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I’m a little tipsy and really tempted to write a THING about my FEELINGS and someone should really stop me because if I want my only controversial post to stop getting notes, the solution is NOT to make another controversial post. I’m gonna go write something constructive. Write drunk, edit sober, right? MORE WINE. MORE ARRANGED MARRIAGE AU.

‘David Bowie was a paedophile/rapist/whatever’ Discourse is like the epitome of Uncomfortable Stuff tbh because on the one hand on principle I think it’s a bad idea to dismiss or disbelieve potential rape victims, but at the same time from what I’ve heard about Lori Maddox she has apparently told stories about having dated and/or had underage sex with a number of old rock and roll people, including Iggy Pop and some wrinkly old fuck from Led Zeppelin, and she was deep in that whole creepy groupie culture where underage girls were encouraged to try to make themselves look older to get with rock stars??? And everything we actually know about David Bowie suggests that he would never have KNOWINGLY had sex with an underage girl (he once fired his tour manager guy for sending a bunch of teenage girls up into his hotel room, and publicly cut ties with/ denounced some musician who was outed as a paedophile). And I just can’t stand the idea that David Bowie is considered by some people to fall into the same category as confirmed abusers/serial rapists like John Lennon

I just feel really uncomfortable every time it’s brought up tbh because even though in all likelihood it’s probably not true, it’s firmly enough in some people’s minds that it makes me feel really anxious and guilty for liking David Bowie 

to all the transwomen who are fetishized by being called “chicks with dicks, traps, trannys, etc.”

to all the transwomen who are told “i don’t date penises” or “i only date vaginas” by cis men/women

to all the transwomen who are attacked by terfs daily

to all the transwomen who do not want to have surgery

to all the transwomen who want to have surgery

to all the transwomen who are called rapists just because they want to use the bathroom

to all the transwomen who experience dysphoria

to all the transwomen who do not experience dysphoria

to all the transwomen who required to pass as cis because they fear for their lives

to all of the transwomen who are afraid to come out

you are beautiful and i love you.


Seen undertale sans design a lot on Twitter…. freaked me out at first, but learned to love it.. I didn’t know who they were and wanted to know more?! (apparently just sans in pain. sans x pain = otp lol)

it is not my design, got permissions from @Ebott_UT on twitter here: [link]
Seen a lot of fell sans from @withtheworms and @illegalsekrit … Vapetale?! (content creator can be/will be nsfw be careful!) (but so good so good…)

Swap sans and swapfell sans just made up myself to play with

…. i have lowkey trypophobia, unsure why i am simultaneously freaked out and love this… 


I’ve buried my love in the moon dust .