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Hell's Angels (M)

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Request: #36 Namjoon Drabble 

Word Count: 8.1k

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A pitch black darkness that preceded after a spatter of red clouded in his vision. The world around him felt cold and heavy. His limbs lost its feeling as if he had phantom limb syndrome. The smell of gunpowder dusted itself over his noses and the loud bang of a bomb going off jolted him awake, his eyes opening.

“It took you long enough.”

“W–Where am I?” It looked like an abandoned mall, glass storefronts broken, the escalator stopped working and there were small patches of fire in some places. There was a boy, maybe three years younger than he was, firing from this range and shooting down people.

If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought he was trapped in a video game.

“The dead zone.”

“Dead zone?”

“For a new recruit, you sure do ask a lot of questions but do little action.”

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Spring Day

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Genre: Smut

By: Admin Podo


Notes: sub!jungkook, sensory deprivement, just a bunch of kinky shit basically, dirty talk kinda

Words: 1,841

Spring break had just started and thankfully your professors had not given you that much homework. You had planned to catch up on some dramas and maybe watch some anime with your boyfriend, but he probably wanted to spend the break playing video games and drawing.

One afternoon though, you found yourself very bored. Your boyfriend Jungkook had taken more shifts at his part time job for spring break. You had finished a whole show in two days with sleeping somewhere in the middle of that. Since you were bored you decided to surf the interwebs.

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Unexpected (Part 3)

The breakup between you and Yoongi takes it’s toll on you.

Warnings: Angst, mild references to smutty things.

Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus)

You were on the subway going home when you got his message that he couldn’t be with you anymore.  It had been only moments earlier that he held you in a tight embrace and told you not to worry.  You knew it would take time and a lot of work for the two of you to get to a comfortable place again, and you were prepared to do what you needed to make things right. Yoongi had plenty of faults, but he never lied.  So you believed him when he told you that you guys would work things out, that he wanted to be in this relationship as much as you did. 

When you got his message, it felt like your heart stopped beating.  If you had known that things would change so quickly, you would never have left his side that morning. You got off the subway at the next stop and immediately started calling Yoongi, leaving him desperate voicemails asking that he call you.  You sent him texts telling him he needed to explain himself, that you didn’t understand what possibly could have changed in the 20 minutes since you last saw him. 

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May The Best Man Win || Hoshi vs Woozi

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Title: Boyfriend vs Best Friend

Words: 3.6k

Genre: angst??

A/N: Okay, so I’m hoping to make this the start of a new seires. It’s all really based off a recent dream that I had and I hope it turned out as well as I imagined it. After this part is posted, I plan on making a separate ending for each boy so you can chose who you prefer to end up with. I also plan on doing this for the rest of the members, so if you end up enjoying it, please let me know so I can try and get these parts out as soon as possible! Thank you!

Soonyoung felt sick to his stomach. And no, this wasn’t because of the bad sushi he had ended up eating for lunch, but rather because of the couple across the room from him. There sat across the room his group mate along with his best friend, basically flirting their asses off as he watched from afar. In all honesty, it had been his own fault that he was so jealous over their relationship. If he had introduced [y/n] to his group members, she would have never met her current boyfriend, Jihoon.

Soonyoung has been madly in love with [y/n] ever since they were kids. He remembers specifically being the outcast in their primary school days. Everyone thought he was weird and ‘girly’ all because he loved to do dance. He tried to be social and he tried to fit in, but no matter how hard he tried his class mates would always push him away and tell him that he was too abnormal to hang out with him. He had lost a lot of self-esteem and social confidence throughout that experience. It wasn’t until one day when a new transfer student had arrived at his school and sat down next to him on the bench outside at the playground. The young girl had introduced herself as [y/n] and asked him if he would like to be her new best friend. Ever since then the two of them had been glued to each other’s side, even all throughout their high school years into Soonyoung’s pledis trainee days.

The day he introduced [y/n] to the rest of seventeen was the biggest mistake of his life. No, he doesn’t mean it in a mean way, it’s just that the day he introduced her was the day he had actually lost her. At first the flirting between both Jihoon and [y/n] seemed playful and harmless as if they were just a pair of casual friends, but somehow and in some way Jihoon had ended up asking out [y/n] before Soonyoung even got the chance to confess, not that he would have the balls to anyways.

Soonyoung groaned as he watched the couple share a quick kiss from across the room. Both [y/n] and Jihoon looked up at the dancer with a quizzical look.

“Is something the matter, Soonyoungie?” [y/n] asked.

“Uh yeah! I’m in love with my best friend but she’s dating my group mate instead and I’m not okay with that!”


He wanted so badly to scream that out loud, but he bit his lip to prevent himself from doing so.

“Uh yeah, I’m just having trouble thinking about what choreography to create for out newest single,” Soonyoung answered.

[y/n] sent him one of her heartwarming smiles. Soonyoung swore he melted at the sight of her as butterflies fluttered inside his stomach.

“I know you’ll do great, Soonyoung!” She exclaimed, “If you’re having trouble, maybe you could ask Jihoon for help. He did want to become a part of the performance team originally.”

“I’ll be sure to take that into consideration,” He stated as he stood up, “I’m going to go to the practice room and try to dance around for a bit, don’t miss me too much.”

Soonyoung walked over to [y/n] and ruffled her hair before leaving the room and closing the door behind him. After he did so, [y/n] fixed her hair and turned back to her boyfriend. She furrowed her brows in confusion as she looked at Jihoon.

“Did he seem kind of ‘off’ to you?” She asked.

Jihoon shrugged his shoulder and grabbed [y/n]’s hands in his own.

“Maybe he got annoyed with the skinship we were doing together. It’s not something I do in front of people usually.”

“I understand, but I’ve known Soonyoung my entire life and he’s never really acted like this before. You should know, the two of you have been trainees with each other for years, I’d even go as far to say that you are best friends, maybe even brothers!”

Jihoon sighed and caressed [y/n]’s faces with his thumb gently. He smiled at her softly before pushing some of her hair out of her eyes.

“You want me to go talk to him,” He stated bluntly.

[y/n] nodded and kissed his nose softly.

“You guys are way closer than the two of us are. It must be a guy thing. If anyone can get him to open up, it’s you.”

Jihoon chuckled slightly.

“Don’t you think it’s the opposite way around? He’s been your childhood friends, the two of you guys are basically siblings. He’s probably told you everything,” Jihoon stated as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Jihoon,” [y/n] started, “As close as Soonyoung and I seem, he’s always had an issue with opening up to me. There’s something that’s been bothering him ever since you and I first met. I’ve tried to get him to tell me but he shakes it off saying it’s fine. Can you please just ask him, or at least try…for me?”

Jihoon sighed and nodded his head slightly. He looked up at his girlfriend with a slight pout and soften his look on her.

“You’re lucky I love you,” He answered.

[y/n] squealed in excitement as she leaned forwards and placed a loving kiss onto her boyfriend’s pout. Jihoon fixed his pout and smirked slightly to himself as he kissed her back. Once the two of them pulled apart, [y/n] pushed Jihoon off the sofa slightly and motioned for him to follow Soonyoung to the practice room.


Jihoon shoved his hands into his pocket as he rounded the corner that lead to the designated practice room for Seventeen. To be honest, Jihoon wasn’t really looking forward to having a deep talk with Soonyoung. It wasn’t that he had anything against him, but ever since he and his girlfriend got together, he’s seemed a little distant and awkward, especially around Jihoon. Maybe it was just the thought of his two best friends dating, but whatever it was, he and Soonyoung definatly weren’t as close as they used to be back in the pre-debut years.

Loud music of their newest song echoed into the hallway as Jihoon finally reached the door. He could hear the sound of feet scuffing across the floor until it came to an ubrupt stop and a loud groan that followed. The music stopped playing completely and it was silent for a few seconds. Jihoon took that as his queue to walk in, but the second he put his hand on the door knob, a voice from behind made him retract.

“You don’t seem completely focused, Hyung,”

It was Chan.

“I’ve just got a lot of things on my mind. Things you wouldn’t really understand,” Soonyoung’s voice echoed.

“What things, maybe I can help,” Chan replied.

Jihoon couldn’t tell what was going on, but he heard the shuffling of feet walking across the floor. Jihoon stood up on his tip toes so he could get a peak of what was happening from the small window on the door. He saw Chan walking closer to Soonyoung, stopping in front of his hyung and looking up at him.

“Like I said, you wouldn’t understand. It’s too difficult for a young one like you to understand,” Soonyoung said as he walked over towards the mirror that was plastered along the wall.

“You never know until you ask,” Chan piped up, “Plus, if something is bothering you it usually helps to tell someone about it. You know, just to get it off your chest instead of keeping it bottled inside.”

Soonyoung sighed deeply before turning towards Chan, leaning against the mirror and slumping down to sit on the floor.

“It’s [y/n],” He spoke, “It’s all because of [y/n].”

The mention of her name make Jihoon’s heart flutter and suddenly, he became more interested in what was going on, not just because his girlfriend was the reason, but everything that involves her makes him excited. It’s a natural thing for a guy to become involved with anything that includes his girl, right?

“What did Noona do?” Chan asked as he sat on the floor across from Soonyoung.

“Too much,” Soonyoung stated, “She broke me. Not intentionally, but it happened. I used to be so cheerful and happy and then she completely broke me. It’s all I can think about these days.”

“How so? Did she declare someone else her best friend? I know I would be hurt if something like that happened,” Chan said as he leaned closer to his hyung.

“Not quite,” Soonyoung replied, “It’s a little more heartbreaking than that.”

“Well, you didn’t start acting all moody until-“ Chan cut himself off as his jaw dropped. He clapped his hands loudly on his thighs in realization.

“You like her, don’t you Hyung?” Chan asked, “You’re heartbroken because [y/n] agreed to go out with Jihoon hyung over you.”

Soonyoung was silent. That was all that Jihoon needed to confirm that Soonyoung was in fact in love with [y/n]. He clenched his fists together as he continued to watch with what was going on.

“Hyung,” Chan spoke up, “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know,” Soonyoung said, “I never felt this way about a girl before until I met [y/n]. Ever since the day she first introduced herself to me I’ve been in love with her, but it’s clear that she doesn’t love me back.”

As much as Jihoon hated to admit it, he really wanted to scream back at the broken boy that it was false, [y/n] did love him, just not in the same way she felt about Jihoon. Sometimes he wondered though. Soonyoung always somehow would become the center of [y/n]’s life, even when both Jihoon himself and [y/n] would be out spending the night alone. He was almost afraid that if he tried anything that Soonyoung’s name would come out rather than Jihoon’s. Thinking about Soonyoung being in love with his girlfriend mad him mad. He wasn’t really mad at Soonyoung, but more so of the fact that there was a possibility that Soonyoung could easily take [y/n] away from him. This is when Jihoon decided to intervene. He yanked the door open swiftly and stood in the door way, breathing heavily. Soonyoung and Chan looked up at the young composer with confused eyes.

“…you love her…” Jihoon mumbled.

Both Soonyoung and Chan looked at him in confusion.

“Hyung, what did you say?” Chan asked Jihoon.

Jihoon looked up from the floor and pointed a shaky finger at Soonyoung.

You,” He said as he exhageratied the word, “You love her. You love my girlfriend.”

Soonyoung stood up quickly and looked at Jihoon with his mouth agap.

“You heard…” Soonyoung trailed off, “You weren’t supposed to hear any of that.”

“Well now I have,” Jihoon stated as he gritted through his teeth.

Chan chuckled nervously as he walked up to his younger hyung and grabbed onto his stiff arm.

“Jihoon hyung,” He spoke, “Don’t be mad at Soonyoung hyung. He can’t control his feelings.”

That may have not been the right thing to mention.

“If he can’t control his feelings how can I be sure he won’t make a move on my girl.”

Soonyoung stood quietly as he picked at the hem of his shirt. Again there was complete silence.

“How long?” Jihoon asked after a couple of seconds.

Soonyoung hesitated before replying.

“Since I first met her,” He spoke, “And I still do.”

Jihoon’s blood was boiling. He knew he shouldn’t be mad at Soonyoung, but he just couldn’t help it. The thought of someone else taking his girlfriend away from him angered him. Especially if it was someone as close to [y/n] and good looking like Soonyoung was. There is a high chance that Soonyoung could sweep [y/n] away from him and take her as his own. Jihoon knew that [y/n] wouldn’t be like that and just allow Soonyoung to take her away from her relationship to start a new one, but if Soonyoung has feelings for [y/n], there is a 50/50 chance that [y/n] might too.

“Stay away from her,” Jihoon stated bluntly without thinking, “I don’t want to see you near her. Ever.”

Soonyoung stared back at his friend in shock. He had never seen Jihoon so protective, so angry. He knew Jihoon wouldn’t be happy if he found out that he was in love with [y/n], but he never expected him to banish him seeing his own best friend.

“I can’t! She’s my best friend-“

“And she’s my girlfriend!” Jihoon shouted back.

Both Soonyoung and Chan flinched at the tone Jihoon gave. They had never seen him like this before.

“Just stay away from her. I will get you if I find out, Soonyoung,” Jihoon stated as he walked back out the door, slamming it hard behind him.

“Hyung,” Chan said as he tried to reach out for Soonyoung.

Soonyoung said nothing as he too left the practice room, probably to go spend some time on his own, maybe even cry a little. The only thing was, Soonyoung didn’t feel like crying. His pain was beyond that at this point. How does one respond when you’re told to stay away from your best friend, or in this case, his crush?

Chan stood in the practice room by himself as he tried to process everything that just happened. Seeing both of his Hyungs like that made him scared. Never in all 3 years they had been a band has anyone gotten in a fight like that and it scared him. Seventeen meant so much to each individual member and now that two of them were in a huge argument, what will happen to them now?


A couple months had passed since the incident happened between Soonyoung and Jihoon. All the boys and [y/n] had noticed the change of behavior in the two boys. Neither of them talked to each other, they didn’t even look at each other anymore. Jihoon had asked their manager if he could switch rooms so he didn’t have to be with Soonyoung anymore. So Jihoon moved out and Chan moved in to the room in place of while Jihoon got his own room along with [y/n].

[y/n] began to grow worried over both of her boys. Jihoon spent more and more time working than usual and Soonyoung wouldn’t even speak to her. Whenever she would ask Soonyoung to hang out he would always make up an excuse by saying that he was either busy or he just wasn’t feeling well. [y/n] knew her best friend too well to believe any of the lies he was telling her, but she shook it off thinking that maybe it was just a stage he was going through. Jihoon was almost the same way, but he still went out and took her to fancy restaurants to make up for spending so much time on work. [y/n] was beyond confused with their behavior and decided to do something about it. It wasn’t until one day after a long practice that Jihoon decided to get some more work done that she finally got the chance to talk to Soonyoung.

“Soonyoungie!” She called out to her best friend as he tried to escape the practice room.

Soonyoung flinched at his name and ran out of the room without looking back. [y/n] groaned and looked at the boys for help. Chan motioned for her to go after him and that’s just what she did.

“Soonyoung!” She called again as she ran into the hall and followed Soonyoung closely behind.

“Soonyoung I know you can hear me. And don’t even think of outrunning me. You already know I can beat your ass in any race!”

Soonyoung stopped at the entrance of the Pledis building and stiffened up his body. [y/n] jogged up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. She furrowed her brows and walked around to become face to face with her best friend.

“Soonyoung, why are you so tense all of a sudden?” She asked as she forced his chin up so her eyes could meet his.

“I can’t talk to you,” was all that he said.

[y/n] looked at him confused and cocked her head to the side.

“Why are you acting so weird? I thought we were friends,” She asked.

“Apperantly not anymore,” Soonyoung replied as he tried to get around her, but [y/n] was too quick and gripped onto his wrist to stop him.

“What do you mean? Why can’t we be friends? We’ve always been friends, best friends!”

Soonyoung sighed and bit his lip to suppress any tears or sobs that threatened to escape.

“We just can’t okay?” He stated trying to stay strong, “Just go hang with Jihoon. He’ll appreciate your company over my own.”

“But we never spend time together anymore. I miss you, I miss spending time with you.”

Soonyoung wanted to hug her so badly and apologize for everything, but he just couldn’t. [y/n] somehow managed to sense the brokenness in her best friend and reached out to hug him tightly. Soonyoung gave into her hug and squeezed her back, letting a couple of tears fall down his face. He choked out a sob and gripped onto [y/n]’s shirt tightly. [y/n] didn’t do anything except rubbing Soonyoung’s back comfortingly and whispering, “its okay’s”, into his ear. The two of them stood like that for what felt like hours until a throat clearing interrupted their moment. The two of them broke apart and became face to face with Jihoon who stood there with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring slightly at Soonyoung.

“I came to see if you wanted to get some dinner,” Jihoon said to [y/n], his glare never breaking Soonyoung.

[y/n] noticed this and walked over to her boyfriend. She gripped onto his bicep and looked between the two boys and back at Jihoon.

“What is with you two?” She asked, “You guys haven’t spoken a single work to each other in months! It all started when I sent Jihoon to go talk to you about what was bothering you, Soonyoung. What happened?”

Soonyoung looked at Jihoon. Jihoon didn’t do anything but looked down at the floor and back over to his girlfriend before speaking up.

“We talked, it just didn’t go well.”

[y/n] sighed and tilted back and forth on the balls of her feet before breaking away from Jihoon and stood in between the two boys.

“Someone better tell me what happened,” She stated as she looked at both of them.

Soonyoung stayed slient and rubbed his eyes gently as he sniffled.

“Soonyoung said something,” Jihoon stated, “Something he probably should never have said.”

[y/n] looked at her best friend who was being oddly silent.

“Soonyoung, what did you tell Jihoon?” She asked.

Soonyoung refused to speak. Jihoon sighed and gripped [y/n]’s hand tightly in his own.

“He said he was in love with you. He confessed to Chan about everything he felt towards you. I heard them,” Jihoon spoke.

[y/n] stood in shock as she lifted her head to look at Soonyoung. Soonyoung looked like he wanted to be anywhere but in this position right now. [y/n] let go of Jihoon’s hand and walked over to her best friend. She reached out her hand and placed it on his cheek.

“Is that true?” She asked, “Do you really feel that way about me?”

Soonyoung looked up to meet her gaze and nodded.

“Ever since we first met,” He spoke, “And even on after that. Every chance I got to spend with you made me fall harder and faster in love with you…”

[y/n] couldn’t believe it. Her heart fluttered at her best friend’s confession. She bit her lip and looked over at Jihoon who looked like he was about to murder Soonyoung.

“And both of you decided to keep this from me?” She questioned once more.

“I was afraid,” Soonyoung said quietly.

Jihoon glared at him and shook his head disapprovingly.

“I couldn’t lose you, not to him.”

[y/n] looked at Jihoon with a hint of hurt in her eyes.

“You really think I would just leave you because a guy was in love with me?”

Jihoon opened his mouth to speak, but he knew that no matter what he said could ever make it sound any better than what he meant. It was too late, so he kept is shut.

“I can’t believe you would ever think that! I thought you trusted me?” She spat at him, her body trembling at every word.

“And you,” She said as she turned to Soonyoung, “You could have just confessed to me.”

“It’s not that simple, [y/n],” Soonyoung replied.

“Well if you weren’t too afraid to see the outcome than maybe you would have known that I too was in love with you for like my entire life. I still am, but not as much since I got with Jihoon.”

Soonyoung’s head perked up at her statement. Jihoon walked up to [y/n] and turned her around by the shoulder. He looked at her with hurt in his eyes as a single tear trickled down his cheek.

“You still love him?” Jihoon asked her, “Do you love me more?”

[y/n] didn’t say anything at first. She looked up at Jihoon through glossy eyes.

“I can’t say I do. I don’t know anymore,” She said quietly.

Jihoon sighed and pushed some of her hair out of her eyes and wiped away a tear that fell down her face.

“I don’t want to force you into this if you don’t really want it. If you love Soonyoung…you can have him.”

[y/n] shook her head.

“I don’t know who I want,” She said, “I love you both.”

Soonyoung grabbed her arm.

“You can’t have both of us, [y/n]. You know that,” he said.

Jihoon nodded in agreement.

“We won’t force a decision into your hands, but it’s either me or him. Who do you chose?”

Your Choice: Hoshi || Woozi [both parts coming soon]

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 12

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 12 - Secrets

You attempt to keep your new relationship a secret.

Word Count: 2500 (of 73k)

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NCT DREAM: Reaction to you just staring at them and smiling

Request Open!

-Main Admin, M

Mark: “Uhm… Do I have something on my face?”

Originally posted by monoka

 “I know that you love me and that I’m cute, but you better take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

Originally posted by haenyan

“Ahh, Y/N, you surprised me.”

Originally posted by yutangenuh

 “Missing something?”

Originally posted by nctmark

 “Well hello there.”

Originally posted by haechannie

 “Aish, noona, you are making me nervous.”

Originally posted by gfriendidthat

Jisung: “
Don’t look at me, you look too cute.”

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Happy 1Yr Anniversary!!!!

First I want to say thank you astro. Thank you so much for being you. Thank you for having your own color, writing your own history, and staying true to yourselves. You, to me, are a group of boys who don’t hide yourselves from your fans, give your all or nothing. From debut to now you have grown so much! I can still feel my excitement from when I watched the debut showcase, being shook at everything. I remember being amazed hearing the first album, thinking “wow they sing so well for just debuting” to now thinking listening to Winter Dream “Wow their singing has improved so much, i’m blown away” I can hear the improvement, feel the emotions all of you have poured into the album, know that a lot of hard work and late nights went spent. You work so hard to convey your love for us aroha and I feel so proud to be able to say I stan Astro! This message is to Astro, the group who opened my eyes up to a world  am glad to have stumbled upon. Thank you much for the past year, and thank you for the years to come! ✨⭐️🌟⭐️✨

Now this message is for my fellow aroha! Because of Astro I have met so many great people and formed amazing friendships. I want to thank all of you guys for being you! You all make my life so interesting! This fandom is so special to me and I hold all of you close to me heart right next to Astro. Aroha to me are the most warm people and care so much for Astro and the others in the fandom! Makes me so proud to be able to say i’m an aroha! I’m so sorry if i miss people But know I love you all and hope today/tomorrow is an amazing special day! (all of these might be a lil short because i’m not good with words) 

@puppyjinjin cas i freaking love you so much! MY PARTNER IN CRIME!!!! I’m so glad that we can fangirl over jinjin together and freak out! i love having our Skype sessions where we watch v apps or vids and scream <3 

@sanhaaf MY BABY BELLE i adore how much of a hard worker you are! you are so sweet and care about everyone <3<3<3 and when you send me short scenerios to edit, they are so good most of the time, DONT DOUBT YOURSLEF YOUR IDEAS ARE ALL SO GOOD

@svtandastrotrash DESI MY BLOG WIFE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH literally i also love our skype sessions when we plan to write for our blog but most of the time end up goofing off. i love your sassy personality its the light of my life!!

@gotdino MY bEAAN Eryn I love you so much!!!! I love your volleyball aus! Your are so caring and cute even if you deny it! IDK YOUR CUTE AF SOFT SQUISH FIGHT ME

@shinin-diamond MY LOVE ELLIEEEEEEEEEE even though you joined our group later it feels as if you have been here the whole time :’) it wouldn’t be the same with out you! You are such a sunshine i have to wear sunglasses *finger guns* I HOPE ALL GOES WELL WITH UNI Fighting!

@astrosanhaology EMMA MY toll small bean! i cant wait to meet You in a few weeks! It feels like yesterday when we first started talking!!! My special dongsaeng who creates the most funniest and crazy text post I love you!!!

@astros-daddy EVIE i brought you into this cray kpop world but we went on this astro journey together! I love you my husband and I hope school goes well and all your baby plants grow nicely!

@eottaegatigallae MY SECRET AROHA I LOVE YOU TOO AND I HOPE EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL!!! lets talk more soon!!!

@myungjunsmile @adorejinhao @astros-noona @astrobinwoo I LOVE ALL OF YOU GIRLS I’M SO HAPPY TO GOT TO KNOW ALL OF YOU AND MAKE THAT ASTRO CHAT <3

AND  WHO I HAVE MET AND STARTED TALKING TO I LOVE YOU ALL. AND I HOPE WE CAN TALK MORE SOON!!! @in-my-world @myungj-n @ajunhui @yesoftheyeswannabeyourstar @okaymj @makeagoodnamethen @asterocky @jinjinisasinsin @sumoongi @astrongloveforeunwoo @fy1ao  @astrwoo 

AND TO ALL OF THE OTHER AROHA WHO I HAVE YET TO MEET, Thank you guys for being you! Keep doing you! 


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engraved-in-the-moonlight  asked:

hi, mo! i love the list of prompts you put together for your drabble game! if it hasn't been requested yet, can i please have jaebum + #47? thank you <3

Originally posted by dimblethum

“Meet me on the roof in ten minutes.” // 047 out of 050
Im Jaebum (GOT7)
*my apologies, this may have gotten lengthy lol

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Four Years After ~ Chapter Four (The Finale)

Not requested

Genre: Romance

Member: Park Chanyeol

Summary: (of this series) Four years after your breakup with Chanyeol, you are forced into collaborating with him on a song for publicity. From fan signings together, to song-writing together, you both eventually have to sing together in public. But what happens along the way of this song-making process between two exes?

Summary: (of this chapter) YAY, chapter four! MV filming with Chanyeol and a fan signing. Also, this is the last chapter :) 

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three}  

“Hey!” you say, smacking his arm. “Not all women have to be feminine!”

“I know. I’m just talking about you. When presented an audience you act all cute and innocent and like a maknae.”

“And? Your point is?” you say, taking a seat on the chair with wheels again.

“My point is,” he says, using his legs to bring you and the chair closer to him. Hoping off and kneeling in front of you, he smirks and leans closer to your face. “You’re two-faced.”

“Well…I’m not the only one who is also two-faced, Chanyeol.”

He smirks. “I’ve changed.”

“Like hell you did.”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. I guess you’ll find out in the next few weeks.” he says, hopping onto the table again. Using his legs to reel you back in front of him, the close and intimate gesture makes you nervous.

“Why are you trapping me in between your legs and the chair?” you ask, trying to stand up and escape him.

“Is that a problem?” he asks, pushing you back down onto the chair.

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What Forever Feels Like (SoulMate AU)

Request: Hi! Can I request a fanfic for got7 youngjae based on the soulmate prompt where whatever your soulmate writes on their skin appears on your skin? I love reading all your writing. Thank you!~💚

Member: Got7′s Youngjae x Y/N

Type: Fluff


Youngjae took a deep sigh as he plopped onto the bench, immediately followed by a wince as he heard the distinctive rip of denim. 

Curse his thick thighs. 

“You too?” Jackson sighed, sitting along side of him and pointing to the hole forming on his inner thigh as well. “Do you think the chopstick twins ever have this problem?”

Youngjae laughed his breathy laugh, his neck rolling backwards to allow the sound to radiate through the room. That was Jackson’s nickname for Mark and BamBam’s legs. They never had any problems fitting in the jeans the fashion noonas dressed them in. 

“You know they hate when you call them that, right?” Youngjae giggled.

“I’ll give a shit once this happens to one of them,” Jackson gasped, nodding his head for emphasis as he pointed to his pants. 

Jackson furrowed his brows as he looked down to Youngjae’s legs. Youngjae followed his line of sight, both of their eyes resting on the large hole that had ripped across Youngjae’s thigh. 

“What is that?” Jackson whispered, squinting as he looked down at Youngjae’s skin. 

“Nothing,” Youngjae said quickly, pulling his leg away from the older member and looking anywhere but at him. 

“I saw a…a tattoo?” Jackson asked, crossing his arms. 

“Aigoo, stop making stuff up,” Youngjae said, hitting Jackson playfully. 

“I’m not making anything up!” Jackson grumbled. “Would you stop hitting me?”

“I only hit you when you say nonsense things!” Youngjae smiled, standing up. “I’m going to change. I’ll see you in the car.”

Jackson gave him an absent wave as Youngjae stumbled toward the dressing room. As soon as the door was shut and he made sure no one was around, he peeled off his jeans and looked down to his thigh. He couldn’t help but grin as he stared down at the simple words marked in english. 

“tell me a story.”

Youngjae had never believed in the idea of soulmates. 

In grade school, he loved the thought. He was a hopeless romantic at a young age, always believing in the idea of love and that someone was out in the world, taylor-made just for him. Someone who would understand him. Someone who wouldn’t be as cruel to him as the world had. He had learned early of the mythical tale they all carried, the idea that every time your soul mate writes on their skin, injures their skin, or receives a tattoo, it appears on your own. 

His classmates sat and giggled, penning back and forth with their pals in different provinces, countries, continents even. But Youngjae, the optimist, stared at his skin blankly. He would doodle on occasion, hoping to catch the eye of whoever he was supposed to be connected with, but it never quite seemed to happen. He had wracked his brain for any possibility. 

Maybe he or she was blind. 

Maybe he or she was a cynic and couldn’t possibly believe in the idea of sharing a skin with your soul mate. 

Hell, maybe he or she didn’t understand Korean and didn’t want to. 

Day after day, Youngjae fell deeper into despair, trying to ignore his worst thoughts. 

Maybe his soul mate had died. Or maybe…he had never had one at all. 

By the time he had arrived in high school and decided to pursue the career of being an idol, Youngjae had completely given up. Every now and again, paper cuts would appear on his fingers or knuckles, but he couldn’t chalk it up as a sign. He could never completely tie something back to what could be. 

Until he decided to get that arm tattoo. 

After strolling into the parlor, to the chagrin of his hyungs, he began to etch a simple font onto his upper bicep, allowing the pain of the needle to cover up the pain of not having a soul mate. 

That was until he woke up the next morning with three simple words written clear as day on his forearm. 


His heart nearly leapt out of his chest as he stared at the words, angry and bright red. They were in English, but they were there, they existed. He licked his thumb, immediately scrubbing at the words with a fervor he didn’t know he had in him. The font remained, a true testament to his connection with someone in a world unlike his own. 

“hello?” he wrote back. He wasn’t any good at English. He never figured he had to be if he didn’t have a soul mate. What was the purpose of learning another language if he didn’t have anyone to share it with? 

“hello? you permanently mark our skin and all you can say is hello?!” 

Youngjae sighed, furrowing his brows as he looked at the words. 

“not good english” 

“aish, really?” the font appeared down his arm, appearing quickly, this time in sloppy Korean. “i’ve been slaving away, learning korean for four years, for this?!”

“i didn’t think you existed.” Youngjae scrawled back sheepishly. He wasn’t sure if he was angry or overjoyed. “why didn’t you talk to me? i’ve been so alone all of these years.”

He looked down at his arm, waiting for a response, but none arrived. He blinked his eyes quickly, feeling the tears begin to bubble up. 

“no,” he wrote, his fingers shaking, barely able to keep ahold of the pen. “you don’t get to leave. not again.”

“i’m y/n.” Came back the words with a slow hand. “and i’m scared.”

“i’m youngjae,” he responded. “and you don’t have to be anymore.”

And just like that, Youngjae had found you. 

You hadn’t realize what the years of solitude had left you with when you finally decided to speak with Youngjae. When you were in elementary school, you had come home completely confused, strange characters marking your skin with tiny scribbles of daisies and hearts. This was all too much. You were overwhelmed. 

“Mommy,” you cried, thrusting your arm toward your parents. “What does this mean?”

Your parents beamed at each other, knowing looks on both of their faces. 

“That’s your soulmate sweetheart,” your mother cooed, stroking your arm fondly. 

“And from the looks of it, he’s on the other side of the world,” your father grinned. 

You were terrified. They didn’t prepare you for this in any movie you had watched, any book you had read. You couldn’t stomach the idea of being attached to one person, so heavily, for the rest of your life, so you gave up before you even started. Urging yourself to ignore Youngjae’s pleas for identification throughout the years. 

That was until the day you woke up with your arm burning. You had looked down, shocked to see your skin bright and red, a bold and masculine tattoo outlining your bicep. 

And you were pissed. 

But that didn’t measure up to how hopelessly happy Youngjae was. He had made a bold move, and you had reacted. Who knew that was what you needed to kickstart the rest of your lives. 

Youngjae wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans, his eyes gliding across the terminal. He had been working on his English for the past two years, so much so that even his fans had noticed an obvious difference. He was proud of himself. Just arriving back from a trip in Canada, he had managed to navigate his way around the town they had performed in, using as much English as he knew. It wouldn’t matter though, your Korean had grown almost as good as his. 

“stop sweating, your smudging the directions” came the small, neat characters that appeared on the opposite side of his hand. 

Youngjae laughed, the bystanders shuffling around him giving him wary looks. He pulled a pen from his back pocket and ripped the cap off with his teeth. 

“sorry, i’m just excited. i’ve waited my whole life for you.”

“then stop waiting and turn around” the words came slowly, but surely, a small heart displaying after the period. 

Youngjae inhaled quickly, shutting his eyes behind his dark glasses. He was surprised you had found him so quickly, considering he was in his incognito mode. He wore a large hat, sunglasses, and a mask to cover his face, making sure no fans or new outlets would be able to document his arrival at the airport. 

He spun slowly, only opening his lids once he had done a 180 degree turn. There you were, more beautiful that he could ever imagine. 

“Y/N?” he said carefully, verbalizing your name for what seemed like the first time. 

Your name falling from his lips had never sounded as special as it did right now. Matter of fact, you had never really cared for your name until this very moment. His tongue had unlocked a magic to the syllables you had never known possible, and you found yourself holding your breath without even realizing. 

“in the flesh,” you whispered, unable to move even an inch toward him. Cemented in your space, he had no trouble with forward motion, immediately crossing the few feet separating you and wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“So this is what forever feels like,” Youngjae said carefully, pressing his face into your neck. 

Your heart skipped a beat as you closed your eyes, gripping his sweater as if he would disappear at any moment. “Like falling into yourself.”

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SF9: When Their Shy Crush Likes Them Back

Youngbin : Oh,really?I’m relieved then. *Smiles*

Inseong : I already knew that.I mean,who would resist the urge of liking the handsome me? *Arranges his sideburns* Why in the world did I said that?

Jaeyoon : *Wiggles his eyebrows* I like you too. *Smiles*

Dawon : You dooooooo? *Zooms in to his crush’s face* *They started to blush* Oh,sorry. *Backs away* *Smirks*

Zuho : Do you want to hear a great news?I like you too~ *Gives them a finger heart*

Rowoon : I like you too~ *Aegyo*

Taeyang : *Getting ready for his group’s performance* (Y/N) is gonna be in the audience so I gotta look extra fine

Hwiyoung : Noona/hyung,I heard from the hyungs that you like me too so where is our first date gonna be at?

Chill Hwiyoung chill wth

Chani : Well,do you want to know who I like? *Does a spinning dance and points at them* You~!

Gifs are not mine. ^^

Yoongi Scenario: All to Himself.

Request: Hi!!! Can I please get a fun fluffy Yoongi scenario where you play around with the maknae line a lot cause you’re about their age and Yoongi doesn’t seem to care but is actually low-key jealous and you kind of tease him about it? Thank you and I love your blog~~

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

You arrived at the dorm early in the afternoon, Yoongi had told you he was free for the rest of the day after midday so you didn’t waste time and went there as early as you could. For today you had planned to make something different and being that you would be alone with him and the maknae line you thought you could include them as well, so for today you were going to make pizza from scratch, you knew how much the boys loved pizza but how sometimes they weren’t allowed to indulge on the tasty food. So today you were going to treat them and make a healthy but delicious pizza. Not that you were a professional cook or anything, but for Yoongi you would try your best.

Yoongi was waiting for you at the elevator, he had a sleepy face, like he had just woken up and you were sure he had just taken a nap, he was wearing black jeans and a big dark green hoodie. You smiled at him and he offered you a tiny smile as well.

-Babe- you said greeting him, going in for a hug as soon as the elevator’s doors closed. He hugged you back, taking in your scent.

-How are you? Sorry about the mess you’re about to see, I live with kids after all-

You giggled. -I’m the same age as some of them, that makes me a kid?- you asked teasingly.

Yoongi saw your playful eyes and smirked. -No, but you sure are a mischievous little girl- he said in a rather low tone that made you blush.

He stole you a kiss, quick and sudden but the touch made you want to steal one back; he then opened the door, three faces appearing immediately before you.

-Y/N!- they chanted. Jimin and Taehyung more enthusiastically than Jungkook, but they were all smiling brightly so you returned the gesture.

-Hello boys!- 

-Oh, Y/N you’re blushing, was our hyung disrespecting you?- Taehyung asked earning a smack from Yoongi and laughs from the other two, you just blushed more.

-Yah, watch it-

-Come Y/N- Jimin said grabbing your arm to start walking towards the kitchen.

Taehyung nodded grabbing your other arm -Yoongi hyung told us we are making pizza today and we want to help-

You turned your head to give Yoongi a small smile, but he shook his head like saying everything was fine, but you knew that sweet boyfriend of yours, how his lips tightened a little and how he let out the most subtle sigh. He always tried to look cool and smooth, but you knew better.

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[TRANS] ‘WINGS’ - Jungkook Thanks To

My one and only family under the sky
Mom, dad, hyung
Forgive me if I normally act nonchalant, I’m not like that insideㅋㅋ
I’ll call often and send lots of photos. Even if I don’t listen to you, I’m still mom and dad’s son
Thank you for always give me strength, I love you
And Jeon Sergeant… Nah you can just sufferㅋㅋㅋ
I’m kidding, you’ll be discharged soon. Before you’re discharged, go out and think about what you’ll do
I hope we can have a meal together soon

Bang Shihyuk PD-nim, I’m really happy to have such cool concept this time as well! I’ll promote diligently! Thank you!
Vice-president Yoojung, sometimes you would listen to our concerns and silently support us, that give us a lot of strength. Thank you!
Director Seokjoon, thank you for telling us plenty of things and teaching us whenever we perform! I won’t miss important stuffs and will work harder.
Director Shinkyu, seems like I didn’t get to see you a lot these days. I hope I can see you more often while promoting! Let’s go eat something tasty again!
Director Lee Hyuk, every time you greet us with your warm voice, all my worries seem to vanish awayㅋㅋ Let’s meet again soon!
Director Chaeeun, I can’t see you frequently but your pose is no joke, you gave me bread too. I ate that one deliciously! Thank you! ㅋㅋ

Manager hyungs who join us everyday. Chief Hobeom who looks remarkably tired lately, you have to gather with 7 of us Bangtan and have a meal!
Reliable Sejinie-hyung who’s becoming even more reliable! Thank you so much for staying beside us like this!
Jungilie-hyungnim who’s flying around lately ㅋㅋ Hyung’s really funny and interesting, and drive well tooㅋㅋ
Thank you for staying beside us! Let’s continue to go together
Yoonjae-hyung who would sometimes pop up and calm us down with his friendly voice just like Flying Merry ㅋㅋ
Minhyukie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, Soonhakie-hyung, the hyungnims who work really hard, who say they would wait for us even until late night, you went through a lot. Thank you!
Assistant manager Sungseok, although I don’t get to see you a lot, thank you for working so diligently! It’s been hard for you!
Team leader Hyukki, chief Jaehoon, Eunjung-noona, Eunsangie-hyung from Management Support team, thank you for teaching me one by one even though there are still many things I don’t know. It looks like you have a lot going on your minds, you all worked hard!
Woojung-noona, Surin-noona who sometimes stay behind until late to work and are constanly having more work, it’s a good thing but my tears are all welling up. Noona, hwaiting!
Hyunji-noona, Bunhong-noona who stick around until very late. Seems like it’s like that almost every day, aren’t you working too hard? You’re the best.
Sunghyunie-hyung, hyungnim~ Thank you for dressing us up with cool outfits this time too. I’m not interested in clothes so I don’t know that well but anyway, they look cool ㅋㅋ!
Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona who worked hard even till the dawn! Thank you so much, really! Let’s play Anipang some time soon. I’ll let you win.
Gabriel-hyung, the hyungnim who has such artistic slosh hairㅋㅋ You worked hard too, I want to try that hair once before I die.
Seulie-noona, the link between us and ARMY, who work hard and readily, you’re the best!
Nayeob-noona, Yoori-noona, the two people I always run into whenever I’m at the company! Thank you for doing many things for us!!!
Team leader Heesun… Although normally I don’t see you around much..! I know you’re working really hard for us and the company! Fighting!
Hayan-noona, Hayan-noona who work so hard to the point her dark circles droop down to the chin! You went through a lot, but please quickly teach me English and Japanese!ㅋㅋ
Jinah-nim, Kyungjin-nim, Sungho-nim, Hyeyoung-nim, I don’t know you guys that well but I know you’re working hard for the company and us! Hwaiting!

Seolhee-noona, I don’t see you much lately! If we get busier I’ll see you a lot right?! ㅋㅋ Noona worked hard too!
Sunjung-noona, every time I see you, my memories back from the trainee days come back. It was tough but come to think of it now, they’re good memories! It’s been hard for you.
Mijung-noona, Yeonhee-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Hyunryung-nim, Hyewon-nim, we don’t meet much these days..! You’ve suffered a lot to guide us little guys to the right path. Please take care of us in the future as well!
Changwonie-hyung, the hyungnim who stayed up late to mix songs for us! Thank you for the blueberries, Gunnuts and lemons! You’re the best ㅋㅋ
Jooyoungie-hyung, Bosungie-hyung, Wooyoungie-hyung, the hyungnims who go back and forth and work so hard! Please take care of our songs in the future too..!
Team leader Jedong, yes! Leader! You’ve worked hard! Take strength from us and cheer up even more! Fighting!
Teacher Sungdeuk, the best choreographer! I’m looking forward to see which cool choreography will come out next! Please create lots of cool choreography in the future too!
Head of Department Hajung, Hyesoo-nim, Chaewon-nim, Seoyeon-nim, Yeonhwa-nim, noonas had gone through a lot..! Thank you for staying with us even until the dawn.
I hope we will continue with each other in the future too. I have something to say, noonas are tired enough so please don’t take the luggage when I’m carrying them.
I can at least help you that much.
Head of Department Dareum, Hyunah-nim, Seolji-nim, makeup artists!!! Thank you for making our eyes, noses, lips look this cool! It’d be great if we can continue to work together in the future too!
Seems like the two of you are Anipang masters. Head of Department Naejoo, Head of Department Jihye, Jinyoung-nim, hair masters!!! Thank you for styling every strand of our hair with all your hearts!!! I hope we’ll continue to work with each other in the future as well!
Director Lumpens, director Hyunwoo!! You went through a lot! It seems like you have to think a lot and your shoulders, arms hurt as well, but it is really awesome!
Thank you so much, I think directors and us have become destiny now ㅋㅋ
Head of Department Rinyong, thank you for taking beautiful pictures for us this time! I saw how much you put your passion into them! Thank you so much! You’ve worked hard!

I don’t know if hyungs would read this. But I’ll write it anyway. I feel really good that we’ve come together to this position. There are still many mountains to climb in the future
I hope we can help each other and together reach that peak. I think that our bodies may be 7, but our minds are one (although thinking of this, it seems weird). If we each look at different directions, our bodies wouldn’t know how to act
So in the future, let’s all look at one place and continue to go up for as long as we can
We will all know where that place is

Your existence is something I’m so grateful for, to the point it’s such a pity and an upset, that there isn’t any word in this world to show how grateful I am other than “thank you”!
Can human’s heart even be this tough?
You give me so much love that I probably won’t even able to receive any more in my next life
This may sound like an exaggeration but how do you guys feel about thisㅎ
I say this all the time but really, without you, there won’t be us, or something like that
I want to be someone’s great man, I want to be your eternal singer
So I can’t lose you guys
If you go further away, I’ll pull you closer. I don’t know how to do it, or if it works or not, but I’ll try to not let go of you
Again, thank you and I love you.

Jin | Suga | J-hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V

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yo but like. it took yoongi a while to warm up to baby jeon, right? i can see yoongi and baby jeon in his teens having a lot of heart-to-heart talks that are extremely rare but always very sincere and jungkook always looks forward to them

everyone knows that jungkook doesn’t like talking about his feelings. whether it’s about a failed test or a crush he’s been hiding, it doesn’t really matter. bottom line is, jungkook doesn’t like to talk about his feelings.

more so when you’re not around.

however, thankfully, some way some how, yoongi became the one stepping forward to talk to jungkook about things that made him feel sad, happy, discomfort, whichever, you name it. everyone seriously thought that seokjin would be the one taking care of this, not the grumpy fellow who coops himself in the studio all day but hey, life is full of surprises.

yoongi notices how jungkook’s particularly quiet today and he excuses himself to his room. that’s when yoongi makes himself useful, giving taehyung his dishes to clean and then stalking off to the nineteen year old’s room.

with just a knock, he hear’s jungkook’s grunt of leave me alone but of course, yoongi wouldn’t be yoongi if he actually listened.

“yeah, sorry kid i’m coming in,” yoongi snorts, barging in and slamming the door behind him, only to receive a glare from jungkook. “then what’s the point of knocking in the first place?”

yoongi shrugs, taking a seat opposte jungkook on his bed, one leg propped up and folded, the other lazily hovering over the carpet floor, “i don’t know. you tell me. but maybe you should tell me what’s bothering you so much instead,”

jungkook scoffs, but grabs onto a pillow and hesitates, “aren’t you busy, hyung?”

“oh now you call me hyung,” yoongi snorts, but nevertheless gives up on his teasing. maybe just today. “never too busy for a brat like you. now tell me, what’s bothering you?”

at first jungkook shakes his head, mumbling a soft it’s nothing… but when he sees that yoongi’s still here and not buying his bullshit, he relents with a heavy exhale.

“it’s just one of those days… i guess? i mean… usually when i’m feeling like this, i can’t quite explain what’s wrong or what to do about it. but noona would always have her way to help me get through it. i still remember it when i was seven, all she needed to do was give me a hug and just listening to her voice would suffice. now that i’m nineteen and she’s not here… i thought i’d find some other way to get through it but it seems like i still haven’t and i don’t know how and… i…”

“you miss her,” yoongi finishes, as if it’s not the most obvious thing ever because since you went away, the household got a bit less cheerful, duller in colors, dimming in brightness.

nodding with a frown, jungkook puts the pillow aside. “yeah… i kinda do…”

“well,” yoongi breathes, reaching out to pat jungkook’s hand, “just know that your noona loves you a lot, even when she’s not here with us, with you. i’d hate to admit it but all of us miss her too but she’s not obligated to tie herself down here with us when she has opportunities there out for her. and you out of all people should know that it’s because of you she took so long to make her decision and it’s not because she doesn’t love you. just because she’s not here now, doesn’t mean she won’t be in the future. give her time, alright? there’s no way your noona can stay away from you for so long and neither you to her,” yoongi draws his hand back when he sees jungkook smiling, in the very least, “plus, don’t you have her number? give her a call. see what happens after that.”

“i…” jungkook starts, blinking up to yoongi, “i think i’ll try that now,” he reaches for his phone, but spares yoongi one last look, “thanks, hyung.”

“no problem,” yoongi grins, patting the latter’s head before decided to leave. but before he closes the door, his smile widens when he hears jungkook’s surprised yet relieved, “r-really? you miss me too?”

“Now you don’t only have a dirty body, but also a dirty mind??”

Yuta smut/funny/cute scenario

Resume: You were working as a staff at SM and your job was taking care of idol’s image…now you had to deal with Yuta who didn’t like to wash often and convince him to be more organized…funny/naughty things will happen…

PS: Somewhere between the story, there’s a surprise gif…I was searching for it but never showed, so yep I did my job to create it. I hope you like it guys!!! A feed back is very very welcomed! xoxoxoxo and sorry, it’s a bit long, I was immersed into describing too many details…

You have been friends with NCT members since when you were a trainee, but later on, as you injured yourself badly during a dance practice routine you had to give up on being an idol and instead you became a staff at SM. You and Moon Taeil were same-age friends but other members treated you the same too because you were looking and acting like a maknae in your training group.

Not too long ago, when they decided to debut NCT units, they assigned you as their image manager; you knew them very well their lifestyle, personality, fashion sense, manners and so on…

It happened on a Saturday, when you finally had your first day off in a while…2 days after NCT 127 radio appearance, when your chief called you angry because you didn’t take care properly of the members…Seemed like Taeyong made a mistake saying Yuta was the dirtiest/unorganized member of all and many fans reacted negatively.

They had to keep a clean image and show fans a healthy lifestyle, not talking nonsense here and there because they could lose fan’s interest and be judged badly. Well, you were only training them inside the SM building by giving them tips - you couldn’t control their dorm life, because it was manager’s task… But you were blamed for everything.

Before their debut, during trainee period, you were in a some-relationship with Nakamoto Yuta and he always had a clean image around you…you couldn’t believe.

It has been a while since you actually talked with him personally and you felt burdened going to his dorm and scold him…it was your chief order after all and your job was at risk.

You ran quickly to the parking lot and took the first staff-car available. Fortunately it was weekend and they had 2 days off any promotions, you could take your time to arrive at their dorm.

And here you were, standing in front of their dorm door, taking a deep breath before entering. It was your first time coming to their place and you felt nervous since there were so many guys living together…you wished not to see things you didn’t want!

You rang the bell, which wasn’t working - smart move- It was for preventing strangers disturbing them. You knocked but nobody answered. You looked at the door lock and tried to figure their password but didn’t work neither. Last try – calling their manager and ask for their password because you didn’t have anyone’s phone number since they changed it before debuting, to prevent friends or family use them for other purposes…once again because of fans who were going beyond limits sometimes…

You quickly called their manager who gave you Taeyong’s number to call him and open you the door.

 After more than 2 times trying to call him, finally, he answered.

 -         Noona…I’m sorry I’m out with the guys, we came to eat lunch and watch a movie. What happened?

-         You guys…if your manager finds out you are dead. Is Yuta with you?

-         Oh no he must be sleeping…he’s been sleeping a lot since Thursday he almost didn’t left his bed…Jaehyun was at home too, cleaning the kitchen but maybe he’s gone somewhere. Please convince him to take a bath at least because I need him to change his sheets and I do the laundry…I know it’s a hassle for him taking bath but he really needs that! I can’t stand his dirtiness anymore.

-         Omg is that really true Taeyong-ah?? I thought you were joking when you said that on the radio…well please give me your door-lock’s password cause I need to scold him right now!

-         Ahaha noona, you could have guessed that, it’s our debut date actually.

-         Ah, ok Taeyong-ah. Well I should have thought about that ahah. I’ll wake up Yuta don’t worry. Have a nice movie time and say hello to the rest of the guys. Bye.

-         Bye, noona. Thank you so much for your help…and good luck! I know you’ll need it!

You pressed the code “7716” and the door opened instantly. Finally you were inside their dorm.

At the entry you almost tripped. You looked down and saw a big pile of shoes…there were too many! You imagined if each member had a different shoes size…they won’t have enough space to store them in the whole dorm!

Before dealing with Yuta, first you had to explore common areas. The living room was pretty organized and clean, when you entered in the kitchen you saw the dishes washed and placed on the sink to dry out, the 2 bathrooms were pretty clean and smelled nice. You open the terrace door and saw the laundry hanging outside…their clothes were still wet, but smelled fresh, like lavender.

Now back to their rooms…you entered the first one, as the door was slightly opened and you saw everything in place, there were 2 beds – one with dark black sheets and another one with a baby blue cover.

It smelled familiar and you knew…it was Taeyong’s room and Haechan’s. His black sheets had a strong scent of Febreeze…he was indeed the cleanliest member of all.

Now you had to face sleeping Yuta…and make him clean himself and organize his things…ahh you felt your blood pressure increasing, giving you a headache!

You opened slowly the second bedroom’s door and you saw 3 beds, two in the front and one behind the door…where Yuta was sleeping, all covered, you couldn’t see his face.

It smelled like perfume, looks like Jaehyun used some before leaving since there was no presence of him inside…only his scent, the same one he’s been using for years since you met him.

As you reached inside…you could hear a moaning under the cover on the bed near your left side.

-         Jaehyun-ah…is there any food left for me? I’m hungry…ahh why did you use so much perfume?? He asked with a hoarse voice, suddenly coughing

-         Jaehyun ahhh…

You approached him and pulled down the covers making sudden eye contact with him.

-         Aaah!! What is this? He jumped surprised, while trying to cover himself since his upper body was naked…

-         Is this a hidden camera?? Noona, what are you doing here??

You looked flustered and didn’t expect his sleepy face could shake your heart…It was a long time since you were both alone and even if you never had any serious relationship,  you still felt something for him…you were attracted to him somehow…

You tried to maintain your cool posture although.

-         Yuta-yahh, I think it’s time for you to take a bath and change the sheets. I heard your story on the radio and my boss almost killed me…I could lose my job if I don’t train you guys how to keep a proper imagine; you are famous now and you should make some sacrifices I know it’s hard, but if other members can do it without objection, you can do it too. C'mon stand up!

You pulled him to stand up, but he fell again on the bed and pushed you towards him…making eye contact.

There was a small distance between you…and your heart beating increased suddenly…he looked really handsome after all this time you haven’t seen him.

-         Noona, please can you make something for me to eat? And…you didn’t miss me at all this time? I waited for your call or a message at least…

-         Yuta yah…you guys changed your phone numbers right? How could I…

-         No, no I haven’t change mine, I kept it with my old phone waiting for you…I know we didn’t have anything serious but I still missed your touch…it was really hard for me these days, I really wanted someone to cheer me up…

-         Look Yuta, I know, but past is past, now I have to do my job…I’m not here to play I’m sorry…

But he didn’t let you finish. He was pulling you into a deep kiss…but you pushed him against the wall as soon as you realized what you were doing.

-         Yah! How long has been since you last brushed your teeth? You are so dirty!!!

-         Ahhh noona, I brushed my teeth in the morning when they woke me up to have breakfast…C'mon I’m not that gross as they might have said…pleeeeasse!!!

You stood up and pulled him with all your force, pushing him inside the bathroom.

-         You need to wash your dirty body and dirty mind! Maybe you’ll come back to your senses! I don’t know what these guys did to you…

-         Well sweetheart, for that, you can blame Jaehyunnie…he might be somewhere doing naughty things right now. Now, back to us…Don’t you want to join me? Look at this…pointing to his well-defined abs which were really hot and cool…I know you want it…

You gulped and tried to keep your calm…you couldn’t do anything even if you wanted, you were scared of losing your job if there were any rumors spreading after this, you could prepare your death sentence.

But still, the rest of the members were out and you knew they wouldn’t come back soon and it was a long time since you have been intimate like this with someone… actually you were with him the last time too, in a dark-practice room, almost being caught by security guard…well… Screw anything, just for a quick time, just a quick time you could enjoy it…

You locked the door behind you and pushed him with your arms inside the shower. .water was running while you were stripping in front of him…he started to touch himself admiring your sexy show while licking his lips.

-         Come noona…don’t make me wait for too long. You need to clean me…I can’t do it myself.

You massaged his body with foam, touching every inch of his skin…you felt like working on a piece of art…how could you miss that if he was practically offering to you like a sacrifice for the gods… Well you knew you were a goddess deep in his heart…

-         Aahh feels so good baby…your hand didn’t lose your magical touch…I see!

He pushed you against the wall, holding your legs while his member slipped inside you. It felt hot, slippery, yet very good…you made sweet-wet love for a while, kissing and licking each other’s neck while your arms held on him tight. He didn’t take his eyes off you any second. And you were mesmerized by his pleasures face-expression which made you reach your climax long before he could finish you…

As he was near his climax too, he increased his pace making you moan loud of over-satisfaction…

You kissed him before cleaning yourself and dressed quickly, worried someone might catch you.

-         I’ll wait for you in the kitchen after you finish, sweetie. Take your time and clean yourself properly.

He nodded while smiling mischievously…pleased that you finally cheered him up.

Lunch was ready…and he appeared in front of you dressed in a simple casual outfit. His smile was really gorgeous…no wonder he was the most famous member of his group. You felt happy only by watching him smile.

After he finished his lunch, you helped him to change his bed sheets, do the laundry and organize his drawers. You left him a list of things to do and warned him you were going to track all these as you’ll pay him visits more often starting from now.

-         Ahaha looks like I need to mess up every day, so you could visit me more times…

-         Yah! You don’t have a dirty body, but you also have a dirty mind…I really need to wash it off…don’t know how.

-         Well you could come over like this, maybe I’ll release some of my dirtiness…if I SPEND MY TIME WITH YOU…

-         I NEED TO GO. BYE Yuta, take care of your health and sleep, don’t forget to check up the list I left…I’ll really check up on you…seriously!!

-         Don’t forget to call me! I missed you…finally you came to me, I’m really, really happy!

He kissed you on your forehead as a goodbye and before closing the door he slapped you hard on the butt…

-         Ooops… my hand slipped…sorry. He laughed loudly.

-         Yahh, I know your door-lock password, you know??

But you carried on smiling, leaving, now that you did your job properly…and even an extra one. That, no one needed to know actually – now you had to think how to manage Yuta’s dirty mind – you remembered TY’s “Good luck “ message from before and you knew clearly what he was referring to…Yuta was really clingy that he would become annoying sometimes, you had to deal with his hyperactive personality from now on…it was like baby-sitting an adult with a child’s mind…ahhh so difficult…now your life will become even more problematic than before… But well, how can you resist to his charms??

Requiem - Part 1 - Suho/Junmyeon angst

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This is slightly different from all of my others - it’s completely platonic, first of all - and it made me sad. I’ve never really thought about all the people that go through this :(
Anyway, thank you to the person who requested this :D
This is long af btw, sorry about that.

1 | 2 | 3 


Suho was sick. His health was… deteriorating at an alarming rate and the people around him could only watch in horror and shock as the Suho they knew was a mere shell of what he used to be now.

He couldn’t dance with the same energy, or at all. He slept twice as much as usual, missing meals and even concerts. He was quiet and reserved during interviews, not able to get up and join in with his hyper family. Fans were concerned, reaching out to him on social networking, but nothing helped. Of course nothing helped. Suho’s mind was completely filled with the prospect of his impending doom, how could anybody help?

There were good days, though. Sometimes, Suho was able to get out of bed with little to no help and he was able to smile, and laugh, though it was harder to get it out of him than usual. He was able to sit and chat with his members as if nothing was wrong, and nobody wanted to mention the elephant in the room.

The truth was, Suho was dying. His kidneys were failing and sucking the life out of him, bit by bit. None of the members were a match to his tissue and even if they were, Suho wouldn’t allow them to even think of donating one of their precious organs to him. What kind of a leader would he be if he shortened the lifespan of one his family members? Suho didn’t even want to think about that.

Then, there were the bad days. The whole group had become accustomed to Suho’s groans, and sometimes even screams, of pain. They had developed a kind of router on who would look after him at certain times during the day. It was awful for Suho, but the others didn’t mind. He was meant to be the strong one, the healthy one, the one that could do no wrong. He was supposed to be the one that everybody leant on when they needed help and support. Yet, here he was, his mortality melting away before his very eyes.

Minseok had had enough. He knew that Suho was going to be gone soon, but he also knew that there were so many people Suho had left to say goodbye to. His family were already all in Seoul to stay with him until the very end, but there was somebody missing and everybody knew it.

He pressed the phone against his head, tapping his foot impatiently. Pick up, pick up, pick up…

“Annyeonghaseyo?” your voice asked through the line and Minseok almost dropped the phone in shock. It had been so long since they had spoken, Xiumin had forgotten what your voice sounded like.

“Y/N?” he asked, unsure.

“Minseok-oppa? Is that you?”

“Y-Yeah, it’s me…”

“Oh, hello! How are you? How is everybody? It’s been a long time, you have all been so busy, I thought you’d forgotten about me!”

Minseok shuffled uncomfortable, figuring it was best to leave out the fact that they weren’t exactly allowed to contact you much anymore.

“Yeah, everybody’s good, I’m good… Listen, are you alone?”

“I am, why?”

He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck and casting a glance over to the members who were sitting on the sofa, Suho absent.

“Are you busy for the next… few months, maybe? Suho is… Suho is in a bad shape.”

“What? What do you mean?” you asked, your voice getting noticeably more worried and concerned.

“Do you not know?”

“Know what?” You asked desperately, getting annoyed.

Minseok was surprised. So you hadn’t been keeping up with the news? Everybody knew that there was something wrong with Junmyeon, but an official statement on his situation hadn’t been released.

“Minseok!” you cried.

“Sorry. I mean, because he’s ill. Very ill.”

It was quiet on both ends for a while.

“How ill?” Your tiny voice asked, almost fearing the answer.

“He’s dying, Y/N.”


“Okay, so, the plan is, you’re going to get a taxi to the building and I’m going to bring you up, because these days, people aren’t allowed in unless they have complete authorization and have had health checks and all. However, that’ll take ages and we want you in there quickly, so I’ll come down and get you and we should be good to go.” Minseok rattled off quickly, making you nod hurriedly, dodging past people in the airport. You had cleared everything up with your workplace and had nothing for a month. However, you would not be getting paid for this month, which was okay, because you were staying with the boys.

“Is he okay today? You said that his condition fluctuates.”

“Today is… an alright day. He’s out of bed, but on the sofa and he hasn’t moved much at all. I think seeing you is what he needs.”

“Right,” you said, bursting through the doors of Incheon airport and striding to the nearest empty taxi, opening the door and giving the driver the address as you settled into the seat. “And why isn’t he in hospital, by the way?”

“His condition isn’t deemed serious enough to be given a permanent hospital bed. There are low hopes for an organ donor these days.”

The thought saddened you. How many other people were suffering like this, with help so close to their reach?

“Alright, well, I sure hope he’ll be happy to see me. Does he even remember me?”

“Of course he does, Y/N. We all remember you, we just hardly have time to talk to old friends these days.”

“I understand, don’t worry.” you said, watching out the window as the familiar streets of Seoul zoomed past. “I’ve missed this place…”

“It’s missed you too. Are you nearly here? The drive isn’t too far.”

“I think so. You’re so impatient, you text me about a hundred times on the flight over here.”

“Yeah, well, can you blame me?”

“No, not really.” you said quietly, thinking hard. What if this was the last time you got to see Suho? What if there was an unexpected problem and he died in his sleep, or he just passed out suddenly and never woke up? Then what would you do?

“A-ah… Uh, can you call me when you get here?” Minseok said, suddenly whispering.

“Sure. See you soon.” you said, hanging up.

It had been a few years since you had seen the boys, and communication had dwindled, severely. At first you would have regular video chats with all of the boys, then only one of two members, then just Junmyeon and suddenly, complete silence on their end. You weren’t angry, of course; they were a huge deal all over the world, you understood that they were too busy to talk to you. You were grateful to Minseok for giving you the option to come and see Suho for the last time - it would have been beyond awful if he had died and you didn’t even get to say goodbye.

All too soon, the taxi pulled in front of their building and you got out quickly, taking your suitcase with you, and you called Minseok  as you walked slowly through the doors into the building. The hustle and bustle of the building hadn’t changed at all and it was a struggle to even see to the other side of the room with the amount of people that were running around.

“I’m on my way down.” Xiumin said abruptly from the phone before he hung up. The short call startled you slightly and you stared down at your phone before shrugging and sliding the phone into your pocket, standing and waiting patiently for Minseok.

He wasted no time and it was less than two minutes before you saw him rushing towards you, looking incredibly tired.

“Y/N!” he said, pulling you into a tight hug. You laughed, hugging him back with the same enthusiasm. “It’s been too long.”

“I know, oppa. But it’s okay, I’m here now. Let’s go!” you said, pulling away from him and picking up your bag. He tugged your suitcase out of your hands.

“Let me carry this, you’ve travelled all this way for Suho. The least I can do is carry your bag.”

“I’m not going to stop you.”


“Y/N?” A familiar deep, flat voice said from the other end of the hallway and both you and Minseok turned to see both Sehun and Jongin walking towards us. “That is you, right?”

You laughed, opening your arms wide for the younger boy. “Come here, Sehun.”

He sped up his walk and went straight into your arms, enveloping you in a warm hug.

“How come you’re here?” Jongin asked, hugging you quickly as soon as Sehun had let go of you and smiling at you, eyes twinkling. As much as they showed that they were happy to see you, tiredness lined their face and they were noticeably sadder.

“I came to see Suho, of course,” you said, smiling up at them all. Their smiles dropped suddenly and you felt guilty for reminding them of this pain. “And all of you, don’t worry.”

“Noona, you know that he’s sick, right?” Sehun asked you and you nodded grimly, reaching up and stroking down a bit of hair that was sticking up.

“I do know that.”

“Well… He’s in his room, it’s the same one as it was the last time you were here.” Jongin said, gesturing down the hallway and you nodded, bowing slightly in thanks.

“Y/N?” another deep voice called when Sehun and Jongin had left you.

“Y/N?” a distinct voice asked as well. You turned, yet again, to see Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Yixing rushing towards you too. A group hug ensued shortly and you laughed loudly, hitting Chanyeol’s back to get him to put you down.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?” Yixing asked gently and you smiled fondly up at him.

“I’m here for Suho and to see all of you.” you told them and they nodded, seriously.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, we would love to stay and talk some more, but we have to get to practise.” Baekhyun said, patting you on the head playfully. You smacked his hand off you and he laughed, the sound bringing back memories.

“Of course, don’t let me keep you!” you said and they all smiled at you once more before making their way to their studio.

“Okay, Y/N, you can go to his bedroom now. I think Jongdae must be in there,” Minseok said, nudging you slightly forwards. You breathed in deeply, the hallway to his bedroom seeming longer than usual.

Why were you being so ridiculous? It was just Junmyeon, your friend. This was easy.

You knocked very, very gently on his bedroom door and got a muffled ‘Come in!’ so you eased down on the door handle, popping your head around the corner of the frame.

“Oh!” Chen exclaimed in a hushed voice, leaping up from his spot on Junmyeon’s bed. He joined you at the door and you both walked out of the door. “Y/N! What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see Junmyeon.” you said in a whisper. He nodded understandably, giving you his trademark kitty smile.

“Of course. You can go right in, just… Don’t be surprised by what you’ll see, okay?”

“Okay?” you answered, slightly bewildered.

You entered the room silently again, shutting the door behind you and turning to face Suho on his bed.

“Suho.” you gasped, clapping a hand to your mouth. He was ill. He was so, so ill.
His bones were obvious through his skin which was white as paper. Bags hung low under his eyes and a sheen of sweat was covering his body. Merely the sight of him, so weakened, brought tears to your eyes.

“Y/N?” he gasped, struggling to sit up. You rushed to him quickly, pushing him down gently, careful not to hurt him. “What are you doing here?”

You smiled wryly at the question you had heard endlessly that day.

“I’m here to see you, of course.” you told him, sitting down next to him on his bed, taking one of his hands in yours.

“You came all the way here because of me?”

“Of course I did, Junmyeon. You’re ill, I need to take care of you.”

He smiled softly up at you and you were almost brought to your knees at how feeble the action was.

“Who called you?”


“Of course.”

“I’m glad he did, too; I had no idea there was even anything wrong with you!”

“That was the plan, actually.” Suho said, shutting his eyes slowly.

“What do you mean?” you asked, bewildered.

“Not you specifically,” he said quickly, opening his eyes again. “I meant the public in general.”

“Oh.” was all you said.

You could kind of understand it, but wouldn’t it be easier to get well wishes and words of sympathy rather than constant pestering questions?

However, as you looked down at his tired, withdrawn face, you immediately knew. He was Suho, guardian of EXO. He was their leader, the person everybody could look up to. He didn’t want to show the world that he was anything but that.

“I’m sorry.” you heard and you looked down at him again, wondering what he meant. “I can’t take you out or do anything with you; you flew all this way for nothing.”

“Don’t be so ridiculous, Junmyeon, I flew all this way to take care of you and that is exactly what I’m going to do.”

He sighed heavily, the noise weighed down with all the worries in the world. You sighed too, wishing there were something you could do to erase his pain.



“That is completely insane, I will not let you do that.” Minseok said sternly, crossing his arms defiantly.

“Why not? I’ve done research! Besides, all of you boys volunteered, why can’t I?” you asked, staring around the room at all of the member, Suho excluded.

“It’s different for us, Y/N,” Yixing said softly. “We’re family.”

“And you think Junmyeon isn’t part of my family?” you asked, staring at him in shock.

“Y/N, be reasonable. If we did let you, you know that Junmyeon won’t allow it.” Jongin said in the same tone as Minseok.

“He won’t know until it’s happened! I can donate it anonymously!”

“I think it’s a good idea.” Sehun interjected, Chanyeol nodding silently next to him.

“Yes! Thank you!”

“No way, Y/N! It’s not happening!”


“Have you taken into consideration the risks, Y/N?” Kyungsoo spoke up.

“Such as?”

“There’s a chance that you might not… Recover.”

“See! Now it’s definitely not happening!” Minseok said loudly, throwing his hands up in derision.

“I have considered that risk, but I am willing to take it.”

“Y/N, please think this through carefully, okay? You are literally giving him part of your body.” Jongdae said grimly.

“This wasn’t some split-second decision making, guys. As soon as Minseok called me I had considered it. I’ve done extensive research and I’ve looked at statistics; I’m going to give him one of my kidneys.”

“If she’s a match, I reckon she gives it a go.” Chanyeol said, shrugging.

“Yeah, Suho will get to survive, won’t he?” Sehun added.

“I mean, as long as you’ve given it plenty of thought…” Chen trailed off, thinking hard.

“Let’s be honest, even if we all said no, our opinion wasn’t sway you. You’re going to do this, regardless of what we say.” Baekhyun finally spoke up, being completely silent up until then.

“Damn straight.” you said. You ignored the death glare from Minseok and the uncertain shuffling from Yixing, Jongin and Kyungsoo. You had made up your mind - you were going to save Junmyeon.


The next day, one of your worst fears came true; Suho collapsed. Sehun was helping him from one place to the other and the next thing we knew, Junmyeon was on the floor and Sehun was screaming for us.

The wait at the hospital was torture. None of us knew if Suho was going to survive until the end of the week.

When you were all allowed in to see him, you were all silent, even the traumatized maknae. Junmyeon was connected to countless tubes and wires, a breathing tube making his shallow breaths more apparent. The sight of him reduced you to tears again and you wiped them off your face quickly, not even feeling Chanyeol’s soothing hand on your back. All you could focus on was Junmyeon, reduced to this in mere months. You didn’t have long now; the situation was dire and Suho needed help very, very soon.

“I’m going to go grab something from the vending machine.” you said, voice cracking pathetically. You received sympathetic looks as you turned and walked out of the room.

A long sigh left your lips as you made your way to the receptionist if this ward. The woman manning the reception at that point was on the phone so you waited patiently until she was finished. She gave you a warm smile when she had put the phone down.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

You smiled faintly.

“Hi, I’m just wondering if I could speak to a particular patient’s doctor?”

“May I have the patient’s name?”

“Kim Junmyeon.”

“Okay, that would be Doctor Park. I’ll page her for you.”

“Great, thank you.”

You stepped away from the counter and only had to wait for a few minutes before a familiar woman was walking towards you. A smile graced your face again and she returned it.

“I assume that you’re asking for a progress check on Mr Kim?” she asked when she was a respectable distance from you.

“Actually, no… I was wondering about organ donation.”

“Organ donation?” she asked, surprised. “Oh, I’m sorry, but the waiting list is incredibly long and the chances of Mr Kim received a kidney-”

“No, no, no, I meant, I wish to be checked to see if I’m a match for Junmyeon.”

“Oh,” she simply said, surprised again. “I see. We can certainly check if you are a match. Are you completely certain, though? This is a big decision.”

“I’m certain.”

“Very good. If you’ll follow me then.”


Your arms were wrapped around yourself to shield yourself from the cold. Despite your hands and ears being red raw, you stayed in your spot on the roof of the hospital.

You were a match for Junmyeon. Thank goodness, too; it would have been tragic if you weren’t after all this. The surgery was scheduled for tomorrow, at midday.

Time passed quickly as you stared out at the twinkling skyline of Seoul, night falling quickly.

“How did I know I was going to find you up here?” a voice asked behind you rhetorically and you turned to see Minseok walking towards you.

“Sixth sense.”

He shrugged, standing next to you as he too stared at Seoul with you.

“You went to get tested, didn’t you?” he asked. You didn’t say anything; you were certain he knew the answer. “Are you a match?”

“I am.”

Silence enveloped the two of you, a slightly tense one. Suddenly, he exhaled loudly.

“You’re really doing this, aren’t you?”


He shook his head slowly and turned to you.

“Y/N,” he started and you winced, expecting a lecture. “Thank you.”

You looked at him, shocked, but he merely kept his gaze on the skyline.

Your head turned as well and you both stared at Seoul in silence.

BTS Reaction to You Being So Gay for Amber

OMG YAS AMBER LLAMA IS BAE!!!!! sorry here’s your reaction @hello-btsfangirl :))) None of the gifs belong to me~~~ <3

Note: I didn’t take this reaction seriously because I think you meant it casually??? Please do not take this reaction seriously as well - I don’t actually know their sexual orientations and stuff.


“I’m gay for someone too…” ;) definitely not Namjoon

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“You’re into both???” *gif*

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J-Hope: *raises hand* Me too.

Y/N: But that wouldn’t count as gay.

J-Hope: haha you right :)

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Rap Monster:

“I can sometimes be gay as well.” *embarrassed Joonie gif*

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#tbt MAMA 2014 lmaoooo

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“You have good taste.”

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“Amber’s a fan of BTS, so I can see where you’re coming from.”

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“Amber noona?? But why her? She’s my idol.” :D

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English Lessons //Yoon Sanha

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Pairing: Sanha x reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: anonmous asked:Hey !how are things? Can I request one where the reader and sanha is studying together? Sending hugs, kisses and much love~~~~

Author’s Note: this is so cute, Sanha is such a smol bean and I adore him so so much(✿◠‿◠)

xoxo Sara

“Noooonnaa!” Sanha whined softly, scratching his head softly with his pencil has he stared at the paper with a longing, confused expression.

Sanha had asked you to come help him study for a test he had in his English language class. He knew that you spoke English fluently and decided to ask, or , more like beg, for you to come help him. Of course you agreed, because who could have denied the cute little out on his face when he asked for help?

“Sanhaaaa,” you whined back in the same tone, mocking him as you slide some chips into your mouth.

“I’m hungry,” he groaned softly, “Can I have some chips please..?”

“Nuh uh uh mister,” you say softly, waving a finger in his face, pressing it down against the paper afterwards, “Write these last couple of sentences.”

Keep reading