this needs to return

be fearless in your pursuit for happiness
cloudless inside of our dews
a sky that wears our hearts
rain, rain– it doesn’t go away
our trust is like a pair of worn out shoes–
you misplaced us somewhere
you lost us somewhere
I don’t need a compass to return to you
but if I sent a thousand love letters your way
you’d still have no idea how to get back home
you’re as lost as ever
and I love you as always
why am I nothing more than a second choice?
decisions, decisions– it doesn’t go away
you always pick me last
but you’re always my first choice
voices, voices all in my head– it doesn’t go away
these days I miss you, but fuck it
I won’t call you
these days I miss you, but fuck it
I don’t want you to know that I need you
these days I miss you, but fuck it
if you don’t need me, then that’s it
I don’t need to be your first choice
when I can be my first choice
I don’t need to search
when it’s inside of my reflection
worthless foe of mine, I used to know you–
lover, lover– where did you go?
this pain, those hurtful words–
it doesn’t go away, and this time
I won’t stay– I can’t sleep unless
you’re the last thing on my mind
and I fucking hate that I’m not on yours
you see love is a rollercoaster
best friends will fuck you
without the physical
mentally exhausted
emotionally bent over
I don’t need another lover
I don’t need to feel like this ever again
they say that life is short
so love long, kiss me harder
these days the wounds don’t heal right,
but I still have to try, right?
I love you, I love you– it doesn’t go away
—  it doesn’t go away

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No more angst! This is my very real very much well thought out theory on what's gonna go down. Lapis leaves. Peridot's upset. But she doesn't have long to wait before Lapis returns with her long lost limb enhancers because obviously if they're going to fight in a war her girlfriend is gonna need some extra protection. Peridot's reaction upon Lapis' return is up to you but I like to think there are hugs and kisses involved.

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Lately I been feeling the need to return to my old self. My true self. Listening to foreign, obscure music. Solo trips to thrift stores. Blue eyeliner. Painting barefoot in the park. Workouts at 6 am. Cooking great meals and sharing them. Wearing my hair out every single day and letting it be as wild as it wants to be. Mixing prints and patterns. Fresh fruits and veggies with every meal. Tea in the morning and night every single day. Dancing every single day. Creating art every single day. I used to be so magical. I wanna go back to that. That’s my new mission.

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Hi Im back the anon that asked for help with Sucre. I deafeted Japhet and came back to Zone 0 and I dont see her anywhere do I have to do a puzzle or something. I dont know what I am doing wrong :/ sorry that I annoy you.

No, No, You’re Not Annoying Me At All. There Is No Puzzle Or Anything. But I Looked It Up, And It Seems I Did Forget A Piece Of Information. You Do Need To Return To Zone 2, After It Was Purified, And Talk To The Judge. He Will Be On The Roof Of The Library. After That She Will Be In The Basement. (I Drew A Little Diagram To The Underground! :3) You Will See A Basement Door, And If You Go There You’ll Be In A Hall, Which Leads To Sucre’s Room.

My Apologies For Missing A Step. But After That, You Should Be In The Clear. And If That Doesn’t Work, Welp…… It Will Make A Good Creepypasta Story?

EDIT: I Forgot To Mention, There’s A Really Helpful Guide On How To Get The Items And Find Sucre On The Lets Play Archive! Here Is A Link!!

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🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Kitty Dark

Dark mewled as he came, hitting his jaw and cheek with his orgasm. He slowly pulled his hand out, a large amount of slick escaping him. He whimpered as he felt his erection return. He didn’t need Master, now he wanted an Alpha. Someone who could fill him until he was bred like the little whore he is.

Okay but after that whole mess my sister tried to convince me that I had told our grandmother all of the various things I don’t like about her boyfriend (interesting that she didn’t specify what that “all” was) but like… I haven’t talked to Grandma since December because she started telling everyone that I was a lesbian and that I needed my mother to help me return to God or smthing

“And I will cry you a thousand tears
The day you will return
Tonight I swear I’ll stay right here
Until you will return”

“Do you remember me ?” @stripeyworm​ (thanks again for the BG !!!)

little things to appreciate࿐♡

-listening to old songs and being able to remember the lyrics

-late night heart-to-hearts

-smiles from a stranger

-embraces that last a little bit longer than usual

-when the sun filters through your windows on a nice day

-when the wind blows against your skin

-small gestures of kindness


-when the rain patters against your window

-the moment the rain stops and a rainbow appears

-receiving a hand written letter

-flowers you didnt expect

-the feeling of sand between your toes

-the way the ocean sounds

- when plans you were dreading get cancelled.

- looking through old journals from when you were young

-when your favorite song comes on

- that quick squeeze from the other person at the end of a hug.

-when you’ve finished a really good book and you just put it down on your lap and stare into space for a couple minutes because you need to collect yourself and return to reality.

-surprises. good surprises

-being awake when everyone else is asleep

-genuinely candid laughing photos

- comfortable silence

- those rare, perfectly timed naps that leave you feeling refreshed and not groggy

-waking up before your alarm goes off

-being in a great mood for no reason at all

-bubble baths

-being cuddled in bed when it’s raining outside

-when someone plays with your hair

-when your pet greets you when you come home

-being told you made someone’s day

-using brand new pens/supplies

-holding hands

-losing track of time because of how much fun you’re having

-overcoming a fear

-when someone tells you that you smell good

-when someone compliments your outfit

-when you laugh so hard you start crying and your stomach starts to hurt

-the feeling of genuine happiness

-when your hair looks good when you wake up

-watching dogs stick their heads out of car windows

-those “i love my life” moments


What? No hugs and tears for an old friend? Not like i’d expect it though.
If you’d shouted “Fang!” and hugged me i mighta had a heart attack on the spot.
But i’m glad to see you’re still the same.It’s been a long time,after all…