this old rose is always in bloom

I stopped shaving my legs every other day
I stopped only eating citras and drinking a gallon of water a day
I started smoking weed with my friends
I stopped bringing my phone with me to Temple, to coffee houses, to record stores, to concerts
I stopped ignoring my family and started baking cookies and pancakes with bananas and nuts and apples
I’ve made 32 pancakes since Friday,
I’ve burnt 13 but I’m getting there
I won’t let you burn me anymore I’m so fucking sick of flames
Turns out I don’t get off on pain
I don’t get off on being treated like a toy
I do not enjoy having a collection of sticky notes covered in conversation topics because you never held up your end
It’s true that one person always loves more but the other side needs to give something
You knew this would happen I have to go for my own self respect
I should’ve known when you stopped sending good morning texts
Or when your texts didn’t come at all until
late at night
When your words were always about sex
Maybe I should have turned my phone off or blocked your number when you told me about the first girl
Or the second or the third
But I thought you were worth it that I’d never find a better guy
You always listened you respected my boundaries
It’s probably easy when you have six other girls who will give you what I protect
I’m not picking up this time
I’m not checking your timeline I’m not listening to your music
I’m not dying my hair your favorite color or getting a tattoo
You don’t deserve my kind of love
Not from me,
You deserve a quiet love that won’t take up too much time
You killed me over and over again
You wasted and
disrespected me without even noticing
My heart has been replaced with beetles and old peach pits but soon
You won’t live there anymore to poison my wood
Flowers will bloom in my brain once again
Watered by my own love and confidence
Planted by me for me
You will never see them
Lilacs and roses were my favorite before you
Fuck your daisies you’re the one who cut them down
—  I Always Grow Back

A/N: Original stuff from me, which means you can skip it, but I thought I’d post it anyway. Written for a friend who’s an english teacher. So I guess this is my english homework?! QQ. Lemme know what y’all think.

Long Roads

Prompt: The child has asked something simple but profound. Something is exchanged between them, but the meaning is only really apparent to the reader.


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Please fire me. A costumer came in today and demanded that we refunded her week old flowers.

ENGLISH Magia - Madoka Magica
Amanda Lee
ENGLISH Magia - Madoka Magica

Original version by Kalafina.


One day
The light of love
Though it may seem far away 
Will shine again in your eyes 
(Transcend and rise above) 

But there’s only one dream 
And it has ripped at the seam. 
This world will end in ruin 
(And I’ll lose all I love)

Swallow all your doubt
Make your lust cry out
I will help you swallow your hesitation 
You’ll trust me 
Cause you yearn with greed 
Though your heart may bleed
Will we fade away from this world 
with no hope to hold onto? 

I remember you from a dream I thought was truth
You bright with magic and I blinded by my youth
All is wish is for your hand to hold, you see
Only your smile kills the dark in me 

With these hands I try to hold what I cannot seize
I’m like a rose thrown into a violent breeze 
All my strength blown away 
With my heart I will stay 
Praying for light 
Guiding my wish with all my might

One day 
It will come true 
That wish you have inside you 
To save the one that you love 
(Is that a selfish act?)

They will 
Latch to your heart
That’s when confusion will start 
You’ll say words you’ve never heard 
(Just how would you react?)

If I can go on 
And not lose my way 
I will sacrifice my heart and let it fray
To pieces 
What I really need
Is a spell to cast 
To stand up against all the pain 
and fear that will always last

You are still lost in a dream 
watching the past skies 
While I am the only dreamer that cannot rest 
But I will open my eyes 
And chase the hope 
That I will be at your side as if we’re blest 

With these hands I’ve picked a rose 
And have stopped its life
Only now I understand 
I stole its life 
Deep inside I’m alive
For my love I’ll survive 
Though I regret using my own heart as a sheath 

The stories that I heard as a child 
Kept me dreaming 
Where magic runs free
And imprisoned suns remain always gleaming 

The fairy tales I loved have taught me (have taught me)
That no matter what hurdles there may be 
Your wish comes true 
(Was I a fool to trust in those lies?)

In the night wild with fright 
The old magic stirs 
Blooming with grace
It rises up to meet my face 
“With your hands you can change this whole world of yours. Everything that you wish for is in your grasp" 
All I want is to fore ver dream with you 
To live a life where all of me is a live 
Deep inside I will give 
All my love just to live
I won’t regret making this sinful wish of mine

Spirit Cole’s vague Trespasser conversations

I had access to these once I came back from the Eluvians/Crossroads the first time (as in, after all the initial companion conversations). They’re all those typically vague things Cole says, but DLC related:

  • “Your hand hurts. A heartbeat, not yours, hammering the beat of a song in its final verse. I’m sorry.”

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Prompt: Blush Peonies.

Ever since Harry was a little boy he’d always loved the garden, convinced he’d never find anything as beautiful as a rose in full bloom. Well that was until he met her.

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