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I Lost It (Part 1 of 3)

Summary: We follow Bucky as he describes the three times in his life where he has ‘lost it’ with you. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader (from Bucky’s POV)

Warnings: bumbling Bucky, none for this part, fluff?… idk reader beware

Word Count: 1,000ish

A/N: So, instead of quitting, I’m gonna to post instead. This is tiny, little, mini-series to dip my toes back into the water. I’d LOVE to get some feedback and be re-inspired to create once again. Gonna try to finish the next two parts in the next day or so. 

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I must’ve missed the ignition ten times from how bad my hands were trembling. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. It was time. I just couldn’t have her as my girlfriend anymore. So, dinner was planned —somewhere very public— a handkerchief folded neatly in my pocket, and every move I made felt surreal. The last five years had flown by.

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Fic I'm Not Writing

Rogue One OT3 - White Collar AU.

FBI White Collar Agent Cassian Andor is living the good life. He’s madly in love with his husband, event planner and all around brilliant human being Bodhi Rook. He’s doing work he cares about, and he’s damn good at it.

So good, that when convicted bond forger and suspected everything else forger Jyn Erso breaks out of prison, as the only person that’s ever caught her, he’s called in to track her down.

She’s as sharp and brilliant as ever, still her own best tool and worst enemy. Cassian thrills in the chase, catches her, they engage in their customary flirting, sends her back to prison. But he blinks for a second and somehow she talks her way into becoming his CI.

Cassian would be lying if he said he never thought about Jyn’s clever hands and clever tongue in rather more…nonprofessional settings. But thinking is all there ever was, and all there ever will be. Cassian follows the rules and he’s chosen where his heart’s home is.

Unfortunately for Cassian, one morning he walks downstairs and finds Jyn and Bodhi grinning together at something over a table. Bodhi looks up and his smile at Cassian is positively knowing. And that right there, well, that’s when Cassian realizes that Bodhi might be working from a slightly different rulebook than he is. And if he knows his CI (which, he does) and his husband (oh, he does), he is in a great deal of trouble.

Swipe Right for Trickster

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Gabriel x Reader
Family!Sam and Dean Winchester x Reader
Words: 1892

Drabble Gabriel uses his powers to hi-jack your Tinder/dating app when you ignore him. If you’re not used to these kind of apps swiping Left = No and Right = Yes.

I honestly have no idea where this idea came from but it wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it.

As a Winchester having a sex life wasn’t too hard, if you asked your twin brother Sam the hardest part was keeping them alive afterwards. If you ever teased him about it he’d put your phone and books as high as he could get them and remind you mercilessly that he was five minutes and twenty-nine seconds older.
Dean never had any issues attracting someone to keep him entertained for a while and you’d always turned heads in the towns you visited but you were slightly more choosey than your oldest brother. You could hear Gabriel laughing down the hallway in the bunker and rolled your eyes. If it wasn’t for Gabriel you wouldn’t have your current problem. Before Lucifer ‘killed’ him, the pair of you had been, what you could only describe as, heading towards a relationship. There had been a lot for you to get over, him repeatedly killing Dean and Sam holding onto his hatred of the Archangel were to name just a few of your hurdles.

It had started, as most situations involving Winchester’s do, with alcohol. You’d stormed out to the nearest bar after a raging argument with your brothers, they knew that you were just as strong as them and just as intelligent as your twin but they still tried to keep you out of hunts after all these years. Maybe it was the fact that it was a particularly hard hunt or that you’d not slept in two days but you finally snapped and called them out on their ridiculous sexist bullshit.
They had taught you how to hunt after all and your Dad had never had an issue with it, he was often secretly proud of your capabilities but John Winchester had never been the type to dish out compliments.
So that’s how you ended up at the bar and on your third double vodka when Gabriel realised that it actually was you. He didn’t come over, he watched you all night until you got so drunk that you couldn’t speak, though you still managed to break a creep’s nose, and he dropped you back safely at the hotel room you were at and you woke up with no memory of seeing him.

It was a routine that continued across the country while your family hunted, the toll of finding out they were going to be Vessel’s made your brothers hard to be around, going out for a drink gave you time to reset. Each time you got to varying states of drunk, most of the time you had very amusing conversations with Gabriel, once he even took you to TV land, and then he’d take you back to where you were staying and you’d have no recollection of ever seeing him.
Eventually Gabriel got bored of you not understanding your own inside drunk jokes when you and your brothers saw him sober so he used his grace to get you to remember all of the times he’d taken you home drunk.
It solidified a bond of instant trust that only your drunk self knew existed.

Gabriel came to hang out with you more and more and eventually you settled into a ‘Friends with Benefits’ situation which was working wonderfully, he even ramped up his flirting with you in front of your brothers.
He asked you out on an honest real date the morning before Lucifer killed him.

It had taken you so long to get through the grieving process, you had had to deal with everything that happened with your brothers and Adam and the final showdown. Each and every hunt or drink you had pushed down the sadness further. Eventually you got your brothers and Castiel back, they tried not to be too angry about your lying to them but Dean especially couldn’t control his hatred for the Archangel when he had to comfort his crying baby sister.

But it was Sam who got the first punch when Gabriel came back, he’d knocked on the bunker door and when Dean and Sam opened he greeted them with a bright smile and was greeted in return with Sam’s fist to his jaw.
Your brother’s didn’t let him stay as a show of solidarity with you but you told them simply that  you didn’t care what he did and that’s when Gabriel had realised how bad he’d fucked up.

You could accept him having to fake his death but you’d hidden your whole relationship, surely he should have trusted you to have hidden the truth?
It had been a few weeks now and you’d still not spoken or acknowledged him, not one utterance or glance thrown his way. Even Sam and Dean had warmed to the point of being indifferent to him. He’d done everything to get your attention and if anything it had hardened your heart further to his advances.

So now that you were sat on your bed on Tinder, swiping left to every guy whose face came up, you ignored the knock on the door. You ignored when they knocked again.
After a moment the door opened and Gabriel popped his head in and grinned, “Hey we’re going to have a Dr Sexy marathon, you in?”
You shook your head.

Gabriel sighed and stepped further into the room, he looked at you with a sadness you didn’t think possible on his usual happy features, “Are you ever going to speak to me again?”
With a sigh you sat up a bit straighter and threw your phone a bit so that it landed face up on the bed. Gabriel’s eyes followed it and this time he didn’t wait to see if you would speak to him.
“Are you serious?” Gabriel snapped at you, his eyes glowing with anger.
Finally, after all this time you spoke to him and he didn’t like it, “Gabriel you get no say in my life anymore. Get out my room.”

He did leave and slammed the door shut. He stormed into the TV room, his eyes glowing and evil thoughts about how best to destroy your phone storming through his head.
“You can’t have expected her to forgive you Gabriel.” Castiel chimed in his opinion and the Archangel gave him a horrible glare for his troubles, the sneaky mind reading fledgling.
“What’s this?” Sam asked and Dean just looked annoyed at more delays stopping his program.
“Your sister is on a dating app looking for guys!” Gabriel snapped and threw his hands up childishly.
They both pulled a face not waiting to hear about their sister’s sex life.

“Can’t see why she’s not falling all over you when you’ve just turned into a whiny bitch.” Dean grumbled and flicked the remote for Dr Sexy to play, the symbol for all conversation to stop. Gabriel dropped himself down on the couch with his arms crossed, he hated to admit it but Dean had a point, you fell hard for Gabriel when he was just being himself and making you laugh. All this whining and apologising was not doing him any favours.

With an evil smirk he used his grace to start his cunning plan.


After Gabriel’s little tantrum you’d considered ignoring your app for a while but you refused to let the angel upset you anymore, not after you had taken this long to accept everything that had happened.

You continued to swipe life through your options until one grin stopped you.


You narrowed your eyes at your phone screen and clicked on the profile, it said simply:
Gabriel – only on here to get Y/N Winchester’s attention. Text me.

You rolled your eyes and swiped his profile left to cancel him only for another picture of him to show up. You swiped left through that for another Gabriel to show up. You growled to yourself and quickly swiped left through all of them only to find more and more Gabriel’s appearing.
But you didn’t close the app, through your anger you felt something that you hadn’t in a long time – amusement.
He’d set up some of his profiles to have one word on them so that when you swiped to them it spelt out little sentences like: You – were – a – lot – easier – to –deal – with – drunk.
If – Sam – is – really – your – twin – why – are – you – so - small?
And finally,
I – literally – have – nothing – better – to – do – than - this.

You couldn’t stop the grin on your face even if you wanted to; this is what you missed about Gabriel. Your messed up, sugar craving Archangel who always made you smile and for a moment let you forget your massively fucked up life.
Another Gabriel picture popped up, this time he wasn’t doing a silly pose or dressed in a weird costume but it was a picture you remembered him taking. It was the both of you lay in bed with the covers pulled up to hide your modesty, both of you were smiling up at the camera, he had it saved as his phone screensaver ever since and one more than one occasion had left his phone out hoping your brothers would see before they knew that you two were an item.

You opened up the profile and read it: Swipe right for your Trickster, you know you want too ;)

You shook your head laughing and swiped the profile right.

The flutter of feathers behind you was almost instant and Gabriel whined from behind you, “Awwhh, I had loads more pictures ready.”
“And I’m sure you’ll still show them to me.” You joked as you turned to face him but swore loudly and almost jumped back off of the bed when you found that him right next to you on the bed.
“Fucking hell Gabe.” You swore at him as he laughed and caught your arms to keep you on the bed. When you were steady he didn’t release you, he just sat holding you too him and you realised it was first physical contact that you’d have since he’d come back ‘from the dead’.
“You’re such a softie.” You teased and he playfully pinched the back of your arm but he didn’t release you but simply pulled you both so that you were lay down on the bed with your head rested on his chest.
You lay that way for a long time.

Being cuddled back up to him again, after all this time made your stomach flip, you pushed your face into his chest and tried to hold back the sob in your throat. His hands gently brushed through your hair in an attempt to calm you.
“I missed you.” You admitted and cured how upset you sounded. He didn’t comment on your sudden change in mood, it had taken time but he understood now just how much you’d had to go through alone after he was ‘killed’.
He continued to play with your hair and rub you back as he mumbled, “I’m here now.”

As always any feedback is appreciated <3 

My question is whether or not Pidge is wearing Matts glasses. I mean sure, maybe he couldn’t wear them in his space suit but maybe he wore them inside the space ship? Which means this could go two ways.

- Pidge got glasses that happened to look similar to Matts

- Matt wore contacts in space but back home he has a drawer, or better yet, room stocked with extra pairs of glasses in case they break and Pidge indeed is wearing one of these.

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the black widow scene in Avengers 1 is my enemy. ok so not to sound, wait for it, misogynistic, suddenly natasha is this super spy that can con a millennia old god of TRICKS. and that scene was so vague, like when did he spill his plan, WHEN? look at loki again, he's like secrets? bitch where? (he calls nat a c*nt too, my god, although loki has proved to be a class a misogynist what with hating on his bro's women).

EXACTLY, when exactly did he spill his plan? WHAT plan? (”bitch where” lololol “I’m just here to fuck with your heads can’t you even see that”).

Wait, is he or is he not a misogynist? Mewling quim was bad yeah, was it in character though? 

And since I’m a Thorki shipper I just attribute Loki’s hate on Thor’s women to pure sexual jealousy. ^__^  (sorry, had to sneak in some Thorki in it).

“Well maybe, when I’ve finished you and you’ve finished me I’ll pay her a visit myself and get rid of the mewling quim once and for all because you’re mine, Thor, MINE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SAYING HERE???”

And oh it’s not Natasha’s fault if the writing in that scene was super crap. 

First of all… Loki takes a few steps back, sits down and says “Tell me”. So… what, he turned Sigmund  Freud on her all of a sudden? And Natasha is SO ready to open up to him, even SITS DOWN. Why.. why… is she opening her heart to him just like that, you think Loki can’t see it’s a trick? He’s in a cell! She’s outside! Was Joss Whedon trying to pull a Hannibal/Clarice on them in that scene? Didn’t work. 

Ok she is seemingly trying to bargain for Hawkeye’s sanity. 

Then he just… attacks her verbally out of nowhere, just out of contempt for her. Ok. So he was just listening to her to use her words against her later. Like a true sadist, ok. And then he goes full-on Hannibal Lecter. Then he says “No I won’t let Hawkeye off the hook, I’ll watch him kill you, HA, didn’t see that coming, did ya?” And then she PRETENDS she’s butthurt calling him a monster. 

Poor Loki, he.. he just says “Nooooo you brought the monster”  and then SUDDENLY and completely out of nowhere she jumps to the conclusion that Loki let them capture him so as to let… the Hulk loose on them. My brain breaks. Shit, that must have been one HELL  of a plan from the TRICKSTER god, don’t you think? Ok he wanted to use his manipulative powers, divide and conquer and everything, that’s why he just.. sat on that mountain waiting patiently for Thor and Iron Man to stop fighting and come to put him back in chains but… “Banner”? Wut? 
No wonder Loki is wtf’ed and says “Wut?…” too.

I mean…. wut?

aka: it’ll last longer

So you guys remember how I said I was taking a break from this?

I lasted one day.

One day.

And then my brain came up with this and like four other things.

I swear, I can’t even.

Okay, with that out of the way, on with the cuddle-fic. Because worried!Jessica is where I come alive, apparently.

This is like…I don’t even know, man. They’ve been together-together for a while. A few months, maybe. Context is Matt got himself beat up, and Jessica’s twitchy. 

It happens one (technically) morning, at the unholy hour of 3:00am. Which is really no surprise. 3:00am is, after all, where Jessica Jones lives, even though she’s been trying to be better about the whole ‘regular hours’ thing. 

She pauses in the doorway of her bedroom. The moonlight is streaking across the room, casting his body in a faint glow. His hair is fluffed from the Daredevil cowl, and his face, normally so animated and expressive, is peaceful.

Before she can pause to talk herself out of it, she raises the camera, focusses the lens, and clicks. 

The shutter sound is enough to wake him, and he stirs, wincing as he rolls onto his side, a frown taking up his forehead. Left rib is still bothering him, then, despite the meditation session.

“Didn’t know I was subject to one of your cases, Jones,” he rasps.

She smirks, setting the camera down. “The case of your dumbassery is still pending.” 

He snorts, patting the space beside him, on her side of the bed. She goes willingly, settling into the space beside him. It’s a spring night, the kind where the chill settles in fast, and once there, it’s there to stay. That’s what she tells herself, as she burrows closer into his hold, nestling her head against his collarbone.

It definitely has nothing to do with the thought that’s been nagging her all evening, the sensation of panic that climbs up her throat whenever she thinks of the massive bruise she had discovered on that rib of his. 

She hears him sigh, feels him bend a little to plant a kiss on her forehead. The kind that had frightened her, in the early days of their relationship. Gestures of affection, given without reason, just because he could

“You’ll tell me what it is when you’re ready. Right?” he asks, eyes remarkably close to her line-of-sight. 

She swallows, because. Well. Fuck if that doesn’t blow through all of her pretexts and justifications, because it’s Matt, who challenges her without ever stepping across her toes, the gentlest smile on his face when she has seen that same face twisted in unadulterated pleasure in giving no-holds-barred beat-downs. Who sees her, and calls her out, and somehow, inexplicably, loves her, even if he doesn’t say it in as many words. 

“Stay,” she blurts out, because she can’t lose him again. She can’t lose anyone she loves, not again, but not him. It had been hard enough the first time, but now, she thinks that losing him would rip part of her out, never to be replaced, like losing part of her soul. 

He chuckles, the sound low and rasping. “‘m not going anywhere just yet. I do need some sleep.”

She shakes her head, because he doesn’t get it, and he has to get it. “No. Not the night. Stay.” 

His lips part a little, as the implications sink in, as he fits together the pieces of the puzzle, and then his arm is around her waist, tugging her to him even tighter. His free hand wraps around hers, and he is settling her fingers on his jugular, so she can feel the steady thudding of his heart beneath them. 

“I’m not going anywhere,” he repeats, more firmly, and she closes her eyes, absorbing the feel of his skin against her cheek, the ba-bum of his heartbeat, and his smell of Old Spice.

She’s too old and cynical for lullabies, but Matt’s heartbeat has a soporific affect anyway.

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What do your parents think of your passion for languages and the fact that you know so many? Have you even been in a real life situation where your knowledge has come in handy? Do you think you have a talent/facility for languages, and has this manifested since you were little?

My dad doesn’t even know my favourite colour so i doubt he knows how many languages i know. However, when i tried to learn Korean 4 years ago, he told to the entire neighbourhood that i learn Korean! Even people across the street that i have no idea who they are stopped and asked me how my Korean studies are. So i assume he’s proud, especially when i asked him to come with me and take my Cambridge certificate. (now i assume this because after we went at my grandma and all the officers who worked that day at the east-nord border between Romania and Rep. Moldova had to listen to my dad showing off that i passed the CAE exam). And my mom is also proud somehow but her favourite line is “you’ll go insane with so many languages, didn’t your brain break already?”.

One of my mom’s friends came from Italy with her family and her husband couldn’t speak Romanian. However, he was very interested in my person because i was trying to talk to him in French and some broken Italian. So that was pretty handy because if it wasn’t for him, my dinner would have been boring. (Also, after 1 hour of broken Italian and French, he told me he knows English so we kept talking in English after). Pretty handy skills if you ask me. That and when my dad can’t understand something at the computer and i have to be a translator.

I was one of the worst students until 8th grade when it came to languages. I said once when i was 5 that i want to master Chinese and i picked up some Russian words without realizing when i was around 6 but my “talent” for languages stopped there. Now i can learn faster and it’s easier but mostly because i learned how to learned and i learned how my mind works. I also have a passion for languages now and that helps me a lot when i want to study because i don’t feel like i have tasks to do, i quite enjoy spending hours with grammar and vocabulary. After a while it’s quite relaxing. ^^

Into The Criminal Mind (Part 1)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Trigger Warnings: Language, vague descriptions of violence

Word Count: 2110

A/N: This was written for Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge aka @thing-you-do-with-that-thing . My topic was Criminal Minds a shared favorite TV show of ours. This is only part 1 of a series, so trust me when I saw there is more planned. Well, in my head anyway. I still need to write it out on paper but there is a plot coming. Also, I made up the creature in the beginning. I couldn’t find a real myth that fitted what I wanted so I made one up. What are you gonna do? Sue me lol. Hope y’all enjoy.

Summary: You and the guys are in danger. The reason for it, you’re not exactly sure. Cas comes to warn you and transports you to another dimension. However, this dimension doesn’t have monsters, but it does have a serial killer on the loose. With Sam missing and you and Dean in FBI mode, you help the BAU track down this killer. When you become a target and Sammy’s whereabouts connected to the killer, what will Dean do to save the love of his life and protect his brother? Will Cas make it back to get you in time?

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Behind The Story - Pt. 14

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Discover their journey to parent hood and marriage as they go.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2K

Warnings: Implied Smut.


A/N: Another NerdHQ part, hope y’all like this one.



“I have a friend too,” Jensen mumbled, “She-”

As soon the audience heard the pronoun, everyone started to scream and cheer. You laughed at Jensen’s own way to announce you. Currently standing backstage of NerdHQ with Misha and Shay who’s your new assistant.

“She’s a friend but she’s more than a friend, y’ know?” Jensen said.

“Who is she?” Zach asked rolling away with it.

You looked at the screen projecting Jared, Jensen and Zach on stage.

Jensen smiled and spoke a weird Italian accent, “She’s ma’ babe.”

In that moment the door sliding wide open revealing you to the audience. You strolled in, smiling and waving at the everybody. Jensen, Jared and Zach stood up from their seats to greet you. After hugging Zach and Jared, you hugged and kissed Jensen quickly on the lips, then sat down next to him.

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How to crosspost!

Scene breaks! The bane of every fanfiction author ever, especially when crossposting on multiple sites! How to make sure you only have to add in the scene breaks on ONE site?

My perfectionist brain won’t let me post my stories without using the sites own scene breaks, but I post on Tumblr, AND AO3, so it was taking way too much time. So I got out there and tried all kinds of things out- and now I can add the scene breaks in on only one medium and get it out there on the others too! Tutorial time!

So how did I do it?

It all starts with Tumblr!

Step One: Tumblr

First, open up your Text post.

Copy and past your story from your document to the post. As you can see below, I first need to take out the scene break I use in the word document.

Once it’s gone, add a horizontal line (I did a tutorial on how to do that here). The scene break is hard to see here, but don’t worry- once you post it, it will be perfectly visible.

Now, onto! I want to post the same chapter there! 

Open up on another tab. Go to ‘’Doc Manager’’ and scroll down to ‘’Create new document’’

Click on ‘’Copy-N-Paste’’.

Go back to the tab with your Tumblr post and copy your writing.

Go to the tab and paste it into the text box. 

Click on ‘’Submit Document’’.

You can find it in your document manager now!

And if you click on it, you can see the scene break is still there!

You can post it now! 

WARNING: While this method DOES retain the scene break and the italics, any words you made bold won’t be bold anymore in the doc and will have to be made bold again before posting. 


How do you do this on The method is different from the one for!

Open up an AO3 tab next to your Tumblr tab. Either post a new work or add a new chapter like I did in the example below. 

Go to ‘’Chapter text’’.

Go back to the tab with your Tumblr post and click on the little gear in the upper right corner. Then select ‘‘Text Editor’‘.

You will see three options. Select ‘’HTML’’.

This is your screen now. 

Copy your writing.

Now go to the AO3 tab, make sure you’re in the ‘’HTML’’ box, then paste. 

Now click on ‘’Rich Text’’.

And tada! The scene break is still there!

Unlike, all text options (italics, bold, strikethrough and even links!) are still there when you copy to AO3!

WARNING: If you have finished putting your Tumblr post together, CLICK ON ‘’SAVE DRAFT’’ BEFORE GOING TO ‘’HTML’’! Sometimes going to HMTL messes up your Tumblr lay-out when you go back to ‘’’Rich text’’ on your post (the AO3 version will still be fine). So if you ‘’save draft’’ first, then go to drafts, open the post, go to ‘’HTML’’ and copy it, you can then click on ‘’close draft’’ WITHOUT saving it again. If this isn’t clear enough, I can make a post on this too.

TIP: If you want to link to something in your author’s note, but writing HTML code is too bothersome, do it on Tumblr with the handy link options! You can then go to the HTML version of the post and copy the link in HMTL to your author’s note on AO3!

Happy crossposting! 

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19 :)

19. any new fics to start next year
The four fic ideas I’m currently kicking around are:

1) Yet. Another. Fix-It. Because apparently bittersweet fix-its are my particular thing. Week after week I keep on trying to fix Bughead (I Leave This At Your Ear, Shake the Yoke, Romeo and Juliet are Dead, The High Place Phenomenon) and then the next episode undoes all my work.

But—surprise, surprise—I have a vague idea for another one that involves Jughead and Betty getting back together too easily and too soon, which explores how their unresolved issues and loss of trust would play out. But first I need to get my Bughead inspiration back, which has been battered by canon lately.

2) A dark, sprawling Veronica Mars/Riverdale AU. This one is @theatreofexpression‘s fault. And by fault I mean brilliance.

3) The Rogue One/Bughead AU that simultaneously works in such interesting ways and breaks my brain. I’d hoped an edit would be enough to exorcise the idea, but this plot bunny appears to be sticking around.

4) And a few more moments in my If You Can Make It Here universe of the core 4 moving to NYC after high school, which is happy escapist fluff with no redeeming value whatsoever and I’m really okay with that right now.

End of Year Fanfic Asks - ask away!