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So I’ve been thinking this since we found out for a fact that they’re all counterparts of Ray, but like what if they had fusions individually…? And this is what came out of that idea

Helena (3D Vocals)
  • Helena (3D Vocals)
  • My Chemical Romance


Aaaalright! Finally, it’s been ages since I uploaded a new audio edit,
But, this time, I’m keeping things a little bit simple because I had no time to upload things, because 2016 is such a busy year for me.

So here it is, Helena with only Gerard’s vocals in 3D!
It’s like ASMR but… idk close enough hah



i got some coloured pencils and sketchbooks for christmas this year! so i’ve been practicing coloured pencil art! i haven’t used coloured pencils in Several Years, so it was pretty weird to try it again haha

i got two sets of pencils: a pretty cheap set and a more high quality set. all of these were done with the lower quality ones, except for the rose quartz drawing (and the non-coloured drawings, of course)