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HUGE news, folks!! I’ve been so thrilled about this project for the last few months and I finally get to share the announcement and some concept art with you!

I’m going to be illustrating Mariko Tamaki’s (Skim, This One Summer) new graphic novel Laura Dean Keep Breaking Up With Me for First Second!!

There’s really no possible way I could be more excited about this book!! I think we’ve got something really special on our hands and I hope you’ll all be just as stoked to read it as I am to draw it!

You can read a summary+an interview with Mariko and myself about the story in the LA times over here!

The Facts of Life
  • Me: *clicks submit on final assignment*
  • Me: *leaps into the air* IT'S SPRING BREAK
  • Thesis Novel:
  • Me:
  • Me: *weakly* Spring... break?
  • Thesis Novel: *INTENSIFIES*

This is so heart breaking!

Amanda: I went every day for a month, and then every week for a year. Did they tell you that I came?

Dawson: They told me.

Amanda: I guess maybe I hoped they didn’t.

Do you even know that I went when Frank and I started dating?

I told him I was going to see my parents.

Dawson: They told me every time.

Amanda: And you didn’t want to see me?

Dawson: That’s the only thing I did want.

I never stopped loving you, Amanda. Not once.

Amanda: Then why didn’t you?!

Dawson: Because I… I know this doesn’t make sense…

Amanda: It doesn’t.

Dawson: All right, Amanda. Listen to me.

I wanted to do something good. And I wanted to save you from some of the pain.

Amanda: You didn’t save me from anything.

I lived with the pain every day of my life, Dawson, and I blame you.

I blame you for thinking you knew what was best for me when it was you that was best for me.

Dawson: I know.

I couldn’t have you wait for me. There was so much you wanted to do.

Amanda:  But I wanted to do it with you. And I would have waited for as long as it took.

Dawson:  I didn’t deserve you, Amanda.

Amanda: Oh, deserve me? Jesus, Dawson. Don’t you understand?

When I had Jared, and I know this is wrong, but do you know that when I had him I wanted to tell you. And when I lost Bea… I wanted you to hold me.

And when I was alone at night, I wanted… I wanted you and I cried for you and I hated you and I hated you because… because I would have chosen you

no matter what, and you took that away from me.

Dawson: I made a mistake.

Amanda: Yes, you did.

Dawson: I did. I hurt you.

Amanda: But see, I still love you.

I still love you.

Seven Female YA Authors Who Are Also Worthy Of The Attention John Green Gets

1. Rainbow Rowell- Rainbow Rowell has written two heartbreakingly beautiful YA stories in the past few years, Eleanor & Park and Fangirl. Both are realistic, relevant, and romantic. Rowell does lead female characters like no one else and makes romantic interests, much more than just the typical “romantic interest”. She is also just a ridiculously talented writer. 

2. E. Lockhart- Not only has she written a beautiful new YA novel, We Were Liars, she also has a great series: the Ruby Oliver boyfriend series, that deals with the stress of being a teenager and the issue of slut shaming. Her writing style is completely different in We Were Liars than it is from the Ruby Oliver series, but both are delicious reads. 

3. Meg Cabot- Okay, okay, I know Meg Ccabot probably got as much recognition as John Green in her prime, but still. I love her. Her writing style actually sounds like a teenage girl’s and her realistic, blunt, and witty portrayals of adolescence have gotten me through some tough times. They’re classic escape novels with just enough bite in them to elevate them above the rest. 

4. Gayle Forman- I want everybody to jump on the Gayle Forman train. Her stories involve both romance and family relationships. If I Stay is a haunting account of a young girl trying to decide between life without her family or the afterlife. It takes the cliche idea of a person stuck between life and death and makes it something really refreshing. Just One Day and Just One Year were two of my favorite books that I read last year. While they’re a little less heavier than If I Stay, they are still inspiring and entertaining stories of heartbreak and recovery. 

5. Melina Marchetta- If you like YA and haven’t read Melina Marchetta, you are soooooo missing out my friend. Seriously, she is a crazy talented writer who writes YA novels that make me laugh and cry and break in to a million pieces. The Piper’s Son? I died. Jellicoe Road? Oh my lord. These may seem like great books to read at the beach but I promise you Marchetta’s characters will get to you and you will think about them long after you’re down reading. 

6. Ann Brashares- I’m not gonna lie, sometimes, I’m a little embarrassed to admit The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is one of my favorite books. Everyone just always has to mention the mediocre movie. “But the books are good!” And they are and I love them. I read them every year at the beginning of summer and something about them just puts me in such a good frame of my mind for summer. The girls are relatable, strong, flawed, and everything a teenage girl is and should be. 

7. Stephanie Perkins- Her books are so adorable, seriously. They’re great romances. The guy is always admirable, respectable, but still seems like a real person. The girl is always a little dramatic, but still much more mature and self-aware than the average YA heroine. Her books are entertaining and an escapist’s dream. 

  • <b> Teacher:</b> Today class we will begin to work on our novels<p><b>Me:</b> *Breaks into a sweat*<p><b>Mind:</b> OH NO OH NO OH NO *Starts to go through my novel idea file* gay gay gay! THEY'RE ALL GAY *Rushes over to my theme file* Smut.....smut......smut....oooh PWP *Begins to pull it out*<p><b>Me:</b> NOOOOOO<p><b>Class:</b> *Turns to me* Da fuck?<p><b>Me:</b> Sorry *Shrinks into my chair*<p><b>Mind:</b> Okay okay! *Runs around my brain* ITS SO GAY IN HERE<p><b>Me:</b> *Cries* Im doomed to gayness<p>
Why I May Never Write a First Draft on a Computer Again

Everyone’s writing experience is different. This month, we’ve asked past NaNo and Camp participants to write letters from the other side of their experience. Today, Courtney Montgomery, a former NaNoWriMo intern, shares the one simple change she made that helped her finally complete a first draft:

NaNoWriMo is about throwing words at the world, regardless of sense or reason. It’s about liberating oneself from quality or the pressure to create “perfect” works of prose. It’s learning how to abandon the Inner Editor and plunge headfirst into the act of writing.

And I felt incapable of doing any of that. I may never write a rough draft on a computer again.

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If you believe that Game Of Thrones could have been a lot less rapey…
If you’ve ever sung that “one day we will see a woman king….”
If you’ve figured out that everything is better with girls kissing girls…
If you think that women warriors are hella rad…
If you like height differences in your ships…
If you’ve figured out that Game of Thrones was way too white…

Then you’re going to love My Lady King, the new fantasy novel from Kayla Bashe.

Let me break this down for you.

-The main characters are both women, and the ship is canon

-Everyone in this medieval-style, European-style kingdom is a POC. No explanation is even given. Why? BECAUSE.

-there’s only like 2 male characters who even get names


So this August, assuage your bruised & disappointed Sand Snake feels with My Lady King by Kayla Bashe.