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Avengers 201 was a single issue where the Avengers’ butler, Jarvis, usually a guy who faded into the background, got a story where he saved his mother’s neighborhood in Queens and got the girl. A really sweet diversion, and one that was sorely needed, as the next story was about the return of the menace of Ultron.

How do you want Dragon Ball Super to end?

I’d love  Bulma kissing Vegeta returning home :)~ Baby Bra walking to her daddy! Think about it, we don’t need a new VA for Bulma since its ending, we just need some cute music playing with them returning home to everyone, I’d hate if they’d give us a cliffhanger during this hiatus, let me know how’d you end it!

Mileven - Ice Skating

A fluffy Mileven fic where they go ice skating together - hope you’ll like it!

“Mike, come on what’s taking so long?” El shouted, her hands cupped around her mouth. She was already on the ice gliding smoothly back and forth, zig-zagging and going in circles. Mike was still sitting on the bank of the frozen lake watching her open-mouthed in astonished admiration.  

“I’m coming, I just – I need to tie my skates properly”, Mike shouted back, returning his attention to the skates he was deliberately not in a hurry to tie. He had never been ice skating before, in fact, he was dead scared of it and the skates weren’t even his – he had borrowed them from Dustin when El had asked him to go skating with her and he couldn’t bring himself to turn her down. The excited expression on her face and the tight hug she had given him then made it all worth it, but he dreaded it nonetheless. To him ice skating seemed like an activity that was sure to put you straight in the hospital and as he sat there tying his skates getting ready to go out on that slippery treacherous ice he felt his heart racing with panic. He looked up at El again and caught her in the middle of a pirouette with her leg up gracefully behind her. He thought she looked just like a ballerina and he couldn’t help but stare at her in awe. It was clear that she was an absolute natural – she had just gotten those skates for Christmas and she was already incredible. He watched her finish her pirouette and then she went off at break-neck speed for the far end of the lake and Mike felt his insides freeze.

“Be careful not to fall, alright”, he called after her.

“Mike, I’m not gonna fall, you don’t have to worry”, she shouted back and he saw her shake her head at him. He smiled and his cheeks flushed a little.

“Sorry”, he called, “I can’t help it.”

Then El turned and glided towards him and came to a halt at his feet. Her nose and cheeks were bright pink from the cold and she was panting slightly exhaling little puffs of steam from her mouth.

“Come on”, she said cheerfully, stretching out her hand, “it’s fun.”

Mike choked back a gulp of spit, got up on his shaky legs and took El’s hand, silently praying that he wouldn’t break all his limbs. She guided him by the hand slowly onto the ice – it was even more slippery than he had expected and his legs were still shaking violently. Without thinking he completely abandoned keeping up appearances and he clung to El’s arm with both hands.

“El, I can’t do this, I’ve never tried ice skating before, I’m so sorry, but I can’t do it.” He blurted out, clinging to her in panic. She looked a little taken aback at first, but then she just looked him in the eyes with complete sympathy and her warm gaze made him a little calmer.

“It’s okay”, she said softly, “I can teach you.”

“I want to, it’s just… I’m just scared that I’ll fall and break all my bones.” Mike looked away embarrassed, cheeks blushing again.

“You won’t fall”, she said, squeezing his hand reassuringly, “you just have to trust me.”

Her brown eyes were so full of sincerity that all feelings of doubt completely evaporated from him.

“Do you promise?” Mike asked, smiling.

“I promise.” She said, smiling back at him.

Then she got in front of him and took both of his hands in hers.

“You just have to part your knees a little more”, she said, “and sweep your feet backwards – like this.”

She showed him the motion and Mike tried timidly to copy it. He felt himself slowly gliding towards her while she was gliding effortlessly backwards in front of him.

“I’m doing it!” He exclaimed excitedly, “I’m really doing it.” his face lit up and El smiled at him widely, secretly enjoying being the teacher for once.  After doing this for a while Mike felt a little more comfortable on the ice and advanced to only holding El by one hand and they glided around together on the frozen lake side by side until El suddenly stopped and looked up at Mike like an idea had just popped into her head.

“Mike, do you trust me?” She asked bluntly, looking him in the eyes.

“Yeah, of course”, he said quickly, “I trust you.”

“You want to try something then?” She asked.

“Yeah”, Mike replied, admittedly a little uneasy, “sure, if you want me to.”

El smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.  “I promise I won’t let you fall.” She said, and then she glided backwards leaving a few feet of space between them.

“El, wha-what are you doing?” Mike stammered, suddenly anxious, but before he could say anything else he felt himself shoot forward on his skates and not by his own force. He was gliding effortlessly on the ice going around in curves and zig-zags with easy movements like he was being mastered by a puppeteer. He was wheeled around in a circle and was suddenly facing El again who was gliding around on the ice as well, but never taking her eyes off him and he saw the tell-tale streak of blood trailing from her nose.  After the initial panic had subsided Mike began to actually feel ecstatic as the wind gushed through his hair and his body felt feather-light. He started laughing uncontrollably and shouted at the top of his lungs:

“El, this is amazing!”

They both glided and twirled and spun gracefully around each other almost like a dance until they finally came to a halt right in front of each other in the middle of the lake. Mike, still excited, immediately flew at her wrapping his arms tightly around her.

“That was incredible!” He exhaled, “I’ve never tried anything like it!”

When they broke apart El was smiling at him cheerfully wiping the thin streak of blood from her frozen nose.    

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Ok now I need to know if you ever returned to karate

I did! Started doing shotokan with my dad. I thiiiink I got to a blue belt. I had stopped because at the time I started going back to public school instead of being homeschooled and got busy doing other sports

Mod Tree Health Update

As an important update, things are going to be a bit rocky these next two weeks or so because I am sick AGAIN (the third time in a month). I mentioned it on the twitter earlier in the week, but I currently have a chest cold that’s similar to bronchitis. I actually had a visit to Urgent Care a few days ago where I had to recieve IV fluids, and I might need to return to the doctor for breathing problems. Despite being on four different medications, my breathing is barely improving and I can’t work in my current condition because it’s mostly coughing and gasping for air. The only good thing is that my fever is staying down, and hopefully it stays that way.

Unfortunately, this means more things have been put on hold despite my best efforts. Once I’m FINALLY fully recovered, I’m hoping to go back to regular streaming and content. That is, if things actually work in my favor for once.

May there be mercy on my sick soul 😷

Okay….I’m not one for begging straight up money without doing commission work or anything, but this is like, a dire emergency. Well, its for my erm…friend? Boyfriend? I have no idea….
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Thank you!!

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“H-how long have you been standing there?” - “Long enough.” THAT ONE SCREAMS ASHZERA

Mason had no idea why he allowed Rose to drag him into this mess. Well, that was a lie. He knew why he did it. He had absolutely no immunity to her kitten eyes. It was something he needed to work on. 

Still, there was no denying that there clearly was something going on with Lissa and Rose’s theory about Lissa actually having declared in a magic that didn’t fit into the standard 4 elements… Well, it was crazy. But it actually made sense.

So that was how Mason found himself dragged away from his hopeless wandering around in search of his crush and into the church attic, to pour over tomes of books that were older than the Academy itself, maybe older than St. Vladimir, in search of something.

So really, the least Rose could do in return was listen to Mason. Because Mason really needed to get his stupid crush out of his system.

“Okay, I get it.”

Mason looked up from his book at Rose who turned to him after he finished his story.

“You’re in love with Ozera. You’ve been running after him like a lost kitten and you’re absolutely hopeless and unable to approach. And you decided that  I am the right person to tell this?”

“Well… No offence, but I cannot imagine a person with a more direct approach.”

He grinned at Rose’s unimpressed eyebrow.

“Full offence. It’s not that hard. You see a person, you use your legs to walk over to a person, you use your voice to talk to a person. Not that hard.”

“Wow, thanks.”

“Okay. You’re hopeless. I get it. Now, to my question. Explain to me, because it somehow escapes me… How and why of all people you would fall for Christian Ozera?”

It was Mason’s turn to raise an unimpressed eyebrow.

“Yes, my dear lesbian friend who likes to let her girlfriend drink her blood, why don’t we talk about stereotypes and social perception?”

He smirked, because making Rose Hathaway speechless was something Mason was going to always take pride in. 

“Okay, point taken, I do not know Christian. But neither do you, Mason.”

“I’m going to get to know him! That’s the idea. I’m going to…” He sent an icy glare and raised a finger, forbidding Rose a word, already mad at the smug grin she was sporting. “…I’m going to use my voice to talk to him and I’m going to actually approach him and all. It’s just…”

Yes, he was aware he was daydreaming like a smitten teenager, as he closed his book, but… He was. He was smitten and unashamed.

“I haven’t really met or even encountered a guy like that ever, let alone since I realized I was gay. He is just… absolutely gorgeous, I mean, have you seen his eyes. Good lord, I could drown in them. And his hair looks so soft and he just has this sort of… There’s something about him, even his posture, he looks every inch the royalty that he is.”

He ignored Rose’s snickering and went on because bloody hell, actually telling someone was very liberating. Mason was stewing in his crush alone for too long.

“We have maths and bio together. And he is just so smart and intelligent and clever–”

“–you do know those are synonyms, right?”

“Shush you. I know. And anyway… He sometimes likes to sit under that oak tree next to the obstacle course when we have class and I just… He looks so peaceful and soft when he’s reading.”

Rose’s smile turned more serious as she looked up at him from whatever volume she was reading now.

“You really got it bad.”

“I know, but he is beautiful, smart and mysterious and I saw him help Camille Conta when she dropped her books despite the fact that she pushed him away and insulted him after. He is kind despite all the shit that people are giving him and… Rose, I’m so gone.”

“I got it!”


“Sorry, I found Lissa’s magic. It’s called Spirit. Bye, see ya later.”

He watched Rose run out with her huge book, and slumped in his chair, thinking about Christian. He did not expect, in the seemingly empty attic, for the shadows to move and a Moroi to come out of them. Mason’s jaw dropped and his heart stopped.

“H-how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough.”

Mason avoided eye contact as Christian took the chair Rose vacated next to him.

“Mysterious, hmm?”

When he finally allowed himself to look up and their eyes met, right after Mason shook himself out of the realization that Christian’s eyes were even more beautiful up close, it sunk in to Mason that the Moroi’s gaze didn’t seem mocking or condescending. Moreso… hesitant and disbeliving.

“Yes. And beautiful, kind and intelligent. And sneaky, apparently.”

Christian seemed moved by the conffession, blushing but smiling slightly.

“Well, if you were up to it then, I guess we could like… go out, or something?”

The smile Mason sent him was brighter than the sun. 

And go out they did. For a date, and two. And soon Mason got to know Christian better and realized in many aspects his assesment was right. 

Christian was kind and clever and gorgeous, but he was also funny, and loving and sweet. And most importantly, Christian was Mason’s.

[image description: Shuri and T’Challa grinning, standing back-to-back, arms crossed over their chests with their fists closed and the Black Panther symbol on the backdrop behind them]

screams a lot about these siblings and their secret/special handshake

“And I will cry you a thousand tears
The day you will return
Tonight I swear I’ll stay right here
Until you will return”

“Do you remember me ?” @stripeyworm​ (thanks again for the BG !!!)


353 days

(i feel like i could talk about their reunion for the rest of my life)