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Tumblr tells me that 1/2 of your recent post contains sensitive media. Do you think Tumblr fucked up on my side or your side?

Can’t believe flowers and tiny dragons are now considered SENSITIVE MATERIAL to tumblr…
Honestly…I have no idea what to do about this. 
Tumblr screwed up so badly.
My blog NEVER contained any sensitive material except perhaps one or two swear words being used in some of my comics.That’s it.
But tumblr has marked my blog under sensitive material in a way that I myself cant view and have no control over. I have no idea how to end this and my anger grows with each day because I never know if my next post will be marked as “not safe for work” and wont appear under the safe tumblr search.

If anybody can help me in this matter, please do. Right now Im just shrugging it off because I ran out of ideas on what to do.

i just really wanted a ham screen lock

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Jimin's Thighs


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Honestly I feel like I’m the only one who watches and loves bbc Sherlock for what it is, rather than whatever personal fandom ship agenda. And by “love”, I am in fact very much including the phenomenally moving series 4

Seriously, am I really the only one in this blue hellsite that ACTUALLY loves the show for what it truly is?? For the story that moffat and Gatiss WANTS to tell??