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I don’t hate Kate.
I hate the fact that Telltale are REALLY trying to push this romance, and in episode 3 they basically made it cannon that Javi has feelings for her. So much for having a choice, huh?

Love Transits

Transits got me thinking about love again, so here you go, a master post on transits that involve love, meeting people, etc etc (Probably only going to include positive ones). Hopefully I don’t miss any.
(keep in mind that these are like, unafflicted aspects so don’t be like “this isnt happening for me” because chances are something is afflicting it or you are literally not taking advantage of the power it’s providing you with)


Mercury Retrograde
Increases likelihood of reconnecting with people from your past (can either be a good or bad thing). Especially effective in houses that deal with relationships (3rd, 5th, 7th, and 11th), but really it can happen in any house, like for example, in the 9th house it might be due to traveling that you meet someone from your past.

Venus Retrograde
Increases likelihood of reconnecting with a past lover. Again like the Mercury Retrograde, it can be bad or good, depends if you wanna see your ex again.

Venus Transiting Specific Houses

Venus transiting your Third House
A good time for confessing love/reassuring your loved one’s that you love them.

Venus transiting your Fifth House
Increases likelihood of finding a love interest while working in your area of creativity. Finding a love interest during this transit without having to surrender who you are means you can be yourself around this person.

Venus transiting your Seventh House
Helps all relationships,  whether it be friends, a lover, or enemies. Expressing love is easier during this time. Increases likelihood of meeting a new love interest as well.

Venus transiting your Eighth House
Relationships that begin in this transit leave big impacts on your life whether they be good or bad. Gives existing relationships closer intimacy and intensity. During this time, you are able to see the whole ocean your relationship represents versus just its surface.

Venus transiting your Ninth House
Attraction for people who are strange or different increases during this time.

Venus transiting your Tenth House
The likelihood of falling in love with someone who’s older or above you increases during this time.

Venus transiting your Eleventh House
Likelihood of falling in love with a friend increases. Existing love relationships may bring in new friendships.

Venus transiting your Twelfth House
Denial of being in love.

Other Planets Transiting the 5th and 7th House

Sun transiting your Seventh House
Likelihood of meeting a new love interest during this time is increased. You will also take relationships some what lightly during this time.

Sun transiting your Seventh House
A time to discuss with your partner about the importance of the relationship, examine your roles in each others lives.

Moon transiting your Fifth house
Emotional experiences with love are brought out during this time. You may also be very protective of your lover during this time.

Moon transiting your Seventh House
Relationships and marriage will be important to you during this time.

Mercury transiting your Seventh House
A good time to discuss any issues in a relationship.

Mars transiting your Fifth House
You’ll be thirsty af. No other way of putting it. Mars transiting the 8th house has this same affect.

Jupiter transiting your Fifth House
Expansion and growth in relationships. New relationships started under this transit may be with a person who is dramatically different from you so you can learn and experience new things from them.

Jupiter transiting your Seventh House
The topic of marriage runs smoothly during this transit. New relationships started under this transit is likely to be with someone who is older (physically or spiritually) and more experienced in life. They may also come from a different background or country than you.

Saturn transiting your Fifth House
A love affair with someone who is either older or younger than you may begin under this transit.

Transiting Venus Aspects

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Sun
Makes you appear more attractive to males.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Sun
Little to no difficulty showing affection towards people. You are comfortable being yourself around love interests during this time.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Moon
Dreamy romantic moods. You view romance on an emotional plane today.

Transiting Venus Opposition Natal Moon
Desires between you and your loved one to take care of each other.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Mercury
Increases chances of making good first impressions, especially towards potential love interests.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Mercury
A good time to confess love to someone.

Transiting Venus Opposites Natal Mercury
A good time for discussion about the relationship. Communication is important and it will happen during this time.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Venus
Increases likelihood of meeting a new love interest and making new friends. Also a good time to confess love for someone.

Transiting Venus Sextiles Natal Venus
New relationships made under this transit are beneficial for the future and most of the time very successful.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Venus
Attraction for considerably beautiful people increases during this time. Lots of unusually romantic encounters during this transit as well.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Mars
People with lots of masculine energy will be likely more attracted to people with a lot of feminine energy and vice versa during this transit. Symbolizes actually seeking out a love interest. Indicates the likelihood of meeting a new love interest. Relationships are very passionate during this time.

Transiting Venus Sextiles Natal Mars
Attracts the people you actually want to attract into your life.

Transiting Venus Squares Natal Mars
Desires for a more physical relationship is indicated at this time. Not the best for starting a relationship during this time as you will be more attracted to looks than personality.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Mars
Relationships started under this transit will likely last a long time and be satisfying. During this time it is easier to charm people.

Transiting Venus Opposites Natal Mars
Likelihood of seeking for casual/sexual relationships

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Jupiter
REALLY good for weddings. Love is a celebration when Jupiter is involved.

Transiting Venus Sextiles Natal Jupiter
New relationships started under this transit bring out the best qualities in you. Attraction towards people with a very vast mind is indicated.

Transiting Venus Trine  Natal Jupiter
May attract a new love interest, but might not lead onto anything significant

Transiting Venus Conjunct Natal Saturn
Relationships started under this transit are loyal and long lasting.

Transiting Venus Sextile Natal Saturn
If you have an existing relationship, you may want it to become more serious during this time. Seeking out new relationships during this transit may make you consider deeply about what exactly you are looking for.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Saturn
Indicates taking relationships seriously at this time. You may seek out someone who is very stable during this time.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Uranus
Unexpected relationships occur under this transit.

Transiting Venus Sextiles or Trine Natal Uranus
Attracts casual and unconventional relationships.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Neptune
Sensitive and romantic energy is presented by this transit. Daydreaming or having fantasies about potential relationships in your life. During this time you are willing to sacrifice for your lover.

Transiting Venus Sextiles Natal Neptune
Similar to the conjunction, only more subtle.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Neptune
Like the sextile, it carries sensitive and romantic energy in subtle, pleasant ways. New relationships started under this transit feel very spiritual. May make you feel as if you’ve found your soul-mate (whether that be true or if it’s Neptune tricking you). If you are in an existing relationship, it may be time to evaluate whether or not you guys are soul-mates.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Pluto
May make you seek out intense relationships. Meeting new love interests under this transit makes you infatuated and obsessed with them.

Transiting Venus Squares Natal Pluto
Emotional transformations generally happen during a transit like this. Could be for better or for worse.

Transiting Venus Sextiles/Trines Natal Pluto
Brings intensity to existing relationships; overwhelming feelings for your partner. New relationships started under this transit seem to have some sort of magnetism to them. They are intense and magical.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Midheaven
Good transit for marriage and a good day to confess love to someone.

Transiting Venus Trines Midheaven
A good transit for sorting out difficulties and mending a relationship. Time to put everything out in the open and allow love to heal it.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Ascendant
The likelihood of meeting a new love interest during this time is great. It is also a good time to mend broken relationships.

Transiting Venus Trines/Sextiles Ascendant
Like the conjunction, increases your chances in meeting a new love interest, but in order to do so, you will need to put yourself out there. Go out with friends, have a good time and then you will be able to seek a new love interest.

Transiting Venus Opposites Ascendant
A good day to introduce yourself to potential love interests. Indicates the beginning of new love relationships. Very good time to be going out and meeting people.

Other Transiting Planets Aspects

Transiting Sun Conjuncts Natal Venus
You will crave attention during this time and you will do a great effort to get the attention you think you deserve. You may also find a new love interest.

Transiting Sun Sextiles/Trines Natal Venus
During this time you are more open to meeting new people and spending time with friends.

Transiting Sun Opposites Natal Venus
Brings awareness to how much you need your lover in your life.

Transiting Moon Conjuncts/Trines/Sextiles Natal Mercury
A good time to talk about your feelings.

Transiting Moon Conjuncts/Trines/Sextiles Natal Venus
Strengthens existing relationships.

Transiting Mercury Conjuncts/Trines/Sextiles Natal Venus
You or someone will confess their love. Also a good time to talk about your relationship with your lover.

Transiting Mars Trines/Sextiles Natal Moon
Emotions are intense during this time. Indicates love-hate relationships and tension. You can’t decide if you wanna punch a person in the face or kiss them.

Transiting Mars Conjuncts/Trines/Sextiles Natal Venus
Indicates new love interests and physical relationships. Sexual desires run high.

Transiting Jupiter Conjuncts Natal Venus
On the rare occasion that a relationship starts under this transit, it is extremely favourable and successful. Also beneficial to existing relationships.

Transiting Jupiter Trines/Sextiles Natal Venus
You may feel like flirting with and impressing a potential love interest during this time. New relationships started under this transit are often very significant. The sextile symbolizes a longer lasting relationship than the trine, but you should check other transits to see the success in that.

Transiting Saturn Conjuncts Natal Venus
Relationships started under this transit are likely due to fate and bring great significance to your life.

Transiting Saturn Trines/Sextiles Natal Venus
Symbolizes a lover with an age difference (physically or spiritually). Relationships will be looked at more practically and seriously with this transit.

(Find the others in the things I want to see tag.)

Things I Want To See Less Of: Part One

Homogeneous Fantasy Races: So. You’ve got your world. You’ve got your cultures and peoples. You’ve got their countries and their governments. You’re even able to describe them when asked: “They’re a [this] kind of people, characterized by [this look, this skin tone, these eye and hair colors].” That’s great, because your audience can all of a sudden immediately identify where a person is from based on how they look. … Yeah. Great. Because our world looks like that. Ever. Where are the people who’ve moved, the people whose parents moved? Where’s the cultural diffusion and people who don’t always wear their nationality on their sleeve? “This person is [from here], clearly! Look at their [coloration].” Please stop. It’s so, so common for fantasy stories to have the market-towns as their stage, where the diversity of their other cultures more easily comes to the foreground because these towns are where people naturally congregate for a purpose, but it’s unrealistic for all travelers ever to only go to those towns. Please open up the border fences and stop thinking of your peoples as monoliths. Also, lose the “foreigner as a novelty” theme. Show me peoples that have taken in immigrants over the centuries, who no longer remember that they were immigrants, who call them one of their own. Show me peoples whose traditions have morphed over time as people from other places have come in and established their identities in this new place. Show me dynamic races that have grown and changed over time, that don’t feel as though they were established a decade ago.

First Person With Overly “Quirky” Narrative Styles: There’s nothing wrong with first person storytelling, so don’t get me wrong here. There are certain stories that crave the first person technique to be executed well. What I’m tired of are the crazy-strong, super prominent, usually dry and quippy and sarcastic voices that go with them and have over-saturated the story with that first person viewpoint. I know: “But Pear! That’s what they tell you to do so that your story stands out!” I get it. I do. But many of these voices, recently, have been too strong for me, too distracting to the story or prohibitive to my understanding of the world that they feel a bit forced. Not just that the persona is forced, but that I am being forced–forced to be an inhabitant of this world in order to understand the story or not to understand at all. The invitation in through the door is gone. Now, of course, this is personal preference. In fact, all of these “things I want to see” posts are pure personal preference. I’m exhausted by authors’ attempts to validate their choice of first person through the over-use of world-slang and catch phrases and dry cynicism. They want to provide a peek into this character’s head, but that attempt to show that voice inside doesn’t always feel natural to me or even deepen the breadth of worldbuilding. Show me characters who know their world but don’t require me to be a native. Show me first person narratives that have restraint in their delivery of worldbuilding so that I can learn it. Show me voices that are strong without requiring me to wear their skin. Show me comfortable characters that have some joy and want to share their world.

The Throes of Romance: Again, don’t get me wrong. There’s a time and place, and if you’re writing a romance story, there’d better be romance. I’m also not saying no romance ever. I’m just exhausted of reading a story and finding all the cliche little moments of a tell-tale budding romance between two characters. It seems to be the same phrases, the same internal conflicts, the same choices over and over and over. Generally, if a story has a male and a female protagonist, there will be a romance. I’m tired of it being a necessary check-box writers think they have to include in order to have a successful story. What you need is a compelling relationship between your characters; what that doesn’t mean is that it has to be romantic. And if you do want it to be romantic, find new ways to show it outside of the historical phrases. Show me more friendships that are strengthened or shredded by the events they go through. Show me more families who stand together despite that all Mom’s got to contribute is one hell of a swing with an old iron. Show me found family without the scenes upon scenes of sideways glances and admiring of jawlines and luscious hair in the breeze and turning away to allow them to change and the electric feeling of skin touching skin. Show me the depth two people can establish in a relationship without needing to go through the cliched romantic motions.

  • Atsushi: Isn't there someone else you can torture?
  • Akutagawa: Probably, but I choose you.

hellsbellssinclub  asked:

Quiobi, no.1 with Qui-Gon as a Sith and Obi-Wan as a Jedi?

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s world is black and white.

There is good and there is evil.

He is a Jedi and therefore he is good.

Raised as the last Padawan Learner to the venerable Grand Master of the Order, Obi-Wan has strived all his life to be the perfect Jedi, the epitome of the light. He has ruthlessly chased out fear and anger from his heart, has excised all that would tempt him down a darker path shaded in charcoal, ebony, and onyx. He knows the shades of ivory that mark the path of the truly righteous like the back of his hand.

He is an example to the Order, to those initiates who feel they will never be chosen, encouragement to those Knights who fear that perfection is out of their grasp, and a subtle reminder to masters to think twice about their preconceived notions.

If Obi-Wan Kenobi can become a paragon of light, the finest of his generation, Master Yoda’s true heir, then anything is possible.

Through the light all things are possible.

Except… that is all Obi-Wan can see.

There is no color in his world, no vibrant blues, no ruddy crimson or a delicate yellow. The world around him is as black and white as the lessons handed down to him from a grandmaster who has evolved beyond caring about the color of a flower or the particular shade of the sunset.

After 800 years of shades of grey, Yoda needs no gaudy, saturated rainbow to tell him that sunlight dappled through the leaves of a sweet oak in the Room of a Thousand Fountains is beautiful. He simply accepts the world that he sees as it is. He does not need color nor does he want it.

“A Jedi craves not these things, Obi-Wan,” Yoda tells him and Obi-Wan does his best to listen to his master’s wisdom, to tell himself that there is beauty in the shift from radiant white to ecru to charcoal and the inky wash of night time.

It works for the most part.

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Random re:birth headcanons

Fujimori - She has a very bare bedroom, because she has the fear of shelves or billboards falling on-top of her in her sleep/or in general

Mikoto - Like little fruity sweets like, Randoms or Jelly tots, probably hates loud noise but ironically listens to music 24/7 (???) she has earphones I think- tbh, she’d be the new Kirigiri but a cross of Akamatsu in her

Koga - Likes animal puppets but is afraid to interact with real ones honestly Bonus: Have a feeling he has an undying love for cake/cupcakes

Izumo - Doesn’t actually like haunted houses or spooky attractions like that because she feels like they disrespect “real spiritual entities” probably keeps candles or charms on her *cough c ough* AYUMI

Kagura - Is a total glutton, like Akane. Probably a little weebish and likes ramen noodle cups, sushi, pocky, rice balls and all sorts of Japanese food

Akira - Being a NEET, he loves being in his own comfort zone and staying at home, or not getting involved with people, sleepy Chiaki 2.0

Aisaka - The new Kirumi Tojo (Mom friend) will keep everyone in line and take charge if no one listens or wants to follow rules, a little bossy

Saiji - Like’s male fashion. May be gay? Or European Like the reverse Juzo to Munakata (probably just hoping too hard for a Juzo x Munakata lovechild ???)

Keego - The new innocent Kiibo child. They’re names sound similar??? His favourite music would probably be jazz or lazy pop. Fashion statement (???)

Todoroki - May be like the new Maki? Being an animal trainer, doesn’t actually like animals but finds to be quite good at interacting with them, vice versa

Himuro - New Chiaki in a nutshell, also maybe a good bit of Mikan in her? Thus those bandages on her neck, super sweet. Her role model is Shakespear, probably likes fluffy clouds/animals, quite places. (Probably gay for Mizuta)

Mizuta - New Angie child. Loves the rain crossed with sunshine, rainbow’s make her appreciate the world. Probably always carries a small umbrella on her, a total environment hippie (I want her and Himuro to become the “Sunny Soliloquy” ship) 

Samejima - New Kazuichi? Yet he’s kinda dorky and does crafty things and is a total ladies man but doesn’t know it. He’s probably a major goof sometimes

Yodogawa - New Kaito, a romantic. Probably would tango his way up to the female protagonist with a rose in his mouth, pretty sure he’d take you to a haunted house/cornstalk maze for an ideal “romantic date” Risky adventurer.

Oosone - A shining little star, too good, too pure. Will probably be the kind of kid to ask “How are babies made?” kind of questions, doesn’t get sexual innuendo’s either, has a massive hatred for the fast/junk-food industry

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I was thinking about Kuro and Lance being soulmates, bc they really have a lot in common. Maybe we'll see more of their interactions in future? It'd be great, and I look forward to your new art anyway 💞

Hmm… I was thinking about that, too. But do you mean soulmates as in best buddies on a whole new level or more in a romantic way? I could imagine both for them. I mean… I’m working on some more comics right now and.. I don’t know. I want Kuro and Shiro to tout for Keith, but Keith ultimately belongs more to Shiro than he does to Kuro. I mean I got a lot of fun working with that love triangle and it kinda works for now…. But not in the long run.
And imagine how Lance feels, when everybody seems to fall for Keith and he’s the seventh wheel again. There would be so much space for soulmate-stuff between him and Kuro, seriously! You know like subtle things. Just Kuro doing something super lovely for Lance and Lance’s all flustered and doesn’t know how to deal.
Dude… That’d be awesome. I need to draw more Kuro comics. And faster. I got so many ideas.
Sorry for the long answer. XD I got caught up in this.

Aromantic Tony Stark guys

When Tony’s a kid he knows he’s not supposed to be much interested in romance, but here’s the thing about being a child genius. Most people forget you aren’t actually an adult because you fake being one so well, so people ask all the time who he has a crush on. The answer is no one, he has gadgets to build and that is far more interesting than the romance movies he’s been forced to watch with friends. But people don’t think that’s an acceptable answer and it’s Obi who finally thinks to ask something different. Instead of the dreaded “who do you have a crush on?” its “well there must be someone you think is smart and cute.” Which, okay, duh. There’s this girl in his class and she makes the best comments when people underestimate her ability to build things and he can relate because people underestimate him too, hazards of being a kid in college.

When Tony’s doing his Master’s degree everyone is going to insane lengths to find a life partner but he doesn’t really care. Not because he doesn’t want someone to spend the rest of his life with, but because he’s never bought into that “go to school, get married, have kids, live out your American Dream” bullshit that gets pushed onto people all the time. When someone asks who he wants to spend the rest of his life with he says Rhodey because he couldn’t think of anything better than living the rest of his life out with his friends. People laugh, and someone calls him immature because you can’t live with your friends, Tony, you can’t live out your college days forever. Except that wasn’t what he was trying to do, he just didn’t want to get married and have kids, Rhodey was there for the company, not because he wanted to spend the rest of his life partying (though he wouldn’t mind that either). Rhodey notices how crestfallen he looks but Tony dodges the subject and Rhodey never brings it up again.

By the time Tony is an adult he has a pretty bad reputation for being a womanizer, but he doesn’t understand it. All the women (and men, but people don’t talk about that) he’s slept with were all consenting adults, and he made sure to tell them point blank he wasn’t looking for romance. They all knew what they were walking into before they got there, and they all sighed NDA’s after too, for good measure. But people hated him for only ever having sex with women (but never the men), and everyone he slept with was cast as a victim in Tony Stark’s Womanizing Way’s and he just didn’t see the problem. Why was he a bad person for only wanting sex? Why would it have been less demeaning if he was dating the women (or men)? They all made informed choices and for the life of him he had no idea why everyone hated him so much for not “settling down” with someone, he just didn’t have an interest and he was getting really fucking sick of people asking. 

He doesn’t think about romance for a long time, he has no time between Afghanistan, Obadiah, dying, the Avengers, everything else. It isn’t until Steve starts asking questions about all those damn letters in the LGBT+ acronym that he stumbles across the solution to his lifelong problem. 

The Avengers put him in charge of research, probably because they all think it’s hilarious when Steve gets an accidental sex talk from Tony but he thinks making Steve blush is hilarious too so he’s fine with looking things up. He makes sure to read a little on each letter so he at least has some idea of what he’s talking about but it still takes awhile to find “aromantic”. When he looks over the term’s definition- not experiencing romantic attraction- he’s immediately interested because he knows exactly what that’s like. 

He reads for hours before Natasha and Steve finally hunt him down in the lab, finding him surrounded by articles, blogs, and various websites because things finally made sense. He wasn’t a horrible womanizer (okay, so he was a pretty crappy person then, but not because he only wanted sex), he was aromantic. He hadn’t had crushes or whatever because he was aromantic, he hadn’t wanted to “settle down” not because he was emotionally stunted or immature, he was aromantic. 

And suddenly things were put into prospective for him, plus he got the pleasure of watching Steve blush when he explained in excruciating detail how he had come to the conclusion that platonic relationships and sexual relationships had been all he was ever interested in.

*Note, I didn’t add poor Pepper in because that is a whole new post unto itself, not because she isn’t important! Also I was excited to share :)

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How would the 104th squad deal with having feeling for someone they shouldn't?( opposing side/superior).

Are you suggesting a Romeo and Juliet scenario?! Kind of, but that’s how this English nerd’s gonna roll with it. If the 104th squad ended up in a star-crossed love affair…

Eren would be your typical Romeo. When he falls, he falls hard and refuses to think logically 90% of the time because he believes so strongly in the power of their love. Love will conquer all, he insists. He takes all the risks to see his love, and takes all the blame when the inevitably get caught. He would probably die for love if the situation called for it. 

Mikasa wouldn’t let herself be with the person if their love was forbidden. She’d never stop loving them, though. She’d be with them as much as she could, just enjoying their presence and loving them from afar, showing her love through acts of care and service. But she knows that they aren’t fated to be together, and while that stings, as long as she can be by their side, she’ll be as content as she can be. 

Armin thinks too logically to let himself entertain the idea of actually being with someone who he shouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t fall in love with them, the opposite actually. While he knows it isn’t realistic, he dreams about what a world would be like if things were different and they could be together. Still, he’s aware of the consequences on acting on his dreams, and therefore never lets his feelings show, (except maybe in some anonymous, secret admirer letters?)

Jean, like Eren, would definitely fit the Romeo mold. Once his heart’s locked onto someone, no matter how wrong it is, he can’t just let those feelings die. He will pursue his love, in secret if he has to, and won’t give up until he’s totally denied or he dies trying. He’s suaver than Eren, though, and gets caught much less. 

Marco is more of a Juliet: acknowledges that this is stupid and shouldn’t be happening, but lets it happen anyway. He does his best to keep his feelings a secret, to only act on them when the two of them are completely alone with zero chance of getting caught. He does have the heart of a romantic, and is always trying to find new ways for things to work so that they don’t have to hide their love from the world. But even if it’s never meant to be, he’s fine with a world of stolen glances and secret meetings. Life’s more fun that way. 

Annie’s always like a challenge, so keeping a relationship secret isn’t too much of an obstacle for her, especially if she’s truly fallen for the person. The scandal of it excites her, knowing that what they’re doing is forbidden and wrong and against all rules. And she’s an expert at keeping her feelings hidden, so no one will ever know that anything’s happening between them at all. 

Reiner, like Mikasa, will not let himself be with the person he loves if their love is forbidden. He’ll try, lord know’s he’ll try and find a way to make it work. But in the end, he’ll fear that they’ll get hurt. So he denies his heart what it wants, and continues to love them from afar, showing his affection through acts of service that could be performed by anyone. His sense of duty and responsibility is too strong to let himself be happy. 

Bertholdt wouldn’t let himself be with the person either. He’s too scared of breaking rules, or more the consequences that come with breaking rules. He’ll dream about the person he loves, imagine what they could do if they could be together. And he’ll fall hard for them, suffering alone with his feelings. It could be a beautiful thing if he let it. But Bertholdt’s too fearful of the consequences to let himself try. 

Sasha would try to make it work, a mixture of the reckless Romeo and thoughtful Juliet. She plans how to keep their relationship under wraps, but never denies the fact that they’re meant to be. She believes that their love will stand the test of time, and that even if it takes them years to be together for good, it’ll be worth it. She is a firm believer in true love, and will go to whatever lengths necessary to keep it alive.  

Connie wouldn’t pursue them past harmless flirting, even if it breaks his heart. He doesn’t believe in breaking the rules, and even if the thought has crossed his mind a million times, he can’t imagine the consequences of defiance. It kills him, to have to deny himself and his lover of their feelings, but it’s what’s right by society and that’s something he has to live with. He has to set an example. 

Ymir is another Romeo type, but with Hamlet’s wit, (crossing plays here, we are!) While she falls hard, defying all boundaries set by society, she’s very aware that this relationship is a death sentence and could go horribly wrong. Therefore, she creates elaborate schemes in order to keep the relationship a secret, always acting eccentric so her erratic behavior and random disappearances and open flirting with her lover are taken as nothing but her natural personality. She’s a master at it, really. 

Historia loves the secrecy and the recklessness of it all. She loves knowing that she’s breaking rules just by loving someone. She loves defying a society stupid enough to think that it can dictate her feelings. Therefore, she falls hard and fast, and craves her lover like oxygen. It makes their meetings all the sweeter, and keeping their love a secret all the more enticing. 

motherly (ˈmʌðəlɪ): adj 1. of or resembling a mother, esp in warmth, or protectiveness

Katara totally felt motherly toward Aang. Like she feels motherly towards anybody for whom she has even just a little bit of affection, but especially Aang.

It’s a mix of “I’m so proud of you omg you’ve grown up soo much” and “fuck what are these feelings this kiss was good i’m so attracted to you but you’re off to maybe die this is confusing”.

I bet she still felt motherly toward him when they were married with children. Heck, I bet she still felt this way on his deathbed (and beyond).

It’s okay because, yk, she’s not his actual mother and he doesn’t see her as such, they’re not related, she never infantilizes him (quite the opposite) and there is no power imbalance between them: their relationship is based on a friendship between equals and huge amounts of mutual respect (respect for each other as people and functioning adults, for each other’s identity, abilities, values and decisions - even when they don’t particularly agree with each other). There’s only two years between them - truly insignificant in the long run, barely matters at the end of the show (like they get along with each other better than with anybody else).

So I don’t see how it’s a problem? Aang is too young in the show for me to seriously ship him, but that’s on me, and I don’t think Kataang is problematic because of Katara’s motherliness. It’s actually one of the things I like most about older!Kataang - this inversion on classical gender roles: the girl is the protector, the one providing the most emotional support.

And actually, I think it’s thematically significant:

Idk, if Katara’s love for Aang is supposed to represent the Air Nomads love for him that hasn’t left this world, it feels right that it has this fiercely protective, proud, and warm quality that makes it feel so motherly.

Why i think Phan is coming out in the near future

2017 so far has been one eventful year for the Phandom. I always tried not to be the demon Phannie and take everything as OMG THEYRE COMING OUT!!!11!!, but something about the past month just indicates that they’re together and coming out. 

The way they act is getting super romantic. The new DNPG and AmazingPhil videos have been super romantic/cute/domestic and they’re finally being themselves. The thing is, they wouldn’t act like this if they weren’t truly in a romantic relationship and if they were dating other people. It would just hurt them. Imagine them telling us they are in a relationship with other people after all these hints and things going on;; the phandom would go completely nuts. That would do harm to both us and them. They wouldn’t be hinting this much if there wasn’t a reason to. 

Also, the ripped jeans/nail polish thingy. It means Dan is finally comfortable with his femininity and sexuality. Again, if he was dating Phil, he would be in a homosexual relationship. Maybe they’re getting ready to tell us the big news. Or not.

Aaand, they we’re probably a thing in 2009, and im not sure anyone would continue living with their ex for years and all that jazz you’ve probably heard before. 

This was really poorly written, im tired and nervous and i don’t use tumblr. I just had some thoughts i had to say. 


If they do end up being with other people and Phan ends up not being real, be respectful. Also don’t bring Phan up if you’re meeting them, don’t bring it up in liveshows, on their social media etc. 

Swingers, Ch 3

A/N: Soooo…this is my first attempt at a foursome. I’ve been working on it for a straight year. And if it were not for @repellomuggletum15, @somewhereapart, @trina-deckers@outlawqueenbey, @the-alpha-incipiens, and @brookeap3this fic would have NEVER gotten done. So I thank you guys for helping me, cheerleading me, encouraging me, and giving me those much needed kicks to the ass. And Bea, who turned this messy project into something readable (i.e., something with actual punctuation).

This is for DOQ Week, Day 3: First Times. There are lots of firsts here. First real girlfriend for Mal, first time with someone Mal cares about, Mal’s love interest’s first time swinging, even a first “I love you”.

Headed to your coast in two weeks!  Can’t wait to see you xoxox

It isn’t too different from her standard text, and Mal’s isn’t too different when she makes plans around Boston and stop in to visit Robin and Regina.  Over time they’ve become close friends, but the distance keeps their visits to a few times a year, and despite them all wishing the visits were more, there is a certain novelty being kept in play by seeing each other so rarely.  There is also a certain amount of casual flirtation they do up to these visits, usually in a group text.  And it is nice.  They are close friends, closer than most people know, and wonderful lovers.

Their visits do not always include winding up in bed together, but it usually happens.  Over the years those excursions have become a bit wilder as they had grown more comfortable with one another (or, particularly as Robin and Mal have become more comfortable with each other.  Regina, well, Regina is comfortable with both of them.)

During one visit, Mal had expectantly showed up with a date, a handsome, if goofy-looking guy named Kristoff. Kristoff was a Norwegian that was happy and upbeat almost nauseatingly enthusiastic about everything.  By the end of the night, he had wound up in the sheets with them.  That in itself had been very new for Regina and Robin, and had been a test for Robin’s comfort.

They would swing before, but by the time Robin got involved it was very much like couple swapping, where he and another beautiful woman engaged while Regina did the same with that lady’s partner.  But that… that had been four people all having sex, leaving Robin and a less-concerned Kristoff to navigate around each other.  It was a different experience, he wasn’t used to making eye contact with a man so often during sex, especially an overly enthusiastic man who gave goofy smiles and wiggled eyebrows suggestively at Robin during the entire night.  And though Robin found he quite enjoyed his time with the couple, he admitted to Regina he was pleased to learn Mal had cut Kristoff loose (“He bored me,” was the only thing she had gotten out of her as the reason for the breakup).

But then there is Ruby, Ruby, the SuicideGirls model who had a home full of black lights and lava lamps and glow-in-the-dark sex toys.  Ruby is fun, and gorgeous, and up for whatever.  Mal had met her at one of the parties she attended and became close friends, or playmates… or something (they certainly weren’t exclusive, exclusivity was not in Mal’s nature).

Sex with Ruby is… otherworldly.  It is almost a blessing that Regina and Robin do not live closer to the two of them, or the sex might become too addicting.  There had been one weekend where the four of them had never left Mal’s bed – they had only met for drinks, and Ruby showed up, dressed in far too little, makeup heavy and smeared. In a few moments the girl was on Robin’s lap, and minutes later she leaned in to kiss Regina right there as they enjoyed cocktails, and then they were all lost in each other, nearly getting thrown out of a cab going back to Mal’s,  It was… intense.  There have only been a few times attraction and needs had been so raw as that first weekend with Ruby.  And while she missed the nice meals, great conversation, the time alone with Mal to just catch up and be friends, she walked away with fond memories of that weekend, and quite frankly, if it were to repeat itself it would be quite nice….

Regina is lost in thought about that weekend when the phone rings.  She’s surprised to see it’s Mal.  Mal isn’t one for phone calls.  She is texts and the occasional email, but that’s really it.  


“Regina!” Mal exclaims… and what was that in her voice?  She sounded a bit younger and almost… scared?  Hesitant?   “I got your text.  It’ll be nice to see you.”

“Is something wrong?” Regina asks, figuring she should just be direct.  Mal’s false excited voice doesn’t fool her - never will.  Something is off.  Perhaps Mal wanted to take sex off the table for the weekend, maybe it was a bad time for her… maybe….

“No, nothing’s wrong.  I, uh, I….It’ll be nice.  You both can meet Gwen.”  Meeting friends or romantic partners isn’t new to Regina.  But it’s the way she says her name – Gwen ­­– that throws her off.

“Oh, Gwen, huh?” she teases, imitating her tone.  “And who is Gwen?”

“My girlfriend,” Mal clarifies, though she needn’t.  Still, using the word, defining a relationship like that, is so out of character for Mal the word almost slaps Regina in the face.

“I was unaware you had a girlfriend.”  She tries to keep the hurt out of her voice, but they tell each other everything, she and Mal, and it hurts to not know of every new development in her life.

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Am I just being a delusional representation starved bisexual, or did they make Veronica’s sexuality very ambiguous that first episode? 

anonymous asked:

Could there be a part 2 of that Akaashi vampire angst? Like he suddenly comes to the realization of what he's done and snaps out of it and tries to save the s/o but can't. (Need as much angst ass possible) :))))

If you haven’t read the first part, it can be found here. :) Hope this was angsty enough for you. 

-Mama Lana

There was more to the world than it had first let on, creatures from every myth and legend living among you for centuries without a trace of doubt. It was only until recent years that they began to grow bold, making their presence known and no longer clinging to the shadows as they once did. It was a new era now, a time where humans and monsters would live in peace. That was the goal at least. Humans were fragile creatures and when exposed to the unknown, the recoiled, fear lingering beneath their features. Some were able to accept this new way of life, embraced it even by becoming romantic partners. Although most didn’t take to the transition lightly, opting to separate themselves from those who weren’t human quickly and efficiently. It wasn’t as the creatures had hoped, but it was one step closer.

Vampires were common in the city in which you lived, the night life coming alive with the addition of these new beings. It was actually for the better seeing as how it was a breath of fresh air to a dull sense or repetition that had cycled your life for years. Admittedly you had pegged vampires with stereotypes based on all the books and movies that revolved around their existence, but in reality they were all complete misconceptions. For example, garlic wasn’t deadly, merely a dislike, and they could enjoy the sun, simply not too much of it. Although you didn’t come to this knowledge of your own accord, but rather the vampire itself.

Akaashi was the perfect embodiment of mysterious and alluring, emerald eyes entrancing you if you stared to long. He possessed a certain charm that had you cloning to every word, longing to see the delicate smile that graced his lips from time to time. He was truly wonderful in your eyes. 

The same could be said for the man himself. In the beginning he hadn’t plan on getting too involved with you considering that a human life span was far too short and would only cause complications in the end, but you were different. It wasn’t a sudden realization that dawned on him, but rather slow and gradual. The more time he spent with you, taking you out to enjoy a stroll in town or the new cafe that opened up down the street, the more he allowed his heart to open to you. He had been alone for centuries, any previous lovers simply a means to pass time. But you were becoming more than a want, but a need. It was as if he was required to breathe oxygen into his lungs when he was with you, always managing to somehow take his nonexistent breath away. It was inevitable when you two had fallen in love, but neither of you wanted to fight it.

The relationship began to blossom and ween through the seasons, nothing seemingly out of the ordinary besides mundane fights as all normal couples, but there began to come about a change in his behavior. Prior to dating, you had seen him feed, accepting of what he had to do as long as he didn’t bring harm to another human being. The agreement was mutual for a while until his appetite only seemed to grow. Being a purebred vampire of his caliber, animal blood did little to sate his thirst, growing more brash by the day. Normally he was quite level-headed, knowing his limits, but today he snapped. It had all happened far too quickly for you to process, neck craned to the side as his fangs buried deep into the skin, your essence flowing between the broken skin into his eager mouth.

Akaashi snapped to his senses, pulling away long enough to watch your form crumple down the wall onto the wooden floors. Blood rushed through his veins as if it was his own, heart beating once more as the essence subsided once more. It would have been a more satisfactory feeling if the person he had done this to was not you. His sharp gaze fell to your face which grew paler by the minute, chest rising shallowly as the blood continued to seep through your fingers.

Betrayal was the better word to describe what you were feeling, but even now you couldn’t bring yourself to hate him. You could see the emotions flickering across his face like an open book, ones he hadn’t shown so openly until he met you. You wanted desperately to tell him that he wasn’t a monster, but you weren’t sure you could say that’d feel genuinely honest with yourself.

He fell to his knees, a hand outstretched as he noticed your pulse growing ever slower, your life slowly beginning to fade. What had he done? The only woman to truly love and accept him into her heart was bleeding out on the floor because of his impulsiveness. He was livid with himself and what he was. He didn’t deserve you. A monster didn’t deserve to be loved.

“______, I’m so-sorry. I didn’t mean to–I’ll fix this, I promise.” Akaashi’s voice was soft and broken, fear lacing the edges as if his innermost self knew something he didn’t. You didn’t flinch or recoil, far too weak to do so as he straddled either side of your body, hands gently cradling your head. You strained to smile, the stretch of muscles causing far to much pain. You knew well enough that you probably weren’t going to come back from this, and you were sure he was beginning to realise this as well.

“Ak-Akaashi, stop. There’s not-” You faltered, falling short as he snapped at you reverently, tears blearing the corners of his eyes. 

“Stop talking like that, I will fix this!” The vampire fell silent for a moment as he racked his brain for possible solutions, but the only one that came to mind was one you’d never discussed before. 

Your eyes widened as he brought his wrist to his mouth, fangs digging into the skin until blood flowed freely from the wound. He brought his arm closer to your mouth, tugging you closer. “Drink.”

Hesitancy filled your body at the prospect of drinking vampire’’s blood, but even if that meant living an immortal life, the desire to live was far greater. Your mouth latched onto his wrist, the thick substance slowly trickling down you throat learning and odd and metallic taste, unlike anything you’ve would have the pleasure of craving. Akaashi waited with bated breath, anxiety crippling his bones as he searched for the first signs of healing.


After five minutes you surely would have healed, but your pulse continued to fade. He panicked now, anguish gripping his core like ice at the thought that he might really loose you tonight. He didn’t want this. He never wanted any of this. He began muttering a string of curses intertwined with apologies as he began to leave bites your skin in hope that they heal you, change him into one of his own. You could see he was beginning to self-destruct in himself as reality began to set in. Your heart yearned for him when it should be focused on your own dire situation.

There were several things you wanted to say in this moment, but your limbs grew heavy, struggling to keep your eyes open as the energy seemed to drain from your system. Yes, you blamed him for this early demise, but you could not find it in your heart to hate him, not in your final moments. He’d do enough of that for both of you. There were risks to dating a vampire as there was to dating a werewolf or even a witch for that matter. Humans were capable of doing regrettable actions just like any other creature. You only wished that it hadn’t ended like this.

The man’s mutterings halted at the feeling of your hand resting on his cheek, cold and clammy. He didn’t want to look up, to see the disappointed expression straining your features, but he couldn’t bear to not look at your face streaked with life once more.

Your eyes spoke volumes, more than any words could have expressed. He didn’t need to read the farthest depths of your mind to know what you were silently conveying. You didn’t hate him nor were you upset with him. He wanted to scream at you that you should, that he didn’t deserve such kindness and love, but you were stubborn and would deny it with your last breath. 

This was the first time you had seen him cry and the last sight you’d be graced with. You never did tell those three little words that every partner longed to hear, but you could only hope he understood it now.