this needs to go to gay baby jail

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Is it wrong that after that fic with Q and Stretch setting fire to the Landlady's ex apartment I srs just want to toss the two of them in gay baby jail together so they can think over what they have done because I am still so upset with them because srs those two little shitty butts needs to get fucking punished because you don't fucking go and set fire to ppls homes even though they frikking deserves it?! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) T̶H̶E̶S̶H̶I̶P̶H̶A̶S̶F̶U̶C̶K̶I̶N̶G̶S̶A̶I̶L̶E̶D̶B̶T̶W̶B̶C̶F̶U̶C̶K̶I̶S̶H̶I̶P̶I̶T̶

LOL good luck jailing Q these days XD Happened once And NEVER AGAIN ahaha!
I don’t plan on there ever being any comeuppance for their actions because really, they were just THAT thorough, lol. Also, I really like the idea of them having that dirty secret binding them together for the rest of forever.

BUT GOOD IM GLAD YOU SHIP IT CUZ I DO TO. I don’t even know where it came from but damn I’m here for it. Stretch is super easy for me to ship with most of the sans personalities tho, so maybe it’s not that surprising.
(Stay tuned for more eventual shenanigans ahahaha >DDD )

once more into the undertale fic recs

there are only 19 of these right now but i’m an impatient asshole and there’s not a thing on this list that doesn’t deserve more attention. so Here.

jet black and cerulean sky by @lumalees. postcanon, 3 alive babies au. chara needs some solitary cooldown time to deal with sensory overload, which means that somebody needs to stop asriel from crashing in and making a gigantic ass of himself. fortunately frisk has been meaning to make friends with him anyway.

fire spilling from your soul by @lumalees. charasriel, fantasy au. when you’re being sent over to deal with a dragon problem for diplomacy reasons you have a lot of different options for solving the issue. “fall in love with the dragon” sure is one of them.

where the heart goes by @lumalees. precanon. frisk sure was ready to call toriel “mom” right out of the gate, weren’t they? also here’s your daily reminder that growing up first nations in north america can suck hardcore

the dust of daily life by @lumalees. postcanon, 3 alive babies au. asriel takes a crack at the whole “coping with his issues, making balanced relationships, and not actively shooting himself in the foot every moment of every day” thing with varying success.

Graves in Bloom by @vietblueart. flowertale au. in which the player is an asshole on a reset spree, said reset spree is slowly damaging the world of the game itself, chara is very definitely not ok, and sans is cranky.

oneirodynia by @hanniballlester. midcanon. in which undyne remembers more than people give her credit for and tries to deal with it.

heart/soul by @lumalees. precanon, charasriel. chara and asriel muse on blood, souls, and the differences between monsters and humans.

ring, ring by @thethrillof. postcanon. frisk leaves sans an important message.

Keep an Eye on the Shadow’s Smile by Kaesa. precanon, soriel. did you know that all you need to do to get me chanting GOOD SHIT GOOD SHIT about soriel is to frame it from toriel’s pov. anyway here’s an account of how toriel and sans become friends, from toriel’s perspective.

There Is No Crime In Being Kind by @inverts. baby boss monsters #3. asriel, along with his totally helpful and not at all malevolent guides frisk and chara, traipse through the region that in another world would have been known as snowdin and meet papyrus. talks about gender are had. asriel gets a turn at the total asshole wheel.

Today Seems Like A Good Day To Burn A Bridge Or Two by @inverts. baby boss monsters #4. the team meets up with undyne, there are a few disquieting rumblings, and we get to discover what undyne and the royal guard are like in a world where asgore wasn’t available to be undyne’s mentor.

You Can’t Find Your Name In The Script by @inverts. baby boss monsters #5. mettaton. mettaton? mettaton!!! meanwhile, we get to discover a few things about why frisk and chara are the way they are, frisk mcfreaking loses it, and chara is deeply unimpressed. if you haven’t been keeping up with this series please do yourself a favor and read it?! the worldbuilding is so smart!

what greater gift by @lumalees. charasriel, postcanon, 3 alive babies au. chara decides that they and asriel are adopting a shelter cat. asriel is dubious about this but decides to give it a try anyway, and everyone learns a thing or two about handling rescued animals.

A Necropolis In Full Bloom by @eristastic. charasriel, beauty and the beast au redux. chara, the unloved child, does their duty to their abusive family by sacrificing themself to the terrible beast their father has angered… only to find that the circumstances aren’t what they thought. their host is unpleasant, annoying, and hard to deal with, but with the help of a meddling castle and a whole host of enchanted flowers, they find themself embroiled in his business anyway.

Good Enough by @ayu-ohseki. alphyne, postcanon. alphys has some Suspicions about things that are going on with her little human friend, but finds herself at a loss as to how to help. undyne proves to be an unexpected font of good sense.

can you really call this a prison sentence, I didn’t receive an orange jumpsuit by @lumalees. charasriel, postcanon, 3 alive babies au. chara puts asriel in gay baby jail. that’s it. that’s the fic.

Five Times Papyrus was Very Great (and the times he is still just as great, but needs a reminder) by @lockandkeyblade. postcanon. in which papyrus is a good and helpful friend to, among others, frisk, sans, undyne, asgore, and chara; and in which everyone else is a good and helpful friend to him too. i love “papyrus understands more than fandom gives him credit for” fics, and this especially is a good one.

Places That Aren’t Here by @epic-divorceman ( @dan-mcneely / @thegiantrat ). postcanon, comic. some 10-15 years after game events, the trio takes a field trip to help chara get some closure. featuring frisk as ultimate wingperson and asriel reminding us that yes, he does know how to not be a wet blanket.

untitled oneshot by @meyecy. midcanon. frisk tries to decide what to do about undyne.

HTGAWM Sentence Starters

“I do what I want.”
“That’s how you get away with murder.”
“Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?”
“We’re so screwed.”
“See? Sexting pays off.”
“You call it crazy, I call it winning.”
“Shut up, sit down, and stop acting like a little bitch baby.”
“See what happens when you use your brain instead of your penis?”
“I can smell the pepperoni through the wall.”
“I’m so frickin’ mad I wasn’t born gay.”
“Do you want to be married or go to jail?”
“You people are so boring. I’m hungry. Food?”
“I need company. Otherwise I might go all ‘redrum’ on your ass. Although something tells me you might be into that.”
“You’re a misogynistic ass.”
“What do you have, some sort of voodoo penis?”
“You think I wanted to be a part of this?”
“He can’t keep it a secret anymore.”
“Bitches be crazy.”
“I don’t believe you. To be honest, I don’t even care. You want to sleep next to a killer, go for it.”
“Oh my god, are you crying?”
“That’s how you like your mistresses, huh? Weak, broken, messes that you just clean up.”
“Somebody woke up in the mood to fight this morning.”
“Let’s hear it for the greedy little pig.”
“Well she can’t resist a challenge can she.”
“Smile or go to jail.”
“I’m done with your crazy.”
“Guess we have more in common then I thought.”
“Do you know who anyone really is?”
“I don’t kiss and tell.”
“Honestly, we think there’s a Benedict Arnold up in this joint.”
“Listen to yourself, you just can’t stop lying.”
“You won’t be the first person in the world disappointed by your father.”
“Wow, someone have daddy issues?”
“Someone have a gay fiance?”

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* will chara ever get out of gay baby jail. will frisk supply chara with the chocolate they need to survive? can asriel cook without burning down the house? find out next time on middleasriel: the game

“Well, that’s just the main dish.”

“Chara doesn’t like vegetables, so I’m also going to reheat some leftovers from last night.”

[Continued from HERE …]

[*Giving a yawn that can be compared to a kitten, Flowey sleepily opens his eyes.] 

* mm..?? 

 [*A wave of panic surges through him as he temporarily forgets being taken in by Sans. Jerking upright, Flowey causes the lovingly placed blanket nest to shift around him.] 

* w-what..? 

[* Oh. He had fallen asleep, and Sans had made him a cuddly shelter… An embarrassed blush crossed his features. Quickly looking up he glanced around at the extremely messy room, but found Sans to be out. Flowey gives a childish pout and pulls the mess of covers over himself again.]

* Hmph… Dumb Sans… Dumb blanket fort…