this news came out of nowhere

Small, slightly obscure, but really cool thing that happens in episode 1 of Yuri!!! On Ice that I don’t think a lot of people caught:

The snow.

They probably weren’t watching the weather forecast there in the first two shots, they were watching the news. This cold front came literally out of nowhere, as, like the announcer says, it was supposed to be a perfect day for hanami, ergo going for a picnic to watch the cherry blossoms. But instead, lots of snow.

Now, for those of you who live in colder areas, like myself, you probably just went “well, unseasonal snow happens sometimes, I remember once we had snow in mid-May.”

For those of you who live in warmer areas, you probably went “idk how snow works, so I guess that sounds legit???”


Snow in April on fucking Kyushu is beyond ridiculous, okay. They barely even get snow in the actual winter months. This is happening on April 11th - or even later - and they should be having temperatures in the 15-20°C/60-68°F range - or maybe even higher. And they probably were, before this. That’s why Yuuri’s so surprised and confused.

So why would they even bother including this?

Victor. It’s all about Victor.

In part, I suspect it’s a literary/poetry reference, even if I can’t quite place it, because “he came from the north, bringing ice and snow” is something of a universal literary image.

But mostly, it’s because, in Japanese, when someone does something highly unexpected and uncharacteristic, like, say, me cleaning my room, you express your surprise by saying “wow, does this mean it’s gonna snow tomorrow?”

And it didn’t just snow. It snowed a lot. It’s a reference to how ridiculously unexpected it is for Victor to wanna coach instead of skating himself, for him to show up in Japan out of the blue.

Rescue workers on the outskirts of Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, are rushing to find survivors a day after heavy rains caused a mountainside to partially collapse Monday morning, engulfing homes and killing hundreds.

The morgue in Freetown has stated that nearly 400 bodies have been brought there, according to Reuters and a representative from the Red Cross. The death toll in the West African nation is likely to rise — the Red Cross says hundreds more people remain unaccounted for.

“I have never seen anything like it. … A river of mud came out of nowhere and swallowed entire communities, just wiped them away,” Abdul Nasir, program coordinator of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, said in a statement. “We are racing against time, more flooding and the risk of disease to help these affected communities survive and cope with their loss.”

PHOTOS: Frantic Rescue Efforts Underway After ‘River Of Mud’ In Sierra Leone

Photo: Saidu Bah /AFP/Getty Images

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I feel like minhos legs aren't appreciated enough

You and me both anon..

Breaking News is where I discovered the gloriousness of Minho’s legs

And it just got worse from there on out

His body to leg percentage is perfect

They’re long and slender, yet so powerful

They look best in tight pants

Yet they somehow still look good in his baggy basketball shorts

Speaking of shorts..

God bless this era

minho chill, you’ve killed us all..


And, Never forget how good they look in a dress

This has been a Minho legs appreciation post~ 

“I don’t wanna say like ‘knock her off’ because she just came like freaking hurricane Irma out of nowhere and just took everybody off in like what? Like one week? But it just feels so great because she’s like a veteran, like everybody’s known she’s infamous for just being number one constantly and this is like… Taylor c’mon, let me get that number one, one time…”

— Cardi B about taking number one spot from Taylor - E News (September 27th 2017)

Chris Evans Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you write a chris evans imagine where your in a captain america movie with him. and so you have to do all kinds of stunts and stuff like that. and your the villian in the movie and he’s the superhero. and then you shoot one scene where it’s you two and the person shows how you two fight eachother. and so you two start to fight and you have to pretend to hit him but he actually punches you and you get hurt and he freaks out because he punched you. and your injury was like, super serious. thx!

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: None

‘’And.. Cut!’’ the director yelled, pressing the buzzer button.

 You let out a relieved sigh as the scene ended. It was the hardest scene for you because you had to do your own stunts. And you were afraid you were going to break something because of the danger of the stunt in that scene. But now that it was shot and over with, you were glad.

‘’Everybody! Take five!’’ the director called out, taking his headphones off.

 You lightly jog off the set, completely sore from the stunts. You went over to the snack table as your stomach growled for some food. You saw that there was one more doughnut on the table, and it was your favorite kind! You raced over there and reached for it, but a hand beat you to it. You could already tell who’s it was, it was your co-star’s hand, Chris Evans.

‘’Whoops. Looks like I got it.’’ chris smiles.

‘’Evans. You know how much I love those kinds of doughnuts.’’ you whine, stomping your foot.

 Chris ignored your whining and started bringing the doughnut towards his mouth. He took a gigantic bite out of it, some crumbs falling from his mouth as he chewed. You groaned in disgust and he chewed with his mouth open.

‘’You’re disgusting Evans. You know that right?’’ you say, trying to hold back your barf.

 Chris swallowed making that noise you absolutely hated. He looked at you and smiled, sprinkles spread out all over his teeth. You smiled and gave him a playful shove. He was adorable. Although he was your enemy in the movie, he was one of your best friends in real life.

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Opinion | Sally Yates just threw the White House under the bus
She demolished the Trump team's defenses.

Clapper’s testimony should not be overlooked. His description of the thoroughness and certainty of the intelligence community’s assessment of Russian interference belies President Trump’s bizarre and entirely unjustified efforts to call into question his intelligence community’s findings. The findings and conclusions some four months after the report concluding Russia had interfered in the election to help Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton was issued “still stand,” he said. Clapper stated, “They must be congratulating themselves for having exceeded their wildest expectations. They are now emboldened to continue such activities in the future, both here and around the world, and to do so even more intensely.” He warned, “If there has ever been a clarion call for vigilance and action against a threat to the very foundations of our democratic political system, this episode is it.”

Yates’s testimony continues, as do the string of questions surrounding the administration’s bizarre conduct.

Yates is giving a tutorial in committee testifying. She just walloped not one but two GOP senators. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) tried to accuse her of misconduct in refusing to defend the Trump administration’s travel ban, which was ultimately blocked by multiple courts. Yates reminded him that at her confirmation hearing, Cornyn had asked if she would refuse to carry out an illegal or unconstitutional order. She recalled she had promised him she would indeed refuse. Ouch. Then up came Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) sleazily trying to get her to opine on Huma Abedin’s email habits(!). When that led nowhere, he took to quoting the statutory basis for the travel ban. She corrected him by pointing out that there was subsequent congressional action that specifically prohibited religious discrimination. Moreover, she took the opportunity to drop the news bomb that the administration ordered the Office of Legal Counsel to not even tell the acting attorney general the ban was in the works. Game, set, match.

Radioactive Blood

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Requested: Yes

Anon:  Hey can you do a au fic where somehow peters best friend/gf/bf gets his powers? Like in amazing spiderman 2 kinda through blood? Idek sorry it’s weird I though it would be cool but if you do can he like help her through it? Thanks love ur blog

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! I’m not sure if this is very good, and I doubt it is on par with some of my other imagines… I kinda rushed to finish this?? Thanks for reading anyway!


It all happened so fast. But even Peter, with a reaction time faster than any regular human being, was unable to quickly register the situation at hand.
It felt like time was moving at a rate of one frame per second. He watched in horror as the gun went off; the bullet glimmered, taunting him. Then he ran, but his feet were heavy, as though he was running through wet cement. And finally, the bullet met its target. He was too late.

A strangled cry erupted from his throat as he ran towards your silhouette, which had crumpled lifelessly to the ground.

Within minutes, blinding lights flashed and ear-piercing sirens wailed, and you were snatched from Peter’s shaking grasp and loaded onto an ambulance.

The ride to the hospital felt like an eternity as Peter stared at you helplessly, your life relying on machinery that worked tirelessly to keep you alive. But this wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t insisted on coming with him. This wouldn’t have happened if he had been just a millisecond faster. This wouldn’t have happened if you had never met him.

Tears drenched his face as he stared at your pale face that was shimmering with a faint layer of cold sweat and blood. The guilt bestowed upon Peter was more than the kid could possibly bear, and he let out a huge sob, the ambulance speeding its way through the bustling streets.


Peter twiddled his fingers anxiously as he waited impatiently by your bedside. His eyes were bloodshot and puffy from crying and his whole body was trembling profusely. He placed his head in his hands and pulled at his hair.

The doctors had reassured Peter that the surgery had been successful, and now all that was left was for you to wake up. That is… if you woke up….

He watched you lie peacefully on the hospital bed, if he didn’t know the extent of your condition, he would’ve simply assumed that you were sleeping.

Peter twiddled his fingers anxiously as he waited impatiently for news regarding (Y/N). His eyes were bloodshot and puffy from crying and his whole body was trembling profusely. He placed his head in his hands and pulled at his hair.

“Keep it together Peter, for her sake. She’ll be alright.” he murmured. However, a painful twinge of doubt came rushing out of nowhere, and he shoved it forcefully to the back of his mind. Memories of the previous hours started flooding back into his mind.


The monitor next to you started beeping erratically and a crowd of nurses rushed to your side.

“What’s wrong with her?” Peter shouted frantically, as he was pushed out of the way by several nurses. He saw you lying limply on the hospital bed, eyelids fluttering uncontrollably.

“What do you mean we’ve run out of her blood type?” the doctor urges next to Peter, muttering quickly into an earpiece. “No O negative either? You have got to be kidding me.”

“What’s your blood type, boyfriend?” he asked suddenly, turning on Peter. He gulped and shrugged his shoulders, he hadn’t ever thought of it nor gotten tested before. “Kids these days! They never know.”

He pulled out a needle from a drawer close by and eyed Peter sternly.

“You seem smart enough to understand what’s going on right now, I have no time to explain the situation at hand. Can I check your blood type quickly?”

Peter nodded without a second thought and felt a small sting on his finger as the doctor took a quick blood test.

“Perfect, you’re a match. Are you willing to donate some blood to Ms. (L/N)?”

Peter was about to nod but then he froze, deep in thought. He was more than willing to do anything to save your life, however, he was well aware that his blood was radioactive and who knew what it could do if he had some transferred to you? Would it help save you or would there be consequences? Was there perhaps a chance that his blood could kill you?

“Mr. Parker?”

Time was running out, the machine monitoring your heartbeat was beeping wildly in warning. One more look at your nearly lifeless body and Peter knew that he hadn’t another choice.

“O-okay… I’ll do it.”


“Peter?” you whisper, your eyes fluttering open with difficulty.

He leaps to his feet and grabs your hand, pulling it close to his chest. With his free hand, he brushes some hair away and gently cups your face.

“Shhhh, (Y/N). I’m here, you’re all right,” he smiles when your hand squeezes his gently.

But his smile falters when he reiterates the situation at hand.

“(Y/N), I’m so so sorry. It’s all my fault if I had been-”

“Don’t beat yourself up Peter, it’s not your fault,” you insist, giving him a reassuring smile. “If it weren’t for you if you hadn’t tried to delay the gunman, I probably wouldn’t even be here right now. Though you may not think so, you saved my life, Peter.”

In more ways than one, Peter thought sadly as he recalled the thin red tube of blood that had been prodding from his arm merely hours ago.

“I just would never be able to forgive myself if you had gone… especially without telling you that I loved you.”

“I would’ve punched myself up in the afterlife if I had gone without telling you I loved you.” you giggle, pulling his shoulders down to your height on the bed.

“I love you (Y/N).”

“I love you too.”

Those four words were all Peter needed to hear. A massive grin grew on his face and he brought his lips to yours. Relief flooded through him as you kissed him back with just as much passion, happy that you were still by his side. But there was something else, a surge of power and energy… Suddenly, you didn’t feel any traces of fatigue anymore…

“Ahem.” someone behind the two of you clears their throat, and you and Peter sheepishly pull away.

“How’re you feeling Ms. (L/N)?” the doctor asks kindly, ignoring your heated face and lightly swollen lips.

“I feel great, actually!” you answer with a bright grin and the doctor looks quite shocked.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. Not that I’m complaining but that’s usually not the response we get from patients with bullet wounds. We have none other than Mr. Parker here for donating some of his blood to you…” your eyes widen exponentially as the doctor continues to talk but you don’t pay much attention. You mouth Peter a grateful thank you but he looked nervous. Almost paranoid?…

Peter clears his throat awkwardly, “Erm - (Y/N)? Are you feeling, I don’t know, weird?”

Peter racks his brain, trying to remember his first symptoms after the infamous spider bite.

“No, I feel fine,” you answer, hopping out of the bed, feeling oddly energetic. The doctor frantically tried to sit you back down but you politely shrug him off, feeling a little annoyed by the way he was babying you. “Thanks, doc, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. But now, I want to get out of here. Come on Peter!”

With a content smile, you skip out of the room, Peter and the doctor hot on your heels.

“Ms. (L/N), I must insist that you rest for a little longer-”

“(Y/N), are you sure you’re feeling all right?”


Peter nearly trips over his own feet and the doctor stares at his patient in concern.


After some more shushing, precautions, begging and bewildered medical people’s shocks on how quickly you managed to recover, the hospital finally allowed you to go home.

“I’m free!” you shout gleefully, prancing out of the hospital with Peter by your side. Seating yourself on a bench that was nearby you take Peter’s hands on your own, lacing your fingers together.

“Really though, thank you, Peter. For everything,” you say, looking deep into his beautiful eyes.

“Anything for you, (Y/N).”

“Just one thing.”


“Never tell my parents that I have some of your bodily fluids inside me.”

“As long as you never say that sentence ever again.” Peter cringes and you laugh.


Peter sits up groggily from his bed when his phone starts buzzing uncontrollably.

“Hello?” he answers huskily, putting the phone to his ear. “(Y/N)? Are you okay?”

“Peter, I was hanging from the freaking ceiling, I broke a faucet and now my hand is stuck to a door and - ” Peter hears a loud crash from your line. “NOW I’VE JUST PULLED IT OFF OF ITS HINGED AND I’M STUCK TO A WALL!”

Peter sighs.

“Hold, on. I’m coming.”



Bonus: A few months later…

“I need a superhero name.” you declare and Peter furrows his brows, deep in thought.

“Spider-Girl!” he announces proudly, snapping his fingers.

You scoff rolling your eyes, “If you get to call me Spider-Girl, then can I call you “Spider-Boy?”


“Mr. Stark? Please let Peter and I come help you during the next mission! We’re ready!”

“Hmm. All right, I’ll get Happy to contact you.”


Happy checks the caller ID and with a look of pure indignation, chucks his vibrating phone across the room and it lands in a shattered heap on the floor.

“Happy? What’s wrong-”


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What do you think of Anakin killing the Tusken tribe and Padme's reaction?

I’ll tackle Padme’s reaction to it first, cause for a lot of people that’s where they can’t see where she’s coming from.

Padme comes from a well off, loving family. Her older sister has two small children who adore their aunt and her parents clearly think very highly of her career and love her very much. Family is very important to Padme so when she hears that Anakin’s mother is in danger – or at the very least that he perceives her to be in danger– she goes with Anakin to check on her, because this is Anakin’s family and that means something to her. He shouldn’t have to be cut off from his family just to keep her safe. When she comes back to Tatooine, they go looking for Shmi, who Padme remembers as the kind older woman who took complete strangers into her home, feed them even though she had literally nothing to her name, and helped them get the parts needed to fix their ship so they could go to the core and eventually save Naboo.

Padme knows she didn’t do anything after that to help Shmi Skywalker. Maybe she tried, maybe she didn’t, but the bottom line is this: she did not help this woman who helped her, her people, and then let her son go off with them. She left Shmi Skywalker in chains. That’s on her – and she knows it. They go to Watto and find out she was sold on and then freed. To Padme, that’s good news – Shmi was freed and then found love! Something good came from her struggles.

But then they get to the Lars homestead and find that Shmi has been taken by Tusken Raiders. The only thing that Padme knows about these people is that they came to a moisture farm in the middle of nowhere, abducted someone, and then killed members of the rescue party that went after Shmi and crippled Cleigg Lars. Maybe if she has a particularly good memory she remembers that they were also shooting at the racers during the podrace that Anakin was in when he was nine and apparently they do it so often that it’s accepted as a normal thing to watch for during said races. Either way, all she knows of them is that they are violent, dangerous, and malicious. They came to Shmi’s home and took her from her family property – it wasn’t like she was in the middle of the wastes and they took her from there, no, they came to Shmi’s home to take her.

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Easy to Hate

Originally posted by winkdeep

A/N: This fic is finally finished after a week of writing and rewriting and crying,,,,,,,,,lord save me i am trash for kim donghan. anyways tagging @smols-n-tols bc some of them proof read the first half for me bLESS them. also i hope you guys enjoy it~

Pairing: PD101′s Kim Donghan x Reader

Genre: Angst, Enemies to Lovers!AU, kinda steamy

Word Count: Roughly 7k

Summary: Your hatred for Kim Donghan was strong. Just the mention of him made your blood boil, but when his dance crew end up sharing a studio with yours, it seems like sometimes, it’s easy to blur the lines between love and hate.

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Week Four: Leoch.

The premise: What if Claire had conceived on her wedding night with Jamie?

I’ll have a master list going soon, but you can find Week One here , Week Two here , and Week Three here.

July 2nd, 1743; MacKenzie Lands, Scotland.

The sun was low in the sky when I began to recognize the terrain around me. We’d make it to Leoch by nightfall as planned, but we had a considerable distance to go before then.

I swallowed hard against the rising feeling of nausea.

My feelings were decidedly mixed on the subject of returning to Leoch. On the one hand, I rejoiced at the prospect of a clean bed and a chance to get rid of the layers of grime I had accumulated, but, on the other hand, I had left Leoch with an opportunity to return home and was now returning with a husband and dashed hopes.

Not to mention having to field the myriad of well wishes and unspoken questions from the castle residents.

My stomach continued to roll as I tried to quiet my tumultuous thoughts and concentrate on the road in front of me.

Jamie’s back was broad and straight, just ahead. The hair at the nape of his neck was damp with sweat and curled into tight ringlets from the moisture. He shifted in the saddle and this unexpected movement made the world around me spin.

I didn’t have time to dismount, but had the presence of mind to lean to the left as I lost the contents of my stomach.

Still bent over, I heard Angus, who had been riding directly behind me, bring his horse next to mine and felt him grab hold of the reigns. Jamie appeared out of nowhere and placed a cool hand on my cheek. He murmured something in Gaelic as he lifted me into his arms and carried me to a sheltered spot beside the road. Setting me down gently in the grass, he continued to speak in this low, comforting tone as I heaved again and again.

My whole body trembled and the back of my throat burned with stomach acid when I was finally done. I slid my eyes shut, trying to breathe deeply, as I sat back against Jamie.

I felt him lay a handkerchief across my open palm as he asked, “Are ye alright, Sassenach?”

Cracking one eye partially open, I glared up at him.

No, I bloody wasn’t alright.

I opened both eyes and was about to let him know exactly what I was feeling, when I realized he was as white as a ghost and shaking just as much as I was. My heart skipped a beat at the deep concern I found in his blue eyes.

“I think so,” I murmured instead.

Relief washed over his face as he squeezed my hand.

My stomach churned yet again as we passed thru the stone archway and came to a stop inside the courtyard at Leoch. Jamie slid from the saddle behind me and guided me down after him. Knees buckling as soon as my feet hit the cobblestones, I desperately grabbed onto his arm.

He scooped me up unceremoniously and headed towards the stone stairs that led to the sleeping chambers.

Mrs Fitz intercepted us before we made it to the first step, asking in alarm, “Why, whatever’s the matter wi’ the poor child? Has she had an accident o’ some sort?”

“Nae, she’s only married me,” he assured her with a grin, “though if ye care to call it an accident, ye may.”

With that, he pushed his way thru the throng of people who seemed to have materialized out of nowhere at our arrival. He answered their questions as best he could with a word or two, but didn’t stop to explain. The faces that swarmed in front of me seemed to receive the news favorably with warm smiles and well wishes.

We came to a sudden halt and I very nearly lost my cookies as I realized I was face to face with none other than Colum MacKenzie.

“Wha–” he began, but was cut off by Mrs Fitz’s giddy voice.

“They’re married! Ye can give them yer blessin’, sir, while I ready their room.”

With that announcement made, she pushed her way thru the crowd, leaving a considerable gap in her wake and giving me a perfect view of Laoghaire’s ashen face.

I flopped face down onto the bed after removing a layer or two of grime.

Every inch of my body ached, every muscle complaining in unison over their misuse. My legs, my arms, my back, my abs, my breasts… although why those decided to chime in, I had no idea.

I vaguely remembered that my monthly should be starting any day now and shrugged the thought off, not wanting to mentally speculate as to how Jamie would react to my courses.

My pride smarted painfully as I thought of my husband and I rolled over, glaring at the bed curtains above me. Jamie hadn’t wasted any time in our room, but left as soon as he was sure I wasn’t going to vomit again. The image of Laoghaire’s stricken face came to view and I knew he had gone to comfort her.

Was this the life that lay before me, spending my days receiving the pity of the castle as the Sassenach wench who couldn’t satisfy her husband?

“Leave then, if that’s wha’ ye think of me.” Jamie face was livid as he threw his hand towards the door, “Leave! I’ll no’ hinder ye.”

My pulse slowed as I realized that he meant it.

If I chose to leave, he would let me go.

I weighed this option carefully for a moment before responding.

“No. I don’t run away from things.”

“I dinna either, Sassenach.” Jamie ran a hand thru his hair as he absorbed my decision.

This was true. He didn’t run. Away, that is. When confronted with his primal fight or flight mechanism, Jamie choose to fight again and again, which usually sent him running headlong into things.

“Wha’ is it then? Why are ye doin’ this?” He asked, his brow furrowed in confusion, “‘Tis no’ a question of proof, but whether ye believe me or no’. Do ye? Do ye believe me when I tell ye there is nothing between tha’ girl and me?”

He had told me so when we married, I had believed him then.

Did I believe him now?

Taking a deep breath, I answered, “Yes, I believe you, but it isn’t that. I mean, not all of it.”

Jamie stared at me blankly, blinking in complete confusion.

Could he really be so daft?

“When we got back you couldn’t wait to tell Colum you’d married, just so you could collect your share of the rents!” I spelled it out for him.

He gaped at me in astonishment, then tipped his head back and laughed. “Money?! Tha’s what this is about?”

“I do have a small bit of pride left, you know,” I muttered crossly.

Jamie grinned at me from the other side of the room, “Sassenach, my share of the rents couldna even buy a half of a cow, should I want one.”

“Oh.” I commented rather lamely, feeling very much like a fool. “What did you want, then?”

His eyes softened as he reached into his sporran and walked slowly towards me. He uncurled his fingers to reveal a silver ring, intricately engraved.

“A wedding ring,” Jamie’s voice was hushed, a stark contrast to the shouting match we had just finished.

He left to buy you a wedding ring and you accuse him of infidelity.

“Will ye wear it, Claire?” Jamie asked,  “Or do ye wish to live apart?”

What Did You Get Yourself Into? (James Potter x Reader)

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

Part 2
Part 3

Word Count: 1,743

Warnings: None other than a shit ton of dialogue.

A/N: This is my first James Potter imagine so don’t have high hopes for this one.


“Heeeey, Y/N, you know how we’ve been best friends for years?” James Potter drawled sweetly, sliding into the spot next to you at breakfast.

“What do you want, Potter?” You sighed, placing your book down and turning to him.

“Why in Merlin’s name would you think I want something from you? I just came to talk with my bestie.” He replied, nudging you playfully with cheeky grin. You raised a suspicious eyebrow. It’s not that you and James weren’t friends, you were just the kind of friends that copy homework from each other or study together, not the kind who spend quality time together.

“I’m not letting you copy my History of Magic essay, it took me 3 hours to write.” You said, picking your book up again.

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Batfam X Reader- Cheer Up

Peeling your uniform off, you placed it on the table after neatly folding it, not wanting Alfred to scold you again.  You had let Joker get away while you were saving the civilians, allowing him to escape and spread even more chaos.  Bruce was still out there, searching for the monster you failed to apprehend.  Trudging to the stairs, you managed to walk up to the manor without tripping on your feet for once.  The cool atmosphere of the Cave didn’t provide the sense of comfort it usually did, so you left to go to the living room.  In times like this, you just needed to burrow yourself into a blanket, but not just any blanket, THE blanket.  It was always kept on the couch after an argument over who it belonged to, but it was worth it.  Dick would have stolen that blanket if Alfred hadn’t budged in, saying that it was staying on the couch.  

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prompt: 3 times simon hugs raphael + 1 time raphael hugs simon

“Thank you” Simon breathe against Raphael’s neck as his arms wrapped around the older vampires body. “You didn’t have to do that for me”.

“As you’re clan leader, it was my duty” Raphael answered hesitantly and placed an arm on Simon’s lower back.

The truth was, he didn’t help Simon lie to his mother because it’s his duty as Simon’s leader, the fact was he didn’t know why he helped the fledgling.

Now here they were, in the middle of the streets of Brooklyn, Simon’s arms wrapped tightly around Raphael.

“You can do this, you’re stronger than you think” Raphael encouraged as he set a box on the table infront of them. A beautiful silver menorah was wrapped in a soft golden cloth.

Raphael took Simon’s hand and directed it towards the box “Simon, it’s the only way you’ll be able to go home to be with your family”

It burned and stinged, Simon cried out in pain but Raphael was there to apply an ointment that Magnus had created on the scored skin.

It took them weeks but Simon was able to pray, he was able to light the first candle on the menorah with his mother and sister by his side.

“Raphael” Simon tapped on Raphael’s bedroom door. He quickly pushed the door open when he heard the the faintest ‘come in’

Without thinking he crawled onto Raphael’s bed, drawing him into a hug.

“I did it, I did it” Simon sobbed into the crook of Raphael’s neck.

“I’m proud of you” Raphael smiled softly, and he truly was.

“I loved Clary” Simon’s word slurred as he walked on the ledge of the roof of the hotel DuMort.

“I know” Raphael rolled his eyes more out of jealously than annoyance as he held on to Simon’s out stretched arm.

“She’s known me so long but nope she wants Jace, oh he’s my brother not my brother boohoo” Simon hiccuped and stumbled in his feet.

“Simon, dios” Raphael groaned and pulled Simon off the ledge “you’re going to get yourself killed”

Simon drunkenly smiled at Raphael, all fangs and crinkled eyes. His arms wrapped around Raphael’s neck, closing the gap in between them.

“I know you don’t hate me” Simon slurred and rest his forehead against Raphael’s “I don’t hate you either” he added in a hushed whisper. Simon’s lips brushed against Raphael’s.

“You’re drunk fledgling” Raphael snarled and stepped back.

Simon disappeared that night. And Raphael was sure he was going mad.

Two weeks passed without any sight of him. Maia was sitting across from Raphael in his office, she came often now, the seat in front of him was always occupied, Maia, Luke, Magnus, members of the clan and even Clary came once, they all delivered the same news “he’s nowhere”

“He’s out there, we just have to keep look” Maia sighed and Raphael nodded.

“You don’t have to look very hard” Simon shoulders were slumped when he stepped through the doors, his clothes were dirty and ruffled.

“You stupid idiot” Raphael was immediately out of his seat, knocking over the chair in the process.

“Where the hell have you been? You have some nerves just leave like that” Raphael scolded while he buried his face in Simon shirt and wrapped his arms tightly around Simon’s waist “I hate you so much”

“Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.” Thor x Reader imagine

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First of all, I want to give credit to @theavengerswritings since she was the done who created this promt and I took it from her list. I hope you like it!

And second, I hope you all like it :)


You were so tired of this ups and downs. It was always the same. He came back, you spent a few weeks together, loving each other, happy, and out of nowhere he had to go back to Asgard and you would never know when he would come back. You just couldn’t keep on going with this, it was getting too much for you but you loved him so much. And those moments with him were the best thing you had.

But this time was the worst. You didn’t even know he was back until you watched in the news what happened in Sokovia and you saw him there, fighting next to the team. So he was back and he didn’t even tell you.

A few days after you watched the news on TV, you decided to go to the Avengers headquarters to pay him a visit since it didn’t look like he was going to go to you. Once you were there, you were greeted by FRIDAY when you were in the elevator.

“Is there anything I can do to help you, Miss (Y/L/N)?” The machine asked you politely.

“I just came to see Thor, is he here?” You asked. You had always felt so stupid when talking to FRIDAY but you had to admit it was useful.

“I will let him know you are here.” FRIDAY said.

“No! Don’t tell him. It’s… A surprise…” you mumbled.

It wasn’t exactly true, you just wanted to catch him off guard which didn’t happen a lot. Maybe you would be lucky this time. The elevator doors opened at the common room of the Tower. He was easy to see since he was wearing that red cape he used to.

“(Y/N)!” He said as soon as he saw you when he turned around. You were aware of Clint and Tony there as well, but you just looked at him. “I am so glad you are here! I missed you so much!” He said hurrying to hug you but you stopped him.

“You came and you didn’t even tell me.” You didn’t need to say anything else. He knew what you were talking about.

By the corner of your eye you saw Tony and Clint leaving the room to give you some privacy. Then you looked at the God you had in front of you who know looked worried and nervous.

“I… I wanted to look for you but…” He mumbled. You rolled your eyes and took a deep breath.

“But what? You were too busy? When did you even get here?” You asked with your hands on your hips.

“Two weeks ago…” he admitted.

That was even more painful. He had been in this planet for two weeks and you didn’t even know and he didn’t even bother on telling you. He just went to Sokovia, had a fight, saved the world and was probably ready to leave again.

“And when were you planning to tell me? Once you were back in your planet?” You said sarcastic. “‘Oh hey babe! I’m back home, yes, yes, I have spent two weeks in New York but sorry, I just forgot to tell you’”, you added deepening your voice. “Or you didn’t even plan to tell me?”

“Of course I was going to tell you, babe! It had been a complicated situation, ok? We had to-“ You cut him off.

“Yeah, you had to save the world. As always.” You snapped and then sighed looking down. You were completely defeated.

“I will make it up for you, really. I have to go back to Asgard tomorrow but I will be back as soon as possible and I will be with you. Just you. I promise.” He said making you look up.

“Don’t make promises that you can’t keep, Thor”, you said shaking your head away from his touch. “I’m done. I just can’t keep on doing this, doing us. I’m so tired of spending months and months not knowing when I will see you again or not knowing if you are even alive. I can’t”

This was being so painful for you and also for him as you could see in his eyes, but you had made up your mind. It had been too much for you this last three years and you had enough. Seeing the pain in his eyes wasn’t making this anymore easy but you knew it was the best. Maybe not for him, but you had spent too much time thinking about him first. You were done.

“(Y/N), no, please, I am so sorry, I really am, you know I love you. Please, don’t…” He said trying to take your hand but you shook your head and walked back into the elevator.

“I’m sorry, Thor…” You said as the doors closed. The last thing you saw was his broken face that sent you over the edge and tears started streaming down your face.

i’ve watched queer as folk, will & grace, shameless, glee, faking it, south of nowhere, the fosters, happy endings, please like me, sugar rush, torchwood, class, the real o’neals, skam, eyewitness, hannibal, buffy, ellen (the sitcom where she originally came out it’s lit), orphan black, 13 reasons why, orange is the new black, riverdale, carmilla, six feet under, in the flesh, skins, how to get away with murder, degrassi next class, the l word, american horror story, yuri on ice and uhhhhh probably others i just can’t remember more. some good, some less good. not all of these are gay shows but they all had enough representation for me to bother watching them. can u tell how fucking desperate i am for representation holy shit.

oh and add andi mack to the list now that that’s confirmed gay 

violent ends • theo raeken




SUMMARY: and then, in the end, all violent delights, must come to a violent end.


Things had been going south, and there was nothing Y/N could do to stop or slow it down. The most she could do was watch as it all fell apart. And it was heartbreaking.

The secret about Theo working with the Dread Doctors was out in the open, and Y/N was one of the first to hear about it.

“You… what?” Y/N’s voice came out small and broken, her eye’s looking up into Theo’s. “Y/N, please, just listen,” Theo begged, cupping her face in his large hands. She backed away, shaking her head as tears formed in her eyes, “I trusted you, I gave my all.”

“I did too.”

“Did you even really love me? Or was that too, just a big part to get closer to Scott?” Y/N asked bitterly. Theo shook head head violently, suddenly very regretful, “Never! Babygirl, I know I fucked up, and I’ll never forget it. But don’t you think for a second I faked any feeling for you!”

Y/N broke down then, tears flowing down her face as she choked out broken sobs. “C'mere Princess,” Theo whispered. “I love you, I love you so much,” he whispered at her. She looked up at him with blotchy eyes and a red nose, “I love you too, Theo.”

That day had changed everything. Theo could deal with the pack hating him, but Y/N hating him was a whole other story. Though Lydia spoke harsh words about how much she loved him, there was always a thought at the back of Theo’s mind that she didn’t. But he was very wrong. And he knew it too.

“Do you know how Y/N is doing?” Theo walked up to Scott, biting his lip anxiously. He hadn’t seen the girl he loved so dearly in a period of two days, and he was starting to get even more worried than he already had been.

“Not that you’d care - but she’s doing better than she was,” Stiles snapped. Theo’s face turned from soft to stone in a matter of seconds. And within a moment passing, Stiles was pressed up against a wall by Theo, Theo’s palms digging into Stiles’ collarbones.

“I do care, Stiles. Don’t you ever tell me I don’t. Because I do, I love that girl more than anything, and I’m worried about her, and her health. So excuse me for doing so, but did it look like I was asking you?”

Theo let Stiles go, backing up as he looked back at Scott, “So, is she doing okay?”

“Better than she was when she first found out about everything,” Scott shrugged, looking Theo in the eyes. “Is that why she’s not here?” Theo replied. Scott sighed, “She’s with Lydia for the day, we all figured she needed a day to just relax and forget about everything. She’s been going through it pretty rough. That girl loves you more than she loves life itself,” Scott told him softly, hoping to mend some kind of brokenness he held for Y/N.

For the first time in a while, Theo looked at Scott with respect, Theo nodded once and walked away.

Theo worked harder after that. To some of the pack’s dismay, Scott’s pack and Theo started to work together.

Three days went by and there was another confrontation with the Dread Doctors. Only Liam, Theo, and Y/N were present.

Theo growled and pounced into action, Liam doing the same as his eyes glowed a brilliant yellow. Y/N stood by, trying to keep herself out of the action as much as she could.

But two supernatural creatures against three didn’t always turn out so well. One of the Dread Doctors had found away around the other four creatures who were fighting out their battles.

Y/N had no escape route as she looked anxiously back and forth between the fighting creatures and the robotic looking creature. The needle in one of the gloved hands was enough for her adrenaline to start pumping erratically.

Y/N moved back until she hit a cold wall, hard as stone and realized not only was her time coming to an end. But she would go without fighting out her own battles in life.

He stuck her with the long syringe, a scream of horror coming from her mouth as she felt it move into her bloodstream. Liam and Theo both stopped to look her way, and the scene unfolded very quickly. But in their eyes, it was nothing but slow motion.

All Theo could see was red, and the body that was Y/N, slowly falling to the ground as her knees gave out. Theo rushed over and caught her fall, still standing as he propped her up in his arms, as if she were standing too.

The Dread Doctors had disappeared as well, all in one and only the three were left in a silence so thick, it could be cut through with a knife.

“Princess, look at me,” Theo’s voice brought Y/N’s attention to him. “I love you, I always will. This isn’t the end,” He promised. Liam had Melissa on dial and she talked him through the steps to prolong her life until she could get medical attention. “Lay her down and try to soothe her, keep her from falling asleep. She’ll be here in five minutes,” Liam instructed. Theo did as told, trying to move Y/N as comfortably as possible.

“Baby, you hear that, we’re going to get you help,” Theo cracked a smile. Y/N’s lips made a smile too, and she looked up at Theo with tears in her eyes, “God, I love you,” she cried. She hissed in pain as she felt a rush of stinging run through her.

A car pulled up holding Melissa in the car and she helped Theo maneuver the fragile girl into the back seat as they rushed to the hospital quickly.

Melissa had gotten them set up quickly, making sure that nobody came in the way of the girl’s life. Liam called Scott and some of the other pack members as Theo anxiously waited for any kind of news. Melissa came out to the waiting room, sitting down across from Theo.

“What happened?” She asked. “It was a surprise attack with the Dread Doctors, they came out of nowhere,” Theo said, his eyes blank and lifeless. “There’s an unknown fluid running through her system right now, do you kno-”

“They stuck her with a syringe, it had some sort of fluid in it, but I don’t know what it was, it’s something I’ve never seen them use before,” Theo answered, finding it hard to concentrate on anything but Y/N. Melissa nodded, “We’ll let you in there soon, I promise,” Melissa told Theo, patting him softly on his leg before getting up and back into the hospital rooms.

Theo would ever forget that week. He had stayed in Y/N’s hospital room every night. “Hey, Y/N,” he spoke softly, grabbing her soft hand in his. “Theo, what happened?” She asked, her voice hoarse and groggy. “Oh princess,” Theo sighed, “A lot. Let’s not worry about that right now, how about?” Theo suggested. Y/N nodded weakly.

To see her in such a state broke Theo down. But he couldn’t let her see him break down, he didn’t want her to know just how lifeless she looked from another’s point of view. But from Theo’s, he felt he was losing the only thing that seemed to keep him alive.

Her heartbeat was slow, it was low and Theo could barely hear it. But it was there, partially.

“I love you,” She mumbled. A nurse walked in, and brought Theo aside, “We aren’t sure how long she’s going to make it. But we called her parents, they’re on her way,” The nurse explained, “Can you bring in the teenager’s in the waiting room as well, I want them to have a fair talk as well.”

The nurse nodded and walked off, off to find the teenagers in the waiting room. They all waited anxious for anything. Any sign of anything. Desperate to bring her home.

Y/N was in and out, her schedule of sleeping and being awake not scheduled very well.

Yet Theo stayed right by her side, only leaving when a doctor had either pushed him out of the room, or deemed it necessary for him to leave.

Her condition worsened with deep complication, Theo didn’t know how to stop or save her and Scott told him asking the Dread Doctor’s would only lead to more threats. Things had not been going anybody’s way.

Fifth day in the hospital and Y/N was pale, near lifeless, she was breathing heavily, the machine next to her being given nearly 100% oxygen through a mask. Theo’s eyes welled up with tears as he realized these might be his last moments with the girl he loved.

She squeezed his hand tightly, and Theo wasn’t sure if it was really her, or just a body reflex. But the people surrounding her knew that this was the last of her, but never the last of her legacy.

The beeping of the machine, and the sudden coldness of her hands made Theo stand up and cry out. It had been the first time anybody in the room saw him cry.

“No, please, God damnit! Don’t fucking do this to me!” he cried, cradling her hand in his, pulling it to his face. “Theo,” Scott tried to put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Theo didn’t flinch, but yet, kissed her once more on her sweaty forehead and then once on her hand. And then, walked out of the room.

There was no going back. She was a vice and a victory.

She was the story with the violent end.

The violent end that would be told as a fairytale, a fairytale that she deserved.

Relive ; Bucky Barnes

WARNINGS: angst-y kind of vibes, dying 

summary:  “i died and came back and now i get to relive my last day with you knowing i’m going to die and you know nothing and i can’t prevent this and you have no idea what just happened and your heart is going to be crushed all over again” au

A/N: i hope i distinctly wrote this haha…

Bucky sighed in full vexation as he argued with you again about his new mission. This time the both of you were arguing because you were protesting about the lack of appreciation and love you were receiving from him –as you always hear him hurry out for a new mission, often times completely neglecting a farewell. “You know how my missions are important, Y/N. Steve needs me and I can’t let him down.” He quibbled and you sighed as he utterly was missing the point. “But I need you too. You’ve been blowing me off, totally forgetting that I need constant affection and support too.”

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Think of this!: Tsuna marrying someone who was Byakuran's s.o. in almost all other parallel universes please give as many headcanons as you can!

‌‌• Byakuran is going to be angry. Very angry. For a lot of different reasons. The news comes to him one day, seemingly out of nowhere, that the Vongola’s boss had married someone. Kikyo came to tell him, and before he could finish Byaku just kind of fake pouted and complained about not being invited to the wedding. But then he finishes his sentence. “He got married to ______ ______.” And Byaku’s smile is just gone, at first he doesn’t know how to react, he’s kind of almost reeling in shock. How could this have happened? When did this happen? What the hell’s going on here?
• And in his head he’s going over every memory from his other universes, and the couple that he wasn’t with you, he had never known anything about you at all. And he’s thinking, how did Tsuna get to you? Were you with him in those other universes too? How did he not hear about this? He just doesn’t understand. And then he grows angry, and he doesn’t even know at who. Deep down, really deep, he’s angry with himself, because he should have found you sooner, should have looked for you. He’d kind of assumed he’d just find you in time, that eventually you’d run into him somehow and he’s just so angry that he’d been so stupid as to think that, so angry that he hadn’t come looking for you right away. But instead of being angry with himself, he’s mostly angry with you. How could you fall for someone like that?! How could you marry him without puking? You shouldn’t be satisfied with anyone but him! Even though you don’t remember him, even though you don’t know him in this universe, you shouldn’t feel complete without him!
• And he’s angry at Tsuna, cause how the fuck did he find you?! This is fucking bullshit! Tsuna’s a womanizing bastard and how could he ever fall in love with someone like you? He should be too busy whoring around Europe to find the time to marry you! How did this happen?
• But this is all running through his head in that moment of silence after Kikyo gives him the info. Cause the next he’s going through every possible way he can think of to get you back, and on his next breath he’s already barking out orders.
• First he’s keeping a really close watch on you and your house. For now he needs info, he needs to know when to make his move. Tsuna’s a busy man, there should be more than enough opportunities for him to burst in and steal you back. He knows how much security there must already be, and he’s really careful about making sure they don’t tip anyone off. He puts his absolute best people on it, and trusts everything to his second hand, Kikyo.
• Byakuran has this feeling though, that if he can just get a chance to see you and talk to you you should be easy to win over. Because you were his in every other universe (he completely disregards the ones you weren’t together, pretending they don’t exist) and so there’s obviously something in him that you just can’t resist. There’s no way Tsuna will be able to keep your attention.
• He corners you when you go out one day to a small cafe. He offers to buy your coffee and then he uses everything he knows from the parallel universes to his advantage. He remembers the things he did to get you in the first place, and he uses that with a mix of the things he already knows you like. He’ll casually mention artists or authors you liked in other universes, striking up conversation about those, he’ll ask about the hobbies he knows you had, and when he interjects with stories about himself he’ll tell you the ones he remembers you finding really funny or interesting.
• He won’t do anything rash, not this time. He’ll give you his number and try to get your own (even though he already has it, not because of the other universes but because he had his people find it so he could spy on you better.) You two will end up parting as you leave the cafe, and Byakuran doesn’t come to see you like that again.
• Regardless of whether you actually find yourself having feelings for him in this universe, you find it difficult not to contact him again. So you do, eventually. It’s just… You had a good time talking to him, and then there was the real reason you were trying to pretend didn’t exist. You needed to talk to him again because he made you uncomfortable. The way he almost seemed to know you already, and that he knew you well. You’re worried he’s a freak that’s been stalking you maybe, and that frightens you more than you want to let on.
• So there’s two ways this goes from here. One, you find yourself having feelings for this random guy and contact him on your own. Or two, you find the encounter incredibly disturbing and end up telling Tsuna about it.
• If you go option one, it’s a slippery slope from here. Byakuran knows he can’t let Tsuna know you’re talking till he can actually take you away, so he’s very careful about eluding any guards or spies your husband’s got watching you. You keep meeting till eventually you finally give in, and next thing you know you’re letting him fuck you in an empty alleyway, him pressing a finger to your lips as he teases you, “Shh, or someone will find us. Or is that what you wanted?”
• Byakuran doesn’t let you stay with your husband for much longer. He finds the thought of you going back to him right after he’s been through with you kinda hot, but the thought of Tsuna sleeping with you (which, you’re his wife, after all, and Tsuna’s a hoe, the chances of it happening are pretty high) just infuriating. At most after that first encounter you’ll spend maybe a week still with your husband. Byakuran’s already making plans, though. He’ll use his forces to distract Tsuna into needing to do actual work, just to keep him out of the house for a night while he moves you and all of your things to his own place.
• And then it’s practically war, because at first Tsuna thinks you’ve been kidnapped. And you have to awkwardly come up and admit that no, you left of your own free will cause you don’t love him anymore. And Tsuna’s not taking that. He is now pissed. It’s a combination of the constant fighting the next few weeks and his own guardians convincing him to stop with this that he stops. They’re wasting too many resources and too much time trying to get you back when you don’t want to come back.
• Tsuna’s not one for giving up, but the family comes first. He convinces himself he hates you. And he kind of does. But if he cared enough about you to marry you in the first place he cared too much. And he has to let you go because this isn’t worth the Vongola’s resources but he still loves you. Thinks it’s his fault he didn’t keep a tight enough leash on you that you left. Tsuna goes back to his old ways and just tries to forget you even existed in his life, but he always thinks about you and where he went wrong right before he falls asleep.
• If you go with option two, though, Tsuna is pissed. Because Tsuna knows who Byakuran is and he’s a fucking cunt. And he realizes, to some extent, what’s going on. Not really about the parallel universes, but he knows that Byaku wants you and Byakuran’s selfish as fuck and he’ll do anything to get you.
• Tsuna doesn’t let you leave his sight for the next while. And the rare moments he absolutely has to leave you, he makes Gokudera stay with you. Tsuna makes a show for Byaku’s spies, constantly touching you and pulling you in for random kisses. Of course they never see any of the good stuff, he’d never let anyone see you like that but him. He reminds you often who you belong to, fucking you a lot these next few days. And it’s always incredibly rough. You’ve got new bruises and love bites every single time. He’s just gotta make it absolutely clear that no one is going to touch you but him.
• Byakuran doesn’t give up. He doesn’t care what Tsuna’s doing, he’ll find a way to get you. So, he tries to kidnap you. And it’s pretty well planned, somehow getting to you when you’re alone. He shows up himself and just tells you “Come with me” and it’s clear you’re going to go with him and like it. He knows he doesn’t have much time, Tsuna’ll find you any moment, and he kind of assumes you’ll just go with him. You must love him, somewhere, and you’ll realize that soon. You were his. You were his a million times and you were going to be his a million and one, there was no reason this universe should be different than the others. You loved him, and that was the end of it.
• But you surprise him. You don’t go. You tell him you don’t love him and how could you ever love him? You don’t want him and he can do whatever he wants but you’re not going. You love Tsuna and you know someone will come to your aid really soon if you can just stall him out a bit longer.
• Byakuran never expected this. Your straight up refusal. He thought at the least you’d feel threatened enough you’d just go with him, but you didn’t and he was just too surprised. Right before he was about to grab you and force you to come with him is when your backup arrived, and he was forced to leave.
• Byakuran doesn’t fight for you. Not physically, at least. He continues to try and seduce you, using all that knowledge he has of you. He thinks of you as a game, and if he just uses his cards right eventually you’ll fall for him like you did all those times before. He never has any doubts of this. Even after 20 years he’s still trying like he was before. It doesn’t click in his mind, honestly, that you won’t take him. That this just wasn’t a universe where you were his. He couldn’t even imagine that was a thing. So he keeps trying, and keeps trying, and keeps trying until one of you just dies.

Against thoughts :(

Any time Ben Whishaw is in a play, I immediately buy a ticket. He’s that big a draw to me. He is one of those actors who immediately draws you in. He’s real. Authentic. With a simple flick of his eye you know what his character is thinking; how he is feeling.

I’ve seen him in many guises, from the tragic, melancholy Peter to the psychotic, traumatised Baby. His flamboyant, ethereal Dionysus and his emotionally shattered John Proctor. No matter the setting he has a unique way of showcasing his own talent. Even when he’s doing nothing it’s hard to take your eyes off him and, to that point, his directors have seen what a gem they have in him. They have played to his strengths. They have given him the stage and let him weave his magic.

Against thoughts under the cut. I’m sorry. I can’t even pretend. I’m not going to sugar coat but I wished for so much better :(

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