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I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

Dean and self worth in season 12

I was going to write a post about Cas as the unrequited lover this season but I ended up really focusing on Dean and his view of himself. It’s quite clear that Dean reciprocates the romantic feelings but is holding back. My perception is that its due to 3 main reasons (and I’m sure a whole bunch of others but lets stick to these).

1. Cas is an angel

2. Cas is a dude

3. Dean has poor self worth

I think the first subject is nearly a moot point as its pretty clear where Cas’s arc is going. The second has been discussed so many times I don’t want to insult anyone by repeating what much more coherent people have said. The third though I think has been less touched on in it’s relevance to this new season so here are my little thoughts.

Regarding his own self worth this has been an issue for Dean since the pilot…

Just a few moments to remind us:

Dean 9x10:
“Come on, man. Can’t you see? I’m… I’m poison, Sam. People get close to me, they get killed or worse.  You know, I tell myself that I I help more people than I hurt. And I tell myself that I’m – I’m doing it all for the right reasons, and I believe that. But I can’t, I won’t drag anybody through the muck with me. Not anymore.”


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Now unfortunately Cas actually makes this sense of self worth even worse as clearly since their first real defining moment, when Cas defied HEAVEN for him “I did it all for YOU”, Dean has felt the weight of all that happened to Cas since. That’s why Cas’s words in 12x12 made him clam up, tense, look away. “The things we’ve shared together, they have changed me”. it isn’t what Cas meant but Dean can’t help but take on yet more guilt in Cas’s dying moments. 

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Especially if HE might be to blame as Cas’s “human weakness”…

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As is a continuous theme from other Angels…

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As he sees Cas changing over time he therefore can’t help but blame himself. And unfortunately most of the changes haven’t been for the best.

Remember that scene with Kevin from 7x21:

“Cause the angels – they don’t care. I think maybe they just don’t have the equipment to care. Seems like when they try, it just… breaks them apart.”

Now in Season 12

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Dean tells Mary that :  

“Saving people, hunting things, this is our life. I think we make the world a better place, I KNOW that we do”.

Now that is a big step forwards to his self worth. 

He’s also upset with Mary in the later episodes BECAUSE HE FEELS HE AND SAM DESERVE BETTER! If he didn’t have self worth he wouldn’t care so much.

Now, regarding Cas, he is less and less angelic and more human, and Dean is noticing this. Cas keeps refuting the angels and has now said himself that he considers the Winchesters his family. He is definitely becoming more human. He’s hunting, driving a car, feeling emotions and now finally feeling like part of the family.  Yes, he also has been more broken, but he is definitely getting better now that the boys have both been supportive in recent times. Just the sniping back at Dean in 12x12 is again, similarly to Dean’s reaction to Mary, showing that CAS has more self worth and will stand up for himself.

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In Summary…

1. If only Cas were human…. *cough* probably not going to be an issue forever.

2. If only performing!Dean were having some deconstruction and he didn’t feel the need to keep the front up re: bisexuality. I mean, the whole point of 12x11 was about deconstructing for the audience performing!Dean, what’s the point if not to continue this theme in the narrative.

3. If only Dean thought he deserved to be loved (its not surprising how when you look into it Crowley has some really good relevance to Dean’s internal struggles…). This seems to be an overriding theme of season 12 / Mary’s arc.

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Well, all I can say is all these things seem to be being addressed in season 12  :)

(Spoilers) On Sienna Khan

Being an avid reader and writer has made me realize something: Wasted potential is always worse than no potential at all.

For example, when I read a certain book that will remain nameless, I wasn’t angry that it sucked because I didn’t have any expectation of it. I knew that it wasn’t that good, but it took reading it to make me know how bad it was. Still, other than the ten chapters of reading I will never get back, I don’t hate or resent it in any way. Now compare that to a certain anime series I watched that I had heard praised to high heaven……and it was terrible. Now that made me mad because it had potential, the premise was interesting and the first couple of episodes were okay. And they wasted it

Which brings me to RWBY. I will admit to not having been the most satisfied with Volume 4 though I did give it the benefit of the doubt. I understand that as a web series, they don’t have the same luxuries that other story telling methods have. Still, I had some of the same criticisms other people had; Yang’s arc felt rushed, Blake’s arc wasn’t built up that well (I cannot have been the only one who assumed she was an orphan before Volume 4), Ruby’s arc was mostly satisfying though there were some holes, and while Weiss’ arc was the strongest of the four even that had some issues.

But what finally made me angry was what they did to Sienna Khan.

The new leader of the White Fang had been built up back in Volume 1 to be one that led the more violent methods of the current White Fang. We didn’t get the name until Volume 4 and I was absolutely stoked to find out that this person was going to be based on Shere Khan, one of the most intimidating and recognizable villains of fiction. I knew that this character was going to be a badass.

And then they killed her off. In the very episode she was introduced in.

Words really can’t capture the full amount of my disappointment.

And that comes down to what I really hate about this; the wasted potential. Sienna Khan, in the brief time she had, was AMAZING. She was interesting, intimidating, and made for a good morally gray character. Certainly more compelling than Adam.

It would have been interesting for to see her with Ghira, considering that he was her predecessor. I could see the two arguing for hours over the changes to the White Fang, but at the same time having a mutual respect for each other. It would have been even more interesting for her and Blake to have met. I could see Blake confronting her on all the things that she’s introduced into the White Fang and what it’s turned into, possibly blaming her that Adam was allowed to do what he’s done for so long. At the same time, Sienna could counter that there were many in the White Fang that agreed with her changes when she took over and that the peaceful methods of the past really hadn’t made any progress, whereas her methods while more brutal were effective. It would have added some moral gray to what the White Fang is.

And you know something? I’m not so much angry the fact that Adam killed Sienna Khan, I was expecting something along those lines going into this volume (though I wasn’t expecting it so early). What bothers me is how EASILY Adam did it. I was expecting much more of a fight, something that would wear them both down to their breaking points. Perhaps having Sienna permanently injure or scar Adam like what he did to Yang, or maybe having her be the one to break his mask and finally reveal his full face. It’d definitely be symbolic.

Either way, it’s just wasted potential.

I’m hoping she’ll at least get her due by those in the community either in fan art or fan faction.

And I don’t care who does it or how, I want to Adam Taurus to die in a very slow painful manner.

Okay, so because of the new season of anime, I’ve been re-reading Blue Exorcist.

And I keep getting reminded of what a sweet little cinnamon roll Rin really is. Seriously, as one fanfic said he’s more likely to try feeding you than killing you.

But to me, it’s super clear in the School Festival arc before everything goes to heck.

Because here’s Rin who, even before finding out Shiemi now went to school fully, just wanted to ask Shiemi to the Dance Party. Partly so he can actually go and also because his crush is on full display here.

Before he can ask her though, she tells him she wants to ask Yukio. (Mainly as a friend but the point remains.)

And what does Rin do? He bows out gracefully, showing his support and wishing her luck. Sure, he mopes about it later around the Kyoto Gang, but he respects her wishes. Even after he finds out that Yukio turned her down, he doesn’t try to butt his way in or anything. Instead he gets mad at Yukio for turning her down.

It makes things a bit awkward for them but they get over it eventually.

Then at the actual party, he does ask her to dance. However, and this is the important bit, he doesn’t force her to choose. He understands her and doesn’t force her. Instead, he drags her over to Yukio and the three of them have a quick dance together.

And this is something I really love about Rin. He respects Shiemi and every other person’s decisions for the most part (he will get pissed off though if he sees you making his mistakes though and urge you not to do it, or see you throw your life away, like with the situation with Suguro and his dad). He is incredibly empathetic and lets people go at their own pace.

You find out he’s Satan’s son and you don’t want to talk to him? Yeah, he’ll be upset but he accepts it. Don’t want to see demons including half-demons like him? He’ll be bummed at the missed friendship but he’ll go on his way. Accuse him of killing your father and try shooting him? He’s actually okay with that (get some self-preservation, Rin).

Choose Yukio over him? He’ll accept it.

Especially in regards to the Shiemi situation, he’s always been aware of and understood that Shiemi probably has a crush on Yukio. It’s pretty clear from the start and that’s part of the reason he held back how he really felt. Her declarations of friendship didn’t help either.

If you’ve fully caught up to the recent manga chapters, you’ll know that even after Shiemi rejected Rin’s confession (mostly because she’s still really confused about how she feels and she wants to focus on becoming stronger), Rin made it clear he’s content with them just being friends.

I just…

I love this kid and how he respects others, especially when it comes to romance. I love when protags maturely handle love and rejection like this.

shiro isn't going to die

you can only play the dead shiro card so many times before it ceases to mean anything. as it currently stands, vld is going to play it twice.

we’ve already seen the main characters deal with shiro’s loss this season. it constituted two episodes worth of drama, plus. how much emotional impact is it going to have to rehash this scene?

but we are going to see it again when clone shiro is dealt with. is he going to go evil? sacrifice himself for the team? be exchanged for real shiro? any one of these options will make up at least one episode of dramatic momentum focused on shiro’s loss, again. more below the cut:

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Ahem… So this is the confirmed episode title for season 7 episode 7…………



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@ Book Fans who read the books nearly 20 years ago, waiting for some sort of confirmation, this is it guys. Congratulations Ya’ll did it. Ya’ll survived 20 years of speculation, and theories, and red herring theories. It may be only semi-confirmed at the moment while TWOW may be under construction, but at least it’s something! 

God, their fucking story arc is honestly a bloodbath, and i’m living for it. Dear D&D: Pls don’t make Lyanna and Rhaegar 1 dimensional. Give me complex Rhaegar and strong and willful Lyanna. DO IT JUSTICE BECAUSE THEY’RE MORE COMPLEX THAN JUST A DISPOSABLE ROMEO & JULIET TYPE. Don’t fuck it up or I will cut a bitch. 


“With the coming of the new year, the crown prince had taken to the road with half a dozen of his closest friends and confidants, on a journey that would ultimately lead him back to the Riverlands, not ten leagues from Harrenhal … Where Rhaegar would once again come face-to-face with Lyanna Stark of Winterfell, and with her light a fire that would consume his house and kin and all those he loved—and half the realm besides.” (TWOIAF)


silver: gray, you’re a devil slayer now! you’ve inherited all of my powers and the ability to kill devils

gray: !!!

silver: you’re not going to kill any after this arc, though. or do anything new with it


anna: lucy, i’m you’re time travelling ancestor from 400 years ago, heavily connected to the dragons and zeref himself!

lucy: !!!

anna: ah, wait, you don’t need to know that. never mind


irene: erza, you are my daughter! I’m a former queen, extremely powerful enchantress and an actual dragon!!!

erza: don’t care but cool

irene: none of that affects you, though


zeref: natsu, you’re my little brother, a demon, a time traveller from 400 years in the past, kind of a zombie, our parents are dead, you’re destined to kill me, i fucked your first guildmaster and also i love you probably

natsu: sorry what i wasn’t listening


Ichigo “I’m in the middle of a fight w/ the guy responsible for killing my mom, an event which has scarred me since early childhood and is something I’ve always felt personally responsible for, but my new powerup tranformation is definitely going to trigger Orihime’s trauma re: hollowfication and the lust arc so I’m literally going to stop in the middle of what I’m doing to make sure she knows I’m still me and that everything’s okay, because her feelings and wellbeing are important to me” Kurosaki

Shifter / Part IX

Summary: Raised as one of Hydra’s experiments, the reader has the abilities of a shapeshifter. Once rescued by the Avengers, the reader lives and grows up among them. However, as the events of Civil War begin to unfold, Y/N becomes ill. She is left under Tony’s care but Tony has recruited a new member – how will this affect the reader and the rest of the Avengers, and where will Y/N end up?

Author’s note: Okay, so I know last part killed a lot of people (one of my best friends told me I’m ‘dead to her’ for the cliffhanger so…) But yeah! There will probably only be about one or two other parts to this, as we are coming to a conclusion of this story arc – maybe in the future there could be a Sequel Series?? who knows. Anyway…. Part 9! Enjoy. (also, i was going to use this gif, but I decided your hearts didn’t need more breaking <3 so i used a partially less soul destroying one.)

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight || Part Nine || Coming soon!

Peter Parker x Reader

   The sight of the HYDRA scientist makes your body freeze in place, ice running through your veins, and your assured grip on your ‘gun’ starts to tremble. You can tell Peter recognizes him too – the way his hand comes up and holds your shoulder, partially steadying himself, partially comforting you, and when you glance back at him you can see the anger in his eyes. You start to shake your head, slowly, your jaw clenching. “What did you – How?” You manage, but your voice comes out strained.

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ok so what was your favorite part of Ragnarok? Mine was when Thor finally pulled a fast one on Loki after he tried to turn him back in to the Grandmaster.


that was a M A Z I N G holy crap like when it comes to Loki you always at least half expect him to pull something so when you see the double get made I just kinda sighed like ‘yup there he goes, here it comes’ and then Thor didn’t fall for it for a SECOND. and on top of that Thor’s like ‘AND I already got this taser thing on you’ like DANG SON they’ve been brothers for like a thousand years, and he’s finally pulling his own tricks and maybe Loki finally pulled a heroic stunt, lets see how long this [doesn’t] hold[s] or if it was just an ‘I’m saving the universe cause I’m one of the idiots who lives in it’ situation. It’s hard for me to tell sometimes, maybe I’m a bleeding heart, that’s part of why I think he’s a brilliant character but that’s another rant and pot that I don’t actually want to stir 

I think I have two favorite parts, a funny part and a serious part. 

The funny part is the part where Thor tells the others about that trick Loki pulled on him with turning into a snake and then stabbing him when they were eight and then Loki grinning about it like they’ve been getting up to this shit since they were tykes. The way Chris Hemsworth delivered it was a ride like ‘oh, okay, turning himself into a snake sounds like a thing he’d do beca–… oh, okay Thor loves snakes, that’s adorable and totally unexpected, now he’s gonna pop back into himsel–AND THEN HE STABBED ME’ and the says the stabbed part like that wasn’t even the worst part of it like Thor’s offended not because of the stabbing (which is the asgardian equivalent of getting pinched, I guess) but because now he can never trust a snake again or something.

The serious part was Thor and Loki’s final conversation with Odin. Odin was not the best father, Thor and Loki were not the best sons (for wildly different reasons) but the way Odin spoke of/to each of them was a great reminder that these three really are family (and oh man bringing up Frigga - never forget that Loki was a mommas boy. never) and bringing the scene to Norway was such a great choice. Not just because ‘oh yeah cause they’re based on Norse gods’ and it’s a nice touch, but because it reminded me that their lives are nigh incomprehensibly longer than ours. That Odin’s perspective on a life and the universe is so much bigger than what we understand, and even what Thor and Loki yet understand, because while the last 10ish years of the MCU have been everything to our perspective on their world, it’s just a short epilogue on the massive story that would be Odin’s life. That will be Thor and Loki’s (and Sif and Valkyrie’s) lives. 

What makes this my favorite Thor movie is that that idea, the idea that while these characters look and act human (and they have never felt more human than in this movie, imo), they do not live human lives. Thor’s movies have tried to make this point before, like in The Dark World when everyone was telling Thor how it wasn’t going to work out with Jane because she would simply be a short chapter in his life, it never actually hit me until this movie. Bruce has never been to another planet before; Thor has been to many. Doctor Strange filled a whole movie with the concept of the MCU’s magic; magic is barely a footnote to Thor’s movies, as ‘that thing Loki does’, ‘oh, they have it on earth now’. “One time when we were eight, Loki played this prank on me”; that was a thousand years ago and we tell this story to new friends now. 

I can already feel MCU fans, and in-universe MCU characters, rightly lining up to ask Thor, “Why the heck are you trusting Loki like this again?” And I wanna ask this question, too. Loki’s got a sympathetic backstory, yeah, but his actions have resulted in the deaths of hundreds in The Avengers alone, and changed the landscape of life on Earth in the MCU. (I’m a sucker for a well done redemption arc, and even I’m still one to make aggressive hand gestures at “killed 80 people in 2 days”) But this has all taken place in less than ten years. How many hundreds more before they’re telling The [First] Battle of New York story at parties, right after “the first time Thor bodily threw me at one of our teachers so we could run for it before they’d see what we’d broken in the courtyard”? 

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Peter’s biggest concern about being an undying celestial was that he would lose his friends. If he was going to outlive anyone, who could he connect to? What would he do with himself? If you’d gone a thousand years without a single person who knew you, really knew you for the hundreds and hundreds of years of experiences that you are, and then finally found someone else like you, someone who’d known you a thousand years ago, wouldn’t you want to stay with them? To have someone to connect to, someone who gets it? Even if they’d wronged you, wronged the world in the past, would it be an act of desperation, or had you thrown that line away a long time ago? (Isn’t that what Ego had been looking for?) How much easier is forgiveness in the scope of a lifetime so out-stretching our own that I can’t even begin to think of what I might do in half the time they have? Do Thor and Odin and Loki and Frigga and Valkyrie and Sif even think about these things, or is it so much so just part of the world they live in that it consciously influences their choices only as much as the thought ‘you only live once’ influences our own?

This is probably way more than you asked for ( ; ‘ u ‘ )

tl;dr: my favorite part of Thor: Ragnarok is that it’s been almost 2 days since I’ve seen it and I’m still having the existential crisis that a comedy movie gave me


This is a loose list of things I hated in episode 12x21.

  • killing off Eileen was unnecessary. There was literally no point in doing it. The only thing they achieved was to get hated by the fandom. If they didn´t want to continue her character arc, they could have let her go to University or move to New Zealand. Whatever- it´d been better than THIS. And killing her like that- that´s just not right. 
  • why would the BMOL take Mary as a slave? AGAIN- there´s no point. They already have an assassin. And there´s no point in doing that to Mary. They could have shot her. I thought they were quick and effective- but no? They keep her? Why? So that she can free herself, eventually? Because to me that seems really forced tbh.
  • Why is Crowley do stupid? He has been really dumb the entire season but apparently his last brain cells just vanished. Las season he was the king of souble crossing… and this season he just doesn´t notice a thing?
  • In S3 (?) we learned how demons can see the faces of other demons… so how did the demons miss what was going on with Crowley and the rat? 
  • Why would Crowley give the BMOL the fucking hellhound? That´s very OOC.
  • what would Crowey even gain from working with the BMOL? I get it- he has done it before (or tried it) with Dick Roman- but he was a Leviathan, one of the most powerful beings ever. So what the fucking hell? This fucking bitch is NOTHING. He could just kill her like he killed many others before?? Sarah for example? Or the dude in S11? 
  • Why is Lucifer such an asshole? I can´t believe I once liked his character. 
  • Was anyone interested in the relationship between Ketch and TB? EVER? i don´t think so. So why mention it? And why does the main bitch even bother? Doesn´t she have something better to do than stalk her stupid attack dog and his women?
  • Why did Sam and Dean even kidnap  the Toni-bitch? She told them everything. And she´s a monster. They should have shot her.
  • Same with Ketch- Dean LITERALLY had a gun against his head. 
  • And why did Ketch not kill THEM? He could have just done it. Leaving them there is forced. AGAIN.
  • And how did they even do the whole water& air thing? from the outside? That´d be a shitty bunker if people were able to manipulate those things from the outside. And if he regulated them from the inside- wouldn´t S&D be able to set them back to “normal mode”?
  • All those sexual innuendos- I know others have said this as well- but whY???? There´s no story plus there. They´re not even funny.

anonymous asked:

are you going to make like a full story out of the 20:17 thing because honestly I need that in my life

Thanks so much for the encouragement Nonnie! :) 

I’m quite fond of the “Impossibly Productive Minute” premise myself, and I enjoy it as a thought exercise. As a full-fledged story however, it faces two major obstacles: 

  1. Creating a main protagonist that the reader cares about and can relate to. (This is mostly avoided in the original version by framing it in a second-person narrative.) 
  2. Creating a plot that has somewhere interesting to go, and something interesting to say. 

I have a couple of ideas to overcome these challenges, but the execution would certainly still be a challenge to fill out into a full story arc. (Plus my wife will kill me if I start writing a new book when she’s been waiting so patiently for the next chapters in the books I’m still working on.) 

Thanks again for letting me know you’re interested!! I’ll definitely keep it in mind. :D 

thewickedandthehufflepuff  asked:

Hi! Do you think Sakhmet's gonna like, go after everyone in the Pantheon next arc, or was the killing more like, "I'm angry, I'm going to take out my anger on those near me, now I'm [not good, but not about to go serial kill the Pantheon, the immediate anger is out]." Like I'm trying to decide if I think the new status quo is "Sakhmet's out to kill us" or "Sakhmet no longer trusts us or wants to associate with us but she's not murderous any more, she got that out of her system in #28"

hi! i have a lot of thoughts about this but my short answer is probably ‘both’. i think that she’ll definitely go after persephone, baal, and potentially cass in one way or another. sakhmet spent pretty much all of her time with persephone during this arc. i would hesitate to say that they’re close, because the very idea would probably give sakhmet hives, but persephone seems to at least be a preferred companion. sakhmet finding out that persephone lied by omission about how ananke died is going to piss her off in a big way, and i don’t think she’s going to let it go. i also don’t think she’d seriously go after persephone with intent to kill, or if she did it would get resolved quickly. maybe not though! empires always fall prey to decadence, corruption, and in-fighting. imperial phase II could focus a lot on that last part; i see a lot of potential for violent conflict between different factions over who gets to do what going forward.

as for baal and cass, they’re the two ‘grown-ups’ of the pantheon. i think that sakhmet will also be upset that they didn’t tell her anything, but it’s not personal like it was with persephone. i’m betting that she’ll just start outright ignoring their authority. the cover for #29 looks pretty authoritative- i doubt she’s going to be willing to just quietly go back to following the pantheon’s rules. since she just murdered a bunch of people, that isn’t going to go over well with baal or cass.

it’s hard for me to get a read on sakhmet, though, so i think that my thoughts are about as likely to happen as anyone else’s.

(wait i completely forgot about ammy! i think sakhmet’s definitely gonna want to take another swipe at her since she was the one set the whole thing off in the first place.)

Grieving Fictional Characters' Deaths

This has nothing to do with my earlier post on grieving last month, this is separate.

Has anyone had that moment when you realize that what you’re watching/ reading/ writing whatever is or has happened in some part of some universe somewhere and what is happening at that moment is a character you have become attached to is dying?

That was a mouthful. That moment when you watch your favorite show or even a new movie and suddenly you’re tearing up because why the hell are they dying?! This happens to everyone. But I have to wonder if it happens to PC Pagans more because we’re more hyper aware of these characters actually existing. Because suddenly it isn’t just some dude on the screen getting shot, or a little girl dying of cancer, you’re aware of EVERYONE around them’s pain too. This is suddenly my experience, anyway. I bring this up because I noticed something last night.

I’ve been playing a certain video game online for over 10 years. It gets new content frequently, so the story continues all the time. I get drawn into storylines and characters, and it’s even more so when it’s been 10 years of them. In this game (and I’m not naming it because this was spoiled for me, and I’m not doing it to others), two major characters are going to be killed in the next major release of content. They are being removed from the world today to facilitate that story arc. I found out last night. Impromptu parties were held for them (I’m sure all over the world), and I’m sure many of them weren’t serious, just like the one I was in wasn’t. But there were a few of us who actually said goodbye to the character, this person we had learned to love over 10 or more years, and for us it was sad. On one server I was the only person who said goodbye and that made it even worse.

At some point during the night I realized a ton of people in this fictional universe are going to be left behind in their wake. That’s when it hit home. I was asked not too long ago if characters come and nudge me when I participate in their media. They did last night. After my husband had gone to sleep and he had already said goodbye to the characters.

I went and sat in my bedroom afterwards. and realized I was grieving for lost friends. And on the heels on that realization I knew I needed a hug. But how do you tell someone you’re grieving for people they don’t think exist and would just like some companionship right now?

Maybe I’m thinking too much into it. I’ve been told I’m a “sensitive soul,” which I was highly offended over until I realized they meant empath instead of “sniveling pansy.” ;)

If the Snart from this episode was entirely in Mick’s mind, then it kind of reveals a lot about him. I wasn’t entirely joking when I called Hallucination!Snart a guilt-induced apparition sparked by Mick’s budding relationship with Amaya. Hallucination!Snart only ever appeared after Amaya, and a lot of what he said had to do with her. And I’m sure people are already noticing how a lot of what Hallucination!Snart said could be applied to the Captain Canary storyline from Season 1. I think Mick believes, if not entirely consciously, the Len died because he started to have feelings for Sara.

Hallucination!Snart is less about Snart and more about Mick. Mick doesn’t fully understand why he is still on the ship, mostly because I don’t think he’s allowed himself to fully acknowledge that he might actually have feelings for these people. Mick’s actions over the course of Season 2 have fluctuated between his old self-centered habits and his new almost heroic help of the team. The more he gives in to the impulse to do the latter—the more obvious the new feelings becomes through his actions—the more he is going to have to contend with his belief that caring about other people is a weakness that can get you killed. (Case and point, Snart.)

I guess, all I’m saying is I’m glad Mick is getting this great arc with all this character development because it makes me feel like Snart didn’t die in vain. I know a lot of people, especially the Captain Canary fandom (of which I am a part), feel as though Snart’s death hasn’t been properly addressed, especially since Sara hasn’t really been showing any signs of grief. But if you watch back over Season 1, Snart was the one doing most of the flirting. Not to say that she wasn’t into it necessarily, but I think it’s fair to say that Snart showed more interest in her than she did in him. I think she really only started to warm to him towards the end, and that isn’t really enough to warrant prolonged grief. But Mick and Snart knew each other since they were kids, and Mick has definitely been showing signs of grief over the first half of Season 2. And in that regard, I’m glad the writers have not totally glossed over Snart’s death. They are dealing with it in the most canonically accurate way. Mick doesn’t talk about feelings, so Snart’s name doesn’t come up, but a lot of Mick’s actions have the weight of that loss behind them and that is made most apparent in this episode. Excellent midseason finale!

Ok guys. Here goes. I am going to attempt to divert concern from Dave Strider, who the fandom seems to think is marked for extra-special death, to John Egbert, who actually might be. This is based primarily on character and thematic readings, which of course may be interpreted in different ways by different people. As you know, I am not Andrew Hussie. Thus, I obviously could be wrong. I don’t know what’s going to happen or what is intended. But allow me to make my case.

First of all, it would make no thematic sense to kill Dave forever.

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Bleach 680 Liveblog.

You know what Bleach reminds me of right now? 

A jigsaw puzzle.

Consider this: we, the Bleach fandom as a collective, have walked into a giant mansion owned by this mysterious recluse named Kubo Tite. Some of us walked out again immediately, some stuck around and left after a while, and some of us are still here, almost 15 years later. Some people are revisiting after a long time away, and some of us are only just entering the mansion now. 

In this mansion, Kubo tells us, there’s a jigsaw puzzle to be solved. 

The pieces are scattered across the mansion, some hidden, some in plain sight. We run around every week, trying to find the pieces, trying to fit together this jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes, Kubo just hands us a piece. Other pieces, we found by analysing the pieces we already had. We have word of god that all the pieces we find contribute to the final picture. 

We just don’t know what that final picture is.

We still tried, though. God knows we argued along the way– do we put Ichigo next to Rukia, or Orihime? Is Aizen out of the final picture? Is the mood hopeful, or tragic?– but we were getting there. We thought we were piecing it together, we thought we could see glimpses of the final picture. Home stretch, guys, we said, I can see the big picture now–

This week, Kubo shattered our mostly-completed jigsaw puzzle to pieces, and told us the final picture looks nothing like what we’ve been constructing so far. 

(And on top of that, he imposed a deadline on us– something we’ve never really considered before.)

We HAVE most of the pieces of the puzzle. Aizen. The Hogyoku. Ichigo’s heritage, and Uryuu’s. The truth behind his powers. The Soul King. Yhwach’s power– 

all the pieces of the puzzle are on the table, but we have no fucking clue how they’re supposed to fit together. 

……. the usual liveblog under the cut, plus a metric TONNE of meta, theorizing and speculations. And a whole lotta heartache for the series that has been my literal lifeline sometimes. 

Home stretch. 

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Summary of the new dr episode
  • Naegi: Makes valid points
  • Kyousuke: Fuq you, Yukizome died and you probs didn't do it but I hate you anyway.
  • Juzo: Imma go kill Kirigiri.
  • Asahina: Hey y'all I lived, was just a toy knife. Also if Juzo tries to kill me too I'll die even if he is unsuccessful because of my NG code.
  • Ruruka: I bet you killed everyone Ugly, braces girl.
  • Sonosuke: :|
  • Ryota: *Tries to be Naegi*
  • *Fails*
  • Tengan: I don't know he did something.
  • Great Gozu: *Dies*
  • Miaya: SOUL-MATES