this old heart cant' take much more


Even - I dont like my bed

Isak - What’s wrong with it?

Even - I just gotten so used to your bed. When are u done studying for your test?

Isak - It’s friday and i’m fucked. I’m so far behind.

Even - I can study with you

Isak - Hahaha

Even - You should keep in mind i’m in 3. grade. I know so much more than you

Isak - Hahaha you dont know anything about physics?

Even - How hard can it be?
I had physics in Elvebakken ( his old school)

Isak - Physics and media?
(Photo and link to Mikaels interview)

Even - Hahaha. Are you stalking me?

Isak - Yes
Who is Mikael?

Even - The previous man in my life

Isak - Shitdude (asshole)

Even - Nah. You are the only one.

Isak - ❤️ (heart)

Even - Ok cant talk more now. Gonna take a shower.

Isak - Dont

Even - Huh? What?

Isak - Fuck it. Come over

ATM my dash is beyond my emotional comprehension:

  • Jensen’s shirtless abs
  • Jensen’s muscular arms
  • Jensen in designer suits
  • Jensen in shorts
  • Jensen wearing that hat I love so much
  • Jensen straddling a fan
  • Jensen making terrible dancing look sexy

I am not sure I can take much more of this Jensen