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Sakumo’s Infamous Mission Headcanon

Let’s take some liberties and say that Sakumo’s infamous mission was very similar to Kisame’s mission – however instead of choosing to put the mission first, he chose to save his comrades instead. I’m talking about the mission where Kisame chose to slaughter his comrades to preserve Kiri intel.

Here is my HC of Sakumo’s mission as a no win scenario.

Sakumo was made captain of a Konoha intel operation. He took the position under the oath that he would do anything; even kill his comrades to preserve delicate Konoha intelligence. It was a scenario he never thought would happen but he swore the oath none the less. 

A few weeks later the complex is taken by surprise by a Kiri infiltration and interrogation squadron. Sakumo and most of his comrades are severely wounded in the initial ambush. 

He knows he cannot possibly win this fight like it is now so he considers his options. He can either invoke his oath and kill his wounded comrades to protect Konoha intel and then flee to Konoha with the able-bodied survivors…or he can retreat for now and rendezvous with his teammates to plan a rescue mission.

He knows the teammates left behind will be interrogated and tortured. But Sakumo cannot bring himself to kill his comrades. He hopes if he’s swift enough he can rescue them before anything horrible befalls them. Not only that but he expects to turn the tide and take Kiri captives. He sends his ninken summons to Konoha to alert the hokage for an ANBU backup team and medics.

However Sakumo just doesn’t have the foresight to see that everything is doomed from the start.

(TW Mentions of torture and mutilation – nothing detailed )

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obessedwitheverything1998  asked:

Do u have a theory for episode 10 I know it's couple of episodes till then

I feel like a few weeks ago I could’ve answered this a lot better. My mind is a little cluttered atm. lol But i’ll try my best. These theories are gonna be for the last 3 episodes. I’m mostly just pointing out what we still haven’t seen yet.

It looks like episode 6x08 will clear up a few more things about how Mr. Douglas plans to control the Ghost Riders now that he ate one of their pineal glands and we’ll see what Blitzkrieg is about through the flashback and if that’ll carry onto the present TW time. We do know that he needed Corey out of the picture, but I wonder if he’ll try to target Lydia or Parrish next since they seem connected to them in some way. 

This brings me onto Parrish… He said “Don’t follow me.” to Liam and Hayden (i think) and that makes me wonder if he knows where the entrance to where Stiles is and if his Hellhound form is guiding him towards it. Maybe he’ll be able to access it and make it possible for humans to cross over without dying.

At some point he’ll go back into this machine, which will be a way for him to tap into what his hellhound form knows. Melissa will be there and be attached by Mr. Douglas.

 I have a feeling that Mason saying “It’s my only power, finding you.” to Corey will play a bigger role in episode 9 or 10 and maybe he’ll also be able to see “refraction of light” that he mentioned which will also be of help in finding where Stiles and the others are. But then Mason might get taken as well, so i’m not certain.

Lydia might sense something or hallucinate.

The pack will have a plan and go into the tunnels.

While Scott and Malia are fighting/ trying not to get taken, Liam will be with Lydia. Maybe he’ll be there to protect her or help her get where she needs to go to carry out their plan. We also know that the Ghost Riders seem to be afraid of her. 

We know that there will be a few more taken, since everyone will at some point will fight the Ghost Riders and Mr. Douglas.

At some point Scott will get into that machine and maybe he’ll be able to find Parrish if he ends up being taken by Mr. Douglas. But i’m not 100% sure it’s that same machine that Parrish was in or something else. 

And lastly, we still don’t know what’s in Stiles locker!!! So it looks like we’ll finally find out.

I’m still trying to piece things together with this information. We also know that Sheriff Stilinski will connect everything he starts to remember about Stiles in episode 8. And that Scott specifically says that they need to try to remember everything and that’s probably really important in order to bring someone back completely. 

Sorry this is long and if it doesn’t give you anything new. lol 

I know Stiles drags Lydia out of bed when he needs help for supernatural things, but what about the days when Stiles doesn’t come to her. Does Lydia just stay awake waiting for him to arrive? Does she lie in bed worrying something happened to him and that’s why he hasn’t come? Is she not able to sleep because he still hasn’t showed up? Does she finally force herself to get up and drive her lazy butt to Stiles’ house? Does she have a key to Stiles’ door? Does she go to his room to find him sleeping peacefully in his bed? And does she let out air she wasn’t even aware she was holding in? Because now she knows Stiles is safe but tired. Does she gently lift his arms off his laptop? Does she put another layer of blanket over him? Does she just sit down in a chair by his bed side and watch him sleep? Knowing he’s okay. BECAUSE I NEED ANSWERS!!!

i drew an editorial cartoon.

image description: Panel 1: a person wearing blue faces an autistic person wearing red and says “It’s not that I hate you, I just don’t think anyone like you should ever be born!” The autistic person in red looks annoyed and is holding a sign depicting the autism speaks puzzle piece with a red “NO” circle symbol over it.

Panel 2: an anonymous tumblr ask reading “your mom should have aborted you lol”

underneath red writing reads “Is there really a difference?”

  • What fandoms think queerbaiting is: Not confirming a couple/not making a couple official.
  • What queerbaiting actually is: Teasing people with a queer subtext around a CHARACTER but still insisting they are straight. Has absolutely nothing to do with RELATIONSHIPS, just sexualities.

pretty sure Michael would be regularly keeping Trevor from killing people who stared at them if they were even a lil gay in public together…

((i also like to think he told Trevor they’d tail the guy and cut his car brakes instead))

@louislumbarcurve thanks for the suggestion!!

In which the angry Italian is sassed by the camera man part 1

Photographer: @izzgame98

//Guess who got photos for Romano prints? I hope you’re all excited, it’s finally happening!!

Things I am excited about for season two:

-Nancy coming to terms with the realization that Barb is truly gone

- Joyce and Jonathan’s reaction to Will puking up the slugs and how they handle it

- Will being more of a main character and getting to see more of him (YAY more Noah cuteness)

- The new characters that are being introduced especially Max

- the relationship between Joyce And Hopper potentially becoming more

- Mike and Nancy bonding

- Seeing the Byers family as a whole

- hopefully seeing Lucas and Dustins parents????? Like where are they????

Things I am not excited for:

- waiting for season two