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I'm kind of shocked you reblogged that post about neurotypical advice when I've seen you complaining about people giving you unsolicited advice for your chronic illnesses.

To me there is a difference between generally sound advice, and what is as you say, unsolicited advice from people who ignore what you have said, and insist they are right. 

I don’t mind any of those things, they are in fact great advice for most people and I think tumblr’s skewed anti-recovery rhetoric and baseline rejection of what are, lets face it, Basic Self Care Methods is highly toxic and harmful to those looking to start their path to recovery. 

For some people, drinking more water will help, for some people having a schedule and regular routine will help. To claim that these things flat out do not work at all, is false and harmful towards recovery. 

Where I get pissed off is when you have more severe issues, and people just willfully don’t get it. They refuse to believe that these things did not work for you, therefore you are a liar. 

I get a lot, A LOT, of daily messages from people asking me if I have tried XYZ for my recovery because it helped them, and more often than not I have to inform them I have, didn’t work for me, but thanks anyway. The response I get from that a lot of the time is “aw man that sucks, sorry to have bothered you then, hope you get something that works for you!” and I think to myself “what a nice person, I’m glad the thing helped them” and go about my day. Those messages do not make me mad because I genuinely believe they are sent with good intent. Sometimes it gets a little tiresome to repeat myself so often, but hey, they were just trying to help, and I’d rather live in a world where people try to help than where they don’t.

And then there’s the “If you just tried harder” squad who fall into my inbox every now and then, who don’t believe that some things can’t be cured, only managed. Who don’t believe me when I tell them I already do most of those things. Who tell me I am lying if I say XYZ doesn’t work because one time they had something vaguely wrong with them and it fixed them. 

They cannot perceive a reality where full recovery is not an option, and worse than that, they try to inflict that mindset on others and infer that we somehow deserve our suffering. Those people need to learn some of what they preach and try to be mindful, both of themselves and others. 

So yea, drink water, get sleep, eat regularly and try to be active. That shit is great advice for daily life. 

Just don’t be the asshole that sees someone talking about their health condition and immediately jump towards making suggestions. Listen to them, hear what they are saying and try to process it. If you still think you might have something helpful to say, go ahead, ask them if they have heard of, or if they think XYZ might help them. But don’t tell them that it will. And certainly do not tell them they just need to try harder then. Cause that shit ain’t right.

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im doing a persuasive speech for a class about how capitalism in unethical, do you have any tips abt ways i could structure it? i also know you have a tag for arguments against capitalism but i forget what it is. my class is all liberals and one very opinionated reactionary centrist so im hoping to shut him down lol. thank you sorry if this is a weird question

Omg there’s a long history of why capitalism is unethical, but I’m just gonna keep it simple with more recent events.

You need to first draw a line between theory and reality, because chances are you will immediately be met with an argument that “real capitalism wouldn’t let this happen”.

Then, take various economic models under capitalism–I suggest supply and demand–and explain how they operate in theory vs in reality. I wrote a lot about this particular model and I don’t care if you use any of the sources / information in it:

The most important thing to focus on is the profit incentive, what forms capitalist society in the first place. It’s the profit incentive that screws with capitalism as it is proposed in theory in the first place. That’s because the need to maximize profit puts general wellbeing of people on the back-burner without opposition. It turns competition into monopolies. It disregards worker safety and fair pay. It finds every excuse to squeeze as much money from a situation - I bring up examples of this in the supply and demand post I mentioned earlier.

Capitalism is only the least bit ethical when people demand it to be. Strikes, protests, movements, etc. It takes opposition of capitalist order. But even then, exploitation doesn’t disappear, it moves wherever it’s easiest. Right now in third world countries.

I’m sorry if this alone isn’t a good enough explanation, but I do suggest drawing some points from what I mention.

Good luck debating centrists though 😳

EDIT: the tag is “anticapitalism explained”

Old Hollywood Quotes that remind me of Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis: “A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.” — Lana Turner 

Our!Ciel: “Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of someone else.” — Judy Garland

Real!Ciel: “I don’t need motivational quotes. If I’m going to be motivated, it will be by anger and spite.” — Jane Russell  

Elizabeth Midford: “She is shy and witty, she is nobody’s fool…she can be arrogant and willful, she is clement and loving. Dulcis Imperatrix, she is Sunday’s child.” — Richard Burton

Undertaker: “I tell you, in this world being a little crazy helps to keep you sane.” — Zsa Zsa Gabor

Vincent Phantomhive: “Hollywood amuses me. Holier-than-thou for the public and unholier-than-the-devil in reality.” — Grace Kelly

Grell Sutcliff: “When I lose my temper, honey, you can’t find it any place.” — Ava Gardner

Madam Red: “I became cynical through contact with others.” — Serge Gainsbourg

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No, it's not about being bitter about the realities of the industry, I know how those things work. My point is she doesn't need to go to that extreme if what she wants is just a cover up for Karlie because 1) Kaylors won't buy it. 2) Swifties will buy it without her having to do all that. 3) The GP is not paying atenttion to her relationships anymore. So unless this is just for PR it doesn't make sense.

What I am saying is that when the album is released, the GP will want to know who it is about. Even non-swifties theorize about who songs/albums are about, celebrity gossip is popular no matter if you’re a fan or not. Her publicly showing her “bf” takes all the doubt and speculation from the GP (the people with the most sway in image). Swifties would be convinced she was straight even if she wore rainbow bodysuits with pride flags flying around the stadium… she is doing this to convince the general public who, after 2014 and the failure of a fauxmance that was hiddleswift, are starting to question the validity of what they are being shown. She is making sure no one suggests that Karlie may be the principle subject of the album. 

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You have a cat now?! Please tell us everything.

I sure do! it’s a thing that has been in the works for a while and just last weekend became a Reality. 

her name is Vashti and she’s three years old and a total sweetheart - she’s already decided we’re cool to cuddle with. she’s having a bit of an issue with ignoring the scratching post and using the couch instead, but we’re working on it. the scratching post currently was inherited from someone who was getting rid of it because their cat didn’t like it, so. 

she has to wear a cone right now because she got a cut on her ear at her previous home, and she’s decided a great thing to do is to act like she’s nuzzling your hand and then switch sides so she can scratch her hurt ear using your fingers. 

she’s a total darling and spent last night curled up on @ameliarating‘s lap while we watched Leverage.
Working at Google seemed like a dream job. The reality has been a tedious, pointless nightmare.
A day in the life of a human resources "talent channels specialist."

There is nothing cool about my job as a “talent channels specialist,” a type of recruiter charged with soliciting new applications from qualified people who haven’t thought to apply or who might need persuading. I scour LinkedIn, a factory farm of fluff, for engineers with a specific skill set and then send hundreds of canned messages to unsuspecting professionals each week.

Google HR uses the TextExpander program, which populates email templates with salutations, job description links and questions. All we have to do is press two keys (mine are semicolon followed by the letter “C”). There’s also space for fill-in-the-blanks: one for the candidate’s name (“Hey Mark”) and another at the end for the day of the week (“Enjoy your Thursday!”), so the message is personal.

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Please I can’t understand what I’m going through and I really like to know a lil bit more about my sign. It’s sun and moon Pisces, rising Capricorn and Venus Taurus

The air feels wrong.
Everyone thinks it’s perfect. It takes so much conscious effort to hold everything together.
Oh, but to have another to depend on.
To take a break.
To catch your breath.
To escape the pull, the lull, of the tides.

You want to be told how much they need you.
Need and want are two very different thing.
Need them because you want them. Not the other way around.

Reality isn’t all the glamours, but you can pretend. 

What did your blood do to you? It shaped you the wrong way.
Turned you round.
Knotted everything up.
Go be a kid if you want. Adulthood is just a defense mechanism.
Tradition is one thing. Respect is another.
One handed down; one earned.

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I’m in a pretty crap mood rn so I’m rewatching Haikyuu for like the 2nd time this week (13th time total) and I’m crying already goddamn I’ve missed all the boys. But I hope you’re having a good day (night??) dear ✨✨

Ahhhh i hope you’re having fun with your rewatch!!! I really need to figure out my streaming situation so I can start a rewatch, I miss the boys too. ITS BEEN TOO LONGGGG (in reality it’s been like a month maybe lol) you’re sweet I hope you’re having a great night/day too! 💖

I am not American but rescinding DACA is all kinds of fucked up and effects young people. I couldn’t imagine being deported after living safely and legally for years and it shouldn’t be a reality for 800,000 of people protected by DACA. I can’t do anything but raise awareness so if you are American and able you can contact your local government and tell them to defend DACA, you can do this by texting RESIST to 50409 and all you need is your name, email and ZIP code. Or call them!

Sorry if you anticipated but I didn’t draw anything for Namjoon’s birthday. A lot of ppl loved my Jk comic and I felt a lot of pressure, I didn’t have any ideas and I was scared to disappoint someone.

But its mainly because I’m a bit done with the competitiveness in the fandom. I feel like this days it’s more about who will draw faster and who will get more attention. And this affects me a lot because I’m really not a competitive person, I hate the competition. I don’t want to draw something because I want my drawings to be the best or idk. I just want to draw because it makes people happy, myself included. I don’t care if I’m popular or not, I just want to make things that I like whenever I want.

Maybe I’m the only one who feel this way but I just wanted to talk about this stuff. Now that I figured out I’m feeling way better! Thank you for being so kind to me💘💘

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

shitty advice of a college student.

OR: some (actually helpful) stuff my first semester of college has taught me.

disclaimer: this is from the point of view of a community college student. my experiences may be different from other students, but overall I think this list could be very helpful to anyone going to a college, university, high school, or for any students just hoping to kick procrastination in the ass. I’ll probably be uploading updated versions/parts of this in the future, but here’s some stuff based on my experience so far.

  • do. work. every. day. even if it’s just a little bit of work. don’t procrastinate.
  •  college isn’t like high school; oftentimes, professors won’t expect homework from you every single day of class. usually, you’ll have due dates of when large sections of assignments or papers are due. make the most of your time. do not wait until the night before to get 6 sections of homework done by 11:59.
  • in reality, you should be doing homework and studying for every single class. but remember that you need to put more time into the classes that are toughest for you. For example, math is my weakest subject so I usually put more homework time into doing my Stats homework.
  • if you don’t want to do it, or have been procrastinating on doing it, it should be the thing you’re getting done first!!
  • books are hella expensive everywhere. if you can’t find any free versions of your textbooks online, try to buy your textbooks used. I buy all of my textbooks used, with the exception of one book which I’ve rented. Personally, I recommend buying your books bc it’s a great study strategy to actually own the books for your classes and be able to write and highlight inside of them… but this is a personal preference.
  • doing homework on your bed makes you lazy. work at a desk, library, coffee shop, outside; anywhere that will make you sit down and focus.
  • let your phone run out of battery and leave. it. alone.
  • if u don’t have a planner/agenda/calendar already then there is nothing more I can help u with pal ur on ur own
  • make a study playlist bc you’ll need it at some point. find music that helps you study the best! for example, I strictly can only study to soft music or just instrumentals, but I know some people who study really well to rap and hip-hop. find what works for you! remember this should relax you, not distract you.
  • hydrate. I keep a water bottle right on my desk when I study so when I look up I’m reminded to take a sip. being hydrated is important!!! not only will this make your body and skin happy but it’ll also make your brain work a little harder and focus more!
  • I know things can get tough and busy but pls pls eat and sleep well I’m begging u
  • follow-up to the last point: let yourself go pee as many times as you need to. it’s ok. it doesn’t count as your break. you’re not wasting time from doing work. do us all a favor and go to the bathroom already.
  • follow-follow-up: know the difference between taking a break and giving up.
  • learn how to say no to temptations like hanging out with your friends or distracting yourself in the depths of Youtube and Netflix. you have work to do and you know it!!! don’t make yourself feel bad by suffering. if you want good grades, your education (next to your mental/physical health) should be your first priority.
  • reward yourself for working hard. this could be a night out with friends, a candy bar, boba, whatever floats your boat.
  • I know it’s a drug but I don’t care what anyone says: if I need to drink coffee then I’m drinking that damn cup of coffee.
  • priority-wise, your education should always top your studyblr. every. single. time.

you can’t deny that a woman’s sexual history with men is considered first and foremost when discussing her lesbianism. Sally Ride? Can’t be a lesbian, she married a man. Eleanor Roosevelt? Can’t be a lesbian, she married a man. Every historical lesbian, all the way back to Sappho, has to have her lesbianism questioned, critiqued, and ultimately denied, all because they had, at one point, interacted sexually with men.

Personally, I consider this an especially cruel form of homophobia. Not only were these women denied the right to be lesbians while they lived, but they can’t even be recognized as lesbians in death.

And to top it all off, they are so often denied to be lesbians on the basis of ‘bi erasure.’ You can’t say Sally Ride was a lesbian because she was married to a man so that’s bi erasure. It’s a kind of homophobia that’s masked under the cover of LGBT activism and representation, when in reality it’s not just erasing lesbians, it’s replacing them with ‘better’ versions of themselves: lesbians attracted to men.

I’m not saying bi women don’t exist, or don’t get to take pride in the women who have represented them throughout history. But you don’t get liberal brownie points for coming after lesbians and co-opting history that doesn’t belong to you. Stop being homophobic to make yourselves feel better about being marginalized. It’s rude, it’s cruel, and it’s useless. Take pride in the women and history that is actually yours.

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The best thing about combat boots? No one but you will ever know you're wearing fuzzy socks during a mission.

i mean, yeah. you’d think that. 

instead the reality is that if you wear fuzzy socks on a combat mission, the universe can sense your fluff and will conspire against you. so naturally the one time you wear fuzzy socks on an op will also be the one time you’re fighting paste-pot-pete (who is apparently a real guy who really does run around doing glue crimes. i hate this century and i need to have a serious talk with steve and tony about the quality of villains these days. in my day we fought literal nazi monsters. now there’s an overeager dude with a souped-up gluegun. who i am not allowed to shoot for some reason) and you’ll wind up with your combat boots glued to the middle of the road in manhattan. 

and to prevent yourself from getting flattened by a taxi the hulk threw, you’ll have to jump right out of your boots, revealing your pink and yellow sparkly fuzzy socks to all the world. and the news station that just happens to be in the building you’re in front of. 

and then you have to finish the fight in fuzzy socks, which of course are going to be covered in glue and bits of debris by the end. 

and even though it was totally worth it to kick paste-pot-pete in the face, he did get blood on my fuzzy sock.  jerk.

what kind of people turn me on? (mars through the signs)

mars in aries: fiery, spontaneous people who aren’t afraid of becoming a
hurricane in their self-expression. people who will pull me out of inertia
and rock my world
mars in taurus: steady, sensuous people who take their time& suck the pleasure out of every moment. people who will calm me down with both their voice and their silence
mars in gemini: people buzzing with nervous energy, thirsty for information and
for stimulation. people who will challenge my mental patterns&keep me entertained for hours with their conversation
mars in cancer: introverted people with a rich inner world. people who will
make me feel noticed& cared for and who will challenge my assumptions about
human emotions and subjectivity
mars in leo: kings& queens who shine on their stage of choice with sustained
creative power. people who will give it their all to make me feel appreciated
& loved
mars in virgo: the quiet ones who sit in the shadows& dissect everything they see with knife-sharp diligence and wit. people who see me as I truly am& who anchor me down to earth with their practicality
mars in libra: people who understand and respect the careful order of the universe& its many perspectives. people who will inspire me to socialize, love& create beauty
mars in scorpio: all-or-nothing people, passionate and ruthless in their demeanour. people who will awaken my deepest impulses and scars& who will help me transform them
mars in sagittarius: high-spirited people, adventurers who see the best in the
world. people who will pull me out of my comfort zone& help me grow through new experiences
mars in capricorn: ambitious, level-headed people who work their way up to the top, from where they can have a clear vision of how the world is like. people who will support me in my projects& love me for good
mars in aquarius: quirky, intellectual fruitcakes who aren’t afraid to be themselves even if they stand alone. people who challenge my need to conform& sublimate my experience into higher meanings
mars in pisces: dreamers& martyrs who soak in the emotional undercurrents of the world. people who will shatter my illusions about reality& pull me into their own

“what’s wrong? if you’re ever worried about anything come to me about it!”

“okay! i’m fine. thank you.”

in reality…i wanted to consult nii-san about my troubles


i dont remember which post it was that originally wrote on it, but now its confirmed that the reason why ritsu coddles and constantly asks mob about how he’s doing is because he desperately wants his brother to do the same. but mob was never perceptive enough to do so. ritsu is a really lonely kid who wants to love and appreciate his older brother but he’s also completely terrified of him. ritsu is the star student, the good sibling, so he needs to keep up appearances and constantly be level-headed because no one else will be. but all he wants is to be a kid, for it to be ok to be scared, to have an older brother who can protect him and mentor him. ritsu is still the baby brother who has been forced to grow up before he was ready for it.