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Favorite anime? FMA:B like I know I’m always screaming about SnK and YOI and I do love them dearly but I’m still not over FMA:B and it’s been ten years so let’s be honest. Also I’ve been obsessed with Kuzu No Honkai lately. 

Your worst anime? uh… I tend to give up very easily, so there’s a bunch I’ve only seen one ep or two of but they weren’t necessarily terrible either :/ OMG WAIT no you know what’s bad, High School of the Dead, there we go. 

Do you read the manga that goes along with the anime you watch? Very rarely, only if I desperately need more and/or the manga art really pleases me.

Most favorite genre? I’m always surprised by what I end up liking tbh :’)

Least favorite genres? I’m unlikely to remain interested in anything whose main goal is just to make me laugh, so uh slice of life comedies? 

Favorite character? Just one? :’< Well Levi I guess 

Least favorite character? >_< I tend to avoid shows once a character annoys me significantly ahaha… Eh there were a lot of minor villains in One Piece that did get on my nerves I guess.  

Qualities you like in a character? Quiet strength and quiet caring. Though I’ll love any character with class and good come-backs too. 

Short or long anime? I’m more likely to watch if short, but the ones I’ve really loved were longer

Anime or manga? It used to be manga, now I anime. 

How do you choose the anime you watch? I need to hear about something A LOT before I go check it out myself. 

Skip or listen to intros/outros? Listen for the first ep, and then only skip if I really don’t like. 

How do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime? Well they don’t but that’s just never been any of their business now has it

Do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it? Definitely. Sometimes I don’t even have to actively dislike it, like if I’m not genuinely interested in the plot i’m gonna forget I was watching at all. I’ve dropped stuff I’d actually rather been enjoying and realized ages later :| woops

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About a year ago I told you that I were writing a fanfic with help of your Shefani Science. I wanted it to be so chronologically perfect. There would be things that couldn't be just exactly like happened because, well, I'm not an adivine. I still write it, but I stopped using social media and I couldn't know a lot of new inforation (for me). Now, I came back and fuck my life. I HAVE 35 CHAPTERS AND THEY ALL ARE LIES. I hope this is funny for you, now let me go back to cry..IT WAS JUST A YEAR ToT

Awwww omg 😩 well that’s okay! I love science fiction!

Those early shefani science posts are so funny. I vividly remember seeing the writing credits for Obsessed & Splash and being SO SHOOK because I did not expect Blake songs in July. So innocent. :’)


so the lovely brainyisalwayssexy tagged me in “your top 6 bollywood movies” challenge! (this was really hard to choose omg) here you go, in no particular order:

kuch kuch hota hai:

this is a no brainer. shah rukh khan is the first bollywood actor i have ever loved and still love & my entire family and i are obsessed w/ him so it’s really not surprising that half of my fave movies are his. this movie is the quintessential kjo all rounder of loveliness & amazingness and it never fails to make my heart smile.

hasee toh phasee:

this movie just asserts the fact that i am a sucker for romcoms. i can’t get over how the chemistry between sid & pari is literally crackling and how sid is actually so gorgeous in this. furthermore, there’s a great plot centred on a man who’s lost in love and a girl who wants to get back to her family and a lot of chaos ^-^


*chuckles* came to watch this for the impossibly hot fawad khan and left crying over the oh so sweet plot and the chemistry between milli & vikku. some of my favourite characters ever and i just want to see more of their royal adventures (which is satiated by amazing fanfiction ;-)) it’s bound to be great when disney & bollywood come together.

yeh jawaani hai deewani:

one of my all-time favourite movies! i spent a good month or more watching this religiously every single week. i relate to the character of naina a LOT, and the whole travel aspect of the movie is so wonderful. deepika is simply beautiful in the movie and once again the chemistry between her and ranbir !!!! (i love good chemistry between actors/actresses) just a great movie. 

kabhi khushi kabhi gham:

the no 1. movie of my childhood. the ultimate kjo masterpiece. this movie formed my obsession w/ srk & kajol together and gave me the impression that they were happily married when they actUALLY WERE NOT UGH!!! (resulting in a sad child questioning life) everything about it is just so good and it’s so larger than life & i simply love it. fave song to dance to as a child was ‘you are my soniya’ bc poo is the greatest we must all aspire to be her 


the darkest movie in this list. highway touches on so much intense topics and it is the only movie that has me crying constantly throughout the movie. it is heartbreaking but if you watch, you will be changed for the better. a true cinematic masterpiece imo, that is just a massive social commentary on the injustice and perversion of life. also it will erase any previous misconceptions you have on alia bhatt from student of the year bc she was so good in this. 

i’m going to tag my fave bolly blogs so baawri koffeewithkjo hotshahrukh chaandaniya jhanak deepika-face-appreciation  ❤

Don’t want to show your gillovny in public but still desperately want to talk about it? Just walk into a conversation complaining about how exasperating your two friends Daniel and Jennifer are. Tell everyone the juicy 22 year drama and I promise by the end of the story they’ll ship it. Then, you’ll be able to randomly exclaim “you’re not going to believe what Jennifer just tweeted. It has to be about Daniel” and everyone will be like omg they are so in love while you secretly gillovny all over the place.