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Liam x MC  (TRR) (prompt:: someone mentioned MC being pregnant from the night of the coronation–sorry I forgot who and can’t find it, let me know and I’ll edit!) 

    MC had been in New York for a month. She was ushered out of Cordonia having inadvertently ‘scandalized’ the kingdom.  She considered herself lucky to get her old job back; as much as she hated it, she knew what she was doing and she needed the money.  Drake had given her enough for a few weeks and then after that he sent her some more until she could start getting back on her feet.  She was staying with a friend she worked with but had her eyes on a tiny apartment not far from work so she would be able to walk there.  

    Her “shameful” underwear picture had been on the news in America but was quickly replaced by more sordid news of the day.  She had talked to Hana who informed her that she was still the talk of the town in Cordonia.  Her last phone call from Hana revealed that she had refused to go home to her parents after the coronation fiasco and that she was getting a small place with Maxwell.  She said they didn’t want to reveal their feelings for each other to avoid a scandal but after the … incident, they felt it was as good a time as any.  

    Drake didn’t call often but MC texted him occasionally to see how he was doing and offer her appreciation for all that he had done for her and continued to do.  He hinted that Liam had been asking about her however he was tight-lipped when it came to what was going on inside the palace or with Madeline.   MC had basically been living in denial since the coronation. She had tried her best to go back to her old life, forgetting about her broken heart.  In the early hours of the mornings though, she could be heard crying in a guestroom that was a great deal different than what she had gotten accustomed to over the last few months.  Sometimes she stayed after her shift was over enjoying her new found affinity for whiskey.  She had Drake to thank for that habit as well.  It helped her sleep.

    Some days were better than others.  She tried to enjoy herself and keep her mind occupied by going out with friends and co-workers but sometimes… Let’s just say it’s amazing how much princess crap is in the world, that you never noticed before you were stripped of your chance to be one. Trying to fit back into her old way of life was just not working.  She had changed. Cordonia had changed her and there was no going back.  She felt like she was just going through the motions; just wasting her life away one day at a time.  She had no goals, no plans, no family; even her friends were not her REAL friends. Her real friends are an ocean away.  As much as she needed the space from Liam, the royal court and the paparazzi, she missed her friends and she missed Cordonia. She had grown to love that place, especially the countryside.  It was completely different than where she was right now and New York no longer feels like home. 

    “You should come back,” Hana suggested one night after MC complained of a particularly hard day. “You can stay with us, I’m sure Maxwell wouldn’t mind… or Drake.  I know that’s a little close to the Palace, but you could avoid going there.”

    “I can’t be there. I can’t see Liam and Madeline all over the Cordonian new stations planning their wedding, living happily ever after.   I just can’t do that. My heart can’t take it.” She answered, feeling a pain in her stomach, in her heart.

    A few days after that, she got a notification on her phone. “Did you forget to input your period?”  It was her period tracker reminding her she missed her start date. She swiped the notification off the screen and didn’t give it another thought.  Until later that night. She was at work and the place was dead. She was leaning on the bar looking through her social media when she remembered the notification. She opened the app to check the calendar. Her heart sped up and her breathing became labored when she realized it had been almost two months since her last period.  It can’t be.  I must have forgotten to enter it…  She struggled to think back over the last month or so but couldn’t think of one time since she’s been back in New York that she has had her period.  It’s probably just from stress. That happens.  And I have definitely been experiencing some stress!  Surely that’s it.  She struggled to make it through the rest of the slow night at work and on the walk home she stopped by a 24-hour convenience store and bought a cheap two pack of pregnancy tests.  After the purchase she shoved them into her jacket pocket and headed back to her friends apartment.  

    The instructions recommended waiting until first thing in the morning before testing but she couldn’t wait so she took one as soon as she could.  It was the longest five minutes of her entire life.  It was like time stood still.  She rushed to check the stick.  PregnantHoly shit. 

    She couldn’t sleep that night with all the thoughts going through her mind.  She was concerned first and fore most about the whiskey.  She didn’t know the specifics on what alcohol can do when pregnant but she knew it wasn’t good. One thought led to more.  At one point she thought turning up at his doorstep with a kid might be the perfect way to get Liam back with minimal backlash from the rest of the royal family plus it would serve them right to have that little scandal on their heads.  But she couldn’t do that. For one she wouldn’t do that to a child, use it as a pawn in a sick royal game but also she was still very angry with Liam for not sticking up for her. She felt used by him. He had made love to her in the maze, told her he loved her, and then moments later chose someone else for his bride, without another word.  MC felt regret in giving herself to Liam only in the fact that she felt used.  The act itself was beautiful and she realized that even if he didn’t really love her like he said, she loved him and this baby was made from that love. She couldn’t give the child up.  But how was she going to take care of a baby when she could barely take care of herself. She didn’t even have her own place to live yet!  She’s have to find daycare. She didn’t even have insurance, how much does it cost to have a baby?   But she knew one thing, Liam could never know.  She was going to have to take care of herself and this baby alone. More than anything she wanted to have friends and family around her but she was alone.  She couldn’t risk telling her Cordonian friends as they would have a hard time not telling him. Liam probably wouldn’t even believe it was his anyway.  She was saddened by that fact but did feel a sense of warmth move over her as she put her hand on her abdomen and imagined a little baby in there.  She got up with the sun to take the other test from the pack, just to make sure.  Pregnant.  

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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Making every night science movie night with these amazing videos.

1. Pure Beauty 

Our star sprouting coronal loops courtesy of the NASA sun team. See the full video:

2. Where’s the last place you’d expect to find enough ice to bury a city? 

Answer: Mercury, the closest planet to the sun. Watch the video:

3. The Mars Fleet 

Only Earth has more satellites studying it. Full video:

4. A Star-Studded Cast

Check out NASA’s satellite fleet of Earth observers. See the video:

5. Jupiter in Ultra HD 

Thanks, Hubble Space Telescope! See the video:

6. A Tear Jerker 

Our Cassini spacecraft starts her 4.5-month Grand Finale this week. Full video:

7. Faster Than the Speed of Sound

Winds on Neptune travel faster than the speed of sound. Full video:

8. A Musical Number

This one features the planet Uranus doing pop and lock. Full video:

9. Up Close and Personal 

Thanks to our New Horizons mission, we’ve been able to get up close and with Pluto. Full video:

10: The Treasure Trove

TRAPPIST-1 is a treasure trove of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a distant star. Full video:

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The Robin and the Queen

Prompt: Part 4, the final part, of Damian’s Soulmark series, because Damian is the definition of prince charming.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    You’re quite sure that your castle is the first in the world to have both a zeta tube and a bat-cave installed in it. The league converts an unused basement chamber into Damian’s new lair. It takes the words “man cave” to a whole new meaning, but you can’t really bring yourself to voice any concern about it. They’ll keep it a secret, and you have entirely too much to do in the meantime.

    You find the most days you and Damian stumble into bed at the same time. There’s a lot of paperwork involved with being queen, and you hadn’t even had your coronation yet. There’s a lot of people demanding your attention, and Damian was the worst. You found your husband was more than a little needy, and you quickly found ways to fill his days, since his nights were covered.

    The first thing you did was assign him as head of security. The guards were more than a little shocked, until one particular idiot challenged him and got thrown through a door. No one questioned the move after that. You find it funny how serious he takes his job. By the end of your first month in the castle the entire thing is wired with a modern security system, and many of the guards have been fired and replaced. He runs a tight ship, and you find many people are loathe to approach you in his presence. They call him the pitbull behind his back. It makes you giggle, because it fits; he’s incredibly loving to those he considers his, but fiercely protective and more than willing to protect his own.

    The night before your coronation he doesn’t go out on patrol. Instead he stays home, in your room with you. His voice is seemingly nonchalant, but you know there’s nervousness there, “Are you nervous about tomorrow?”

    You shake your head, “This is what I was born to do.” You turn to face him, “Plus I have you by my side.”

    He smiles, “You’ll make a wonderful queen.”

Your smile turns mischievous, “If anything, I’m worried about the baby.”  

He jack knifes in the bed, “BABY? You’re?”

You shake your head, “No, although I did get questions about it.”

He sinks back into the covers, “We’ve been married a month. We’ve known each other for three. Kids can wait for a while.”

You nod, “For a long while.”

Damian watches from the side as you’re crowned queen. His ear piece is silent for the first time that day, as the security channels are on radio silence. But as he watches that crown come down on your head, he’s certain of several things; one is that he loves you, two is that he’ll protect you, and three is that you will be the best queen the world has ever seen. And he will stay by you for the rest of his life.

It’ll Be Okay

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia

Word count: 1838

Characters: Peter x reader, Susan

Warnings: pregnancy, vomiting, Peter getting nervous

Summary: Requested by @penfullofwordsaheadfullofstories. Peter doesn’t know how to react when he finds out about your pregnancy.

You let your pen drop to your desk triumphantly, just to the side of the letter you’d been writing. Your signature was still shining on the page. You had spent far too long working on that- you weren’t the skilled writer that Susan or Edmund were. Still, it was done now. You could send it later.

It felt good to get to your feet and stretch. Deep orange sunlight tumbled through the window and over your writing desk. You had worked right through the afternoon without realising it.

As if to punctuate the realisation, your stomach gave a disgruntled mutter. You rubbed it absent-mindedly. Dinner wouldn’t be served until Peter and Lucy returned from their ride, and that wouldn’t be for a few hours yet. Perhaps, if you went down to the kitchens, they would have something there that you could eat to keep yourself going.

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Reign VIII (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1971

Summary:Royal AU: the reader is a princess next in line to take the throne. Bucky is a knight that has been put in charge of taking care of and protecting the reader.

Warnings: angst

A/N: Can you believe that this is the eighth part of this series? you’ve been through it all, pals. get ready for the drama. I’m nervous i’m nervous!


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super original title xoxo honestly I couldn’t be bothered to spend ages thinking of a decent one, it’s not too important anyway. This is my first time posting an actual thingy thing for a while, and I’m kinda nervous about it because it was a request by @underworldsheiress, who wanted twin brother Edmund to be a top wingman and encourage Caspian to confess his feelings to the reader which leads to smutty smut smut and them being found by overprotective brother™ Peter who loses his shit lmao. It’s kinda long, around 4.5k, and like I said I am pretty nervous about posting it because it’s not just something I wrote when an idea popped into my head, but I hope y’all like it anyway :)

“Christ Y/N, stop it,”

“Stop what?” I asked, sparing him only a fleeting glance before averting my gaze back to Caspian. My voice sounded disinterested even to my own ears, but I was too distracted to care. He was so beautiful. He always looked gorgeous, but tonight especially, the night of his coronation, he just radiated warmth and happiness. He practically glowed. And God, the way his crown sat on his head, the way he looked all kingly and powerful. It turned me on just thinking about it, about him commanding me to get on my knees and –

“You’re practically eye fucking Caspian,” I snapped my head up immediately, banishing my sinful thoughts. Edmund wrinkled his nose in disgust. “No offence but I don’t really want to see my sister looking at one of my friends like that, especially when we’re in the middle of a conversation,”


“We were?”

“Oh my God-”

“Sorry,” I apologised sincerely, grabbing his hand and squeezing it between mine to reassure him. “My attention’s all yours. Strictly twin bonding time for the best Pevensie children,”

“Hey!” Lucy shot me a playful glare as she spun past our table, midway through a dance – I couldn’t remember which it was – with the fauns. She had always loved music and dancing.

Edmund smiled at that, but out of the corner of my eye I saw it fade away when he caught me peeking at Caspian again. He was talking to someone I didn’t know, but she was extremely beautiful and they seemed awfully close. I swallowed, a sour taste in my mouth, even though I had no right to be jealous.

“You should just tell him you know,” he said softly in a more serious tone. I looked at him, shocked. I went to protest and rebuff the suggestion but he carried on talking. “Don’t look at me like that. You’re my sister. I know you better than anyone, and I’ve known about your feelings for Caspian since the moment you started having them,”

I looked down at my hands, every witty and scathing response I had loaded suddenly vanishing. “But I can’t,” I said pathetically. I wanted to glance back over at Caspian but I was scared of what I’d see. “If I said anything…I just can’t.” I stood up abruptly, taking off as fast as I could without appearing rude, unable to stay in that hall any longer. Everyone was so cheerful and happy and all I could think about was how much I wanted someone I couldn’t have.

“Y/N, come back!” I heard Edmund call after me but I ignored him. I felt bad for dismissing him but I needed to be alone. I was closer with Edmund than anyone in the world, more so than with even Peter or Susan or Lucy. Being twins meant we had always had a very special bond. I loved all my brothers and sisters with every inch of my heart, but nothing could compare to my connection with Ed. Yet I feared even that wasn’t enough, that he would never truly understand how I felt for Caspian; that he would never understand why I was unable to be upfront with him about my feelings.

I locked the door to my room and flung myself onto my bed, staring at the high ceiling. I felt tears prickle at my eyes. I held them back. I refused to cry. I was just so frustrated and conflicted and overwhelmed with emotion for this stupid boy and his stupid smile and stupid perfect hair and stupid lips that I so badly wanted to feel against mine. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Get a grip, I muttered to myself.


Edmund wasn’t the type of person to stick his nose into other people’s business. He found it usually resulted in himself or both parties getting hurt, and things ending up way more complicated than how they had been initially. For Y/N, however, he had always made an exception. She’s my twin sister, he reasoned with himself as he approached Caspian who was perched on the edge of a table, fully immersing himself with the people who had arrived to celebrate his coronation. If there’s anything I could do to make her happier, of course I would do it. And I know she’d do the same for me.


“Caspian,” Ed said by way of greeting, capturing the king’s attention. He was still in conversation with the beautiful dark skinned girl. Caspian politely excused himself and sprang up, grinning hugely as he pulled Edmund into a brief hug.

“Edmund!” he was clearly in a joyous mood – rarely had Edmund ever known him to be quite so happy to see him. “Enjoying the celebrations? I know Lucy is, all I’ve seen of her all night is a blur,” he laughed, and then noticed the absence of Y/N. He had grown quite close to her during their time together, and it was a rarity that she and Ed were ever that far apart. “Hey, where’s Y/N? I haven’t had a chance to speak to her tonight.”

Edmund cleared his throat feeling somewhat awkward. He hadn’t really planned this out properly. “That’s kind of what I wanted to discuss, actually…”

Concern flashed in Caspian’s eyes immediately. His heart dropped. “Is she okay? She’s not hurt is she? No of course she’s not, you wouldn’t be so calm if she were in trouble. But…something is wrong?” He spoke at a rushed pace, attempting to quell his nerves when he feared the worst.

How to be tactful about this? Frankly, Edmund had no fucking clue. “Tact is just not saying true stuff,” he stated plaintively, mostly for his own benefit.

“…Right? That doesn’t really answer my question though –’’

“Y/N likes you!” Wow, real smooth Ed.


Whatever Caspian had been expecting, it wasn’t that. “I-you-she-me what?” He practically fell over his words.

“Are you broken?”

Caspian let Edmund’s joking comment slide. “Are you being serious?” He remembered how to speak at last. “You’re not just fucking with me?”

“No, but I’m pretty sure she wishes she was,” What’s wrong with me, Edmund thought, cringing at his own comment. Stop using shitty humour to make yourself feel less awkward.


The king almost choked. “She said that to you?”

“No, but you’d have to be either stupid or blind not to notice the way she looks at you. It’s kind of gross, actually. From my perspective anyway. And Peter’s. Fucking hell, if he ever found out he would get so over protective you have no idea…”

“Wait, so you really think she has feelings for me?” Dare he get his hopes up? He didn’t think he could bear allowing himself to believe she reciprocated his feelings, only for it to all be some joke.

“Considering she pretty much flat out told me, yes I’m very sure of it. That’s why she left. I think, anyway. She saw you talking to that girl and got a bit overwhelmed. I’m sure she’s fine though,” he smiled weakly and tapped his head. “Twin telepathy.”

Caspian took all this in for a moment. He had to fight to keep from grinning like a fool he felt so giddy. How embarrassing that would be. He could already hear the Narnians gossiping about it: “King Caspian defeats an army and restores peace to Narnia, loses his shit and becomes a teenaged girl when he finds out his crush likes him back.” That would never do.

“Do you know where she would have gone?”


I lay there for a while. Half an hour? An hour? Edmund didn’t attempt to follow me and I was glad. He could sense I needed some time to myself. And I felt better for it. I could think straight again. Maybe I’d even join the celebrations again. They’d surely go on all night long. Maybe the tangible joy in that hall wouldn’t be so stifling now my head was clear.

There was a knock at the door. Probably Edmund deciding to check on me, or maybe Susan. Susan had such a gentle heart, she’d want to make sure I was alright after my sudden exit.

I crossed the room and smoothed down my dress. I opened the door.

And promptly almost had a heart attack.

“Hello Y/N,” Caspian said politely, smiling gently.

All the feelings and rush of emotions that had overwhelmed me in the hall came flooding back tenfold. I couldn’t breathe. “Caspian?” I managed weakly. My eyes flitted up to the crown he wore. “I mean, Your Grace. What are you doing here?”

He let himself in and closed the door hesitantly. “You don’t have to call me that. I’m still Caspian to you. I noticed you were gone and then Edmund came and spoke to me…”

The way he trailed off made my heart leap. What the fuck has Edmund done. If he had told Caspian about my feelings for him I was going to kill him.

“What did he say to you?” I asked a tad too sharply. I was sure I must look terrified.

Caspian tensed at my tone, visibly uncomfortable. “Just…um, stuff. About you. And…me,”

I closed my eyes. It felt as though my stomach had fell through the floor. My skin felt prickly and my head felt heavy. No. This couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t know.

“I am so sorry,” I choked out, stumbling over my words in my haste to get them out. “I don’t know exactly what he told you but it’s not what it sounds like. I can’t stand here and lie and say I don’t like you, because I do,” my throat seemed to be closing up faster and faster. “But it doesn’t matter and you should forget about it because it’s stupid and I’m stupid, just a stupid little girl with stupid dreams and…”

“Y/N,” he said. His voice was level. He was using his Prince – well, King now, I guess – voice. It was calm and full of authority. I shut up before I could fuck up even further. I seriously wanted to cry. He was silent for a moment whilst he gathered his thoughts now I had stopped rambling. I couldn’t bear to look at him, but looking away was even worse. “Did you…mean that?” he finally ventured. But he was quieter now. He took a deep breath. “Do you really think that your feelings for me are stupid? That they…that they don’t matter?” He sounded hurt. It broke my heart.

“No! I mean yes I – fuck, I don’t know!” I sounded pathetic. Stupid. I covered my face with my hands, willing everything to fade away, for this to not be happening. I heard his footsteps approaching me and then I felt his fingers gently pulling my hands away from my face. They encircled my wrists delicately. I willed myself to be strong and met his eyes, fighting the tears threatening to well in my eyes.

“I have so much I need to say,” he said softly, impossibly dark eyes trained on mine. Just looking into his eyes made me feel dizzy. “But I think it would be easier if I just…” I felt him leaning in, getting closer until his face was level with mine and so fucking close I daren’t breathe. He was testing the waters. I couldn’t fathom what was happening until his lips touched mine with such soft, tender passion I could have wept. Those lips I’d been thinking of for so long were on mine. Caspian was kissing me. I had so many questions, so much I wanted to ask him, but I’d wanted this for so fucking long I shoved all thoughts to the side and let it happen, let my lips follow his lead as I kissed him back. He let my wrists go and his hands went to my waist instead, pulling me in tighter. I dreaded the moment he would have to let go.

His lips broke apart from mine and his forehead rested on mine. His eyes were closed, breathing somewhat jagged. “Please don’t stop,” I whispered. I needed more of him. This was what I had yearned for. I couldn’t let it end so soon. “Please…”

A soft growl tore from his throat, his resolve breaking, his lips back on mine, firmer this time, desperate and demanding, pulling me into him whilst one hand at the small of my back lead me backwards to the bed. There was nothing chaste about this kiss. Everything I had suppressed due to fear and everything he had held back came pouring out, his lips forceful against mine and his breathing heavy. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but it was, and my head was spinning and he felt so hot and powerful and strong that I let him lead me. He kissed me hungrily and I gripped his shoulders, relishing every point of contact between us. I inhaled and exhaled through my nose as I tried to remember how to breathe, the taste of his lips clouding my thoughts. Everything was happening so fast and he was tearing off my dress and kissing my neck and his hands were everywhere and he was shirtless and his skin was so tanned and toned just like I knew it would be. His bare skin on mine burned in the most delicious way possible. His tongue was on my skin, following the curve of my neck and I shuddered, arching into him as he loomed above me. Every action was fuelled by lust and hunger and pure, thrumming primal desire but there was an underlying sweetness and passion that was more than just sexual frustration. And I knew that he wanted me and loved me as much as I him, all from the feel of his lips brushing against my skin.

“Caspian,” I breathed. He nipped my shoulder and I gasped. His touch was electrifying, awakening every nerve in my body, and I knew I would be drenched by the time he reached where I was so desperate for contact.

I could feel him fighting to remain gentle, could feel that he wanted to make love to me tenderly, but it was as though now it was happening he let his desire take over. His hands were forceful, pushing my legs apart as he crouched between them, leaving me vulnerable and on display to him completely. The urge to close them again due to self-consciousness was immense, but his fingers dug into my thighs and held them in place, his hot breath tickling my exposed flesh, and in that moment I felt so irrevocably wanted that I let him do as he pleased, aching and silently begging him to touch me through my body language. I couldn’t see his face as he dipped down to plant the lightest of kisses to my inner thighs, just a messy head of soft brown hair that I felt the urge to bury my hands in. The crown had fell off when he pushed me onto the bed and dipped his head to kiss me again; it lay discarded on the floor, along with our clothes. The kisses were gentle, oh so gentle, teasing up and up until he reached where I wanted, needed him the most, before he began the slow taunting pattern all over again. The anticipation of his lips pressing against my swollen clit and his tongue lapping at my wetness was almost hotter than the actions themselves. More kisses. Closer and closer, firmer and firmer. I let my head fall back against my pillow, unable to control my heavy breathing or the slow arch of my back. He was going to drive me crazy, and he had yet to even touch my pussy. Caspian between my legs was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

“Please,” it was a soft plea, but I knew he heard me, that he could hear the desperation in my voice. His lips ghosted over where I craved him most of all, lightly brushing against me, and in my frenzied state of arousal my hips bucked upwards to chase after him. I whimpered. I felt his tongue tentatively flick against my clit. His heavy breathing matched mine, only increasing the heat down there. As his tongue began to explore, slowly but surely, his fingers gripped my thighs tighter. The more he gave the more I wanted. He licked me at a leisurely pace, as though he wanted to savour the moment and draw out my pleasure, and there was a building pressure stirring inside me. I could fucking hear the sounds of his mouth kissing and sucking and licking my pussy. I couldn’t restrain the gasps and helpless moans that I struggled not to choke on that fell from my lips. He made quiet little noises of content whilst he ate me out, too, like nothing there was nothing in the world he’d rather do than lick my pussy. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. God, his fucking tongue. This, I decided, was much better than talking about our feelings, which I’m sure we would do, just as soon as I-

“Fuck, Caspian, I’m gonna come,” I moaned, slightly embarrassed at how wanton and loud I sounded. I was right on the edge, each stroke of his tongue pushing me further, until every inch of me was alight with pleasure, the tingling pressure intensifying in my lower regions, shooting through me until I saw white behind my closed eyelids, rolling my hips as I hit my release, body limp and content from climax. All the while I felt his hands gripping me, holding me close as he slowed down his administrations and kissed between my legs gently, careful not to over stimulate me. I was warm and happy in the afterglow, with this gorgeous man between my thighs. His eyes flickered up to meet mine through eyelids heavy with arousal, and I groaned at the sinful sight. He planted one last kiss before coming back up level with my face, his own body gliding against mine. This time when his lips touched mine I could taste the slight tang of myself on him, which only turned me on even more despite the powerful orgasm I had just had.

“Thank you princess,” I heard him whisper. He nuzzled my neck. I propped myself onto my elbows and stared at him in bewilderment.

“What do you mean? I should be the one thanking you?” I said in disbelief, but it sounded more like a question. Why on earth was Caspian thanking me after making me come harder than I ever had before? His lips curled into a bashful smile.

“Y/N, all I’ve ever wanted is to make you feel good. To feel you and see you like this,”

I was at a loss for words. I wrapped one arm around his shoulders and pulled him down toward me so I could hug him. So much had gone unsaid. “I guess we should probably talk,” amazingly I was still nervous, even though he had literally just gone down on me and I could feel his naked skin pressed against mine.

“I guess we should,”

But instead I rolled my hips into his and felt his hardness. My stomach flipped, and I felt both shyness and pride. I did that to him. A low growl slipped from his lips.

“Fuck talking,”

He grabbed my hips. I brought my legs up to lock around his waist, forcing his hips to grind downwards to meet me. He laughed breathily at my eagerness, staring at me in wonder. Or arousal, I couldn’t quite tell. His hair was falling around his face, dark messy strands that I had yet to run my hands through. I had half a mind to, but then he thrust into me and I cried out at the sudden fullness, unable to think straight as he buried his cock deep inside me. He slid in effortlessly, soft moans in my ear as he filled me up. I clawed at his back and bucked my hips. Catching my breath proved almost an impossible task when he pulled back, only to ram into me again, stretching me out completely. I cried out.


I woke up sore. Stiff neck and aching muscles that burned in what was an almost pleasurable fashion. Turning my head, I saw Caspian’s dark hair splayed out on the pillow he lay on, his brows slightly furrowed whilst he slept. Everything came rushing back – the way we’d stayed up all night, fucking and talking and making love, and talking some more. No wonder I was so sore. I remembered every touch and caress of his lips, hands and body, and blushed. I reached out to cup his face with the palm of my hand. His eyelids fluttered. Clearly he was a light sleeper. He awoke, confused for a moment, then saw me beside him, the sheets barely concealing my form, and he smiled sleepily.

“Hey,” his voice was low and ever so husky. I bit my lip and felt my own playful grin forming.

“Morning,” I said coyly. We lay face to face and he indicated for me to cuddle up closer, which I did willingly, the feel of his arms around me securing me.

“What time is it?” he asked, my head against his chest. I shrugged, tilting my head up so I could see his face.

“Late. Why? We don’t have anywhere to be…we could just stay here all day,”

He smirked. “Don’t tempt me,”

I feigned innocence. “It’s not my fault I’m so entirely desirable…”

He rolled me onto my back, straddling me and pinning my wrists above my head.

“I don’t know how much more I can take,” I warned him truthfully, even though our position made me want him inside me all over again. I ached though, and I knew walking would be a challenge. His eyes softened immediately, as he had no will to make me feel uncomfortable. Though truthfully, when he asserted his dominance over me like this – my body pinned down by his, arms above my head, completely at his mercy – it was a huge turn on. Pretty much everything he did turned me on.

“We don’t have to do anything right now,” his sensitive and compassionate side was also a definite turn on. Damn.

“Just go easy on me,” that spark was back in his eyes again, but somehow softer this time. He kissed my neck slowly, lovingly.

“I’ll fuck you so gently, princess…” his hot breath sent shivers down my spine. I squirmed.

His lips remained at my throat, gracing it with the softest of kisses, so light they were barely there. “Why do you call me princess?” I asked, but he was distracting me and my voice cracked. He released my wrists and I immediately let my fingers tangle in his hair and tugged, just the way he liked, as I had discovered last night. He groaned.

“Because,” he murmured. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not, but there was a sultry hint to his voice. “I am the king. That makes you my princess…or queen, if you’d like,” He stopped kissing my neck then, and pulled back so he could see my face. There was a cheeky glint in his eyes. “But I think princess sounds hotter,”

I spread my legs for him. He was right, princess did sound hotter. And I wanted him inside me again. “But we’re not married. Doesn’t that just make me your whore?”

“Of course not,” he tucked his hair behind his ear and smirked. “Whores get paid,”

“Then you’d better pay up,” he chuckled at my words, and all of a sudden I gasped. One of his hands had slyly crept between my thighs, his thumb expertly brushing against my clit.

“I think I’ll take my chances,” he slid one finger inside me and smirked.

“What the fuck is this?”

Caspian whipped his head round immediately, like a startled rabbit, and leapt off of me immediately, pulling his hands away from my body and shooting to the other side of the bed. I’d never seen him so skittish. And then I saw my older brother Peter stood in the doorway, and the words finally registered with me, and I bolted upright, wrapping the sheets tightly around me. Fuck. Mortification flushed red in my cheeks and fear crept through my veins.


Peter was stood so still it was slightly scary, his eyes flat. I could see the muscles in his jaw clenching. “I’m going to fucking kill him,” his voice was low but it trembled with anger, and I’d have rather he had shouted. He pointed at Caspian then, moving at last, raising his voice. “I don’t care if he’s the king,” I was scared now.

“Peter, please –’’

“No!” he said furiously. “He is dead,

He turned his attention to Caspian then, who now the initial shock had subsided, seemed pretty much at ease. I looked back at Peter, at the anger flaming in his eyes. “Peter, leave him alone, this has nothing to do with you,” I tried to reason with him, fighting the tremble in my voice.

“Nothing to do with me?” he scoffed, and he laughed, and I worried he had become unhinged. “You’re my baby sister! You’re like thirteen –’’

“I’m sixteen!” I defended myself angrily. I was more upset with Peter than embarrassed now. He was being unreasonable. “God, get over yourself Peter! Did you really think I was gonna stay a pre-pubescent little girl forever? I’m sorry you had to see this – my god, am I sorry – but don’t be an arse!”

Peter was silent. He so desperately wanted to be livid, and he probably still was, but he saw the sense in what I had said.

“We’ll talk about this later,” he muttered, seemingly rather bitter. He addressed Caspian. “I meant it. If you do anything she doesn’t want you to do, or if you hurt her in any way shape of form, it won’t matter that you’re the king. I’ll murder you.”

He left, and I could hear him grumbling to himself down the hall. Caspian was staring at me.

“What?” I asked, visibly shaken by the whole thing.

He pulled me into a hug and I melted into the embrace. It comforted me. “He’ll come around you know. It’s kind of in his job description as big brother to be a dick when it comes to things like this,”

“I know. It just pisses me off when he gets over protective like that,”

“It just means that he loves you. He doesn’t want to admit to himself that he can’t always protect you from everything,”

I looked up at him. “What, and you’d class yourself as something I need protecting from?” I smirked as I teased him.

He grinned wolfishly and flipped me onto my back again, his dominance being unleashed once more. “Oh princess, you have no idea.”

What If? (Prince x MC)

Here’s my entry for Choices Creates 21!  I don’t really know where this story came from, but once it got into my head, I couldn’t let it go.

Summary: Liam and Drake reflect on the question that keeps them up at night.

Word Count: 857

Rating: T?

               Sitting in the shade of the grove’s largest apple tree, Liam smiled and watched his four-year-old daughter Lillian.  She ran from one tree to another, waving her arms and shouting something that he couldn’t quite make out.  Her endless imagination was one of the things he loved best about her, and he was happy that it seemed to come to life here at Applewood.  The place that had always been a refuge for him had become a refuge for her as well, and he indulged her by escaping here whenever they could.    

               But lately, a question had been nagging at him, interrupting his sleep and distracting him from ruling.  He’d run to Applewood to try and escape it, but the question had followed him here too, preventing him from having the relaxation he so craved.

               What if?

What if parliament refused to pass legislation allowing her to be queen?  He couldn’t imagine that it would be fair for the government to refuse her the right to rule because she was a girl.  Yes, it was still technically against the law for her to be Queen Regnant, but he had confidence that would change in a few years.  And, knowing his daughter’s strong sense of right and wrong, he could only imagine how being passed over because of her gender would upset her. But if she was allowed to be queen…

               What if she didn’t want to be?  Ruling was difficult, even more so than he had ever expected.  The demands on his time, his attention, and family… they had all been greater than he’d thought they would be.  He didn’t want to force a life on her that she was not ready for or willing to do.  If she didn’t want to be queen, he would give her his blessing to live the life she wanted, even if he knew it would plunge the country into chaos.  She was the light of his life, and worth everything, and when he saw her, he could never help but wonder…

               What if Riley had survived the accident?  He’d asked himself that question every day and night since the car crash in Rome, and every day, he had a different answer.  He imagined they would have two or three more children by now, and the palace would never be quiet.  He would serenade her under the window when they fought and she locked him out of the bedroom, and they would collapse into one another with hungry kisses afterward. She would be sitting there beside him, her hand on his as they watched their daughter play. And, if she hadn’t died, he wouldn’t have lost both his wife and his best friend.

               Liam looked towards caretaker’s cottage at the far end of the field.  A thin, trail of smoke wafted up from the chimney and inside, he could see a shadow moving around.  He felt a quiet surge of anger, but turned back to his daughter and smiled instead. Drake had abandoned him when he’d needed him most, running off to be Applewood’s caretaker.  He’d begged his friend to stay, to be the same supportive friend he’d always been, but Drake had refused.  Riley’s death had affected him more than he was willing to admit, and so Drake had done what he always did when things became difficult… he’d run away, and Liam, widow, king, and father to an infant, had not been able to chase after him.  

               In the cottage, Drake refused to look out the window towards the yard.  He poured himself a glass of whiskey, his fifth that day, and wondered how long Liam would insist on staying this time.  He hated it when they visited, but he wasn’t about to let them know how much. So, he did as he had for the last three years, keeping his distance and trying to stay busy so that the terrible question that followed him every waking moment would not swallow him whole.

               What if?

               What if they’d never gone to New York?  If Liam had chosen Las Vegas, as Maxwell had suggested, everything would be different. They never would have met Riley and she would still be alive, probably dancing professionally as she’d always dreamed of. But they had, and she’d come into their lives in the most unexpected, strange way imaginable.  And even now, Drake still wondered…

               What if Riley had chosen me?  He’d finally told her how he felt about her the night before the coronation, even though he’d known it was a mistake.  But he’d been drinking to escape the thought of her in Liam’s arms and the only thing he thought would make the thoughts go away was to say them out loud.  He’d expected her to slap him or run and tell Liam… he hadn’t expected her to throw her arms around him and kiss him with the same fiery passion that he’d felt for her.  And, as always, when he thought of their one night together and the hours they had spent in her bed, one question haunted him…

               What if Liam knew the daughter he cherished so much is actually mine?


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Warnings: Mentions of blood, death, wanting to die, and coffins.

  • Lee Taemin was a prince in the late 1600s.
  • His parents ruled their small country and were generally well-liked by most of their people. Obviously, you can’t please everyone, but they came pretty damn close.
  • And Taemin was a favorite of the people, as well. He was gorgeous, he was quiet and polite (in public), he never caused any real trouble, he respected his family and loved them, he loved the town; he was the perfect heir to the throne.
  • Except, Taemin wasn’t exactly keen on taking the throne. He was worried about having the lives of so many people in his hands. He didn’t mind responsibilities that he took on as prince but taking over the whole kingdom? He couldn’t do it.
  • Now, Taemin’s parents were getting on in years. Taemin was their youngest child (out of many) and his sisters had all gone off and gotten married to princes from other kingdoms and his two brothers had both gone off to fight for their small kingdom and never returned.

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Long Time: Part 1/?

Prompt: “It’s been a while.” With Loki

“All father! Loki has been spotted!” A guard ran into the feast currently being held for the royal family and their advisors and their family. Everyone stopped in complete shock at the news, well everyone but Odin and Thor.

“What!?!?” The pair stood up roaring the one word together. Odin seemed mad, Thor seemed worried, (y/n), (y/n) was relived. Loki was alive, her Loki. He was alive and well! (Y/n) fidgeted with the emerald ring on her hand as the guard stammered out his next sentence.

“Loki, we have finally spotted him my king!” The guard’s voice held less conviction and a murmur began to spread about the room.

“Father, let me go. I can bring my brother back!” Thor stood up, slamming his hand on the table. (Y/n) looked at him wide eyed. How could even think Loki would want to see him!

“No! Send me Odin, you know Loki will have the best response if I am present!” (Y/n) stood up looking at the All-father. Thor paused for only a moment, looking at me before turning back to his father.

“Father please-” Thor did his best to try and convince his father, but he had no silver tongue like Loki’s.

“Silence! Both of you come with me!” Odin stood walking out a back door. Thor scrambled over his chair to follow, while (y/n) seemed to glide. She waved her hand over her outfit enjoying the gasps she received as it changed from her gown to her battle armor, which was made of dark purples and silvers.

The group scurried quickly to where the gatekeeper was keeping as best of watch as he could. His eyes flickered between each of their faces, pausing at (y/n)’d, before settling on Odin’s.

“He was spotted on Midgard sir.” The gatekeeper stood tall and proud, his facial expressions never changing as he told his tale.

“Earth! That is my realm to protect, send me Father!” Thor was at his father’s ear in seconds, beating his hammer against his chest as if he were trying to prove something.

“Enough Thor, change into your battle armor. I want you both gone together in an hour. I will need your help with magic lady (y/n).” Odin silenced Thor with one quick hand movement before turning in his heels sharply. (Y/n) followed him, upset that Thor was coming, but she knew he would always get his way.


“Thor, we need a plan” (Y/n) stood in front of the man, stopping him from just running after his brother at the very moment.

“I have a plan lady (y/n)!” Thor whined doing his best to side step you.

“No, you have a feeling. We let the midgardians get him and then we steal him from them” (Y/n) pushed her hands against the large man’s chest, shoving him slightly in order to make him see her way. Thor grumbled nodding. He wrapped his arm around (y/n) and flew them to a small rock out cropping in the woods.

“Now, we wait”


“I thought you dead” (Y/n) hid behind the rock waiting. Thor had wanted to try and prove that he still had a connection with his brother, if only to himself.

“Did you mourn?” (Y/n)’s heart broke at the sound Loki’s voice. It had been years since she had gotten to touch him, and her hands were itching at the chance.

“We all did. Our father…” (Y/n) felt the tears brimming in her eyes. She had just come out of mourning, but even then she still wore her fiancé’s colors.

“Your father. He did tell you my true parentage, did he not?” Thunder rolled at this covering up the gasp that had escaped her mouth. She had refused to believe Odin when he shared Loki’s secret with her and Thor, but there was no denying it now.

“Who showed you this power? Who controls the would-be-king?” There fight raged on and (y/n) knew it would soon be over. She clung to the rock working up her courage to face Loki.

“I am a king!” Loki’s yell sent shivers done (y/n)’s spine as she transformed her outfit into her regal gown that was meant for the night after Thor’s coronation.

“You give up this poisonous dream! You come home.” (Y/n) paused closing her eyes and praying. This was all she wanted, she wanted it home.

“I don’t have it. You need the cube to bring me back, but I sent it off I know not where” Her heart broke in a thousand pieces. They needed the cube, she need him.

“You listen well brother, I…” (Y/n) crouched seeing the man flying and watching Thor going. It was her time now.

“I’m listening” Loki was facing out, his face a smirk as he made the last comment. He quickly whipped around however when he heard the crunch of (y/n)‘a foot on the ground. Loki was ready for another fight, but he wasn’t expecting the angel in front of him.

“Loki” (Y/n) did her best to hold her composure, standing tall, and not taking another step towards the man she loved.

“(Y/n)” Loki’s voice turned soft and smooth in seconds as he wrapped his arms around (y/n)‘a waist, pulling her to him.

“No Loki, don’t do this to me. Don’t charm me like the snake they think you are” (y/n) looked up and away, now that he was so close she just wanted to touch him, all of him. She craved his lips on her neck and no sooner had she thought it was he there. He kissed his way slowly, starting at her collar and moving up, slowly. Biting, nipping, sucking, his way up to her jaw and hovering just above her lips.

“It’s been a while (y/n)” Loki captured (y/n)’s eyes with his, wrapping his long fingers around her chin, forcing her to look at him.

“Yes it has and it will be even longer unless you tell us where the cube is” (Y/n) untangled herself from Loki’s arms, turning away. She clasped her shaking hands together, feeling his kisses burn on her neck.

“What, so you can bring me home! I have no home!” Loki stood yelling at his beloved. This was not how he had wanted their reunion to go. He had planned on ruling the earth first, then coming to claim his love.

“Am I not enough then? Is the ring I’ve kept on my finger not enough anymore!” (Y/n) turned around in rage, her elaborate gown changing back into her battle armor as she shoved her hand at Loki’s chest.

“You, you kept it?” Loki reached out to caress (y/n)’s hand as he stared at the ring. He had been sure she would have discarded it the minute she heard of his treason.

“It has yet to leave my hand” (Y/n)’s voice softened as she watched Loki. Something was horribly wrong with him. He was worn, worse than she had ever seen, but his eyes. His eyes were a vibrant blue.

“Loki your eyes” (Y/n) gasped, pulling her hand back as she stared up at them. This was not her Loki, this could not be her Loki.

“What about them?” Loki wrapped his arms back around (y/n), pulling her back to him. He needed to distract him, and quick.

“They aren’t your normal color!” Loki chuckled, smirking down at (y/n). He had missed her so much, but now wasn’t the right time to fully indulge in that idea.

“I can change every part of me yet you are worried when my eyes change” Loki’s lips went back to (y/n)’s neck, kissing down.

“You never changed your eyes” (Y/n) mumbled feeling her body given over to Loki’s silver tongue.

“You worry too much darling, now please. It’s been far to long” Loki stopped, pulling (y/n) impossibly closer as his lips hovered inches away from hers.

“That it has” (Y/n) whispered, closing the gap between them. Their lips met in a furry of promises long forgotten and those of yet to come. Loki began to push (y/n) back, pinning her against the rock. She moaned and Loki took the opportunity to slip his tongue. God how sh had missed his silver tongue.

“Uhm, if your done fraternizing with the enemy we would like to take him into custody” Loki whipped around, seeing the man in a uniform of Stars and Stripes. He growled ready to fight, but one look from (y/n) told him that if he fought, he’d be on his own. (Y/n) pushed Loki at the man, hating the betrayal in his eyes.

“We need the cube Loki. You know this” (Y/n) mumbled as a slightly beaten up Thor stood behind her.

“I see” Loki spit hating the sight of his brother behind (y/n). He hated the thoughts that roared in his head. He hated himself.

Part 2

Imagine Being Ben’s Girlfriend

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- Being the child of your favorite fairy tale character

- Growing up with Ben and being best friends

- Supporting him and comforting him about his doubts on becoming king

- Though being initially unsure about the villain’s children coming to school 

- Sweet, subtly romantic dates

- Him telling you you’re beautiful 25/8

- Surprise flowers 

- Begging him to sing to you until he finally gives in

- Becoming close friends with Belle who loves you like a child

- Wearing his ring

- Getting your heart broken when Mal puts him under her love spell

- Telling everyone including him and Mal that your okay when your not because you just want him to be happy

- Mal feeling guilty when she sees how much you loved each other and deciding to break the love spell

- Ben getting in front of you when Maleficent arrives

- Him apologizing a million times for breaking up with you for Mal

- Dancing all night at the coronation party after wards

- Basically being the IT couple of Auradon

My Choices Fic

The Crown and the Flame:
Raydan and Kenna
A Comforting EmbraceKenna seeks out Raydan’s company on the eve of battle. 
Dancing With Shadows [NSFW] -  After defeating the Nevrakis army, Kenna celebrates with a rendezvous with a certain spymaster.
Who We Become The night of her coronation, Queen Kenna reflects on the enemies who tried to break her and the allies who put her back together and how each has shaped her. [ChoiceCreates #18]
*This Moment OnlyRaydan has been avoiding Kenna since their night together and she wants to know why.
*The Only ChoiceRaydan witnesses a moment between Diavolos and Kenna which triggers his doubt and insecurities about his place at Kenna’s side.

Diavolos and Kenna
What the Heart Wants  -  On Kenna’s wedding day, she struggles with the disapproval of her friends and her decision to follow her heart, even when it picked a very unlikely mate.[ChoicesCreates #17]    
The First Day of Forever [NSFW] -  Diavolos and Kenna’s wedding night, follows “What the Heart Wants”.
*ForbiddenKenna indulges in a forbidden love affair.
*Against the OddsAfter defeating Azura, Kenna tells Dom about her relationship with Diavolos and then finds comfort in the arms of the man she loves.
Loyalty-  Diavolos Nevrakis has always defined himself by his loyalty.
TouchKenna changes everything about Diavolos’s life, including his view on being touched.
More Than HIs Name-  Kenna remembers a long-ago conversation with her mother that helps her come to terms with her complicated attraction to Diavolos
Hold Me-  Kenna is feeling overwhelmed by the impending battle and Diavolos offers her comfort which soon turns into something more.[Companion to “Filling in the Blanks]
In the Shadow of BetrayalReeling from a lover’s betrayal, Kenna wonders if she’s setting herself up for more heartbreak by falling for the enemy. [Minor Kenna/Raydan]
Wrong Turn -  Diavolos escorts Kenna back to her room after getting her wounds looked after, but unfortunately makes a bit of a wrong turn.
Dance With Me - Kenna asks Diavolos to prove that he’s as good of dancer as he claims.
A Happy Future -  Kenna and Diavolos talk about children.
BedmatesFenris wakes Kenna up to ask why there is a man in her bed. [ChoicesCreated #22]
Trust UsDiavolos and Kenna have a conversation about jealousy.
Waiting, Hoping- Kenna waits and hopes for news that will change her life. 
*Bad BloodKenna and Diavolos talk about Marco.
The Waiting Game-  Diavolos waits anxiously while Kenna gives birth to their first child.
Hollow-  Kenna and Diavolos have a terrible fight before he leaves for Lykos and while he’s gone, disaster strikes.

Persuasion [NSFW]-  Diavolos shows Kenna why sleeping in the nude is best.
Heat [NSFW] -  Kenna and Diavolos have their first real fight as a married couple but get distracted as the heat of anger turns into a different type of heat.
Torment [NSFW] -  Kenna attempts to get ready for a ball, but her husband proves to be very distracting.
*Control [NSFW] -  After a frustrating meeting, Kenna decides to turn the tables on her normally dominant husband.
*A Twist of Fate [NSFW] -  AU. Kenna has a brief encounter with a stranger she meets in a tavern.  
A Joining of Hearts and Kingdoms [Multi-Part]Part One Part Two [NSFW] Part Three Part Four * -  Queen Kenna negotiates a new everlasting peace amongst the Five Kingdoms, while also settling on the husband of her choice. 

The Duty of the Crown Series (Kenna/Raydan, Kenna/Diavolos)
The Good of the Kingdom -  Queen Kenna struggles with what to do about Abanthus and receives surprising advice from an old friend.
*A Solid FoundationDecision made, Kenna approaches Diavolos with her plan for a diplomatic marriage.
The Crown Comes First On the eve of her wedding, Queen Kenna says goodbye to the man she loves.
Flowers of YesterdayAfter three years apart, Raydan and Kenna meet in the garden of Aurelia. 

A Convenient Marriage Series (AU, Kenna Diavolos, Kenna/Dom)
More Than Convenience Princess Kenna is initially unhappy about her impending marriage to Prince Diavolos, arranged since she was a child, but as she gets to know her future husband, she begins to think it might not be so bad, after all.

Multi-Parings/Unspecified Parings
Loving Her (Kenna/Dom, Kenna/Raydan, Kenna/Diavolos)-  Loving Kenna Rys was easy, keeping her was a different story.
Terrors in the Night (Kenna/Male Love Interest)-  She wakes up shaking in terror, remembering what Azura did, but his presence calms her.
What If (minor Kenna/Dom, Kenna/Raydan, Kenna/Diavolos) -  Over the years, there were many times Kenna wondered “what if”.   [ChoicesCreates #21]

Gaining Clarity (Dom/Sei, mentions of Kenna/Diavolos)-  Dom clears up a few things for Sei in regards to his feelings.
Filling in the Blanks (Dom-Centric, mentions of Kenna/Diavolos)-  After being rescued from Hex, Dom gets introduced to the newest member of the rescue party.
Kindred Spirits (Whitlock/Lia) -  Lia and Whitlock immediately bond over being the youngest rulers and form a relationship that develops over the course of five years.
*Drinking PartyThe night before Diavolos’s wedding to Kenna, her friends invite him to the tavern for drinks.
*Unspoken (Dom/Sei) -  After three years, Dom and Sei define their relationship.

The Royal Romance
Prince Liam/MC
Love & Duty -  Liam and the King talk about what is required of a royal bride. 
Matters of the Heart [ROE x-over] -  Prince Liam and his favorite potential bride discuss the events that led to his brother’s abdication.
What Comes Next Liam and Eleanor finally get to move forward.
Stay With Me [t
akes place after What Comes Next]-  Liam and Eleanor, the morning after the Coronation Ball.   
Now and Forever Liam is plagued with doubt, Eleanor sets out to reassure him.
Old Wounds-  Eleanor has a bad night. 
So Close to Losing YouA riding “accident” puts everything in perspective for Liam and Eleanor.
CrossroadsAt the Coronation Ball, Eleanor finds herself at a crossroads wondering how to respond to the prince’s proposal.  [Choices Creates #21]
Emotional CurrentsLiam and Eleanor talk about Drake.
Christmas in CordoniaEleanor is having a hard time adjusting to Christmas in Cordonia until a special surprise from Liam reminds her of the most important things in life. [Choices Creates 22]
*The Beginning of Everything -   Queen Eleanor has special news for her husband.
*History Lesson [TC&TF x-over]-  While visiting the Royal Portrait Gallery, Liam tells Eleanor about an interesting legend attached to his most famous ancestor.
Living Dangerously [NSFW] -  Liam shows his naughty side at the Cordonian Derby.

Background (MC, Queen Regina) -  The Queen and Eleanor talk about Eleanor’s life in New York.
Obstacles (Madeline, mentioned The Prince/MC) [ROE x-over] -  Madeline reflects on her desire to be Queen and the woman standing in her way.
Battered, Not Broken (Olivia, minor Olivia/Liam, Liam/MC)-  Olivia works up the courage to face a new social season, even if it means watching Liam with his new bride.(ChoiceCreates #20)
*It Doesn’t Matter (Drake/MC) -  After Liam makes his choice, his bride-to-be confronts the man she loves.

Rules of Engagement
Birthday Gifts Maya gives her husband a very special birthday gift.
*Love, Fate and Guilt [TRR x-over]-  Leo waits for news of his brother’s coronation and he and Maya discuss what might have been.

The Heart Knows (MC/Prince, MC/Businessman, MC/Bartender) -  While trying to decide which proposal to accept, you are torn between logic and a connection that you can’t explain. (ChoicesCreates #17)
The Bitter End (MC/Prince, MC/Businessman)-  Before Maya can accept one proposal, she has to turn another one down.

Endless Summer
His Princess -  The evolution of a nickname. 
Midnight Ramblings (Also Female MC/Diego platonic) -  Stephanie and Diego have a late night conversation about a certain pilot.
Late Night ConfessionsStephanie overhears a conversation between Diego and Jake.
ReunionThree years after returning from La Huerta, Stephanie learns that Jake is back in the States and goes to confront him.
The Wrong ChoiceWhile deciding where to sleep, Stephanie ponders her attraction to Jake and the fact that even if he is the wrong choice, he’s the one she wants.
*Would Have BeenStephanie deals with an unexpected loss. [Warning- Pregnancy Loss]
*Unilateral Decision Part One -  As their return to real life looms, Stephanie makes the decision to keep an important secret from Jake and it weighs heavily on her over the course of the next several months.

Safe (Estela/MC)-  MC tries to decide who to sleep next to during the trek up to the Observatory and decides on the person who makes her feel safest: Estela.
*Together (Estela/MC)-  Estela and MC plan their future, together.
Something (Sean/MC)-  Stephanie ponders who to sleep next to and knows that if she chooses Sean it will be start something more, something that scares more than any fling with a bad boy ever could.
*A Lifetime With You (Quinn/Male MC) -  After saving Quinn’s life, Tristan lets her know how much she means to him.

The Freshman/Sophomore
Full CircleThe gang plays one last game of “truth or truth”.
Shared SpaceSavannah gets frustrated by how much of her stuff is in Chris’s room, leading to the two of them having a serious discussion about their living arrangement.  
The Great Pumpkin InvasionThe roommates prepare for a Halloween party.
The Freshman: Thirty Years LaterSavannah and her daughter have a conversation the night before the latter’s first day of college.
Every Story Has Two Sides -  While visiting Chris for Christmas, Savannah meets his ex.
*I’ll Take Care of YouSavannah sprains her ankle and receives some TLC from her boyfriend.
*I Choose YouChris has a moment of insecurity.
*The Next Step [NSFW] -  Chris and Savannah discuss having a family.

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The Royal Romance: Eleanor Sloane (Liam), Amelia Grant (Drake)
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Lost Lothlorien Princess - Part 22 (End) - Home

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Warnings: reunions; etc

Pairings: LOTR X Redaer ; Legolas X Reader 

(A/N) Alright lovies this is the end of this series. i hope you enjoyed it :D 



My eyes light up as I gently set my son down and run over to my friend and wrap my arms around him. “Merry, my old friend I missed you beyond belief how many years has it been here?” 

“Too many, I can’t believe my eyes, Pippin get out here!” I watch as the door to his hobbit hole opens and out comes Pippin his once strawberry blonde hair now dusted with grey. When he sees me his eyes light up and he runs over and wraps his arms around me. “I missed you!” he says and tears fill my eyes as I say, “I have missed you too.”

“Oh Merry, Pippin; these are my sons Haldir and Boromir; and this is my friend Peggy.” As I say Boromir’s name their faces fill with a faraway look as they stare at him. 

“You named him after-” 

“Yes, I did.” 

“Well come inside we have much to talk about.” Merry says and I smile as I take Haldir’s hand and we all walk inside their Hobbit hole. I smile as Peggy makes a annoyed look every time she hits her head on the rafters.

We sit there reminiscing for hours before I say, “Have you two heard anything about Aragorn or even Legolas?” Merry and Pippin glance at each other before Merry turns back to me and says, “Aragorn and Arwen had a son his name is Eldarion. Legolas, I’m afraid returned to Mirkwood where he’s become a bit of a hermit.” My heart clenches as I say, “Was it because of me?” 

“No one knows, he was just a different person after your departure.” 

“And my mother and father, did they already leave for the undying lands?” Merry nods and my heart clenches tighter as tears start to fill my eyes.

“I wish I could have at least said goodbye; but I guess they knew that.” I am suddenly pulled out of my sadness when Boromir says, “Don’t worry Nana, grandma isn’t really gone. She’s a piece of you; so she’ll always be with you.” I smile through my tears as I say, “When did you get so wise?” He gives me a bright smile and I sigh as I say, “Well I guess it’s time I head home.” 

Merry jumps to his feet as he says, “Let us go with you. We’ve been dying to go on another adventure.” I smile as I say, “Of course you can. I could use the help keeping an eye on the boys.” They both smile as they say in unison, “Then let’s go!” I laugh as I watch them quickly stare gathering supplies.

“Are you sure them coming with us, is a good idea?” Peggy asks and I smile as I say, “They’re stronger and wiser than they look. They’ll do just fine.”

 “Oh _____, I hope you don’t mind but after you left I asked Legolas if I could keep your bow and he agreed.” He pulls it out of a hope chest and handing it to me says, “I think it’s time I return it to you.” I smile as I take it from him and gently run my finger across the soft untarnished wood. “I’m afraid he kept your swords.” I smile as I say, “Of course he did.”

“Dude Nana has swords!” I hear Boromir yell out impressed and I smile as I say, “That’s not all I had.” Both He and Haldir tilt their heads in confusion and I smile as I say, “You’ll see soon enough.” We wait patiently as the hobbits finish packing and then follow them back outside where there were two ponies grazing peacefully in the backyard. I watch as they start to grab their saddles only to quickly jump in and finish saddling the ponies for them.

We quickly make our way out of the Shire. Peggy and I walk as the boys ride double with Merry and Pippin. The trip this time seemed to take a lot less time traveling than before. Boromir and Haldir loved talking to the Hobbits about their father and my past there; and Merry and Pippin were all too happy with sharing.  We decided that it would be a better idea to head to Minas Tirith than to brave Mirkwood without and Elven guide.

After what seemed like weeks we look forward to see the famed white city shining like a beacon against the now green fields. I stare at it and smile as I remember Aragorn’s coronation and the last night I had spent with Legolas. When we reach the gates I chuckle as the guards stare at our clothing with raised eyebrows. I look over at Peggy who was rolling her eyes as she said, “You think they’d never seen a woman in pants before.” I smile as I whisper over to her, “That’s because they haven’t.” She blushes as she says, “Well there’s a first time for everything.”

I smile brightly as we quickly make our way through the city and up to the great hall where upon opening the door see Aragorn and Arwen sitting on their thrones looking lovingly at each other as they talk back and forth. I smile brightly as I momentarily forget that he is now king and call out, “Gwador!” His blue eyes turn toward me and a bright smile fills his face as he stands up and calls out, “Mae Govannen Nethig,” I quickly run over to both him and Arwen and wrap my arms around them holding them tight.

“I missed you both so much!” I say as I grip tighter. Arwen giggles as she pulls away and looking past me says, “Are these my cousins?” I pull away from Aragorn and say, “They are. Boys, this is King Aragorn and Queen Arwen they are you cousins.” Arwen kneels down to Haldir and giving him a smile says, “What might your name be?” Haldir gulps down a breath of air as he says, “Haldir,” Aragorn’s head jerks to me his eyes filled with questioning and I smile as I  give him a slight nod. Aragorn kneels down to my other son and asks, “And you are?”

“My name is Boromir,” 

Aragorn smiles as he says, “You both are named after great warriors.” 

“We know, Nana tells us all the time.” Haldir says and Aragorn’s smile grows as he says, “As she should.”

He stands back up and looking past me sees Peggy and say, “I do not believe I know your friend.” I smile as I take her hand and pulling her forward say, “This is my friend Peggy. She took me in when no one else would. I owe my sons lives to her.” 

“Then I owe her my thanks. Thank you Peggy for taking such good care of my family.” Peggy feels her face flush as she says, “No problem.” I smile as I turn back to Aragorn and say, “I hear you have a son.” Arwen smiles brightly as she turns to a guard and says, “Tell Prince Eldarion that I wish to see him.”

The guard quickly nods and then hurries off from the great hall. “Oh look who else we brought with us.” I say as I turn and reveal Merry and Pippin standing a few feet away. “Dear friends, You all are most welcome.” 

I watch at they all reminisce while Arwen talks to Boromir and Haldir. “You okay,” I hear Peggy say and I smile as I say, “Yeah just happy to be home you know?” She nods as she wraps her arm around my shoulders and gives me a slight hug.

A few moments later a young man probably in his early twenties comes in through the Great Hall doors and I instantly know him as he looks like the spitting image of his father. His shaggy deep brown hair falling in waves to his shoulders as his icy blue eyes look around the room. “Oh my,” I hear Peggy say and I turn to see her staring at him, her eyes filled with wonder. 

“Eldarion, come meet our friends.” Arwen says as she holds a hand out to her son who lovingly takes it and stands next to her. “Eldarion, this is your great aunt _____, your cousins Boromir and Haldir, and ______’s friend Peggy.” He nods politely to us until his eyes meet Peggy.

I watch as he stares at her like she is the most beautiful thing in the world. “It is an honor to meet you all.” I smile as I look over to see Peggy smiling her cheeks flushed red. “The honor is all ours.” I say as I place my hands on Haldir’s shoulders. “Aragorn may I speak to you for a moment?” I ask him and he nods.

 Arwen smiles as she says, “I will take you young ones and Merry and Pippin down to get some food.” 

“Thank you Arwen,” 

“And if she will allow me, Milady Peggy,” Eldarion starts and I glance over to see Peggy gulp down a breath of air  as he continues, “Would you like a tour of our fair city?” 

“Of course I would.” She says and without so much as I glance to me she takes his hand and lets him lead her out of the hall.

When the two of us are along I turn to him and say, “Have you heard from Legolas?” His smile fades as he says, “I have not. The last I heard from him was when he announced he would be remaining in Mirkwood.” 

I sigh as I say, “I know this is asking a bit much but is there any way possible you can send a messenger to Mirkwood and have them tell Legolas that you wish to speak with him about something most urgent? I want my arrival and that of our sons to be a surprise for him.” Aragorn nods as he says, “I owe you my life Nethig, anything you ask for shall be yours.”

I smile and warp my arms around him as I say, “Thank you, oh and is there any way possible I can get new clothes for the boys, Peggy, and myself?” He chuckles as he says, “Of course, I’ll have them sent to your rooms; which I will show you to now.” I laugh as I take his arm and let him lead me to the rooms Peggy, the boys, and I would be using. That night Aragorn, sent a messenger to Mirkwood and now all that was left to do was wait.

As the days passed by I watched lovingly as the boys grew to love Middle Earth just as I had. One day in particular, Boromir had conned Aragorn into teaching them the art of Sword wielding; and as I sat in the grass watching I couldn’t help but wonder what it would have been like if I would never have left in the first place. The boys would have had a father from the very beginning and Legolas wouldn’t have become a hermit. I let out a brief sigh before I hear Haldir say, “Hey Uncle Aragorn I bet nana could take you!”

I raise an eyebrow as I turn to my younger son and before I am able to answer I hear Boromir say, “Don’t be stupid Haldir, she’s a girl!” 

“Shut up Boromir!” 

“Come now boys stop that, I happen to know that there are many women that are stronger and braver than many men; your mother being one of them.” Aragorn says as he leans on the hilt of his sword. 

“Yeah right?” I hear Boromir say and I raise an eyebrow and standing say, “Shall we prove it Aragorn?” He smirks as he says, “But of course Nethig.”

I walk over to my son and say, “Go sit by your brother and pay attention.” Boromir rolls his eyes before he walks over to Haldir and stands next to him mimicking Aragorn’s stance. I walk over to the sword rack and bite my lip as I search for the perfect blade. “Aha!” I say when I see an elven sword sticking out like a beacon. Pulling it out I twirl it in my hand before turning to Aragorn and saying, “Don’t go easy on me.”

He smiles as he says, “I promise,” I give a brief nod before I lunge toward him sword gleaming in the sunlight. He quickly parries and knocking my sword away uses his to swat me on my butt.

I glare at him and he smiles as he twirls his sword in the air. “Oh, it’s on!” I say as I fake a lunge only to quickly with a flick of my wrist knock his sword from his hand. I smile at him as I say, “Having fun?” He smiles as he says, “Always,” we continue to train together for so long that we don’t realize the growing crowd that had grown around us. I look over to see Aragorn getting tired and I smile as I say, “What’s the matter old man, finally feeling your age?” He raises an eyebrow as he says, “Says the girl who’s older than everyone here.”

“If you want to be technical then yes I am; but I’m young in spirit!” I say as I once again disarm him and smiling over at him hear him say, “I yield, but only because I am tired.” I smile as I look over at my boys and give them a bright smile. Haldir returns my smile as he runs over to me, while Boromir stands still, his eyes and moth gaping open at me in shock. “I knew you were awesome Nana!” I hear Haldir say and I smile as I gently set the swords back in their rightful spots and then lean down and lift my son into my arms.

I am joined by Aragorn as we both walk over to a still gaping Boromir. “Hunny close your mouth.” I say when we reach him. He closes his mouth before he shakes his head and says, “Nana that was awesome!” I smile as I ruffle his chocolate locks. Then once again we waited for what seemed like weeks before a messenger came saying Legolas along with King Thranduil would be arriving in Minas Tirith by sundown. My heart starts to race as I pace back and forth in my room.

“I bet it’ll be fine _____,” I hear Peggy say and I gulp down a breath of air as I say, “You have no idea what the royal men of Mirkwood are like. Legolas, I can handle; But Thranduil? He’s a totally different story.” Peggy walks over and grabs my shoulders as she says, “Calm down, I’m sure he just wants to meet his grandchildren.” I sigh as I say, “You’d be right, if they knew we were here.”

“He doesn’t know?” 

“No, i wanted it to be a surprise.” 

“Okay then it will be; now let’s get you all prettied up for your husband.” I smile as I turn and walk over to the wardrobe. It was now full of dresses that Arwen had insisted I have. I look through them until I find an emerald green one, smiling I gently feel the silky fabric as I pull it out of the wardrobe. After a quick bath I quickly put my dress on and let one of the many maids Arwen had decided to assign to me brush and braid my hair. 

When it’s all said and done I look in the mirror and smile as I once again see the maiden that he had fallen in love with all those years ago. I quickly help Peggy get dressed and smile as after a few minutes Eldarion shows up calling on her. I smile as I let her follow after him a bright smile on her face. I turn back and walking over to the window wait patiently for Legolas to arrive.

Hours later I hear a familiar howl and my heart leaps in my throat. I basically run down the stairs to the courtyard where I see the gates open to see Legolas astride Fili come trotting through the opening followed by a group of Elves on horseback. I make my way toward him my heart in my throat as I try to get his attention. “Legolas!” I call out and he jerks his head toward my voice and without so much as another word he jumps down from Fili’s back and runs over to me. Upon reaching me he pulls me into his arms and kisses me passionately, his arms wrapping tightly around my waist.

As we kiss I start to feel light headed and I pull away from him and take a deep breath of air. “Cormamin lindua ele lle, Melamin.” (My heart sings to see thee.) He says and tears fill my eyes as I say, “I was so lost, I almost gave up all hope of ever returning to you.” He gives me a reassuring smile as he gently lets his fingers graze my cheek. “I missed you as well.” 

“Legolas,” I hear a male voice say and I turn to see a tall intimidating blonde elf astride a grey stallion peering down at us.

“______, I’d like you to meet Thranduil King of the woodland realm, my father.” Legolas says and my heart stops. It was very clear to see where Legolas had gotten his good looks from. He was one of the handsomest men I had ever seen. 

“Mae Govannen Thranduil heru en amin,” I say as I give a slight bow to him. 

“Mae Govannen _____, It is well to finally meet my daughter in law.” I smile as I say, “It’s an honor to meet you as well my king.” He smiles softly at me and I turn to Legolas as he says, “It has been to long,” I nod as I say, “Do you want to meet your sons?”

His eyes widen as he says, “Son’s?” I smile softly as I say “Yes, you have two sons, twins in fact. Their names are Boromir and Haldir.” 

“Can I see them?” I smile brightly as I say, “OF course you can.” I turn to Thranduil and say, “Would you like to meet your grandchildren my lord?” Thranduil’s navy eyes widen as he turns from me to his son in shock. He doesn’t speak but instead gives me a quick nod.

I hear a bark and I turn to see Fili standing a few feet away from me his icy eyes staring at me in admiration. “Fili!” I cry out as I run over and wrap my arms around him fighting the tears that once again threatened to fill my eyes. “Do you want to meet the boys as well?” I ask and as he gives me a quick bark I nod and start to lead them up the stairs where Peggy was waiting patiently with the boys. As we near her I turn to the boys and say, “Boromir, Haldir, this is your father Legolas; and your grandfather Thranduil.”

Legolas and Thranduil both stand frozen in fear as they stare at the boys. Haldir is the first to move as he walks over to Thranduil and says, “So you’re my grandfather?”

 “I am,” 

“Will I grown to be as tall as you?” I bite my lip and then looking up from my son to his grandfather feel a smile cross my lips as I see one plastered on Thranduil’s lips. “I have faith that you will my young one.” Haldir smiles as he runs over to his grandfather and holds his arms open to him wanting him to pick him up which to my surprise Thranduil does.

I watch with worried eyes as Legolas and Boromir stare each other down. “So you’re my father?” Boromir says placing his hands on his hips.

 “I am,” Legolas says his eyes still focused on his son. 

Boromir stares at him for a moment not sure what to do, before I see tears fill his eyes and him run into his father’s waiting arms. Tears fill my eyes as I watch Legolas and Boromir cling to each other. I hear Fili bark in happiness and the boys jerk their little heads toward him and say in unison, “WHAT IS THAT?!”

I smile as I say, “Boys, this is Fili. He’s my best friend.” 

Boromir turns to Haldir and smiles as he says, “How cool is this we get a dad, a grandpa, and a dog all in the same night?”

“This is awesome!” Haldir replies as he wraps his arms around Thranduil’s neck. I smile as I lean against Fili’s side admiring the view of unconditional love between fathers and sons. Fili nuzzles my arm and I smile as I say, “I’m so happy to be home.”



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Star Crossed Paths - Drake x MC (A Royal Romance Fanfic)

[A little note: You know I had to write a fic after that Drake diamond scene. This is mostly chapter shenanigans and a bit of extra fluff.]

[Summary: On the night of the prince’s coronation’s ball, Riley (MC) wrestles with the idea of fate and all the adventure she’s had in Cordonia ending. Before the night can turn into dusk Drake and MC confronts their feelings for each other, defying fate or accepting fates intentions.]

Originally posted by permeate

Riley has never given fate much thought.

The idea that one’s life is completely set on a path, a specific path. From the beginning to end – ultimately leading to the same place, even before the beginning has ever been written.

Her mother has always taught her differently, taught her the value in where people started. Taught her that it varies from person to person and the most important part of it all is the journey; the rollercoaster of a ride up and not the ending nor its tragic fall. No, fate isn’t supposed exist.

But looking at herself in front of the mirror; Riley has come to the decision that her mother isn’t right. Frankly, she’s never been anymore wrong.

Although her story began in New York, and ultimately her journey takes her across the other side of the world; she thinks what feels as a spur of the moment decision is now the ill-timely conclusion of fate. And as she prepares to attend the coronation ball - she fears the ending.

She fears saying goodbye to it all.

All too quickly everything is beginning to change, to draw its final curtain and the stage they have played so effortlessly on will finally draw to a close. They will all take their last bow and separate. She knows this with certainty; just as simply as she understands that she cannot take a man’s hand in marriage she does not want.

She believes in the cruelty of fate as she slips inside her cherry red dress. She believes that people can’t control it as she adjusts the clasp of it and runs her fingers through the fine material. She believes she’s never been the master of her own fate – rather has spent the last decade deluding herself into thinking otherwise. As she bunches her hair into a familiar bun and paints her lips the proper colour; she believes that fate waits for no one. Listens to no one. Cares for no one.

The knock on her door jolts her from the privacy of her own thoughts. She takes one last glance at the mirror, ignoring tinges of weariness that still lingers before crossing the room briskly. She plasters on a smile. It stretches from one cheek to the other as she opens the door.

Maxwell is there. A radiant grin on his lips as he shoots her an appreciative glance. At his smile of approval, he gestures towards the direction of the hall. “All ready to go little blossom?”

Her smile wavers for a split second before she takes his outstretched arm. “Of course, I’ve been waiting.”

Keep reading


Thoughts While Playing The Royal Romance Book 1 Chapter 17 “Lady In Waiting”

It’s Coronation Night! And wait what? We need to give the Prince a gift? Maxwell forgot to tell us and Big Bro Beaumont is upset.

But my presence is my present!!!, I want to say. Unfortunately there is no choice that has that line.

I guess a Statue of Liberty keychain will do. 17 diamonds though?! This costs more than a Catalyst Idol!

Very meaningful though and Maxwell says it’s an inside advantage. Exactly, my friend. Exaaaaactly.

So we are at Cordonia’s best boutique ever. Olivia’s nasty as ever but she looks gorgeous in her red gown. Hana’s now in silver and looking so pretty! I spend 25 gems on the gold and white gown. Ugh. This better be worth it.

We are riding in a beautiful carriage with Hana. This beats a limo with the bros!

Hana has a messenger? What to do with the carriage after midnight? Should she bring it to the garden in case it turns into a pumpkin? Hmmmm.

We are before the royals! Timed choice! I choose “Your Majesties”. Whew! Correct! We also earned the Queen’s respect. Double whew! And the King’s! Triple whew.

So it’s dinner time with the ladies and Olivia and Madeleine are catty as usual. Zzz. What’s new. Kiara and Penelope are on our side, defending against the other two.

Now Hana’s in tears and walking out of dinner. More drama? I just wanna marry the Prince! 😭

15 diamonds for room service with Hana? Do I even… *throws gems in air*

We’re with Hana in her room and pigging out on burritos, cheetah cakes, milkshakes, champagne, cherry soda. Hana says her theme is “Food that makes me happy.”

Okay so the messenger was sent by Hana’s parents. She is to go home after the Coronation Ball since Liam is picking his bride and it may not be her. They think she’s getting “too headstrong” in the royal court.

Sidebar: Pixelberry, please have a book where Hana tries to make it on her own in New York. Thanks. Love ya.

So I think this diamonds scene with Hana is great if you ship MC with her. 😉

It’s time to head back downstairs because it’s Coronation Night! Let’s go!

WHAT?! That’s it?!?!

The End.

Final thoughts:
Underwhelmed. So objective was to get a present for the prince, see where you stand with the King and Queen and the ladies, have one last hurrah with Hana. That’s it. I was honestly a bit bored but… maybe the finale (if it’s the finale that’s upcoming) will make up for how (disappointingly) light this chapter was. 🤷🏻‍♀️


 My first Landsmeet in Origins resulted in a very confused, shaky last-second coronation for Alistair. Trying to sleep that night, an entire epilogue flashed before my eyes - my inability to advise Alistair right, the inevitable civil war against Anora supporters, culminating in the regicidal betrayal by an embittered Zevran. (Somewhere in the middle I bet we all stop using the word “sweet” unironically.) That was the one time I redid a leg of the game just to undo a bad scene, I’ll tell you.            

when all is said and done and Liam chooses MC, on the night after the coronation or the wedding night i want them to have built up this thing in their heads like “oh man. this is it. tonight we’re gonna do more than kiss.” but then they, like, sneak into one of their rooms and chat and kiss a little bit but as soon as they hit the bed they just. immediately fall asleep. both of them just crash. and they wake up in the morning and look at each other and without a word just break into laughter bc holy shit they are so tired, this competition was so much, and somehow with their buildup they slept together for the first time without ever actually sleeping together, they were just finally content enough now that they could officially be together and the excitement was over and now they had everything they needed

and then they do whatever Liam said he had planned for them, which definitely makes them late to wherever they’re supposed to be that morning. they walk into the room at a brisk pace. the king makes a cheeky comment. they blush profusely.