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blood infections | jacksonville, FL | 3.24.15

Kool-aid Vase Incident | 17.08.17
  • Someone in chat: Talk about the vase thing.
  • Dan: Yeah, Phil what the hell is up with your kool-aid vase incident?
  • Phil: Right, let me explain...
  • Dan: Have you explained this?
  • Phil: NO! It was a...
  • Dan: Seriously, what is wrong with this guy? Explain it.
  • Phil: The kool-aid it said...
  • Dan: No, go back. Context.
  • Phil: In my video...
  • Dan: Which video?
  • Phil: My Sleepless Night With Phil...
  • Dan: This is why I interrupt Phil.
  • Phil: Yeah.
  • Dan: He leaves out... look, I let him start things 'cause I'm nice like that but if he just goes "the kool-aid went in this!" It's like look... they don't know what you're...
  • Phil: Let's rewind, sit by the fire, open the book and tell you a tale about the glass of the vase. Basically, in my Sleepless Night With Phil video, I was making kool-aid and the kool-aid said to prepare it in a large drink receptacle, so I thought what's large? None of these glasses, I'm going to use this massive glass.
  • Dan: It's... it wasn't a glass! It was a flower vase.
  • Phil: It was in the cupboard with all the glasses!
  • Dan: Was it?
  • Phil: Yes!
  • Dan: Why?
  • Phil: I don't know! I didn't put it there.
  • Dan: Didn't you?
  • Phil: I just thought it was a massive glass but it turns out it is a flower vase but it makes a really good drink. Do you know when you have a massive mug for a big hot chocolate if you're having one of those nights? You know?
  • Dan: *hesitant* Yeah... *laughs*
  • Phil: Yeah, well if you're going to have an eight hour session on the laptop, just pour one drink into a vase and you don't have to get up again.
  • Dan: I guess? Sure.
  • Phil: Just make sure it's got no flower bits in it.
  • Dan: But there are big drinks receptacles that are like cylinders...
  • Phil: There can be like three pints in that!
  • Dan: Wouldn't you like cut your lip on it because it's not what it's supposed to be?
  • Phil: No, just think outside of the box, Dan. That's what you need to do.

Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly. Win because you don’t know how to lose. This king’s ruled long enough—it’s time to tear his castle down.

All For The Game series by Nora Sakavic


The girls’ messages to one another


A comic based on this translation (x) by @bobaaddict who translates a lot of skits from the Osomatsu san mobile game Tabimatsu. I really enjoy reading them. This one is the very first one they translated it always stuck in the back of my mind because of how cute Jyushimatsu and Osomatsu are in the middle and I’ve always wanted to do a comic about it.


Damian Wayne + Tropes.

The Atoner: The Atoner is an evil character who has realized the error of his ways, possibly wants to make amends, and has decided that they will do so via heroic deeds. Simple imprisonment won’t do, because it does nothing to make recompense for what he’s done wrong. Besides, he still has all these amazing skills and resources from the Bad Old Days—wouldn’t it be better to use them for good?

Child Solider: They depend on us to defend them, but we’re forcing them to defend us. Sometimes they have a talent to help them get through the war, which unfortunately may be the reason they were drafted to begin with. While the notion of innocent childhood dates to the early modern era, even the ancients felt fairly queasy about the idea - and with good reason: warfare screws with kids’ heads, and they’re rarely good for much else afterwards. 

Dark and Troubled Past: This is a stock Backstory for a character. Much like a Mysterious Past, except more tragic and troubled. Don’t expect it to be revealed all at once, or sometimes at all. It usually gets revealed in small doses through a Troubled Backstory Flashback as the story progresses; possibly in a Flashback Nightmare where a happy memory transforms into a slaughter. 

Enfant Terrible: The Enfant Terrible is an adorable child. An angel, one might say, with a cherubic face. One just wants to pick them up and hug them. But they’re dangerous. An Enfant Terrible knows people think they’re cute, and will use that to their advantage. When one person finds out, said hero usually has a hard time convincing others, who will turn on them for even suggesting such a thing.

Child Prodigy: A young genius - in their pre-teen year. Any genius below 12 is eligible for the title of a Child Prodigy. Sometimes ignored or discriminated by those who consider them Just a Kid. In a setting with mostly older cast, a Child Prodigy Grade Skipper might be introduced to appeal to a newer demographics.

Pint-Sized Powerhouse: When a small person is accosted by a larger opponent, most people expect the latter to win, but in fiction, the smaller a combatant, the more ass they can kick!

Day 3: Sweets - Lilanette

If there was one thing Lila Rossi loved, it was chocolate. Especially when it was baked into something yummy. Luckily, if there was one thing Marinette Dupain-Cheng loved to do besides fashion, it was baking. Given the school year was coming to a close, Marinette felt some homemade chocolate turnovers were in order, and her friends more than agreed. When the group gathered at their usual spot during break, she doesn’t expect their lunch to be any different than usual, that is, until she notices Lila alone on a park bench.

A pang of guilt hid the little baker. Lila had had things rough at the school ever since she got akumatised, and Marinette felt terribly guilty for the whole ordeal. She wanted to make things right between her and their Italian newcomer, but could never find the words to say.

“You good girl?” Alya snaps Marinette out of her trance. “Why are you staring at Rossi?”

“I just feel bad about the whole Volpina thing,” Marinette shrugs.

“That wasn’t your fault, Marinette, Ladybug just got defensive,” Adrien gives her a reassuring smile.

“Yeah…” Marinette glances at the box of pastries in the middle of their table, dropping the topic.

Soon enough, their allotted lunch hour was over. As the group packed their things, Marinette stayed back to pack the leftover turnovers safely in the delivery box they had arrived in. Everything was smooth sailing until,

“Oof!” The cardboard crumples against her chest as she turns around and runs right into another person. When Marinette looks up, she sees Lila Rossi, pastry flakes and chocolate crumbs dotting her shirt, a blush covering her cheeks.

“Woah! Sorry!” Lila exclaims.

“It’s alright, squished doesn’t mean inedible,” Mari gives a small smile.

“What are they?”

“Homemade chocolate turnovers,” Marinette flips the box lid open. “Want one?”

“Are you sure?” Lila bites her lip, trying as hard as she can to resist the warm treats. “I mean you made them for your friends.”

“Who says you and I can’t be friends?”

Lila stares at the raven haired girl, waiting for it to be a joke. When she’s sure it’s not, she pulls a pastry from the pile and takes a bite.

“Wow!” The young Italian practically yells. “Did you make these yourself? They’re so good!”

“I had a little help from my parents,” Marinette chuckles. “Thank you though.”

“No thank you for this,” Lila says and promptly shoves the rest of the turnover into her mouth.

Both girls pause as they realize what just happened, and then bust out laughing. When they settle back down, both can feel heat rising to their cheeks again.

“W- we should get going,” Marinette says. “You can come sit with us if you want.”

“Thank you,” Lila can feel the blush move to her ears.”

“And of course,” Marinette breaks the last turnover in half, handing a piece to Lila. “You’re always welcome in the bakery for all the pastries you like.”

Lila felt her heart do a turnover as she walked back to class with Marinette, and from that day on she had a new favourite dessert.

Damn this boy is so prettyyyyy…….. I need more of him next season

Warm As Wool

Prompt: 13 & 22

“You can borrow mine.”
“You’re warm.”

A/n: I’ve never tried writing for Jonathan or any Stranger Things character before so I’m open to any criticism or feedback you have!

Being good friends with the friendly neighborhood outcast was always an interesting time, even if you weren’t particularly well known in the student body either. Most of that being thanks to the fact that you spent almost all of your free time in the library, and when you weren’t there you could most likely be found at home, painting or tending to your plants.

But it wasn’t that people didn’t like you either, they just didn’t particularly know you very well, but the ones that did were incredibly fond of you. One of them being Steve Harrington. He was the closest you could call a friend among his own group, he was one of the few who didn’t constantly ask you for with history or english homework or if you knew the best possible way to grow roses for an upcoming anniversary.

That being said, Steve still wasn’t your only close friend, the other Jonathan Byers, the infamous outcast mentioned earlier. You’d had known him for over two years and in that time you two got to know and understand one another. He preferred to observe people from angle that was less warped by personal perspective, thus why he was constantly taking pictures, they only showed the truth about people.

And your reasons were a little less poetic. You just would rather spend your time with your books and plants as opposed to the usual pleasantries that was expected of the average teenager. The two of you had a mutual understanding of one another, and thus a friendship was formed.

Though as time passed, the lines  began to blur between companionship and deeper affection for Jonathan, though it wasn’t really a surprise for him. He’d never had someone in his life who understood him so well, apart from his brother but even then there were some things that made it seem you were the only one whom he could talk to of.

However, his shy and more reserved nature made it more of a problem to confront his feelings for you, so he instead preferred to admire from afar and keep it to himself until he had more confirmation about how you felt him.

And while he knew he was more obvious in his fondness for you, as his mother so kindly pointed out one day after you had left his house one day when you had come over as always until your parents would return from work.

“So have you told her yet?” Joyce asked him as she leaned against the kitchen counter.

Jonathan looked from the small pile of polaroids that he had in front of him. “I don’t know what you mean?”

Joyce held back the laugh and strolled over to the dining table and plucking one of the photos from it’s spot before Jonathan could move it away from her. She flipped it over and with a triumphant smiled she showed the photo to him, a candid of you pouring over a History textbook while your reading glasses slowly descended down the bridge of your nose.

“Are you sure about that?” Joyce mused.

Jonathan quickly felt the heat crawl up the back of his neck and it slowly made it’s way to his cheeks as he quickly took the photo from his mother and hiding it away from her. “It was a nice angle.” He mumbled quietly.

Enjoying the newfound embarrassment she was bringing to him. Joyce’s eyes swept across the other photo’s he was trying to hide with his arms. “Really? Is that why you took six of them?” She said with a profound amount of amusement in her tone, only meaning to tease him.

“Please don’t say anything?” He asked helplessly.

Joyce shook her head and crossed her heart. “Not a word.”


“Oh damn.” You said as you scavenged through your bag for your scarf, letting out an annoyed sigh once you realized it wasn’t there. “So much for that.”

“Here.” Jonathan said, taking off his own jacket and placing it on you. “You can borrow mine, I’m not that cold anyways.”

You laughed after he put it on. “No kidding, this is like an oven here.” You said looking over at him with a grin. “You know you’re pretty warm.”

Jonathan smiled and looked down at the gravel. “Yeah, Will tells me the same thing every time I let him wear it too.”

“How is he anyways? Still holding up fine?” You asked him curiously. You had only met Will a few times, anytime you were over at the Byers he was at the Wheeler’s. And during the whole ordeal whenever he was missing you were out of town, and you only received minimal details of what had happened. That being said you were extremely fond of the kid and he looked up to you because of your mutual love for science and art.

Jonathan looked sideways for a second, seeing the genuine look on your face made him feel all warm in his chest. “He’s doing fine, thanks.” He told you, looking up at meeting your eyes for a second before he looked shyly back at the ground. “You know I’ve been meaning to-”


Steve’s voice came calling from the front of the school doors and both you and Jonathan turned to find him coming out of the library doors and jogging up to where you were.

He pulled a bundle of bright red fabric from behind his back and shot you a wide smile. “You almost forgot this.” He said, handing it out for you.

“Oh thank you! I was just gonna get it from the lost and found tomorrow.” You told him, wrapping the scarf around your hands.

Steve shot you a wink and saluted. “Not a problem, I’m always here to help a damsel in distress.”

The two of you shared a laugh before you waved him off, turning to find Jonathan looking pointedly at the ground. “I didn’t know you were with Steve.”

You sighed, knowing the history the two of them had. “He wanted a little extra help with the English assignment and I offered him some help.”


You played with the ends of your scarf for a few seconds before walking up to him and wrapping it around his neck. “Don’t be cross with me, he’s just a friend.”

Jonathan’s eyes fixated themselves on the sudden color around his neck and he smiled. “I’m not mad.” He assured.

“Good! Now come on, I wanna go say hello to your mom.”

“Fine, I’m keeping the scarf though, I think the color suits me better.”

“Only if I can keep the jacket.”


the signs as iconic stydia lines
  • Aries: "I didn't say it back."
  • Aquarius: "Sometime's theres other things you wouldn't think would be a good combination end up turning out to be a perfect combination."
  • Cancer: "It needs to be someone with a strong connection to you; A kind of emotional tether."
  • Capricorn: "I think I loved him."
  • Gemini: "You're the one who always figures it out."
  • Leo: "When I kissed you, you held your breath."
  • Libra: "I think you look really beautiful when you cry."
  • Pisces: "Remember I love you."
  • Sagittarius: "You came back."
  • Scorpio: "If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind."
  • Taurus: "You've been right every time something like this has happened, so don't start doubting yourself now."
  • Virgo: "When I kissed him, that's when it all changed."
  • Taehyung: What did Jungkook mean, "you'd make a cute couple"?
  • Namjoon: Well, I assume he meant that the two of you together would constitute a couple that others might consider cute.
  • Taehyung: If Jungkook didn't know that Yoongi had already turned me down, then that would unambiguously mean that he, Jungkook, thought I should ask he, Yoongi, out, indicating that he, Jungkook, had no interest in me asking him, Jungkook, out; but because he did know that I had asked Yoongi out, and that he, Yoongi, had turned me down, then he, Jungkook, could be offering me consolation - "That's too bad, you would have made a cute couple..." - while thinking, "good, Taehyung remains available."
  • Namjoon: You're a lucky man, Taehyung.
  • Taehyung: How so?
  • Namjoon: You're talking to one of the three men in the country capable of following that train of thought.
  • Taehyung: Well, what do you think?
  • Namjoon: I said I could follow it, I didn't say I cared.

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