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Summary: Actress, [Y/N] [Y/L/N], and Harry Styles meet for the first time at the Oscars. The interviewer and cameras catch the undeniable spark.

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“Have You Met [Y/N]?”

It’s the night of the Oscars. Actors and actresses fill the red carpet, pausing for pictures and stopping by for interviews.

Harry Styles, amongst others, is one of the most anticipated guests of the night. His spectacular performance for his role as “Alex” in his first solo film, “Dunkirk”, earned him a nomination for “best actor in a supporting role.” The film itself is nominated for several categories.

“How are you feeling tonight, Harry?” an interviewer from E!News, Zuri Hall, asks.

“Great,” he responds, rubbing his hands together and bringing it to his lips. “’m very happy to be here.”

“You look dashing!” she exclaims.

“Thank you,” he responds, smiling politely.

“I love the suit. Who’s it by?” Zuri asks, eyeing his all black ensemble with a hint of glimmer.

“Alessandro Michele— Gucci,” he answers.

The interviewer smiles in admiration of the handsome gentleman standing before her in his designer suit. “You have had quite the year,” she tells him, “or couple of years, I should say. Your album topped the charts and now Dunkirk.”

Harry chuckles humbly, refusing to admit his continuous rise to success. He simply says, “It’s always an honor to work alongside such talented individuals and to be entrusted with such a responsibility— every day has been a good one. I can’t thank ev’ryone enough.”

“What will you do if you win ‘actor in a supporting role’?” she asks.

Harry thinks for a short moment. “I think might cry,” he says jokingly, earning a laugh from the interviewer. “It would be quite the honor,” he goes on to say.

“Have you gotten a chance to catch up with anyone here yet?”

“Umm,” Harry hums, fingers slightly pinching his lips and his eyes roam around, “No, I haven’t run into anyone yet. I think they’re busy.”

The interviewers giggles and nods her head in agreement. Her eyes quickly scan the area and lands on [Y/N] walking by in a beautiful gown. [Y/N] is a young A-List actress nominated for her leading role in a romantic film. “[Y/N]!” she calls out as [Y/N] passes by her and Harry. [Y/N] catches sight of Zuri who gestures her over. [Y/N] lifts the bottom of her gown and walks carefully up the stairs. “I’m so sorry! I feel like I’m interrupting!” [Y/N] laughs and she’s greeted with a hug from Zuri.

“Hello,” [Y/N] says to Harry, extending her hand, “Pleasure to meet finally meet you.”

“The pleasure’s all mine,” he grins, exposing his deep dimples and smile lines. He takes [Y/N]’s hand and leans in to press his cheek against hers.

“Have you two not met before?” the interview asks in astonishment.

“No, we haven’t formally met,” Harry chuckles.

Zuri gasps. “Well I’ll be darned! [Y/N], Harry. Harry, [Y/N],” she introduces them, motioning from one to the other. “Harry hasn’t come across any of his co-stars yet,” Zuri tells [Y/N], “I thought he could use a friend.”

[Y/N] laughs, “Lucky me, I’m a fan.” She turns to Harry and says, “Congratulations on your nomination. ‘Dunkirk’ was a great film.”

“[Y/N] is nominated for “actress in a leading role’,” Zuri says to the camera.

“Thank you very much,” Harry bows his head, “Congratulations to you, too. You look beau’iful, by the way.” Harry smiles, looking adoringly at [Y/N]. 

“Yes! Give us a twirl!” Zuri says excitedly. Harry holds [Y/N]’s hand over her head as she twirls her grown for the camera.

A giggle comes out of [Y/N] as she smiles at the ground, feeling her cheeks heat up. “Thank you,” she says to Harry, “And what about you? You look very handsome, if I may say so myself. Doesn’t he?”

“Oh, stop,” Harry laughs.

Zuri notices [Y/N] and Harry both smiling, looking fondly at one another. “Alright, I won’t hold the two of you up any longer,” she says. “You’ve got a busy night. Thank you so much for stopping by, Harry and [Y/N]. Good luck to both of you tonight.”

[Y/N] and Harry thank Zuri. The camera focuses on [Y/N] and Harry as they make their way off the platform. Zuri watches as Harry helps [Y/N] down the steps. “Here, let me help you,” Harry says. He holds out his hand for her to take as her other hand lifts the front of her gown off the floor.

“Did you come here with anyone tonight?” Zuri overhears Harry ask once off the platform. The camera remains on the two, capturing the candid moment. [Y/N] grins and shakes her head no. “I did not,” she tells him, “I’m a solo flight, tonight. How about you?”

“No, just me,” he answers. “You look beau’iful.”

[Y/N] giggles bashfully and fiddles with her dress, “You said that already.”

Harry buries his face in his hands as he feels his face flush red. “I’m sorry,” he chuckles, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Don’t apologize,” [Y/N] tells him, removing his hands from his face. “I love your music; I’ve got tickets to your show next month.”

Harry gasps, “No way! Where? Come back stage…” The two walk away from the camera’s view with Harry’s hand placed on [Y/N]’s back, leading her.

The camera refocuses on Zuri. “Did anyone else catch that?” she chortles at the camera, “Well, if that ever happens, you saw it here first, on E!News. I’m Zuri Hall, from E!News and your celebrity matchmaker.”

“The After Party!”

Jet Lag and Chinese

Prompt: Can I request a justice league war Clark/superman x reader? Some cute fluff with implied nsfw? Or JLW Clark saving the reader and then ending up with a date or something?

Requested by: counting-sinful-stars    

     You like sitting in his chair. It fills you with an unbridled delight as you spin in it, and go through his works in progress. If you were anyone else, someone might say you were nosy. But you and Clark know the truth.

    You hear him before you see him, “Seriously?”

    You peek up from behind the file, “Is that seriously a question?”

    Clark gives you a good natured smile before leaning down and placing a kiss on your cheek, before moving to sit on the edge of his desk. “When did you get back?”

    You give another spin in the chair, “About two hours ago. I figured I’d come see my favorite reporter.”

    He smiles, “And here I thought you liked me for more than just my writing.”

    You shrug, “I also like looking at you.” The two of you stare at each other before bursting out in laughter. The fact that no one even bothers to look over shows just how deep your friendship goes.

    “How did the shoot go?”

    You grin, “It was amazing. I thought of you while I was there.”

    “Oh yeah?”

    “Yep, I saw a monkey with that same clueless look you get sometimes.”

    “Maybe it’s a cousin?”

    “That is an insult to the monkey. Anyways, I was thinking we could pick up Chinese and have a movie marathon before jet lag kicks my butt tomorrow.”

    You see his grin falter, “Tonight?”

    “Yes.” Your brow furrows, “Do you have plans? Because last time I checked the city isn’t in peril.”

    “I kind of have a date.”

    Your eyes go wide for a second, “A date? Did you finally wear Lois down?”

    He fiddles with his glasses for a second before saying, “No, her name is Diana.”

    “Diana, as in Wonder Woman?”


    You nod in understanding, “Oh okay. Good for you slugger.” The false cheeriness is evident to your own ears, and one look at Clark’s face tells you that he hears it too.

    “I’ll try to reschedule.”

    You shake your head, “No Clark. I’ll be fine. You go on a date with your girl.”

    His eyes light up, “You should come with us.”

    You shake your head, “I really shouldn’t.” You sigh, “Chinese food and action movies are calling my name Clark. I haven’t slept in my own bed in over a month. I’m going to go home. But we’ll get together soon. We’ll put on your calendar and everything.”  

    You start backing up before he can say anything else. “See ya later.”

    You get out of there before you can start to cry. You hold the tears in until you’re in front of your apartment. What awaits you is a perfectly clean space and a full fridge. You’re suddenly very glad for that cleaning service because all of your energy has vanished.

    You wash the smell of plane off, before changing into pajamas and ordering your food. Then you put in Die Hard and settle in. You browse through the photos you had taken on your last shoot in Asia. And then you come to older ones.

    Pictures of you and Clark. Clark Kent had been your best friend from the time he had stumbled into that janitor’s closet in an attempt to escape sounds no one else could hear. You’d been hiding from a bully. From the first moment you’d met you’d known he was different.

    You’d grown up privy to his secret, keeping it from even your own parents. You’d gone to college together. Hell, you’d been there to ridicule him the first time he put on the suit. You’d watched him on the news, and watched as the world fell in love with him. You took comfort in knowing that you’d loved him before he was Superman. He was your best friend and you loved him like a brother.

And now he had Diana. They were a match made in heaven, and from the way his eyes had lit up when he had said her name, she was here to stay …at least for a while.You weren’t particularly happy about it either. You’d been in this situation before. You’d watched friends draw away in favor of those they were dating. It was one of the reasons you’d kept a tight knit circle of friends, and why you traveled so much. You’d never thought you’d lose Clark though. The sound of knocking on your door draws you out of your thoughts.

    You set the laptop down, grab the cash and walk to the door. Ready to put thoughts of what would never come to rest. Then you opened the door and regretted not going straight to sleep.

    Clark’s smile was echoed by the woman next to him. They were both dressed in civilian clothes and wearing glasses. And they were both carrying giant bags of Chinese. Clark’s grin simply widened as he said, “Delivery.”

    You did your best to keep the horror off your face, “I thought you had a date.”

    “We did,” your eyes flashed to the woman, “but then Clark told me about you, and your tradition and I insisted that we continue it. Our traditions sustain us after all. And I wanted to meet his best friend and the woman who has kept his secret. It is an honor to meet you, my sister.”

    And then she was hugging you. You were forced to wrap your arms around her to keep your balance as you became perfectly aware of just how sloppy you looked next to her. Her outfit was great, her hair was perfect, and you were working with ten hours on a plane and the start of jet lag.

    If you’d had laser vision, Clark would have been a puddle. So you did the only thing you could in that situation, you glared at your best friend and let the perfect couple into your home. The thought of recounting this tale to Ma Kent also filled you with a certain amount of sadistic glee that worried you only a bit.

As you closed the door and stared at the two of them acting lovey Dovey in your kitchen, you prepared yourself for a long night. If there was one thing worse than losing your best friend to a new significant other, it was watching them be lovey dovey while you were single.

AN: So I talked about this one-shot with @counting-sinful-stars and in the end I decided I wanted to do a best friend fic. There will be no romance between the reader and Clark. Just a very close and fluffy best friend relationship. This takes place in the Justice League War Universe which is why it’s DianaXClark.

Silly moments with Damian Wayne

•When you first met him he was so serious.

•But you knew he was a total jokester inside. (Deeeep inside)

•So you tried every trick to make him have some fun.

•You brought magic tricks and presented them to him.

•He somehow knew how all of them worked???

•Nonetheless you always did the most random things.

•"So we could walk down the stairs OR slide down the railing.“
•"Lets walk.”
•"Wrong answer!“

•Took ten minutes for him to actually do it.

•One day you brought a full tub of water balloons to the manor.

•"This is immature.” Damian would huff before pelting you in the face with two of them.

•Intense water gun fights.

•Imagine his laughing face as he’s attempting to get you wet with the water gun.

•Such pureness.

•Baking a cake with Damian.

•He would pretend to be serious before throwing some flour in your face.

•Which caused an intense flour fight and a disappointed Alfred.

•When things got cleaned up and the cake was decorated you both were admiring your work.

•"It smells good.“ Damian says lowering his face to the cake.

•You brought your face down to the cake to smell-

•But he shoved your face in the cake.

•Galas were the best with Damian.

•When he had to act all mature and serious you would be moving his food around the plate to make a happy face.

•He would always sigh with an amused grin.

•One time the press caught you both near the food table. Damian had some cake on his face and he was attempting to put some on you.

•Headlines read as “Damian Wayne! Secretly a Romantic with his Girlfriend Y/N!”

•There was pictures of him sticking his tongue at you when you would eat his food.

•There was another picture of him hiding your phone from you.

•There was one picture of Damian imitating Bruce.

•It was one of your favorites. (That you kept)

•When things got too boring he would pull you over to the balcony.

•With hands full of brownies and cookies you both would be laughing at each other.

•The news claimed you two as the new power couple.

•DAMIAN thought of the ship name for you both.

•The best picture of you and Damian is when Damian saw you at a gala, he put heart hands with the cutest grin.

•Someone needs to draw these pictures omg.



When you had first told Minseok about your feelings for him, he would tell you that it wasn’t the right time for him to be getting into a relationship. EXO were at their peak he couldn’t afford a second away from practice to make sure that he was on point.

You hadn’t spoken to him for weeks after this. You felt humiliated, and he felt empty with you by his side. Tonight would be the first night you’d see him since you’d confessed. You’d promised months ago you’d go support him at a signing. Even after the mess you’d made, you couldn’t go back on a promise.
You were stood with the staff at the side of the room, watching the members answer the fan questions. A fan had asked one about their love life when he finally saw you. His blank face changed to a loving smile.
“I have a feeling that love will come to me very soon.”


Junmyeon was your rock. He was by your side through every event. Even during the worse times, he stuck by you. Right now, he was comforting you after your wisdom tooth removal. And by comforting, I mean trying to explain to you that he didn’t actually possess superpowers.

“But I saw you with my own eyes make that water ball!” you whined, mimicking the motions loosely with your hands. “And then when you were running through the hospital you make water with Minie!” once again you motioned, making him laugh harder. “It’s not real, Y/N,” he stroked your arm gently.
“But I already told people my boyfriend was a superhero…” you frowned, slumping into the bed. “You tell people I’m your boyfriend?” his brow rose as he watched your sulking face. “No… but I will one day when you I tell you how I feel.”
“I think you just did. But I’ll let sober you tell me,” he’d shift closer to the bed and pressed his lips to your head. “Try sleeping.”


People thought you and Yixing were already a couple. You did everything you could together. You were always by his side supporting him.

Here you were, sitting in his sitting room, giddy to see him perform. “You look so handsome!” you grinned, taking his hand to squeeze. “They’re going to love it!” your grin was mirrored by him as his hand locked your fingers together.

“I hope I can perform well.” his tone was filled with uncertainty. “You’re amazing, and you have never given a bad performance.” You gave his hand another squeeze. “You’re my best friend, of course you’re going to praise me.”

You shuffled your chair closer to him to wrap him in a hug. “It’s my job to protect the love of my life from negativity.” you mumbled into him. “You love me?” He questioned quietly, his own arms wrapping around around you. When you nodded, he let out a giggle, squeezing you against him.
“Wah, really?” he’d beam, pulling you to him. “Does that mean I finally get to kiss you?”


You and Baekhyun fed off each other’s energy. When together, the two of your were (normally) two balls of energy that caused hell for the other members. But today, you were both calm as you sat playing games in the dorm.
He kept stealing glances at your face, worried as to what caused you to be so down.

“Y/N…” he set his controller down and shuffled closer to you. “Talk to me,” he rested a hand on your shoulder. “Why are you so sad today?”
Your own controller was discarded to the side and now your attention was focused on your hands. “I’m in a mess…” you shrugged. “I think I love you…” At these words, he jumped up and began to dance. “Y/N loves me~ and I love her. We’re going to get married and have the most beautiful babies in the world!” he sang, making you laugh.


The other members always teased you and Jongdae on how you were just like a married couple. The two of you never gave any thought to your actions. Eating together, falling asleep on eachother and spending as much time as possible together had been something you’d done ever since you met.

It was movie night at the dorms. You and Jongdae had curled up in your normal place on the sofa, eyes on the screen. “You two should just wed already!” Beakhyun exclaimed as he watched ‘Dae cuddle closer to you in his sleeping state. “Maybe one day we will. Have to get the 'I’m in love with you’ part over with first,” you laughed, looking to the man sleeping against you.

“I love you too Y/N,” he grumbled, nuzzling into you, which caused an uproar from the members.


Once again, Chanyeol’s mind would come up with the worse case scenario. You didn’t want to be his best friend anymore. That’s what you were going to tell him when you both met up.
When he approached you, his eyes never met yours. How could he look at you when you were about to tell him that you never wanted to see him again.
“Why do you look so worried?” you’d laugh as you examined his crinkled nose. “I’m the one making a big confession. And I’d like for you to look at me while I did so.” His brown eyes finally connected with yours, making you smile wide.
“I had this big speech planned out, but I’m just going to say it, okay?” He nods for you to go on, hands moving into the pockets of his jeans. “I’m crazy in love with you.”

“Ah, Y/N!” he let out a nervous laugh before he shook his head. “I thought it was something bad! I’m crazy in love with you too.”


The second Saturday of each month, you and Kyungsoo would go out for a meal, and then to a bar. It was your way of making sure that you wouldn’t drift apart with how busy you both are.

More than usual was drunk, and the two of you were on a blurry buzz, trying your best to get back to your apartment before one of you fell and hurt got injured. You’d thankfully made it to your home, and now continuing creating chit chat about nothing.
“If you were my boyfriend, we could do this more often,” you mumbled as you slouched on the sofa. “But you’d never accept my love.” you let a pout sit on your face for a few seconds. “You want me to be your boyfriend?” he asked, leaning close to you. When you nodded, he jumped up from his place.
“The gods have listened!”


Being best friends with one of the hottest idols in the industry tested you. He was always away from you, always busy, always tired when you were together. Today you were frustrated with his fame for another reason. A news article of featuring him was spreading around the internet. 'EXO’s Kai dating SM Rookie.’ They looked cozy in the picture, walking out of the SM building, his coat over her shoulders.

Jongin was going to take you out to a pet adoption center to help you pick the perfect pooch for you. The atmosphere when he entered your flat wasn’t good. You felt awkward around him, knowing he was in close relations with a female trainee. “What’s the matter?” he asked at the sight of your slumped over state. “You’re dating, and you didn’t tell me.” you grumbled into the pillow.

“It’s not true, Y/N. I just wanted to make sure she wouldn’t get sick,” he frowned taking a step closer and resting his hand on your arm. “Good. Because I want you to be only mine.” To this, he laughed, thumb rubbing over your skin. “You have to stop being jealous even if it’s adorable. I can’t have a partner that will bite my head off for being a gentleman.”


You and Sehun were on a plaid blanket enjoying your last minute picnic. “I want to tell you something,” you set your sandwich down and wiped your hands on your jeans. “We’ve been best friends for years… and recently, all of these feelings for you came rushing down onto me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in love with you…”
Your mood dropped completely when he stood and began to walk away from your cozy set up.
When you stayed silent, he turned and offered you a smirk. “You always talk about how you want your first kiss to be under that blossom tree by the fountain. So let’s go.”

anonymous asked:

Imagine there being major controversy because they found a photo or his sketchbook and it's "not what Captain America stands for" and the media goes crazy

“Morning, Sweetheart,” Steve hears Bucky mumble.

Steve groans. He knows that he’s slept later today than he normally does, but his phone’s been vibrating almost constantly for hours. What’s the point of being able to silence these phones if they still make too much noise anyway? Steve makes a mental note to ask Sam about turning off his phone’s vibration later.

“Come on, wake up.”

“Why?” Steve doesn’t bother opening his eyes.

“Because,” Sam says, his footsteps coming closer to their bed. “You left your sketchbook at that coffee shop around the corner.”

“And?” Steve’s left it there a few times before. He doesn’t see what the big deal is now.

“And someone stole it,” Bucky says. “Now there’s more than one drawing of Sam and I naked on the internet.”


The reporter that Tony arranges for Steve to sit down and be interviewed by is from a website called Buzzfeed. Tony tells him that it’s a relatively liberal news outlet, thus making it the best option for Steve to “explain why his sketchbook was filled with dirty pictures of Barnes and Wilson. By the way, nice job nabbing those two, Cap. Were those portraits size-accurate? Okay, shutting up now. Have fun explaining your gay superhero throuple to the Internet!”

“Captain Rogers, can you confirm or deny that the drawings in the sketchbook were done by you?” The reporter- Shannon, clicks her pen.

“Yes. I did them,” Steve answers, easy as anything.

Her eyebrows fly to the top of her forehead. She must have been expecting him to deny it all. “Oh, well,” she clears her throat, obviously thrown off guard. “Could you tell me why you picked James Barnes and Sam Wilson to draw? Were they aware of the fact that you were drawing them?”

Steve chuckles a little, unable to stop himself. He remembers the night that he drew those sketches very clearly. “They were aware.” It was Sam and Bucky’s idea, actually. Steve figures he should leave that part out. “I picked them because we’re all in a relationship.”

Shannon blinks at him. “You’re in a polyamorous relationship? With two men?”

“Does that seem hard to believe?”

“Uh-” she starts but Steve cuts her off.

“It’s not that complicated. When two people are interested in each other they date, correct? I don’t see why it’s any different because I just so happen to be interested in two people instead of one. In fact, I think I’m pretty lucky. I found two guys that love me and I love them. Two amazing guys instead of one, or none.”


Steve just cuts her off again and keeps talking. He doesn’t much care what anyone has to say about his relationship, but if he sees one more “Captain America: voyer!” or “Is a gay Captain America what we really need?” headline without at least getting to say his piece he’s just going to scream.

“Or is the fact that I’m bisexual surprising you? Bisexuality isn’t anything new, Miss.”

“I know that.” She’s starting to look a little ruffled. “But there are quite a few people who are upset by that along with the,” she makes a sweeping gesture, “polyamory.”

“I’m not sure why. I was bisexual in the 1940s just the same as I am now. Plus, I’m not sure how the number of people I’m dating affects my ability to do my job.” Steve gives her his best ‘Captain America’ smile. “Don’t you agree?”

“Uh, yeah.” The reporter manages after some stuttering. “I think you do your job just fine, if my opinion matters at all.”

Steve says, “thank you. I happen to think so too.” Then he stands and offers her his hand. She takes it and drops her pen in the process. “I think that about covers it. Have a nice day ma'am. I have a date that I refuse to be late to.”

Steve walks to the exit of the building without making eye contact with a single person. Sam and Bucky said they would leave for dinner without him if he didn’t hurry. When he gets outside, there they are. Sam’s leaning against the side of the building while Bucky stands in front of him, talking animatedly with his hands about something. They both spot Steve and eye him carefully, trying to gauge how the interview went by Steve’s body language.

Steve smiles and wraps an arm around each of them. “You guys ready?”

remember when

pairing: mark x reader
genre/warning: no warning. fluff. 
word count: 411
description: based on ed sheeran’s ‘castle on the hill’ from his new album divide.
a/n: mark’s was a bit rough last go around, so we thought he deserved something sweet this time. 

“What about this picture?” Your daughter asks. You finish folding her shirt and place it in her drawer before walking over to see what picture she’s pointing at. It’s of you and Mark. Your arm is in a cast, and Mark looks like he wants to die. You laugh remembering that day. “That was the first time I met your grandma and grandpa. We’d gone on a hike with them, and your daddy accidentally knocked me down a hill.” You couldn’t keep a straight face as you told the story. The fall had hurt like hell, and you’d broken your arm, but Mark had spent the next couple months being your personal servant. Jackson had even bought him a maid outfit which he had worn. Sadly, that picture had not made it into the photo album.

“What about this one?” You lean over to get a better look at the picture and feel a pair of arms slipping around your waist. A chin rests on your shoulder.

“That’s the first time I kissed mommy. I don’t think I did it right.” Mark laughs in your ear. Your heart flips at the sound or maybe it was the memory of that first kiss. You two had been hanging out with Jinyoung and JB. The boys had been playing ridiculous games, making the losers do even more ridiculous things. Mark had lost a game to Jinyoung, and Jinyoung said he had to kiss you. You’d tried to run away because you liked Mark and your first kiss with him wasn’t going to happen because Jinyoung told him to. He’d chased you around eventually getting a hold of your face. He’d planted a kiss on you, and you smacked him. JB had taken the photo right after the smack.

“What about this one?” Mark leaves your waist and goes to sit beside your daughter. He takes her into his lap and situates the photo album so it lays across the both of them.

“That’s a very special picture. You’re mommy took that after telling me the best news.” He leans his head back to smile up at you.

“What news?”

“That I was going to be a daddy to the sweetest, most wonderful girl that has ever existed.” Your daughter squeals and reaches around to give her daddy a hug. She continues to point to pictures and ask about them, and you watch and listen as Mark tells the stories behind each of them.

Seven Seconds in Heaven

Words: 5.8k
Genre: Angst, Fluff, smidgen of Smut
Summary: In the moment of your death, Heaven drops the hammer of punishment; making him travel back in time to relive memories that can never be changed. Seven memories. Seven minutes in each. Seven seconds before they are ripped away. 
Warning: Mentions of death and other sensitive things. Tread carefully.


It’s another argument.

He is helpless. Frustrated. He’s caught in a blind rage that doesn’t allow him to understand why you said the things you said, why you did the things you did but then the words spew out of his lips without mercy. When the tears cloud your eyes and you rip your gaze away from him, before he can even utter ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it’, you had already said in the calmest voice-

“We are not doing this here.”

Without looking once back, you ran ahead of him, picking up the pace as much your legs could muster while leaving Jin behind you, feeling helpless and frustrated. He watches as your form disappears meters ahead, amongst the crowds as the glow of the street lamps cast shadows on the pavement; they laugh mockingly at him and follow like tails as he begins to race.

“Y/N. Y/N! Y/N, wait!”

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News of your disappearance spread like wildfire, your parents didn’t know how to react, they didn’t know how to tell those back at home that you were now missing. But they weren’t the ones to spread the news, sadly the news spread quicker than expected. Headlines blew up the United States, “Young Girl Missing in Europe.”

There was only a picture of the girl, and a small story. Peter had soon read the story, his new friend, Ned, showing him the headline. “That’s-s Y/N… “

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Ned quickly handed his phone back to his mom, “do you think they’ll find her?”

“She promised she would be home on August 13.” Peter had been broken from the news he received, he didn’t want to talk about the fact that his best friend was now missing. “Hey Pete, I just heard the news, I’m sorry honey.”

Peter didn’t react, he only sat there, looking at the purple popsicle that sat on his bedside desk. “She’ll come back.”

Aunt May wanted to hug her little nephew but all she did was sit down next to him, putting her arm around his shoulder.

3 months had soon passed, it was now 3 days into the school year, Peter knew you weren’t coming home. Her parents came home from Europe, and Peter wanted to run over to see if his best friend was there, but she wasn’t.

Peter turned to the table, sitting down and now doing his homework, a knock came on the door, May stood up from the sofa, pulling the door open to see Y/N’s mom standing there, a red cup of popsicle sticks in her hands, her cheeks stained red.

“Y/N would want Peter to have these.” Peter stood up, walking towards the door, watching as Y/N’s mom handed him the cup, it was full of the multiple popsicle sticks, each one a different color or some have the same. “Oh.. um.. Thank you..”

She wiped away a tear from her cheek, and turned to look at May, she gave her a hug, and walked out of the room. Peter set the cup on the table, looking at the facts he had given to his best friend, each one better than the last but it was undeniable that his favorite was either about the turtles or that coca cola was originally green.

“Time for school, Peter.” Aunt May placed her hand on Peter’s shoulder and they both prepared to leave for school.



“Time for school, Peter.” Peter nodded, following Aunt May out of the apartment, your mom sat there, reading the mail in her hand. “Good Morning May.”

“Morning, how are you today?” She smiled and put the mail down on her side, “I’m good, almost done packing.”

Ever since Y/N disappeared everything changed in your family, your parents started to fight, blaming each other for you going missing, but they eventually split up, and now your mother is moving out of the apartment. Peter wanted to help every opportunity he got, he would sometimes help her take out the trash or bring her for lunch.

Peter looked down at his phone, today was August 13,more than 3 years since you went missing. “Peter, you gonna come and see me at the new house?”

Peter snapped back into attention, “oh, yah, uh of course.”

“You guys better get going. I’ll have to invite you over some time soon for a housewarming party.” A smile traveled onto her face as she pulled the apartment door open. Peter nodded in agreement and followed Aunt May downstairs as they prepared to leave for school.

“It’s gonna be your first day of school!!! You ready to be back?” Aunt May was more excited that Peter got to get out of the house, and she got to be alone.

They walked out to the car, Peter got in the side and waited for Aunt May to start to drive him, once she was in, she started the car, pulling out of the small parking garage and into the crowded road. “I’ll see you when you get back home, just take the trolley, yeah?”

Peter nodded and jumped out of the car and walked up to the school. He saw his best friend Ned, standing there fiddling with a hat on his head. “Calm down Ned, you look fine.” A smile traveled to the young man’s face, “let’s make this year good.”

“It’ll be great.” Peter’s eyes traveled to see Liz walking into the school, her best friend Michelle at her side, they were giggling along as they walked into the school. Liz looked towards Peter, she moved her hair behind her ear, smiling at him.

“It’s going to be the best year yet.”


Black Widow had control on the large rover, Hawk Eye shooting arrows from the back, they sped through the snowy woods, the same rover following behind them with the enemy in it. One of the enemies came flying up from the side, almost in an Iron Man suit, but instead he only had a jetpack on his shoulders.

Black Widow reacted quickly, pulling the door open and kicking the man in the chest, causing him to fly back in the air. Iron Man came across the front, hitting someone off the rover, and soon Hawk Eye had to do the same, kicking someone off the back of the car. The car drove up to them, Hawk Eye couldn’t react in time, they started to fire an alien gun at the car, Black Widow swerved the car, confused on what was happening.

“Get it under control!” Thor was soon in on the action, jumping on the other car ad destroying the large gun on the top of the car, with his large hammer he soon hit the person in the driver seat, causing them to swerve.

Thor jumped off the car, landing on a watch tower and fighting 4 people. Iron man was doing the same, but circling the area around the car, Captain let out a scream from the back of the car, his motorcycle coming to the side of car.

Cap passed the car and joined Thor on the front lines, grabbing people and dragging them by the car. He soon through him at another one of his comrades, and his shield was thrown at a small base, causing a small explosion. He grabbed his shield from the ground, following behind Thor as he hit his hammer on the end of a vehicle causing it to flying upwards in a explosion.

Black Widow followed closely behind, Hawk eye still firing arrows into the enemy sidelines. Hulk let out a scream from the side as he picked up a vehicle, throwing it into another vehicle. They jumped over a large barrier, causing the avengers to now run into the forest without the car. Tony running ahead, scoping the area for other enemies.
He flew up in the air, looking at a large building plastered to the mountain, he started to locate a weak point where they could enter. He hit the side of the building causing him to bounce off as a blue holographic shield appeared. “SHIT!”

“Hey! Language.” Cap yelled on the other end of the line as he drove into the deep woods. “Jarvis what’s the view from upstairs.”

Jarvis focused on the building, looking at it from a space shuttle, “the central building is protected by somme kind of energy shield.”

The Avengers sighed as they watched Strucker’s men charge at them, “Strucker’s technology is well beyond any hydra base we’ve taken.” Thor started to fight a few of the enemies, “Loki’s scepter must be here. Strucker couldn’t mount this defense without low loss.”

The enemies behind Thor soon disappeared, he caught his hammer and waited to approach more people. The alien guns started to fire at the Avengers, Black widow threw a grenade towards the car of people, they flew up into the air, screams coming from all of them.

“Long last is lasting a little long boys.” Black Widow stated as she looked at the situation around her, Hawk Eye joined her, firing an arrow into a tank, killing the main shooter, “think we lost the element of surprise.”

“Wait a second, no one else is gonna deal with the fact that Cap just said language.” Tony stated from atop the building, “i know..”

Cap let a smirk come onto his face as he drove into the oncoming traffic, he jumped off his bike, throwing it forwards a car that was charging towards him. “Just slipped out..”

“Sir. The city is taking fire” Jarvis spoke lightly, “Well, we know Strucker’s nothing to worry about civilian casualties. Send in the Iron Legion.”

“Sir. There is a enemy causing mass amounts of energy.” Tony acknowledged Jarvis’ comment, “send in Scarlet Witch.”

“Already on it Stark.” Scarlet Witch approached from the side, circling the supernatural energy. She looked closely, it appeared to be a girl, her hair moving in the vicious winds she was creating, eyes glowing a bright blue as she stood in shock.

Her eyes traveled to see Scarlet Witch, she stood and watched the girl. The young girl’s hand flew up, a vehicle now flying towards Scarlet, she ducked quickly, landing in the melting snow. “Stark, she is like me.”

“Hawk go help her.” Tony kept circling for a vulnerable way into the building, but he was still stuck, “wait. She might be the one we are here for.”

Scarlet stood up, looking at the girl once more, her eyes still glowing. “I dont think she knows of her actions.”

“What do you mean?” Cap spoke lighlty, heading towards Scarlet Witch, “I didn’t exactly know what I was doinng. There is no sure way to find out what side is good and what side is bad if you’ve only fought for one.”

“Jarvis measure her vitals.” Jarvis did as Tony said, measuring the young girls vitals, “sir, she appears to have an immense amount of electric voltage coming from her neck.”

Tony flew back towards the radioactive currents, “is it running on a certain time schedule? Shocking at certain intervals.”

Jarvis focused in on the girl’s neck, there were no steady shocks for a certain amount of time, as the girl resisted attack someone, a generated shock was sent through her body. “It appears that when she resists attacking, the shocks are generated.”

“Get the collar off of her Scarlet.” Scarlet looked at the thick lined collar on the girl’s neck, “how am I supposed to do that?”

Jarvis spoke lightly, “there is a vulnerable point at the back of her neck?”

Scarlet Witch reacted quickly, but the young girl was quicker, she looked at the girl and lifted both of her hands up, causing Scarlet to fly in the air. She let out a scream as a swirl of wind started around her. It started slow but it moved faster, the tornado grew in size, ripping the trees from the ground, picking up the white snow fom the ground.

A scream escaped the tornado of whirlwind, panic reacting in Scarlet as she didn’t understand the emmence power coming from the girl. “Jarvis. Identify who she is.”

“On it sir.”

The tornado started to move, picking up a vechile with it, the girl was in a panic, her eyes turned back to their regular color. She looked into the tornado, almost as if she was looking for something, she reached her hand into the whirlpool of wind, her hand latched onto Scarlet’s as she tried to pull her out.

Scarlet looked at her with twrror on her face, her heart racing outside of her chest, “you are okay-y.” She spoke with a cracked voice, “I’m gonna help you out.”

The girl had a reassuring smile on her face, trying to comfort her as she reached for her other hand.. But a loud buzzing came from the collar on her neck, sending a current through her, her eyes shot back to the blue color.

“No.. No..” Scarlet spoke as the girl let go of her once more, throwing her into the swirl of wind and snow. In a moment, everything stopped, the earth slowed down, the tornado disappeared, causing Scarlet to fall from an unbelieveable hieght, Tony catching her.

Behind the girl stood Cap, the collar in his right hand, her eyes slowly fading to their previous color, she started to fall backwards, soon being caught by Cap, “I got you, I got you.”

Tony set Scarlet down, all of them soon staring at the girl, each one of them shocked. “I’ve identified her.”

“Who is this girl?” Cap looked up at Tony as Jarvis displayed a file of the girl on Tony’s screen, “her name is Y/N Y/L/N. She went missing from London around 3 years ago.”

“Where is she from?” Cap stated as she stared at the girl, hoping he could soon return her to her proper home. The young girl stirred a little, her eyes slowly coming open as she mumbled a word, “Queens.”

Who is ready for a reunion in part 3????

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coco oil disaster reporting: I'm okay! thank you all for the care! my hair is still kinda funny from all washing but it looks okay now. I'd ask for RFA+3 react @ MC messing up her hair (dyeing/haircut), maybe put this in your queue? thank you loves!

I’m actually really glad to hear that your hair is doing better and tbh I was talking to myself (don’t judge) about my hair and started to wonder about yours the other day (wow that’s probably creepy im sorry) so I’m glad I finally got to your request ^^;; ~Admin 404


-He’s probably the one who helps you mess up your hair?

-MC! He dyes his hair! He can totally help you dye yours!



-Cries with you when you see the results


-He finds a beauty club on campus and joins, hoping it’ll help him figure out how to fix your hair

-You won’t let him near your hair anymore, at all. He has to pat your back when he’s consoling you for weeks afterwards because you’re very serious about not letting him touch

-Begs to go with you to the beauty parlor to watch them fix it though!

-Literally praises your hair 27 times a day once it’s actually the colour you wanted, because you look so good!!! He tries to tell you that you were beautiful before but the glare you give him makes him hold his tongue

-You considered messing with his hair the next time he did it

-But realized that would be tERRIBLE and you weren’t sure you could deal with the poor baby’s crying poor bby ;A;


-You were just… simply getting ready for a night out with your boyfriend

-You couldn’t just go out in some comfortable clothes, nnooo

-You decided you had to dress up- jewelry, makeup, hair, the works


-So when you attempted to curl a piece of your hair and attempt to simultaneously talk to Zen, you thought ‘Hey, it’s easy, I can do this’

-You were wrong

-Did you know you could set the curling iron too high? No, of course you didn’t, because you didn’t read the instructions

-’Oh no,’ you thought, ‘I know how to curl my hair. I don’t need this. What’s it gonna say? Step one: curl your fucking hair?’


-Because that curl? Completely burnt off

-You now have a missing chunk of hair and the house smells like burning hair and no amount of candles can cover it

-Trust me, Zen tried. After over-reacting and practically dropping to the floor, mourning the lost chunk of hair

-Who’s more upset, you or Zen?

-You’re crying, he’s crying, everyone is crying up in this house

-He tries his best to try and help you hide it

-Luckily for you, it’s in a spot that it can be easily blended in until you decide what to do to fix it

-So he helps to style your hair in a different way until then!

-Always coming home with adorable hair accessories to mix up your hairstyle!

-And when you’re upset, he’s always there for hours at a time telling you how amazing and beautiful he thinks you are, and refuses to stop his speech until he knows you’ve forgotten all about your hair disaster (at least for the moment)

- seriously has to buy like 20 more candles to help the burnt smell in the house


-You just wanted to do a nice, relaxing, hair mask while you took a hot bath

-Did you buy a premade one at the store? No no of course not

-Your Pintrest loving ass had to make a homemade one




-Hours upon hours you’ve spent washing your hair and you just. Couldn’t. Get. It. Out.

-So when Jaehee came home and heard the water running she was obviously concerned because??? You texted her like a million hours ago that you were going to take a bath

-Did something happen to you??? Were you hurt??? OR WORSE???

-*Judo kicks down the door*

-Sees you just sitting in the bathtub, running water over your head, quietly sobbing

-*Mother Jaehee instincts kicking in*

-You explain what happened and she just laughs at you??? Like stOP LAUGHING MY HAIR’S A MESS

-She spends the rest of the night helping you strip your hair of the terrible mask you attempted, doesn’t stop until she knows your hair is gonna be okay

- that and she doesnt want that gross oil feeling all up on the pillows mc, keep it away from her at all costs


-”Why in the world did you attempt to cut your bangs yourself?? I have a hairdresser. Why didn’t you just make an appointment”

-You sat in the middle of the bathroom floor in defeat, a large chunk missing from your bangs, where you’ve been sitting for hours, crying on and off

-He stares at your hair for a good while, without saying a word. He’s trying to assess the damage, not judging you, stop crying MC

- mc, he has money, JuJu can fix this for you

-Bang extensions? Bang extensions.

-At least until your actual bangs grow out and you can style them

-He always tells you how beautiful you look, no matter what

-If he could, he’d fix it himself, but he knows that he’d just make it worse so he let the professionals handle it

-But he is a little…mothering? Always hovering and running around both you and the hairdresser

-Loves showering you with compliments no matter what your hair looks like, but he hides all the scissors from you. No joke. You can’t do any crafts without someone having to get you scissors. They check up on you every now and then. juST LET ME CRAFT, JUMIN, PLEASE

-You once threatened to cut Elly’s fur if he didn’t stop hiding the scissors

-But all that did was make sure that you only got safety scissors and a designated scissor handler daMMIT JUMIN


-You wanted to go for just a little trim of your split ends!

-The love of your life just wanted to scare you a little bit without realizing you were a little busy!

-Cue the fact that you now have a chunk of hair missing. What was once flowing, long hair is now as short as Jaehee’s. Only in one spot. Just one.


-He told you he loved it, you can just be unique with one spot shorter than the rest!

-”It’s a fashion statement, MC! It’s fabulous!”

- im gonna shove this fucking “fabulous” pair of scissors up your aSS SAEYOUNG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

-Runs away from you and your fury, scissors in hand.

-He comes back later, plopping one of his wigs on top of your head, kissing your cheek in apology

-Promises to get you an appointment with one of the best hairdressers! He’s gonna get this fixed!

- news flash, the hairdresser is him in disguise. He actually did a fantastic job at fixing your hair

-He’s so cute though! After he gives you an adorable (and flattering) new hairstyle, he can’t stop taking pictures of you??

-The group chat is spammed with candids of you and everyone else thinks it’s absolutely adorable! They all love your haircut too <3


-Okay but he’s the one who fucked up your hair

-How was he supposed to know just how much coconut oil was supposed to go in your hair? He’s never done it

-’The more oil, the more it’ll smell like coconut, right?’ is what he thought to himself

-Smh this asshole was just thinking of himself- he wanted to spoon you and just lose himself in a sweet coconut scent

-”Here, you said you wanted to try a hair mask thing, right? I researched and found that coconut oil helps… I got you some! Let’s go shower”

-Like hell yeah I’ll go shower with you Jihyun, who would turn that down??

-But now you regret it. You regret it and you wanna pour the rest of the bottle over his head

-Obviously he’s apologizing like crazy

-Sounds like he’s on the verge of tears and you can see the guilt splattered across his face


-He’s calling everyone he knows, looking all over the internet, anything he can do to help your hair

-Even calling some famous hairdressers he’s met overseas

-*Lays napkin on your head* “Sit with this on MC, maybe it’ll soak some of it up”

-Like clockwork, he’s changing the napkins on your head

-Well he got what he wanted- your hair smells like coconut. So does your whole bathroom. And house. And everywhere you go. He can pick you out of a crowd by following the coconut smell


-Also does his own hair

-Refused to help you dye your own because??? He’s not taking responsibility if something goes wrong

-He should have knocked on wood because…. You fucked up. Real bad.


-You MCFucked up(™)

-He walked into the room as you stared in disbelief that your hair was dry, coarse, and just all around dead

-What did he do? Stared blankly, finger-gunned, and walked out of the room. whAT THE FUCK SAERAN GET BACK HERE AND CONSOLE ME

-He sat in the bathroom while you dyed it *insert whatever colour you want here* hoping maybe the dye would bring it a little life?

-It Did Not.

-He bought you a few different hair masks and damage repair shampoos hoping it would help, and help stop your crying

-You made him promise to help you with your hair the next time you decide to do it. He agreed because jesus christ MC why would you do this to yourself okay but??? This whole part vof the hc is literally what i did when i first bleached my hair ;A;

-Seriously though, he helped no matter what you wanted to do from then on. You wanted to retouch the colour? He’s helping. You wanna change the colour? Also helping. You want it to go back to a normal colour? HelPING.

-Literally always on the internet looking at different articles on how to help repair hair damage, how to keep it healthy, different products you could use, he is not gonna let you do that again because??? He loves your hair and actually felt terrible when you cried about it

Japan Trip 2017 log

I’m back from my Tokyo (and Yokohama) trip AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

This is the first time I managed to go with friends and plan my own trip! Since all the times I’ve been to Japan I’ve only visited the countryside and not Tokyo, I was really excited. It’s like a dream come true!! I wanted to log in my incredible experience somewhere, and leave this as a gesture of gratitude to everyone who helped make this trip possible. To those curious, beware my spastic commentary and plush toys photobombing every now and then

I travelled with @selinawen and @b-sim was very very kind to let us bunk in with her during her stay. We’re very thankful uwu

 Spoilers More under cut (Warning: It’s long)

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{Reaction} EXO finding out another member is dating their sibling.

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Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol.

Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns

You tried your hardest to keep the fact you were dating Baekhyun a secret from Chanyeol, you really did.

The relationship started a few months back when Baekhyun asked you out with a grin and a bouquet of roses. Since then, you’ve been visiting the EXO dorms much more often, pretending like you’re really just missing your ‘brother dearest,’ but Chanyeol isn’t an idiot, and he’s noticed how Baekhyun is always lingering around you, hugging you much more now than he’s ever done. It wasn’t like you couldn’t trust Chanyeol with this information, but you couldn’t trust Chanyeol with this information. He was the most likely to accidentally spill it online, or say something in front of fans which could cause a lot of damage. But inevitably, he was going to find out, and when he did, you kind of wish you’d told him before.

Baekhyun: “We locked the door, didn’t we? I think I just heard Chanyeol downstairs.” *Pulls away from the kiss as you both sit on the sofa, his hands on your waist under your shirt.*

Chanyeol: “Hey {y/n}! Look at this awesome cat picture I f-” *eyes widen for a brief second before smirking.* “Oh… sorry, I didn’t realise you had company.”

Though honestly, Chanyeol is over the moon about the news since Baekhyun is one of his best friends and Chanyeol trusts him fully not to hurt. But oh boy if he does, Chanyeol won’t hold back.

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

You didn’t really know how Kyungsoo would react to finding out that you’re dating Chanyeol. He’s a very supportive brother, so you supposed this would apply to this situation as well.

You know that Chanyeol and Kyungsoo have a very playful relationship, something that held the line between liking and annoying each other. For a little while, you made no attempt to tell Kyungsoo, unsure how to break the news to him, there was no casual way to inform him of this development in relationship.

Somewhat luckily, you don’t need to tell Kyungsoo, he finds out on his own accord. You don’t know if this is better or worse really. (But he doesn’t seem to be too fussed about it, if anything he’s happy you’ve found someone that makes you happy.)

Kyungsoo: “I know you’re dating” *Looks at you both with a raised eyebrow*

Chanyeol: “How do you know?”

Kyungsoo: “Next time you go to shove your tongue down {y/n}’s throat make sure you’re not stood next to a window.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by baehkkyun

Baekhyun isn’t stupid, he knows something has changed the second you come to see him after being out on the first date with Minseok the night before. He takes note of how you dance around the topic of the other members, so he plays on that, seeing who of his friends you’re trying to avoid talking about until he pins it on Minseok.

He’ll pull the confession out of you, he has his way and knows how to read you better than anyone else. He’d feel happy about the development, and excited that you’re dating someone he trusts.

Baekhyun: “Did he kiss you?”

{y/n}: “That’s private!”

Baekhyun: “Not to me, {y/n}.” *Smirking. Will take every opportunity to tease you.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by exofetish

This is probably the most nerve wracking thing you’ve ever had to do. Tell your brother that you’re dating one of his best friends.

Luhan would tell you not to worry, and that even if Sehun wasn’t too happy about it at first then he would soon come around and realise how good this development is. You weren’t so sure, so you made Luhan come with you to make this daunting confession. When you finally break the news, Sehun reacted in a sarcastic way, added a bit of banter with Luhan, but really he’s happy for you. Like Luhan said, there’s really no need to worry, because Sehun secretly finds happiness in knowing that you’re dating Luhan, knowing that Luhan is the best man for you.

Sehun: “You’re dating Luhan? I see… I have a question… who is the ‘manly’ one in this relationship?” *Smirking.*

Luhan: “That’s funny, coming from someone who can’t last longer than eleven minutes in bed.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

As expected, Yixing wasn’t bothered at all when he found out that you were dating Kim Jongin. He’d respond sweetly, more than likely giving you a hug and congratulating you on the situation, knowing how happy Jongin would make you.

He’s also the kind of person to be obvlious to certain things, such as when the bedroom door is closed he definitely shouldn’t come in. But despite all of that, he’s the sweetest and supports you through everything. If you and Jongin meet a rough patch, he isn’t going to take sides or get angry at either of you, instead he’ll just be there to support you both when you need it.

Yixing: “I only have one condition if you’re going to date him.”

{y/n}: “Which is?”

Yixing: “I’m still the best dancer you know.”

{y/n}: “Always, brother.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by luderella

Jongdae will more than likely be the most whiny about the situation. He wouldn’t understand why you wanted to date Sehun of all the men you could choose from on the world.

It’s not that he’s unsupportive, but he doesn’t like the idea of change, or the thought of you two breaking up because that would more than likely cause a lot of tension. But after a while, and a lot of persuading by you, he starts to see the upside to the situation and will eventually see the best points and will do everything he can to support and help you both. But he will back away if you tw hit a rough patch, he doesn’t like being caught up in the complications.

Jongdae: “… And one more thing, if you guys dare go in my room I will have your heads.”

Sehun: “Right… noted for future reference.”

Jongdae: “What do you mean future reference? You haven’t done anything in there already have you?”

Sehun: “Uh… No?” *Terrible liar*

Jongdae: “I hate you both.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by parkchny

Being the sometimes maturest and oldest member of EXO, he doesn’t really have much of a reaction when you tell him that you’re dating Kyungsoo. He’d be happy for the two of you, because he knows how much you can offer for each other.

Often, after being on tour he’d let you know how Kyungsoo is doing and if he’s keeping well. Sometimes he’d call to let you know what mood Kyungsoo is in before he comes home so you can prepare him a hot drink and a movie he likes to soothe his agitated nerves or tiredness.

But Minseok isn’t always going to be so kind and considerate, sometimes he’ll let his less mature side know and tease you both, just because he loves the way you both blush.

Minseok: “Kyungsoo-ah, I know you have the power of strength, but you and I both know who’s really the strongest here. Take that as future warning if you decide to hurt {y/n}” *Smiling ‘sweetly’*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by laygion

Tao isn’t going to hold back his annoyance when he find out you’re dating Yixing.

It’s not the fact that you’re dating Yixing that upsets him, it’s the fact that you didn’t tell him into quite a way into the relationship. He’d be annoyed and would probably give you both the silent treatment for at least a week until you persuade him to talk this out (with the help of Wu Yifan.)

Once he gets over the fact you kept it a secret from him for so long, he’d be happy for you both, and it would probably bring him and Yixing closer together once they’re seeing so much more of each other. It would also help that you all speak Chinese fluently since Tao struggles with his Korean sometimes.

Tao: “From now on, I want you to tell me everything, okay?”

{y/n}: “There’s probably a few things you don’t want to know about…”

Tao: “No, I want to know it- oh wait… yeah, I don’t want to know every detail.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by 89ner

Suho is really happy when he find out you’re dating Kris, mainly because he knows how much you both need a relationship.

He knows how stressful it is to be the leader of EXO, and since Kris is the leader of EXO M, Suho knows that Kris will need the support that you can offer him after long days. And likewise, he knows how hard you work as well. He knows that you’d need each other to pull through.

But we all know how savage Suho can be, so he’s going to take every opportunity to sass you both.

Suho: “Thanks {y/n}, you’ve stolen Kris from me, now I have to look after all 10 kids on my own.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Luhan isn’t really going to be bothered when you tell him that you’re dating Tao. He’d be happy for you, mainly because you didn’t steal his Xiumin Hyung.

He’d probably spend most of his time teasing you when he’s hanging out with you and Tao, just to poke fun since he knows Tao will react to it.

Luhan: “I don’t know why you date him, {y/n}, he can’t even watch scary movies without crying.”

Tao: “Hey Luhan, you should probably remember who’s the martial arts expert in here.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by kairamelo

Jongin doesn’t notice anything is different, even when you’ve been dating Jongdae for a while, even after walking in you you both countless times in different sometimes awkward positions. (for example, that time Jongdae had you pinned against the wall, or time time you were sat on his knee, cuddling him as you watched a movie.)

When you finally break the news to Jongin, a look of realisation seems to hit him.

He is happy for you though, but he’s the best for being oblivious to things, you will get let off for so much.

Kai: “I can’t believe how loud you were.”

{y/n}: “Uh… I can explain.”

Kai: “Yeah, please do. Why would you jump on the dorm beds? They’re not bouncy castles! And if the manager finds out he won’t be happy.”

{y/n}: “You thought we were jumping on the beds?”

Kai: “Well what else would you be doing to make that much noise?”

{y/n}: “…”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris is going to be very happy when he finds out you’re dating Suho. But you’d be nervous confessing that to him at first as you wouldn’t know how he’d respond to this development, but in the end he reacts much better than you imagined.

Kris would tease you both undoubtedly, but most of all he’d be happy that you’re happy.

Kris: “As long as you’re happy, {y/n} then I am too.”

For @wacheypena, Rock star Len, Reporter Barry.


Barry couldn’t believe his luck. Couldn’t believe out of everyone at Picture News, HE’D been the one to score the best assignment in months. He pinched himself, making sure it was true as he listened to his editor tell him how he was going to be touring with the Rogues, the hottest band to ever come out of Central City, for the entire summer.

Kissing on My Tattoos- Part Six-Snippet 2

Just a rough draft. You can read other parts here.

Tom was in the living room pacing back and forth. He was going out of his fuckin mind since he got the text from Calvin earlier.  He has since left you four frantic messages and you had yet to respond. He was worried sick and Charlotte breathing down his neck was not helping.  Tom’s text alarm went off. He hoped it was you as he quickly looked at the message.

 Turn to channel four.

 The text read. It was a friend of his who happen to be one of the only journalist he trusted. Tom quickly turned on the TV to channel Four. His heart skipped a beat as he saw you and Calvin leave what he assumed was the doctor’s office. You were surrounded by media. My God they were acting like you were Monica Lewinsky and he was President Clinton. This was actual live coverage. Why was his life so important to people that they had to break into a regularly scheduled program to show you leaving the doctors?

“After a fall, earlier today it has been confirmed that YN/LN and baby are fine. An inside source has confirmed that Tom Hardy’s mistress is having a baby girl.” One of the reporters reported in the camera. Tom’s mouth fell open with shock. He was having a little girl….a little girl. A smile formed on his lips as he watches you and Calvin rush into a waiting car. You were flustered with all the media attention but you held it together. He was proud of you. He never wanted this for you. Thinking back to the first kissed you two shared he never thought you both would end up where you were at this very moment. He needed to go see you now. He missed you. He needed to be there for you. Tom looked at his cell. Still no response from you. Tom quickly texted his assistant to book him the first flight to Manhattan.

Tom heard a disgusted huff behind him. He turned around to find Charlotte standing behind him looking at the news report with repulsion. Tom turned, grabbed the remote and clicked off the television which were just reporters recapping what they just informed the public about you.

“She’s having a girl?” Charlotte choked out. Charlotte had to admit that she wanted to give her husband his first girl. But it would be you. You, the bitch who turned her world upside down. Tom ignored her question.

“I’m headed to the states.” He announced to her as he headed to their bedroom to pack.

“You are not going to see her!!” Charlotte shouted at Tom.

“Charlotte enough is enough. I need to be there for my baby.” Tom walked up to Charlotte and holding back his anger as best as he could, he told her she will not use their unborn child as leverage to keep him from seeing you. Charlotte looked into her husband’s eyes and saw just how serious he was. He was fed up and she knew she could not make him stay away from you any longer. As hard as she tried to hold onto Tom at that moment she realized she had lost him. Their marriage would never be the same. She tried to deny it even with all the evidence presented to her but her marriage was unrepairable. She knew it the moment she saw the video of his closet room tryst. It was also evident when they went to the doctor for her checkup and to find out the gender of the baby. They put on a show for the paparazzi’s but once they were in the safety of the building he was cold toward her. He was genuinely excited he was having another son but he was distant towards her.  

“I wish she had lost the baby when she fell.” Charlotte spat at him as he opened his closet to pack. Tom stopped in his tracks and looked back at his wife. Charlotte gasped when she saw the fury in his eyes as he marched up to her and grabbed her forearm in a death grip.

“You better bite your tongue woman when it comes to Y/N and my child!” He hissed in her face.

“So you are just going to leave me and your unborn son to be with her?” Tom let go of Charlotte’s arms as he saw tears glistening in her eyes threatening to spill down her cheeks.

“I will be back and forth. You know I have an upcoming project and I will be back here.” Tom threw more clothes in a suitcase.

“You are choosing her.” Charlotte started to cry. Tom moved in to comfort her when his text alert sound telling him his flight information and that a car would arrive in twenty minutes.

“Charlotte we will talk when I get back. I have a flight to catch.” Tom packed more clothes.

“I won’t be here when you get back.” Charlotte wiped her tears away. Tom stopped packing and walked over to his wife.

“You are not taking my child anywhere. Do you understand me?” Tom’s voice was low, steady but full of rage. Charlotte’s breath caught in her throat. “Char do you understand me?”

Charlotte numbly nodded her head as she watches Tom turn around and finish packing. Charlotte could not move. She was planted in place as she watched her husband walk out the room and heard the front door slam as he left her for the other woman.


The next morning you had called in. You had planned on doing nothing all day. You made yourself a huge breakfast and devoured every morsel. With a full belly you sat back in the kitchen chair and rubbed your five-month pregnant belly. Your doctor was right you were sore and tender when you woke up and an big blueish purple bruise formed on your belly. You wish you knew who the pap was that pushed you causing you to fall. You would have his or her head.

The door bell rung startling you out of your thoughts. Who could that be? Your family and best friend had a key. Shaking your head, you just figured it was one of the many packages you received on a daily basis from designers and vendors. You checked your appearance you were still in your oversize pink pajama pants and matching t-shirt. Your hair pulled back into a bun. Oh well you thought as you peeped through the peephole. Your heart stopped. It was Tom. Now you started to regret how you looked. You open the door to the love of your life. His face lit up when he saw you.

“What are you doing here?” Your voice laced with anger at him. You had no idea he was coming.

“I had to come and check on you and the baby. Calvin texted me and I saw the footage of you falling.”

You step aside to let him in. Tom dropped his suitcase and pulled you into his arms.

“My God I’ve missed you so much.” Tom said as his nose nuzzled in your neck.

You stood stiff in his arms trying hard not to hug him back. Tom pulled back a frown on his handsome face.

“What’s wrong?” He asked searching your face.

“Why are you here?” You asked again as seeing him in person started to make you even angrier. Having him stand before you reminded you just how much you loved him, how much you missed him and how he left you alone for almost a month.

“What do you mean? What kind of silly question is that? I just told you I saw the footage, also you have the doctor’s appointment next week. I want to be here for you.”

“After three weeks!!” You found yourself screaming at him. Tom remained calm as he watches you walk away, arms flaying in the air as you cursed him. Tom shut your front door and locked it. There were a few paps outside and he knew there will be more once news of him being at your house hit the media. He saw the paparazzi taking pictures of him but the look on his face kept them from speaking to him. He was already pissed from his layovers that delayed him getting to you. So, it was in their best interest not to utter one word to him. Tom followed the sound of your raised voice cursing him out. He had no idea how he was going to make up for his absence but he knew he had to try.

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hiiii can you write something where you're famous as well and a really negative article about harry comes out and you want to take it down so you and your team talk to whoever posted it but they demand a story of yours instead and you give them something really personal and then harry finds out? (sorry it's so specific it's based on a dream I had haha)

This Is Going To Kill Him (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: There is a rude article written about Harry, and Y/N using the power she has in Hollywood (she is well known also), takes down the article and shares a personal story about herself to hopefully help others, and even posts a loving picture talking about the ‘real Harry Styles’.

Requested: yes

Warnings: partial swearing, mention of depression, insecurities, and eating disorders

A/N: Y/B/F/N= your best friend’s name

Sorry I have been inactive over the weekend, I’ve been busy this past weekend, but I’m back! Again, thank you for all the support and love you all give to me. Thank you soooo much! Requests are still open, and I will be updating my series this week!

“This is going to kill him”, Y/N says as she puts the laptop on the counter in front of her, gets up, and walks over into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“I’m sorry for coming over here so early” Y/B/F/N says looking at the clock that reads 8:37am, “I just thought you would want to know, so you can maybe prevent Harry from reading it”.

“Thank you for showing me. It’s just so frustrating how someone can write absolute trash that has no actual facts or truth to it, and can just destroy someone’s character and not even get in trouble about it. Yes, I know we have right to freedom of speech, but that doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole. Like this” Y/N says walking over to the living room to grab her laptop again and reads the article,

“Harry Styles spotted out with girlfriend, Y/N. We use the term girlfriend very, VERY, loosely, as you have seen Styles’s track record. But Y/N may be different as we have seen them together more than two minutes, we mean, weeks. We don’t understand what Y/N sees in him. We over here on WEGOSSIP, couldn’t date someone who has been with over thirty of forty women before us. Harry doesn’t even deny it! In one of his latest interviews, the interviewer asked what the boys are looking forward to when they go on their break, and Harry said how he sleeps in different beds every night, and it will be nice to sleep in his own bed on his time off!”

“That’s not even all he said, or what he said, or what he meant!” Y/N says angrily. “He said he misses sleep in his own bed because of tour they have to move from hotel to different hotel every single night. He miss familiarity.”

“Not to be insensitive, but, this is what comes with fame. Don’t you think Harry is used to it almost by now?” Y/B/F/N asks cautiously.

“You’re right to an extent. People will lie and be cruel and hate you, but this article, the people who write it get paid for it. They aren’t just being what people call haters, but they are professional article writers who are destroying someone’s character.” Y/N says.

“It just hurts, because it reminds of like four years ago, when I found Harry reading mean comments people wrote about his performance. Harry was performing, and he didn’t have breath control when he hit a note, so he didn’t hit it like he usually does.  He was beating himself up all night after the performance. He secluded himself from everyone in his room. When I walked in, I found his phone screen smashed across the room and him with his hand in his hands. He was in tears. He believed all the nasty things people were saying about him. He actually looked me in the eyes, and asked me if he was a good enough singer. We weren’t dating at the time, just friends, but it hurt to see him like that, so insecure, so broken. He was so close to giving up doing what he loved because of people’s opinions.” Y/N says sadly.

“This article isn’t just hating on him, they are trying to destroy him. I mean look at the title of the article “HARRY STYLES: ROLEMODEL OR MANWHORE?” Y/N says pointing to the screen.

“So, what are you going to do?” Y/B/F/N asks.

“I have connections to people who can order to take it down. But after, we will give the attention that Harry deserves, we will show people who the real Harry Styles is. The loving, caring, gentlemen he is.” Y/N says smiling.

~On Clever News, at 3:47pm~
“Y/N is possibly one of the best girlfriends in our books”, Mariam reports, “Recently today the internet went into a frenzy when a false and hateful article went out about our favorite dimpled green eye cutie, calling him a manwhore, and misquoting him.”

The YouTube video cuts to pictures of snippets from the article, and Mariam explaining what the article said, and showing where the article had misquoted him.

“Awful right?” Mariam continues as the video shows her again, “But miss Y/N was not having it. One of our favorite singer turned actress, shut that article AND website down.”

Again, the video cuts to the public statement that the article writers put out saying they are pulling down the article, and posting a very personal story about her, which Y/N requested herself happens, in which it talks about Y/N dealing with her struggles of loving herself, and being bullied in high school.”

“In the article she says,

“In school I got really badly bullied. It all started in middle school when I was taller than all the other girls. I went through puberty earlier. I remember the girls making fun of me because of my height, my acne, braces, and my glasses. I stopped eating, I stopped talking to people around me. In high school it just got worse. My body type wasn’t right, my style wasn’t right. It seemed not matter how much I changed myself, I didn’t fit in. Then one day, I got really sick of stories where the prince always saves the girl. Why couldn’t the girl save herself? So, that’s what I did. I changed my story. I lived life on my own terms, I saved myself for myself.”

“So incredibly inspiring” Mariam says, “but, she didn’t stop there, after the article was released, she wrote a loving caption to a picture she posted shortly ago about her boyfriend, saying…”

“My love, there are many people who are hateful. There are many people who are always going to find something wrong with you. But you have taught me to just love. I love you so much. You have been nothing but a respectful gentlemen, and boyfriend to me these past months we’ve been dating. I am so lucky to have first met you on X Factor, to becoming really close friends over the past few years, to now soulmates these past few months. I love you with all of my heart Harry Styles, never forget that.”

“And she even started the Hashtag #ILoveYouHarry, which is now trending internationally, with fans flooding Harry with support, and love”.

“Ugh”, Mariam jokes around groaning, “Can you feel my heart melting?” she jokingly asks.

“Tell us what you think in the comments below about…”, and before the video could end Harry shuts it off.
Harry brings Y/N into his side, and kisses the top of her forehead as they sit on the couch.

“You didn’t have to do all that.” Harry says finally breaking the silence, “It wasn’t a big deal, interviewers make those rude passive aggressive comments all the time”.

“Yeah, but, I have the platform to tell people that it’s not okay. That we need to treat each other with respect. That it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what skin color you are, what social class you are, what gender, religion, or sexuality you are, that we are all equal, we are all human, and we all deserve respect.”

Harry looks deeply into Y/N’s eyes for a minute. Y/N has never been the one to speak a lot, she is usually the listener, while Harry is the talker.

“What?” Y/N says blushing away from the gorgeous green eyes staring at her.

“I love you. I love your heart, your passion, everything. Every day, you just give me another reason to love you. God, Y/N I just fucking love you.”

“I love you too Harry. Never, ever forget that.” Y/N says while snuggling into his side looking up at him.

“I won’t baby.” Harry promises, kissing her forehead.


I hope whoever requested it, liked it! Thank you again for everyone that have been so supportive! Love you all! Requests are open on my blog! Have a great Monday! xoxo

Everyone loves Langst, but what about Keith angst?

Abandoned several times
Trust issues

He had one friend- and that one friend got kidnapped and tortured by aliens/to make it worse later he finds out that part of him is a part of the race that took his only friends arm!
His heritage also gets him a lot of hate from Allura: just when he thinks he’s earned her trust, he finds out that he is part Galra and she acts like he ran over her puppy and she never trusted him.

This dark news causes him to have serious doubts about himself. He starts having nightmares that Red will reject him.
The only one that has remained faithful to him.
He and Shiro had a previous bond, but Shiro hit it off with the other paladins easily- unlike Keith.

Red was the only one who only responded to him.

Now picture that feeling being crushed when Lance pilots the Red Lion…

All of the other paladins were friends(-ish, at least)- the only one that was completely rouge to the group was Keith. Hunk and Lance were best friends, Pidge was at least on their team, she had their attempts to become friends, and Shiro was famous (as far as we can infer), he was looked up to and respected.
All Keith had was Lance’s one sided rivalry

Keith has never really had anything for himself- he has no family nor friends to return to. All he has is a small shack in the middle of the desert.
All of the other paladins getting homesick, but they wonder why Keith isn’t affected by it
“I have no home to return to,”
His simple words.
It hit them: while they have friends and family to return to, he doesn’t. All he has is Shiro and whatever bonds he manages to form with his fellow paladins, but that will break off once they return home and everyone goes back to their separate lives

Why is there not more Keith angst? He has so much to exploit angst-wise

The Big Secret || m.c

Summary: Michael and Y/N have been keeping a secret from the rest of the guys….

A/N: idk where the idea for this came from but dad!Michael gives me feels so here ya go.

“Yes baby, I’ll send you a picture,” you giggled into the phone. You loved how excited your boyfriend Michael was about this. You had been worried he’d have the opposite reaction, but he’s been taking everything that’s happened in the past 2 months in stride.

“Does this mean I can tell the guys now?” He asked you, the excitement making his voice go slightly higher than normal. You laughed and nodded before realizing he couldn’t see you. “Yes love, you can tell them. I’m surprised you’ve been able to keep this from them for this long.”

You heard him fake gasp on the other end of the phone. “Y/N, I am offended. I’m great at keeping secrets!”

You giggled again before sighing. You hated that he was on tour, he should be there for this. “Mikey, I miss you,” you told him in a quiet voice.

He sighed too, hating the sadness in your voice. He ran his hand through his bleached hair. “I know Kitten, I wanna be there. Just 2 more months and I’ll be home. It’ll fly by, I promise.”

“I love you Michael, so much,” you promised him, not wanting him to feel worse than he already was.

“I love you too baby. I should probably go, I guess I have some news to tell the guys.”

You and Michael said your goodbyes to each other. He knew the guys were worried, he had been on edge all morning while waiting to hear from you. Keeping this from them for this long was one of the hardest things he had ever done, but he knew it would be worth it.

Ashton, Luke and Calum all looked at him when he opened the door to the hotel room. Just as Michael had predicted, they were looking at him with concern. Michael opened the picture Y/N had sent him after the phone call and before anyone could ask anything, held out his phone for the other 3 boys to see.

As his band mates tried to make sense of the black and white picture in front of them, Michael yelled the news he had been keeping from his best friends for 2 months.

“Y/N is 3 months pregnant, I’m gonna be a dad! There’s gonna be a baby Clifford!”

The boys looked at Mike in shock before getting up and giving him one of the biggest group hugs they had ever had, with a lot of shouting mixed in.

“Congratulations man!” Calum had said, messing with Michael’s hair before letting Luke get a hug. “You’re gonna be a good dad, Mike. How’s Y/N feeling?”

Michael grinned before telling the boys about how your morning sickness was almost completely gone now. He had just began telling them what everything was in the sonogram before he heard a question that he knew was going to get him in trouble with his friends.

“So, how long have you been keeping the secret?” Ashton asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

 Michael grimaced, knowing Ashton was already coming up with a plan of revenge for keeping something this big from his best friends.

in happier news: YES!! I LOVE THIS. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS???

IT MEANS: We are one step closer to the day a fan of Bitty’s sees him out in public with Jack and has 0 clue who Jack is but is totally excited to see Bitty!!!!!!! Complete with Jack offering to take a picture and Bitty asking the fan to send it to him so he can tweet it or something. Bitty’s will be like “Ahaha i can’t believe we met someone who recognizes me but didn’t know you” and Jack’s like “This is one of the best things that I’ve ever experienced” 


Let it be known that Alex is one of the best people in this world to hug. Anyway, I congratulated him on #1 for Future Hearts because when this happened the news had just broke a few hours prior. He was so giddy and smiley when he said thank you and it was honestly adorable. I asked if we could do a back to back picture and he said “keeping it original! I like it!”. He always ends up making faces in my pictures and I’m not sure why but I’m definitely not complaining!! Hahaha so after that I said bye and he called after me “good to see you!!” and I swear my heart stopped right then and there. I waved and said “you too!!!” and couldn’t stop smiling. Alex Gaskarth is truly one of the best people I’ve ever met :)

I will defend Aaron Judge’s tooth gap until the day I die. And you wanna know why? It’s not as much to protect him as it is for the people who are LIKE him. It’s for people like me who grew up conditioned to think we’re automatically ugly just because we’ve got a space between our teeth that everyone tells us we shouldn’t.

We’re told from childhood that braces are the answer to everything, that Invisalign saves faces, that tooth bonding is the easiest way to have that perfect Hollywood grin! But not everyone can afford that, and so we learn to live with a close-mouthed smile, to shield our faces with our hands when we laugh. We figure that if no one else sees our teeth, we won’t be teased or stared at, or worse yet: asked why we never got it fixed.

When someone like Aaron Judge appears and he smiles like someone just gave him the best news of his life in every interview and every picture, it makes people feel good. Not only because that smile radiates pure joy, not just because it’s contagious! But because it shows us that if he, someone who is in the public eye, can feel confident enough in his teeth to show them to the world, so can we.

I don’t defend Judge’s teeth for him. I defend his teeth for the people who are like him who are starting to learn that it’s okay to love and embrace their gaps. I do it for me, because I spent most of my life hating myself when I didn’t have to. And if you ever think it’s okay to belittle him or anyone else because they’re proud of the way they look, then I will GLADLY fight you every step of the way.