this on my dashboard

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Tumblr has this little X in the upper right-hand corner. I do not follow you but your post always pop-up on my dashboard. I always tap the X and click on "this particular post sucks" and those are tumblr's choice of words in the options to choose. I agree with that option in choice of words and that your post suck. It's perfect for your blog.

they come up because they’re popular you sea snake so the problem seems to be your poor taste

theropeisstrong  asked:

Two weeks ago I commonly look through my dashboard on a Russian social network and one quote really captivated my mind with its simple tenderness. I was like "Hmm, today's a very good day I've found out such a great thought!" and just kept on living. Today I've checked your latest answer and the book Shantaram you mentioned, tho. Can you sense the whole degree of my wonder when I've found out that quote is from this book? :D Sometimes life happens and it's really fascinating!

Yep, then you realise life’s like this and awesome all the time.
Then you barely ever waste time worrying, coz everything’s happening for a reason and nothing’s ever useless!

Thanks for all the people who tagged me today in their absolutely amazing lovingly posts and shout out to all the stunning people who posted selfies today, it was such a lovely sight scrolling my dashboard today for a few minutes!  💕

I just wanted to say that my heart goes to you but sadly I can’t really participate this week in any form because I’m on the convention in Leipzig all day and night and got friends visiting me right now and woah, Monday is my birthday!!

Maybe I will posts a few days later some stuff (headcanons, selfies etc9 but right now I’m just too stressed out, I hope you guys understand.

Long Live SNS and see you in a few days again when I have finally my apartment for myself again! 🍅🍥