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hi may i req a dating!jonghyun (onibugi 😭♥️) thingie?? hehe if not, can it be minhyun❓ty

‘yes ofc!! i’ll do jonghyun !

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- honestly the sweetest angel ever 

- like,,how can a person like this exist?? 

- as expected, always puts you first

- makes sure to always ask if u have eaten or slept enough

- ‘’did you eat yet?? lets go get some dinner!!”

- ‘’make sure you sleep well, okay? u need ur rest!” 

- ‘’have a good day!! if anyone bothers you, let me know and i’ll take care of them.’’ 

- such a cutie 

- since he tends to always put you first, he kind of neglects himself a bit and u have to remind him that he needs to be taken care of also 

- ‘’jonghyun, have u eaten yet?” 

- ‘’…no’’ 

- ‘’lets go eat together then!” 

- ‘’did you sleep yet?” 

- ‘’yeah!”

- ‘’don’t lie’’

- ‘’..ok no’’

- ‘’!! lets nap together then!” 

- of course, he’s always thankful that you are there to take care of him and remind him to take care of himself too 

- the cheesiest person ever 

- loves to use those corny pickup lines 

- but they never fail to make u laugh 

- and cringe LMAO 

- ‘’do u have a map?” 

- “?? no??” 

- ‘’ bc im getting lost in ur eyes’’ 

- ‘’oMG NO-’’ 

- ‘’you’re so beautiful u made me forget my pick up line’’ 

- ‘’,,,ok that was smooth’’ 

- ‘’ hA’’ 

- loves to hold hands 24/7 

- wants the constant reassurance that u is there for him and it isn’t a dream 

- and also, because he manages to find a way to calm down when ur around him and forgets his worries

- sometimes has so much on his shoulders that he would just shut people out bc he is so overwhelmed

- cue u coming and basically wrapping him into a blanket burrito before letting him spill whatever was on his mind

- thanks u by cuddling w u and peppering ur face in kisses bc he is sososo thankful to have someone like u 

- whenever u are upset or something, he would come over instantly w food

- won’t bug u to tell him, but lets u know that he is here and he would gladly wait for u whenever u were comfortable

- eventually, u spill bc who can resist an angel offering their help?? 

- basically wraps u into his arms and just runs his fingers thru ur hair bc he knows that it calms u 

- and also knows that u fall asleep hella fast by this and he knows u need it after being so upset

- stays w u the whole night and in the morning

- the type to make breakfast in bed for u!!

- ok anyways!! dates!! 

- likes to spoil u 

- aka meaning that he takes u out a lot bc u deserve the besT

- dates can range from trying out a new recipe at home to going laser tag to planting flowers together LMAO 

- knows all ur favorite flowers and whenever he shows up at ur house, he always make sure to have those flowers to give 

- likes to take lots of photos bc he knows memories r precious and ur precious and it works !!! :)) 

- makes sure that u get home safely and to text him once u arrived at home safely 

- facetime calls!! 

- loves listening to ur voice bc its soothing to him and he could listen to it forever 

- tries to find a way to stay on the phone w u like telling u stories of what happened between the boys or daehwi’s crazy antics or minki’s extraness 

- once u can’t stay long enough, he would pout but would understand

- ‘’i love u, get enough rest ok??’’

- the type to send goodmorning and goodnight texts! 

- ‘’ goodmorning! i hope u slept well and make sure to eat breakfast!” 

- ‘’good night, i love u sleep well jagi <33′’ 

- all of his friends love u 

- u take care of their leader and they can tell how much u care

- and their leader takes care of them 

- they adore u and will fight anyone who threatens ur relationship 10/10 LMFAO

Have been re-watching the very potter musicals lately, will never grow tired of team starkid

Appreciation post!

It’s creator appreciation weekend at the YOI fandom and I feel so much love in the air. There is shitty stuff in this fandom but there are also such wonderful people who make up for it a thousand times.

So I wanted to do a shout-out of appreciation to some of the amazing people I have found through the YOI fandom (in no particular order):

@daysinrussiavictuuri / @victuurimaker was one of the first people I got to know in the YOI fandom, such a sweetie, a talented artist and a writer.

@magical-mistral is a wonderful artist who draws the cutest traditional pencil sketches and often takes requests, which is amazing. Also fun to chat with!

@word-spielen writes and does art and is just a genuinely the sweetest person who brightens my dash daily.

@thoughtsappear I don’t even know where to begin. An amazing writer and a wonderful person who occasionally betas for me and we bounce ideas off each and whatnot. I thoroughly enjoy our daily chats, and just… I have no words. <3

@phaytesworld Phayte is the fandom mom and the queen of writing rarepairs! You want weird kinks, Phayte delivers. She also churns out fics and drabbles at a pace that makes me dizzy and on top of that she’s just the nicest person! <3

@victuri-oh-nice does amazing art and writes amazing fics (I still sigh happily when I remember Unsteady exists because damn). Jane is also so witty and fun to chat with! 

@forward-pass is my darling hockey enthusiast who posts hockey memes I thoroughly enjoy (me? Enjoying hockey-related stuff? Never thought it possible but it’s true…) and who also writes some sweet-ass JJbek I can’t wait to read ;)

@fyvkthisshyet is a writer with a dark sense of humor, and they’re just the sweetest person alive (I got funny JJbek fluff written for me on chat when I had a bad day, which is just… so cute omg.)

@neveraines is an amazing artist who does such cute Otayuri pieces and who has helped me immensely with my quest to get better at digital drawing. Always there when I need a shoulder to cry on when I think the body proportions are not right or when the colors look all wrong. <3

@tootsonnewts writes the funniest and cutest Otayuri and if you have not read the fic called wyd?, you are missing out big time. That fic is my pick-me-up story that never fails to make me laugh. Also, the cutest Otayuri headcanons.

@blownwish-blog Otapliroy queen who writes this amazing 80s otapliroy AU with a gritty, realistic writing style. Wonderful fics, wonderful personality. 

@eclair does the cutest traditional art and lettering and is such a sweetheart person who brings joy to the fandom.

@boxwineconfession is one of my main sources of Otauri fics (and now Pliroy; write more Pliroy pls!) Heart Break Beat was actually the very first Otayuri fic I read and it’s still one of my favorites. 

@gwen-chan is a versatile writer who has tackled multiple different tropes on YOI fanfic front. (I have like half your fics marked for later but I haven’t gotten to them yet! I’m sorry, I will some day!) I love seeing Gwen’s posts on my dash.


I also want to do a shout-out to the people who I don’t really know that well (yet! hopefully this will change!) or who perhaps aren’t creators but still deserve a mention because seeing their name on my dash makes me happy: @flower-crowns-and-skates, @silvermoonwitch, @yxoorionice, @claminosity, @penciltrash, @ashiiblack, @severeminx, @otabaeee, @theinsanefox, @d2diamond.

I have probably forgotten someone, and I’m sorry! But my brain is only human and very limited. I love all my followers and my mutuals and you guys are the thing that keeps me on tumblr even when fandom has shitstorms or major wanks going on. <3



Happy 21st birthday to the beautiful @sinuyasha !!! 💖🎉

On December 19th 2013, you and I talked for the first time on that sonic blogger’s post and 3 years later, we’re still friends!! :’) I still remember how we bonded because we had a lot in common (being late to join the iy fandom.. being the same age… etc) and today you’re still the first person I go to when I want to talk about anything!! (from kpop and blog aesthetic to politics and news lmao!!) Please don’t ever change because you are such a bright light in the fandom, always being nice and welcoming to everyone and never failing to make us laugh!! You’re always there for me when I need someone to talk to and I hope I can do the same for you because you deserve all the happiness in the world ♥ You’re super clever, talented and pretty and don’t ever think otherwise!!


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What are the funniest tumblrs for you? (eldarya and mcl) I need to laugh right now


Gosh, most funny? Let me think about it. 

@eldaryanna have such great and funny dialogues, she loves doing it and she is very creative (even if she is not posting so many now) you can look for old ones. @mcl-pauly always makes me laugh xD also, @emmyseldarya never fails of make me laugh. I run the risk of being repeated in my nomination because I really like things that make me smile (this is one of the reasons behind Armin being my favorite), @suziesamico have some great and funny stuffs too… 

And again, I can only think about big blogs? xD I’m such terrible person to this fandom. If you go in my tag of mcl you can see my original posts about mcl and some of those are funny, I guess? 

Hmm, @kurohabl makes me laugh too… my sister don’t post much, but her blog have some good and any stuffs about her ocs, Is not about mcl but I think it is worth giving a check, there is not much there because she likes to post more on her facebook page, but there @hakuspokus … okay I tried but I actually suck at it? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sorry xD I can’t think about more stuffs, I have the feeling that you want blogs more directed to funny things but currently I have seen more funny things of general content @marmita-tuga‘s blog is pretty good with it. 

Sorry If I wasn’t of much help, but hey, go see my tag, maybe there is something funny that you like. Also check out the other indication that I did before, are very good blogs. Here

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Hi, I just wanted to tell you that your blog never fails to make me laugh/smile when I'm feeling down and I really appreciate what you do. The way you respond to asks gives me life and tbh you're one of my favorite blogs

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You’re so sweet omg. Thank you so much! I’m glad this blog helps you feel better that’s the best thing ever to me because that means I’m doing my job! ❤️


if you haven’t seen Ellen DeGeneres’ early stand up; you’re missing out

so i finally got around to doing my first follow forever!! i thought i should do one since i’ve had this blog for about a year now, and made so many good friends.

i didn’t bold anyone because i was afraid to leave people out, but i’ll leave a note on the bottom for some of my friends. thanks for a great 2015 and happy new year!! (if i left any mutuals out it wasn’t on purpose so please let me know if ur missing! and sorry in advance if tumblr tags u over and over again like how it did with some other people’s ffs)

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Holy crap… I can’t believe that there’s three hundred and fifty one of you following me. I never expected this gross blog that I made out of pure boredom to get so popular, honestly. Once I hit three hundred followers about two weeks ago, I got really emotional and extremely excited because I’ve never had this many followers on any of my old blogs. Every time I gain a follower a smile comes onto my face, because the thought of someone actually enjoying my posts and being on their dashboard just makes me so ecstatic. 

To be honest, I thought that no one liked my blog or my Tanaka muse in the beginning.. When I first made this blog I’d only seen about ten episodes of the first season of the anime and had yet to read the manga. I was really insecure in the beginning and was pretty sure that no one wanted to roleplay or even talk to me. But as soon as I started gaining followers and actually started to talk to people, my self esteem really started to go up (and still is!) I look up to so many of you and always looked down at my writing, but hearing encouraging words from some of you.. it’s really improved my self esteem. Those little compliments or comments you guys write.. they just make my day! 

I honestly just appreciate every single one of you so much, even if I don’t talk to most of you. Once again, thank you all so much for everything <3. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this blog.

The tags are down under the cut and are in no particular order! There are both mutuals and non mutuals, because you all are just awesome blogs no matter what! There are also a few side notes for those who I’ve grown really attached to.

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