this new tablet pen is a lot harder to work with

Q&A saturdays! <3

Thank you everyone for the asks! <3

Out of the ocs I have shared, Garrett and Dario are the only gamers I think! Although they only really play competitive games like Mario Kart, Splatoon, or Smash! Garrett is also a sucker for mobile games and Kathy is too! 

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Garrett LOVES taking Snapchat of his boyfriend! <3 He takes quite a few throughout the day and makes sure to send it to him too!

Meet Cabby/Cathy! They’re an excitable nerd who wants to protect their friends! <3

It was a LOT of fun working on these!

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Garrett’s backstory can’t even be shared yet! Y'all will have to wait until their lore/story/webcomic comes out! </3 Sorry about that!

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Here’s a short version of how I do inkling hair! <3 I’ve done this sort of thing before but not in this new style so hope it helps!

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Aaaaa thank you for the compliment! ; v ; I’m not really sure what to say, I just recommend working with shapes or researching body types! <3 Work with colors, archtypes, and even focus on silhouette of the each character! Make sure they’re all unique in their own way! As for the height different, it’s a little harder to explain, I just kind of decide where their heads should be and then draw the rest of them ; v ; 

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I actually just use the standard pen brush for lineart and coloring, nothing fancy! <3 

I do most of my comic/picture sketches on my tablet, but I do like to sketch on my notebooks too! I just don’t ever think anyone’s really interested in them! ; v ; 

AAA! Please @ me, I would love to see it! ; O ; 

Thank you sO MUCH! I’M REALLY GLAD <3 <3 I hope you continue to enjoy my blog!

Omg! No, I havent! I used to have it before it was closed down (still saved to my 3DS actually) and aaaa I would love to get back into it but I’m not sure, I might not have enough data sobs ; v ; /) 

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! Sorry it was late and I hope you enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3

Bean’s 15 tips for beginner (digital) artists...


I drafted my reply stupidly and tumblr ate it. Oops.

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means excellent with digital art. I’m deficient with color schemes/the concept of “color” in general (I’m definitely not colorblind, but there’s definitely a screw loose somewhere,) I rarely if at all have the patience to line my art, and forget painting altogether because I don’t get it. So I’m flattered you’re asking me for advice even though I consider myself the last person you should (haha~.)

TIP #1: TL;DR it took me years to get to where I am. Some people don’t need that long. Change may not happen on a day to day basis. Try to be patient. 

We hear it all the time, “practice makes perfect.” It’s actually “perfect practice makes perfect” and I don’t believe there is such a thing as “perfection” when it comes to art. When people say it’s “all practice,” they’re full of nonsense. There is definitely a role for talent, in that some artists pick up on stuff really quickly and advance at unreal speeds. I am not that. I started with mouse drawing before I got my first tablet in 2005, followed by the second around 2013-ish (maybe.) I’ve been art-ing in general since I was a wee bitty toddler.

Here’s my progression over the 10+ years I’ve been doing this: 

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Drawn That Way

So I started this fic a loooooong time ago.  Some time after Age of Ultron came out, which is the timeline for the fic as well, if you’re wondering.  Then it wasn’t going so well and I was writing other things for fests that were more time sensitive, and it got sidelined for a bit.  Then it spent an even longer time sitting in my notebook only half typed, because I was lazy and didn’t want to type anything.  But it’s done now, and beta’ed, so here you have it.

This really started from a post I remember seeing somewhere around the time I was first getting into the marvel fandom, of an artist complaining about how fic writers always have Steve drawing on paper, when so many artists now use a digital medium.  And Steve, while old fashioned, does pick up on technology pretty quick.  I have no idea who originally posted it, but artist, here is a fic for you of Steve using a tablet to draw.  Really though, this fic is for all the fanartists on tumblr, because you guys deserve lots of love.  Also, it’s for my followers who for some reason, stuck around this long.  Thanks for staying.

Thanks to @canolacrush for the beta, who tells me this is almost, but not quite, a character study.  No real warnings on this one, aside from Steve finding out about tumblr, the hard way sometimes.  

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anonymous asked:

Hello Petite Madame! You are an incredible inspiration to me, both as an artist and as a generally pleasant friendly person! I would like to ask, what would be your top 10 most important pieces of advice for artists?

Hi anon!

First, thank you so much for your kind message and seeing me as a source of inspiration. It’s always awesome to receive this kind of feedbacks ♥

Second, you opened the Pandora’s Box with your “10 most important pieces of advice”. I wanted to answer quickly but as people often ask me about this, this post will become my super big definitive resource to the question “P-m, any advice?” alongside this one. It’s long, it’s just MY two cents on the topic (YMMV, if you ask another artist, the answer will maybe be different) but I hope it will help. (Just remember that I am French, so sorry in advance about the Frenglish). Let’s go!


1- My NUMBER ONE ADVICE, sponsored by Captain Obvious: PRACTICE. I will never repeat it enough! There’s no magic recipe or spell. I tend to find sayings boring but “Practice makes perfect” is (unfortunately) true. You have this post floating around that shows the evolution of some fan artists’ works through the years. These artists didn’t reach this result because they drank a magic potion or something but because they worked their asses off so practice, practice, practice. Never stops.

 2- Follow tutorials (because practicing is good but you have to practice in the right direction). We are in 2014, you have TONS of resources online (you little spoiled brat!), on websites like Deviant Art, YouTube or even on Amazon if you prefer/can afford books. If you start directly on a piece of paper without knowing any basic rules, you’ll end up drawing a guy that vaguely looks Mister Magoo whereas you wanted to draw Dean Winchester in a sexy pose. And YES, there are rules (anatomy, perspective, colors, etc..) and YES, knowing them is important. It’s like driving a car. You learn about the Highway Code and how the brakes and the clutch pedal work before hitting the road. If you jump behind the wheel without any knowledge of all these things, you are gonna end up straight into the first wall in front of you.

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anonymous asked:

teacher how do photoshop creys Q_Q

Welcome to ABSFM, where a person who has been a college tutor for 2 years for basic Adobe programs and has a Visual Communications Certification in Photoshop CS6 teaches you how to make people fucking cry.

There’s a couple of tutorials out there that do teach you how to make tears. I probably looked at them and this is probably fairly close to them, but regardless of whatever exists, you asked for my way to cry, so today, I’m gonna teach you my way on how to cry.

You will need:

  • A base picture like your drawing or SFM
  • An editing program. We’ll be using Photoshop for this, you might be able to apply the theory to GIMP.

First, make yourself a picture. Feel the angst and sadness threatening to rip your heart out as you do so otherwise you might come off as saccharine. Remember, if it hurts you, it’s working.

Let’s use TF2 since most of you are here for my TF2 stuff anyway and that’s always a bigger challenge to do sads.

This is good, it makes me want to put myself in a pen full of bunnies and sob loudly while blowing my nose on those fluffballs. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll use Medic without glasses to give you an idea of digital painting. We’ll revisit Glasses!Medic after.

First rule about digital painting/drawing: zoom the FUCK in when you do some painting. There is nothing wrong with this as it helps you get details down a lot better. This also goes with general Photoshop and detailing; even the tiniest detailing makes some of the biggest differences. So zoom in for detailing.

Now that we’ve got that mentality addressed, here’s how to get started:

Make a new layer, set it to Overlay. Select a Hard Brush and paint on at least three lightspots with white. Where it goes depends on where the light source is coming from/the direction the character is looking at. You’ll want to enhance that one lightspot already on the eye near the pupil, maybe one on the side, and maybe one where the main lightsource is. I put mine at the top in-between the pupil lightspot and the side lightspot.

If you do not have a tablet or pen pressure-esque brushes (and in CS6 you do get a default paintbrush with false pen pressure), use the Smudge Tool or a very small eraser to smooth out some of the hard corners to make it look more natural.

Opacity for this tutorial will be different depending on how bright the lights are in your scene. So adjust it to what feels or looks natural/what you’re going for.

Next, make another layer. Set it to Overlay as well. Use a soft brush this time and just get part of the eye with white so it looks glossier. Don’t make it too glossy otherwise you’re gonna freak some people out with your flashlight eyes. It should be fairly subtle so you don’t even notice it at first until you look closely. 

Now we make people cry.

New Layer in Overlay mode. Grab a Hard Brush. This NEEDS some type of pressure or smoothing out to look natural; you might have gotten away with the circular Hard Brush before but you’ll need to smooth/erase out some parts now more than ever. Paint on the tears with white. 

If at this point your heart is wrenching harder than an Engineer at his nest taking fire from every explosive, then you’re doing it right. But we’ve still got to add more shit. More under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

Im starting to do Dan and Phil fan art. Any tips? :3 <3

Thanks so much for asking! It really depends on what style you plan on doing, but here are a few basics:

for digital art (or cartoon/original style)

  • get to know your drawing program really well, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new things!
  • Personally, I think sai is probably the best to use and easiest to start out with, (you can download it here for PC!) although there are so many programs out there and everyone is different so it’s fine to use what works for you :)
  • (make sure you have pen pressure working on your tablet)
  • use layers - I know that’s what everyone says, but it can help out so much, especially in doing cool things with highlights and shadows!
  • here is a really useful tutorial in colouring and using layers!!
  • sometimes if you’re finding it hard getting the proportions of bodies right, it’s easier to sketch it out on paper, and then take a photo or scan it and use that as a guide in your drawing program!
  • if you’re drawing a digital (non realistic) style drawing, it doesn’t have to be identical to what they look like in real life! in fact, it will probably be better if you let your own style shine through, so don’t be afraid to be yourself :)

for traditional drawings (or copying photos / doing accurate things)

  • start out with a sketchy outline - even if you don’t want it to have an outline in the end, this is just to get it all drawn out lightly
  • make sure the outline is right before you start any shading, as once you start that part it’s a lot harder to go back!
  • if you are right handed start on the left, and if you are left handed start on the right! you don’t want to smudge your drawing!! if you tend to rest your hand on the paper as you draw, try to keep a scrap piece of paper underneath it so you don’t smudge anything
  • when you’re doing eyes, remember to include light bits!! little reflections in the iris and pupils make them look so much more realistic!
  • Practice! - nobody starts out perfect, so don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t quite turn out as you want it to. If there is something you know you could improve at, find reference pictures and keep practicing :)


  • With any art, it’s important to have fun!!
  • make sure you challenge yourself and try new things - after mastering one skill, try to move up to the next one! sometimes it will take hard work, but that is all vital practice and will pay off :)
  • it’s a good idea to have a cute, funny or original idea behind the drawing, that way people can relate to it a lot more easily - often the actual picture doesn’t need to be too complex, but just enough to get your great ideas across ^_^
  • if you’re worried about something, try and get feedback from other people so you can find out what to improve on
  • if it really isn’t working out, try going away for a bit and coming back - sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective
  • I find it really helpful to watch youtube videos of people doing drawings, both digital and traditional,  just to pick up techniques and see how things are done.
  • if you look through the art tags on our navigation, we’ve reblogged a few posts that you might find useful too! :)


  • tag your drawings in the phanart, danisnotonfire, and amazingphil tags, that way more people will see your picture! (don’t spam the tags though)
  • you should probably sign your work somewhere, either with your url or name or signature :)
  • if you want us to reblog your artwork, just ask us! (nobody has to know)
  • have a link on your blog to your art, so that people can find it easily!

I hope this helps out a bit, if there are any specific things you are wondering about don’t be afraid to ask!

- Carolyn :) (dlester)