this one could've been better

F: Dont go (to the jungle)
MK: He (JB) was supposed to go together
F: but why isnt he going?
MK: cuz of promotion

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sehun being cute and sweaty for the lovely @sehuntiful​, I hope your exam went well!

Last night I had this strange OFF dream where everything was slightly different… the guardians weren’t the usual ones, they were softer looking, and I think the zones were remakes?

But what I remember most clearly was this other Batter who was some ambiguous-gendered successor even more unstoppable and bloodthirsty than the first one. The Batter I saw appeared identical to the original, except this one wore all white, a short skirt, and was referred to with she/it pronouns:

She took out zone 1, no one knew how to destroy her, and she was very hard to distract, so zone 2′s guardian was desperately trying to figure out how to stop her somehow– then I got woke up, and it looked like the guardian may have been on to something… but you know how things usually go with zone guardians and Batters.

Happy new year guys!! Sorry i couldn’t come up with anything cooler cuz i’ve been quite busy lately preparing for my new semester ;w; so here’s a quick lil thing i made!

I just want to thank you guys for an amazing year! 2016 was a wonderful year for me on tumblr, nothing rlly big happens but at least i managed to talk with a few artists that i admire //w// and reaching the 1k milestone was awesome too

However, as for 2017, it might be the busiest year for me, so i may not be able to post as frequently as i could, but i hope u guys would still stick along with me until the very end <3

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(I don't know if you take asks like this, if not sorry) do you have any jastavian Headcanons you could share?

Ahh I would’ve answered this sooner but I had to do my homework and algebra kills but yeah I do lots of fluff because I live for Tavi being happy

  • Their first ‘date’ is Jason asking Octavian out for coffee and breakfast one morning
  • Since he never clearly stated it was a date, the whole time Octavian was like ???!!?! Is this a date?!?! Does he actually like me???!!?
  • They go on ‘dates’ like that a lot. Restaurants, arcades, that one really strange play that neither of them really understood what it was about
  • Their first kiss was after a game of capture the flag
  • Octavian led their team and they ended up winning
  • Excited about their victory Octavian runs up to Jason and is like “I did it!!! I won!!!”
  • And Jason kisses him and is like “Yeah!! You did!!”
  • Just imagine how much they both were blushing when they realized that majority of the two camps were watching
  • They’re both hopelessly in love it’s ridiculous
  • One time when Reyna and Octavian were talking Jason walked past and Tavi just stared at him because that’s his boyfriend!! Whom he loves
  • When they’re not busy doing camp stuff they spend majority of their time cuddling
  • They watch a lot of movies because Octavian never had much of a childhood and he enjoys watching them
  • Also because Jase just can’t believe??? Octavian’s never seen a mcu movie??? And barely any Disney movies???? What does he mean he’s never watched The Never Ending Story??
  • Octavian dances and sings a lot when he’s alone what a fucking cutie
  • Jason walked in on this once and Octavian was so embarrassed but he thought it was the cutest thing which it is
  • They go to restaurants to eat a lot because neither of them can do anything but bake
  • Neck!!! Kisses!!!
  • Octavian has paranoia and insomnia and when he can’t sleep Jason stays up to talk with and comfort him
  • Their house is very neat and organized like I even bet their clothes are sorted by color
  • Except for stuffed animals which are everywhere especially on their bed because Octavian, unlike most think, actually really likes them
  • His favourite one is an eagle plushie that Jason got him for his birthday when they were kids named Skylar
  • They both love it when it rains because they get to cuddle together and talk with the sound of thunder and the scent of petrichor
  • Like I’ve said before I just find this adorable Octavian steals Jason’s clothes and Jase is just in awe of how cute his boyfriend is
  • They have an annual tradition during the holidays to get peppermint hot chocolate that this one coffee shop and stroll around New Rome looking at the lights
  • Octavian wears cardigans a lot and that’s why Jason is as pan as he is
  • Jason is really supportive of Octavian and tries his best to help him cope with all the problems he has because I doubt his backstory is a happy one

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"Dont touch me, I don't require affection from anyone." Yoonmin please💞

Yoongi wasn’t as untouchable as he seemed - Often taking criticism a little too personally, and always bottling it up as to not bother the people around him. A constant weight on his shoulders, some could say. He wanted to work harder, be better, show that he was a skilled producer who could create art himself instead of falling into the stereotyped laziness of a hip hop idol. 

“They always say they write their own stuff,” He’d grumble during dinner after Namjoon would ask why he hadn’t slept the night before, “But they always manage to finish their shit in one night. Kinda strange, don’t you think?” 

His train of thoughts wouldn’t make any sense, jumping from objective criticism to subjective complaining, which Jimin put down to the lack of sleep. Four night in a row the singer had heard his Hyung tip toeing down the hall of their dorm at five in the morning - Jimin and Jungkook would rise early to go to the gym, but recently Jungkook had been feeling slightly queasy, so due to the company’s instructions he was to calm down the training for a few days. Yoongi, however, would collapse into his bed as the sun welcomed the new day, and would only force himself back into the waking word minutes before they were all to leave for their schedule. 

It was a never ending cycle which had Jimin feeling second hand fatigue from simply watching. Comments as fanmeets would linger through the weeks, and remarks online would burn themselves into his thoughts. Of course none of it was malicious, but it was the kindness behind the words that stung the most.

“Yoongi Oppa ~ When are you going to release your mixtape?”

“Suga-sshi! I bet whatever you release will be amazing!”

“Wasn’t he supposed to release the mixtape around the time Rap Mon released his?”

“I wonder what happened?”

“Because he’s taking so long the songs are probably going to be such good quality omg!”

“Namjoon’s mixtape is going to be hard to live up to ~~ maybe he shouldn’t have announced it so early XD” 

Even Jimin noticed the almost constant pulling down of his lips, the furrowing of the brows, the drooping of his bloodshot eyes. Yoongi was a perfectionist, and the mixtape’s creation was hard to watch. That’s why the singer chose to rise at two in the morning, sneaking around to get dressed as to not wake anyone before leaving for the studio. Of course Yoongi would be there, as he always was, scarf wrapped securly around his neck with hooded eyes as the glow of his computer screen being the only source of light in the room - the didn’t do much in terms of light, but acted more as an air freshener as the room had little ventilation. 

“Hyung?” With a knock on the door, Jimin found himself entering before he was offered a greeting. “What are you doing here so early?” 

Despite his new-found company, Yoongi didn’t turn from the mixer program he was fiddling with. Instead, with a tone so dull it took Jimin by surprise, he answered with a simple, “I should be asking you the same question.”

On the screen read Track 2, which had Jimin’s heart sinking to his stomach as, a month prior, Yoongi had announced he’d completed the first four tracks and was determined to leave them as they were. Obviously, that was no longer the case. “How long have you been here for?” Yoongi didn’t answer immediately, and so Jimin sat himself down on a couch they had against the far wall. Usually it was Jungkook or Hoseok sat beside him, with Namjoon in a chair beside Yoongi - Now, however, it was just the two of them with a haze of lethargy weighing suffocatingly heavy upon them. “Hyung?”

“Not long.” A blatant lie, and both of them knew it. “Go back to the dorm, Jimin,” Finally, the man turned away from his work to face the younger. The shadows under his eyes and the dull tone of his skin was noticeable even from where Jimin sat. “Get some sleep, it’s going to be busy tomorrow. Do you want me to pay for a cab back?”

“No,” Instead, the singer rose and approached the rapper, who watched him with mild irritation beginning to seep into his aura. “I’m not going to leave if you’re not coming with me. You need your sleep too, Hyung.” He rested a soft hand on Yoongi’s shoulder, and it took a few seconds before the man shrugged it off, clicking his tongue as he did before showing his back to the other - getting back to work. 

“Don’t touch me,” He grumbled, his hand on the mouse as he begun to tweak beats and adjust sound levels. “I don’t need your affection, Jimin.”

It didn’t sting as much as Yoongi had intended it to, but instead gave Jimin further incentive to remain. Perhaps it was the fear of his health, or the nervousness of Yoongi finding his way home whilst lacking a dangerous amount of rest, whatever it was, it pinned Jimin to the couch, offering to bring him food and liquids - whatever that could keep his body functioning, as, no doubt, Yoongi had been relying on coffee during these all nighters. 

“Why do you do it?” It was a question Yoongi had asked out of the blue one morning, which had Jimin’s eyes raise from the magazine he was reading. “Why do you come every morning and bring me a sandwich?” Wheeling away from the computer, Yoongi spun to face the younger straight on. His complexion had brightened over the past few days, and his eyelids no longer hung dangerously low, which proved to Jimin that he was right, and that Yoongi truly hadn’t been taking care of himself throughout the long nights. “Why do you come at all?”

“You work yourself too hard,” Lowering the magazine slightly, Jimin’s pulling up of the lips could be see clearly from across the room - gaze fixed on the rapper. “Somebody has to take care of you, because we both know you won’t do it yourself.”

You know what pisses me thE FUCK off??

Remember that scene at the end of 3.06 where we get a close-up shot of Ben’s face, who’s watching the Washingtons dancing with Peggy and Arnold, with that ominous score in the background, and it looked like he was beginning to realize that something was amiss with Arnold? 

Yeah, that scene?

Pointless. Completely and utterly useless.

Because Ben doesn’t realize anything. We end the episode thinking “oooooh shiiiit, Tallboy’s onto Arnold!”, but in the very next episode it’s like it never happened, because it’s never brought up again! Ben never goes “hmmm, I noticed something odd about Arnold and his fiancee. I can’t really put my finger on it yet, but something wasn’t quite right”. No! Instead he spends the entire episode man-paining over his one night stand (who was disgustingly badly handled. RIP Sarah Livingston, you deserved so, so much better). 

My point is, TURN, you had this wonderful opportunity to create some drama within Ben’s character by having Ben trying to figure out what exactly was wrong with the Arnolds, his conflicting emotions over being suspicious of a man that he admired but being unable to shake off the feeling that something wasn’t right, and, idk, his hesitance in running his suspicions past Washington, who, in his mind, probably wouldn’t believe him. Instead you fridged his supposed love interest in a shockingly awful and clumsy scene which did nothing for neither the plot nor any of the characters, for the sole purpose of having Ben man-paining over her dead body, because as we all know, angst = character growth.

Honestly, I think that that sums up Ben’s character throughout the entirety of S3: lots of wonderful potential utterly squandered by forced angsty hetero bullshit under the mistaken belief that would equal character development. 

Sure, Hamlin was really just playing the role of the scapegoat, but he did agree to keeping Jimmy from getting a job he worked hard for, moved Kim to a crappy office for losing a stubborn client, and copyrighted a color as “Hamlindigo Blue”. I’m not saying he’s evil, but I just don’t exactly think of him as a sweetheart either.


This is the best thing I have read in a long, long time. [x]