally wore, but also nodding to yourself. You were ready.

Not but a few yards away from where you’d taken off your large shirt were you approached by two overly confident and overly hormonal teenage boys, “Hey, sweetheart. You know my friend and I have been watching you all day. What do you say we get out of here and go get some ice cream or something?” His smile was anything but charming, and the way his eyes raked over your newly bared skin made your skin crawl in disgust. His friend was the silent type of creep, standing in your peripheral while he checked out your back and bottom with less than pure intentions brewing in his eyes.

You gulped and shook your head, taking a step to the side to try to move around him, “No thank you… I’m expected to be somewhere in a few minutes…. Sorry.” You bowed slightly before walking around them, but they weren’t having that. You internally sighed, deciding that you should have expected this to happen, as the talkative creep reached out and grabbed your wrist, “Please let me go.” You stated firmly, tugging your wrist in his grip, sending a glare at him.

“Aw, come on, baby… Don’t be like that. Let me put a smile on your face.” He cooed as he tried to pull you closer to him.


The guy let go of your wrist and whirled towards whoever threw an actual volleyball at the back of his head. His silent friend, too, had been distracted by whoever threw the volleyball, and you were quickly pulled to be behind someone else. Ignoring what the two weirdos were yelling at and about, you blinked to bring yourself to the present and let out a sigh of relief, “Tobio.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his middle and pressing your face into his back, holding onto his hands when he placed them on top of yours on his belly.

“I believe the young lady told you to let her go.” Oikawa smirked at the two perverts, towering over them with Iwaizumi at his shoulder.

“Who are you, her dad?” The main creep fired back at Oikawa, snickering with his friend before tilting his head, “Come on, Mikey, let’s get out of here. Beautiful, we’re leaving, let’s go.” The guy said in a firm voice as he turned to grab at your wrist but was only met with Kageyama’s intimidating stare. They both gulped and quickly took off without another word, one of them actually looking back in case Iwaizumi decided to throw another volleyball at their retreating heads.

Oikawa let out a deep sigh before walking over to you and Kageyama, “Are you alright, ____-chan?”

You nodded before pulling away from Kageyama, smiling at the three of them, “I’m okay.” You assured before scratching the back of your head, “I guess I should have done the big reveal before the three of you ran off, huh?” You laughed quietly, feeling your face heat up when you saw their eyes practically zero in on what you were wearing. Laughter bubbled inside you as you watched each of their faces redden with their own blushes before they quickly averted their gaze to not ogle you so blatantly, “What do you guys think? Too much?” You giggled.

Kageyama looked like he was about to faint, but he nodded quickly, “You look…. Amazing, ____-san.” He coughed out, his voice increasing in volume as it usually did when he was flustered.

Nodding quickly, Oikawa reached out and pulled you into his arms, his hands flattening against your bare back, “You look so cute, ____-chan~!” He cooed as he leaned down and nuzzled his nose with yours, trying to hide the fact that you were seriously doing a number to how hard he could blush. You giggled reaching up and cupping his cheeks, but gasping when you were torn out of Oikawa’s arms and over the shoulder of Iwaizumi, who turned on his heel and started towards the closest beach changing room. “Iwa-chan! Wait! Now’s not the place for that!” Oikawa called.

“Iwaizumi-san!” Kageyama called, surprised by his senior’s sudden actions.

You pushed up on the small of Iwaizumi’s back, giggling when you saw the looks of shock and disbelief on Oikawa and Kageyama’s faces, “I take it that you really like my bathing suit, Hajime?” You tilted your head to get a look at the side of his face, laughing quietly when his cheeks darkened and his eyes glanced over at you, “Awww, Hajime, you’re so cute when you blush.” You teased.

“You’re really cute when you’re moaning my name.” He fired back easily, smirking when he could practically see steam coming from your ears as your face took on the color of a fire engine.

You decided from then on that you should definitely step out of your comfort zone more often.

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A few weeks ago me & my best friend went skinny dipping in a river by a park then went & got my bf we went to another park & he walked me down through the tress & when I turned around to snap at him he shoved me against a tree & started making out with me he had my hands above my head with one hand & was squeezing my ass in the other I got my hands free & pulled his hat off & he spanked me & said that's not a good idea baby now apologize to daddy & didn't stop spanking till I said sorry daddy😩

The mage wandered around a small forest. He did not know what exactly had drawn him here, but he had a lingering thought that there was something important here.

There was slight magical residue floating around. Remnants from necromancy perhaps? A skeleton lying nearby confirmed this. It’s knees had been shattered, but the impact was not done with a traditional weapon. A battle between mages perhaps? 

His attention was captured by a sword stuck to a tree. It was stuck to the hilt. It was clearly made with magic, no ordinary smith could forge a blade as perfect this. He continued his way through the forest, when a sudden headache came to him. The Demon had done something here. A vision of immense pain flashed through his mind. The Demon had pierced someones soul here.

Once the pain was gone, he continued to search the area. After some time he sensed a slight magical aura. Perhaps it was one of the mages who fought here? The mage turned in to ash and flew to the source of the aura.

A young woman was on a walk through the forest. Without knowing why, he formed himself again few meters in front of her. “Greetings traveler. Might i ask you a few questions?” He asked.