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i am SO HYPE for luke skywalker training rey and being like…….you must carry me on your back for miles and also do a handstand while levitating rocks and here are my socks mend them you must. because luke is a Massive Troll and no amount of angst ™ and hobobeard can change this. also: he doesn’t know how to train jedi. of course he fuckin doesn’t he got like five seconds of lessons from ben ‘i don’t follow the rules’ kenobi and a couple of days with a frog. hes just like: ‘rey! look at this sick flip! also. you need new clothes hunny, let’s get you some better boots.’ and rey ends up DECKED OUT in space ™ givenchy and prada and all that couture because no apprentice of luke’s is going to look like a basic starbucks desert bitch (rocking three buns and yeezy 2015 she may be, but that isn’t skywalker chic, not yet)

and yes the Last Jedi will probably be pain and tears but lemme just pretend for a moment that it is Luke Skywalker troll-dad glamming up his apprentice.

Cor Helping His Wife Through Pregnancy (Headcanons)

As a bonus to the bro’s I present you with Cor’s Pregnancy headcanons. 

Here are links to the bro’s incase you have yet to see them!

Prompto Helping His Wife Through Pregnancy
Ignis Helping His Wife Through Pregnancy
Noctis Helping His Wife Through Pregnancy
Gladio Helping His Wife Through Pregnancy

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  • Cor and his wife were only newlyweds in their early twenties when his wife discovered she was pregnant.
  • She was shocked and surprised by the news. 
  • Her and Cor discussed children before their marriage and mutually decided that they would not become parents due to Cor’s rather dangerous job.
  • The agreed that their family would never be suitable for a child to grow up in.
  • She panicked and called Cor while he was working at the Citadel. 
  • In tears, she begged him to come home, but would not tell him why in fact she was crying.
  • He rushed home in a panic and desperately asked her what has happened.
  • She silently shows him the positive pregnancy test and he stares at it with his usual, firm, stoic eyes.
  • Without a word, he pulled her into his arms in a tight, comforting embrace.
  • After several long moments of being locked in their hug, Cor looked to his wife. 
  • “I want to keep it,” He stated cooly, his voice not faltering once.
  • A wave of relief washed over his wife. “Me too, Cor.” 
  • Soon her tears of fear turned to tears of joy. 

  • Exteriorly, Cor seems to be unfazed or even uninterested by his wife’s pregnancy. But deep down, he’s nervous.
  • He’d been trained to defeat the toughest of enemies and monsters… but raising a child? He had no idea in the slightest of what to do.
  • Awkwardly, he broaches the subject of raising a child to Regis. To which Regis chuckles and tells Cor fatherly instincts come naturally. 
  • “That’s not helpful in the slightest, Regis.”
  • “You’ll understand eventually, Cor.” 
  • Cor only attends doctors appointments when his job allows, his wife understands completely. 
  • He does, however, take special time off for the first appointment.
  • Like always, he is completely stoic during the appointment, but once he is alone with his wife in the car ride home… he tears up a bit.
  • He now has a new purpose in life and he’s looking forward to meeting his new son or daughter.
  • Morning sickness is a major struggle for his wife, and he helps her in anyway he can. 
  • Holds her hair back, gets her water, and runs a nice, cold wash cloth across her neck until the sickness slows to a stop. 
  • He carries back to bed in a bridal-like style. He tucks her in under the covers, presses a kiss to her forehead and bids her farewell as he leaves for work.
  • If his wife needs his assistance in the middle of the day and Cor is unable to come to her aid, he sends someone in his place.
  • His wife was very surprised when King Regis himself appeared at her door one day. 
  • Cor kisses his wife stomach each morning when he awakens and before he goes to sleep each night.
  • If he is restless during the night, he often will whisper promises to the growing child. His wife often listens in, pretending she is asleep.
  • Lucky for Cor, he isn’t home often to witness mood swings, but when he is… He stands there and takes it like a man. 
  • Food cravings are taken care of thanks to the Citadel’s many cooks. They send Cor home with many strange concoctions he mentioned that his wife craved.
  • It is a tough decision for both he and his wife to decide if they want the gender of the child to be a surprise or not.
  • Ultimately, they decide that knowing would be for the best. Preparedness is a great stress reliever.
  • Coming up with their child’s name is relatively easy. 
  • He and his wife are very like-minded. After throwing around a few suggestions they have a first and middle name already picked out and ready to go.
  • He and his wife decide to name Regis the Godfather, and the King is more than honored. He’s so excited. 
  • The time of delivery definitely goes unexpected, causing Cor to run around his home like a mad man retrieving everything his wife might need while staying in the hospital. 

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Had to call off work the other day because I was throwing up and needed to go to the hospital. My boss told me it was fine if I was sick, I'd just have to run register. Like, we work with food, I'm contagious, and I'm literally on my way to the HOSPITAL BECAUSE I COULDN'T BREATH AND COULD BARELY WALK but yeah, sure I'll come in and get everyone sick. Anyway, I'm looking for a new job because this woman is reckless and I can't deal with her.

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You did a most beautiful one piece girls list, can you do the same for most handsome guys??? (btw I loved your choices with the girls)

Ok this is HELLA old Imma apologize right away for a taking so long and b that I’m doing a top 14 list, rather than top 10 list because they’re much more male characters

Once again all just my opinion on most attractive guys on One Piece, here we go:

Top 14 most handsome OP men:

14. Monkey D. Luffy

oh yeah Luffy is absolutely a very pretty guy

13. Izo

I love men who could kick my ass in heels and lipstick

12. Cavendish

His beauty wasn’t supposed to be seen as a joke, he really is gorgeous

11. Wiper

He’s really really good looking and badass and tattooed. I’m sold and his new hairstyle is sick as fuck

10. X Drake

Love my 8 feet tall Dinosaur, the anime sometimes fucks him up but I think this particular shot is even sweeter than some manga panels

9. Donquixote Doflamingo

Everybody is secretly attracted to the garbage bird and it’s always gonna stay that way

8. Young!Monkey D. Garp

The amount of money I’d pay to touch his arms and face and abs…and other things

7. Dracule Mihawk

Zoro’s adoptive Daddy is handsome and he knows it, allso huge bonus that he’s pretty much one of the very very very few OP men who know how to dress well the others being Sabo, Kuzan and Sakazuki

6. Donquixote Rocinante

He’s even more handsome than his brother and if anyone is hesitant to acknowledge his beauty because of his hidious Make-up than please take a look at Cora-san here

Holy fucking shit *drools*

5. Shanks

He’d probably be higher up in this list if he shaved his legs, anyways he’s really gorgeous

4. Portgas D. Ace

No doubt Ace is a handsome fella

3. Sanji

My Nr 1 favorite character and such a handsome dude, I feel like people forget how attractive Sanji actually is because he always makes a fool out of himself and is also always the butt of the joke but honestly he’s called Mr Prince and Pretty Boy for reasons

2. Coby

Saw my man after his training and I already was like, holy hell he got pretty…and now after the timeskip…jesus christ you did a good job toei. Coby is sooo fine while he still rocks his pink hair, the flower bandana and the stupid glasses.

1. Sabo

And here is the Nr 1 most attractive OP man, sorry guys if you expected someone else but Sabo is very very handsome and even tho I know for a fact that Oda sexed him up and made him attractive for money and fanservice I am happy he did it. 


Word count: 7,240.
Summery: Seokjin was in deep troubles. How the hell is he supposed to win over a love potion he gave himself? 
Genre: Super Villain!AU, fluff
Warning: The jokes in this piece may make you throw up with how bad they are. I did it on purpose. Enjoy.

I had so much fun writing this, honestly. I hope you’ll have just as much fun reading it!♥

Kim Seokjin found his super power at a relatively young age, and absolutely by accident.

The first few years of his life he spent mostly at home, without a lot of contact to the outside world. He had one friend who has been his neighbor since he could remember himself, a silly kid called Lee Junghwan. Junghwan came to play with him, their mothers watching over them in turns.

They were all the other had, until Junghwan went to what he called “Kindergarten”. He went in the morning and Seokjin waited for him for long hours while he stayed at home. When he became too bored with this routine and asked his parents why they didn’t send him off like Junghwan’s parents did, they simply informed him that he was different than Junghwan. They promised they only did this to keep him safe, and he didn’t know what put him in danger in the first place, but if his parents said so it must be true.

Two years later something changed, Junghwan’s “Kindergarten” turned into “school” and suddenly, his friend became even busier. When Seokjin asked, Junghwan said it was bad but good at the same time. Seokjin had a hard time wrapping his head around such a concept. He kept trying hard every time Junghwan came back from there, happily recounting his days to his friend’s ears. His parents taught him whatever Junghwan was learning at home, like they were his “Teachers”.

Whenever he asked they told him again, it’s for your own good. You’re different from the other kids and its better this way.

The first snow of the year hit them pretty fast, and when children’s laughter filled the otherwise calm neighborhood, Seokjin slowly became curious. He watched Junghwan play with children that he didn’t know, watched him be happy with them. Questions started rising from within him when his parents denied his request to go out and join their games every single time he asked.

What was so different about him? He looked exactly like those children.

Junghwan noticed Seokjin looking at them from the window of his room. He was unaware of the rules forced down on Seokjin, and decided to bring his friends up to Seokjin’s room when his parents were working. They played for a while and Seokjin was never happier, he could have more friends than just Junghwan, they could be a team! Just like he read in the comic books his parents bought him in case he gets bored.

The discovery happened on that day, in that room with those children around him.

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ルボー・サウンドコレクション on Twitter
“【3月24日発売予定】ドラマCD「sick」アニメイト限定盤は、①倉橋トモ先生描き下ろし漫画ブックレット ②差替えジャケットカードを封入!! アニメイト限定盤のイラストを大公開…! めちゃかわなけも耳…は必見です!!”

New illustration for Sick Drama CD! It looks like it’s the special Animate cover. The tokuten have also been revealed.


Pairing: Seth Rollins/Colby Lopez x Reader

Prompt:  you’re my new neighbor and we’ve never spoken but you saw me shoveling snow all day and i guess it must be pretty obvious how cold i am because you brought me a jacket and made me hot chocolate

A/N: Getting started on Christmas fics :) If you ever want to be tagged in any of my stories for a specific character or just all in general just lmk :)


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i just need a brand new look…. i’m getting SO sick of myself… boring bitch….. rat girl………..doin the same old gig…. step it UP 

one day ill stop annoying yall with fluff but today is not that day

AU in which the group stops at a thrift shop and you try on a dress and 10k is like ‘holy shit my girlfriend is gorgeous’
“We’re staying for the night. Every single on of you better find a completely new wardrobe. Im sick of smelling yall.” Warren says, looking around pointedly.

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The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 5)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Mentions of torture?

Word Count - 979

Notes – Whew!  This barely made it in under a 1,000 words!  I’m trying to keep this as a drabble, but who knows!?!  I realize that we’re already at Part 5 and Bucky hasn’t made an appearance yet. Don’t worry, he’ll be along soon! I just need to get the groundwork laid for his arrival.  I promise it will definitely be worth it!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9

Series Masterlist


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“All jokes aside,” he began.  “Once you get settled in, you and I have some things we need to talk about.”

“What would that be exactly?” you asked as you took the duffel from him and laid it on the end of the bed.

“First things first,” he explained as he walked out of the room. “We need to find the bastard that killed our parents.  Then we can figure out how we’re going to make him pay.”

You thought about Tony’s words the entire time that you unpacked.  You hadn’t been sure if he knew about your past, but you’d had a pretty good suspicion that he would have gone to great lengths to learn everything about you before you joined his team.

Tony’s resources were pretty much unlimited, so the possibility of retribution could very well become a reality for you.  Your mind went through many different scenarios of just what you would do to the Soldier once he was in your grasp.   A quick death was definitely out of the question.  You wanted to make him suffer, make him as terrified of you as you had been of him.  Yes, a slow torturous death was just what he deserved.  You and Tony would be able to stretch that out for weeks… if you could keep S.H.I.E.L.D. and Rogers off your back.

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