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Can I share a thought with you? Beauty Guru Yuri. Like idk he has a youtube channel where he does makeup tutorials and where he vlogs about his days and he makes makeup and clothes haul. And I just want Otabek to get this unhealthy obsession with Yuri's videos and he spends the whole night watching this gorgeous blond teaching youtube about smokey eyes and winged eyeliner.

Anon, I just had to.

“Hey, this is Yuri. Today I’m going to show you how to do a smokey eye. I know there are about a million tutorials of this on Youtube, but it was requested and I figured why the fuck not.”

Otabek snorted.

“So as always, all the products I use are listed in the description. This is not a sponsored video, it’s all my own stuff. But if Urban Decay ever wants to drop me a line, hopefully they’ll know where to find me ‘cause their shit’s really good. Anyway, let’s get started.”

Otabek watched the blond rummage for something in front of him that was just out of sight.

“I already did my base and there’s a whole other video on that, so check that out too, if you’re interested.”

Otabek had already, in fact, checked that out. About a month or so ago he was just casually browsing Youtube, when a thumbnail of something blond and pretty caught his eye in his recommended videos. Follow me around St. Petersburg the video was called. He clicked the link with mild interest to find one of the most beautiful boys he had ever seen, strolling through the city, frappucino in hand, making snarky comments at the camera. 

He found out that this guy was named Yuri Plisetsky and his channel consisted mainly of daily vlogs, videos in which he showed stuff he had bought which were apparently called hauls, Otabek had learned, and make up tutorials. Now apart from a smudge of eyeliner during an experimental phase when he had been sixteen, Otabek didn’t touch make up, didn’t particularly care for it. But then there was Yuri, with shiny blond hair that fell messily to his shoulders, high, sharp cheekbones and pouty lips to which he applied a candy pink gloss. His best feature were his eyes, spring green and clear as glass, looking defiantly at the camera even when he had just put on sparkly eye shadow. He had slender fingers and swore like a sailor and in a month Otabek had binge watched all of his videos and as a result knew more about liquid lipsticks than he ever needed to know. Yuri was fascinating. He was duality personified, long limbed and graceful, yet blunt and coarse. Otabek couldn’t look away. 

He had sat through Yuri gleefully holding up crop tops and platform sneakers and leopard printed anything to the camera, Yuri musing about his life in St. Petersburg, his fluffy cat on his lap, telling little stories and bitching about two guys he called Katsudon and The Old Geezer. He looked almost sweet and vulnerable in those moments and it had felt like listening to a friend somehow. Otabek had tried not to stare too hard at the blond in that try-on video in which he wore jean shorts which, quite frankly, looked about two sizes too small on Yuri’s surprisingly plump ass. The tiny see-through top he had been wearing wasn’t helping. Otabek could swear that the blond was eye-fucking the camera sometimes, cocking his eyebrow with a little smirk.

Don’t be a creep, he thought to himself, don’t crush on some random, beautiful guy on the internet. 

Don’t pause the video of him in those jean shorts.

But here he was, eagerly watching Yuri’s latest as soon as he got a notification, like a complete dweeb. 

“Now this look is pretty much suitable for everyone,” Yuri continued, “Looks good with any eye colour.”

Yuri moved closer to the camera. “It’s nice on blue or green, like mine. But I especially like it on brown eyes. It makes them even more smoldering.”

The blond flashed the camera the cutest grin. “I love brown eyes.”

Otabek could feel his pulse in his throat. He groaned. 

Character Comparison: Lucy Lane and Lena Luthor

- alliterative names

- moved to National City from Metropolis for a fresh start

- older siblings they don’t get along well with

- older siblings with unhealthy obsessions with Superman

- trying to escape the shadow of their older siblings/family name

- the l stands for lesbian

- on the Supergirl Defense Squad

- attractive brunettes

- certified geniuses

- eyefuck extraordinaires

- chiseled jaw lines

- the l stands for lesbian

- petite

- need to be protected from the Supergirl writers

- need 10000000% more screentime

- domineering parental figure

- stands up to aforementioned parental figure in defense of Supergirl



can i just like.. get a fic where everyone but lance gets p injured and while they heal (a couple weeks or so??) hes all alone in the castle and he gets super protective and like, unhealthily obsessed with checking on them?? and like he gets kinda unhealthy physically from not taking care of himself and its creepy because hes been alone for so long literally just give me creepy lance-centric fics pls


unhealthy obsession with Mad Max and all the problematic characters of the Wasteland.

anybody else think how fuckin weird it is that people praise the whole “revenge body” thing. especially when fat women “transform” themselves to skinny women?????

i know it deadset isn’t my business how people stay motivated, but if you honestly think that you’ll get “revenge” by “getting skinny” ….darling……’ll look 10x more beautiful staying the way you are and getting over whatever has hurt you. don’t obsess over “getting revenge”…that’s way more unhealthy than whatever body you have

Stay away from me. Don’t get close, because if you do, I’ll get attached. I won’t let go. You’ll become my best friend. You’ll become my world. I’ll cling to you, and get jealous when you’re away. I will text you multiple times each day because I miss you. You’d be the one I care about more than anyone else. I’ll suffocate you with my presence. You are my obsession, and it will be unhealthy for both of us.  You’ll then get tired of me and leave me. I will fall apart into madness because after all that, I forgot what its like to be alone. Stay away from me. I’m not okay.
—  thing #5 I wish I would say

Another moment I have an unhealthy obsession with.  I can’t get over how quickly Dean steps in front of his little brother.  He immediately reacts and goes into protective mode.  It doesn’t matter that Sam is taller, or that he was diffusing the situation, Dean had to make it crystal clear that no one is to mess with Sammy.

I had an epiphany the other night…. Arin’s alter can be called evilraptor

I feel satisfied now that I’ve discovered this.

Reactions to tragedy

In real life, pretty much everybody reacts to tragedy differently. So why is it that every author has their pet reaction to tragedy that all their characters use? Not only is it unrealistic, but it takes away the chance for the characters’ different reactions to reveal things about themselves.

Possible reactions to tragedy (not an exhaustive list):

  • Distracting oneself with mindless activities
  • Distracting oneself with others’ humor
  • Distracting oneself by making jokes
  • Distracting oneself by reading/watching/playing stories
  • Distracting oneself with hard mental work
  • Distracting oneself with hard physical work
  • Distracting oneself with creative endeavors
  • Distracting oneself by chatting with friends about normal things
  • Talking to friends about the tragedy
  • Talking to authority figures about the tragedy
  • Talking anonymously with strangers about the tragedy (if possible)
  • Getting wrapped up in others’ problems
  • Staying unusually silent
  • Screaming
  • Crying loudly
  • Crying silently
  • Doing everything possible not to cry
  • Pacing
  • Taking unhealthy risks
  • Going for revenge against whoever one can blame
  • Punching random objects
  • Throwing random objects
  • Lashing out against friends and family members
  • Trying to prevent a similar tragedy from happening
  • Eating more than usual
  • Not eating
  • Taking mind-altering substances
  • Getting in unhealthy relationships
  • Isolating oneself
  • Obsessing over routine
  • Numbness combined with apathy
  • Numbness combined with going through one’s normal motions
  • Trying to get things back the way they were
  • Denial
  • No reaction at first but a reaction hits later in greater force
  • No reaction at all. Emotions relating to the tragedy just fail to load. Note that this can happen to anybody and does not mark a character as a sociopath.

Characters can have more than one reaction at the same time, one reaction after another, or different reactions to different tragedies.

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How do you think so/sp and sp/so establish a deep emotional connection with someone? It's definitely not impossible, but lacking the sx variant, how does it happen?

This topic has been touched before here and is a good starting point to get an idea:

But I have still no real clue tbh. It’s just really difficult to discuss because the perspectives are so different. What may feel really deep and intense to someone sx-blind looks still shallow from a sx-viewpoint but the sx-blind hasn’t experienced anything -really- deep in their whole life so they just wouldn’t know and are convinced that this is how deep things can get? There is definitely a cognitive bias.

so/sps (sp/so not as extremely, but still to a degree) somehow have a really bad perception when it comes to emotional connections. Like just an example dialogue I had a while ago with so/sp INFP friend:

so/sp INFP: I wonder why friend A doesn’t visit me anymore when she is in town. It’s so weird because I’m her -best- friend but her text replies are so sparse and she has time for everyone else except me.

me: Have you considered that… you are not her best friend (anymore) and she doesn’t want to see you?

so/sp INFP: ??? tbh that idea didn’t even cross my mind before…

sx-blinds are either too importunate or too distanced. They are either convinced that everyone loves them or everyone hates them. And they really have trouble evaluating that gray area in between.

Also when someone sx-blind tries to mimic a sx-connection (because lots of love stories build on that idea so it comes across as very appealing) it gets obsessive and unhealthy in a second. I would even argue that most stalking cases are initiated by so/sps. Because again, sx-blind seem unable to find that sweet spot in between where you are very close with someone but not so much that it suffocates you.
Taking that into consideration I actually prefer it when relationships with sx-blind stay shallow but healthy.

And sorry @any sx-blind who reads this and thinks “whaaat? that’s not true! i’m awesome at this!”; you are in the same category as any sp-blind who thinks they are awesome at handling finances or any so-blind who thinks they are socially gracious. Better recognize your weaknesses instead of staying delusional.

if i have to tolerate cody in order for paul to leave, i’ll do it. honestly i’m not even committed to this awful season; at this point i just have an unhealthy obsession with needing to see paul get taken out, along with his massive fucking ego.

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I don't get why everyone thinks Mika's 'obsession' with Yuu is unhealthy, but when other characters like Mikasa (for example) are even crazier and more obsessed with a person, it's okay? (I love Mikasa, but it's true)

Both Mikaela and Mikasa have very good reasons for being the way they are towards their respective loved one what with the things they’re going through.

I’d say neither relationship is very healthy because (well, I’m not sure about Mikasa because I don’t read the manga, but) both are relationships of dependence.
Mika goes wherever Yuu wants and has no other option but do what he wants (even reluctantly) because he has nobody else and has no other reason to live.
That is not healthy, and if they were in a modern/normal situation the relationship would be pretty difficult.

But they’re not. They’re in a situation where Mika’s fears and paranoia over Yuu’s safety are 100% justified, just like Mikasa’s.

And let me remind you all this:

No relationship in Owari is actually healthy. All of them are pretty fucked up as of now, for obvious reasons.

So when I say “Mika and Yuu’s relationship is not healthy” I don’t mean it’s something abnormal or that they’re the only ones. No.
This blog is about Mika/Yuu for a reason. I’m not going to spend my time explaining why each and every single relationship in this series is unhealthy.

Now, do not make the mistake of confusing the words unhealthy and abusive.

Yuu/Mika is not an abusive relationship. It’s just unhealthy because the situation does not allow either of them to heal, but they’re not abusing each other in any way.
If anything, they’re trying to protect each other in the best way they can in their own way…

Obsessive relationships are not healthy. Believe me… I’d been in one.
Mika’s obsession is not that bad, though. He’s protective but at least he’s not possessive and he doesn’t expect anything from Yuu apart from his safety.


As I have an unhealthy obsession with Starscream’s past and we are getting it piece by piece it’s time for more over analyzing of what little data we have. I don’t have all the panels I’d like for this but here we go.

It’s obvious the speaker here doesn’t think much of Starscream. Looking at what else he has said though it looks more like Starscream fully believed in Megatron’s rhetoric. Megatron has at one point said that crude statements are the most powerful kind. Starscream is obviously not averse to the violence his role in the Decepticons encouraged but he has at different points objected to torture Megatron ordered him to commit, he pushed for a truce and was not challenged on this claim by Megatron, and when he met Metrotitan who dubbed him the chosen one he just wanted to know if he would do good.

M. Scott is doing great with his character right now and Barber is continuing to deliver on the revolutionary he used to be. So getting back to his present day self, he tells Ghostbee not only of how his faith in others died, but later how he doesn’t really believe in himself either, since in his near five million year life almost nothing good has happened for him. While his methods are extreme sometimes, everything he has done has been about making Cybertron safe. He has not once done anything resembling functionism.

He’s fighting it tooth and nail, but thanks to Bee and Windblade he’s slowly coming around to the idea that he can trust others. I still say we need an Origin for him, but hopefully in the upcoming issues dealing with Chromia’s trial and increased pressure from Elita we’re going to see him actually open up to someone. That and I’m hoping we see the moment he lost faith in Megatron. The moment where he decided the Decepticons had gone too far and that he might be able to lead them back to where they should have been.

On the other side this issue also increases Soundwave’s issues. He lied about killing a Decepticon because it was convenient back in season one. He lied to Needlenose and Horri-bull four million years ago that he and Starscream had not tried to blow them up. The way they’re setting it up it’s going to come back and bite him in the aft. And I can’t fault his actions. I think he should have told the truth four million years ago to those two, but if he hadn’t lied(by omission) about allowing Horri-bull to be killed it’s very likely that the Decepticons as they are now would never have formed. So I’m really looking forward to seeing how that develops.

(tw for incest, incest apologism, stalking, death threats, systemfaking/ableism, abuse apologism)

first callout:

It seems we’re back again with calling out tumblr user Appearify. Leon, or Lane, Chase, Miles- or whatever name he has chosen to use to try and separate himself from the monstrous things he did, has been up to more things as of late, more or less warranting a follow up callout to the last. If you haven’t read the last callout, you should (link, in case you couldn’t grab it before you started reading), and if you were swayed by his excuses on that one, here’s a post debunking that.

Leon has “apologized” numerous times for his actions, and has made claims about changing and being a better person, yet this has apparently been a statement ongoing for years, which is why I am writing this callout. I have no intention of bringing harm to Leon or his friendgroup, but instead I’m trying to warn others away from their actions. Anything involving Leon after this I will not take part in, as I am choosing to drop the situation lest something comes up again.

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