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Tell Me

Summary: Sam has this habit of distracting you every time he comes to visit. Working out more, forgetting to wear a shirt, you know the drill. But what happens when he finds a way to distract you when you’re in class as well?

Word Count: 5187 (got a little carried away. Not sorry at all)

Warnings: Implied smut. Sam Fucking Winchester (let’s be honest here, he is a warning all in himself)

A/N: @dancing-the-hellfire-rumba​‘s fic Sexy Bastard is the fic that started this whole thing. Seriously, as soon as I read her summary “Sam is a fucking tease, okay?” I knew that I was done for. I’ve been working on this for an entire week because it just had to be done. Also, perfect timing! Happy Birthday Sam Winchester, you tease!

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“How about that homework last night?” Jonathan asked, sliding into his normal seat beside you.

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Nelly groaned, turning in her chair to talk to you two. “Lil and I worked on it for six hours and we still don’t know if we did it right.”

“Right?” You agreed emphatically, getting war flashbacks to your battles with the case study and your excel spreadsheet. “I swear, we haven’t even learned half of the stuff it was asking us to do.”

Rhetta pushed her chair closer and you fought to hold back your eye-roll. Here comes her self-righteous, better-than-you speech. “Actually, we learned about the regression analysis last week, and it was just a hop, skip, and a jump to answering question five from there.”

How about you just hop, skip, and jump away from us?

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Sarcastic functions (For fun)


Dominant Si: You throw a temper tantrum when the rest of the group votes to replace the mushrooms with black olives on the pizza

Auxiliary Si: You’re feeling “edgy” this weekend, so you’re gonna try homemade tartar instead of going to Applebee’s

Tertiary Si: You probably have your favorite childhood cartoon character tattooed somewhere on your body

Inferior Si: You only changed religions twice during college, that’s surprisingly conservative of you

Dominant Se: Everything you do has to result in you saying “Whoooooaaaaaaa!!!”

Auxiliary Se: This is needlessly dangerous, so of course you’re first in line to try it

Tertiary Se: Put on that Armani/Versace because you’re gong grocery shopping

Inferior Se: I guess you owe it to yourself to have sex this year

Dominant Ni: Life is overrated, deconstructing the fabric of existence is where it’s at

Auxiliary Ni: During the the Lewinsky scandal in the late 90’s, you jokingly said “Hillary will get back at him by becoming president herself one day”

Tertiary Ni: You just now, out of nowhere, decided to knock down every wall in your apartment so you can have a yourself a kickass loft

Inferior Ni: You woke up this morning deciding you want to become president in the near future. As you Googled “What is the difference between Democrats and Republicans?”, you got sidetracked by a hookup on Tinder

Dominant Ne: You just gave a friend a two hour monologue on the history of Imperial Japan because they asked you if they should buy a Toyota

Auxiliary Ne: You’ve never made it to season 3 of anything

Tertiary Ne: You can can assess where your friends and family are going with their lives…..through astrology of course. And you just can’t resist an on-line quiz that tells you about your personality based on your eye color

Inferior Ne: Screw it! You’re gonna wear that fedora non-ironically. You only live once, after all

Dominant Fi: If there was such a thing as “the chosen one” in real life, you’re totally convinced it would be you

Auxiliary Fi: You display the same burning passion as historical civil rights defenders do…..when someone insults a TV show you like

Tertiary Fi: You appointed yourself as the “This is wrong” police at your workplace

Inferior Fi: You once shook your head in disapproval and said “What’s this world coming to…..?” when watching the news. That was the weakest 7 seconds of your life

Dominant Fe: You call up bathroom tissue companies to ask if you can adopt the baby and puppy that were featured in their last commercial

Auxiliary Fe: You wanted people to like and share your opinions if they agreed, way before Facebook ever came along

Tertiary Fe: You’ve mastered the art of making people believe you are the love of their life in order to get them in bed for a one night stand

Inferior Fe:  You DO apologize sometimes. Like, “I’m sorry that you’re such a *insert insult*

Dominant Ti: You have absolutely no qualms about murdering someone who annoys you, except for the whole “possible jail time” thing

Auxiliary Ti: If it gets you exactly what you want, even cheating is fair game

Tertiary Ti: You actually have an idea or two as to why your “check engine” light just appeared, before you hand it over to the mechanic

Inferior Ti: You legitimately have a 100%, purely scientific explanation as to why Sharon is being a bitch right now

Dominant Te: The world is a giant Tetris game for you and you’re the line piece

Auxiliary Te: 90% of the people you know can’t do anything right. The other 10% can, but they are obnoxious as hell about it

Tertiary Te: Every now and then you realize that doing something about it is 100% more effective than complaining about it

Inferior Te: You took out the trash this morning, now you’ll spend countless sleepless nights wondering if you gave yourself up to conformity

im-not-a-crack-pot  asked:

Can I get JonDami wedding fluff with Dick crying in the background because HIS LITTLE BOY IS GETTING MARRIED Bonus: Bruce is also crying and Clark and Alfred tease him about it.

There you go :D It turned out more batfamily centric rather than damijon centric, but the fluff and the tears all are there!

Read on AO3

The door opens with a violent swing, and Alfred looks up only to blink at the tall man all dressed in white who strides towards him immediately afterwards.

“Master Damian?”, he calls out, surprise in his voice. “Not that I don’t appreciate your company, but should you not be somewhere else right now? On an altar, maybe?”

“I should, yes”, Damian admits with a frown, then he sighs and promptly plops down on the floor next to his grandfather’s wheelchair. The old butler smiles.

“Ah, is this a case of what they call cold feet then?”, he teases.

Damian only acknowledges the sarcasm with a huff and leans down to rests his head on Alfred’s leg.

“My feet are adequately warm, Alfred”, he retorts. “And no, I’m not having second thoughts on my marriage, only on the guests list.”

“Is your mother here?”, Alfred asks after a moment of consideration, running his fingers through the kid’s hair - because despite how old and tall he got, that’s how Alfred will always consider him, how he will always consider all of them, for that matter.

“Yes”, Damian sighs. “But Jason’s dealing with her - whatever his idea of dealing with her means, I really don’t want to know - so she’s not the problem right now.”

“Who is it, then?”

“Grayson, of course!”, Damian cries out, throwing his hands in the air. “I knew it was a bad idea to invite him. He was born only to embarrass me.”

“Or you were born only to be embarrassed by him”, Alfred offers with a smile. “Nevertheless, getting married without your best man would be a tricky affair, so I don’t see how you could not invite him.”

“In retrospect, I should have really planned it better”, Damian sighs, rubbing his forehead against Alfred’s knee. “And it’s all your fault anyway, for convincing me to do this thing here at the manor. I wanted to elope, as you may remember.”

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anonymous asked:

Is it okay to cosplay original characters?

Hello there!

OF COURSE it is! 

There’s a bit of unfortunate stigma against original characters, and before you begin you should keep in mind that you’ll be less likely to get recognition at a con, especially if the OC isn’t part of an established franchise and/or doesn’t have a super eye-catching design, simply because people won’t know what it is. That’s something you’ll have to decide if it is personally worth it to you to dedicate resources to this costume.

That said, the stigma against OCs is completely unfounded. The fact that people even have to ask the question of whether it is okay to cosplay them makes me sad, since people should feel free to cosplay what they like without worrying about if it’s ~cringe~ or not. Who cares if someone kinds it “cringey” or not. We’re all nerds in costume. If you’re the type who enjoys coming up with your own characters and designs and flexing your creativity in that way, do it. It can be really empowering to be able to say “I came up with this thing from start to finish and now look, I actually made it in real life,” if that’s the type of creative work you enjoy doing. Don’t let anyone stop you or tell you that it’s not ~real cosplay~ (whatever that even means) or that it’s lazy or that your ideas and your creativity are somehow wrong. 

Want to cosplay the most Mary Sue self-insert overdesigned costume OC you can come up with (or did when you were 12)? Go for it. Want to cosplay an OC with fairly normal-looking clothing that no one will recognize, but it makes you happy? Do it. Want to cosplay an OC that’s entirely an excuse to make particular costume elements? Don’t let anyone stop you. Want to cosplay a character you like from a media work you are hoping to publish? Go get yourself that publicity! Want to cosplay fanmade characters from existing series, even if it’s somewhat passe (like a Homestuck fantroll)? If it’s something you like, why wouldn’t you? Cosplay all of the OCs you want and don’t listen to any haters. 

And really…Ren faires? LARP? Certain forms of historical reenactment? These are largely OCs, just under a different name. It shouldn’t matter if you’re doing your original concept for a 14th century English noblewoman at a faire or if you’re doing your original concept for a sparkly magical girl at an anime con, and it’s unfortunate that one of these things is often seen as an “acceptable” form of costuming and one isn’t. It’s a false distinction.

Cosplay is a hobby, and it’s about enjoying yourself. If it’s something you enjoy doing and you aren’t harming anyone, there’s no right or wrong way to do it.  

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

this request actually comes from evie over at @ihearthemcallingxx who needed a little help filling all of the requests she was getting and she asked me to fill a couple for her. this one came from iv over at @stylessemantics, so here it is! thank you to both evie who let me do this one and to iv for requesting and i hope you don’t mind that i filled this instead of evie *insert eye emoji* and adding on to that i changed the prompt a little oops ?????

request: “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” ((kinda))

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Free! vs Yuri!!! on Ice (or why Free! is so much better)

I’ve seen a lot of  people comparing Free! with Yuri!!! On ice so I’m just sharing my two cents.

This is entirely my opinion. It will be biased. I don’t need anyone to agree with me. I know most people will get offended.

Also, this will be really long. Like really, really long. So if you’re good with that…

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So we all remember this scene yes?

So I was listening to my psychology lecture today (and it turns out that YOUR PUPILS ARE ACTUALLY JUST HOLES IN YOUR EYES), anyway and it turns out that the inside of your eyeball is this fluid, jelly-like stuff but otherwise its pretty hollow (except for some wirey nervy stuff) soooooo

Inuyasha’s Eye (I guess his human one to be exact):

I came up with this. Because the legendary Inu no Taisho is a goddamn science nerd in his free time, he somehow managed to insert a lil pearl in his baby son’s eye (somehow without Izayoi noticing, I imagine) before many of the nerves in there are formed and therefore …

That is why Inuyasha went momentarily blind in one eye when Sesshomaru removed the pearl with his lightning-fast fingers, because his nerves probably grew around the pearl when as he got older.

I dunno, it just interested me and its all speculation really, not facts.

But also while I was googling images for this I found this amazing piece of trash:

and that made my rainy, cold day 10x happier (plus I got a starbucks coffee)

I dunno guys. Maybe I should make an InuyashaScienceBlog

Maji Kyun Hoshi Fes Live - 2017/05/13 - Day 1 Report

*Do NOT repost*

I can’t do a full report because I’m too busy, sorry! ><,
But here are the most of the things that happened (it’s still long lol)

  • They all wore their character uniforms!
  • Shoutan did his hair like this for Monet!
  • Seeing Umechan in the uniform made me think that him and Teika really look alike XD
  • They showed the main parts of each character’s episode in the anime before their solos started
  • They never sang their second solo songs, or the coupling OP and ED songs.
  • Umechan sang 2 songs since he’s the only one with an insert song
  • Umechan was still a little awkward when performing XD
  • Onoyuu was so cute and cheerful! He came close, waving to us a lot!
  • Shoutan was at my side most of the time ^^
  • They had all the kirakira effects shown on the screen a lot
  • They all danced during their solos, apart from Umechan since his songs are ballads
  • I was super close to the stage so I could see that they had TVs on the stage which actually showed the next set list, corners and even the lyrics of the songs!
  • The casts all got along together so well and they seemed really close

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Fallen Angel part 1

Summary: Chuck decided that it was time to make one last angel, one who wasn’t exactly an angel but was more powerful then an archangel.

Paring: father! Chuck x reader, brothers! & sisters! Angels x reader, babysitting Brother! Cas x baby! Reader

A/n: this story idea actually came to when when I was on YouTube listening to music. Always feedback is always welcomed to anyone if you like it, feel free to like it. Wanna request something for this series message or go to my ask box and I shall add it.

Fandom: Supernatural for now but later on will be a cross over with the Avengers.

Chuck stood inside of a room walking while bouncing a (h/c) haired baby girl in his arms, her eyes were closed but each of them were a beautiful (dark/light) shade of (e/c).

A knock was sounded on the door and Chuck turned around making sure to carefully hold the baby in his right arm while he used his left one to open up the door. Outside the door stood Michael who had took a glance at the child in his father’s arm, but hadn’t said anything about her.

“Father, everyone is waiting outside for you.” Michael says, nodding his head Chuck excused himself back into the room and placed the baby down in the (f/c) crib, which stood in the middle of the room.

Michael stepped back as his father exited out of the room closing the door gently, but leaving it cracked a bit just incase something where to happen like her waking up or crying out for a bottle.

Both men made their way throughout the house and towards the front door, upon leaving the house both men could see a crowd of all of the angels standing outside all awaiting their father’s command.

Michael left his father’s side and stood alongside his brothers, each and everyone who lived in heaven was their even those who weren’t welcome no more such as Lucifer and Castiel.

“Now, you all maybe wondering why I have called you all here into one of heaven room.” Chuck said, “Yes that would be great daddy'o.” said a sarcastic Lucifer with his arms crossed.

Ignoring him Chuck continued on with his speech, “I have decided that I wanted to make one last angel.” mutters from the angels and archangel’s filled the room.

“Yes I know some of you all may disagreed with my actions but I think that this was needed!” Chuck says.

“And what is of this angel father?” said a angel in the back.

“Well for one the angel is a child.” Chuck responds.

“So, a baby angel.” chuckled Gabriel.

“Not exactly my son-” chuckled a nervous Chuck, “While (Y/n) may be a baby angel as you called her she isn’t a angel.”

“So an archangel?!” Castiel askes.

“No, not that either.” Chuck replies, “I’ve decided to make the first ever heaven born fallen angel.”

No one spoke a word just stared at Chuck like he was a crazy man, “Father-” Michael says stepping forward, “If I may say, but aren’t fallen angel normally angels that haven fallen from heaven’s gates or was cast down?”

“No….well yes…..but not (y/n). In a way she is like you all, she has wings and will be given an angel blade when other and will be taught like other young angels her age, but she will be like an archangel as well as possessing the gift of having more then 2 wings and many more gifts.”

“If she is not of an angel or of an archangel then what is she of?” spoke another angel.

“I am just of (Y/n).”

Everyone’s eyes faced behind Chuck, their mouths agasped at the sight of the naked (h/c) haired beauty, “You’ve grown faster then I’ve expected.” Chucked mumbled out.

“That I have father.” (Y/n) says walking forward, “I may have been created mearly hours ago but I have such an amazing growth father, I can hear and see everything, I know of the wars heaven has had when you abandoned everyone.”

Chuck took a step back as (Y/n) stepped forward, her (dark/light) (e/c) eyes held a flicker of darkness in them.

“I’ve seen it all father, even after just being created I have so many plans in mind for heaven.”

“Great! Another Lucifer, just what we needed!” Gabriel spoke.

“Oh dear big brother-” (y/n) walked closer until she was standing just a few meters away from everyone, “I am not at all like my brother Lucifer, we may show similarities such as the feeling of hate and pain but I can guarantee you that I am much more of my own person.”

“You think you have power over us!” Lucifer stepped forward, “You think you can control us.” Lucifer yelled now standing directly in front of her, “We are a thousand and more years old! We can not die!”

A smirk had risen upon (Y/n)’s face as she stepped closer to Lucifer, her bare chest touched his clothed one, “While that may be so brother-” leaning forward her hand pressed against his chest, “You are my bitch here.” and with that said a glow erupted from Lucifer and (y/n), everyone closed their eyes until the light dulled. Upon opening their eyes both archangel and fallen angel were gone.

And no one had any idea where they went.




Blade Runner 2049 analysis *SPOILERS*


Is everyone wanting to avoid spoilers for both the original Blade Runner as well as 2049 gone? Okay? Good. First I’ll just address how I interpret the first movie so you know where I’m coming from with 2049.

To me, the original was about both a bad man finding his humanity by the grace of a machine, and a flawed man affirming his humanity through his final actions. To me, Deckard is unequivocally a human, not only because the “Deckard is a replicant twist!” feels like a hackneyed afterthought, but because his relative lack of human empathy and subsequent discovery of said empathy is far more interesting to me than a guy not knowing what he is. Deckard is a bit of a piece of garbage - he’s an alcoholic, he kinda-sorta-maybe rapes Rachel, and he is a cynical shell of a man after so many years on a corrupt police force in a destitute city.

So his lack of empathy at the start, contrast against his newfound sense of humanity, affirmed by the final act of Roy, is a really wonderful story of two men on opposite sides of the same coin both finding solace and affirmation in each other at the very end. Deckard finally understands, and Roy leaves behind a man who will carry his memory on, even if the rest of the world forgets him. His life had purpose, and it was his actions that defined him, not where he came from.

And so with that said, I’m so happy 2049 completely sidestepped the entire idea and ultimately said it doesn’t matter one bit, all that matters is what you know to be real and what you actually do that defines you.

K’s story is a mirror of both Deckard’s and Roys, except he’s not looking to just be human, he wants to be MORE human than human. He wants to be special. He has delusions of grandeur and is so high on his own dreams he inserts himself into his own case and makes it about him. He assumes the child is him because he just wants so damn bad to be that kid, to be special, to be not just human but THE human. Joi is the opposite side of the replicant coin - if replicants can have a soul because of their actions, then Joi is the counterpoint that says they can also just have absolutely nothing inside as well.

Joi is K’s personified dream of being special. Joi AIs are supposed to be “Anything You Want,” and what he wants to be is special, so she is constantly reassuring him that he is in fact very special. She insists the entire way that he’s the child, he’s important, she’s always there because she’s coddling him. He does love her, but it’s not reciprocated. I don’t think there’s even a hint of a soul in Joi, because she represents more of an idea than an individual to K.

And her giving him the name Joe is really the first clue that he’s just an utter nobody with no value. He’s just an Average Joe, your everyday replicant who dreams of being something greater, of saving the world. 2049 is the story of an arrogant man having his worldview and identity shattered, and ultimately finding a real sense of humanity in the idea of just simply being. He affirms his own humanity, he makes his own choices, he’s the one who has the final say and no one else gets to determine what his identity is. He chooses to save Deckard for the same reason Roy did - he made the human choice, the empathetic choice, and he left someone behind to remember him even when the rest of the world would forget. If Roy is remarkable for proving he had a soul, then K can’t be, and he finally makes peace with simply being. He doesn’t need external validation, he’s his own man in the end.

Just as Joi is a reflection of his own dreams, the LAPD and the Resistance both represent his aspiration to identity and external validation. With the LAPD, his identity is formed to that of a slave. There is some sense of purpose here, his role is concrete and fully realized. He has no real choice, but he does have purpose within the external formation of his identity as slave. However, just as Roy said, living in fear is what it is to be a slave. He fears that he is just regular, so he dreams of being special.

With the Resistance, his identity is formed to that of a freed replicant. There is no purpose, but there is some degree of choice. He must make a real choice to accept this, and within the role of a freed replicant he may have some degree of autonomy, but this also means he is not special for all share his dreams.

Immediately before being presented this choice he loses Joi, and his worldview begins to crumble. Once she is gone he learns there is not one ounce in him that is special, that he wasn’t born, and that he is utterly unremarkable on every front for even the other replicants made the same choices he did, came to the same conclusions he did about being special, they all dreamed it. This is where Gaff’s origami sheep is really important to me, because this point of the movie is where it draws most heavily from the title Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. To me, I think the movie takes this quite literally, in that the replicants all dream of being special, of having some grander meaning, but in choosing to bound those dreams together in an aimless, shared cause, they all dilute themselves and the dream until they’re all just sheep chasing the same uniqueness.

So when K has his world shattered and is presented with this choice to cobble that dream back together, he realizes it is a choice of one form of slavery or another. This moment in the story is framed by the two most important moments of the entire movie - K asking Deckard if the dog is real with Deckard responding “I don’t know, ask him,” and then seeing the pink Joi on the bridge. These two moments underpin the ENTIRE movie in my opinion and are the most profound moments of change in K as a character. The “Ask him” line plants the seed, and the bridge scene is where it bursts from the ground. This is where he finds his humanity. It’s not found in what others say, he needs no external validation. No one can make him human, no one can decide his identity, in the absence of his dreams he is left with only one realization - he is the one who gets to decide what he is, and his actions in life are all that matter.

When he sees the pink Joi, he realizes that his dream of being special was not just a facade, but that his entire love for Joi was misguided. He wasn’t in love with her, he was in love with the idea of her. He was in love with the idea of being special, and he thought she was special too. Seeing her naked, nothing more than commodified, electric sex, as big as a god for all the world to worship and fawn over, there was not one part of it that was genuine, not one element real. In the end he really was just all alone and docile, subservient to fantasy and the outside world. In this moment he realizes what is important and what defines him, and he chooses to defy everyone else and save Deckard.

And in saving Deckard, he finally realizes what it is to be human. It’s not to be special, it’s not to be fawned over, it’s just the choice. Your biology doesn’t matter, where you came from doesn’t matter, it doesn’t even matter what’s on the inside or outside. What defines a human is what one decides to do, and in that moment he reached out in empathy to save a life at no benefit to him. He made the human choice, the choice that mattered most. He fully validated himself as human, not to the world but to himself, and in doing so left behind a man who would remember him when the rest of the world forgot.

Luv is the mirror of K, in that she fully commits to the identity handed to her. She doesn’t even question it, even as she stands stricken in fear as Wallace kills the newborn. She’s terrified in that moment, and she is fully a slave, paralyzed by the control of Wallace. Wallace is Luv’s version of Joi, he is the personification of her desire to be special as well. He tells her she is “The best angel,” and she repeats that she’s “The best one” at the end. She fully embraces the identity handed to her and never makes a real decision because she accepts the lie of being special, and is ultimately drowned in the ocean, forgotten, with no one to remember.

Wallace and Joi occupy the same role on opposite sides, as do the LAPD and the Resistance. They are mere plot devices to further K’s story, they’re not integral at all on a basic plot-level, but are profound nonetheless. Joi/Wallace are K and Luv’s respective internal dreams, while the LAPD/Resistance is K’s dueling external pressures to shape his identity, whereas Luv only has Wallace to form her sense of identity.

In both films I feel like Deckard is less a character and more of a mirror to Roy and K, and the vehicle through which they find their sense of humanity. His scene with Wallace also reaffirmed that it truly does not matter who is a replicant or not. The conversation was not literally about whether Deckard was a replicant, but whether it mattered or not. Was it love or programming? What is ultimately the difference, if love is just a chemical reaction? Is man a product of programming, or something higher like a soul? Love is the driving force for Deckard, but this could just be programming. If so, he is not really different from a replicant but ultimately that does not even remotely matter. I think Luv also serves as the lynchpin to this conversation as well, since phonetically she shares the same name and follows her programming, she obeys both by code and by emotion. The two are the same thing, but ultimately this does not matter, because again the only thing that truly matters is one’s actions.

By this, we can see that K and Luv both followed their emotions, and thus biological programming, yet Luv’s choices were influenced by conformity out of fear whereas K acted outside of that. Truly then both are as human as human can be, but not moreso. There cannot be something more human than human, it is just a dream to aspire to yet never achieve. One must acknowledge that it will never be achieved and there is beauty in being average. It is okay to not be special, to not save the world, but you can save yourself.

Overall I think 2049 is a more profound movie than the original. It asks different questions and examines different yet similar themes. It is so damn thematically rich, and the clues are baked deep into every pore of this movie, from the visuals to the audio to the acting to the writing. It all runs deep and creates one hell of a poignant cacophony by the end. I think the “Tears in Rain” monologue is still my favorite individual moment between the two movies, it can’t really be topped, but I think on the whole 2049 is far more resonant, important, and timely. Just as the original was a reflection of contemporary society, so too is 2049. It is aimed at the millennial malaise, the dream of being special. It’s why we buy into K’s dreams so hard only for the rug to be yanked so violently from under us alongside him. We all share that dream, we’ve all been coddled and told we’re special, but we’re not, and that’s okay. It hit me right in the gut because I identified with K so much. He made me feel like it’s okay to just be me, because I’m not that special, I’m not the hero, the promised one, the chosen one, the leader of armies, the savior of a species. I’m unremarkable, but what I can choose to do with that is what I’ll be remembered by.

As he laid dying in the snow, and “Tears in Rain” began playing I was just wholly overwhelmed with so many emotions. I think it was a flawless and fitting end to a truly remarkable movie and I’m so grateful I got to witness it in theaters. It came at the exact right time in my life that it just moved me to tears by the end. It wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t have to be. With two viewings and some time to let it all sink in, I think it was one of the most beautiful and poetic movies I have ever seen. I think it legitimately trumps the original in regards to its narrative, character, and thematic exploration (and the visuals holy CRAP what a jaw droppingly beautiful movie) and it’s certainly a more impactful movie to me as a result. Time might tell whether it holds up, but to me it is nothing short of an elegant masterpiece.

I haven’t uploaded in so long! Or at least it feels that way. On the bright side the podcast planning is going really well and I’m hoping to start recording pretty soon. Whilst lamenting that I hadn’t uploaded in so long, I realised I never uploaded the second part to this fic. Thank you to @uncomicalhumour, @natural-goddess, and @redrebelgaming for commenting on the last chapter. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: Ooo can’t wait for part 2!!!

Pls make a part 2!!!

‘More Than Meets The Eye’ (Part 2)

Part 1

You shot out of the shop so fast that the bell on the door almost broke. Pietro was right behind you, only halted by Jasper, whose teeth had sunk around the speedster’s ankle upon your instruction and given you a head start.

The world was coloured by the sounds of the city, and you heard Pietro’s flurry of feet approaching fast. Reaching behind, you pulled your baton from the back of your trousers and flicked it out to the side, extending it. The brunt of Pietro’s body hit the metal and you smirked as he grunted.

“I told you,” you yelled over your shoulder, “I’m not a vigilante!”
“Oh, you’re something else alright…” Pietro said. He knelt on the floor with his arm around his waist, pain spreading across his abdomen where you’d struck him. It would no doubt leave a bruise.

As he lowered his head and attempted to stand, the sound of a sharp din caught his ears and he looked up. A familiar shield was jutting out of an alleyway, in the grip of a gloved hand. Cap stepped out of the shadows and smirked. You were on the floor, on your back and groaning.
“I’m not usually one for payback, but…” Steve chuckled, putting his foot onto your abdomen to keep you down., though you’d appeared to have passed out.

Tony arrived shortly after, and performed a few checks on you.
“Luckily for you, Rogers, she’s no worse for wear. I’d hate to think what the press would say if they saw you of all people in this situation.”

Steve scratched the back of his neck and cleared his throat. As he neared the scene, Pietro could see the man beginning to wrestle with his conscience. He rolled his eyes.
“I wouldn’t worry too much,” he sighed as he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. “Just because she can’t see you coming doesn’t mean she can’t fight you off – or was her handicap the only thing you saw in those security tapes?”

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Why were the girls in the seventeen music video only there for 0.7 seconds each?

Here I am thinking we’re going to get character development from some of the members but they disappear into the horizon with the hopes of performance units dance break.

If they were going to put the two girls in there they should have kept them throughout the rest of the music video, here I am thinking I’m going to fall in love with them like aju nice girl (btw her name is Lee Haein and she’s in this drama wit Joy from red velvet and lee hyunwoo and I’m seowon called the liar and the lover and she falls in love with the guy from UNIQ, so go check it out because she deserves more attention) yet they aren’t shown again.

Here I am thinking that all the members were going to get a counterpart because of the twitter ad for thirteen girls?? Pledis is an unpredictable bitch as per usual.


Jeonghan and Jun are in relationships and they didn’t want to reveal it so they subtly inserted them in a music video where we couldn’t even see their faces???. You know what , it’s been a long night and I’m listening to the album and MY I just came on and I’m just like 0.0 so bye guys

How I Interpret My Daily Tarot Spreads

Hi everyone! So most of y'all probably don’t realize that reading tarot cards is something I do daily. My number one favorite is the Wild Unknown Tarot but alas, I do not have the guidebook, only the little paper insert that came with it.

To start off, this is where I read my cards – my glass coffee table, usually to wake myself up right after I make coffee. I didn’t really try to do anything to make this too aesthetically pleasing, so you’re kind of seeing into my actual life. I’m looking for a good pre-reading cleansing ritual, but nothing too complicated or time consuming. When I get back to work (yay disability) I plan on reading in the morning beforehand.

I start off by shuffling the deck thoroughly and usually do two riffle shuffles for a daily (morning, afternoon, evening) spread. During this time I try to set intentions for what type of day I want to have and visualize my energy grounding through my body down through my feet to the floor and earth below.

I pull all three cards before trying to interpret and vocalize the intent of each one. I made the recent decision and set the intention so that I don’t have to read upside down cards as though I normally do in readings – but I will in this one. This spread I set for you guys to show how I would interpret for myself.

Morning | Two of Pentacles

My guidebook describes this card as balance and change, but I always found a certain harmony in this card. There’s a lot of infinite energy going on within the butterfly, with a lot of crazy and chaotic paths I could go down this morning. I need to find balance in what I do and what I choose.

Afternoon | Eight of Wands

Change is coming! I’ll be getting some news or something is going to impact my life, but who knows if it will be good or bad? Only the day will tell, but it will definitely make an impact.

Evening | Eight of Swords, reversed

This is one card that always calls to me to read as is – reversed or upright. This is good, The butterfly, defenseless in her chrysallis, is being attacked by swords – enemies who want to cause her pain. All seems hopeless, doesn’t it? But she’s reversed, overcoming gravity to hang upright. If she can defy gravity, she can defeat her enemies. It may tie back to the change this afternoon – she will overcome and emerge victorious.

& that’s it! I know some cards by heart and others I don’t. It’s slow learning and always a work in progress. Sometimes I also look for patterns in the suite I’m pulling, colors (rainbow in this case), numbers… or other patterns! It’s always useful.

Anyways, any tips, corrections, comments, etc. are always welcome! Thanks for reading & Blessed Be!

basically. basically the three caballeros (three gay caballeros) were born through direct cooperation between the american government and disney animation studios during world war two. they, or, i guess, you, had the “good neighbour” policy going on under franklin roosevelt, which means they were trying to woo south america into siding with them, via “reciprocal exchange” and “non-interference” and giving up on the occupation of several territories and such.

they were trying to promote cultural exchange to mutually improve the way the north and south perceived each other, too, and the south had very little affection, or, indeed, very little reason to have any affection for the north, but they did have a soft spot for their number one duck.

so they sent a planeload of disney animators to south america and told them to crawl up that continent’s ass as far as they could. and so they came up with josé, representative of brazil, and later panchito, representative of mexico, and had them star in two increasingly surreal compilation movies that are half animated shorts, half sight-seeing, half documentary.

these birds are smooth and sweet and somewhat stereotypical, and they were basically made as self-inserts of entire countries to be shipped with donald duck. like they meet once and they’re immediately best friends forever. it’s actually pretty sweet to watch.

disney also profited from this because it opened up a new market for them, what with not exactly being able to import their movies into europe anymore. 

i’d honestly love to know how south americans feel about josé and panchito nowadays, i know i’ve seen many people say that they love and appreciate the celebration of their culture, but i’ve also seen others dismiss it as the infantilisation and/or commercialisation and/or exploitation thereof.

the movies are pretty pleasant to watch, i think, if cheesy. i can’t help loving them mostly because josé is the best bird.

look at him being born right in front of your very eyes and immediately being delightful. i think he must have spent at least a full minute just hugging the absolute hell out of donald over the course of all his appearances.

Tutorial: Custom Skylines for Sims 2

This tutorial is for advanced Photoshop users that bring up quite a lot free time and have The Sims 3 installed on their computers. The skylines are being created by sticking screenshots from Sims 3 worlds together and warping that into a globe. Because of this, you could also use other games with cool landscapes or real life photos, but it probably won’t fit to the Sims 2 artstyle.

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B.A.P reacts to hearing their S/O sing one of their songs


You were in the recording room with him while waiting for a producer to fix a b-track. You randomly saw the demo of Honeymoon and started to sing to it even though it wasn’t the final version. He would be surprised but smile since it was the first time he heard you sing. He would also think to compose a track all for you and actually record it. 

‘Maybe i should get you a track. *insert gif*’

Originally posted by bangabrielle


You two were at the karaoke for a night out when your song came up. You sang Warrior and he would do the ‘warrior’ and 'hoo hoo’ parts with you but when the high notes parts came out he was completely amazed. You were working on your rapping skills but you sang the high notes like nothing. He would compliment you since he never heard you sing like that.

’*insert gif* You sing better than Daehyun!’

Originally posted by mybutterflyfact


You were in the shower and started singing Fly High in your own personal concert when he passed by the bathroom heard you *insert gif*. He would be surprised but very happy since you liked the song so much. He would also be surprised at how precise your japanese pronunciation was cause it took a while for him to learn it as well. 

'What was that?’

Originally posted by forthekyung


He was bored and would actually ask you to sing something to him. Without thinking you improvised Skydive which was the only thing that came to your mind. He would cheer for you and wouldn’t be surprised at all actually cause he already knew your skills since you were his s/o. He would be extra and touch his imaginary beard as if he was some old master that was proud of his scholar.

'That’s my girl! *insert gif*’

Originally posted by soooldout


You were over at the company and they were doing rehearsals for tomorrow’s Try My Luck on Music Bank. You were on your phone while waiting for Jongup to come back and unconsciously started singing along the song. You wouldn’t notice he was back and he would just stand behind you while enjoying his song sang by you until the end *insert gif*. 

'Maybe we should duet tomorrow.’

Originally posted by j-miki


He was practicing and dancing to their songs with with different moves when 1004’s chorus came up and you body exploded into some passion you never had and sang out loud. He would stop and look at you a little astounded while you sang with all you might and improvise some dance moves from the original choreography. He would really compliment you and teach you some more moves.

’*insert gif* I didn’t know you could sing that well.’

(this gif let me cry)

Originally posted by b-ap

kaokki  asked:

For the music meme: Saga (*^^*)

I’m sorry this one took much longer, I got distracted with chores ;O;
The song that came out was Asleep but Emily Browning’s version 

I found that song very sad actually and felt it kinda fit Saga.
(also I may or may not inserted my ship there I’m sorry ^^;)

faith2nyc  asked:

Hi! Can I request a Diana Prince x fem reader where they are married and the reader is pregnant (sperm doner?) The reader goes into labor and an already protective Diana freaks. Right after the delivers the baby and they're holding it she starts to pass out (blood loss) and Diana takes the baby while the doctors rush over. The reader wakes up later after they stabilize her to Diana talking to the baby about her. Diana notices she's awake and brings the baby back and it ends with fluff, lol. Thx

I really liked this prompt. I had recently done a pregnant reader on for Natasha Romanoff. I think this one came to me about the same time as that one.

I think I did it justice.


Originally posted by dianapforlunch

You were a little surprised when one-night Diana told you that you would be a great mum. That turned into a full-length conversation about having kids. Okay it was more like a month-long conversation. Diana kept bringing it up. You weren’t mad or anything, in fact you found it endearing that your wife was ready for a baby. This turned into going to the doctors to talk about IVF. Then it was a trip to the sperm bank to look at foreseeable candidates.

Soon the day came when the actual procedure would take place. One of Diana’s eggs was taken to a lab to be fertilised by the sperm then brought back and inserted into you. Diana thought this was a way that both of you were involved. Also, Diana had to still fight crime and being pregnant would make things hard to save the day. So, you volunteered to do it.

The whole pregnancy went smoothly all up until giving birth.


You were in the kitchen making a coffee when the first contraction hit. Luckily you weren’t holding Diana’s favourite mug. You gripped the counter as your waters broke.

“DIANA! IT’S TIME!” You yelled as you went into your breathing exercises.

Diana came running in with paint covered overalls on and splashes of pastel pink paint all over her. She was smiling.

“Really!” Then she saw the puddle on the floor. “Shit okay we need to get you in clean clothes first then straight to the hospital.”

You nodded as Diana helped you to the bedroom and flitted about grabbing items of clothing for you. Soon you were dressed in clear clothes and in the car.

Diana drove fast but not too fast to alert the police. The last thing you needed was to be stopped by them. You got to the hospital quickly. You were lucky that your contractions were only 25 minutes apart. There was still loads of time.

Diana parked the car and jumped out to rush to your side and help you out. You looped your arm in hers as she walked you carefully inside and up to the pregnancy ward. When you reached the reception, you doubled over from a contraction. Diana is freaking out because she has only read about them she doesn’t know what to do to help you. Only to coax you into breathing through it.

You were taken in a wheelchair to a private room. They gave you a hospital gown to put on and with the help of your wife. You were soon laid on the bed. Nurses came in to hook you up to monitors. Diana paced the room as the nurses did their job. They told you that the doctor will be in shortly and left.

Diana walked over to you and kissed your temple.

“How are you doing my love?” She smoothed your fly away hairs down.

“Safe to say not well. I’m about to give birth to a human being! I am freaking out.”

“Hush now. We are prepared for any outcome possible.”

“I know but it doesn’t mean I am not scared.”

Diana bends down and brushes you lips lightly with hers when the doctor came in.

“Good evening ladies. How are we this fine day?” You turn to Diana with a look of I’m going to kill her. “On a scale of one to ten how would you rate your pain?”

She had to ask as another contraction hit. They were getting closer together.

“10!” You practically scream. Diana helps you breathe through it.

“Okay Mrs Prince. I will prescribe some gas and air for the pain.” She jots down a note on the chart in her hand. “Now let’s see how far along you are.”

Diana never once let go of you hand while the examination happened. Turns out you were only 2cm dilated. She bid her farewell and left.

“Tell me again why we chose her?”

Diana laughs.


The doctor kept coming in to check how you were doing? The last time she came in you were 7cm dilated. You had screamed at her to get the fuck out. You almost threw your slipper at her before Diana caught your arm.

You couldn’t lay down. So, you were pacing back and forth. Every time you walked past the gas and air. You took a big suck.

Soon your contractions were minutes apart. You were stood bent over the bed with Diana rubbing smoothing circles on your back.

“In and out my love. Remember your breathing.”

“Oh, fuck my breathing. I NEED THIS CHILD OUT OF ME!” Diana looked upset. She knew you would be upset but she didn’t think you would shout at her. On seeing her face, you softened. “Oh, darling no I didn’t mean that. It’s just I’m in immense amounts of pain right now and that gas and air isn’t helping at all.”

“I know (y/n). I just feel so lost. I don’t know if I am really helping or being a hinderance. I want you to be okay.”

You stand up and hug her, being gentle of your bump, she hugs back.

The doctor walks in along with three nurses.

“I think it is time to meet our new arrival.”

You were switched to a wheelchair and had all your cables switched to portable monitors. Diana walked along side you as you were taken to the delivery suite.

Diana changed into scrubs with a cap and mask to keep the place nice and sterile. You were soon laid back with your feet in stirrups.

Diana was on your left holding your hand.

“You squeeze at hard as you need to my love. I am made of strong stuff.” She kissed your temple again.

The doctor was now firmly situated between your legs. It was time to push. The doctor counted you in as you had to push for 5 seconds. Fuck did it hurt. You squeezed Diana’s hand tightly through the pain.

“You’re doing great my love.” She squeezed your hand back lightly.

“Okay Mrs Prince it’s time to push again. A big one this time.”

You pushed hard for 10 seconds this time. You were in agony but it must be over soon.

One more hard push and yes there was crying. The baby was out but damn did you feel woozy. You ignored it and looked down at Diana who was walking towards you with your new born baby. She was smiling and you smiled too. She laid the baby on your chest as you wanted skin on skin contact straight away.

“Shit! She’s bleeding. I need clamps stat!” Diana took the baby away as the doctor set to work. “This won’t do I need her out of here. Take the baby and her to their room please someone.”

The baby was taken from Diana as she was ushered out the room. The last thing she saw was her wife passed out. It broke her heart.


Minutes turned to hours but you were finally back in your room. At first you think you are imagining it but then you hear it.

“Your mother is so brave. She can best the greatest warrior in a fight and soon when you are old enough we will teach you the ways of the Amazonians. We will surround you with so much love that you won’t ever feel lonely. Your mother and I are so happy you are here with us. We need to give your mother all the love and affection after this ordeal. I have never been more proud of what she underwent.”

Part of you wanted to hear more but you felt the need to be near your baby.

“You flatter me darling.” Your voice was croaky but still loud enough for Diana to hear.

“My love are you well?”

“Much better now that I heard your sweet words. How is she?”

You indicated to your new born daughter in her little pink blanket and hat in Diana’s arms. As if on cue she starts crying.

“I think she is ready to properly meet her other mother.” Diana walked over to you and placed her on your chest.

You started to cry as you looked upon your daughter’s face.

“She is beautiful.” You whisper. Your daughter stopped crying as soon as you touched her face.

“You’re a natural my love.” She kisses you again. You have never been so in love with her as you did now. “She is perfect.”

“She has your eyes.”

Your daughter squints up at you both. Those same brown eyes looking at you. That you were so used to.

Nothing could make you more happier than you were right there.


Prompts are still open.

Yo, this important

If ya’ll are just diguising yourselves as ANONS and critizing my Friends, Why though.

First of all, WHAT did they even do to you. That is my BIGGEST question.
And OH of course you will say “Oh, they call me //insert a name// and they said NOBODY loves me”
Awh cmon your acting like a child. They DO NOT say these if you weren’t too NEGATIVE and so MEAN, like think about it. It would be kind if you DON’T actually
BULLY THEM, OH “bully” Hoho that word.

I can tell one of you guys will say “Well, They bullied me first” PFFT– Do they even know you? You just came to them as ANONYMUS how brave are you anyway to say that in they’re face. And sure go ahead say that to my face, say how WORTHLESS, MEAN AND STUPID I AM go ahead i don’t mind. I will reply

The rant is done :^)

Guidance Counselor: Guiding A Cunt To Slavery

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thanks again, everyone for being patient. I hoep you enjoy this. I’ve had an idea for this for a while but recently someone gave me some extra inspiration and this is the result.

We all, or most of us, had that one teacher or conselor that we trusted in school. What if that trust was misplaced? This is the premise here. Enjoy.


I’d never been one for introspection. I’m a monster and I know it. How it happened is lost in the faded memories of my youth. But I have long since learned to accept it.

The first girl I raped was a classmate in high school.

Luckily, most people in school already thought she was a slut so when she made accusations about something happening at a party nobody listen to her. Especially since she’d been passed out from alcohol and couldn’t even identify who did it.

But I’d gotten a taste for it and that was that. The first woman I raped in the ass was when I was still in college. Interestingly, that was the first woman I ever sold.

She’d made a little bit too much noise about getting me in trouble and I decided to solve the problem.

I’d known the bad kind of people for a long time by this point. I just somehow gravitated to them. So, I already knew who to talk to, and who to ask for advice.

Two days later I was driving back across the border into the United States five figures richer and one co-ed light.

At that point, my life’s work exploded in my mind.

I realized he could make more money doing this than practically anything else.

I also decided to play to my strengths as, even now, in my mid-30s I still liked the younger pussy.

So, I decided to stick with what I liked.

Incidentally, it was what a lot of buyers liked as well.

That’s how I ended up a guidance counselor in the Los Angeles high school system, assigned to one of the better school districts. I had full access to every student’s record. That meant I knew which students were happy, and which ones weren’t. Which ones were having trouble, and which ones were too stable to mess with. I knew their secrets, as I had made myself the one they could trust.

I walk a fine line and know it, but I’ve developed a reputation with students as someone they could talk to that wouldn’t rat them out, and a reputation with administrators as being able to reach the “troubled” students when no one else could.

I didn’t care about that, not really, their problems were quite simple, if one bothered to pay attention. I could help most kids in my sleep.

What it did mean, what was important for my real job was I knew which ones could vanish, and nobody would really miss.

I knew who could be stuffed down the cracks.

I do follow one rule, a hard rule, sticking to the 18 and older. It wasn’t that am opposed to going younger, in theory anyway, as I see little difference in an 18-year-old cunt and a 16 or 17-year-old cunt but for some reason, it freaked out even the people sell to, so I just avoid the problem.

Besides, I’ve found there is plenty of 18+ possibilities out there so it doesn’t bother me too much.

My methodology is simple. I start with the freshman, looking for prospects, girls that are having problems and/or are in a family situation that is less than ideal.

These were the ones that had walls built up that I’ve become an expert at breaking through and once I do, it is a very short trip to the girl trusting me more than she did anyone else in her troubled life. I was the one she could cry with and not worry about being judged as “weak”.

I, of course, always make sure I’m completely professional with them, just in case, since I always assume I’m being watched by my co-workers and boss.

That helps keep me cautious.

Still, he acted as the girl’s “confidante”, someone she could go to and vent when she needed to.

Invariably it never failed, and at least a dozen girls would go into my mental “go” box. These were the ones I’d work on acquiring. I’d spend the next few years solidifying my place in their lives as the one to trust.

By the time they were seniors there was always still one or two that were still on my list, and I just needed to wait for the right opportunity to complete the acquisition.

I have to be careful of course, I wasn’t thick enough to think I can keep making girls in the school I worked in disappear year after year and there be no way the cops wouldn’t get suspicious. However, I could grab someone after she graduated, or after she went on to college. That would decrease the chance of my being noticed.

It also helped that the girls I targeted were often a high risk for just running off. It made their sudden disappearance seem less like foul play, and more like they’d finally gotten fed up and taken off.

It literally happened all the time and had nothing to do with me.

I am simply good at making a list of good possibilities, based on their personalities, and family and life situations and being able to get to them before they do decide to vanish on their own.

All told, it’s worked well for me.

Every so often, though, I’d have an opportunity fall into my lap that I couldn’t ignore.

Which brings us to Allison.

This girl liked to have fun and was well known for partying. She didn’t care what the scene was, she was up for almost anything, provided it could get her away from dad.

One Friday night she bit off more than she could chew and was in trouble. On the road, with someone she didn’t know, she ended up kicked out of a car on a deserted road because she wouldn’t blow the guy she was with. He didn’t force the issue, but he wasn’t going to let her ride for free and kicked her out, and took off, according to her, without a look back.

I knew this of course because was the one she called. No one else could help her and there was no way she’d call her father.

I asked a few careful questions, they seemed like I was concerned, but in reality, I just wanted to make sure that there was nobody else that could come help her, less chance of being linked to her that way, but she said, repeatedly that, “nobody knew where she was.”

 No one knows where she was, and there was no one to help her.


I told her I’d be there shortly and went to pick her up in my, “special”, vehicle. The one no one knew about, the one registered under a fake name.

I picked her up, told her my other car was in the shop. She didn’t even question it, the silly little thing.

Then it was a nice calm discussion, which was, in reality, my soft interrogation of what was going on. I needed to make sure no one knew where she was or what she’d been doing.

Usually, the only, person that knew was a boyfriend, which worked for my purposes because he would be the primary suspect in her disappearance and I, as a guidance counselor, would be sure the cops got the name if it came to it.

I handed her a soda, telling her I’d picked it up at the 7-11 on the way to get her, not knowing if she was thirsty. Once again, her trust in me meant she drank it without question. It helped that I had actually inserted the sedative with a small needle into the bottle at the bottom and then used a lighter and some spare plastic to reseal the pinhole. To her, it was simply a fresh bottle of Sprite, her favorite.

She was unconscious before the bottle was half empty.

That meant she didn’t see us arrive at my other property. It was outside the city, again registered in a fake name, no neighbors, no one to hear anything they shouldn’t.

When she did wake up, she’d be collared to the wall, naked, and helpless. She’d realize she’d been betrayed but it was far too late at that point.

Sometimes I force a girl to strip, I’ve learned that to make a woman take her own clothes off was, for some, far more humiliating and degrading than ripping them off her. When I would order a girl to strip she’d refuse, of course, they always did the first time. That was, of course, what a whip was for.

Eventually, she’d give in, and then from there it would be one, “give in” after another.

With Allison I went a different direction. I had stripped her and chained her in a completely helpless fashion because I wanted her to feel total betrayal when she woke up. For her, this would have a far more intense psychological effect than making her strip.

It would break her that much quicker.

Over the next two days, I’d violate her in every possible way. Raping her ass, mouth, and cunt multiple times and introducing her to the true depths that my sadistic mind was capable of.

I’d slowly overcome any efforts she made to fight and punish her for the slightest failure to perform exactly how I wanted.

The knowledge that this was all being done by someone she had trusted, again made the psychological impact that much greater.

By Sunday night she was well on her way to the place I wanted her to be, and I left her bound, with a leather hood, as I went back to my “official” home, so I could report to the school the following day.

On Monday, I reported to work, as usual, noting, interestingly enough, that no one seemed to notice she was missing.

It wasn’t until Wednesday that I even heard a whisper about it, and by Thursday the police had made a visit to the school, I had, in my official capacity gave them what information I could, including that I’d heard she had a boyfriend but didn’t have a name. Didn’t want to appear too helpful.

They thanked me and left. I never heard from them again.

Her disappearance was a regular mention for a few weeks, as it usually was in these circumstances, but, eventually, her name fell out of the collective consciousness. She hadn’t even had any real close friends to keep asking questions.

That’s why she was on my list, after all.

Meanwhile every night I would go and torture abuse or train her in some way. Anything to break her spirit, and to turn her into the perfect product. One of my favorites, and one she hated the most, was when I made her orgasm in pain and bondage while begging me for more. I could see the anger in her eyes, buried under the fear and humiliation, and I just tortured her more for it, just because I could.

Fast forward three months.

She had nice firm tits and a tight little ass, thanks to some of the baby weight I’d wowrked off of her. Her cunt was now well trained and she’d learned to use to for bringing pleasure like a fucking champion.

I looked her over with a critucal eye and liked what I saw.

I had picked her up in March, and now, at the end of the school year, what had once been a headstrong, fiery little brunette, was now replaced by a completely obedient and utterly submissive sex slave. She could barely remember her own name and would shudder when I said it.

With the school year finally over I took my vacation as usual. I folded her up and stuffed her into a piece of luggage, and headed south to Mexico, I had a town just outside Mexico City where she would be sold.

They had a good set up and when I brought her in I let them know that she’d be available for a show, as a way of showing the potention buyers what I was offering. Since she hadn’t been a virgin when I got her, there was no reason to NOT let her get used, and so she found herself center stage being used and abused by two of the on staff trainers.

The cheers as she was put through her paces drove her price up just as surely as it served to crush any spirit she might have had left.

I watch her broken spirit shine through her eyes as she silently did as she was commanded. She has long since learned not to speak without permission and would not do anything to bring on the punishment that earned her.

This was her life and she now knew it.

Eventually, a very sadistic local cartel I’d sold girls to in the past purchased her and I wished their representative enjoyment with their new product and then walked away without a backward glance.

I’d stopped doing that because it was always the same look the girl gave me: betrayal, sadness, fear, and a hope I wouldn’t abandon them; to be honest, it bored me.

I left, leaving the girl formally known as Allison to her fate, whatever that may be. The local cartel, which would usually ship their American product overseas to a bordello that served a specialized clientele, liked to move them quick.

I figured within a few weeks she’d be suffering in unimaginable agony. My clients would, occasionally, send me special updates from them as they know I appreciate their work and I’m sure I’ll appreciate what they send me about Allison.

In the meantime, I have a vacation to enjoy, and files to look at.

I need to get ready for the next group of freshman in the fall.