this obsession is getting unhealthy

can i just like.. get a fic where everyone but lance gets p injured and while they heal (a couple weeks or so??) hes all alone in the castle and he gets super protective and like, unhealthily obsessed with checking on them?? and like he gets kinda unhealthy physically from not taking care of himself and its creepy because hes been alone for so long literally just give me creepy lance-centric fics pls

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how r u so soft...with so much love... im literally so mean all the time bc im so petty at everything how do u do it

ALDJKFAJKSDF THAT’S SO KIND OF YOU TO SAY??? wowowow thank you!!!! 

Tbh I’ve always been a pretty happy person,,,,, I get very lost in my own head and tend to fixate heavily on things (in a way that I don’t really know how to describe)?? So for a while I was obsessed with Doctor Who & that made me really happy, and I guess now that has shifted to YOI?? But yeah honestly I’ve just never really had a reason to be sad bc I focus on what makes me happy!

I had an epiphany the other night…. Arin’s alter can be called evilraptor

I feel satisfied now that I’ve discovered this.

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How do you think so/sp and sp/so establish a deep emotional connection with someone? It's definitely not impossible, but lacking the sx variant, how does it happen?

This topic has been touched before here and is a good starting point to get an idea:

But I have still no real clue tbh. It’s just really difficult to discuss because the perspectives are so different. What may feel really deep and intense to someone sx-blind looks still shallow from a sx-viewpoint but the sx-blind hasn’t experienced anything -really- deep in their whole life so they just wouldn’t know and are convinced that this is how deep things can get? There is definitely a cognitive bias.

so/sps (sp/so not as extremely, but still to a degree) somehow have a really bad perception when it comes to emotional connections. Like just an example dialogue I had a while ago with so/sp INFP friend:

so/sp INFP: I wonder why friend A doesn’t visit me anymore when she is in town. It’s so weird because I’m her -best- friend but her text replies are so sparse and she has time for everyone else except me.

me: Have you considered that… you are not her best friend (anymore) and she doesn’t want to see you?

so/sp INFP: ??? tbh that idea didn’t even cross my mind before…

sx-blinds are either too importunate or too distanced. They are either convinced that everyone loves them or everyone hates them. And they really have trouble evaluating that gray area in between.

Also when someone sx-blind tries to mimic a sx-connection (because lots of love stories build on that idea so it comes across as very appealing) it gets obsessive and unhealthy in a second. I would even argue that most stalking cases are initiated by so/sps. Because again, sx-blind seem unable to find that sweet spot in between where you are very close with someone but not so much that it suffocates you.
Taking that into consideration I actually prefer it when relationships with sx-blind stay shallow but healthy.

And sorry @any sx-blind who reads this and thinks “whaaat? that’s not true! i’m awesome at this!”; you are in the same category as any sp-blind who thinks they are awesome at handling finances or any so-blind who thinks they are socially gracious. Better recognize your weaknesses instead of staying delusional.


unhealthy obsession with Mad Max and all the problematic characters of the Wasteland.

Another moment I have an unhealthy obsession with.  I can’t get over how quickly Dean steps in front of his little brother.  He immediately reacts and goes into protective mode.  It doesn’t matter that Sam is taller, or that he was diffusing the situation, Dean had to make it crystal clear that no one is to mess with Sammy.

Stay away from me. Don’t get close, because if you do, I’ll get attached. I won’t let go. You’ll become my best friend. You’ll become my world. I’ll cling to you, and get jealous when you’re away. I will text you multiple times each day because I miss you. You’d be the one I care about more than anyone else. I’ll suffocate you with my presence. You are my obsession, and it will be unhealthy for both of us.  You’ll then get tired of me and leave me. I will fall apart into madness because after all that, I forgot what its like to be alone. Stay away from me. I’m not okay.
—  thing #5 I wish I would say

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i saw choros new attack and... 🤔 well, im leaving the fandom for good now,

I was literally just about to talk about it in a post ok ok but now that you’re bringing this up I’m just going to state my thoughts here (consider this a delayed reaction because I actually saw the attack this morning but kept silent about it until now)

tbh it really rubs me the wrong way, like I’m not full-on angry or anything, but it wasn’t what I expected and for once I don’t mean that in a good way

when the attack previews were initially posted, I figured he was just going to, you know, nab the statue and run off with it??? I mean even then I knew it wasn’t going to be my favorite attack out of the set and the reasons for that were what I discussed here yesterday (for those who can’t be bothered to scroll down my blog for a bit to see what exactly I talked about, it’s about the fact that the ososan app games tend to blow choro’s love for nyaa-chan way out of proportion)

but nope, he’s actually trying to… harass it? fondle it? idk what terminology I’m supposed to use for a freaking plastic statue dude and besides if he’s trying to look under her skirt, he’s going to come out disappointed, because when people make human figurines, they don’t usually make what’s underneath

aside from the scumminess of it all, it’s not really his character either, I know that’s not actually a living human being he’s trying to do whatever to, but I feel like he should know better??? he’s shown to be pretty shy and reserved when it comes to women (example: ep 19 when he couldn’t even gather up the courage to speak to a girl) and has even shown outright repulsion at the idea of sexual harassment (I’m not saying he’s not a perv tho because he is)

again, he may not care in this scenario because that’s a statue and not really nyaa-chan, but something I sort of realized after thinking about it for a while is that choro’s never shown to have a true sexual attraction to nyaa-chan, like yes he’s a huge fan but he’s never really… fantasized about doing those kinds of things to her before so I guess that’s another reason why I feel so dissonant with this

anyway the bottom line is that by now, heso wars choro seems to have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with nyaa-chan that gets increasingly creepier the more I think about it (I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually starts stalking her in the future like a deranged fan) even though anime choro seems to be your stereotypical fanboy, like he got mad at totty for calling him an idol otaku but fast forward to now, he’s acting like the very thing that he got so angry about in the first place


I got a pen for my tablet and now I can do DIGITAL ART!! This was the first attempt, kinda awkward looking. The app I used didn’t have size options or very many color options but by the time I found a better app it was too late to start over, ah well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ still excited

Opposite Planets

Have you ever wondered if there are opposite planets just like opposite signs exist? Well, I have and I want to share some thoughts.

Sun and Uranus: The Rulers of Leo and Aquarius

You can imagine someone who is Leo or Sun dominant being the center of attention anywhere they go, right? Everyone acknowledges their presence, and everyone wants to be like them. But what’s up with Uranus and Aquarius? Well, I picture Uranus being that lonely kid at school who’s expressing themselves whether if it is by their clothing, hair or anything external really uniquely. And that’s what people don’t like. People are afraid of change, standing out in a crowd and standing up for their beliefs even if that means standing alone. But standing alone makes Aquarius stand out even if they don’t want to.

Leo/Sun is the center of attention by being surrounded by people. Aquarius/Uranus is the center of attention by standing alone.

Moon and Saturn: The Rulers of Cancer and Capricorn

The Moon represents the mother, emotions and someone’s inner self. Saturn represents the father figure, work, and seriousness. You can picture the Moon dominant person being all about giving their children the best they can, by nurturing them and making them feel loved. But what does Saturn do? Saturn is the father who wants his children to succeed in life and their profession. He accomplishes that by teaching them how to be serious, ambitious and focused when they need to. Cancer is the loving parent who teaches you to love others, and Saturn is the strict father who teaches you to seem cold and detached when you have to.

Mercury and Jupiter: The Rulers of Gemini and Sagittarius

Mercury is all about rational thinking, and speech, whether it be written or spoken. Jupiter in the other hand is all about religion, philosophy and belief in something higher. Those two conflict. Why, you might ask. You can see those two are completely opposite. For an example, Mercury would question a higher existence and belief, but Jupiter would believe in something because that’s a part of their philosophy of life and emotional safety. I would picture Jupiter as a child who grew up believing in something specific for their whole life, and Mercury is the child who had too many thoughts about what really happens in the universe to actually have time and dedicate themselves to solely one religion.

Mars and Venus: The Rulers of Aries and Libra

Mars is the soldier,the fighter. The person whose will power and physical resistence can help them achieve anything in life. It is also the masculine energy within us, our temper and sex drive. Venus is the feminine energy in us, be it art and music, fashion and aesthetics. It is also the way we express our feelings towards the people we love, and peace and harmony in our everyday life. Mars would be that aggressive teenager who fights for their rights daily, whether that be mentally or physically. Venus would be that diplomatic adult who would debate and listen to their opponent and try to convince them with grace.

Venus and Pluto: The Rulers of Taurus and Scorpio

Venus is the type of healthy love and sensuality. Venus in Taurus specifically signifies love toward material things, and money. But Pluto? Scorpio is the exact opposite. Pluto is the type of unhealthy love and obsession to the point when you get so jealous of the other person that you end up pushing them away. And with Scorpio being Fixed, that doesn’t help at all. Venus would be a very sensual and loving partner to be with, but Pluto would be that kind of partner who would investigate and search your phone for texts from other possible love interests and spy on you because of the internal fear of theirs that you might leave them for someone else. Better than them.

Mercury and Neptune: The Rulers of Virgo and Pisces

Neptune is an illusion. It makes you feel numb, like you have just entered a fairytale. The planet that makes you question if what you’re living is reality or not. The planet that makes you drift into deep sleep, forget about reality and just start (day)dreaming. Mercury is the exact opposite. Mercury wakes up your thoughts. Mercury is the help you might need in order to escape illusions and dreams and start living your everyday life normally again. Neptune tries to deceive you, fool you. Mercury tries to provoke your thoughts and help you get out of your imaginary world. Neptune also resembles addiction. Neptune is the person who needs help to finally cut off a harmful/obsessive/addictive behaviour or habit. Mercury is the person who wants to help other people with any problems they’re facing, be them mental or physical.

The times are quite glorious



Prompt: Walking home together.

From @bandicoot88

Hope you will all enjoy. ^^ _______________________________________________________

The stars are brilliant at this time of night as we wander these streets like a ritual I don’t dare to break, for darling, the times are quite glorious.

Roth often thinks that the night is much more alive and richly colored than the day. For London’s city lights burn ever so brighty and enlivens a warm glow throughout the darkened allyways.

Allyways where lovers meet and each kiss a secret, between the shadow and the soul. How flippantly we all treat a secret love, like a joke, something cute, as if it’s just a sweet little thing to pat. But when we are the secret lover, we hold our breath with each word they speak, we long so desperately for their touch, even just brief, we could almost bleed as we long for it so.

Jacob Frye.

Nature had squandered an unreasonable quantity of male beauty on this undeserving creature. Roth was taken with him even before the moment he walked in the door, and Roth knew the first moment he saw the young man that it was going to be raw, it was going to be ugly, and he was going to enjoy every damn minute of it.

“Well, that was fun.” Jacob playfully smiles and nudges on Roth’s shoulder, looking up at his face in excitement, still living off the adrenaline.

“Darling, fun does not even begin to cover it.” Roth corrects, with a fond chuckle. They where making their way home after a rather lively night of sabotaging Starrick’s shipments, by lightning them on fire and making it seem like the Theems was a sea of red. Roth had laughed and opened his arms warm and widely at the boy’s endevours of the day.

Apart from that, Maxwell seems to have created a soft spot for the boy, who seems to feel just as much or even more drawn in by the older man as well. Maxwell has not failed to notice that the young man is less guarded around his company than before, lets himself relax around the him and often looks for his guidance and perhaps even his approval.

The older man is allured by him, allured by his piercing eyes and knowing smirk. He’s bewitched by his vigour and playfulness but he’s even more fascinated by the swiftness of his feet, the bloodlust of his fist and the freedom of his ways. With a quick lip and a fierce tongue, the sort of tongue that draws you in with charm and drives you utterly insane at times, but even the mere thought of him keeps the templar up at night.

The storm they caused that night was long past, the night sky was beset with stars.

“Look there.” Roth pointed toward the northern sky. “Polaris.” Jacob looked up with an amused grin on his face. “The constant north star, one of man’s most dependable guides.” “Polaris will be waiting for us there when we are old and have experienced a lifetime of joys and regrets,” The man continued, a wistful note in his voice.

“Don’t go soft on me now, sly devil.” Jacob snickers softly, shaking his head in further amusement. Never the one for sentimental discussions in the deep night, unless it was with himself.

Meanwhile, Roth’s eyebrows leap upwards and his eyes sparkle bright with interest. He allows himself to walk closer next to the young man, gaze dropping to his amused features.

“Jacob, dear. I figured you thought higher of me than that.” Roth says, and Jacob finally looks over to him and immediately his eyes seem to visibly lighten up, and the amused scorn on his face is quickly replaced with a boyish smile.

“Hi,” the boy grins up at him.

“Hello dear,” He replies, with another affectionate chuckle. The assassin’s eyes explore his in curiosity only a younger man is allowed to have and Roth can feel his grin widening. “My dear, wasn’t your stop a few blocks back?”

“What?” Jacob looks up in surprise and looks over his shoulder, back to the road they have been strolling on for quite some time now. “Well, I’m used to the rooftops. You cannot fault me for that.” He continues, a flustered chuckle escapes him as he corrects the little cap on his head. “I suppose I should head back then? Right?” He smirks, but his expression was less sure and it wavered for a moment when Roth met his gaze.

Silence descended upon them, interrupted only by the sound of meaningless chatter amplified by a pub’s music nearby. Jacob had cast his eyes elsewhere already, and Maxwell’s thought process shudders to an abrupt halt when the other withdraws slightly, but he doesn’t want Jacob to.

“You do not have to.” Roth says unquestionably, and it catches the other by surprise. His voice is like liquid sin and his authority over his urges are completely vanished into thin air.

“Why don’t you stay, Jacob?”


Jacob wishes the man wouldn’t look at him the way he does – following his every move like a lion watches a gazelle. He shuts his eyes to avoid looking at the naked hungry in the templar’s eyes, he doesn’t want to acknowledge that hunger, those raw emotions. He wants to stay in his self-made utopia where he doesn’t have to deal with these unholy feelings, he wasn’t sure what was happening, but his heart was beating faster and his body felt alight with nerves

The thing is, Jacob has never felt an attraction to men. He had always enjoyed and adored women, loved their curves and soft bodies. Roth on the other hand, is rough and has lots of sharp edges. Tall like a goddamn tree and his body is hard and cold like a goddamn rock. You see, he’s not at all like the ladies Jacob has ever been with ever considered attractive.

So, Jacob’s fucked. He realizes he’s all sorts of fucked. His unhealthy, unnatural obsession with this man is getting out of control, and makes him feel like some kind of unholy pervert. This templar had taken over his dreams, his thoughts, and occupied every corner of his mind as he keeps coming back for more.

He needs to stop getting these filthy thoughts inside of his head but, he does not know how. There are too many questions and too many answers he isn’t ready to hear.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Roth…” He whispers, sounding as unnerved and vulnerable as he feels.

He want to devour me. Yet I yearn to trace the outlines of his features - he wish to consume me. And the more I take steps back, the more he strides forward, and it makes me want him more.

But he is water and I am forbidden to drink.

Roth simply holds his gaze and then steps forward, Jacob doesn’t move; just watches with hesitancy in his eyes.

“That has never held you back before, my dear.” The man insists with that sly smirk of his before he kicks Jacob’s legs apart, and Roth makes his move by pulling him in such a dark allyway and pressing him gently against the nearest wall.


The man presses his own legs between his, and now he’s so close that their chests are touching, and his fingers are sliding into Jacob’s hair, to the back of his head, his little cap forgotten on the ground. He’s locking in his prey but, his hands are surprisingly gentle. God, those fingers. Jacob doesn’t know how it’s possible for a person to feel all the things at once that he’s feeling right now. There’s astonishment, awe and eagerness but also worry, uneasiness and slight terror. His whole body is in a state of great turmoil as he trembles at the feel of Roth’s caress.

The older man doesn’t say anything, but his features soften just a bit, tracing the assassin’s cheek and coaxing him further up against the wall. Jacob doesn’t want to let out that gasp but there’s no stopping it and it brings a chuckle from Roth, who’s in the process looking at Jacob like he’s the most dreamy thing on the planet, followed up by him stroking his cheek with his thumb.

Double bollocks.


He’s never seen Roth like this before, cocksure, yes, but overbearing and doting was something new entirely. Jacob reaches out to his face, checking for the man’s permission carefully, but the man just smiles amused and meets him halfway, Jacob’s hand now gently exploring his jawline. He seems to relish at the feel of Jacob’s hand, like he’s been touch starved for ages, and perhaps he has. Roth gently takes it with his own, bring it to his lips and kisses the younger man’s knuckles softly, his eyes never leaving Jacob’s. So seductive and so sensual, it makes the Jacob’s nerves of steel tremble at the sight. Jacob’s heart is slamming frantically in his chest, and it’s too much. He feels his resolve crumbling, while Roth overwhelms him, leaning forward to cover the small distance between them.

He coaxes Jacob further up against the wall, grabbing his face in his hands and crushing their lips together. The boy’s eyes immediately close and his hands fly up to clutch the man’s wrists, as if to shove him away. But Roth is using his taller frame to press against the man in front of him and all Jacob is able to do is to clutch his face and hold on. Roth is dominating the kiss and Jacob can only blindly follow. The kisses are open-mouthed but chaste, desperate. It deepens, and Jacob groans shakily when the strong arms tighten around his body.

“Give in to me, my dear…” The older man pants between their heated kisses, their rough breathing is the only sound that fills the small alley as the man’s hips grind against him, stealing Jacob’s breath away while his own uncontrollable body bucks at the contact. “Roth…” He is air and I am not allowed to breathe.

“I-I should go!” He mumbles in haste and quickly releases himself from the man’s firm grip on his arms.

“”M sorry.” He hears himself say as he places his long abandoned cap back on his tousled hair, catching the slight frustration evident on the man’s face. Jacob pushes down his cap to hide his features and more imporantly, his feelings away from this man.

“Don’t leave it like this,” he hears the man whisper and Jacob wishes it didn’t pull at his heartstring the way it did.

“Goodnight, Roth. ” Jacob murmurs, and he heard the faintest of tremors beneath his voice. He can feel Roth’s eyes burning on his face but before the man can stop him- Jacob’s gone.

Jacob makes it easier for people to let him go by making them hate him a little.


Hope you enjoyed, much love <333

Happy Birthday @nanjolking

I can’t draw, so have this instead! (I’m sorry, but there was no way in hell I was going to be able to do Loveless World in time for your special day, so have Cutie Panther instead!)

Thanks for being a splendid friend and ruining my sleep cycle! You’re a very talented person with an unhealthy obsession over Japanese women (you should probably get that checked out.)

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