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Coming out story? :)

ok ok but i also might make a video sometime but idk?¿?¿

basically i never really liked boys much at all. like in elementary school I was never ever interested in boys. Also i was obsessed with lily from hannah Montana and sam from icarly (clearly both more tomboyish) and like wanted to be them sooooo badly. I guess I dressed “girly” when I was young but I also didnt care and just wore tshirts and shit all the time lol (ok like clothing has nothing to do with being gay but idk it fits in with the story.) In middle school I had a boyfriend lol and he always asked if we could kiss and stuff and i always just thought I wasnt ready for that yet. I just was really uncomfortable showing affection to boys like i remember my friends had boyfriends and they would hold hands and hug and shit and i was just soooooooo uncomfortable with it. So then freshman year came and this guy started texting me and we hung out and I would flirt with him and stuff but then he started asking me how far I would go with a guy and im like ummmm im not comfortable with that like I dont want to do anything with a guy right now, and I still thought I just wasnt ready for it. Also whenever our friends would talk about relationships and stuff I would always say how nice it was to be gay and be with a woman lololol. Also freshman year I was obsessed with women celebrities and would be like omg they are so cute and funny!

Then I literally had an epiphany in bed one morning like im not kidding lol. I was laying there thinking about relationships and a man laying next to me and then I was like “but what if it was a woman?” and it was like WOAHHHHHHHHH 

So yeah then began me searching all over youtube to see as many coming out stories as possible and girlfriend tag videos and just like every gay thing I could come across lol. 

So I told my mom and my friend Dominique before anyone, even before I was even 100% sure because I was really caught up on the label thing and like what if in the future I wanted to date a guy??? and I was scared to put that label on it. But tbh my mom is like the fucking best and I talked with her a lot about stuff and eventually I just slowly started telling other people like my friends and it just slowly got around school and stuff. 

But I accidentally came out to my dad bc i had all mens clothing on my christmas list and he asked me about it (but was kind of joking) and hes like “are you a guy?” and im like nah dad and then hes like “lol are you gay” and i just froze. and hes like “wait oh my god are you? i mean i dont care just like are you really?” and i was like yup. and he was super supportive and stuff. 

basically everyone was really supportive and the hardest part for me was really understanding myself and figuring out what i wanted to label myself as (which like labels ik but it really freaked me out when i was coming out)


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The best part about Shattered, other than your art style (which itself makes me fall in love with everything you make), is just. The way you conveyed that much emotion. And, of course, the killer last panel, which I'm STILL not over. And probably never will be. I love your art so much it's probably bordering from love to obsession.

OMG!!! C’mere let me hug you a bunch and love you so much forever! This honestly makes me so touched and unbelievably happy that you love my art and style (I still have no idea what my style is though lol) and I’m totally okay if you become obsessed with it too!

Since you are so sweet, I’m going to let you in on a little more background info on how I ended up writing and drawing Shattered. I briefly discussed it in the post with the sketches, that I was deeply depressed and suffering from terrible insomnia when I envisioned that scenario, but what I didn’t mention is that I also had a mental list of “hot-button points” that I wanted to combine into an intense scene.

- multi images/comic form
- fully colored and shaded
- something with angst
- be in the rain
- have a reveal
- include Ladynoir
- include Marichat
- end with a kiss

With those in mind, all it took was for me to pour all of my own dejection into each image, and amplify the feelings of despair as much as I could. It may sound harsh, but my full intention was to see how much of a reaction of sorrow I could get from viewers. I hope I achieved that.

*And also, since you love my last panel so much, here is the full-size, un-broken image of that moment* ;)

(ps. this is so far, the only kiss I’ve drawn)

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hi darl! I just saw your percabeth fic recs and noticed that although most are pretty long, they're only really one chapter! my obsessed ass loves these but I really love dozens of chapters in fics, do you have any that are really long? :)

ohmygod YES i do ok

so Ways To Go by @maydayparade8123 is amazing i still get butterflies and i read it about 3 years ago omf (and literally anything by May is amazing omg)

I’m in the middle of reading Flaws by @romanitas and im still not done bc i love it and wanna take my time but its BEAUTIFULLY written

OMG and we cannot cannot cannot forget I Got a Boy by @flyingcrowbar and Stucco Hearts by @ananbeth and @rongasm and Little Merman by @ananbeth (this one is such an oldie but SUCH a goodie wow)

and then like…not necessarily multi-chaptered by fics/aus with multi-parts that i LOVE are the ichor group au by @blackjacktheboss the olympics au by @suchastart and also @bananannabeth has this collection of percabeth fics during ToA/MCGA times and its AMAZING start here (and literally every other thing by banannabeth is A+ god i love her

let me know if you want more!!!!

Rhett’s new obsession

In response to the hilarious question asked at the EU Vidcon, I spammed @thegreyhenley with my new head canon. She said I should post it. Enjoy??

Link: *at restaurant with friends, stands and places napkin on table* “Excuse me, need to use the restroom”
Rhett: *stands up too, trying to keep a straight face but his cheeks are round* “omg me too. Gotta see that thing that I’m obsessed about.”
Link: *long suffering sigh, just keeps walking*
Rhett: *grinning, shrugs but still follows link*
Link: “Go sit down Rhett”

Because you know Rhett is gunna ride this joke forever.

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DUDE any tips on keeping a legacy save going i never have the motivation to get past like gen 2 :/

hey DUDE my only tip tbh is like…u gotta make a sim ur LOVVVEEEEEE like ur obsessed w them………..itll make it so much more fun 2 see their little life progress omg then u will have a whole tag dedicated 2 them and like also it will ruin ur life low key…………..but ya !!!!!! make a sim…love em a lot…give em a good lil personality.. or a bad personality but like still a good one…u feel me fam

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Curiosity~ Taking the characters to a Korean cat café 😀😀

THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS REQUEST, IT IS SO SWEET IT GAVE ME A CAVITY! ive always wanted to go to a cat cafe, so this was really nice to write ; w ;


♥ He’s always been intrigued by animal cafes but he didn’t want to seem childish to you, so when you told him you were interested in going to one, he was so happy!
♥ He loves animals a lot, he will make it his personal goal to pat every single cat in the cafe before you guys leave.
♥ “MC! Are you interested in pets? I’d like to get a cat some day!”
♥ When the poor baby finds a cat he likes, oh boy, he will get so attached. He will give it a cute name and you basically have to pry the cat away from him when you leave. he names the cat lisa.
♥ He will literally sneak little pieces of the food he ordered under the table to feed to the cats. its cute until one of them vomits cake in the corner
♥ “We should go again some day, don’t you think, MC? Lisa will miss me!”

♥ When Zen first hears you want to go to a cat cafe, he has to do a double take. You actually want to go there? With him? oh boy
♥ He doesn’t want to use his allergy as an excuse (as he does so whenever jumin wants to bring elizabeth near him) because he sees it’s genuinely something that you would like to do and will make you happy.
♥ the poor boy is so allergic, he takes like 9 different allergy meds prior to the visit and he wears a mask so the fur doesn’t get in his face.
♥ At first, he really looks uncomfortable with all these fur balls crawling around, but he gets used to it.
♥ wow omg is he petting that cat??? yes. the precious babe likes the cat. He doesn’t get super attached to them, but he will have more appreciation for them. but even after the visit, he still doesn’t understand Jumin’s weird obsession with them.
♥ “That was a lot more fun than I thought. But I’m still not letting Jumin take Elizabeth anywhere near me.”

♥ Jaehee is elated when she finds out you want to go to a cafe, but when she finds out it’s a cat cafe, her energy dies a little. SHE SPENDS SO MUCH TIME BABYSITTING ELIZABETH DONT TORTURE HER WITH MORE CATS.
♥ She’s more interested in their array of pastries and coffee rather than the cats. she spots one that looks particularly like elizabeth and she has a bias against it
♥ Though she enjoys the coffee more than the cats, that doesn’t mean she isn’t playing with them. She quite likes the laser pointer, it reminds her of the one she has for work.
♥ While at the cat cafe, she realizes not all cats are shedding monsters. She really likes the hypoallergenic cats with the shorter hair. The really chill cats are also her favorites.
♥ “Why can’t Elizabeth be like those cats? They were very kind and not rambunctious! We should get a cat and prove to Jumin’s that ours will be better.”

♥ “A cat cafe? Why would you want to go there when you have Elizabeth the Third and five star chefs right at your fingertips?” JUMIN THATS NOT THE POINT
♥ Regardless on how confused he is, he’ll go anyway. Perhaps he’ll even find a new friend for Elizabeth to play with in the future!
♥ He acts upset and annoyed at first, claiming that all those cats are nothing compared to the great Elizabeth. Though secretly, he loves it so much, he is literally surrounded by so many cATS.
♥ After he stops being so grumpy, he will have the time of his life playing with the cats. He loves playing with them with the feather toys, they’re his favorite.
♥ by the end of the trip you are at least going home with five new kittens, he simply has no self control
♥ “I should contact Jaehee to set up a cat cafe project. This experience was brilliant! We should come here another day.”

♥ You were a bit wary to invite Seven to the cat cafe because of his previous actions with Elizabeth, but when you did, he was all for it. He couldn’t wait to meet new friends!!
♥ Like you expected, his first reaction was to rub his face against all the cats. SEVEN YOU ARE PROVOKING THEM
♥ He got scolded at by some of the staff members for running around the facility with multiple cats bundled in his arms.
♥ All jokes aside, he did actually play with the cats in a non-abusive way. wow!!!
♥ he cracked some horrible jokes while you guys were there
♥ “That was pretty purrr-fect, wasn’t it MC?!” stop

apparently my obsession to Khun A.A Tower of God had gotten too high to the point where i (frequently) unconsciously draw A.A (him, his genderbend, anything that speaks “omg it’s khun” when u see it). This is like the 73832737th time.

At first i was like :

“Hey how about drawing a girl for a warm up”

“Let’s go with the blue pencil to sketch.”

“Okay let’s give her some nice flat bangs.”

“Hey she needs nice long eyelashes.”

“Let’s make her eyebrows thick.”

“Omg wait they’re too thick.”

“Whatever let’s just line everything with another blue pen.”

“Lol she looks like khun.”


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omg it's finally open??? /flings hands up/ yassss okay um, may i please have headcanons of the rfa boys and saeran when they find out female mc legit had a fanclub in high school and/or college?? thanks ;)


  • hhhWHAT
  • he knew MC was beautiful and all but
  • ;; how’s he supposed to compete with so many people 
  • please he’s a LOLOL obsessed college student and MC had a fanclub in highschool and probably still has one 
  • he’s going to be so insecure 
  • he’ll need lots of loving and kissing to just. slowly start thinking “maybe MC chose me over those people because they see something nice in me that the others don’t have?”
  • still he’s always going to try to outdo himself from then on to become a better person for MC


  • does he even have any right to even complain
  • Zen you get fan letters and gifts sent to your house
  • He genuinely is super chill about it? 
  • Because he knows that MC loves him, and wouldn’t leave him for some fanclub?
  • It’s mostly trust born from knowing that as much as he appreciates his fanclub, he loves MC a thousand times more
  • So he kinda expects MC’s love for him to be the same way


  • he raises one eyebrow and gets a little bit jealous
  • he’s just a very possessive man ok he can’t help it
  • it especially irks him that?? there is a whole group dedicated to??? admiring MC??? 
  • he’s not going to do anything crazy like disbanding the group or that but oh boy will he get more possessive
  • he’ll start getting MC personalized gifts that directly link them to him so it’s clear that HE AND MC ARE A COUPLE
  • still he tries to respect MC’s personal life so he doesn’t stop them from hanging out with members of their fanclub or anything. he just asks MC to please let everyone know they are NOT single and they are dating Jumin Han, CEO and Chairman to be of C&R


  • how could he be surprised?
  • he already knew
  • he googled MC’s name and found a small webpage made by the fanclub
  • lolololol it’s so badly coded
  • he joined the fanclub
  • he just. deadass joined.
  • how could he be angry??? MC is so precious how could he blame anyone for adoring them??
  • He also bothers MC a lot with this because MC gives such hilarious reactions and he adores them


  • …. he’s going to be scared
  • bc all the people in that fanclub?? Are probably good people?
  • normal people??
  • he can’t understand why MC would prefer someone as messed up and complicated as him over people who are stable
  • he’s sure MC will leave him asap
  • please…. comfort him he needs it just please do it MC
  • there’s no words to explain how happy and grateful he was when MC exclaimed he was worth a thousand times more to them than a silly fanclub

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It's hard to believe that in a couple months g&b have been dating for two years. Do you still feel as strong about their relationship as you always have? Like, will it go the distance, are they stronger than ever, or did his last marriage do a number on him. What are your thoughts?

Omg I know! Time flies when you’re obsessed. 😂 I do think it will go the distance and is just as strong as ever. I think it’s easy to question things when they get quiet but it’s important to remember no one is more obsessed with their relationship than they are, and they’ve been juggling their individual and mutual obligations and commitments for nearly 2 years (!!!!). So even if it seems like things are slowing down or whatever I think it’s just because they’ve become really great at managing their time like in order to optimize their time together. And also I think they spend a lot more time together than some people assume. Just because we don’t hear from them every single day like we were doing for a while last year, doesn’t mean anything has changed. It just means gwen isn’t holding her phone. 

But yeah I have just as much confidence in them as I ever did!  My confidence is in part because of their previous marriages. I think the problems each of them faced, both the betrayals and just the incompatibilities and the difficulties beyond the infidelity really secured for them what they want and need out of a relationship. And since they’re getting what they want and need from each other I think they know how lucky they are and are going to work hard to hang on to what they’ve found. Not that they really even need to work at it, because i think their relationship comes pretty naturally since they are so good for and to each other. 


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what is your number 1 fave smut fic of kai

ARE WE RLY GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS OKOKOK I don’t have one fave smut fic of him, I have many… 

  • Default State Of Being (this fic is a classic, and I’m sure you’ve read it already. but if you haven’t, you need to get on it asap! it’s an absolute fave of mine. nothing is better than a sexcrased jongin!) author!au, kaisoo, + hints of ; krisoo, kairis.
  • Tank Tops and Tattoos (jongin is so hothothothot in this fic. I’ve probably read it a million times and it still gives me chills) mechanic!au, kaisoo.
  • Good Boy (forever dying over how hot kyungsoo is in this fic, and jongin is so loveable omg. one of my absolute faves) college!au, kaisoo
  • The Beast’s Growl (thx to this fic, I’ve been obsessed with wolf!au’s ever since.. absolute fave) wolf!au, kaisoo
  • Challenge Accepted (I don’t even know what to say about this fic??? it’s just so great and hothothot. pornmanic jongin is always appreciated) kaisoo
  • Won’t You Get On Your Knees (asdfghjasdfj if you’re into love/hate relationships, you’re going to die reading this one. it’s so hot) rockband!au, kaisoo
  • Any Way That You Want (I can literally imagine their relationship being like this uuunf. #goals) kaisoo,
  • Split Screen (how lucky is kyungsoo to be dating jongin and kai???) twin!au, kaisoo
  • Blind Date (in which jongin accidentally has sex with his brother in law) kaisoo.
  • Mine (this is a twincest fic between jongin and kai! hothothot) twin!au, kaicest.
  • All I want to see you in is just skin (This fic is really hot but also kinda sad.. I just want to give jongin a big hug :*) hooker!au, kai + everyone
  • Bad, you’re so bad (jongin playing with kyungsoo’s puffy cheeks! I’m swooning asdfghjkjgfdsa) kaisoo
  • Good Boys Have The Best Toys (this fanfic is a classic! I’m sure you’ve read this one. it’s really hot) kaisoo.
  • Drag your teeth across my chest, taste my beating heart ( yet another classic. this fic makes me feel so many things uuuunf! hot & sweet) kaisoo
  • Don’t You Want To Kill Me (jongin dressing taemin up as a girl and having his way with him, its really nice~) taekai

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Rachelllll there was this one cute guy who showed up to one rehearsal for the play I'm in and I was like 'oh okay gotta plan how to say at least one word to him before the show is over so that then I can replay that dumb moment in my head 38 times as I stalk his instagram' but then hE DROPPED OUT ON ME like how dare he??? I was so prepared to obsess about him but noooooooo (on reflection I may need to reevaluate my life)


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Tbh I don't know what to follow you for, all tfc content or the Bts staning because tbh either alone would have been enough. Just wondering, what are your thoughts on how the Beyond the Scene rebranding will affect their direction going forward?

fhjfjf thank u and omg idk i’m still a relatively new fan so i’m still catching up on all their history but i’m so excited for the rebrand and their new stuff?? like i love how much they include their fanbase as a part of their image, i love that they’re maturing and allowing themselves to do so like.. they’re not afraid to change things up and i rly admire bands that can do that. they have a talented team behind them that obviously knows what they’re doing and combining that with the fact that they’re all so talented themselves like the rap line is really involved with the whole producing side i love that so yeah i trust them to make this comeback a real good one <3


naruto: hi i’m 12 i like ramen and i wanna be hokage and i can do sexy jutsu

iruka: naruto u failed the graduation exam again u can’t even be a genin

mizuki: dude naruto just steal some scroll and learn a jutsu from it and i’ll give u dat cool ninja headband ok

naruto: lolk shadow clone jutsu ftw

iruka: naruto why’d u steal that scroll ur in trouble

mizuki: hahaha he’s the nine-tailed demon fox

naruto: wat

iruka: mizuki no

naruto: shadow clones!! /kills mizuki

iruka: k u get the headband u join team 7

naruto: yas i’m with sakura-chan oh fuck fuck i’m with sasuke-teme

kakashi: i’m ur team 7 jonin leader come get the bells don’t share food during lunch time

sasuke: /shares food with naruto after the 3 failed to get the bells

kakashi: yas u guys learned abt teamwork good job u pass so what dreams do u have

naruto: hokage

sakura: sasuke-kun

sasuke: i wanna kill dis bitch

kaka/saku/naru: uh k

kakashi: k we’re going on missions now follow behind i have a sharingan

sasuke: yo i got sharingan now too/saves naruto from bad guys, almost dies 

naruto: sasuke why

sasuke: idk my body moved on it’s own usuratonkachi

naruto: /uses nine-tails chakra and defeats bad guys

sasuke: /miraculously survives

kakashi: k guys ur good enough to be chunin so i signed u up for the chunin exams

gaara: i wanna fight uchiha sasuke

kabuto: yo i seem like a good guy but lol no

naruto: woot passed first round time for the forest of death

orochimaru: i want sasuke’s body

sasuke: fuck i have a curse seal now

sakura: sasuke-kun naruto what happened

neji: u can’t change fate

lee: i like u sakura-san and my fiery spring of youth

hinata: naruto-kun

ino: fuk u sakura i like sasuke too

shikamaru: … troublesome.

sand siblings: dude we’re gonna help orochimaru invade konoha

orochimaru: /kills 3rd hokage

gaara: i’m lonely and i’m a jinchuuriki

naruto: same

sasuke: when the fuck did naruto get so strong

sand ninja: fuck we got tricked by orochimaru

jiraya: hi naruto kk we need to find a new hokage asap my friend tsunade’s good

itachi: yo not so fast

sasuke: hi i’m here too ITACHI IMMA KILL U

itachi: dude ur still weak bye

jiraya: k naruto imma teach u rasengan hey we found tsunade

naruto: boobs

orochimaru: nah tsunade come to me

tsunade: i considered it but nah imma be hokage k let’s go back

sasuke: naruto let’s fight



sakura: no guys stop

sasuke: k some guys came to get me imma leave the village bye

sakura: sasuke-kun don’t leave

sasuke: ya no imma pce it

naruto: shit we gotta get sasuke back /forms retrieval team

shikamaru: k guys we gotta kill the sound ninja

naruto: sasuke come home

sasuke: no i need power look i can unleash this cool curse seal


sasuke: NARUTOOOOOOO k i win bye

naruto: imma bring sasuke back for sure don’t worry sakura /leaves for like 2 and a half yrs to train w/ jiraya


akatsuki: k we’re gonna get shuukaku out of gaara

deidara: BOOM BOOM POW

sasori: ur puppets can’t beat mine

naruto: imma save gaara

gaara: thanks naruto u saved me again ily no homo

naruto: ily2 no homo

sai: hey i’m sai im the new sasuke

naruto: fk u there’s only one sasuke

sakura: wtf 

yamato: i’m ur new team 7 leader and i can control wood

naruto: shit i can’t control kyuubi anymore

yamato: yo dw got ur back

naruto: where’s sai

sai: i was gonna betray u guys but nah i’m a good guy

sasuke: dobe

naruto: holy shit sasuke come home

sasuke: no

sakura: pls sasuke

sasuke: no

kyuubi: hey do u want my chakra

naruto: no stfu i’m trying to get sasuke back

orochimaru: sasuke stop let’s go

sasuke: k bye

hidan: gonna capture kyuubi ye jashin

kakuzu: money

shikamaru: they killed Asuma we gotta avenge him

kakashi: i’ll help

naruto: hi i’m here too 

team 10: yay got our revenge

sasuke: thx orochimaru but imma kill u now 

konoha: wtf sasuke killed orochimaru

naruto: sasuke imma bring u back to the village let’s go find itachi

itachi: dude why u so obsessed with my bro k bye

sasuke: itachi i finally found u imma kill u u killed all the uchihas im geting revenge

itachi: i want ur eyes


itachi: ok i lost i was jk this is the last time

tobi: dude itachi was a good guy

sasuke: shit wtf did i just do oh but i got mangekyo sharingan now

konoha: wtf sasuke killed itachi

pain: i’m the leader of akatsuki ur my sensei but imma kill u jiraya

naruto: jiraya died no ok i have to train sage mode still not enough power i need help kyuubi

minato: no naruto

naruto: omg dad ur the 4th hokage

minato: imma redo the seal

naruto: thanks dad love u /defeats pain

konoha: yayyy naruto’s a hero

naruto: who the fuck is danzo why is he hokage why is baa-chan in a coma i gotta go to raikage and plead that he doesn’t kill sasuke for fucking with his brother bee

raikage: sorry he’s a criminal we’re gonna kill him

sasuke: kills danzo

sakura: naruto ily now not sasuke so stop tryna get him back to the village because of our promise

naruto: no this ain’t even for u anymore kk sakura u still like sasuke

tobi: dude here’s the truth about the uchiha

sakura: fuck imma kill sasuke myself shit i can’t do it

kaka/naru: hi team 7 reunites



tobi: imma stop the party right there

sasuke: i’m not going back holy shit how many times does it take for u to understand ur obsessed

naruto: next time we fight we’re both gonna die

sasuke: no imma kill u bye

yamato: k u gonna train with bee and try to control ur tailed beast

bee: rap rap rap yas

naruto: shit can’t take this anymore omg hi mom

kushina: yo sup i love you don’t give up

naruto: ye i have this cool form now!!! shit we’re now in a war

/a lot of fighting happens and everyone’s like revived by kabuto including madara

kyuubi: k imma help u now naruto we’re best buds

tobi: yo i’m actually obito hi kakashi fuck u for killing rin

kakashi: dude i thought u died

obito: nah madara saved me and shit imma revive ten-tails now i’m its jinchuuriki

neji: naruto watch out

naruto: shit neji why did u die protecting me 

orochimaru: hey sasuke i’m back here lemme help u revive all the hokages

hokages: wtf’s goin on

sasuke: stfu tell me the story of the uchihas OMG WHAT k im gonna help out in the fight hey guys i’m back i wanna be hokage

naruto: wtf but w/e yas team 7 reunites

/more fighting

everyone: yes we did it!

madara: not so fast there’s still me hi

sage of six paths: dude naruto sasuke u guys were brothers in a past life work together to beat madara

kakashi: fuck my sharingan’s gone

madara: dude imma create this illusional world using infinite tsukiyomi ya i got both rinnegan

sasuke: yo i have a rinnegan too

black zetsu: haha i’m actually not ur will madara sucka im kaguya aka mommy’s will

everyone: what the fuck

kaguya: chakra’s mine give it back

sasuke: wtf i’m in this weird world

obito: come sakura naruto i’ll help get sasuke back

sasuke: k im back

obito: here kakashi my sharingan now u have two i’m out pce

naruto: sexy reverse harem technique

everyone: what the fuck

/more fighting

naruto: yay we beat kaguya! k sasuke let’s undo infinite tsukiyomi

sasuke: lol no imma kill the 5 kages and start a revolution

naruto: wtf r u saying bitch

sasuke: let’s fight

naruto: k

sasuke: valley of the end again huh




sasuke: NARUTOOOOOOOOOOO ur my only friend but that’s why i gotta kill u and be hokage and live in darkness

naruto: no ur not we understand each other’s feelings

/both lying down

sasuke: i lost but dude why are you so obsessed with me

naruto: because ur my friend and ily no homo (yes homo)

sasuke: /creys ily too no homo

naruto: we both lost arms doe

sasuke: shut up usuratonkachi


– since naruto’s ending like tmr, i wrote my interpretation of the basic plot of naruto for people who’ve never read the series, or have just been too lazy to catch up. and because i had too many naruto feels. sorry i couldn’t add all the details / characters in LOL disclaimer: this is purely for entertainment so yeah js

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since the virgo one was dumb hb 40, 74, 75 🌹🌷🌸

omg don’t worry! that wasn’t a dumb question at all!!

(40) Do You Have Any Obsessions Right Now? i’ve actually been watching bojack horseman (even though i didn’t think i would like it) the past week or so nd i’m almost done with season 2

(74) What Eye Colour Do You Find Sexiest?
honestly any eye color can be gorgeous but i’m a sucker for green eyes

(75) Did You Like Swinging As A Child? Do You Still Get Excited When You See A Swing Set?

ofc that was pretty much my go-to thing on the playground in elementary school. we still have an old swing set up in my backyard and i still like it but it also makes me rlly nostalgic
send me numbers!!


so the lovely brainyisalwayssexy tagged me in “your top 6 bollywood movies” challenge! (this was really hard to choose omg) here you go, in no particular order:

kuch kuch hota hai:

this is a no brainer. shah rukh khan is the first bollywood actor i have ever loved and still love & my entire family and i are obsessed w/ him so it’s really not surprising that half of my fave movies are his. this movie is the quintessential kjo all rounder of loveliness & amazingness and it never fails to make my heart smile.

hasee toh phasee:

this movie just asserts the fact that i am a sucker for romcoms. i can’t get over how the chemistry between sid & pari is literally crackling and how sid is actually so gorgeous in this. furthermore, there’s a great plot centred on a man who’s lost in love and a girl who wants to get back to her family and a lot of chaos ^-^


*chuckles* came to watch this for the impossibly hot fawad khan and left crying over the oh so sweet plot and the chemistry between milli & vikku. some of my favourite characters ever and i just want to see more of their royal adventures (which is satiated by amazing fanfiction ;-)) it’s bound to be great when disney & bollywood come together.

yeh jawaani hai deewani:

one of my all-time favourite movies! i spent a good month or more watching this religiously every single week. i relate to the character of naina a LOT, and the whole travel aspect of the movie is so wonderful. deepika is simply beautiful in the movie and once again the chemistry between her and ranbir !!!! (i love good chemistry between actors/actresses) just a great movie. 

kabhi khushi kabhi gham:

the no 1. movie of my childhood. the ultimate kjo masterpiece. this movie formed my obsession w/ srk & kajol together and gave me the impression that they were happily married when they actUALLY WERE NOT UGH!!! (resulting in a sad child questioning life) everything about it is just so good and it’s so larger than life & i simply love it. fave song to dance to as a child was ‘you are my soniya’ bc poo is the greatest we must all aspire to be her 


the darkest movie in this list. highway touches on so much intense topics and it is the only movie that has me crying constantly throughout the movie. it is heartbreaking but if you watch, you will be changed for the better. a true cinematic masterpiece imo, that is just a massive social commentary on the injustice and perversion of life. also it will erase any previous misconceptions you have on alia bhatt from student of the year bc she was so good in this. 

i’m going to tag my fave bolly blogs so baawri koffeewithkjo hotshahrukh chaandaniya jhanak deepika-face-appreciation  ❤

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Hello there-- I've never talked to you, really, you're one of the accounts I found, obsessively scrolled through for an afternoon, and clicked to follow. I'm sorry you're not in a good place, and if deleting is good for you, by all means, go for it. Just wanted to let you know there are still people here who love and support you, no matter what decision you make. 💕💕💕

omg i’m sorry i must be a huge disappointment lmao thanks though