this needs no further argument

  • guy: its unrealistic to have so many women fighting dragons
  • guy: i mean im sure historically there were many brave women but not enough to merit such a large amount of female characters fighting dragons
  • me: a couple things. dragons arent real my buddy my pal my dude ...
  • me: theres no dragons in history
  • me: theres nothing historically accurate about dragons
  • me: dragons themselves are unrealistic
  • me: i dont even need to address this any further because your entire argument is that bad.

Addressed to @oochilka :

The vibe I get from you is that you have quite the negative feelings for Clara. While I can understand that, I think your choice of words reveal your sentiment towards ambitious, clever, and stubborn women in general

Clearly, you either do not know how to react to a woman who has these kinds of qualities, or you have completely missed the point of her character in the Whoniverse. You seem to be completely fine with a masculine figure like the Doctor, who has the exact same qualitites as Clara, to go about with his attitude unchecked. In fact, I think you celebrate that. I find that hypocritical.

I think people tend to place the Doctor on an extremely high pedestal. Except he’s not God. He’s not an absolute. He will meet his end someday. I’m glad to see he chooses to be morally upright, but he’s fallible. If he were human, he’d be like Clara. If he were a female woman, he would be Clara.

Without getting into further arguments, such comments show us why we need a female Doctor. I can sit here and type furiously about gender inequality, but it would be more effective to actually get a female Doctor.

By the way, I like your art.

Sweet Revenge

After a stressful week at school, G!P Lauren looks forward to having a much-needed good night’s sleep. But due to her dorm neighbor having loud sex, Lauren ends up barely being able to sleep at all. When Camila comes to visit the next day, Lauren decides that she will have her revenge by doing the same thing: fucking Camila throughout the night.

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Yes, Bitcoin Is A Bubble And It’s About To Burst

The popularity of trading Bitcoin has now reached the point where none other than the New York Times sees fit to declare cryptocurrencies, or more specifically initial coin offerings, “The Easiest Path To Riches On The Web.” Not to be left out, CNBC this week published a brief tutorial on trading crypto with your smartphone and MarketWatch featured a teenage bitcoin millionaire who now forecasts a $1 million price target.

These are exactly the sort of headlines and stories that characterize a speculative mania otherwise known as a “bubble.” For anyone who was around during the dotcom mania this should quickly bring back memories of all the folks who flocked to day-trading tech stocks. But to really understand the mania you need to look no further than the primary argument in buying crypto in the first place. Investors here claim the value comes from the limited supply. The trouble is there is an unlimited number of types of coins that can be created!

What makes the “initial coin offering” craze that much crazier than the day-trading mania is that these are essentially nothing more than very thinly-veiled ponzi schemes. In fact, someone saw fit to to actually create a PonziCoin (at least they’re up front about it).

Now some will make the argument that it can’t be a bubble when so many are calling it a bubble. These folks should have learned this lesson during the housing bubble. The fact is it’s only a bubble once everyone acknowledges it’s a bubble. And by the time they do the game is up.

We’re seeing the very same thing in Bitcoin today. Crypto traders know it’s a bubble. Like every bubble (or ponzi scheme) they’re counting on a greater fool paying an even more insane price so they can realize a profit. But it looks like we may have already reached the point of maximum foolishness. Time will tell.

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The LGBT community has the right to defend and define its borders. It is not obligated to let other groups in simply because they want to be there or because they don’t fit some nebulous “sexual norm.” Cisgender people who are attracted to the opposite binary gender - regardless of the strength, regularity, and nature of that attraction - do not suffer from the two defined marginalizations that bond the LGBT community.

Those who suffer from transphobia and homophobia (trans people, mlm, and wlw) belong in the community. This is how it has been from the beginning and how the community has defined and organized itself. This is what bonds us and the powers we work against.

I don’t know how I can make it any clearer, and it frankly doesn’t need to be distilled or argued any further. Any other arguments are, honestly, negligible. We don’t need to argue about whether all ace people face discrimination. We don’t need to argue about whether ace people face problems. All that’s necessary to say is that people who suffer from homophobia and transphobia are part of the community, and those that don’t - aren’t.

People who are cisgender and attracted to the opposite binary gender - regardless of the nature, strength, and regularity of that attraction - are not LGBT. Cisgender heterosexual and heteroromantic people, and asexual aromantic people, are all people that don’t experience transphobia or homophobia. And they all have communities elsewhere that they can join based on other identities, so why is it necessary for them to join the LGBT community? It isn’t.

It is an expression of extreme privilege and presumption for them to demand access to a space that has nothing to do with them. And it shouldn’t be tolerated.

EoS/ToG6: Why Rhiannon’s curse on the Wastes & the one on Brannon’s heir are the same/connected, (and the Maiden, Mother, and Crone who died for Aelin)

Yesterday I made a post about EoS/TOG6 theories (you can find here!). I spoke mostly about Manon and how she is likely related to Dorian and Aelin and is part of Brannon’s backup plan. I mentioned the “crown of stars” that the Blueblood Matron and Rhiannon Crochan are seen wearing and how the Curse on the Wastes is likely part of/related to the curse on Brannon’s heir. After a lengthy discussion/brainstorm with @itach-i I decided to publish some things I took out of my original post because I thought they were farfetched or not fleshed out enough. But @itach-i has helped me work through them and added some key insight that makes them full theories and observations! (This is all part of a thought line I’ve decided to all The Multi-Heir Theory of the Lock)

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“Naruto & Sasuke, Goku & Vegeta, Kira & Athrun, Gon & Killua, Mugen & Jin, Ichigo & Rukia.”

This was the list that was posted in reply to a post by someone, discussing another post about the Bleach ending, and questions of IR and how it was apparently ‘not supposed to be views romantically,’ and addressing some issues with that claim. The response was that list, calling them all ‘bromances.’

I don’t want to direct folks to that post because that person gets enough undue hate as it is, and hardly want to make that worse. For the context of this, as well, that is largely unnecessary, because the vast majority of this is actually going to be addressing a post by @commanderkurama. To which, I want to open by saying this is not a call out, nor am I expecting to start some big debate, though should he want to, I’m open. I’m just giving a counter point, from my point of view. 

Also wanted to tag cus if I’m gonna talk about him an quote him, seems respectful.

Thing is, their relationship wasn’t even as focused as any of those. They got SS arc (which wasn’t exactly devoid of IH and RR) which held undertones of him repaying a debt and then all you really get after that is the farewell when he loses his powers…which loses any real weight when after they reunite they just move right on along with no big fanfare and the IR fanbase salivates for the entire rest of the manga for this “Grand Reunion” that was supposed to show up all the “one sided” IH moments Kubo was hammering us all with. And they get it….after IH and RR are both canon already, married with kids.

So, to address the first claim, and the one above, in the list, we have some fundamental differences. For one, all the listed bonds, except for Ichigo and Rukia, are between two self-identifying males. Now, I’ve made a point that when I do have to make an argument against Naruto and Sasuke, I do so not because of the genders, but because of the portrayal, because I feel that is an argument I can make. However, the world we’d like is not always the world we have, and to that end, the fact that Ichigo identifies male and Rukia as female matters, in the context of this manga, as it sets it apart.

Secondly, all of the relationships listed are largely of a different character than that of Ichigo and Rukia. I’m not familiar enough with Hunter X Hunter to make a judgement, but I am with the rest. Not one of them shares much in common with Ichigo or Rukia more than a superficial level, but even more, the claim that Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship was not focused on more than really all of them is blatantly false.

Naruto and Sasuke’s bond may have it for the running, but is of a different character entirely, one of rivals and distance as a result of that. Goku and Vegeta’s as well was a rivalry. Kira and Athrun were childhood friends that largely were separate for their entire series, caught on opposite sides of a war. Mugen and Jin were, again, rivals. From what I know, this may very well hold true for the Hunter X Hunter examples, but I am not knowledgeable enough to say the same. All of these fit into a common shonen archetype of the rival character. This is not the archetype that Rukia and Ichigo fit into.

No, that is the archetype that Ichigo shares with Uryuu. Ichigo and Rukia share a much different archetype from this, so the comparison falls flat. Indeed, I cannot really think of a comparable archetype FOR Ichigo and Rukia; it’s something rather unique in terms of shonen series. Further, the claim that it ‘wasn’t even focused on’ and claiming their reunions ‘lost any real weight’ and so on. A lot of these seems to want to selectively pick apart the author’s own words. Though folks seem to want to cling to the line about ‘not just friendship, but not amorous’ or ‘not just friends, not quite lovers,’ or however you want to translate that line, they seem to want to ignore his words and actions such as when he talks about how he can’t just draw Ichigo without Rukia, and so on.

It also ignores the sheer difference in things when focused on. Further, putting ‘one sided’ in parenthesis to imply sarcasm doesn’t make them any less one sided. The list of moments brought up for IH simply doesn’t add up the way you think it does. The oft sided statements that somehow IR folks ‘sound like’ SNS or NS folks at the ending of Naruto is also not an argument. Mere appearance, even if so, is not the same thing as being, well, the same. In short, the arguments IR has can (and, in my view, are) significantly better than those where for NS or SNS.

Keep in mind, anti’s called NH one-sided. They were wrong not because the ending had NH become canon, but because the moments weren’t one sided

The reason yall feel betrayed and hurt is because you refused at every turn to even consider the possibility that you were wrong even when evidence was thrown in your face from within the manga, which is why you want to bawl over some sticker. Every single time Ichigo and Orihime shared a moment, you repeat “unrequited, onesided” like a mantra to convince yourself she’s no threat, oh no, Rukia dried his rain they’re destined to be together. The problem is, yall have no real appreciation for the FRIENDSHIP between Ichigo and Rukia, which is all it ever was. Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting it to become something more but there’s a difference between what you want and what you receive. Problem is you let your desire distort your perception. Rukia’s relevance as far as Ichigo is concerned hasn’t been a central factor of the story since SS arc ended. Yea, it got its callbacks here and there with the farewell and reunion in the fullbring arc, but it was hardly the lynchpin of the plot yall convinced yourselves it was. Yes the series started with their meeting. But nowhere is there some kind of obligation that they needed to become a couple for the story to properly conclude.

There is a repetition of unrequited and one-sided because, throughout the manga, that is exactly how it was portrayed. Note, that is not an argument for IR, though some IR may try to use it as such, merely a knock against IH. It still stands, even with IH being canon, as an indictment of the way IH was portrayed.  Further, you can sarcastically parrot the lines explicitly used to describe Rukia and Ichigo, and then claim somehow she’s not the linchpin of the plot, but this runs into a major wall too: Rukia showing up less and less in the story actually coincides with the manga dropping massively in quality and popularity.

Further, to invoke one aspect of the Naruto fandom, unlike NH/SS and NS or SNS, where the population was largely equally divided due to the way Kishimoto wrote and presented things, the IH fandom has always paled in size compared to IR. It was not ‘desire that distorted perception,’ it was ‘perception created desire.’ 

Further, the argument, largely, is not that they NEEDED to become a couple for the story to properly conclude, merely that them being a couple made more sense. Merely swapping the ships around wouldn’t conclude the story properly, there are issues far beyond the ships, which have been extensively explored. My initial essay about the ending intentionally didn’t address ships, just for the reason of avoiding that accusation.

It’s not bawling over a sticker, its the furthering of a perception that Kubo himself set up. So the real issue is if Kubo’s intent was to all along do this, than he messed up somewhere along the way, because the vast majority of people missed it. It’s his story, he can do with it what he wants, but folks are no less equal in place to criticism his poor choices and execution, on the relationships as much as all the other factors.

Kubo has had issues with editors for a long time, yet in truth, he honestly should have listened to them probably, because it shows in his story, and the fact that he went from once being one of the big three, to being canned and finishing at the bottom of the popularity rankings. 

Apparently stopping to consider that maybe your desire shaped your perception, and that the other folks might have a point is beyond you, though, in this case. 

Lazy Days

Request: “hey>.< can you write a frank iero imagine please?where you’re just friends and you go over to his house to hang out but you fall asleep together and its all fluffy and cute please? ily:))x”


Word count: 792

It was late afternoon and you had done nothing but watch TV all day and laze around in your PJs. A long drawn out groan escaped your lips as you continued to flip through the channels. ‘I really need to do something with my life…’ You thought to yourself. 'Wait… FRANK.’ The next thought hit you like a pile of bricks. You could call your best friend, see if you could come over. At least it’s being with someone you like rather than grocery shopping. Slowly you roll out of your non productive state, snatching your phone, dialing Frank up. It rang twice before he picked up.
“Hello?” His voice rang through, making you smile.
“Hey Frank! I was wondering if I could come over? I’m doing literally nothing all day and I need to get up off my lazy ass.” You laugh. Frank echoes your laugh before responding.
“Yeah of course {Y/N} Come on over.” The smile on his face could be heard in his voice.
“Yup okay see you in a few!” You called before hanging up and skipping out the door. Your face was completely void of makeup and you were wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. Frank is one of your closest friends and you loved him to death so you knew he didn’t care if you got all dolled up for him.
Within minutes, as promised, you were walking up his driveway. Before you even reached the porch the door swung open revealing the one and only midget that you were proud to be friends with. You ran up to him, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck in a strong embrace. A giggle escaped him as he returned the hug.
“Movies?” He raised an eyebrow looking at you.
“Fuck yeah.” You grinned, even though you’d been watching TV and movies all day. At least now you had company.
“Okay soooooo what do you want to watch?” Frank laughs slightly.
“Eh it doesn’t really matter.” You smile. “We could watch old rom coms and make fun of them?” After that has been said there was no further need for arguments.
Both of you guys snuggled up on the couch, leaning your head on his shoulder. He leaned his head on yours as the movie started playing. The movie droned on, making a yawn pass your lips.
“Tired?” Frank teased, poking your forehead.
“No.” You stated defensively, attempting to contain another yawn.
“Uh huh.” The grin could practically be felt.
“Shuddup…” You mumbled, allowing your eyes to close. Not long after that Frank lets out a yawn. “Ha whose tired now?!” You smirk, not opening your eyes.
“NUH UH. It’s your fault you gave me the yawn! Yawns are contagious. You contaminated me!” He gasps dramatically as you start to crack up.
After all had calmed, you slowly felt yourself slipping into a deep sleep, failing at your attempts to stay awake. Small snores could be heard from Frank before you let the sleep consume you.
“Aw look at them.”
“Should we wake them up?”
“I say do it.”
“Come on Gee they look adorable.”
“But Frank is MINE Mikey!”
“Guys shut up or you will wake them!”
“Good let them be awakened!”
Not so quite voices pulled you out of your peaceful slumber. Your eyes slowly creaked open to reveal three grown men standing in front of you and Frank.
Ray, Gerard, and Mikey.
Mikey looks down at you gasping. “GERARD YOU FUCKING WOKE THEM UP.” He yells at his older (but not taller) brother.
“It was all of your faults.” You mumble closing your eyes, desperately wanting to go back to dream land.
“But you two look so cute!” Ray grins making your eyes fly open and a blush rise to your cheeks.
“S-Shut up!” You suck in a breath, Frank now awake and rubbing his eyes.
“Come on {Y/N} just admit it-
You loooooovvveeee him.” Mikey bats his eyelashes.
“I DO NOT!” You yell, your face darkening.
Everyone laughs as Gee protest how Frank was his first while Frank just looks confused. You smack your hands over your face, not being able to face the embarrassment.

Sweet Revenge

After a stressful week at school, G!P Lauren looks forward to having a much-needed good night’s sleep. But due to her dorm neighbor having loud sex, Lauren ends up barely being able to sleep at all. When Camila comes to visit the next day, Lauren decides that she will have her revenge by doing the same thing: fucking Camila throughout the night.

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Feminism, Amirite?


: I am the raging Feminist your Conservative 11th grade U.S. History teacher probably warned you about as he reminisced a time when, “All men created equal,” meant exactly what Thomas Jefferson intended it to mean.  Feminism definition (Because apparently people still need to have this defined):  Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. ___________________________________________________________________ “You’re a pretty good drummer for a girl.” “You’re a pretty good guitarist for a girl.” “We appreciate your time, but we think we’re gonna go with *insert name here* because he…fits our style better. Image matters, and we’re looking for all guys to be in our band at the moment.” “Are you buying those sticks for your boyfriend?” “If you ever want to get with anyone in the ensemble, you should probably play French Horn. Trumpet is kind of a masculine instrument, don’t you think?” These are all direct quotes that have been said to me at some point or another (some, unfortunately, not too long ago), and make me have that acid-reflux-vomit-in-the-back-of-my-throat feeling just thinking about them, and not just because some were said by men above that age of 35. Some may even say the first 2 were intended as compliments—-and that intention may be true, but if my gender has to become the center of the ring, that is absolutely not okay. Feminism, as of late (And by that I mean since the 15th Century), has been a hot-bed topic in both mainstream and underground fields, and usually, upon mention, is coincided with an exasperated sigh from at least one other person involved in the conversation as to let you know their stance and high degree of irritation about the topic early on.. These same people will also probably throw out common retorts such as “But men and women are all equal now, it’s not even really an issue anymore,” or “I’m not a feminist I’m a HUMANIST” (As if to outsmart feminism—No disrespect to humanists), “Women don’t get paid the same because they don’t do the same jobs as men,” and even more popularly, the infamous “Not all men,” spiel that’s surfaced recently, to which I say: It may not be all men, but what are you doing about the ones that do act in that manner? To say the least, unfortunately, some of this mentality has worked its way into local scenes across the country and abroad as well. A big part of the controversy—aside from the misuse of the word feminism itself—is the use of “Female-fronted band” vs. “band” and “Female musician” as opposed to just “musician,” and the context in which it lies.

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Imagine: Criminal Minds

*Being caught after making out with your “bad boy” boyfriend, your father Hotch and the rest of the team question you with concerned looks.*

“You’re not actually doing it are you?” Your dad had actually dragged you in to his office with the rest of his team present to subject you to some interrogation. At least that’s what you would’ve called it.

No father.. I am not having any sex at all…” You drew you phrases out long and a bit exaggerated, not really feeling in the mood to explain to the “entire department” your personal life. It was only 10 am, and he (your boyfriend) was just dropping you off. They could forgive you if you weren’t a morning person.

Y/N.. Watch your tone with your father now alright?” The black-haired woman next to you placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, as if to provide some comfort and ease to your current stressed and groggy state. “He’s only looking out for you.” You couldn’t help but slump back against the wall, feeling no need to further in starting an argument with your dad in front of the others, once you realized all eyes were on you. “Sorry.” was all you muttered, “I’m just tired, really”. “Hey kid, its okay alright? We won’t judge.”

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