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Hey your art is so cool! I love your p5 ask blog and the way you represent characters so much and I want to know about it as much as you let And your "screentone" colouring is freaking awesome! Have a nice day, sweetie ✨✨🌼

IM AAAAAAAh this came out of nowhere Q____Q I am truly honoured you think so! My little mandrake heart can’t take this Q____Q Aaaaaah Thanks Im really iffy with my whole ask blog as its my first time doing one and Im glad to see you guys Liking the way I portray akira! it eases my nerves a bit Q u Q

AN NO YOU ANON you have a nice day you have a lovely wonderful my dearest! You and the rest of my followers are the true awesome peeps Q u Q Im just a small mandrake behind a screen drawing away

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hi!!! i just wanted to let u know tysm for that post on spirit companions, i had no idea they were a Thing and i thought i was kind of alone on that. my companion is v friendly (helps me in the kitchen sometimes, makes sures i dont burn whatevers in the oven) and i would love to get to know them more and find out their interests. do u have any advice on how to do this? i would try ouiji boards bc im v new to this&they r so common but idk if they r safe. if u dont know i understand but ty anyway!

oh my!!!!! i didn’t really think that someone would feel like this about a post i made (though i’m not sure which one exactly) but i am very flattered that you came to me and took your time to send an ask… i am also glad that it helped you in a way!!! how very nice of you to tell me about it anon!!

as for advice on getting to know your companion(s) better, it’s just like getting to know a person better..! i think! they all have different personalities and differing ways of communication. personally, i have never used an ouija board but they’re not “dangerous” as movies make them seem… ouija boards, like tarot cards and pendulums, are tools that can help you communicate with spirits of all kinds (out of the many things they can do)!! i personally know someone who used an ouija board and it turned out perfectly fine

things to keep in mind when using these tools:

  • make sure you specify who you want to talk to! very specifically so you dont end up inviting some bored spirit around your home or neighborhood… you can do this by speaking (verbally/in your mind) and sort of reach out to your companion’s energy to invite them for a talk
  • this can get very tiring!!!! don’t push yourself too hard and make sure to take breaks
  • discernment between whether it was your companion or you who answered/moved the tool is pretty important! i don’t know how to elaborate this shortly, but it will feel pretty different if a spirit was the one who gave you an answer (if any of my followers have some links and resources for discernment feel free to reblog this and attach them!)
  • most spirits aren’t strong enough to manifest and move your hands/tools distinctly, so keep that in mind if you plan to use an ouija board
  • these tools have spirits of their own. well!! at least to me… not everyone believes this, but each tool have their distinct personalities and it’s best you bond with them too! by asking them questions, using them regularly and talking to them, you’ll get to know them better (make sure to be respectful cuz when tools don’t like you, it becomes harder to ask them to be a medium for communication… sometimes they even screw answers up on purpose if they’re really that angry)

generally, i recommend tarot cards because it’s the easiest to use, less making answers up, versatile and comprehensive enough that you can even ask elaborate questions! most spirits are OK with them too. good for beginners who plan to delve deeper into divination and good for more experienced people, tarot cards are great

when you are ready to, in a sense, take a step further… i do recommend trying out astral travel and communicating with them telepathically. i’m sure you can find resources around this blog (maybe OTL) and some other blogs!!

i hope this helped and i’m sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for, anon!! best of luck (and some afterthoughts under the cut)

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