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Yes, you heard me right - you actually can beat procrastination by procrastinating. I’ve tried it (and that’s what I’m doing right now) and I can assure you that it actually works! 

So if you’re like me, you would try to put off your task because you’re simply lazy, or sometimes it’s just anxiety taking control. You know you need to study, write that essay but you just can’t, just because. I experience short to long periods of slump at least once in a day, which renders me unable to anything productive at all. 

For such times, I prepare what I call my “Productive Procrastination” list. 

See, even if I want to do something, I know I won’t so I don’t even bother with the pep talk and all that stuff. What I do instead is, take the list in my hand and go over it. Now my list contains tasks that I wouldn’t normally do or basically just put off. 

Every Sunday I’ll sit down with my fancy paper and note down all things that I should do, but I’m likely to not. My list looks like this :

◼ Sort your clothes
◼ Do the laundry
◼ Organise your desk
◼ Get rid of digital clutter

And then there’s another list for when I’m the epitome of lazy. It goes something like this :

◼ Water the plants
◼ Drink water
◼ Hug mom and tell her you love her
◼ Charge your phone/laptop/tablet
◼ Pick out clothes to wear the next day
◼ Grab a light snack 
◼ Post something on Tumblr
◼ Call your best friend 
◼ Wear perfume/lotion/something that smells good
◼ Listen to (podcasts /speech /songs) in target language (French for me) 

Normally I find something that I can do (the hug your loved one thing always works), which makes me lift my ass and do something. Also, note that most of the things I’ve listed are pretty boring, which is why when I’m doing them I’ll want to do something interesting. 

Which, in fact, pushes me to do the task I had been putting off initially. Even if I does not, I end up doing something. 

It’s alright to just do nothing at times, but if you’re like me, you’ll make this a habit. Therefore, although breaks are always welcome and appreciated, I tend to avoid them. I finished the essay? Time to make some notes. Made them already? Take some pictures and upload them! 

I find keeping myself occupied easier than doing nothing - even though it should be the other way round. So go ahead, make your own productive procrastination list and get started! 

Comic start!

been a while since last update, exams are a fuck. but my exams finally end late june, so if all goes well, i can hopefully offically post my comic some time in july! (pprobably late july)

i’ve got the first few chapters sketched out, just need to line and colour them! i’m getting a tablet for my birthday a couple days before my exams end so the colouring will start then!

i’m also hoping to get a scanner too and will probably end up buying a small one with birthday money (thank you elderly relatives). late june/early july i’m moving house, but after that i have no responsibilities so im reallly looking forward to doing this in my down time. 

(probably will open comissions around that time bc its gonna be very hard, probably even near impossible to get a job smewhere where i dont speak the main language)

i’ve got a most of the story planned and a lot of it scripted out. i’m v v exited. 

sneak peek of the page im working on:


I don’t always do gift exchanges, but when I do, I go way the hell overboard.

This is gift request for #31 is for disizletzi. Thank you for your awesome request, which caught my eye immediately. Road trips? Yes please. I sort of put some of your prompts and likes into a blender. I hope you like what came out.

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